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The total number of Enochian angels found throughout the 30 aethyrs adds up to between
400, 000 and 500,000. I have added, but with a rounding of numbers rather than with the
exactitude of every single one. This is the same number as there are living Unitarian
Universalists according to the UUA in 2005 of the Christian Era “Anno Domini” being
the Latin way of saying the same thing.

I just felt I could go over this number in order to get a better sense for what its like in
actual practice. Each section has enough entities to create and to serve what to my 21st
century American mind is “a large business”. My home town of Syracuse N had a
population of this size in 1983. Indiana does have a town called Syracuse which gives
depth to my peculiar experience of having to tended to input Syracuse, Indiana by
mistake when inputting my birth location for freebie astrology charts online. As I live in
Indiana and have for 10 years now, the temptation to put in the name of my home town
along with the state that I am really in was very great. I did it more than once. After a
few instances of the error I looked into it a little more deeply to figure out what was
going on, and it turned out that I discovered that Syracuse, Indiana actually exists and
that’s part of what was going on.

The North District of Indianapolis consists of 69,000 people in 2006. The Angelic
hierarchy divisions have no individual subgroup larger that 21,000 - far fewer entities
than the number of humans living in the Indianapolis, Indiana North District. However,
the number of angels by aethyr or subsection is often large enough to fill a small
university or private college - the smallest group was 4,600 which is the number of active
U. U.s in Indianpolis, and 600 more than the members of the international Order of
Bards, Ovates and Druids as of 2003. SUNY Brockport could hold approximately 8000 -
10000 people such that the population of the village of Brockport, New York in 1990 was
normally 3000 during the Summer vacation but 25,000 during the school year. In this
example I have had to estimate from vague information so it shouldn’t be counted on as
hard fact.

Tatjana was able to share with me that she did not even use the Enochian magic and had
no attraction to it at all. She grew up in a nation under atheist Communism. Enochian
was channeled in as Christian magick. I was magnetically drawn to it and quite
frightened that it might have been a mistake that I was. Tatjana did not describe that as
being a problem, its just that she told me that it is known to work.

The letter L, which stood out in my mind in 1991 has since come, to my mind, to be
almost identical to the symbol for the Euro - a new currency created at the dawn of the
new millenium which represents another level of unification of the nations of Western
Europe. The British have remained a bit aloof about it. Stefan and I debated this; he told
me that the British should adopt the Euro so as not to make a dreadful economic error for
the future of their country whereas I told Stefan that the history of British currency and
politics is such that I either disagreed or hedged my proverbial bets and told him that I
wished this were not true, but could not guarantee that he was wrong and I was right.
The letter does not look the same when written in Enochian script, which although not
cryllic, or Sanskrit or Arabic or anything is as different from the alphabet I am using as
Arabic or ogham is from the alphabet I’m using.

Reading is so weird in that when one is doing it in a language one understands you can do
it and virtually forget you’re even reading, rather like looking right through a pane of
clear glass which allows you to ignore it but to still benefit from its presence. However,
if a window pane is removed or if the language or alphabet is changed to a foreign one,
one’s progress can reach a sudden stop.

The letter L in the alphabet I am using can double as a symbol for the British “pound
sterling” currency. However, the Enochian script is the Euro: a vertical curve with 2
lateral much shorter lines running through the halfway point of it.

Today, I read a few Enochian calls - also called keys, thanks to the ease of getting
Enochian documents on the Internet. I read them in both Enochian and English. I “hate”
speaking a language that I have only seen written down because it doesn’t tell me half as
much about proper pronunciation as hearing it, but I read it aloud anyways.

Between these were instructions that I only partially understood. In this case, not because
I’m an idiot but rather that I was asked to do things that I do not know how to do,
including making signs for beings which I do not know and to use invocation pentagrams
which - in this case I might know, but do not feel particularly secure about the knowledge
and would prefer to be confident about knowing it. I felt that I should admit this at this

Knowledge of my True Will and how to carry it out, is the most accurate general way I
would describe the intent of my use of the Enochian magic today. I am trying to figure
more of it out and to use it a bit without making any “trouble” spiritually or otherwise.
That’s why I just recited a few of the keys and looked at some more information.

So, 30 Aethyrs with 450,000 angels. The Jehovah’s Witnesses preach that God will only
save 400,000 souls and no more. Seeing as there are 6 Billion living humans as of 1990,
this is really very few compared to the whole. Universalists preach quite the opposite,
that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, from which he recovered despite having been
killed in a form of legal public execution that was common practice at the time and place
in which it occurred, allowed Him to save EVERY human soul and has in fact done so -
at least everyone who accepts Jesus if learning of Him gets saved. That’s Universal
Salvation. Obviously, the Jehovah’s Witnesses “strongly disagree”.

The 30 Aethyrs have a number of angels large enough to estimate that the 30 Aethyrs
could be viewed as taking up as much space as a medium sized city, by late 20th century
standards of population in northern North America. My guess is that back in the days of
the city of Rome - a city which still exists and is still populated - as does Jerusalem, when
Rome was founded my guess is that 10,000 was viewed as bigger.
However, there is a point of consistency. There is a military grouping which consists of
10,000 personnel. I am so ignorant of military matters even with my improved
knowledge that I forget what this grouping is called but I remember that 10,000 troops is
enough to found a city. What strikes me as meaningful is that this appears to have been
the truth for thousands of years. While reading nonfiction for work writing book
summaries, I learned that Rome was founded with 10,000 soldiers under one leader. I
learned that another man was a good military leader who ended up with 10,000 men
under him, but he was not a powerful enough leader to get them to found a city. They
wanted to find a way to return to their homeland, but their leader had involved them in
changing sides during a war to ensure their survival but then he couldn’t get them to
found a new city. I also learned that during the past few years in the New Millenium a
middle eastern leader of a government - I don’t even recall which one, it might have been
the King of Saudi Arabia - I think they actually still have a King who has real political
power in 2010, announced that he was founding a city using 10,000 people in his country.
The bottom line here is that I noticed that this number: 10,000 is especially powerful for
founding a city whether through military force or with purely civilian power and that this
seems to have held true for a good 3000 years now - quite literally.

The Enochian is said to be a language that the angels still use and know. I am suspicious
about how those who write about Enochian also call them Angles. I don’t normally think
so much of the tribe of Angles that took over much of Southern Britain but rather the
mathematical angles. “Sacred geometry”. Well, the angles are ultra significant in a
myriad of ways for the physically manifest universe. Nevertheless, the imposition of one
word with the other confounds me. It goes with another brief document I wrote on
Enochian and uploaded to to share it with anyone interested. It causes me to
think about the scientific view of things. For some, this turns out to be “anti-god” for
them, whereas for others science and math still amount to “understanding God more
properly” rather than being at all against Him. There is a saying from the 20th century
that goes: “God said, - the mathematical formula for light is then written, which I have
not memorized recently enough to include in this document, and there was.” In other
words, in a scientifically inclusive adaptation of the Biblical quote that God said “Let
there be light” and there was. Well, I apologize for my limited mathematics. I studied
math up into Calculus, which was divined a century or two after Kelly skryed down the
Enochian by Isaac Newton and a French man - possibly even DesCartes but I’m not
entirely sure. A couple of really flaked out brilliant men in separate nations of Europe
came up with Calculus. Europeans have Thank God! Adopted the use of Arabic numerals
long before Kelly skryed down the Enochian Tablets. I’m sorry about all the bloody
fighting between Persians and Europeans just to get a few of these culture features
smoothed out. So, they were right about the numbers. Theirs were superior to the
Roman system. Once you understand the impatience caused by the language differences
and the short tempered and peoples need to be right sadly, one can see why so much
fighting broke out over it but luckily, we adopted what was probably “the best solution”
after a while.

I still feel a little funny about how Christianity and Islam are both born of the Middle
East which is not that weird for those millions of people who actually live there.
However, I am not from the Middle East of the planet Earth. I never have been. None of
my biological ancestors are from anywhere near there to the best of my knowledge. Not
only was no one Jewish, no one was Arabian either. So, this just means that if Christ’s
religion was actually supposed to stick to just that one part of the Earth then something
has gone wildly awry because it has spread all over the place although Christianity
actually doesn’t “rule the whole planet” in 2010. However, the Chinese, who are mainly
Buddhist Taoists and Confusionists have been seduced into manufacturing Christmas
presents for foreigners who are giving presents to celebrate Jesus Christ’s triumph over
death - despite his having been nailed to a cross - quite literally, but a lot of them are
nonbelievers some years or “half assed believers” who are celebrating love, family and
the ritual of giving presents and of material wealth as much or more than they are
celebrating Christ’s birthday. Easter is the holiday for his ascension despite having been
publicly executed but for me, it all comes up at once: His birth, the way he turned out to
be a cleric and then going around claiming to be a Messiah and apparently proving it was
true and then being politically sacrificed to inter tribal Jewish politics or to the favor of
Rome under Caesar although the “regent” was not really willing to destroy the man over
reasons that did not seem illegal to him [Pilate objected, tried to free Jesus Christ, and
tried to let him go, and then let him be killed but washed his hands of it, and marked his
cross King of the Jews]. Then his death, followed by his ascension. I learned about
many of miracles later. Perhaps the order I learned it and the way the memories of
“knowledge of Jesus Christ” is organized in my mind. Anyways, a lot of this, is like the
ancient Grecian philosophy in that it has been preserved in writing and re-taught so much
that Dee and Kelly probably had a lot of the same information I have, at least as far as the
basics of Christ’s life and having also heard of and maybe having read both Plato and
Aristotle as part of their educations. It is a little weird the way Jesus Christ is this
religious Messiah whereas Plato and Aristotle were just both mortal Greek philosophers
but for some reason they have made it this far forward into time along with Jesus and
people are still impressed even though we have the rudiments of space travel and cellular
telephones and Internet technologies and high speed trains and aircraft.

Christ’s followers have tried their hand at understanding and integrating Plato and
Aristotle, especially Aristotle as some of what he wrote about how the spirit of individual
humans and the life force of a given individual is corroborated by Jesus Christ either in
actual fact or because of how English versions of the Bible were translated…but Christ
and Aristotle had some kind of understanding of how the spirit is in the life of man even
though Christ differed entirely from Aristotle the Macedonian in that he Ascended after
death without leaving any material residue of a corpse - which a feat that I don’t think
any of the Buddhist Dalai Lama or Panchen Lama’s have pulled off even though some of
their best have done incredible things.

Meanwhile, there are Christians who go around and do faith healings in this century and
in the 20th but for some reason they are often meet with shame and are scoffed at by the
media rather than publicly announced as being evidence of the truth of Christian
doctrines and teachings in the world today. I am not sure why since the nation I currently
live in is supposedly a Christian country. Most of the people who I have met who have
anything against Jesus really don’t know much about him and mainly they dislike having
felt that others have made judgments about them and used Jesus Christ or a Christian
church more as a weapon to judge them with than anything else. I can see their
complaint but in my own case, anyone who actually reads what Jesus taught, even if the
person does not agree with every bit of it, will be impressed and amazed and if they allow
themselves to be changed they will be and they sure as H won’t understand why anyone
would be so threatened by him that they sent him to his death unless they fear the total
destruction of the profit making part of the medical profession because hands on instant
healing that costs no money whatsoever will surely affect the economies of the world
greatly. I really have no idea of whether or not that was also true during his lifetime.

I mean, that’s such an accurate observation that I can’t help but notice that I can easily
imagine contemporary local and nationwide journalists doing stories on this: how instant
and no cost healing can be viewed as quite a threat to the medical establishment, which is
also a motive for much of the scientific research of our times - scientific research that will
improve medicines that are available and other healing techniques. It would have an
incredibly powerful affect but we don’t talk about it openly anywhere nearly enough - not
as much as we should in the USA in 2010. Now, don’t get me wrong I can see how this
kind of attitude could also make Jesus cry or feel enraged that we would conspire to
oppress such wonderments for such greedy purposes. I think on the whole we are largely
embarrassed and possibly ashamed about how true this really is.

Well, this is today’s Enochian commentary. 4 January 2010. By the way, the year is
4600-something in the Jewish calendar and something like that in the Chinese lunar
calendar and the Mayan calendar runs out in 2012 - they just made it thousands of years
ago and it didn’t run out till that point. The Mayans are a long gone culture - there is
nothing left of them but remnants and some descendents, who mainly survived through
breeding with people of another race….and of course, from here, the stuff that was
ancient back when Jesus Christ first lived as an apparent mortal is really vague and
unknown to us.