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MAY 2009


Convention is ‘can’t miss’ opportunity

By Frenchie Robles
The Miami Herald

When NAHJ Executive Director

Ivan Roman asked Nancy San
Martin and me to be the
programming chairs for this year’s
convention in San Juan, Puerto
Rico, our answer was simple: It’s
time for a shake-up.
Many of us had grown
accustomed to NAHJ’s tried-and-
true panels on important issues in
both our community and the
industry, such as immigration,
Cuba, and climbing the corporate
ladder when you don’t quite look
or talk like everyone else.
Broadcast students, including Karla Lara (in yellow) and Paloma Veloz
But this year had to be different.
(sitting), work on a standup shot at the NAHJ Convention in San Jose in 2007.
More on this year’s student projects on Page 3. This time, the workshops I spent
months planning in years past
seemed, well, irrelevant.
Early-bird rate With journalism suffering
unprecedented job losses, and an
industry that seems to be
extended to May 15 collapsing around us, we wanted
the 2009 convention to be the one
The early bird registration cost for the 27th Annual you can’t afford to miss. We
NAHJ Convention and Media & Career Expo in San slashed away at super sessions
Juan, Puerto Rico, has been extended until May 15. and plenaries to make room for
This year’s convention, June 24-27, will offer the what we all need in these
most multimedia journalism training you can get in changing times: new skills.
four days under one roof. INSIDE “We’ve kind of blown up the
Half the total convention training and workshop model,’’ said online track co-leader
time — 33 sessions — are dedicated to non-stop • Ricardo Pimentel: Robert Hernandez, director of
training in online journalism skills, analysis of our development at the Seattle Times.
designed for you
changing news industry and how you move forward “This convention is much more
in this new media landscape. • Newspapers reflective of the time. It reflects
Members can save $70 and non-members can getting creative what we are in the middle of and
save $105 if they act now. • Esther J. Cepeda: really responds to what the needs
Also, the rate at the Caribe Hilton, the convention Nine reasons to are.’’
See Discounts on Page 7 go to San Juan See NAHJ on Page 7

Latino journalists produce first interactive town hall in San Antonio. Page 10 PAGE 1

This NAHJ convention designed to help you

Let me guess what you’re thinking about the done before. The 2009 multimedia sessions will be
upcoming NAHJ conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico nearly three times the number we had at our convention
June 24-27. in San Jose in 2007.
I’ve got a job, but the company isn’t We do not have blinders on here at NAHJ. We know
paying for anyone to travel anywhere that newsrooms are forgoing travel that, in more flush
and things are so uncertain. I’m not sure days, might have been considered “necessary.” We
if I should spend any money to go. know that being jobless or being fearful of losing a job
Or will inhibit even longtime, loyal NAHJ members from
I’ve just lost my job, I, for sure, can’t attending. But the point we’re making with this
Ricardo afford to go. convention is that we know all that and it’s why this
Pimentel Actually, this is more than a guess. I’ve convention is all about helping you get the training you
NAHJ heard from a number of you already. Let need.
President me suggest that in either case – you lost But Puerto Rico is so far, some are also thinking. But,
a job or are fearful of losing one – you actually, getting to Puerto Rico is no more expensive
need to go to this conference. than getting to many U.S. cities.
Here’s why: This convention, more than any NAHJ Your company can’t pay your way?
conference in the past, is designed to help you hone the OK, see if they can at least give you the time off
skills you need to keep your job or to find a new one. without making you dip into your vacation time. Hotel
“Evolve, Embrace, Reinvent.” That’s the convention’s rates too high? We’ve negotiated further discounted
theme. They are more than words. They are the guiding rates.
force behind how we’ve programmed this gathering. Let your editors and publishers know that multimedia
Nearly half of all the sessions at the convention will be training is what NAHJ’s 2009 convention will be
multimedia skills training or multimedia related. You will substantially about. And tell them that what they’ll get in
not likely find this concentration of training available at return if you go as a trained (and professionally
one time for journalists again anytime soon. refreshed) journalist. A bargain.
We’ve prided ourselves on our conventions’ training
components over the years. But this year’s emphasis Ricardo Pimentel, editorial page editor of the Milwaukee Journal
on real-world, multimedia training surpasses what we’ve Sentinel, can be reached at

More hands-on training offered to help journalists

By Robert Hernandez “We have in-depth sessions on multiple times, like a movie theater
Seattle Times many topics that are really important with multiple show times.
for journalists trying to reinvent "We're excited to teach these
As it did with the student projects themselves for the digital media, but courses and organize the panels,”
more than 20 years ago, NAHJ is you don’t have to be intimidated if said Ruiz. “The people we've
again setting the new standard for there are things that you don’t secured truly care about the industry
how skills-training is being offered at understand,” Enriquez said. “We as a whole and those who've been
conventions. also have a few sessions that will affected. We want this convention to
The New Media track’s hands-on cover the basics so that anyone can be worth it for everybody who
sessions that began in Fort get up to speed before they venture wishes to take part.”
Lauderdale, and have influenced into a more specialized session or Of course, we’re still offering the
other conventions, have literally workshop.” same popular sessions from Fort
more than doubled this year for the Thanks to NAHJ’s commitment to Lauderdale like multimedia
Puerto Rico convention. serving its members, we have two storytelling in Flash.
Track coordinators Hiram rooms solely dedicated to these "We want people to feel like this
Enriquez, Joe Ruiz and Robert hands-on workshops. convention will be worth their time,
Hernandez have planned a series of Nearly every 90 minutes there will effort and financial consideration for
workshops that will give you the be two sessions offering attendees their future," Ruiz said.
skills to help you navigate the sea exposure to new technologies such
change we are facing in the as Twitter, Skype, PhotoSynth and Robert Hernandez can be reached at
industry. more. Many will be offered at PAGE 2

Students projects place focus on Web site

By Mekahlo Medina
NBC Los Angeles

Forget television news as we

know it. Forget the daily printed
newspaper, the 60-minute radio
news program, and the infrequently
updated online site.
This summer in San Juan,
Puerto Rico, 40 students and 30
professional mentors will transform
the way the news industry “was”
into what it can be -- a multimedia,
one-stop source for news, and
information where a journalist's
hard and creative work on “the
story” is easily distributed through
multiple platforms. Student Danny Rodriguez gets help from a mentor during the NAHJ
Convention in San Jose in 2007.
NAHJ has expanded its
commitment to the next generation This year in San Juan, we have focus will always be journalism --
of journalists by “looking forward” eliminated tracks all together. always the story -- but they will learn
through student projects that are Students will be multimedia content the experience of delivering
built around the current and future providers, who for the most part journalism through various
ways of how journalism is already produce content on multiple vehicles."
consumed. platforms at their universities. The Web site will be the content
“Unlike legacy media outlets During the projects, they might hub, and the place to connect
many of us work for, we as an produce a video story about one socially and through mobile devices.
organization have the unique luxury topic and an article on the same It is on the Web site that consumers
of being able to scrap what we've topic. Both elements will primarily be will get live developments on our
done in the past and start fresh,” destined for the Web site. The video host city, the conference, and its
said Mekahlo Medina, deputy also may be used in NAHJ's long- participants.
project director. running El Noticiero newsmagazine Through the Web site, members
Over the last 20 years, NAHJ has show. The article also might be used will be able to read, view, and hear
sponsored many student projects in NAHJ's long-published Latino content created by our multimedia
limited to one journalistic field: print, Reporter print edition. Though these student journalists.
radio, television or online. Students legacy products will continue, their They also will be able to follow live
were paired with working journalists production will be reduced as the conference events through Twitter,
who mentored them in their primary focus becomes the Web live cameras and live blogging. The
specialized field. site. project hopes members will
In 2007, the projects were placed “It's no surprise that more and participate by sending in phone
under the umbrella of a more content is being consumed video reviews of panels, pictures of
“convergence” project. For the first online, and on mobile devices. If any events, or their own reports of
time, all of the specialized tracks student walked into a television or conference events.
worked in the same room and newspaper newsroom today, they “It’s a unique, and innovative
communicated about story will face an organization struggling experiment. An experiment our
coverage. with effectively producing content for entire industry is facing or will face
In 2008, the Unity Journalists of these new ways of consumption,” soon. We, as NAHJ mentors, many
Color conference took convergence Medina said. of whom are former students, are
to a new level. Students were not “We want to give them a leg up, committed to making it work,”
only put under the same roof, but take away the focus of ‘legacy’ Medina said.
organizers attempted to cross- production, and give them a
assign stories and platforms with a newsroom that is focused on the Mekahlo Medina is NAHJ deputy
primary focus on the online product. ‘new ways’ of consumption. The director of student projects. PAGE 3

Convention schedule
Newspapers getting
* Unless otherwise specified, all
events take place at the Puerto
Rico Convention Center. creative to stay alive
Tuesday, June 23/ By Nancy San Martin photos from the Palm Beach Post
martes, 23 de junio The Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel in Fort
Lauderdale, as well as signing
1 p.m. - Exhibitor/Recruiter
Some newspapers have reduced partnerships for international news
5 p.m. Only Registration
the number of print editions they coverage with outlets such as the
9:30 p.m. The Midnight Splash offer. Others are joining forces withTrinidad Express in Trinidad and
Noche de San Juan former competitors to share Tobago and the Christian Science
Beach Party noncompetitive content. J-students Monitor. College journalism students
- Caribe Hilton Hotel are helping to supplement suburban also have been helping to
sections. And at least one longtime supplement some news pages.
Wednesday, June 24/ daily -- the Seattle Post-Intelligencer“We're experimenting on all sorts
miércoles, 24 de junio -- has given up on print altogether of fronts, from news partnerships we
and morphed into an Internet-only once thought impossible to many
news publication. new Web sites and features to help
8 a.m.- Exhibitor/Recruiter These strategies are designed to us reach readers however they
5 p.m. Registration & keep an industry that is said to be wish,” said Anders Gyllenhaal,
Setup dying on life support until a new executive editor for The Miami
model for disseminating news Herald. “Our news coverage arrives
8 a.m.- Registration/
completes its evolution. in a half dozen different ways -- in
7 p.m. Inscripción
At the NAHJ conference in San print, online, over the radio, in web
8:30 a.m.- Registration/ Juan, Puerto Rico, we will look at TV, in e-mails, on mobile news
5 p.m. Inscripción how companies are trying different devices. I don’t think we could be
methods to save journalism, working any harder to try new
9 a.m.- ñ Media examine options being used things.”
5 p.m. Training Series/ nationwide and explore what the In Seattle, “The P-I” is now found
La Serie de future of journalism will look like. only on The
Capacitación Many critics of newspapers and news outlet operates with a news
Profesional ñ even some of its new competitors, staff of about 20 people, down from
**Pre-registration such as online start-ups that have 165, and its site is filled with
required been helping to mold journalism's commentary, advice, some staff
future, acknowledge that traditional stories and lots of wires and links to
5:30 p.m. Opening Plenary/ journalism remains indispensable. other news sites.
Sesión Plenaria de “It would be a terrible thing for anyIts Web format is likely to be
Apertura city for the dominant paper to go duplicated by other newspapers. But
7 p.m.- under because that’s who does the the kind of future content that will be
Opening Reception/
10:30 p.m. bulk of the serious reporting,” Joel offered by that nation's news outlets
Recepción Inaugural
Kramer, former editor/publisher of remains to be seen.
the Star Tribune and now editor and “I think journalism will be delivered
Thursday, June 25/ chief executive of in many different ways, which is a
jueves, 25 de junio told The New York Times. future that’s already here,”
“Places like us would spring up, Gyllenhaal said. “The important
8 a.m.- Registration/ but they wouldn't be nearly as big,” thing is that however it arrives, that
6 p.m. Inscripción he said. “We can tweak the papers reporting is aggressively collected,
8:30 a.m.- Plenary and compete with them, but we can't deeply researched and verified in
10 a.m. Session/Sesion replace them.” the newspaper tradition. As long as
Plenaria Newspapers are experimenting we stay faithful to the principles of
with an array of new endeavors and good journalism, that future will be
8:45 a.m.- CyberLab @ there is growing discussion about strong.”
5 p.m. NAHJ charging readers for online access.
At The Miami Herald, efforts Nancy San Martin can be reached
Continued on Page 5 include publishing stories and at PAGE 4

Convention schedule
Continued from Page 4 ‘Working journalist’
Thursday, June 25/
jueves, 25 de junio takes new meaning
By Gustavo Reveles Acosta includes the right to serve on the 18-
9 a.m.- Media & Career El Paso Times member board.
5 p.m. Expo Open/ But deciphering which bloggers
Exposición sobre Jaime Abeytia has for more than a provide legitimate news to the public
Carreras en los year written The Lionstar Blog, which can be a difficult task.
Medios de provides information and opinion on Esther J. Cepeda, a former
Comunicación the topsy-turvy political scene in El columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times
10:15 a.m. Paso. who was laid off in January 2008,
- 5 p.m. His blog includes well-crafted said she understands the need to
stories on the hot topics of the day, determine which bloggers and online
Noon - Newsmaker interviews with the city's movers and journalists are bona fide and which
2 p.m. Luncheon/ shakers and even breaking news. ones can be passing off as reporters
Almuerzo con “But I wouldn’t consider myself a without using the strict, albeit
oradores journalist. I have no training in unwritten, rules that journalists follow.
journalism,” said Abeytia, who has As a matter of fact, when Cepeda
5 p.m.- Media used his blog to land gigs as a radio began writing the 600 Words blog,
7 p.m. Receptions/ talk-show host and a columnist for a she cringed at labeling herself a
Recepciones news Web site. blogger.
“Being a reporter, a journalist, “I used to think of bloggers as
8 p.m.- Social Event/
comes with a lot of responsibility,” he people in their pajamas writing about
Midnight Actividad social
said. “I write my blog and I follow my their favorite movie stars from their
own principles. I am not sure how mother’s basement,” she said. “But I
Friday, June 26/ they are aligned to the rules that see that because of the state of our
viernes, 26 de junio reporters for newspapers or industry, that has really changed.
television stations use.” Many of the (laid-off journalists) are
8 a.m.- Registration/ With the advent of community now using blogs to do what they
6 p.m. Inscripción journalism, it may be hard for know how to do best: write news.”
8:45 a.m. consumers to distinguish Web-based Cepeda said she wants journalism
CyberLab @
- 5 p.m. content that comes from traditional organizations like NAHJ to recognize
newsrooms from the kind that is bloggers as full-fledged members
9 a.m.- Media & Career often formulated on a desktop who bring significant contributions to
5 p.m. Expo/Exposición computer in the den of someone's journalism.
sobre Carreras home. She does concede, though, that
en los Medios de The difference between the two is certain guidelines should be used to
Comunicación getting even harder to distinguish as determine which bloggers are
many of the more than 20,000 working as any other journalist
9 a.m.- Workshops/ journalists that have been laid off should be.
5 p.m. Talleres since 2008 are creating blogs and “If bloggers want to be legitimate,
online news sources as an they need to be trained professionals
5 p.m.- Exhibitor/recruiter
alternative to the ever-shrinking that abide by our code of ethics.
10 p.m. tear-down
media job market. They need to attribute sources, they
The NAHJ board of directors will need to be transparent and, of
6 p.m. 2009 ñ and
address its definition of a “working course, they can’t plagiarize,”
Journalism Award
journalist” during its summer meeting Cepeda said.
winners reception
in San Juan, Puerto Rico. “I am still rooted in quality
7:30 p.m.- Hall of Fame Gala Updating the definition of a working journalism. That’s something I won’t
Midnight & El Gran Baile/ journalist is important because it may change just because I now write a
Gala del Salón de allow bloggers and non-traditional blog.”
la Fama de NAHJ journalists working for online
& El Gran Baile publications to obtain regular- Gustavo Reveles Acosta can be
member status with NAHJ, which reached at
Continued on Page 6 PAGE 5

schedule Nine reasons why you should go
Continued from Page 5

Saturday, June
to the convention in Puerto Rico
27/sábado, By Esther J. Cepeda Options for the Working Photographer.”
27 de junio 6) It’s Puerto Rico in June, duh! Plan to
It ain’t easy being an out-of-work do horseback riding on the beach or hike
All- Sightseeing journalist. I should know, it’s been a little the El Yunque rainforest or a coffee
day trips and over a year since I was pushed off my plantation, or fly to the island of Vieques for
excursions/ perch as a columnist at the Chicago Sun- lunch. Lounge on the beach, or sail on a
Excursiones Times and I was only slightly ahead of the catamaran to snorkel off Puerto Rico’s
y pasadias curve. For awhile I kept track of others who northeast coast.
9 Golf bit the dust, but the numbers overwhelmed 5) All this too “101” for you? You already
a.m. Tournament me, so now I offer moral support to those Tweeting and got your Google on? Take it
-2 /Torneo de who have fallen and those who are scared to the next level, try convention classes like
p.m. Golf they may be next. “Journalists as Entrepreneurs: Monetizing
So whether you were laid-off, down- Your Blog,” “Biz Models: Making Your Own
9 Registration sized, cut-back or just plain given the boot, Journalism,” or “Audio Editing and
a.m.- /Inscripción times are tough for those who wield a pen Podcasting,” or “Doing a Live Shot Through
3 which, though supposedly mightier than the the Internet.”
p.m. sword, clearly isn’t mightier than the P&L 4) You say your media outlet is actually
report. paying for this and you need to come back
9 ñ Media Since I’ve been there and done that it’s into your emerging digital newsroom with
a.m. Training the spirit of making lemons out of lemonade value-added? Try “Multimedia 101
-5 Series/ that I offer you Esther's “Top 9 Reasons to Bootcamp,” “Final Cut for Multimedia
p.m. La Serie go to the 2009 NAHJ Convention!” Production: The Basics and Beyond,”
de 9) Wade into social networking. Don’t “Flash Workshop,” “Photography Workshop
Capacitaci know your Ning from your Digg? Do you for Non-Photographers,” and “Live Shots in
ón fear Tweeting will make you write like a 10- the Best and Worst Times.”
Profesiona year-old? Do you have a Facebook account 3) Sharpen that beat reporting or prepare
lñ that has cobwebs all over it? Take some yourself to be able to cover a new beat with
**Pre- time to leverage all the free tools out there “Covering the 2009 Financial World: New
registration to spread your words or video all over the Rules and a New President,” “Making
required/ world. How about these NAHJ convention Financial Sense in the Midst of Crisis,” and
Se requiere workshops: “Social Networking for “El uso del español en los medios de
reservar un Journalists (English and Spanish)” and comunicación.”
espacio de “Skills Training Sessions on Twitter 101, 2) You say you always wanted to speak
antemano* Audio Slideshows 101 and Blogging 101” in a different voice? How about: “Cómo
* 8) Network, network, network. Hey, why utilizar los recursos literarios en las
9:30 Closing lie? Misery loves company and journalists historias periodísticas,” “Audio Storytelling -
p.m. - Party love mixed drinks, so bring your cards and Coordinated by NPR,” or “El poder de la
Midni prepare to make the kind of acquaintances imagen y la voz.”
ght that might turn into friendships that might 1) But the No. 1 reason why you should
help you through these rough times. go to the 2009 NAHJ Convention is
There’ll be talented professionals from all (drumroll please): Where else will the
corners of journalism there to mingle with. Latino cream-of-the-crop be gathering for
7) Work on translating your skills from the sole purpose of celebrating being able
one specialty to another. Spent most of to tell the stories about the nation’s fastest
your career in radio and looking to go into growing population?
TV? Maybe you wrote for a magazine but Now, that’s well worth the price of
think there are more opportunities in Web admission!
writing? Not only can you make those
contacts at the convention but you can Esther J. Cepeda is an opinion journalist
attend sessions like “Writing Fast, Write on and expert on the issues of U.S. Hispanics/
Time (for broadcast)” and “Beyond Latinos. She writes about that and much,
Newspaper Photography: Alternative much more on PAGE 6

NAHJ to offer more multimedia training

Continued from Page 1 Early Bird  On site 
By May 15 After May 15
A year ago, whoever even heard of Twitter? A year $325 $395
later, how many of us know to use it? Member
$425 $530
Do you know how to create an audio slide show? I Non-member
don’t, but I’m often asked to produce them. Student Member $150 $225
This year’s convention offers what our online track Student Non-member $215 $275
leaders call the “multiplex” – repeated offerings for Spouse/partner $225 $285
those essential classes in topics such as Flash and
One-Day registration:
Final Cut Pro. $165 $200
Computer lab classes on blogging and Twitter are
being offered three times each. Also, all-day and half- One-Day registration:
day boot camps are being offered Wednesday in non-member $215 $265
multimedia and Flash. Two classrooms are being
dedicated strictly to quick-hit hands-on instruction. attention to the journalists who have lost their jobs in
“Compared to San Jose, we can say that the number the past year,’’ said San Martin, assistant world editor at
of training sessions almost tripled from 12 to 33,’’ The Miami Herald. “That’s why you’ll see new offerings
Roman said. on topics like starting your own business, how to be a
NAHJ's executive director did the math: backpack multimedia specialist and monetizing your
•33 of the 73 sessions we will be having at the blog.”
convention are multimedia-skills training or “Even those of us who are still employed at metro
multimedia related. That's 45 percent. dailies are being asked to take on new duties, so we felt
•74.5 of the 152.5 hours dedicated to training, strongly that NAHJ needed to be the place to learn
sessions, panels, etc. at the convention are them.”
specifically dedicated to multimedia skills training or
multimedia related sessions. That's 49 percent. Frenchie Robles can be reached at FRobles@miamiherald.
“When we designed the program, we paid special com

Discounts for hotel, air fare offered to members

Continued from Page 1

headquarters hotel, was reduced from $199 to $150 a

night. Resort fees were also cut to $15 a night for total
savings of $62 a night at a hotel with a beach, palm
trees and even a strutting peacock.
If you’d like to find a roommate for the convention,
visit the blog message board at http://
Need a flight? Continental Airlines, the official
sponsor of NAHJ’s special events, offers discounts off
published fares of 2% to 10% or Zone fares.
Call your travel professional or Continental The Puerto Rico Convention Center will host this year’s
MeetingWorks at 800-468-7022 for reservations. Refer NAHJ Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
to Z Code ZZKM and Agreement Code: A1TYHW. Or, financial hardship. An application, a brief statement and
save an additional 3% off by booking your own other information is required. The deadline to apply is
reservations at Choose your Friday, May 15. To download the convention assistance
flight times and access your meeting discounts by application, visit
inserting ZZKMA1TYHW in the Offer Code box. Convention/09conventionassistanceapp.pdf
NAHJ is offering some air travel and a limited Secure your spot for great training in San Juan by
number of complimentary registrations to members who acting now. It’s a sound investment and the best
have been laid off and/or who are employed, and in bargain around. PAGE 7


By Kevin Olivas NAHJ: You will be an intern this summer at the
NAHJ Parity Project Director Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers in Florida.
What are you hoping to learn during your
Under a grant from the Chicago Tribune Foundation, internship?
NAHJ has placed interns at various Parity Project CK: I’m very excited about this opportunity, and
partner media companies since 2004. Through this grateful to the NAHJ Parity Project for contacting me
grant, NAHJ is able to pay the intern while they gain about it. I would like to gain experience reporting on a
valuable experience at a news organization that might shorter deadline basis, which is not something I have
not otherwise be able to afford to have interns. been able to do in any campus media. I am hoping to
This year’s intern is University of Miami student Carla learn to deliver news in a digital platform, since the field
Kerstens, who was an NAHJ Ford Motor Company 2008 is expanding so rapidly and multimedia seems to be the
scholarship recipient. She will be interning at the way the industry is moving toward. Last, I want to learn
Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers in Florida this the business and managerial side of the newspaper and
summer. These publications serve Martin, St. Lucie and its online arm.
Indian River counties along Florida’s Atlantic coast. NAHJ: Latinos are still under-represented in
NAHJ spoke with Carla about pursuing a career in newsrooms. What would you like to see happen to
journalism and her expectations for this internship. change that?
CK: I think we have entered an era where minorities
NAHJ: What event, person or thing inspired you to are being taken more seriously in this country. I lived in
want to pursue a career in journalism? North Carolina for a couple months, when I first moved
Carla Kerstens (CK): While growing up in Venezuela, to the U.S. in 2000. From my experience, the local
I lived through the tense socio-political people had the wrong impression about Hispanics.
times, witnessed the food riots and They stereotyped us as uninformed and ignorant,
Chavez’s coup. The way that the which saddened me, especially knowing what our
journalists covered the increasing chaos community is truly capable of. I would like to see more
on the streets to keep the population faces representing our community, showing successful
informed was admirable. This made me Latinas/Latinos and positive role models for Hispanic
think of the service journalists do for youth to look up to. I think that we should lobby for
society and how truly noble the legislation to guarantee Latinos a place in the media
profession is. I was drawn to study mass Carla in markets around the nation. We should also exert
communications in Venezuela, but in the Kerstens more pressure so that local markets pay more
late ’90s we could already see that attention to the issues of Hispanic communities, to
journalism was no longer a safe profession in the give them a better chance to be acknowledged by the
country. After moving to the U.S., events such as 9-11 authorities.
strengthened my desire to be part of the journalistic NAHJ: More and more people are getting their news
world. Working for student media, participating in through the Internet. What kinds of things have you
journalistic events and conventions such as UNITY ’08 learned to make yourself a multimedia journalist?
and obviously being part of NAHJ has allowed me to CK: That’s exactly what I want to focus on during the
see the true potential of the field I have grown to upcoming internship. I recently learned some
appreciate so much. multimedia storytelling at a workshop facilitated by
NAHJ: You have indicated in the past that you United Press International. I am hoping to produce
have a particular interest in investigative some quick stories for Internet release. More and more
journalism. Why is that? it seems that when people don’t have access to other
CK: Investigative journalism allows for a more media (when working, for example) they receive their
thorough research and thus a better understanding of news from an Internet source, which usually updates its
the issue. I think that by taking a longer time to research stories quite often. I think it is vital for all up-and-coming
and put the pieces together, the journalist can act as a journalists to learn multiple platforms of delivery,
watchdog for the public interest with more accuracy. production and editing, blogging and other tools that will
Having such accuracy helps build confidence in the allow not only to deliver the news but to create a loyal
journalist and the vehicle, making their word trusted. following among readers/viewers.
Many of the stories that have shaken American society
(not to mention other countries) have been the result of Carla is set to graduate from the University of Miami
long and arduous investigation on the part of the with a degree in Media Management and Economics in
journalists and have ignited changes that otherwise December 2009.
would not have existed. More Parity Project news on Page 9 PAGE 8

NAHJ Calls for Truth and

Fairness in Swine Flu Coverage NCAR offers journalism
The National Association of Hispanic Journalists called on
the media on April 29 to be fair and prudent when covering
fellowship August 17-21
the spread of swine flu in the U.S. and around the world, The National Center for Atmospheric Research
and resist the portrayal of Mexican immigrants as in Boulder, Colo., is offering its second annual
scapegoats for the possible pandemic. NCAR Journalism Fellowship from August
The following is a statement from the NAHJ Board of 17-21, 2009. The fellowship introduces
Directors: journalists and science communicators to
“We have come to expect immigrant bashing from the atmospheric and Earth system sciences.
usual suspects – commentators who use purposefully The application deadline is Monday, May 11.
inflammatory rhetoric to seek attention and to suit their NCAR Journalism Fellows will learn about
agenda. And they haven’t disappointed, now using the topics such as severe weather and effects of
swine flu as cause to decry immigration and immigrants. climate and weather (e.g., hurricanes, wildfires,
Immigrants, of course, have long been favorite and tornadoes); sun and space science (e.g., effects
convenient scapegoats for some for everything from high of space weather on Earth); human-
taxes to infectious diseases. Facts haven’t much mattered. environmental-societal interactions (e.g., climatic
For the complete article, go to influence on disease transmission); and applied
articles/2009/April/SwineFlu.shtml science (e.g., pinpointing turbulence for
commercial planes).
The program is a five-day, residential
PARITY PROJECT UPDATES experience open to professional writers,
producers, and editors working for print,
broadcast, radio, and online media.
Corpus Christi Caller-Times: Journalists and science communicators from
Bill to honor the late Dr. Hector P. Garcia  other countries are welcome to apply.
The late Dr. Hector P. Garcia helped found the American GI For more information and to apply online go to:
Forum, the Corpus Christi, Texas-based organization which
supports Latinos who have served in the U.S. military. Dr.
Garcia also served as an adviser to three U.S. presidents as
well as having been the first Hispanic to serve on the U.S.
Civil Rights Commission. If the bill is approved, it would set Immigration training program
aside the third Thursday in September to honor Dr. Garcia. application deadline is June 5
More at: Professional journalists from U.S. Spanish- or
honoring-dr-hector-on-fast-track. English-language print, broadcast or digital
media outlets who have experience covering
Orlando Sentinel report: NASA immigration issues are invited to apply to a
trying to reach out to Hispanic audience week-long training program administered by the
International Center for Journalists.
Reporter and NAHJ member Alsy Acevedo-Lugo says the
U.S. space agency is translating its mission updates into The goal is to produce more accurate,
Spanish as well as reaching out to Spanish-language media engaging and responsible reporting on
as part of a four-year effort to involve Latinos in its immigration. The application deadline is June 5.
endeavors. This comes after the recent space mission of The program is funded by the Scripps Howard
Joseph Acabá, the first astronaut of Puerto Rican descent to Foundation.
go into outer space. NASA plans to launch a mission in Visit
August that will have two astronauts of Mexican origin, LatinAmericaCaribbean/
Danny Olivas and José Hernández. NASA says that mission ScrippsImmigrationProgram/tabid/1303/
is receiving interest from journalists in México. Default.aspx

National Association of Hispanic Journalists Noticias editors: Gary Piña, copy editor/designer,
1000 National Press Building 529 14th St., NW neighborsgo, a community supplement of The Dallas Morning
Washington, DC 20045-2001 News; and Brandon Benavides, KSTP-TV/5 Eyewitness
E-mail: News
Phone: 202.662.7145; Fax: 202.662.7144 Copy editor: Veronica Garcia, freelance journalist, Los
Executive Director: Iván Román Angeles PAGE 9

Latino journalists
produce San Antonio
interactive town hall

As print and broadcast news outlets reduce coverage,

a small team of local journalists in Texas have seized
the day and introduced, the brain child
of NAHJ’s Spanish Language At-Large Officer Patricio
On April 14, less than 90 days since it was launched
as a digital journalism project, held the
Alamo city's first live virtual-interactive town hall
meeting, a milestone for community journalism at which Candidates running for mayor of San Antonio
the people of San Antonio had the final word. participated in the first interactive town hall session on
During the town hall with San Antonio’s 2009 April 14, produced by
candidates for mayor, a live online and on-site audience
could ask questions via Twitter, blogging and a live chat Marcos who produced a series of reports also using
room. This was in addition to Web video capsules readily available digital tools. You can see “Cesar
called "It's Your Turn" that connected the candidates, Chavez -- La Marcha” here:
and questions from San Antonio’s voters. On April 14,'s virtual-interactive town
“It is after all, your voice, your vote, your forum, to on hall generated a live online audience of more than 350
election day pick your mayor ... and everyone was people in the first hour. They participated with
invited,” Espinoza said. questions, twitts and comments. The site is now getting
Self funded, is powered by a local more than 30,000 page views a month.
crew of experienced news media professionals and Here is some of the local media’s coverage of the
volunteers, including Jerry Gonzalez, Ed Lozano and event:
Joe Sandoval. you-made-history/
“Many are Latino journalists in transition working for
the greater good regardless of whether we get paid or Patricio Espinoza can be reached
not,” said Espinoza. “We used readily available digital
tools, affordable DV cameras, online video services like
UStream, and every social media tool I could get my
hands on like Twitter and Facebook.” also recruited a local social media
club to manage online traffic during the event. And, to
bring it all together, knocked on many doors for in-kind
donations from food for the crew to AT&T wireless
cards. “San Antonio based NewTek gave us their
‘studio in a box,’ the Tricaster, which we used to
webcast the town hall.”
Relying just on word-of-mouth for online traffic,
Espinoza also partnered with the San Antonio Current
and a local, alternative weekly publication to promote
the event in exchange of co-hosting the town hall.
“That said, it took an entire team to bring the webcast
together; more than 15 people, good friends, and
colleagues who shared this vision of going beyond
traditional news outlets in the public interest,” Espinoza
said. The crew works behind the scenes at the first interactive
Recently, hosted members of the town hall session in San Antonio on April 14, produced
NAHJ Student Chapter, Texas State University San by PAGE 10

• America Arias, the NAHJ student representative
from California State University in Fullerton, Calif., was
recently named one of the top 100
student journalists in the nation by
UWIRE, a free membership organization
for college student media. Arelis
Hernandez and Natalia Bonilla, NAHJ
student members, also made the list.
The UWIRE 100 were announced April 27
America and were selected from more than 825
Arias nominations, representing 135 schools,
and submitted by professionals, students Sofia Adrogué, left, Minerva Pérez and Patricia Gras of
and educators. View the full list at: http:// Latina Voices: Smart Talk.
topics of value to professional Latinos and the
• Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of mainstream audience.
Communications has won an award from the Robert F. SMART TALK is hosted by show creator and
Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights for a executive producer Minerva Pérez, an award-winning
multimedia series on immigration through the U.S.- Broadcast journalist and community leader in Houston;
Mexico border and its impact on families, entitled Sofia Adrogué, a Rice University and Harvard
“Divided Familes.” Here’s a link to the info about the Business School alumna and a “Texas Super Lawyer”;
awards: and Patricia Gras, an Emmy-award winning Houston
Here’s a link to the Divided Families multimedia PBS senior host/producer. Check it out at
project that the ASU Cronkite School produced: http://
• Texas State University, San Marcos NAHJ Student
• Producer Marisa Peñaloza is a part of a team of Chapter students where in San Antonio last March for a
National Public Radio journalists who have won a one day Digital Journalism Project. Together they
Sigma Delta Chi Award from the Society of Professional covered the “Cesar Chavez March” and got first hand
Journalists in the Radio – Investigative Journalism digital tools and reporting training. The stories can be
category for a series called “Dirty Money,” which seen online at Austin's PBS
focuses on a change in tactics in the war on drugs and Docubloggers has also picked up the student reports,
how it might have some law enforcement officers more including one in Spanish, for a May broadcast. The
concerned with trying to get drug money than with trying workshop was sponsored by the crew.
to get drugs off of the streets. Here is a link to more
information about the awards:

• NAHJ member Rosa Flores, a reporter at KHOU-

TV in Houston, has created a Web site and video show
geared toward motivating teen-agers to stay in school.
She has taken her show to South Texas and Oklahoma.
Here is the link to the Live Show:
Here is the link to a radio interview on "La Z": http://
Her Web site:
Her Blog:

• Latina Voices: SMART TALK is an English

language, half-hour television and Internet streamed
talk show with a Latina perspective but addressing Texas State University students, front, from left, Sirheem
Fuentes, Andy Sevilla, Audrey Cuellar and Laura Coria.
universal topics such as politics, business, pop culture, Back, mentors Ed Lozano, and Patricio
health trends, entertainment, women’s issues and other Espinoza, Not pictured is Kaye Cruz. PAGE 11

NAHJ’S list of exciting programs is professional and student chapters
constantly changing and expanding to throughout the country. Become active at
meet members’ needs. Our current the regional level and build your local
professional development and student NAHJ wants to help support network. If there isn’t yet a
programs includes: Laid off and out of a job, we chapter in your area – start one. Visit
want to help. NAHJ is committed to find chapters.
to help its members. Resume ● Social and professional
● NAHJ National Convention and
writing, online training, let us networking: Career expos, cocktail
Career Expo: An annual gathering of
know what you need. hours, cultural gatherings, golf
thousands of Latino journalists, other
Contact Parity Project Director, tournaments and much more.
journalists of color and industry leaders
that includes training sessions, Kevin Olivas at ● Media Advocacy: NAHJ continues to
professional development workshops in Kevin can get you in touch with remain a strong voice for better news
English and Spanish, networking events, the organizations who are hiring. coverage and media access. Efforts have
social events, mentoring, professional ranged from writing letters to lawmakers
Also, contact General At-Large
support, job opportunities and much in favor of a strong federal shield law,
Officer Brandon Benavides
more. Join reporters, photographers, calling on network news companies to
at improve their racial and ethnic newsroom
producers, media executives, scholars, Visit the NAHJ online job bank:
recruiters, exhibitors and other media- make ups and speaking before Congress about further media consolidation that
related professionals for this not-to-be-
jobbank.shtml hurt diversity in media ownership. 
missed annual event.
● Regional workshops and seminars:
NAHJ’s local chapters tailor professional Parity Project
development sessions to your needs, fellowships: We compile and connect
including everything from new media you to career boosters for every stage of Launched in 2003, the Parity Project’s
training to social networking. your journalism career, including an goals were: To advance the number of
● Mid-Career and professional exclusive student training partnership Latino journalists, especially in cities
development programs: NAHJ stays with the New York Times Journalism where Latinos are underrepresented in
in touch with industry leaders who offer Institute, sought-after fellowships and newsrooms, and to improve the quality of
our members fellowships, networking more than $1.5 million in scholarship news coverage of the Hispanic
opportunities and personalized career funds through NAHJ’s Rubén Salazar community.
connections. Scholarship Fund for journalism students The plan: Develop long-term
● Online job bank: Our redesigned headed to college. partnerships between NAHJ, individual
user-friendly jobs site offers opportunities ● Students Projects: Students can be media companies and the community in
in print, broadcast, online, new media, part of the annual Student Campus, cities with large and growing Latino
communications, academic and other Newsroom Bound Program, four populations.These goals are
media-related fields. Members can also convention-based news projects (radio, accomplished through town hall
use the site to post their résumés for television, newspaper, online), and a meetings, newsroom cultural awareness
recruiters. range of career resources. For most sessions, online surveys to gauge opinions
● Journalism Awards: We recognize participants, the Student Campus and of news staff and Hispanic community
members’ best work each fall during our news projects are their first opportunity leaders on coverage of Latinos,
annual Noche de Triunfos awards gala, to meet others pursuing similar hopes community advisory committees and
which has honored everyone from the and facing similar challenges. establishing a “pipeline” of Latino
most recognized names in the news field ● Student journalism workshops journalism talent through high schools,
to young journalists just starting their and professional projects: Students colleges and universities. 
career. can learn hands-on training from news
● Black-tie events: The association’s veterans and participate in a student-
annual scholarship banquet, held each produced newspaper, broadcast news Join Now!
February in New York City, receives programs and online news projects.
generous support from dozens of media ● Member newsletter: A quarterly It’s easy to join and become part of the
companies and funds the Rubén Salazar digital publication produced by members NAHJ movement. Dues are structured
Scholarship Fund. The annual Hall of that is full of industry news and member on a calendar-year basis. Join online at
Fame Gala held during each convention updates, plus job listings and other or by contacting our
honors veteran leaders in the field. industry news. membership director in the national
● Internships, scholarships and ● Local chapters: NAHJ has office directly at 202-662-7460. PAGE 12

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