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Essential Advice for International Students


Your Student Visa

Quick Summary for Reference
You must enrol on the scheduled date. You cannot attend classes until you are enrolled and have a
valid student ID card.
You must re-enrol when required to do so (three times during the academic year).

Essential Advice for International Students:

You must live within a reasonable commuting distance of the University and be on campus on a
daily basis.

Your Student Visa

You must notify the University if you change address, get married, become ill, or need to return to
your home country before the end of your course.
You must register with the police if required to do so.
You must swipe in to all classes to register your attendance.
You can work up to 20 hours a week in term time and full time in official vacations with permission
from the Home Office. You must not work over the permitted maximum number of hours.
You must not become self employed or set up your own business.
You must check your entitlement to holidays and only take authorised leave.
When the International Office notify you that your visa is due to expire you must attend a Visa
Workshop and ensure that you apply for a visa extension on time.
You must wait until you receive your exam results, before travelling home and stay for any referrals.

Failure to follow this guidance could lead to you having to return to your
home country without completing your course.
If in doubt please contact the International Office.


• You must attend all scheduled classes. ID card. April 2013 . • If your visa is in another category we will still need to ensure all records are up to date and you will need to prove that it is current. If you are ill or need to miss classes for an urgent reason. even if it is unpaid. we are just doing this to protect you and ensure that you can complete your course. and so we would like to make sure that you are aware of your obligations under UK immigration regulations. before travelling home and stay for any referrals. ‘Student Visitor’ This category normally applies to students who have come to the University under an exchange programme or to undertake pre-arranged assessment. • If you are newly arrived you may need to register with the police and. the entry clearance stamp in your passport will indicate whether you need to do so. you must contact your Department on the same day. Under the immigration rules. • You must wait until you receive your exam results. as set down in University policy. If you are not sure about registration. • You must re-enrol when notified. universities are obliged to report to the Home Office any students who do not meet their visa conditions or who are suspected to be in breach of their visa status. Re-enrolment takes place three times a year and is a requirement for all students on Tier 4 visas. You can do this either by updating your details on the web via “My Details”. which are integral to your course of study. • If your personal circumstances change. • Please ensure that you have enrolled and have a valid student card. Please respond to reminders promptly or your access to University systems may be withdrawn and you may not be granted an extension. PhD students are entitled to 35 days’ annual leave per year. • If your visa indicates that you are permitted to have a part-time job you must not work over the permitted maximum number of hours. tutorials. obtain a doctor’s note and give it to the University when you return. • We will remind you if you need to renew your visa while you are studying at the University. Masters students who start their courses in January will normally be entitled to vacations during the Easter and Christmas holidays but must continue to meet attendance requirements during the summer period between one academic year and the next. This includes unpaid internships. visa and ATAS certificate (where required) will be entered onto the student record system for reference and the passport and card will be returned to you. • If you think you will be ill for more than one week you must visit a doctor. or appointments with your academic supervisor. We would ask you to remember that there are strict conditions relating to your stay in the UK and that by being awarded a visa. which has to be approved and recorded by your supervisor. We are telling you this so that you are aware and will be protected. Infringement of visa conditions is a serious offence and may lead to deportation and additional sanctions being imposed by the Home Office. marriage. study or research. • All Tier 4 students must live “within a reasonable commuting distance of the University” and are expected to be on campus on a daily basis. contacting your School Office or by going to the International Office counter. you must let us know immediately. You will also need to notify them of any changes in circumstance. This includes illness. Your personal information will not be shared with any unauthorised person or organisation. The University of Huddersfield will not hesitate to report any students who are believed to have violated UK immigration regulations. you may work full-time during official university vacation periods and work placements. If you do not re-enrol as required your access to University systems will be withdrawn. if so. • CASs will not be generated for students who do not live within a reasonable commuting distance. You must not become “self employed” or set up your own business. or needing to return to your home country for any reason. • Please refer to the University’s academic calendar for details of official vacation periods. However. you have agreed to abide by these conditions. seminars. The University wants your stay here to be trouble free and enjoyable. and who are here for a period of less than six months.Essential Advice for International Students: Your Student Visa Tier 4 student visas and your responsibilities If you are here to study on a full-time degree programme you will probably have come to the UK on a Tier 4 student visa. You will not be allowed to attend classes until you are formally enrolled. You will not be able to “switch” categories while in the UK if you have entered as a ‘student visitor’. It is a quick and simple process planned to cause minimum inconvenience. This document is intended as general guidance and does not constitute definitive immigration advice. you are encouraged to do this as soon as possible. which is currently 20 hours per week in term time for degree level and above courses. At enrolment Please note that the University will ask for your passport and biometric identity card at enrolment. • You can only study at the University of Huddersfield and you are not allowed to change universities without seeking guidance from the International Office. Under this category you will not be permitted to undertake any work. • Please let us know immediately if you change your address. Students are strongly recommended to consult qualified independent immigration advisers for guidance on specific personal issues concerning immigration or visa status. it is your responsibility to ensure it doesn’t elapse. clinical or observation placements. Details of your passport number.