BPOV My Sunday was spent in complete boredom. Alice visited me, but her energy got a little annoying.

She said she would bring my work from school to the hospital on Monday, but I didn’t have much else to do. Monday went by very slowly. Alice did drop off my homework, but she said she had something to take care of, so she had to leave. By Tuesday, I needed some stimulation. Carlisle walked in that Tuesday, happy as always. “Hello Bella.” He smiled as he always did. “Hi Carlisle.” It still felt weird to call him by his first name. “How are you feeling?” “I’m fine, I just a quick question.” He waited. “Is there any way I could get a walk around the hospital? I just feel like I’m going to have major blood clots in my legs if I don’t move.” “I can’t have you walking around just yet, but you can take a wheelchair, if you’d like.” I nodded vigorously. “Please.” He smiled and went to grab a wheelchair. When he got back, he helped me into it, and showed me how to work it. “So you can handle this right? I don’t have to worry about you running into any walls?” I smiled and shook my head. “I think I’ll be safe.” He nodded and left to check his other patients. I initially planned on rolling through the hospital, but found a small patio outside of the food court. It was quite serene, actually. No one was out there because it was raining, but there was an overhang. I rolled over to the small table with a few chairs, and lifted myself into one of them. After I spent a good time just enjoying the green scenery, I heard a voice behind me. “Found a way to move around without me helping you?” I turned to see Edward standing in the doorway. I smiled. “I can move around just fine, thank you. It’s the getting back into bed that’s difficult without you.” He chuckled and wandered over to the chair across from me. “So how has it been here?” I scoffed. “Let me tell you, you never know how much you miss human interaction until you’re almost completely cut off.” He had a questioning look on his face. “Almost completely?” “Alice and Carlisle are about it. Oh but there’s occasionally this nurse who comes in and finds it fun to lecture me about the dangers of gymnastics. As if I don’t know.” I snorted. He looked at me curiously. “What?” “You’re one of the oddest girls I’ve ever met.” “Oh? And why is that?” “You’ve had all of these horrible things happen to you, but you’re still such a normal person.” Does he know? No. Jasper wouldn’t do that. “What do you mean ‘horrible’?” His eyes widened. He knew. Shit. I can’t trust anyone. I pushed myself up and over to my wheelchair. “I’ve got to go.” I said icily. I tried to roll myself to the door, but Edward grabbed the wheelchair’s handle. “Please, I’m sorry.” I sighed. “I’m not mad at you, Edward. I’m upset with the fact that I can’t even trust one person.” “No, don’t be upset with Jasper. Technically, he didn’t tell me. He did his best to keep it a secret.” “What do you mean?”

“I can’t exactly tell you. But trust me, it’s not Jasper’s fault.” I sighed. “And you just expect me to believe you?” I was avoiding eye contact. “I’m hoping you do. You have every right not to, but please, just don’t blame Jasper. He felt horrible as soon as he knew I knew.” I nodded. “I’m going back inside now.” I wheeled myself back inside, but this time Edward didn’t follow. I got back to my room and sat facing the window. How could this have happened? I had trusted one person, and yet more than that knew. What if Edward told his family? I wouldn’t be able to live in the same house with them. But Alice wasn’t any different, so maybe Edward didn’t say anything. God, I hope not. “Bella?” I turned to see Jasper standing in the doorway. “Are you okay?” I nodded and wiped the tears I hadn’t even noticed I’d shed. “Edward told me what happened.” I nodded. “I wanted to apologize for what happened. I know Edward said I didn’t tell him, but what I did was bad enough.” “Jasper, I don’t blame you. I don’t want you to blame yourself.” He sighed. “I’d like to know one thing, though.” He looked up. “Who knows? Please be honest. I won’t be mad at you.” He paused. “Edward has the tendency to blabber a lot. And when he blabbers, it won’t stop. So he kind of went off when he found out.” “So your family?” He nodded. Crap. “Great.” I sighed. “He really does care about you though.” I rolled my eyes. “And what does he know about me? That I was raped? Oh yes, he knows enough about me to care.” I let out a dry laugh. “That doesn’t matter to him. To any one of us. I’m sure you’ve noticed, Alice is still her perky self, and she knows. We don’t care, Bella.” I sighed. “Good to know. I’ve got to get to work on the homework Alice brought so I’ll talk to you later.” He nodded sadly and left the room. I got back over to the bed, and pulled out the light folder of work. I needed something to clear my head, and right now, it seemed Pre-calculus could do that.

BPOV It was Wednesday. The day I was to move in with the Cullen’s for (god knows) how long. I wasn’t so much nervous for the fact that I was moving into a house full of strangers, but the fact that they all knew what I’d been through. I was just praying they didn’t change how they acted. The last thing I wanted is pity. Carlisle said I didn’t have to worry about going home to pick up clothes, or anything, because Alice had already taken the job of buying me a whole new wardrobe. As much as I didn’t want anyone to spend any money on me, if it meant I didn’t have to go back home to Charlie, I was all for it. It was almost noon, and Carlisle said I’d be able to leave then. “Alright Bella, well I’ve got all of your papers signed, so when Edward gets here, you can leave with him.” Carlisle said. I nodded but internally groaned. The last person I wanted to see. I got into a wheelchair, and wheeled out to the front room. I was no longer attached to an IV, so I didn’t have to worry about that. I waited maybe five minutes before Edward walked through the front doors, soaking wet. When her saw me, he walked up, and looked down at his feet. “Are you ready to go?” I nodded and wheeled myself to the door. “It’s pouring outside. I don’t think you can get very far in a wheelchair.” I sighed. “And what do you suggest?” I said sarcastically. “Well, I think the easiest way is to carry you.” Sure that’s the easiest way. “Fine.” He came around to the front of the wheelchair and put his arms under my knees and behind my shoulders. I hooked my arms onto his neck so he wouldn’t have such a hard time, yet he seemed

to be unaffected by my weight. He walked through the doors and stood under an overhang. He wasn’t kidding when he said it was pouring. You could barely see ten feet. “So Carlisle would kill me if I didn’t wrap your cast, so it wouldn’t get wet, so I’ve got to wrap it quickly.” He pulled out a big trash bag and pulled it up my leg until it was above the cast, and pulled the drawstring. He picked me up again and headed out into the rain. Edward started running through the rain at a reasonable pace, if he wasn’t carrying a 115 pound girl with a cast. It just seemed too easy for him. He quickly pulled open the passenger door and slid me in. I put on my seatbelt, and waited for him to get in. When he got in, he started the car and made his way out of the parking lot. “So do you work out a lot?” I asked. I know it seems like a pickup line, but I just wanted some answers. Edward glanced over. “No, why?” “Because you were able to carry me so easily. Plus you were able to run fast to the car. I would think someone who could carry that much weight and run as fast as they would normally would work out.” His hands tightened on the wheel, but he didn’t respond. The ride from the hospital didn’t last very long, and when I went to get out of the car, Edward wouldn’t let me. He held my arm. I turned to face him. “What Edward?” He looked conflicted. “Never mind.” He got out of the car, and carried me into the house. I didn’t know where he was going when he passed the living room. “Um, Edward. Where are we going?” “Esme made up one of the guest rooms for you so you would be comfortable.” I nodded and he carried me upstairs and passed a couple of doors. He opened one door and walked me in. It was a beautiful room. The walls were a deep purple, with a light purple border. There was a closest on one side of the room, and a dresser on the other. Both the door to the closet and the dresser were painted a mahogany color. The bed was placed against a wall near a window. The bed itself had a mahogany finish on the wood framing, and dark purple sheets, with a dark purple, light purple and sky blue comforter. Edward set me on the edge of the bed. “So if there’s anything you need, you can just call for me. Carlisle won’t be home with a wheelchair until probably six, so I’ll have to carry you where you need to go.” I nodded. He started to head out, but I stopped him. “Wait.” He turned around. “Can you help me over to the closet? I’m kind of sick of ill-fitting hospital clothes.” He nodded and picked me up. He walked over the closet door and opened it with one hand. And here we go with the freakishly strong Edward. When he got inside the closet, I noticed that most if the clothes consisted of tight shirts and pants. “Edward, do you know if Alice bought anything that wasn’t tight?” He chuckled. “You don’t know Alice, do you? She probably stuck a pair of pajamas somewhere in your drawers, but I can’t guarantee that they’re going to be any less clingy than what is in here.” I nodded and he put me on the bed again. He headed over the dresser and pulled out a deep blue, lacy camisole, and matching pants. “Like I said. This is the most modest thing I could find.” I sighed. “Can you grab a jacket from the closet, then? I don’t want to freeze my butt off.” He headed back over to the closet and pulled out a thick, red sweatshirt. I thanked him and let him leave so I could change. I easily pulled on the camisole and sweatshirt but had a little difficulty with the pants. After several minutes of frustration, I pulled them on. I pulled on the sneaker I was previously wearing on my uninjured foot, and tried to head for the door. Edward opened it by the time I got off the bed. “Carlisle will kill you if he finds out you were trying to walk already.” “Well what am I supposed to do? I don’t want to permanently be a nuisance, and I really need to feel like I can do something. I don’t want to be nothing.” I choked out the last part. It was what Charlie had always said to me: I would never be anything more than nothing. I sat back down on the bed and slumped away from Edward. It didn’t matter that I wanted him gone. He came and sat down next to me.

“You’ll never be nothing, Bella. You’re too great for that.” I let out a dry laugh. “And who told you that? Because all I’ve ever heard was that I would be nothing more than nothing.” He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him. “I don’t need someone to tell me what you are and aren’t. I know who you are and you most definitely are something. You make people so happy and you don’t even realize it. Alice was happy and friendly before we met you, but she’s just been so ecstatic that she has a friend like you. Jasper had always felt uncomfortable most of the time, but he’s been better because of you. I know my family and I have been happier with who I am since I met you. Bella, I know you’re something amazing, you just need to see it for yourself.” Wow. I didn’t really know what to think after that. “I’m not sure how much I agree with that, but thank you.” He let out an exasperated sigh. “Bella, you should believe it. I wouldn’t lie to you.” I looked up at him. Something in those topaz eyes made me want to believe him. I nodded. He sat with me for a while until we heard the front door open. “Everyone’s home from school now.” I nodded. “I’m sorry I took up so much of your time.” “Bella, you could never take up too much of my time.” He helped me up and carried me downstairs so we could say hi. Alice was the first person I saw. “Bella!” She squealed. Edward set me on the couch and she ran over to me. “Oh my gosh! I still can’t believe you’re actually staying here! It’ll be so much fun!” She kept going on about sleepovers and girly stuff until she noticed what I was wearing. “Bella, why are you dressed in pajamas?” Her eyes narrowed. “Well, Alice, the closet is full of tight clothes, and I’d prefer to wear something a little more modest. It turns out you had other plans for me, am I correct?” She nodded vigorously. “You need to dress cute!” I rolled my eyes. “Well you wear cute clothes when you dance!” I rolled my eyes again. “Yes, but have you noticed what I wear at school?” She shook her head. “Most of my outfits consist of long sleeve shirts and jeans. I don’t even own a skirt and you somehow managed to put almost ten in my closet.” “Bella, you should dress cute! I mean, really, you’ve got the body for it, you’re totally gorgeous, I mean the reasons go on and on.” “Whatever, Alice.” She laughed. “So if you guys don’t mind, I’m kind of tired, so I think I’m going to go take a nap, so I’ll see you later when I wake up.” They nodded and Edward came back to pick me up. He carried me upstairs and into my room. He helped me under the covers and started to leave. “Edward can you help me with the jacket? I’m too tired to pull it off.” I yawned, proving my point. He came back and carefully unzipped the sweatshirt. He tugged it off my arms, and pulled the blankets up around my neck. “Thanks.” “Anytime.” I heard him shut the door, and I fell asleep after an eventful day.

BPOV “Bella, Bella. Wake up.” I tried to roll over to get away from the sound, but remembered I had a cast on. “What?” I groaned. “Dinner time.” “Can’t I just skip?” My stomach growled, contradicting my statement. Someone chuckled. “It doesn’t sound like you can skip.” I sighed.

“Fine.” I sat up and opened my eyes for the first time. Edward was crouched next to the bed talking to me, while Esme stood behind him with a plate of food. She smiled warmly. “Hello Bella. I wasn’t quite sure what to make, so I hope this is okay.” She set the plate down in front of me. I smiled back even though I wasn’t comfortable with other people making me food. “Thank you Esme, this really is great.” She smiled again, and headed out of the room. When she left, I rested my head against the headboard. Edward was staring a me intently. “What?” I asked. “Aren’t you going to eat?” “Aren’t you?” I retorted. He chuckled. “See the perks of not falling asleep in the middle of the day, is that I can actually eat at dinner time. Besides, you’ll hurt Esme’s feelings.” I chuckled. “Fine, fine.” I picked up the sandwich, and tentatively took a bite. “Mmmmm.” I gave Edward a thumbs up, signaling he could leave. He sighed and left the room. I swallowed the bite but left the sandwich alone after that. You see, I didn’t trust people making me food ever since I let Charlie make me a water bottle for dance class a couple years ago. He slipped some sort of energy powder into it and I got quite sick from the amount he put in. When I was sure Edward wasn’t standing outside my door, I slid out of bed, and hobbled over to the window. I slid it open, and chucked the sandwich out. I got back to the bed and sat down. My ankle was really hurting from the walking. There was a knock on the door. “Come in.” I croaked. Carlisle walked in. “Are you okay? I was coming in to check on you anyway.” “Yep. Never better.” He didn’t like my answer. “Bella, I can tell you’re not doing well. Lying is not going to help your recovery.” I sighed. “Alright, yes my ankle’s hurting a little.” He gave me a skeptical look. “Alright, fine. It’s hurting a lot. Happy?” He nodded. “I need to take you downstairs really quickly, is it fine if I carry you?” “If you can. I mean I know your son is freakishly strong, but if you can, go ahead.” He chuckled and picked me up easily. I was surprised. “What? You didn’t think he developed all that strength by himself, did you?” I smiled. “Good point.” He walked down the stairs and helped me into a wheelchair. “Thanks.” He nodded. We headed into the kitchen, and he filled a cup with water, and pulled out a medication bottle. He walked over to me and handed me a pill and the cup. “So this is vicodin, it’ll help with the pain. You can take one every six to seven hours, but just make sure you take them after you’ve eaten. These can make you pretty loopy if you haven’t eaten, but I know Esme fed you, so we don’t have to worry about that.” I nodded, even though I hadn’t eaten. I took the pill, hoping the pain would go away soon. “So you should feel the affects in about half an hour, but the full effects should take an hour.” I nodded again. “So you’re probably not very tired considering you slept all afternoon, so feel free to stay up.” “Thank you, Carlisle. For everything.” He smiled and nodded. “Feel free to help yourself to anything in our house. I’m going out with my wife tonight, so we’ll probably be back by the time you’re asleep.” I nodded. “Have fun.” He thanked me and headed out of the kitchen. I rolled out of the kitchen and saw Alice bouncing down the stairs. She smiled when she saw me. “Hi Bella!” I smiled. “Do you want to watch a movie?” “Sure.” “Hey you guys! We’re watching a movie! Come on down!” I heard footsteps and saw everyone appear at the bottom step. “What movie?” Emmet asked. Alice looked at me.

“Don’t ask me, I haven’t seen a movie in at least five years.” Everyone looked shocked. “I don’t have a life. You all know that.” Alice shrugged it off and went to search for a movie. She picked some random comedy Blades of Wonder, or something like that. I scooted up onto the couch so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable. After about forty five minutes, I started giggling. Everyone looked up at me. “His name is Chaz Michael-Michaels! That’s so stupid!” I started giggling again. “Is she okay?” Emmet asked. “Just dandy, and you?” I responded, giggling again. “Carlisle gave her vicodin. This is probably the result of it. I don’t know why she’s acting like this though, she ate a sandwich.” Edward said. I put my finger up to my mouth. “Shhhh! Don’t tell Esme! I didn’t eat it!” Edward looked shocked. “Why not?” I snorted. “Because she was trying to poison me!” I was whispering now. Everyone was watching me. “What do you mean?” “The last time I trusted someone to make me something to eat or drink, they put some weird energy powder in it, and I got so sick!” “Esme wouldn’t do that to you.” “I know, but I don’t really know. I don’t think one thing any of you have said has really sunk in. But not a lot of you have said anything very life changing other than Jasper or Edward.” “What did Edward say?” Alice asked. “How much you all love me and that I’m a great person or some bull like that.” “And Jasper?” Edward said through gritted teeth. “Oh! Yeah, he said you were in love with me Edward.” I looked over at him and batted my eyelashes. I started giggling again. Edward looked mortified. Emmet laughed. “Damn! I like this Bella!” “Well I don’t like you.” I crossed my arms and pouted. “Why not?” Emmet asked. “You’re too big. I don’t like people who’re that much bigger than me. Bad experiences.” I shuddered. Everyone left it at that. Another ten minutes, and I was completely past sanity. I was giggling and saying ‘Chaz MichaelMichaels’ over and over again. “Okay I think it’s bed time.” Edward said. “No, no, no! I don’t need sleep! I’m not tired at all!” I was still giggling. Edward rolled his eyes and picked me up. “Ugh. If you’re going to take me to bed, can’t you just use the wheelchair? I don’t like to be carried.” He stuttered. “It’s, um, it’s easier to get you to bed-“ I cut him off. “Jasper! Jasper! You were right! He is in love with me! He wants to carry me to bed!” I heard everyone start laughing. “And what do you think, Bella?” Alice asked. I made a face. “Eh, he’s fine. He’s got nice hair, though. I’ll tell you that!” I played with a piece of his hair. “But such a pansy! Any boy in love would’ve tried to make a move already! I mean come on! If he really loves me, he would’ve made some kind of move! Really! Carrying me to bed? Edward you’re going to get nowhere with any girl if you think that’s making a move!” Everyone was laughing hysterically now. I heard the front door open. “What’s going on?” Carlisle walked into the living room with Esme.

“Bella didn’t eat the sandwich Esme made so the vicodin’s not having the best affect on her.” “Shhh!” I plastered my hands over Edward’s mouth. “I see. So why is everyone laughing so hard?” Carlisle asked. “Bella’s challenging Edward on how much he loves her. So far, in her book, he’s a pansy who’ll never get a girl with his current moves.” Emmet said. Carlisle chuckled. “That doesn’t surprise me. He is quite a pansy though.” I giggled. “I win Edward!” I pulled my hands off of his mouth. “Oh, and we learned Bella likes his hair.” Alice added. “Well yeah I do! I mean its like tousled into a weird, but perfectly bed head way! I don’t think it’s easy to get your hair like that, is it?” Carlisle chuckled again. “I think it’s bed time for Bella.” He said. I groaned. “Why does everyone keep saying that?” “Because it’s true.” Carlisle responded. I sighed. “Alright fine. Edward, take me away to my room! And don’t forget your hair!” Edward headed upstairs while I heard everyone else laughing still. Edward set me in my bed, and helped me under the covers. I yawned. “Here’s your chance, lover boy. I’m a drugged girl laying in a big spacious bed. It’s now or never.” I heard someone chuckle downstairs. “How did they hear that?” Edward shook his head. “Don’t worry about them. Anyway, go to sleep, and forget about what happened this night.” “I’ll agree to the first and second part, but I don’t think I can forget about tonight that easily. I learned Mr. Edward Cullen, hot hair himself, is in love with me.” I heard whoever it was before chuckling, chuckle again. “Who is that?” I asked. “Alice.” Edward responded. “Alice, you be quiet down there or I’ll get Mr. Hot Hair to take you on!” I yelled. I heard her laugh harder. “Now you, Mr. Hot Hair need to take her on.” Edward chuckled. “Will do.” He got up to leave but I grabbed his arm. “Wait.” He turned back to face me. “Can your hair stay with me until I fall asleep?” He chuckled. “Sure.” He went around the other side of the bed, and climbed in. “I want your hair, not you.” I mumbled. He chuckled and bent down so I could nuzzle into his hair. “Wow, it even smells good. Goodnight hair upon Mr. Hot Hair’s head.” I heard Edward mumble a goodnight before I drifted off into oblivion. BPOV When I woke up, I smelled something really good. It wasn’t a food kind of good, but a sweet, sugary scent. I opened my eyes and noticed my hands were tangled in someone’s hair. Wait. What? I carefully untwined my fingers, and looked at whoever it was. Edward? Why the hell is he in my bed? Oh. My. God. “Edward!” I hissed. He looked up. “Why are you here?” “Do you remember last night?” He mumbled. “Parts, but why are you in here?” “Well, you said you wanted to snuggle with my hair, but when I tried to get up, you wouldn’t let go.”

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you? I know I have a death grip when I’m sleeping.” He chuckled. “I’m fine. But why are you up? It’s only four in the morning.” I looked down. “I used to get up now to go to the dance studio.” I mumbled. “Why did you practice so much?” I sighed. I really didn’t want to talk about this. “You don’t have to tell me.” I nodded. “Maybe you should go back to your room.” He nodded. “Goodnight.” He pulled away and left. I laid awake. What happened last night? The most intact memories I have are Chaz Michael-Michaels, poisonous sandwiches, and Mr. Hot Hair. Huh? It was almost six thirty, and I could hear everyone getting ready for school and work. I got up and slowly, carefully, made my way to the closet. I pulled out a knit tunic, and black leggings. Damn that Alice. I got dressed and headed to back to bed. About fifteen minutes later, there was a faint knock on the door. “Come in.” Alice walked in and smiled. “Very nice outfit. I approve.” I rolled my eyes. “It was this or a mini skirt, thanks to you.” She smiled. “Anyway, I was coming in to ask you if you remember what happened last night.” “Chaz Michael-Michaels, poisonous sandwiches, and Mr. Hot Head. Am I missing anything?” She smiled. “Yes. Most of the night.” “Did I miss anything major?” She laughed. “Not really, I guess.” She was smirking. “Are you sure?” She nodded. “I’ve got to go now, but I’ll be back after school.” “Alice?” She turned back to face me. “Who’s Mr. Hot Pants?” She smiled. “I’ll leave you to figure it out.” She left then. Ugh. There was another knock on the door. “Come in.” It was Edward this time. “Yeah?” “Do you want help downstairs before I go to school?” I nodded. “If you don’t mind.” “No problem.” He picked me up and walked downstairs to the waiting wheelchair. “So we’ll be back at two, but Esme will probably be here if you need anything.” I nodded. He leaned in and put his mouth next to my ear. “I promise she won’t try to poison you.” “Did I say that?” He nodded. “I’m sorry. I was off my block last night.” He smiled. “At east I know what poisonous sandwiches means.” He looked confused. “Most of my memories are fuzzy, but I remember three things pretty well. 1. Chaz Michael-Michaels and I know that’s from the movie. 2. Poisonous sandwiches which I just figured out, and 3. Mr. Hot Hair. I have no clue what that is. I asked Alice and she won’t tell me.” He chuckled. “So anyway, you go off to school and study hard.” I smiled. “Bye.” I nodded and he left. I heard the goodbyes from the other kids and returned them. Carlisle was already gone and Esme told me she was going out shopping and she’d be back at 4:30. Why she needed so long, I had no clue.

I had the house for myself for at least seven hours. I rolled around a little, went outside and ate some food, but I was still bored. I waited around, looking for something to do, when I heard the doorbell ring at 1:30. It couldn’t be the kids, could it? It’s too early for school to be out. Maybe they forgot their keys. I rolled over to the door and opened it. It was Charlie. What? Oh crap. He smiled. “Hello Isabella.” Play it cool. “Hi Dad. How are you?” “I’m just fine, Isabella. Is anyone else home?” Shit. “No, I actually just woke up. You see, I sleep during the day so I can work with Carlisle longer.” His smile grew. “So you’re quite refreshed?” I nodded. “Then you’re ready for this.” He pulled my face up to him and kissed me roughly. I tried to push him away, but he just laughed. “Did you really think I thought you were your mother last time?” He nuzzled into my neck as I tried to push him off. “It’s been too long Isabella.” He pulled me out of the wheelchair and dragged me over to the couch. I struggled all the way. He roughly pushed me onto the couch and straddled me. “Charlie, don’t do this. Dr. Cullen’s kids are going to be home in half an hour.” “I don’t need very long.” He panted in my ear. I shuddered. He pulled down my leggings and underwear, and I braced myself for the flashbacks. APOV (Yay! Haven’t done it in a while!) Last night had been one of the funniest things in a while. Bella was enjoying herself immensely, and she was great entertainment. I remember that after Bella fell asleep, I was looking for Edward, and I found him in Bella’s room. She was holding onto his hair for dear life. I chuckled. Jasper looked over at me from his seat. We were sitting in Math right now, waiting for school to be over. I mouthed ‘last night’, and he smiled. I looked at the clock when I suddenly had a vision. Bella was curled up on the couch at home, shaking. I looked back at Jasper. “What’d you see?” “We need to get home.” I raised my hand. “Yes, Miss Cullen?” Our teacher Mrs. Robert asked. “I’m not feeling great. Can Jasper walk me to the nurse?” “You can just leave school early. We’ve only got fifteen minutes left anyway.” I smiled and thanked her. Jasper and I left with our bags. Edward, get Rosalie and Emmett and get home. I didn’t have to worry about him hearing me, I knew he would. Jasper and I got to Edward’s car, while he rushed out with Rosalie and Emmett. “What’s going on?” Rosalie asked. “Something’s wrong. Just home as quickly as you can.” I responded. They got into Emmett’s Jeep, while Edward, Jasper and I got into Edward’s Volvo. BPOV Charlie left in ten minutes, leaving me with no evidence but the quiver I developed and the burning between my legs. I tightly held myself together with my arms, and shook violently. Another ten minutes, and I heard everyone getting home. Edward rushed up to me and got down at eye level. “Bella? Bella talk to me. Bella, please.” He went to touch my cheek, but I flinched away. He immediately withdrew. “Bella, what’s wrong?” I didn’t want to respond no matter what. I don’t think I could open my mouth without screaming.

“You guys she’s really fearful right now.” “But you said she hasn’t been since a couple days in at the hospital.” I could hear Jasper and Alice bantering. “She wasn’t, but something happened while we were gone.” I felt calmer than I had before. Jasper came into my line of sight. “Bella,” he started slowly. “Was Charlie here?” I blanched at his name and meekly nodded. “Shit.” Edward got up. “I’m gonna kill him.” I pulled his sleeve and shook my head. He looked down at me. “Bella, are you crazy? He’s being an asshole. Look how he left you, and yet you don’t even care.” I yanked him down by his sleeve again. He relented and sat back down. “We’re not done with this.” I shook my head. I stayed on the couch for a little bit, but got tired of being stared at. “Can I go back to my room?” It came out broken and in sobs, but I knew Edward knew what I said. He nodded grimly and lightly put his arms under me. He carried me up the stairs and scooted me under the blankets. I kept my held on his neck, afraid to let go. “Does anyone in this house own loose clothes?” He nodded and unwrapped my arms from his neck. He left the room for maybe less than a minute, but I was so close to breaking down. He came back with a big sweatshirt, and long shorts. I pulled them on over my clothes and Edward sat down on the edge of the bed. “Can we talk now?” I shook my head as a tear slid down my cheek. He wiped it away, and pulled me up to him. He cradled me for a good twenty minutes while I sobbed into his shirt. When I was done crying, I pulled away from his shirt. The front of it was completely soaked. “I’m sorry about your shirt.” He shook is head. “Don’t be.” He held my chin up. “Will you tell me what happened?” I took a deep breath. “I’m assuming that since Jasper didn’t ‘tell’ you how it happened last time, you don’t know. Am I correct?” He nodded. “Well then I should start there.” I told him the same story I told Jasper, and by the end of it he was shaking. “Please stop, Edward.” I put my hand on his chest and he looked back down at me. “Continue.” “Well, he came here today, and I thought he was just checking up on me. Well, he wasn’t.” My eyes were starting to water again. “He kissed me, and I tried to pull away, but he just laughed. He told me that he knew I wasn’t my mom the first time. I tried to tell him that you guys were coming home, but it didn’t stop him.” I didn’t need to describe the rest of what happened to him. Edward held me a bit, but then set me down back under the covers. “I need to talk to the others and Esme and Carlisle.” I shook my head. “He’ll come back.” I whispered. “No, he won’t. I won’t let him come back.” I nodded, even though I wasn’t entirely sure. I believed Edward, mainly because of the conviction in his voice. As he left the room, I realized that no matter what I did, or where I was, I’d always be alone.

APOV We all sat downstairs waiting for Edward to come back down from talking with Bella. We all heard her, when she told her stories, and none of us understood what she was going through more than Rose. She was trying hard to keep herself composed while Emmett held her. We heard Edward say he was coming back downstairs, so we started to formulate a plan. He got downstairs and looked like he was about ready to kill someone, and I’m thinking it was currently aimed at Charlie. “Of course it’s aimed at Charlie! He’s completely destroyed her! No wonder I can’t read her mind.” “What?” We all asked in unison.

“I can’t read her mind, okay?” He was getting annoyed. “We need to think of a way to keep her safe.” “Well, you can stay home with her tomorrow, and then we can talk to Carlisle about letting her go back to school with us Monday. I’m sure he’d understand if he knew the situation.” He nodded. “She should talk to Carlisle. It’ll help her a lot.” Rosalie piped up. “I’ll let her know. I’m going to go tell her the plan.” Edward walked back upstairs, leaving us to listen in on the conversation. BPOV The door slid open, and Edward slipped in. He walked up to the bed, and got on his knees so he was eye level with me. “Hey.” He cooed. “Hi.” “So the plan for tomorrow is that I’ll stay home with you from school, and then we’ll talk to Carlisle about letting you go back to school.” I nodded. “Do you plan on telling him what happened?” He looked uneasy. “He can help.” “How can he help?” I didn’t want to let more people in on my insecurities. “He can talk you through it, and can answer any questions you have.” “I really don’t want to talk to anyone. I was able to handle it just fine before any of this happened.” “But you weren’t. This has happened before; it was just a matter of time before it happened again.” Before I could rebuttal, there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” Rosalie slipped in. “I’ll come back later.” Edward got up and left. Rosalie smiled and shut the door behind him. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” I nodded. She sat down on the edge of the bed. I sat up and leaned against the headboard. “You know it would really help if you’d talk to Carlisle.” “How did you-?” “I have good ears.” She smiled. “Anyway, he really does make things easier.” “And you know this how?” “When I was younger and very naïve, I had a boyfriend named Royce. He wasn’t my favorite person, but my parents loved him, and he was a good person. I was walking back from my friend’s house one night, and I saw him. He was with his friends, and they were all pretty drunk. He raped me that night, and he let his friends do whatever they pleased. Carlisle found me shortly after, and helped me back to my feet. I told my parents, but they didn’t believe me. They basically disowned me, and Carlisle was kind enough to take me in. He really can help.” Her story had set me in a trance. I had always know her as being this strong girl, who had all the confidence in the world, but that wasn’t the case. “How long did it take you to accept what happened?” “Initially it was really difficult, but I found someone who made me feel whole. I wasn’t so fearful anymore, and he was there for me.” She smiled. “You can trust Carlisle, you know.” “I’ve never been one to share my problems. At my house, I have to be a naturally strong person. I don’t just share my deepest with people. They’ve slowly been forced out of me, and I’m afraid they’re all going to spill out. I can’t handle that.” She slightly rubbed my back. “You don’t have to talk to him about it, I know it helped me, but it was an issue that occurred only once, and with a nonfamily member. I know you’ll do what’s right.” She briefly hugged me, and left the room again. I sat thinking about what she had said for a couple of minutes before Edward walked back in. “Will you talk to him?” “I’ll tell him what happened, but I won’t discuss it with him. My life is too screwed up for that.” He sighed but agreed to at least telling him.

“Do you want to come back downstairs now?” I shook my head. “Can you just come get me when I have to tell him?” He nodded and left me be.

BPOV I laid in bed for (God knows) how long, simply staring at the wall. I dosed off a few times, but came back around. I wasn’t one for wallowing, but damn, why is it that every time something even remotely good happened, Charlie had to go and ruin it? At least I’d (probably) be able to go back to school Monday. Ugh. Knock knock. “Yeah?” Edward slipped in. “Carlisle’s home. Are you ready to tell him?” “Is there any way I can stall a little?” He shrugged. “It’s probably easier to just get it over with.” I internally groaned. Don’t show any weakness. Don’t show any weakness. I sat up and put my arms up for him to pick me up, and he came over and gently picked me up. “Just so you know, I told him you wanted to talk to him. Not what you wanted to talk about though.” I nodded and he walked down the hallway. I had never been past Alice’s room so this was odd. He walked to the end of the hall and knocked on the last door. “Come in.” Edward juggled me while opening the door (don’t ask me how), and smiled at Carlisle. He replied by smiling kindly at me. “Edward you can set her down on the couch.” He did as he was told and gave us some privacy. Carlisle leaned against his desk. “So Edward said you wanted to talk to me.” I shook my head to signal ‘sort of’. He looked confused. “Rosalie told me to. You see, I’m not really sure how to go about this. It’s not something I freely talk about.” “Take your time.” “Um, I guess I should start at the beginning. Um, about a year ago, I was raped, and um, it happened again today.” I quickly looked down. “By whom?” “Um, my dad.” He nodded. “Are you talking to me on a personal level, or a doctor’s level?” “Um, I don’t know. Rosalie just told me what happened to her, and she said I should talk to you. I’m not sure why, but I promised Edward I’d tell you. I don’t really want to go into detail.” He nodded again. “Well I’m sorry it had to happen to you, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to make sure your okay, on a doctor’s level.” “Meaning…?” “Meaning I’d check for any swelling or potential problems, and I’d be able to prescribe anything if necessary.” I nodded. I mean it couldn’t be that bad. We had gotten through everything, when Carlisle asked me another question. “So I also need to know if he used any protection.” Can we say awkward? “Um, I’m not sure. I’m not on the pill, though.” He nodded. “Well I want to run a pregnancy test when I can, just in case, but it’s a little early, so I’ll get back to you on that in about two weeks.” I nodded. “So is that all you need?” I nodded. “I’ll go get Edward so he can take you downstairs then.” Before he headed out, he turned back to face me. “By the way, I can take your stitches out on Sunday.” I nodded and he headed out. I waited a little and heard Edward come back in.

“Why did you get stitches?” “Why did you know about that?” Okay, so he knows almost everything about me, but I don’t feel the same way about him. I know he’s hiding something major, and I think I have a right to keep a secret or two. “I overheard Carlisle. So are you going to tell me why you needed stitches?” I sighed. Make up a lie. “After I hurt my ankle early last week, I tripped and fell down my stairs, okay?” He looked relieved “Okay good. I just thought Charlie did something else to you too.” My heart wrenched. I hated lying to him, but I couldn’t let him know what happened. He would most definitely try to kill Charlie. I grimaced and he picked me back up again. He helped me downstairs and put me in the wheelchair. “So you want dinner?” Almost like clockwork, my stomach growled. He chuckled and I blushed. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I told him I could make my own food, but he simply responded with an ‘I won’t poison you’. I have a feeling he’s going to hold that above my head for a while. He made a simple meal, and when I was done, it was almost nine. “Can I just go to bed now? I’m really tired.” He nodded. He pushed me to the stairs, and picked me up and carried me up to the bed. I was still wearing someone’s t-shirt and shorts, yet I had no idea whose they were. Edward set me down on the bed. “Edward?” “Hmm?” “Whose clothes are these?” “Well, I was going to grab something’s of Emmett’s because no one owns bigger clothes than him in this house, but my room’s right next to yours so it’s closest.” I nodded. “Sorry for taking your clothes.” He shrugged. “Don’t be silly. I don’t mind loaning you something you need.” I smiled. “Thanks.” He nodded. “I’ll see you in the morning. And don’t worry about waking up early, I’ll still be here.” I nodded again. “Goodnight.” He kissed my forehead, and headed out of the room. I laid down, but couldn’t take my focus off the weird, tingling sensation on my forehead. Odd… Oh well. I’d had an eventful day, and it was time to go to sleep.

BPOV I kept having this weird dream, where I was sitting in the Cullen living room with their entire family. I’d ask them what they were hiding, but each time they would answers, their words would be strung together, and I could never hear them. It was the only dream I was having. I opened my eyes when I could no longer see my dream. They stung for a second, as I was blinded by a harsh light. A sliver of light came through the curtains, and shone harshly across my face. Sunlight in Forks? Weird. I stretched slightly and checked the clock. It was almost nine. Wow. I got some good sleep. I sat up lightly and leaned over to the curtains to pull them shut. I leaned against the headboard and thought a little about the dream. I knew the reason I couldn’t hear what they were saying was because I didn’t know what they were hiding, yet I knew it wasn’t just Edward hiding something. Hmm, I’d figure it out eventually. A soft knock on the door pulled me out of my thoughts. “Come in.” I said. Edward walked in and smiled. “I assumed it was safe to come in considering I couldn’t hear you mumbling.” I flushed. I mumble in my sleep? Damn. “What did I say?”

“Not much that I could tell. Of course it was muffled through the door.” I nodded. “So do you want to go downstairs?” I nodded. “Give me a second to change and I’ll let you know.” He nodded and headed back outside. I hobbled over to the closet and stripped out of my previous clothes. I pulled on a t-shirt dress and a different pair of leggings. I hobbled to the door and opened it. Edward was waiting. “You didn’t have to walk to the door.” “You remember when I said I didn’t want to be useless? Well this is one of those moments.” He rolled his eyes. “You know Carlisle would kill me if he knew I let you walk.” “You’ve been saying that a lot, but as long as you don’t tell him, I think we’re on good terms.” He rolled his eyes and knocked me off my feet and picked me up quickly. I had barely registered what he’d done until he was already headed downstairs. I gave him a quizzical look, but he shrugged it off. He set me in the wheelchair and I rolled around a little. “You enjoy that, don’t you?” I spun it a circle to face Edward. I smiled sheepishly. “I must admit, I do enjoy it a bit.” He chuckled. “We’re rhyming now?” I chuckled too. “Not purposefully. I guess it’s just how I truly feel.” He smiled. “Good to know. So how’s your ankle?” I tried to wriggle my ankle and winced in pain. “Let’s get you some food and vicodin.” I tried to resist but vicodin sounded s good right now. I ate some toast and popped the vicodin in my mouth. “So I’ve got to go write a paper right now, but if you need me, or if someone’s at the door, don’t hesitate to call me.” I nodded. “Do you want any help on the paper?” I didn’t really want to be alone under any circumstances during the day. “It’s not very fun, but you can keep me company if you want.” I nodded and wheeled up to the stairs and waited for him to follow. He picked me up and carried me to his room. I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. His room had a black bed (A/N: I put in a bed to make it more believable for her), and black leather couch and gold carpet. One wall was entirely lined with CD’s. A desk with a computer on it was crammed into the back corner. He set me on his couch and walked over to the desk. I leaned back and closed my eyes. “What?” I opened my eyes back up to a very confused looking Edward. “I like your room. It’s… relaxing.” He smiled and turned back to his desk. I studied his music collection as he worked. He had mainly classical music, which I found odd for someone his age. I found one CD that made me smile slightly. I thought back to a certain memory pertaining to the CD. Flashback The song ended and I ran up to my mom. “Mommy! Mommy! You’re amazing! I wish I could dance like that!” She smiled and swept me up in her arms. “Maybe you will. You should be your own person though. It’d be much better than trying to be like me.” “Never mommy! I’ll always want to be like you!” She laughed a carefree laugh and kissed my cheek. End flashback “Bella? Bella, love talk to me.” I shook my head and looked up at Edward. He breathed a sigh of relief. “What happened?” “I saw one of your CD’s and remembered something about my mom.” He wrapped his arms around me and held me. “Was it bad?” He mumbled into my hair.

“No, just very emotional.” He nodded and I relaxed into his frame. I leaned my head on his chest and inhaled deeply. It felt right to be here so I stayed a couple of seconds, and then froze. “Wait.” He pulled me back far enough that I could make eye contact. “You called me love.” I felt him freeze around me. “Yeah, um, I didn’t mean to. Sorry.” I shook my head. “I don’t care that you did, I’d just like to know why.” He looked uneasy. “Would it help if I explained at all what happened the last time you had vicodin in your system?” “Maybe. Continue anyway.” “Well, I’ll give you a hint.” I waited. “I’m Mr. Hot Hair.” He tried to stop a smile from forming, but I could see it tugging at the corner of his lips. I thought a second, trying to place how him being Mr. Hot Hair would matter, when I remembered that I woke up with my hands in his hair. Oh. God. I’d told him he had amazing hair, along with the fact that if he was trying to get me as a girl, he’d need new moves. Shit. My cheeks flushed and he nodded. “You remember.” “Yeah.” “And you’re freaked out by it.” I looked back up at him. “I’m freaked out at all of the stuff I said. I don’t really mind what you think of me, as long as you don’t hate me.” I darted my eyes down. He pulled my chin up to male me meet his gaze. “I could never hate you. You’re this shy girl who doesn’t understand how amazing she is. You frustrate me with your self-doubt, but I could never hate you.” I nodded sheepishly and he rewrapped himself around me. “Do you want to tell me what song it was?” “Well, I saw your Debussy CD, and I remembered my mom showing me her dance to Claire De Lune.” He smiled. “It’s a great song.” “I know. I’ve never really been into music very much, but my mom always played classical when I was little, and I don’t think I ever lost my love for it.” “You’re one odd girl.” I smiled. “How am I odd? You’re the one with all of the classical music covering your wall.” “Yeah, well I’ve been told I’m an old man at heart.” I smiled again. “You should probably get back to your paper.” He chuckled and I felt his laugh rumble through his chest. “I guess.” He released me from his grip and headed back over to the desk. I smiled to myself and leaned back on the couch. For now, I was on cloud nine.

BPOV It was Monday morning, and Carlisle had approved me for going back to school. He said it was too early for me to go back but under the circumstances, he would make an exception as long as I let one of his kids follow me around and I used the wheelchair. I agreed and was now getting ready to leave for school. Alice insisted on dressing me, and attempted to do my hair and make up, but I drew the line. Edward had already put the wheelchair in his car, and was heading back upstairs to get me. He gently knocked on the door.

“Yeah?” He came in and smiled. “Ready?” I nodded. He swiftly picked me up off the bed and headed downstairs. He had forced me to at earlier, figuring I’d have some pain at school if I didn’t take any vicodin. We got into his car (which was the perfect car for him, might I add), and headed off to school. When we got there, Edward came around with the wheelchair and helped me into it. People were giving me very odd stares. “Why does everyone think you’re a new student?” Edward asked. “How do you know that?” “It’s not that hard to tell. Plus I heard someone say it.” I blushed. “Well, I was never really known at school, actually I was basically unknown, so I guess seeing me with the new students, everyone inferred I was new.” He nodded. Alice rushed up to us and smiled. “Hi Bella.” I smiled back. Jasper trailed behind her with Rosalie and Emmett. Jasper and I had grown apart since the Charlie incident. “So we’ve got to get to class, so I can take you if you want since we have the same class.” She reached out but Edward growled in response. And I’m serious when I say growled. It wasn’t a little groan, or sigh, but a growl. Alice stepped back and rolled her eyes. “Geez Edward, protective much?” He sighed and simply wheeled me away. “Edward, I can push myself.” I was receiving many stares from fellow classmates. He sighed again. “Now how do you expect me to be a gentleman when you won’t let me do gentlemanly things for you?” I scoffed. “I don’t expect you to be a gentleman, Edward. It’s not like these are the early 1900s.” He chuckled. “Yeah, well, I can still try. Anyway, we’re here, and I’ll be waiting for you when you get out of class.” I nodded and said goodbye. Now I just had to get through the day without any confrontations.

APOV God Edward’s such a baby. And yes, Edward. I hope you heard that. He’s making me check Bella’s future every freaking half hour. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bella like she was my sister, but EDWARD’S BEING TOO PROTECTIVE. Yes, Edward. I hope you heard that too. You know, last period I forgot to “check up” on Bella, and Edward demanded to se me in the middle of class because he didn’t see anything about her. God, this is going to get annoying. My mental alarm clock went off. Time to check on Bella. I searched for anything interesting, and nothing bad came up. Happy Edward? God, you’re going to suffocate her. She’s too independent for this. It was almost the end of the school day, but that didn’t mean my job was over. BPOV It was odd. For some reason, Edward seemed really mad at Alice the whole day. She would simply roll her eyes and scoff every time he gave her a dirty look. I pretended to ignore the fact, and went on with the day like I usually would. APOV After we got home, Edward situated Bella in the wheelchair and came up to me. “You going to check?” I groaned. “Edward, leave her alone. In case you didn’t hear me earlier, she’s never going to want to deal with you if you’re always so protective.” “Alice, I can’t help it. I want her safe, and you’re the one who can supply me with those answers.” “Not very well! You know my visions are fuzzy with humans! And don’t tell me you don’t know how to keep her safe. You know the answer, and you and I both know you’ll do it at some point.”

“I’m not going to ruin her life Alice! She deserves better than how we live! I’m not going to make her a monster.” He was seething. “Make who a monster?” Shit.

BPOV I was wandering through the kitchen when I heard muffled yelling through the door. It sounded like Alice. I peeked my head through the door and saw Edward yelling down at Alice. “I’m not going to ruin her life Alice! She deserves better than how we live! I’m not going to make her a monster.” Who? I rolled the rest of the way out of the kitchen. “Make who a monster?” Their heads whipped around to look at me, their faces frozen in shock. “Bella this isn’t the best conversation to have.” Edward said. Alice spaced out a moment and came back in. “You might as well tell her.” She said and left the room. Edward sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Tell me what?” “Bella-” “No, what Edward? I’ve been kept in the dark long enough.” “Fine. But not here.” “Where?” He picked me up and headed outside. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see.” He easily glided through the forest, and we headed into a small clearing. It was like a little meadow. He set me down on a rock and started pacing. I waited patiently. “This is wrong. I shouldn’t do this.” He sat down on the ground next to me and put his head in his hands. I slid off the rock and put my arm around him as best as I could. “You shouldn’t be comforting me. I’ve done nothing but wrong your life.” “Your crazy. Do you even know what I was before your family moved here? I was some girl who had to deal with whatever my dad made me do. Hell, my entire life was nothing. Then your sister, god your sister wouldn’t leave me alone, and when she finally got through to me, she tried to be friends. I’ll tell you that didn’t work out so well, but my life’s actually turning around. Charlie can’t lay a finger on me, no pun intended, and then there’s you. You tried to tell me I was worth something, and then you went out of your way to protect me. No one’s ever done that for me.” He laughed a dry chuckle. “But it’s still not right for you to know what I am. It would hurt you even more than you are now.” “I already know there’s something different about you and your family. I don’t think you could surprise me.” “I beg to differ.” “Then try me.” He stood up again. “I can’t tell you.” I sighed. “Alice said you would.” “Yeah, well she would know.” “How?” He turned back to face me. “She’s kind of got powers.” “As in?” “She’s psychic.” I nodded. “That makes sense. There’s more, isn’t there?” He nodded.

“I read minds.” “Great.” “All but yours.” “What?” “I don’t know. I just can’t.” I nodded. “But that’s not what I meant when I said there was more, though.” He nodded. “We’re not human.” I let it settle in a second. “What are you?” “Vampires.” My breath caught a second. “We’re not classic vampires, though.” “How are you different?” “We don’t sleep, in coffins or at all-” “Wait. So does that mean that when I held your hair when I was asleep, you were awake the whole time?” He nodded. “Anyway, we don’t sleep, we can go out in sunlight, we just choose not to because we’re different, the list just keeps going.” I nodded. “What happens in the sun?” “We sparkle.” I snorted. “That’s manly.” “Just don’t tell Emmett that.” I smiled, but it faded quickly. “What do you, eat?” “Well my family and I feed off the blood of animals, but most drink human blood. That’s why we’re not safe.” I nodded. “You’re not freaked out by any of this, are you?” I shook my head. He sighed. “Alice was right.” “What did she say?” “She saw this and she said you’d be completely accepting.” I smiled. “Yeah, well she cheated.” He smiled. “We can head back if you want.” I nodded. He picked me up. “I have a question.” “Yes?” “Does the strength have anything to do with being a vampire?” He smiled and nodded. “Good to know. Now let’s get back.” He smiled and started to walk back.

BPOV So. To sum up what’s happened after I broke my ankle, I moved into a house with a clan of vampires. Yay. I’d be more worried but so far none of them have tried to hurt me. Edward told me that I can’t tell anyone what they were. I’m not sure who I’d tell, though. I never planned on telling as well. It was now Friday, and things were looking strong. Charlie hadn’t come back, and I loved it. The only thing that worried me was the idea of the pregnancy test I had to take in a week.

I wasn’t a religious person, but I’d been praying every night that I wasn’t pregnant. I don’t think I could take it. Now, I was sitting in the backyard, watching the Cullen kids play football. I’ll tell you that was a sight to see. Each time Edward would get the ball, someone else would think something really crazy so he would lose focus. I’d also learned Jasper was an empath, and he used that to his advantage. He would calm everyone down when he didn’t have the ball so he could easily take it away. Rosalie chose to sit out, not wanting to mess up her hair, while Alice would just look for someone’s plans, and catch them playing them out. Emmett simply used brute force. I was constantly laughing. I still felt a little guilty about not telling Edward the truth about what happened to my head, but I didn’t want him to try to hurt Charlie. I’m still not sure why. I smirked when Edward looked over at me and smiled. He was a really sweet guy who, even though he thought he was a monster, was one of the most sincere people I’ve known. Little did I know that as soon as I returned Edward’s smile, Emmett was there to tackle him. I winced as the sound of rock against rock filled my head. It was peculiar to think of this family as indestructible. I leaned my head back against them chair I was in and closed my eyes. I felt wind next to me and heard Edward. I really hate this whole being fast idea. “Are you okay?” I nodded. “Just tired.” I felt him put his hand to my head. “And how do you expect to know whether or not I’m warmer than usual?” He chuckled. “You’re at about 99, which I’ve discovered is normal for you.” “You only know that because you feel my head every time I say I’m tired.” He pulled his hand back. “Sorry. Do you want to go take a nap?” I shook my head, my eyes still closed. “Just let me stay here. Go back to your game.” I felt him pick me up, but I was too tired to protest. I really wasn’t feeling good. “You know, I know you’re not okay, because you wouldn’t have let me picked you up without a fight if you were well.” “I’m fine. Maybe I’m just letting you have your way for once.” My head rolled into his chest. “Maybe if you were well, you’d be able to control your head movements.” I sighed. “I’m not sick, Edward. Just put me in my bed and let me sleep it off.” I felt a bed under me, and covers being pulled over me. “Stay well.” Edward said, just to please me. At the moment, I didn’t really care what he said, I just wanted to go to sleep.

It was Thursday. The day I had to take a pregnancy test to see if I was having my dad’s child. That is one very messed up statement. I had already peed on the stick and was now attempting to pace in my cast. Everyone had gone hunting so I could have some privacy. I had two minutes and 38 seconds until I could check the result. Please let it be negative. I sat down on the toilet. One minute and 22 seconds. 49 seconds. Ready.

I grabbed the stick and held it up. Two blue lines. What does that mean again? I grabbed the box. Two blue lines, two blue lines, ah! Here it is! Positive. No. No, no, no, no! Why? Why me? I crumpled against the wall and started to silently sob. After what felt like forever, I heard the door open, but made no attempt to stop it. Someone picked up the stick, looked at it and set it back down. “Bella?” The last person I wanted to see me like this. I didn’t respond. “Carlisle? She’s not responding.” I heard another person (presumably Carlisle) enter and get down next to me. “What made her do this?” “The test. It’s positive.” I shrunk back against the wall farther. Simply hearing that made me sick. “I’m gonna kill him.” “No, Edward, she needs you to leave him alone for now.” I felt someone pick me up. “Take her to her room.” I closed my eyes and leaned against whoever was carrying me.

EPOV She hasn’t moved in three days. She’s gotten up to go to the bathroom, and that’s become even less lately. I’ve been worried sick. When will she be better? I’ve asked alice that same question and even she doesn’t have the answer. Images of Bella rolling around downstairs flashed through my mind. I rushed up to Alice. “A few hours.” She said confidently. I nodded. “I’m going hunting.” She smiled. “It’s been long enough.” I rolled my eyes and ran out of the house, hoping to get my fill before Bella was back. APOV It’s been too long. Everyone in this house is feeling depressed, and Jasper’s taking the brunt of it. He refuses to admit it, but feeling everyone’s emotions has caused him immense pain. I’ve been hoping she’ll get better soon, but Carlisle said that even with her feeling better, the likelihood of her situation won’t get any better. All we can do is hope…

BPOV I’ve got to get over this. I need a way to deal with this. I don’t know how I’ll do it. But I will. I’ll find a way. But for now I’ve got to try to get back to normal, or whatever it is I was. I slowly sat up and pushed my legs over the edge of the bed. God, did it hurt to move. I slid up and dragged myself over to the shower. God only knows how long it’s been since I’ve felt clean. After I took a quick shower to simply get clean, I put on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt (yes, I had gotten Alice to tone down my closet). I went to open the door but it was swung open by Alice. She was grinning ear to ear.

“Bella!” She hugged me. “Oh Bella! We’ve missed you so much! I’m so glad you’re okay!” She kept going on and on while I just waited patiently. “Oh gosh! I’m sorry I’m talking so much!” “Since when have you ever been sorry for talking so much?” She smiled. “Okay, never! But still! I’m sure you want to get downstairs now right?” I nodded. “Say no more.” She picked me up and ran downstairs. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to someone so small being able to pick me up. She set me in the wheelchair and let me adjust. “So do you want something to eat? Because its been a while since you last ate, I mean I can see your collarbone popping out and your hip bones and-” “Alice!” She was rambling again. She smiled sheepishly. “Okay. Would you like something to eat?” I shook my head. I just wanted to relax. She smiled again. “Okay, but I will get you to eat again, because it’s not healthy for you to not eat anything, I mean you could starve! Or something else could happen,” I gave her a look, letting her know she was rambling again. “Okay, sorry. So would you like to do something? Everyone’s out right now, but they should be back soon.” I nodded. “Sure. That would be nice.” She smiled again. “Okay. Would you like to watch a movie, or,” She got a devious look on her face. “What?” “Or have a spa day?” She tried to say innocently. She knew how I felt about pamperings. “No, Alice. Seriously. No.” She made a puppy dog face. I looked away. If I looked her straight in the eyes, I’d loose my confidence. She sighed. “Fine.” I looked back at her. “Everyone’s almost home anyway. I’m going to go hunting now.” I nodded. She turned to leave and quickly turned back. “Oh, before I forget, Carlisle wants to talk to you soon.” I nodded. As to what about, I had no idea, but I’m sure his intentions were good. She raced out of the house in the blink of an eye while everyone else raced in. Each one smiled, greeted me with a hello and a hug. Carlisle gave me a look that said he’d like to have the talk now, so I shrugged and nodded. “Well everyone, we’ll be back soon.” He wheeled me off into his office. He sat down across from me. “So Bella.” I blinked. “I know this is rushing into things, but I’d like to get an official pregnancy test in so we can know how to go from there.” My heart tightened a little but I nodded. “So I’m working tomorrow, so I was going to have Edward drop you off, and pick you up after we get the results. I’m getting them rush ordered for you.” I nodded again, for fear my voice would betray me. He smiled a grim smile and got up again. He was helpful enough to wheel me out and into the other room. Everyone looked up at me and smiled, but I could see it being forced by most. “So Bella.” I looked up. “What would you like to do?” Here comes the obsessing over making Bella feel better.

BPOV I was supposed to go to school today, but Carlisle wanted me to have an official pregnancy test. Ugh. I wish this was just over. Edward pulled up to the hospital, completely silent, and opened my door for me. He helped me into a wheelchair and pushed me up to the office where they take the sample. Edward waited in the lobby while I went in to pee in a cup. Ooh, so fun. When I came back out Edward was hanging up the phone.

“That was Carlisle. He said he’d come down and get someone to rush the sample.” I nodded and he sat down in a chair next to me. There was only other one person in the lobby, who seemed to be waiting for their doctor, who was very pregnant. She smiled warmly at me. “How far along are you?” She asked. Wait, what? “Um, I’m sorry, what?” “Your baby. How far into your pregnancy are you?” I grimaced. “I’m sorry, but I don’t really want to talk about this.” She looked confused. “Why not? I mean, you two should be happy, I mean maybe you’re a little young, but having a baby is a happy occasion.” Realization donned on me. “Oh, no it’s not that.” I tried to avoid speaking to her again until Carlisle got there. Unfortunately, the woman was still there. I just ignored her. “So Bella, I’ll check with the woman helping me, and we can go from there.” I nodded. He went into the back room while Edward and I waited. After about 20 minutes of me praying and the woman getting what she needed and leaving, Carlisle came back. “Bella, I think you’re going to want to talk to the woman who helped me.” All hope was lost at that point. I knew that I’d have to find a way to stop this, and maybe this woman could help. I nodded to Carlisle and he wheeled me into the back room, where a plump woman was waiting for me. She thanked Carlisle and helped me sit on the examination table. “So it’s Bella, right?” I nodded. “Well, Bella, you are in fact pregnant, but Carlisle warned me it was under unwanted circumstances. Is that correct?” I nodded again. “I need to know before we get too far into this how you want to handle what’s occurring.” I took a deep breath. “I want to end this in any way.” She nodded. “Well it seems like you’re early enough into the pregnancy that there are several methods. I wouldn’t recommend an abortion because currently, at 17, you’d need adult permission, and I’m assuming you don’t want that, so I can recommend one other very simple way.” I waited. “There’s a pill that, when before the one month mark, you can take that will terminate the pregnancy.” Lord, oh happy day! “You can get it here,” And another happy day, “and it’s free because you’re under 18.” Oh happy year! “So I can administer it to you Saturday, and this entire mishap will be over within 8 hours of you taking the pill.” I nodded. “So can you be here at 10:00 Saturday?” “Of course.” She smiled and nodded. “Very well. I think we’re done.” I smiled, finally being able to enjoy life again. BPOV Oh my god, I’m so excited! Saturday is going to be the best day ever! But for now, it’s Thursday, and I have to go to school. Luckily, I still fit in my jeans, and I don’t look like a bloated freak. It was fourth period, and I discovered that Edward had been doing my homework assignments I missed while I was…indisposed. I asked him why, and he simply said: “I’ve had years of practice.” Which lead me to the question of, how old is he? Obviously he’s got to be old, I mean, he only listens to classical music, like an old person, he speaks so cryptically, like a non-crazy old person, and keeps saying that he’s got years of practice. So I’ll figure it out eventually, but for now, just let me bask in the glory of not having this baby. And I have even more great news! Carlisle said that I can start using crutches instead of a wheelchair now that I’m getting used to the cast. Can this week get any better? I mean, first I’m depressed about being pregnant, and now, I know it will be over with. “So what do you say Bella?” “Hmm?” I turned to face Alice. It was lunch and I was completely zoning out. “I said we should go to the mall and buy you some new things. You also need a haircut, I mean have you seen how long your hair is getting?” I instinctively clutched my waist length hair. “No, no, no. I don’t cut my hair. Ever. Well, occasionally I’ll cut of a foot, so that it doesn’t get too long, but that’s about it.” She sighed.

“So stubborn. Well, I guess that since you only mentioned not changing you hair, you wouldn’t mind changing your clothes.” Damn. She found a loophole. “Alice, I just got you to stop loading my closet with designer labels, I don’t need anymore.” She rolled her eyes. “Bella, a girl can never have too much clothes.” I nodded vigorously. “Yes, she can, and she happens to be at her breaking point.” She sighed. “Well, fine.” She went back to a conversation with Jasper. “You know, you really should eat.” I jumped at the sound of a voice so close to me. I turned to face Edward. “I’m not really hungry. And plus, why would I want to eat cafeteria food?” “Does that mean you would eat if I took you to a restaurant?” I blushed. As to why he’d want to take me out, who knows? “But you don’t even eat.” “Just, say yes, Bella, I already know you will.” I glanced over at Alice. She tapped her head. “And thanks for letting me dress you! Now we do have a reason to go shopping!” I sighed and looked back at Edward. “Just nothing expensive, okay?” He rolled his eyes and sighed. “Nothing, really expensive. But I’ll take you somewhere nice.” I tried to protest, but Alice cut in again. “Bella, I’m not letting this go. You’re going wherever he takes you.” I sighed. “Fine.” She squealed and clapped. I’m not quite sure why I’m so fun to dress up. The bell rang for lunch to end so I threw my food away and headed to my free period. Usually, this would be P.E., but what with the broken ankle, I didn’t have to go. I rolled into the library and greeted the attendant. All I had to do in this class was read or sit around. I wheeled myself up to a table and pulled out a book. Just two hours until school is over.

BPOV Since Edward was taking me out to dinner tonight, Alice insisted we go shopping after school. When we got back to the house, she quickly pulled me into her car after I got the crutches Carlisle left for me. “Alice, do we really have to do this?” She nodded vigorously. “Bella, any reason for a girl to buy a new dress is perfect.” I sighed and leaned my head against the headrest. “Besides, I already know where to buy the dress, considering I’ve already seen it.” I nodded and closed my eyes. In record time, we were already in Bellevue and Alice was pulling me into the store to buy the dress. She didn’t need my help buying the dress, considering that she knew my sizes. And she was being a good sport, considering the dress wasn’t that revealing. When we got back home, it was only 4:00, but she insisted that I needed all this time to get ready. I mainly sat in a chair, with my back to the mirror as Alice attacked my head and face. After two hours of waiting Alice gave be the dress she bought along with a pair of black leggings. I hobbled into the bathroom and put them on. When I came out Alice slipped a black flat on my good foot and held a floor length mirror in front of me. Wow. My hair pulled back in a low, romantic bun with a few strands hanging loose around my face. My eyes were framed in a dark, smoky effect which made my eyes stand out more. My lips were a nude color.

The blue, chiffon dress reached mid-thigh (A/N: all clothes on homepage!) with a black flat with crystals on it. Alice smiled and clapped her hands. “You look so good!” I halfheartedly smiled. I mean, I did look good, but this wasn’t normal for me. I never looked good, and I never got complimented. She hugged me and helped me out of her room. “Just wait up here, I want to introduce you!” She left me at the top of the stairs while she pranced down them. “Everyone gather round! I’d like to introduce you to Miss Bella Swan!” She ran back up the stairs and let me lean against her as we walked down. The first person I saw was Edward (of course) followed by everyone else. When we reached the bottom step, Edward took my arm instead of Alice. “You look beautiful.” He murmured in my ear. I blushed. “Thanks.” I muttered. Alice ran off and returned with a black coat. “It gets cold.” I nodded and she slipped the coat on me. Edward walked with e to the door. “Don’t worry about what time you get home! It’s not a school night!” Alice called as we walked outside. “Ha! They could be out all night and nothing would happen! Remember? Eddie doesn’t have game!” I could vaguely hear Emmett say. “Ow! Rosie I’m sorry!” I smiled and Edward helped me into his car. This is going to be an interesting night.

BPOV Edward pulled up to a small restaurant near Port Angeles. He helped me out of the car let me lean on him as we walked up to the restaurant. He said I wouldn’t need my crutches tonight. We got inside the restaurant and walked up to the hostess. “Cullen for two.” Edward smoothly said. The woman looked a bit dazed but nodded, nonetheless. She led us to a two-person table in the middle of the room. “Actually, could we have something a little more private?” She nodded again and led us to a secluded part of the restaurant. “Let me know if you need anything.” She said, mainly directed toward Edward, though. I smiled and shook my head as she left. “What?” I looked up at Edward. “It’s just funny what some girls will do for a guy.” He chuckled. “Trust me, her mind is much worse than what she’s saying.” I smiled. Luckily, the rest of the dinner went well, considering the waiter was a guy. The only problem was that Edward would occasionally get a dark look in his eyes. He said that the waiter’s thoughts bothered him. By the time we were done with dinner, it was almost 9:00. Edward helped me out to the car and quickly got around to the other side of the car. We drove back to the Cullen house. When we got there, Edward helped me out of the car and up to my room. I changed out of my outfit and into some flannel pants and a tank top. I climbed into bed and Edward came back in. I smiled as he came and laid down next to me. “Goodnight Bella.” “Goodnight Edward. And thank you for dinner.” He nodded and kissed me head. I laid my head down on my pillow and fell asleep quickly. Life was good.


Bella was absolutely peaceful when she was sleeping. Originally, things had been hard for her, judging by the things she said in her sleep, but recently, she’s been silent. She sighed and turned into my chest. Yes, I was ecstatic, no need to point it out. I pushed her hair out of her face. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’d tell her how I felt. For now I had to find Alice. I slid out of Bella’s grip and ran downstairs. “Alice?” “I’m right here, and she’ll love it so stop stressing!” I smiled. Her being psychic did have its advantages. BPOV I woke up around 9:00 to the sweet smell I’d become accustomed to. I turned over and faced Edward. “Good morning.” He murmured. “Morning.” I muttered. I still didn’t know what I did to deserve this. “Are you ready for today?” My eyebrows furrowed together until I realized what he meant. The pill. I smiled. “Very.” He smiled and got up. “I thought You could get ready dressed, I’d make some breakfast for you, and we could go to the hospital.” I nodded. “Sure.” He headed out of the door and I hobbled into the attached bathroom to take a shower. After I got out, I pulled on some clothes and put my hair back in a sloppy bun. When I had finished pulling on my shoe, Edward was already knocking on the door. I let him in and he scooped me up and ran downstairs. I’d still never get used to it. He set me down at the counter in the kitchen in front of a large plate with an omelette on it. I looked at him. “You should eat it.” I sighed and took a bite. And it was really good. “I’m surprised someone who doesn’t eat can cook.” He smiled. “Good to know.” We sat at the bar while I ate when I noticed something. “Where is everyone?” “They’ve gone on an all day hunting trip. It’ll be just us until about six. Is that fine?” “Yeah, but don’t you want to go with them?” “It was more of a trip to spend with your mates than as a family.” I nodded. “Speaking of which, how long has everyone been together?” He thought a little. “Well Carlisle was born around 1645, but met and changed Esme in 1895. They were together since then. Rosalie was changed by Carlisle in 1915. She found Emmett and took him to Carlisle in 1935. Alice and Jasper weren’t changed by Carlisle, but Alice was born around 1901 and Jasper 1861. They joined us around the 1950s. As you know I have no mate, but Carlisle changed me in 1918.” I nodded. A lot to take in, but I learned I was closest (age wise) to Emmett. Oh, and that Edward was over 100 years old. Fun. By the time I had finished the omelette (and felt like I was about to explode) and asking questions about the Cullen’s past, it was almost 10:00. “Are you ready to go?” Edward asked. I nodded vigorously and hopped off my stool. I grabbed my crutches and headed to the door. Being the gentleman he was, Edward opened the door for me, and helped me in the car. When we got to the hospital, Edward (once again) opened all the doors for me and helped me into the office. I was met with the same woman who had talked to me Thursday. She gave me the pill and told me I may feel some discomfort but that was normal, and that anything developing or already developed would be gone in eight hours. I gladly took the pill and headed out of the office. I signed the release waver they needed at the front desk, and was headed back to the car with Edward when I finally realized what had happened.

I wasn’t pregnant anymore! I wasn’t going to have my father’s baby! I smiled to myself as I got into Edward’s car. “Are you okay?” Edward asked. “Yeah. Just so happy. Could this day get any better?” He smiled. “Maybe.”

BPOV Edward had been quiet most of the ride home. He’d said maybe two or three things. It was different than normal. I knew there wasn’t something wrong though, mainly because of the twinkle in his eyes. We pulled up to the house and Edward turned to face me. “Now, I’d like you to wait here a moment, and I’ll be back in a minute.” I nodded skeptically as he opened his door and ran inside. I waited maybe two or three minutes before Edward came back. He smiled and opened my door for me. I shifted to stand up when he picked me up. “You know, I could walk myself.” He gave me a crooked smile that made me blush a little. “But that would ruin the surprise.” He walked at a human pace into the house and turned toward the living room. I looked up at him and he just smiled back. He set me down on a piano stool. Piano? Hm, I didn’t know they had one. “What are we doing here?” He smiled again. “I’d like to play something for you, if that’s alright.” I nodded and he sat down next to me. He began to play a slow, sad song. It became more vibrant and upbeat as it went through the song and dropped down again, but became happier toward the end. It was beautiful. It abruptly stopped when Edward looked back up at me. “I can’t seem to find an ending to it.” “You wrote that?” He nodded. “You were my inspiration.” I was shocked. “What?” “You. You’ve always been. You’ve never been afraid to be who you are. Your life has had every bit of pain and yet here you are. Who you are will always be with you.” I smiled weakly. “I want to try something. If you don’t mind.” I nodded cautiously as he turned a little to face me. His hand slid around my cheek and he started to lower his face toward mine. My breathing got shallow. And he kissed me.

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