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A.Y 2014
First Term

Early Year Foundation


1. Communication and Language
2. Expressive Arts and Design
3. Literacy
4. Mathematics
5. Pedagogy and Professional Development
6. Personal, Social, and Emotional Development
7. Physical Development
8. Understanding the World

I. Communication and Language
a. Drama
b. Games and Talking
c. Instruction and Question
d. Listening and Attention
e. Singing
II. Expressive Arts and Design
a. Color and Pattern
b. Media and Materials
c. Movement and Dance
d. Music and Instruments
e. Songs, Rhymes, and Poems

III. Literacy
a. Alphabet
b. Hand-writing
c. Phonics
d. Reading
e. Songs, Rhymes and Poems
IV. Mathematics
a. Addition and Subtraction
b. Counting
c. Matching
d. Numbers
e. Comparing, Sorting and Ordering
f. Pattern and Symmetry
g. Shape, Space and Measure
V. Pedagogy and Professional Development
a. Assessment and Report Writing
b. Child Development
c. Classroom Management

f. Songs, Rhymes, and Poems

g. Speaking
h. Stories
i. Understanding

f. Construction and Tools

g. Creative and Expressive Play
h. Story -Making

f. Stories
g. Writing
h. Books
i. Mark Making and Symbols
h. Non Fiction Texts

i. Time
j. Number Stories and Rhymes
k. Math Games
l. Doubling, Halving and Sharing
m. Money
n. Position

g. Observing and Recording Learning

h. Reflection Practice
i. Subject Knowledge

d. Development Learning
j. Theory of Learning
e. Environment / Outdoor Learning
k. Transition Support
f. Engaging with Parents and Wider Community

VI. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

a. Managing Feelings and Behavior
b. Family and Community
c. Games and Play
d. Make Friends and Resolving
e. Conflict

VII. Physical Development

a. Gymnastics and Dance
b. Food and Eating
c. Moving and Handling
d. Our Bodies
e. Games
f. Clothes and Getting Dressed
g. Hygiene
h. Songs, Rhyme, and Poems
VIII. Understanding the World
a. Animals
b. People and Communication
c. Festivals and Celebration
d. Home and Building
e. Technology
f. Ourselves
g. People who Help us
h. Plants
i. Season and Weather
j. Toys
k. The World
l. Where we live
m. Friends
n. Songs, Rhymes and Poems
o. Space and Planets
p. Special Days
q. Transport

f. Pictures, Books, and Stories

g. Puppets and Circle Time
h. Songs, Rhymes and Poem

Activities for A.Y. 2014

a. Mother's Day - Tea time and Cupcakes
b. Father's Day - Happy Hour
c. Ice Cream Social
d. Family Picnics/ Barbeque
e. Community Get Together
f. Goodies for Grandparents
g. Veggie and Fruit Day
h. Chocolate Day
i. Pajama Day
j. Popcorn Day
k. What I want to be Day
l. Africa Day
m. Sports Day
1. Bet on your Baby
2. Junior Minute to Win it
n. Culinary Day
o. Wizz Kids Challenge
p. Trick or Treat Costume Party
a. Mathematics
b. Spelling Bee- Grade 6
c. Science Bee
a. Volleyball
b. Basketball
c. Soccer
d. Cheering Squad
a. Sanana Got Talent
Solo/ Duet

Story telling