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Sl. No. : 669/2010 - 11
Circular No. : IT/GLOBALIT-INB/11/2010 - 11
Monday,November 08,2010.

All the Offices/Branches of

State Bank of India
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Emerging requirements for a fast and convenient mode of funds collection for various
commercial activities are the characteristics of a growing economy.

This growing

demand of funds collections offers a good business opportunity in the area of online
funds collection services. We are receiving number of requests from Circles to provide
online services for funds collection for various commercial activities.
Presently, Internet Banking provides online funds collection facility either by integrating with the website of the Firms / Corporates/ Institutions or by providing a
format on our Internet Banking website directly for collecting funds on behalf of the
Firms / Corporates/ Institutions. Enabling the Firms / Corporates/ Institutions for online
collection involves processing of the request at different levels and technical
development at Internet Banking end. With a view to reduce time to market and efforts
required for technical development to process these requests, Internet Banking
Department has developed a generic e-payment module named as i-collect which will
facilitate CINB enabled Firms / Corporates/ Institutions of repute to define their webpage format on our Internet Banking website which after the approval and online
confirmation by the branch and online authorisation by the designated official at LHO
will be available instantly for making the payment by the receiver of goods/services or
any other person having retail Internet Banking enabled account with our Bank.
An illustrative list of the online services that can be enabled for collection of funds
through Internet Banking is as under:
Collection for goods and services supplied by Firms / Corporates /
Collection of dues by Government / Quasi Govt bodies

Local taxes by semi govt. bodies like water tax, house tax, electricity
bill etc..
Recruitment fee
Subscription to News paper/magazine, Club membership fee
Fee collection by Educational Institutions
Donations to Charitable Institutions / Religious Institutions
Registration and EMI collection for plots/flats
Booking Charges for any services
Any other Purpose
Activities involved in processing the i-collect request are as under: (Process flow as per
Annexure A):
1. Firm / Corporate / Institution having Corporate Internet Banking (CINB) enabled
account (Vyapaar / Vistaar) with our Bank defines epayment page through its
CINB administrator to capture data from its customers/service receivers,
downloads icollect application and other documents to submit to the Branch
Manager of the home branch along with authorization / board resolution from
the Firm/ Company/Institution for availing iCollect service.
2. The branch will recommend and forward the i-collect proposal received from
Corporate Customers of repute, together with the copies of the documents to their
controlling authority for administrative clearance. If the account of the corporate
is a new one (opened during the last 6 months - except that of Central / State Govt
department, Public Sector Unit and Semi Govt body), administrative clearance
will be required from the General Manager (Network).
3. The INB officer and Rule authorizer based on the application approved by the
branch manager after receiving the administrative clearance from the controlling
authority, confirms the i-collect approval through the Branch Internet Banking
4. Branch sends a copy of the i-collect application, duly approved, to alternate
channel department of the Circle.
5. AGM alternate channel or any other officer (not below the rank of a Chief
Manager) identified by the Circle, authorises the i-collect request of the
corporate customer online through Circle admin interface provided by the INB.
6. Retail user makes payment after selecting the desired Corporate/Institution
available under i-collect link in retail internet banking website. INB system
generates an e-receipt for the payment.
7. Corporate / Institution download MIS report of i-collect transactions of the day or
for any date range from internet banking website.

Following charges will be recovered either from the corporate customer or the retail user,
as decided by the corporate customer at the time of configuring the facility. Charges will
be recovered by the INB system and no manual intervention will be required by the

Transaction amount up to Rs.1 lac Rs.10 per transaction

Transaction amount beyond Rs. 1 lac up to Rs. 5 lacs Rs. 20 per transaction

Transaction amount beyond Rs.5 lac Rs.40 per transaction

It is initially proposed to extend this product on a pilot basis to select branches, based on
the request received from the Circles.
The process flow for i-collect is given in annexure A. The i-collect facility can be
provided by the home branch maintaining the account of the Corporate customer, after
receiving the request on the prescribed application form (Annexure: B), with the terms
and conditions (Annexure: C) and agreement on stamp paper (value as per the rules of the
State) between the corporate and the branch as per the prescribed agreement form
(Annexure: D).
Yours faithfully,
Chief General Manager (IT)

Activity 1 - Corporate:
The Corporate customers desirous of availing the i-collect facility should be registered
for Corporate Internet Banking (CINB) as per the guidelines issued by the Internet
Banking Department and configure the i-collect page from i-collect tab available on
CINB website.
The requisite application form (Annexure B) together with the terms and conditions
(Annexure C) should be submitted to the home branch by the corporate customer. An
agreement should be executed between the corporate customer and the branch
maintaining the account (Annexure D).
Configuration of e-payment page by Corporate Administrator:
The Corporate Administrator logs in and chooses i-collect tab under Corporate Internet
Banking section of He clicks on the i-collect link and proceeds to
the next page.
Step 1) Configures Details about the Corporate/Institution:
On i-collect page he/ she choose Add to configure details of the Corporate/Institution.
The Name and the address of the Corporate/Institution are populated by the system. The
following parameters need to be configured:
A. Type of Corporate / Institution (From List of Values)
B. State of the Corporate / Institution (From List of Values)
C. Recovery of Transaction Charges viz whether from the Corporate or from the
Retail Customer. In case the transaction charges are being borne by the Corporate,
the consolidated amount of the charges for the day will be debited to the account
of the Corporate at the end of the day. And, if the retail customers have to bear the
transaction charges, the charges will be debited to his/her account at the time of
the transaction.
D. Upload logo of the Corporate (to be printed on the receipt to be generated by the
Internet Banking system after a successful payment is made by the retail
Once these parameters are entered and confirmed/saved, no modification is permitted
except for the Type and Logo. Hence suitable care should be exercised when entering
these parameters.
Step 2) Defines Payment Categories and Parameters:

The Corporate/Institution can add multiple payment categories based on their

requirement. The Name of the Corporate/Institution is pre-populated.
A. The Corporate may enter a name for the particular category to be defined.
B. The account number where the credits are pooled should be chosen.
C. The Payment Details such as Input Name, Input Type (Text/Options), Option
parameters (in case input type is chosen as Options), and whether the field is
mandatory or not.
D. The Payment Amount Details (Payment parameters) such as Name, Amount type
(Fixed/Variable), Amount (in case Amount type is chosen as Fixed), and
whether the field is mandatory or not.
E. Enters the Start Date viz the commencement date from which the payment can
be made by the retail customers. This field is not mandatory.
F. In case, the Start Date is entered (as specified in E above), the End Date is
G. Uploads the Payment Details Document. The document that prescribes the
payment instructions for the end user.
Step 3) Payment Category Confirmation Page
On the completion of the second step as enumerated above, the Corporate will be able to
download the application/agreement/terms and conditions documents as well as preview
the sample online fee payment form to be displayed to the end user for making payment.
Step 4) View/Modify/Delete
The Corporate can also put through the following, in case of need:
A. View/Partly Modify Institution Details.
B. View/Modify Payment Category.
C. Add new fields to the payment structure/update existing fields
D. Update the closing date of acceptance of payments.
E. Upload a revised payment details document.
F. Delete Payment Categories.
In case any modifications / deletions are made by the Corporate, these need to be
approved by the branch and authorised by the Circle.

Activity 2 Role of Branch maintaining the Corporate Account:

A. The Branch Manager will verify the KYC, genuineness of the purpose for
collection of funds, authority of the corporate customer, credit account number and

other details to establish the genuineness and correctness of the funds collection
B. The branch will recommend and forward the i-collect proposal received from
Corporate customers of repute together with the copies of the documents to their
controlling authority for administrative clearance. If the account of the corporate
is a new one ( opened during the last 6 months - except that of Central / State Govt
department, Public Sector Unit and Semi Govt body), administrative clearance
will be required from the General Manager (Network).
C. Based on the i-collect proposal duly cleared by the controlling authority, and
application approved by the Branch Manager, INB officer confirms the approval
online through Internet Banking branch admin interface as the first confirmer, and
the rule authorizer executes the role of the second confirmer.
D. Branch sends a copy of the i-collect application, duly approved, to alternate
channel department of the Circle for online authorisation.
E. Branches shall maintain a register to record the details of each application received
under i-collect facility, and the action taken on such application received.
Activity 3 Role of the Circle controlling the Branch:
AGM alternate channel or any other officer (not below the rank of a Chief Manager)
identified by the Circle, authorises the i-collect request of the corporate customer
online through admin interface provided by the INB after verifying the correctness of the
Activity 4 Retail User:
A. The Retail User logs in by choosing the Personal Banking link of
B. Selects the desired Corporate/Institution for making payment under i-collect link.
C. System displays the form as configured by the Corporate/Institution.
D. Retail user enters the parameters prescribed by the Corporate/Institution, and
makes the payment.
E. An e-Receipt is generated for the successful payment which can be printed/ saved.
F. The end user can also view off line the i-collect Payment History for a date range.
Activity 5 Downloading MIS:
Corporate Customer downloads MIS report of i-collect transactions of the day or for any
date range from Internet Banking website.

Application Serial


iCollect Application form
(For Firms/Companies /Institution)

The Branch Manager,
State Bank of India,

We wish to register our Firm / Company / Institution for availing the Bank's
iCollect Service through OnlineSBI.

Our Firm / Company / Institution have already been registered for availing the
Banks Corporate Internet Banking Service under Vyapaar/Vistaar through
OnlineSBI (Strike off whichever is inapplicable)

1. Name of Firm/Company/Institution:

2. A/c No. where iCollect is to be registered:

3. Firm/Company/Institution Address:

Pin code:



Tel No.

4. The following documents are enclosed to this application form:

a. Copy of the generated iCollect Payment Page
b. Authorisation from Firm/Company/Institution for availing iCollect service
c. Duly filled in and signed agreement letter for availing iCollect service.
5. I/ We have read the terms and conditions applicable for availing the service, a copy of
which is annexed to this application form and I/We hereby accept the said terms and

For Firm / Company / Institution


(Authorised Signatory / Signatories)

For Office Use

Application Serial Number:


Yes / No

Copy of ePayment page containing details of MIS provided by the

Firm/ Company / Institution
Authorisation letter/resolution from Firm/Company/Institution
for availing iCollect service
Duly filled in and signed Agreement letter and Terms and
Conditions between the Bank and the Firm/Company/Institution
for availing iCollect services
Approval for enabling / rejecting i- i-Collect service enabled / rejected
Collect services


Branch DATE:



Approved i-Collect Services in the system to -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Firm/Company/Institution)

Date : ---------------------THE BRANCH MANAGER
Terms and conditions for availing i-Collect service
1. i-Collect facility is available to customers who are having a Vyapaar or Vistaar
facility under CINB.
2. The i-Collect application form should be submitted to the Branch where the User
maintain their CINB account along with the following documents:
a. Copy of the generated iCollect Payment Page.
b. Authorisation from Firm/Company/Institution for availing iCollect service.
c. Duly filled in and signed agreement letter for availing iCollect service.
3. The account holders/its beneficiaries can operate iCollect only after the Branch
authorizes and enables the facility.
4. Only the account mentioned in the Application form will be available for iCollect
For more than one collection, with proceeds to one account Different pages can
be created within a single iCollect account.
5. The OnlineSBI/ iCollect service cannot be claimed as a right. The Bank reserves
all the rights to convert the Service into a discretionary service anytime, if so
warranted, after it has been made available to the F/C/I.
6. The rules and regulations applicable to the banking transactions done in the
traditional way in India will be applicable mutatis mutandis for the transactions
done through the OnlineSBI for iCollect service.
7. The Bank will take reasonable care to make use of the available technology for
ensuring security and preventing unauthorised access to any of the services
offered through the OnlineSBI for iCollect.
8. The Bank reserves the right to modify, change, add, alter or cancel any of the
services offered through OnlineSBI/ iCollect or the Terms and Conditions in
Agreement listed in this Document without prior notice to the F/C/ls. The
changes will be notified to the F/C/I through a notification on the Site/ written
communication on their official address.
I/We accept the terms and conditions.
For Firm / Company / Institution

(Authorized Signatory / Signatories)

(To be stamped as an agreement)

Agreement between Bank and the User of iCollect facility

THIS AGREEMENT made at _________, on this ________________ (Date) between:

a Firm/ Company/ Institution incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act,
1956 and having its registered office at
wherever applicable, and hereinafter referred to as
"User" which expression shall, unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof,
be deemed to mean and include its subsidiary, successors and assigns of the First PART;
State Bank of India, a statutory corporation constituted under State Bank of India Act
1955, having its Corporate Office at Madame Cama Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai
400021 (herein after referred to as "SBI") which shall include all its successors and
permitted assigns of the second PART.

The User having Vyapaar/Vistaar facility wishes to offer services to its

beneficiaries, who also should be common customer of Bank & User, who require
transfer of funds to the User through the iCollect facility under Corporate Internet
Banking and generation of an online receipt for the funds transferred. The User also
wishes to have details of all such transfer of funds from their various beneficiaries.

SBI is in the business of providing banking services including 'internet banking

facilities' to its customers consisting of direct debit to bank account through the internet
where SBl's customers are provided banking facilities for their bank accounts
maintained at SBI through the Internet, including checking their bank accounts and third
party funds transfer, payment of bills online etc.

The User and SBI are desirous of entering into an arrangement whereby the

Internet Banking Customers, visiting the User's allotted iCollect page, will be provided
an additional facility to make payment by debiting their individual accounts to the
extent of the payment features created by the User.

The Parties hereto have agreed that their respective rights and obligations with

regard to their business relationship between them inter se will be interpreted, acted
upon and governed solely in accordance with the terms and conditions of this

IT IS NOW AGREED by and between the parties hereto as under:

1. For the purpose of this Agreement, the following words and phrases shall have
the meaning assigned to them under this Article.

a. Common Customer shall mean any Internet Banking Customer

transferring funds from their Internet banking account to the Users

b. "iCollect Page" shall mean the page populated by the User to furnish the
details of the Common Customer and payment.

c. "CINB" shall mean the Corporate Internet Banking of the Bank provided to
the User.

d. "Service" shall mean services offered by the User to Common Customers.

2. The User has opened a current account in SBI being Current Account No
Branch which account shall for the purpose of this Agreement be called the
'Collection Account' with Vyapaar/Vistaar facility under Corporate Internet
3. The User will log on to their CINB account, and choose the iCollect option to
generate an iCollect Page and shall input therein own details and the details of the
payment to be collected from the Common Customer as required.
4. The User will ensure that all the fields entered by them are correct and the
payment collected by them is in proportion to the service provided by them and
shall submit a hard copy of the iCollect page and the application form to SBI for
approval along with the duly signed documents relating to "Terms and Conditions"
and "Agreement".
5. SBI upon verification shall approve and enable the iCollect facility to the User.
Once the iCollect facility is enabled, the User can use it for Payment collection
from Common Customer.
6. The Common Customer will log on to his Internet banking account with SBI and
access the iCollect page of the User and fill in the information as required by the
User. On filling up the required details, the Common Customer can transfer funds
by debit to his account for credit to the User's account instantaneously. The
common Customer can also have an ereceipt for the transaction done through

iCollect as well as obtain the transactional details for a range of dates.

7. The details of list of such payments would be available to the User through their
CINB account.
8. SBI shall not be responsible, in any way, for the quality or merchantability of any of
the services, whatsoever, offered to the Common Customer by the User. Any
disputes regarding quality, merchantability, nondelivery and delay in delivery of
the Service or otherwise will be dealt with, by and between User and the Common
Customer directly and SBI shall not be a party to any such dispute. Provided that in
the event of a Common Customer requesting SBI for a refund on any grounds
whatsoever SBI shall forthwith inform the User of the same and shall be entitled to
deduct the same from the Users account or mark a lien to the extent of the
amount of refund claimed at the sole discretion of SBI. SBI shall be entitled to
make a direct credit to the disputing Common Customers account for the disputed
amount and the User shall not object to the same.
9. The User undertakes to resolve all queries raised by Common Customers pertaining
to any internet banking transaction routed through iCollect.
10. User hereby undertakes and agrees not to describe themselves as an agent or a
representative or employee of SBI, not to pledge the credit of SBI in any way and
not to make any representation to the Common Customer or any third party or to
give warranties which may require SBI to undertake to or be liable for, directly or
indirectly, any obligation and/or responsibility to the Common Customer or any
third party. User shall not at any time require the Common Customer to provide
them with any details of the accounts filed by them with SBI including the
password, account number, Customer ID that may be assigned to the Common
Customer by SBI.
11. The parties hereto grant each other a nonexclusive, royaltyfree limited license to
use, display and reproduce the logos of each other, solely in connection with the
marketing of this facility, till the period the agreement stands.
User's Obligations:
12. The User may access OnlineSBI for iCollect anywhere anytime. However, as a
matter of precaution and safety, User should avoid using PCs with public access.
13. The User would ensure that the log in to iCollect facility is a valid session initiated
by none other than the User or its authorized personnel.
14. All transactions executed through a valid session as defined above will be construed
to have been emanated from the approved User or authorized personnel and will
be legally binding on him/them.
15. Should the User or its authorized personnel notice that any information relating to

the customer's account(s) is incorrect or discrepant; the same should be

immediately brought to the notice of the concerned SBI branch by email or letter
by the User.
16. The User or its authorized personnel will not attempt or permit others to attempt
accessing iCollect through any unlawful means. In case of any unlawful attempt,
SBI will not be responsible for any damage or loss arising out of the attempt(s)
Exception Clause
17. The Bank would not be responsible in any way for any information wrongly entered
by the User or its authorized personnel in his/her iCollect fields.
18. The authorization granted to a User is valid till they are availing the CINB service /
till iCollect facility is discontinued by the Bank. The request for deregistration from
CINB/discontinuance of iCollect service of an authorized User must be made to the
SBI Branch in writing and the same will be effective when the SBI acknowledges it in
Indemnity Clause
19. User hereby undertakes and agrees to indemnify SBI and hold SBI harmless and keep
at all times fully indemnified and held harmless from and against all actions,
proceedings, claims, liabilities, penalties, demands and costs, awards, damages,
losses and/or expenses howsoever arising directly or indirectly as a result of

a. any breach or non performance by User or any of their undertaking,

warranty or obligation under this Agreement or
b. any claim or proceeding brought by the Common Customer against SBI
in respect of any product
c. any act, neglect, or default of User, or their authorized personnel,
employees or Common Customers or
d. any other claim by any other party / third party against SBI in respect
of providing services or performance of this Agreement
User shall also fully indemnify or hold harmless SBI against any loss, costs, charges,
expenses, demand or liability whether direct or indirect out of claim by a third party.
20. SBI will be at liberty to charge User/ Common Customers any service charges as the
Bank may deem fit. SBI will charge the User/Common Customer a service charge
of............ (......... ) plus taxes applicable of the transaction value for the transactions
consummated by Common Customers. SBI will directly debit the User/Common
Customers current/savings account with it for such commission on a monthly/daily

Termination Clause
21. This Agreement may be terminated either by the User or SBI at any point of time, by
giving 30 days notice of termination in writing to the other party on its official
address as reflecting on page1 of this agreement.
Arbitration Clause
22. Any dispute or difference between SBI and the User hereto shall be first settled by
arbitration which will be subject to / governed by the Arbitration & Conciliation Act,
1996 and that the Arbitration proceedings will take place at Mumbai. If the dispute
is not settled under this act then the jurisdiction of the court will be in the place
where the concerned SBI branch, which has provided the iCollect service to the
User, is located.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Agreement (in duplicate)
on the day, month and year first hereinabove mentioned.

Signed and Delivered by the within

Signed and Delivered by the within

named SBI,(SBI) by the hands of

named by the hands of its

its Authorized Signatory

Authorized Signatory

in the presence of:

in the presence of