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Volume 25, Number 1 • January & February 2010 • A publication of the Women’s Community Center of San Luis Obispo

County • Cover: “Revelation” by Gini Griffin

2 Women’s Press Women’s Press January & February 2010

Courtney’s Quill And this has been the tradition of Women’s

Press, and a tradition that has been occurring
for 25 years! This issue marks the 25th anniver-
Welcome to 2010 and a brand new Women’s
Press. Well, really it’s not that new--the con-
sary of Women’s Press--we may be a small paper
in a small county, especially compared to the
The staff of the Women’s Press
tent is still the same, but the layout has changed. world (or the New York Times!), but we are
This new design, as you can see, makes our paper mighty! In economic downturn, an array of edi- would like to sincerely thank
larger, in all color, and easier to notice. I’m excited tors, different printing presses, interns, and com-
puter crashes, we have persevered for longer than
to see Women’s Press around town, in the hands
of women (and men!), reading about Breast Ther- most publications on the Central Coast. So, the Women’s Community Center,
mography (by Gaea Powell, pg. 7), dealing with thank you for your support and guidance. I can-
loss and grief (by Kathy Bond, pg. 3 & Ruth
Maples, pg. 8), learning about the limitations of
not wait to see what this paper will look like in
another 25 years!
our volunteers, contributors,
birthing women (by Jennifer Stover, pg. 11), and So with this new year, comes new resolutions,
gaining another perspective on our local Sunny and if you are so inclined to make one of your
resolutions volunteering, we sure could use some
advertisers, supporters, and
Acre’s debate (by Matt Lombardini, pg. 16). All
help here at Women’s Press. We need:
of these article and more have helped me gain a
new appreciation for what our community has-- • a workshop coordinator (get to attend all most importantly

wisdom! our workshops for free!)
All around me I meet women who have such • a distribution manager (ever curious about
grace and wisdom to share, and this month, I all the women who distribute in our area?
received more articles from women around the Get to know them! Make some friends!)
county than ever before. And I love it. You’ll see • distributors in Arroyo Grande, North
beautifully written articles sharing advice and County, Cambria (you’ll get to know some
thoughts with new names never before pub-
lished as writers of Women’s Press. Could one of
wonderful local merchants.)
• advertising representatives (as one of our our readers,
these women be your neighbor, your sister, your only paid positions, you can make a 20%
mother-in-law? Could one of these women be commission off ad revenue)
If you are at all interested, send me an email,
for 25 remarkable years.
you, sitting at home thinking of a way to share
your knowledge? If so, send in your thoughts and and I’ll get right back to you. We appreciate all
articles. Look at this paper--every article written our volunteers and offer our undying love as
is a shared bit of knowledge, from a writer who payment--something that everyone needs a bit
gains little more than just knowing she enlight- more of these days, I believe.
ened someone’s day. I can’t think of a better way Have a wonderful start to your New Year. I
to live. look forward to hearing from you.

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Women’s Press January & February 2010 Body & Soul 3

Angie On Board Walking A Labyrinth

By Kathy Bond to mention Chocolate Trivia, or many cook-
ing demos done by the Party Planner or the
2009. Before our older daughter, Angie, died Cruise Director, who made Chocolate Lava
on April 27th, she expressed two regrets: she Cake with Grand Marnier. Angie could’ve
wouldn’t live to see her two children grow shopped on board or on shore for cloth-
up, and she hadn’t traveled much. On our ing, jewelry, artwork, or other souvenirs and
mid-October, two-week voyage from Fort really gone to town or painted it red, her
Lauderdale, through the Panama Canal to favorite color.
San Diego, I found myself viewing the trip A vocalist and flautist, she would’ve loved
through her eyes. the variety of performers in the mosaic-tiled,
She would’ve donned sandals, tee shirt, green and blue “Starry Nights” walled Van
and shorts in a minute, or swam in the dol- Gogh Lounge. A diva sang Latin numbers:
phin-decorated pool on the Lido Deck, or Carmen, Evita, and Guantanamera. Jason
the salt water one on Deck Ten. Monica and Chase’s comedy and 50’s songs, along with
the band would’ve captured her attention as “Komika,” a British guitar, vocal and com- Photo by Pawe Windys
we left port. edy team would’ve made her smile and laugh
I can see her at English High Tea, in the deeply. I could see her in step at line dance By Dixie Kelly Cliff I press my fingers in my ears to deaden
wood and brass Rotterdam Dining Room, lessons. She would’ve loved to “Name That the cacophony. Now I hear my breath, reso-
greeted at 3 p.m. by white-gloved servers, Tune” with “Piano Man Brian.” My daughter and I stroll through a blooming nating in my chest. I step forward, putting
who escort her to her seat, place a napkin Most of all, extroverted Angie would have meditation garden bordering San Luis Creek one foot slowly in front of the other, con-
on her lap before proffering: scones, raisin greatly enjoyed meeting people from all over on a bright March morning, the morning sciously dropping distracting thoughts along
or plain, dusted with confectioner’s sugar, the world—Canadians, Australians, English, after celebrating Ame’s forty-second birthday the way. Gradually losing my sense of direc-
clotted cream, orange marmalade or straw- and Scots. She might have conversed with at the Gardens of Avila. The sun toasts our tion and time, I feel unusually calm, com-
berry jam, tiny sandwiches, éclairs, pound or Germans,or understood some Dutch. She backs. Colorful birds warble in the bushes. forted.
rum-soaked Opera cake, all served on royal certainly would’ve talked with stewards, serv- We skirt around a large labyrinth, to its I narrow my scope of vision to the small
and gold-trimmed white china. Some times ers, and families with young children, given entrance at the garden’s far side, backed by patch of dry ground between the rock bor-
string music played softly in the background. her teaching skills. a blushing pink fruit orchard. A towering, ders on which my feet plod slowly forward.
Angie’s theater background would’ve enjoyed I recall her remark “Life’s short.” She tastefully painted sign stands close by, read- Meandering back and forth, abruptly forced
the flair and presentation of the last day’s loved it. She would’ve delighted in the cruise ing, “labyrinths have been used by many around corners, denied entrance to the cen-
Indonesian Tea, when tables and staff wore for all the joys of life it offered. I don’t know cultures for thousands of years. The most ter, forced back to the border, I realize that
native fabrics and matching music played. about her interest in the Panama Canal or well-known labyrinth is located at Chartres navigating this maze is a microcosm of life’s
Her waitress and cooking experience a Costa Rican rain forest, but she would’ve Cathedral in France. Labyrinths are used as journey. Able to see only a speck of the cos-
would’ve appreciated the 6,000 meals the loved the people, enjoyed a swim with a a way to calm the mind and relax the body.” mos, unable to anticipate the tortuous twists
cruise line offers daily either at the Lido young couple and their baby in Huatulco, We silently take measure of the large, and turns ahead, moving closer to the cen-
Buffet or two elegant restaurants. The wide or the baptism at the wall-less church there, complex, circular construction. Multi-col- ter only to be flung to the precarious outer
variety of fruits, salads, soups, entrees, and for to a Christian like Angie, life meant liv- ored, multi-textured, cannon ball stones trac- edge again, mimics life. At times I sense Ame
desserts would’ve appealed to her palate, not ing fully. ing intricately interlaced paths, within the nearby until she travels back out of my scope.
sandy circle. An elongated, upended rock This adventure perfectly replicates life’s rela-
marks the center. Further examination reveals tionships, alternating between close and inti-
the circle is divided into quadrants. The paths mate, distant and reserved.
The Genius and the Jerk separating the quadrants lead straight toward
the middle, but the innermost stone circle
blocks entry to the center. We note the path
I grow weary, but as with life, I continue
moving forward, putting one foot in front of
the other. I hold dear a definition of courage
turns abruptly left, leads back to the outer I read long ago. The author’s name is lost to
By Ruth Cherry, PhD In my God-consciousness, I smile and border, and follows a tortuous route back me, and I paraphrase: courage is the length
say, “Thank you.” I know mine is not to eval- and forth within the confines of the quadrant of time you can drag your belly through the
Just like you, I am a genius and I am a jerk. uate or tinker or help. My place is to remem- to the last ring of rock. Again, access to the muck until you are able to stand again. This
I can identify with whichever part of me I ber my oneness with God and to be. Just like center is blocked. The labyrinth looks decep- belief has served me well for years. It will
choose. No matter what the situation is, I you. tively simple. work now.
can be kind and loving and identified with Walking the labyrinth was my idea. Exiting the labyrinth, I saunter over to
my God-consciousness. Or I can be resent- Ruth Cherry, PhD, is a clinical psychologist Unsure of this adventure, Ame asks me to the creek bank and plop down on a wide
ful, ego-centered, frustrated, and pissy. And I in private practice in San Luis Obispo, CA. lead off. I step between matched white rocks green bench, exhausted, but content. The
can rationalize perfectly either attitude! Her specialty is midlife when psychological marking the entrance, close my eyes, inhale gurgling creek ripples glints of sunlight. I
When I focus on what is around me crit- and spiritual dynamics merge. Her five books deeply, and concentrate on drawing my focus savor this moment of grace. Ame joins me.
ically, I choose to be in my Resentful Vic- and guided meditation CD are available inward. I drop my head and stare at my feet, We sit silently for a long time, watching and
tim. “Life’s not fair.” “It wasn’t supposed to at her web sites, and planted firmly on the barren ground. I feel listening. I sense her peace and gratitude.
turn out this way.” “Others don’t give me my balanced. I listen for my breath, but nearby Compelled to break the silence, I whisper
rightful due.” Wah wah wah. traffic noise camouflages it. words of thanks for our love and our lives.
4 Body & Soul Women’s Press January & February 2010

Spirituality Matters Two Kinds of People

By Heather Mendel By Ruth Cherry, PhD

When asked how she is, my friend and men- There are two kinds of people in the world: What we regard as strange and keep at a now that life isn’t pretty or neat or mani-
tor, Barbara Marx Hubbard of Santa Bar- those we love and those we don’t understand. distance inside us, we will push away around cured. We know our own Inner Jerk so that
bara, responds: “Evolving, thank you and When we see ourselves in others, we like us. We may even label it disparagingly: when we see another’s, we just smile and
how are you?” I love this response and was them. They are like me, we think (rightly or “That’s just like a (fill in the blank: woman, think, “I’ve been there, too.”
delighted to find that Barbara was inter- wrongly), and I don’t need to fear them. We man, neo-con, bleeding heart liberal, psy- If anyone else had lived your life, she
viewed recently as part of a 14 week tele-sem- presume that we know how they think and chologist, lawyer, welfare recipient, rich would understand the decisions you’ve made.
inar that has caught the attention of 30,000 what we can expect from them. We think we bitch).” The list goes on. Your choices would seem reasonable. She
women from all over the world—listening in know them because we think we know our- Until we accept every part of our- could empathize with your struggle. And so
on the computer or telephone. A gathering selves. Usually, that’s true only superf icially. selves, we will criticize others. When we do it is with others you meet. If you had lived
of this size, by women all over the globe, is The second group, those we don’t under- acknowledge and own our quirks and vul- their experience, you probably would make
simply astounding—women from all walks stand, may actually be more similar to us. nerability and ugliness, we can appreciate the the same decisions they did. Perhaps your
of life responding to the call of the process Especially if we have a strong negative reac- universal challenge of being human. We need challenges haven’t been as daunting as theirs
of conscious evolution. We’re responding to tion, we probably unconsciously sense some- to delve pretty deeply inside and that’s not or perhaps your supports have been stronger.
something we may not be able to articulate thing in them we don’t like in ourselves. We fun. We don’t do it to feel superior or even Judging anyone else reflects our own lack
but whose validity we intuitively recognize. project onto them what we haven’t owned good about ourselves. We do it when we can’t of self knowledge. And judging ourselves
At a recent Peace Conference, the Dalai in ourselves. If you haven’t integrated your survive without knowing what is buried way reflects our own lack of empathy and accep-
Lama stated that “the world will be saved own vulnerability, you will feel disdain for way down at our very core. And that only tance for ourselves. We are not here to judge
by the Western woman.” Inspired by this the needy. If you haven’t come to terms with comes from desperation. anyone. Life is to be experienced. Lessons are
sentiment and following their intuitive wis- your anger, you may perceive hostility all When we have known ourselves in our to be learned and integrated. We are chal-
dom, in balance with their technological around you. If you practice deceit, you won’t least favorable aspects, we can understand lenged to be our own best friend. And when
knowledge, Katherine Woodward Thomas trust anyone. what it is to hurt and still try to go on. We we do that, we see what it is to be human.
and Claire Zamitt (www.femininepower.
com) devised and are presenting “Women
on the Edge of Evolution”—an invitation to
“awaken to the power to co-create our lives
and shape the collective future.” The ques-
tion they pose for us to consider is what our
role as women will be, in the creature of our
Ready to begin the year 2010 with a
future on this planet—something profound
to consider as 2010 opens for us. new Spiritual Direction?
In the New Year, I plan to start a new
conversation for women in the San Luis The Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment is an interfaith community
Obispo area based on this series and will wel- dedicated to celebrating diversity and honoring
come the participation of those who would the spirit that connects all things.
like to be a part of this exploration. Please
feel free to contact me at heathermendel@ should you wish to participate, and
I know we will gather together and watch Spiritual Leader: Laura V. Grace
our combined energy move us forward.

Come to Heather’s official local book launch at

Coalesce Bookstore on Sunday afternoon, Jan
Sunday Services 10:00am
24, at 3 and then at Congregation Beth David Please join us for meditation at 9:30am each Sunday before the service
on Tuesday evening Feb 4.
• Bring the whole family! Kids love the “Children’s Circle.”
• Educational and fun for children of all ages
• twitter: celebratingeve 1500 Lizzie St., Room J-2, Adult School, San Luis Obispo

For more info: 805.541.1963

Website: E-Mail:

Join us for a celebration of expanding consciousness and love.

Women’s Press January & February 2010 Body & Soul 5

A New Year
By MaryAine Curtis for this year? What do you want to accom-
plish this year?
Mind boggling news: it’s a new year! And • Write it at the top of the paper.
2010! I remember when 1984 seemed a long • See yourself completing this in your
way off. Now 2010 here and we’re looking at imagination. How will it look and feel
2012 as the next big mystery and date to be when complete?
aware of. Now break it down into 12 easier steps so
How have you been preparing yourself? it doesn’t seem too big. On a sheet of paper
Are you ready to be the change you wish to make 12 sections, one for each month. In
see, or are you still concerning yourself with each section write the month and a goal for
what everyone else will think? The most that month. Break it down to 4 smaller goals
important question that I can think of is this: that can be accomplished in a day or week.
Are you living a life that you love? Have Make sure each goal is part of the big picture
you discovered how to be true to your pas- and is attainable.
sion? • Write one thing to accomplish in each
There are many things I meant to accom- week and each month. Seems easier
plish in the past few years and life hap- already, right?
pened and took some twist and turns that • Add up how much you’ve accomplished
were unexpected. I accomplished some and as you go. Give yourself plenty of “atta
went along with others. I did make some girls”.
big changes that I didn’t anticipate, though. Now make the paper pretty and exciting
I like them and I feel better and that’s good. before placing it in a conspicuous place. This
Let’s look together at the year ahead and is the blueprint for your personal success in
review the last one a bit. 2010. Review it, make changes, and improve
• What changes did you make in school, it as you go. If you want help or a class, come
job, home, relationships? to my Design this stage of your Life class at
• How did you handle the changes? Avila Community Center starting Jan. 11th.
• Do you feel good about your- Make sure you have a great year and love
self and your inner growth from the your life and yourself.
• What did you want to change and MaryAine Curtis is an Intuitive Spiritual
didn’t? Counselor and Emissary of Change. Visit her
Are you ready to regroup and make a plan website at

Nurturing Goodness in 2010

By Jeannie Greensfelder pier the women pointed to a possible sight-
ing. At dusk, with a full moon, the boat
On Halloween evening at Avila, a group headed in that direction. They placed the
gathered by the shore: a crying baby otter baby on the water--a small dark strip--and
had been illegally brought ashore by a swim- backed the boat away.
mer. Sadly, the mother didn’t come. The otter
A man from Harbor Patrol stood on his pup, taken to the Monterrey Aquarium, is
truck searching the surf for the parent. Three responding well. This story is about good-
women from the Marine Mammal Center ness: concerned people doing their best,
focused on the rag mop baby and dispersed wanting to help. We don’t face life and death
the crowd. One of them carried the otter, situations on a daily basis, but the oppor-
held high, into the waves, hoping the mother tunity to show caring attention exists at the
would see and hear. She did and came close checkout stand, driving a car, with family,
twice. friends, and with ourselves.
When they realized proximity to the 2010 is a good time to nurture goodness
beach kept the mother away, Harbor Patrol and compassion with one another. Listening
took the pup and left. They returned in a is a simple and generous way to be kind. A
boat. A man in a yellow slicker stood, held smile is a gift. Think about your typical day,
the bawling baby high, and waited. From the how and when you might express goodness
6 Body & Soul Women’s Press January & February 2010

The Golden Thread

Hope comes in all sorts of packages. Our
By Inglis Carre-Delard relationships with others can be an ocean of
hope. Hope arrives in the guise of a puppy,
As we sit at the kitchen table or in our stu- or a butterfly, a work of art, or a moving
dios and review the past year, many of us piece of music. It is available to all of us,
despair over time wasted, projects not done, whether we have an optimistic or even a
opportunities that have passed us by. Our pessimistic personality. Whether or not we
thoughts of the New Year are tarnished by believe that there will always be a happy end-
our dismal condition in the present. We feel ing, we can still have faith that we can handle
that we are being drawn deeper into a dark whatever comes our way and grow toward a
place that we don’t want to visit. We get up better future. Hope is that faith.
and wander out the back door and behold When a thread of hope comes our way,
a glorious rose or a fuzzy bumblebee or we must pick it up in order for it to work its
some scampering clouds. Perhaps we get magic. If I fail to pick up a thread of hope, I
up and answer the phone call of a dear change from a visionary who can heal myself
friend who says kind words to us or our and the world, to another wishful thinker
mate comes by and drops a kiss on our with lint on my jacket.
head. When we pick up a thread of hope, we
A small change occurs that allows us to give birth to our creativity and stitch it into a
envision a brighter new year and a possibil- beautiful healing tapestry that stretches into
ity that we can finish at least some of those the future while casting its shimmering folds
projects. What has just happened is that we over our life and those who share it. In this
have picked up a thread of hope, and with special season, may your life and the earth
it we have begun to stitch together the gash shine with golden threads of hope blanketing
that has separated our present situation from it and all of creation.
Photo by shho a possible better situation in the future.

nel our feelings (our inner world experience) unworthy. The Critic doesn’t like the way we status, and we take the other fellow’s words
Believing is Seeing into thoughts about the outer world. Then
we focus on what’s outside of us and become
dress or walk or look. Many days the Critic
doesn’t say a decent word to us.
Until we remember we have a choice.
the victim or grateful recipient. (What’s your We probably don’t “hear” the Critic’s And then we choose to give thanks for our
By Ruth Cherry, PhD underlying belief about the world?) voice as much as we feel a heaviness. The upset and to look behind the words instead
No matter what happens we can fit it to invisible wet blanket that smothers our of being carried away by the emotion. And
What’s important is not what happens to you our belief. If we distrust the world and some- vibrancy comes from the Critic. The Critic we see the Critic and the Controller which
as much as how you interpret it. The under- one is kind, we know not to take him at face leads us to be less of ourselves because who exist inside our own head. When we look at
lying belief that lends meaning to your life value. If we believe we’re not good enough we are naturally is unacceptable. The Critic them, we don’t identify with them. We stay
influences your experience more than the and someone appreciates us, we tell ourselves blunts our awareness of joy, hope, creativity. in the Observer, and we see the immaturity
actions of others. For example, a friend is she doesn’t really understand. If we expect The Controller is another aspect of us. and the fear and the belief that we are pow-
rude. What’s your reaction? Take a moment life to be welcoming, we chalk up the occa- When the vulnerability is too painful to bear erless. And then we recognize that these atti-
now and note your first impression. sional unpleasantness to happenstance. It and we don’t want to remain stuck in suffo- tudes are from an earlier time in our life. A
You can focus on having a friend, your seems our beliefs are irrefutable. We’ll orga- cating muck, we resolve to avoid our feelings. time when we didn’t have a choice. Uncon-
history, the value of that person in your life, nize our experience as we must to support We develop an intellectual façade. Or we sciously, we got stuck there but now that the
and how she must be having a hard time. the beliefs that have long existed and may become aggressive. Or we take care of others light is on we make the unconscious con-
Or you can (again) realize that (predictably) be mostly unconscious! Even if it leads us to and hope they will appreciate us. The Con- scious. We see the forces driving us and we
no one is there for you, disappointment misery, we remain loyal to those old beliefs. troller wants to make life turn our “right” step aside. We watch but we don’t react or
is imminent, and life is just one hurt after We do so as long as we don’t examine the and will act to avoid feeling. The Controller identify or lose our anchor. We just notice.
another. It’s really your choice but the first beliefs. When we stop and turn around and wants to assuage the Critic. And at this point we have developed
and essential ingredient is to realize that you switch on the light; when we’re truly ready Always the Critic and the Control- another belief. Now we trust that who we
have a choice. to see our filter instead of blindly accept- ler push on us. Very subtly but unceasingly. are is fine and we are firmly rooted in that
So much of the “filter” through which ing our assumptions, we notice different ele- When someone in the world acts in a man- awareness of our OK-ness. Nothing can
we see our life is unconscious. From infancy ments inside our heads. We all have a Critic. ner similar to the Critic or the Controller, we shake us. We feel the gusts from our Critic
we’ve developed beliefs without knowing it. The Critic tells us we’re not good enough, we react with a minor atomic explosion. When and our Controller, but we are rooted in our
We’re comfortable and we decide the world is never have been good enough, and we never we hear outside us what we’ve heard forever Observer and in our Adult. And when we
safe and welcoming. We’re frustrated and we will be good enough. The Critic assures us inside us, it’s too much. We can’t see the interpret life from that standpoint, we have
expect life always to be difficult. We chan- no one could ever love us because we are so other person objectively, we lose our adult an entirely different experience!
Women’s Press January & February 2010 Body & Soul 7

Breast Thermography
For the Prevention and Earliest
Detection of Breast Cancer.

Photo by Eduardo Siqueira Filho

By Gaea Powell, CTT Breast Thermography is non-invasive,
Founder, Central Coast Thermography painless, and easy. It is affordable and does In early 2009, John Hopkins released a backs, dangers, and risks of subjecting many
not involve radiation or compression. Ther- study warning that radiation from annual women to unnecessary treatment have been

s the mammography industry house mography is a harmless “green” technol- mammograms could trigger breast malig- minimized or ignored.
of cards finally fell at the end of 2009, ogy and is effective for women with dense nancies in high risk patients. Last October, We must be our own health advocates.
many women have become frus- breasts, implants, reductions, for monitoring the New York Times reported the American Women have the most influential impact on
trated and confused about their breast health the chest wall after surgery, and for pregnant Cancer Society now admits the benefits of the new generation. We are the educators
screening options. There is no need to be. or nursing women. mammography may have been over-exagger- and nurturers; we must lead by example. We
Breast Thermography or Digital Infrared There are over 800 peer-reviewed studies ated. Then the U.S. Preventive Services Task owe it to ourselves, our sisters, our daugh-
Thermal Imaging is the latest, most effective including over 300,000 women. According Force (an independent group of scientists) ters, and our mothers to stand together and
state-of-the-art alternative to mammograms. to the American Journal of Radiology, Breast issued its report regarding new mammogra- demand better screening methods be made
This highly sensitive FDA approved tech- Thermography has 99% sensitivity 90% spec- phy recommendations and questioning the available, along with preventative therapies.
nology can detect physiological abnormali- ificity, and 90% accuracy. risks vs. the benefits. If we want different results, we must do
ties in breast tissue 8 to 10 years before a Now that more and more MDs are now The Radiological Society of North Amer- things differently. Do your own research,
mammogram can detect a mass. It empowers supporting the use of thermograms, knowing ica also released a study concluding that radi- know your body, and don’t let the main-
women of all ages (beginning in their 20’s) their patients are not radiation tolerant (no ation from annual mammography screening stream medical and/or the spin doctors
by helping create a risk assessment and man- one is), some insurance companies are begin- significantly increased breast cancer risk in frighten you with misinformation and nega-
agement program for the prevention and ear- ning to cover thermograms with a doctor’s women who are pushed into starting mam- tivity about your breasts. Our breasts are not
liest detection of breast cancer. recommendation and a pre-approval. mograms at a young age. More radiation is the enemy or time-bombs waiting to go off.
In 1991, my mother and best friend, John- The radiation and compression involved needed for younger women with dense breast Though most women have breast abnormali-
nie Jo lost her battle to breast cancer at age in mammography is harmful. Mammograms tissue. ties, the majority of us do not get breast can-
49. My doctor informed me that I was in a can cause breast cancer through repeated These new reports have definitely drawn cer.
high risk group but that I would have to wait irradiation of the breasts and spread cancer valid attention to this flawed technology, Thermography is easily accessible in
until I was 40 to start having mammograms. by the fracturing of the fibrous capsule sur- especially when the mortality rate from Europe, Canada and larger cities in the U.S.
I discovered Breast Thermography in 1995 rounding the tumor through compression of breast cancer has not changed much in over I am thrilled to offer Breast Thermography
and I have been utilizing my thermal profile the breasts. 40 years. services to the women of the Central Coast
over the years for better breast health. My In 2005, the Nuclear Information The fact is doubts about mammogra- at my location in Atascadero and at Rees
thermograms have alerted me to any changes Resource Service concluded that all levels of phy have been mounting for decades. Many, Family Medical in San Luis Obispo. For
in my breasts giving me the opportunity to radiation are confirmed to cause cancer, but on both sides of the argument, agree that more information please visit my website at
take action with diet, exercise, stress manage- 2009 was an extraordinary year in revealing the value of mammograms may have been
ment, and hormone balancing when needed. the dangers of mammography. over-exaggerated while some of the draw-
8 Body & Soul Women’s Press January & February 2010

A Gentle Breeze
By Ruth Maples bly starting on the first day of my grief jour-
ney, I knew no matter how I felt, my answer
Grief is a journey that has a beginning, mid- was going to be: I am fine. Was l fine? Of
dle, and after three years I realize, no end. I course not, so I lied. Often before answering
have no choice; I must travel down its road. the question, I thought of a line from a Jack
As I navigate its twist and turns, I am mak- Nicholson movie. I remembered it so clearly,
ing discoveries about the world around me, “you couldn’t handle the truth.” I know this
accepting truths about myself, and I have was an unfair assumption that I made about
been forced to face the realities of the hand people, but that’s how I felt. I am fine is the
life has dealt me. answer that I thought loving and caring fam-
Words cannot completely describe the ily and friends wanted and needed to hear.
emotions of loss and grief. This is what I Now I realize that I was saying words that I
wrote three years ago in a small book. Much also needed. I repeated I’m fine so often that
of the book was based on a journal I kept
during Larry’s illness and what I call my
beginning and end year: the year following
it became my breath prayer and yoga chant.
The words gave me encouragement, a sense
of calmness, and finally the ability to be hon-
The Breath of Life and Love
the loss of my husband. I know I will never est with myself and others. I am not fine, nor Graphic by Kymberly Vohsen
be able to find the words to describe how will I ever be, but I will be ok.
I felt when I lost him. Maybe it is because On my journey to ok, I am discovering By Laura Grace deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulated
there are truly none that have the range and what I call my grief truths. First truth, there the cleansing of the lymph system by creat-
depth to describe feelings that are beyond is no grief timetable. Books, experts, and How long can you live without food? Maybe ing a vacuum effect which sucked the lymph
description. Those nameless emotions have friends seem to suggest there is a schedule 40 days. How long can you live without through the bloodstream.
not disappeared, but they are not happen- that we, those who are facing grief, should water? Maybe 5 days. How long can you live This increased the rate of toxic elimina-
ing as often. I now know that they will never follow. But sadness and sorrow do not follow without breathing? How many seconds? tion by as much as 15 times the normal pace.
completely leave me. I wonder if that really a set time, nor do they have a straight path. Breath is a perfect expression of how we Right now, take a moment to breathe in
is so bad. I do not wallow in them, and they Yes there are common threads and stages of live our lives. When we think everything the beauty around you… breathe out appre-
are not my friend, but they have become my grief. However, I am finding that, with all depends on us and we must keep everything ciation for the love in your life… breathe
silent companion. Like a gentle breeze, I feel due respect to the experts, I must chart my under control, our breath is shallow, con- in how much the Universe supports you…
their presence. They have become a reminder own course. Second, faith is a life boat. I trolled, and contracted. breathe out with a feeling of faith and
that I have loved, been loved, and have lost a could not have made it through the first year When we trust in God, the Universe and belief… breathe in the gratitude you have for
special person. without my beliefs. It was always by my side Life itself, our breath becomes full and open, your relationships… breathe out with a sense
When I lost that special person, every- and in my heart. Faith kept me afloat when moving gracefully through a relaxed chest. of wonderment for being alive.
thing stopped but time. Minutes, hours, I thought I was going to drown in the dark It sounds like a deep sigh of relief for that is Remember, each emotion has an associ-
days, and now more than three years have sea of heart break and loneliness. Third, grief exactly what it is: a belief and relief that we ating breathing pattern and vice versa. Take
passed. I believe, no I know, each of the years is an oxymoron; it is personal, but it is also are being taken care of. That’s when we stop time to become aware of your breathing.
had a pre-ordained purpose. The first year something that is shared by so many others. running interference on the Universe and Practice deep breathing as many times as
reminded me that no matter how much I Finally, grief is exhausting. The loss, sadness, allow life to flow through us. possible throughout the day. It is perhaps the
wanted my old life back, it was never going guilt, loneliness, unknown, and the rebuild- The in breath allows you to absorb pre- most powerful way we can become grounded
to happen. How could it? I was without my ing of life takes its toll on every fiber of your cious life force energy, while the out breath and centered in the present moment and in
husband. In the second year, reality hit me in body. Periodically, I have to stop and take a allows your mind and body to let go and our true beingness. When you consciously
the face. As I looked around, and saw cou- breather from life. I go away, even if it’s just deeply relax. Most people are more comfort- breathe in and out, you reclaim your inner
ples walking, talking, or holding hands, I felt inside myself, to rest and re-energize my able breathing in then breathing out. And power and are more easily able to handle the
life’s cruel slap. In this world of two, I stood body, mind, and soul. yet, it is with through a deep exhale that we stressors of daily life.
alone; I was now one. During the third year, I have come to marvel at the human race’s relax into our deeper self and release stress, Allow your breath to support you.
I felt the irresistible pull of isolation. How ability to re-energize and face life’s pain, but worry, doubt, and fear. Its love and wisdom are powerful allies.
easy it would have been to never leave my maybe I have also come to understand it. As When you breathe in deeply and release Ahhhhh.
house. It was the memory of my husband’s I watch the sunrise in the morning, hear the the exhale effortlessly, old thought patterns,
courage during his last year that pulled me laughter of my grandchildren, or see the faces beliefs, and painful experiences are able to Laura V. Grace is the Spiritual Leader for the
out of myself and gave me the strength to of my children, I know life’s pull is stron- move through you. Healing occurs when we Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment in San Luis
not fade away. ger than its sorrow. I live in the past and the feel safe and are relaxed. Consciously breathe Obispo (, an interfaith
To do was not easy. Most conversations I present. Grief is part of my world, but as in and out and notice how the energy of life spiritual community. Laura is also a teacher
had during the past three years started with the gentle breeze softly brushes my cheek, I flows through you. and spiritual director, and a member of Spiri-
a question. How are you? Early on, proba- know it is not my life. Jack Shield, MD, a Lymphologist from tual Directors International. A syndicated col-
Santa Barbara, CA, conducted a study on the umnist for more than twenty publications,
effects of breathing on the lymphatic system. Laura has penned 200 articles on spiritual
Using cameras inside the body, he found that growth and is the author of the books Gifts of
the Soul and The Intimate Soul.
Women’s Community Center 9

Welcome to the New and Improved Women’s Press

A publication of the Women’s Community Center
By Angie King, WCC Board would sort it all out as my way of welcom- Neither is the Women’s Press a mouth- of any one issue.
ing you to the new format. piece for the WCC, even though WCC is The Women’s
As you can see, holding this issue of I was reminded that things are not the parent of the WP. The Press is about Community Cen-
Women’s Press, we have a new format. But always what they seem when reading the WCC, not of it. The news about ter is involved with
who exactly is the “we”? Is it the Women’s the editor’s comments in the November WCC and the activities and events spon- the operations of
Press staff, or the Women’s Community 2009 Smithsonian magazine. She begins: sored by WCC are indeed published in the paper; we want
Center, or both, or something else? Is the “Our title is our greatest asset” and goes WP, but beyond what WCC board mem- it to be a success,
Press the “mouthpiece” for the WCC? Is on to explain that everyone has heard of bers submit, the rest of the paper is what and we nurture
it supposed to reflect the views and opin- the Smithsonian Institution, the great the WP editors deem interesting and the same sensitivities. As the editor of the
ions of the WCC? Does WCC have the museum in Washington DC, and assumes informative and enjoyable to our readers. Smithsonian puts it: “Where we do reflect
any say over content? Or is it totally sepa- the magazine is put out by the museum. The Smithsonian magazine is also sep- the Institution is in our shared interests.”
rate? After all, one joins the Institution as a arate from the Institution in its financ- We hope you are reading the Press because
I am so involved with the WCC (espe- member and gets the magazine as part of ing. The Institution does not subsidize it. you also share our interests. If you would
cially since I retired from actively practic- the membership. However, as she goes on Likewise WCC does not subsidize WP, like to help WCC carry out our mission to
ing law last year) that I forget there are to say, that is also their greatest mispercep- which has its own advertising (thank you educate, enlighten, and empower women
many in the community, and even in the tion. The magazine is “of the Institution” advertisers!!) and other income produc- and their families in San Luis Obispo,
feminist Women’s-Press-reading commu- not about it, as the Institution is the par- ing activities (like LunaFest and the series give us a call or send an email. We’d love
nity, who are not sure who puts out the ent of the magazine, but the articles and of workshops at the Temple). But, WCC to have your energy! And I hope you will
paper, or whose views it expresses, or who editorials are chosen by a separate editorial is ultimately responsible to the public for help us keep the WCC a vibrant, thriving
has the final say, or even, who gets the board on their merits. It is “not a mouth- WP, and we do subsidize the printing to organization in SLO that provides helpful
blame when it all goes south. I thought I piece for the Institution.” the extent revenues do not meet the costs and accurate services to our community.

Dealing With Divorce

By Robin Rinzler If we feel that
legal assistance is nec-
Owner of Core Mediation Services &
essary, or if any of
WCC board of directors member the participants ask
for legal advice, we
One of the many interesting and impor- refer them to our Pro
tant things that the Women’s Commu- Per Clinic, offered
nity Center offers the community is the the following week
Divorce Class, presented on the third
on the fourth Tuesday of every month at
Wednesday of every month at 7pm. This The mission of the WCC is: Family Law Action Committee
5:30pm. This is where legal issues can be
is an opportunity for anyone, male or • TO maintain an accessible center to
addressed. Dealing With Divorce
female, to come to the WCC and obtain collect and exchange information of
Facing a divorce can be a very emo- 3rd Wednesday of each month – 7 PM
information regarding divorce. interest and concern to women
tional time. In addition to offering prac-
We offer tips and personal experience, • TO organize and facilitate work- Jan 20, Feb 17 and Mar 17
tical advice, the Divorce Class also offers
talk about what to expect, and how to go shops, clinics, seminars, classes, and $10 donation
a supportive and accepting environment
about the process. We discuss the pros and support groups on subjects of interest
that is sensitive to the emotional needs of
cons of divorce vs. legal separation, and and need Self-Represented Litigants’ Clinic
someone looking at divorce.
talk about mediation vs. litigation. We • TO engage in and facilitate interac-
The Divorce Class is held at the Wom-
talk about when mediation is appropriate, tion among local, state, and national 4th Tuesday of each month – 5:30 PM
en’s Community Center located at 4251
and when it is not. All of this is done in a agencies and organizations working Upcoming:
S. Higuera Street, Building 800, San Luis Jan 26, Feb 23 and Mar 23
group setting. to benefit women
Obispo, where Los Osos Valley Road Reservations required.
dead-ends onto South Higuera. Call (805) $40 donation
544-9313 to sign up.
10 Women’s Community Center

What Is The WCC? How can your group help me? We

offer resources and assistance in differ-
writing, letters and poetry. The paper can
always use new writers and reporters and
treat people handling
cases without an attor-
ent areas like: Family matters, counsel- persons willing to distribute the paper ney to assist them.
By Sonia Paz Baron-Vine ing, employment, legal issues, education, every two months or find more advertis- Organize: Do you
healthcare, childcare, housing. Our refer- ers. We encourage women to submit arti- like organizing? Help
Many times, when I mention to friends rals to community agencies and orga- cles for publication at womenspress.slo@ us plan and produce
that I belong to the Women’s Community nizations, as well as our workshops and special events, such as
Center of San Luis Obispo County, I get seminars on issues important to women, Where do you do your work? We are seminars, Day With
these questions... are a source of great joy to women search- located in San Luis Obispo, California, Creative Women,
What is the WCC? Women’s Com- ing for answers. at 4251 South Higuera St. inside the SLO fundraising, and the like.
munity Center (WCC) is an all-volunteer Do you offer legal guidance? We offer Business Center. Our phone number is Manage the office: Are you willing to
organization originally founded in 1974 a monthly legal clinic for self represented 805-544-9313. donate 2 hours of your day 5 days a week
under the name of “Women’s Resource litigants. Volunteer attorneys provide one- Where can I find your website? and accept only the “pay” of free coffee, a
Center.” on-one legal advice to participants. This Email, and check few pieces of chocolate, and the satisfac-
So, what do you do? We enhance service is great for women who do not and tion of knowing you may have made a
women’s opportunities in the private and have access to money in their relation- How can I participate? We are happy difference in a woman’s life? You would
public sectors by facilitating access to ser- ships, or are unemployed and need legal to welcome new volunteers, no experience be offering a sympathetic ear to callers,
vices. We dducate women to the possibil- assistance. We also offer a monthly non- necessary; we’ll train you! checking the log for any unfinished busi-
ities in our society. We enlighten women legal divorce advice class. We maintain Staff the phones: Can you spare a few ness, making follow-up phone calls.
by facilitating communication between a court watch program, monitoring the daytime hours once a week to lend a lis- And most of all, donate!
local, state, and national organizations Family Law Courts to ensure women’s tening ear? Training is provided to help If you want to help, please go to our
that serve women’s interests. voices are heard. you be a sympathetic, nonjudgmental web page, download the volunteer-
If you are a non-profit, how do you Are you related to the Women’s resource for the many people who call app2009, complete it, and return to our
raise money? We have an annual fund- Press? Yes, we own the Women’s Press; requesting our help. office at: Women’s Community Cen-
raising day, we call it “Day with Creative we are very proud of its quality, and the Court watch: Do you have time to go ter, PO Box 15639, San Luis Obispo, CA
Women.” It is an event that celebrates impact it has on the community; our to court with our clients? You would sit 93406
women’s art, music, poetry, and all forms newspaper’s articles include WCC news, in the courtrooms and observe family law I hope all this information has been
of creative expression. Women from all calendar of events, workshop and program cases for us. We provide training and the useful to you; please help spread the word
over California meet at Mission Plaza to information, and issues of special concern observation forms needed to help us tab- about the WCC.
sell art, perform music, and network. to women. It is also a forum for creative ulate instances of bias in how the courts Thank you!

Winter’s Wind
By Sonia Paz Baron-Vine the cancer hurting you,
the chemo poisoning you,
Driving in the rain And me...
at night.. praying to all the goddesses
blurred colorful lights in the middle of the park
pass me by away from everyone
holiday leftover crying under the rain
from diehard neighbors.... screaming to the winter’s
It is winter in Central California wind to ask mother earth
and I am cold, I also cry easily to heal you...
lately... because my son is sick... My tears are salty
It is hard to keep a cheerful face they fall copiously
when inside of me I have from my tired eyes
this heavy heart... down to my neck
You my oldest son, as I search the stars
once bright, witty, strong for an answer...
now sad, sarcastic, weak

Graphic by marchecco
Women’s Press January & February 2010 Motherhood 11

A Sign on a Door Attached Parenting

Photo by Kathryn Lane Berkowitz

By Jennifer Stover up hanging on a door in a maternity ward, it

is helpful to look at a little history. Perhaps

“Because the Physicians at Aspen Wom-

en’s Center care about the quality of their
one of the worst times for birthing women
in this country occurred during the era when
doctors stopped going to their patients and
Principle 4: Use A Nurturing Touch
patient’s deliveries and are very concerned medicine became more centralized. Driven
about the welfare and health of your unborn by the discovery of germs to be feared and
child, we will not participate in a “Birth a culture that turned away from individual- By Lisa Jouet allowed us to carry our girl on the front, side,
Contract”, a Doula Assisted, or Bradley ization and toward efficiency, hospital pro- or back; we loved it and so did she. Having
Method delivery. For those patients who are tocols turned birth from a family event into Attachment parenting is heartily demon- her on us enabled us to cook, go for walks,
interested in such methods, please notify the the business of birth. Culturally women were strated by the use of nurturing touch. This attend a festival or two, and even work a
nurse so we may arrange transfer of your trained to acquiesce to male authority fig- begins when a newborn baby is held close to little. My husband and I felt so right about
care.” ures and so they passively allowed the process her mother’s chest. An un-medicated new- having our baby close to us, and she seemed
A photo of this sign has been posted on of birthing babies to be taken over, fathers born is generally very alert for at least an so happy being held, too.
the internet and has created a stir in the pro- were excluded, rigid hospital routines were hour or so after birth. During this special I have also given my daughter short mas-
natural birth community. Wow! So here is a followed, and male doctors dominated the time, “feel-good” emotions and hormones sages with body lotion after her bath for a
hospital being completely upfront with their scene. are stimulated by the warm touches between few years now. She doesn’t mind the mini-
beliefs: natural childbirth is less safe, labor- Then the Sixties arrived and with it the mother and baby. What many people may massages, but she doesn’t love them either.
ing moms and dads do not have the right women’s movement, hippies, and the pro- not realize is nurturing touch continues Perhaps she will enjoy it more later in life
to make their own choices during the birth test era. Into this powerful mix walked Dr. every day after birth into toddlerhood and when she can differentiate between being on
process regarding the safety of their babies, Bradley and Dr. Lamaze to spearhead the even into adulthood. the go and winding down. She loves brief
and they cannot bring into the process any “natural” birth movement here and abroad. My daughter was carried first in a sling, tickling sessions, and her father and I always
outside professionals who do believe in the Although their “methods” differed, they then a soft carrier, and today, at three and a listen to her verbal and non-verbal cues
safety of natural birth. As a doula, I am both both believed two things: the sensations of half years old, still enjoys being on our backs that tell us she wants more or she has had
shocked and glad they are being this straight birth can be handled without pain medica- in a soft carrier. Truthfully, she did not seem enough. I have heard wrestling is another
forward. Many hospitals and medical profes- tion, and a husband’s help is vitally impor- to like the sling as a newborn unless we were positive form of touch between parents and
sionals share these same beliefs, but they are tant to the process. Through their books and walking around. She soon grew accustomed their kids when they get older. Other forms
not so open about it. The women in Aspen training of out of hospital birth educators, to it and would usually fall asleep in it after of nurturing touch our daughter enjoys are
who take a tour of this facility before they they changed maternity care in this country breastfeeding. Later, in the front carrier, we sitting on our shoulders, piggy-back rides,
make a choice about where to birth their by creating consumers, moms and dads, who started out with her facing us. She was able bath-time, hand-washing, playing doctor,
babies can decide for themselves if the phi- demanded changes. to turn away from external activities if she story-time, and dancing together, especially
losophy of birth expressed here is a good Fathers went from being completely wanted to rest, or she would turn and see when we imitate ballet dancers.
match for them. Luckily, I was able to find excluded and made to sit anxiously wait- what was going on if she was wide awake and I encourage everyone to practice nur-
one other hospital in the Provo Utah area ing in a separate room to being required to rested. Eventually, she only wanted to face turing touch with all of the special people
where the Aspen Women’s Center is located, be an active participant at their child’s birth. the world in the front carrier but soon grew in your life, especially your children and
so women do have a choice. Women showed doctors it was possible to too heavy for both my husband’s and my your partner. Making time for these special
At the root of this sign are two men, Dr. experience labor without being rescued by shoulders and backs. We took our friend up moments will create bonds and memories
Robert Bradley and Dr. Fernand Lamaze, but pain medication; birthing in up right posi- on an offer to borrow her soft carrier, which that will last a lifetime.
to understand why a sign like this would end
Continued in SIGN, page 22
12 Motherhood Women’s Press January & February 2010

Welcome (Home)
By Diane Halsted comfortable—or I should say, because he has
never tried it, he doesn’t think he would feel
I am always delighted when one of my chil- comfortable—sleeping in his sister’s room.
dren comes to visit and just as delighted He sleeps on the sofa bed in the sitting room
when he or she leaves. Even when they were which limits my access to television and sew-
still in college and hadn’t lived away from ing machine. I tolerate this inconvenience
home long, I felt like this. I miss my chil- because I so want him to come, to feel wel-
dren tremendously and I welcome them, but come and comfortable.
togetherness calls for compromises from us If parents have moved, homecoming
both. Make no mistake about it: Once your presents other challenges. Adult children
child has moved away, once your child is come only to see their parents, not to “come
your adult child, he or she is a visitor. home.” My parents left our family home
When my children lived at home, they after I finished college. In their new home, By Lisa Pimentel Johnson human nature is explored and this time it
had chores to do, helped with cooking, no space had been mine and I felt as the visi- involves an old, grumpy lady, Miss Whitaker,
shared in creating our routines. Now when tor, not the returning child. They had to give Normally I would not review the same who lives on their street. Through Stillwater’s
they visit, I shop, cook more than usual, wait directions to the grocery store and tell me author for three books, but he is really good! patience and example, all the children and
around for them to come back from an out- where to find pots in the kitchen. It is a new year and we all could use a lit- Miss Whitaker have an attitude adjustment.
ing, reschedule activities because I want to When my children, now thirty-some- tle “zen” in our lives. Zen is a Japanese word Being an environmentalist, I also enjoyed the
be with them, and change my eating habits. thing, visit, we talk early on about our plans that means “meditation,” and all of these tag line about the disposable cup. After reus-
I become the hostess. They don’t, of course, so we know what to expect. They ask if I have books abound with enlightenment and love. ing the same paper cup during his visit, as
ask me to do any of this, but it is what one jobs I’d like done. Sometimes we must share The first book by Jon J Muth, called, Zen Koo is leaving to return home, he tells Still-
does when one has company. And let me say my car. They considerately tell me how long Shorts, has won the Caldecott Honor award water, “Nearing my visit’s end / summer now
it again: This adult child, this fruit of your they plan to be away when they go out and and is a delightful, tastes of apple tea /
womb, is now your guest. call if their return will be later: They know gentle story about I will keep my cup,”
For parents who still live in the home my mother’s ears kick in immediately, and I a wise Panda bear all in perfect Haiku
where their children grew up as I do, home- worry at every siren. In short, I treat them named Stillwater. of course!
coming presents challenges. My son’s bed- with the same considerations I give all my Stillwater becomes The third book,
room is now my study and my daughter’s guests, and they show the same respect other friends with three The Three Questions,
bedroom is a guest room. Except for my son, guests do. Adults taking pleasure in each oth- c h i l d r e n — A d d y, is based on a story
guests stay in the guest room. He doesn’t feel er’s company, we enjoy our visits. Michael, and Karl— by Leo Tolstoy. In
when he moves into Muth’s version, a
their neighborhood. young boy ponders
Miscarriage Again Blood drips from my uterus spilling
the naked truth.
Each curious child
comes over to his
three questions to
his companions, the
Again, I try. house to discover and heron, monkey, and
By Gina Carmen Turley Again, Blood drips from my inside, ripping play with the giant dog. The questions
my heart-leftover garbage- strips broken friendly bear. Still- are:
I wanted you to taste my life like I tasted heart left scarred. water calmly eases • When is the best
yours. Again, I try. into telling each of time to do things?
The thought of your vibration sent music to Death before the birth. them a story about • Who is the most
my steps. Again, I try. human nature. This important one?
You and me and all of the family that waited It isn’t me. book is an excellent teaching tool for parents • What is the right thing to do?
for you-inside you were already mine. I can heal. and children to talk about our own lives and The answers he receives does not ease his
Inside you were only a spirit. My body may come with me and celebrate the reactions given the same situations in the angst, so he journeys onward, seeking the
Inside me- connection to spirit. another birth or not. book. It is an opportunity to share values and wise old turtle. Before he can get his answers,
build character as we strive to understand a huge storm blasts through the mountains
Baby Baby, where did you go? Tears may come and tears may go. ourselves. In the end, it is how all the chil- and cries for help are heard by the boy. While
Why did the blood spell out the failure of nature has a way of telling us. dren and Stillwater are connected in life and rescuing a mother and child, he is led to the
my body? We are okay. the living of it! answers he has been searching for.
Was it my past? nature has a way of telling us. The second book, Zen Ties, also stars my All the illustrations in these books are
Was it the hormones trapped in chemicals, Love heals. new favorite Panda bear, Stillwater. This time exquisite watercolors and elegant ink draw-
torn with age, mixed up with emotions? nature has a way of telling us. his nephew, Koo, comes visiting and only ings. The simplicity of the images are beau-
Who made this decision? We are special. speaks Haiku style. Every time tiful, and he often used his own family as
Was it DNA? Koo said something, it was as a short poem of models.
Was it God? May I feel your spirit in mine little precious. three lines, usually stressing five, then seven, My advice is to buy all three of these
Was it my unconscious or was it his? Dancing on Earth or dancing in Heaven. then five syllables. The result is an engaging books and be reminded of the unexpected in
Today or tomorrow. little bear who speaks succinctly! Once again, the ordinary.
Do not leave me precious little...
Again, I try. naturally.
Women’s Press January & February 2010 Voices 13


A Monthly Series of Spiritual Workshops

Save the World

Temple Beth David, 10180 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo
Third Thursday of Each Month • 7-9 pm • $20 suggested donation
Contact or (805) 541-6874 for more information.

In the new year, what are you

not going to give up?

Photo by Sanja Gjenero January Workshop February Workshop

Jill Turnbow Kelly Swanson
Hope. Cookie dough and full-fat lattes are stay- Would you like to step into the new year freer An imaginative journey (aka guided medi-
ing in my life! than ever before? Are there recurring themes tation), expressive art, and group discussion
Gina Whitaker and patterns that keep replaying in your life? that will explore how to move co-creatively
I am working hard to meet my goal of los- Jen Kaplan Do you feel that you would like to move for- into the New Way. We will attempt to attain
ing 70 pounds. I started May 4, 2009 with I am not giving up working with women ward but don’t know how? Are you actively the perspective of a blank canvas and new-
Weight Watchers, and am halfway there. I in the community to know their bodies when writing the script for your life? born babe. Bring a paper map of the geo-
am NOT going to give up my journey to a pregnant and to have faith in the natural pro- Come and explore the concept of energy graphical area you live in that can be cut up
work and of how things are storied in our and painted on, and wear comfortable casual
healthier, lighter me in the New Year!! cess of birth. Even though I have a family and
bodies. Using her training as a healer and clothing. All other art supplies provided.
am really busy, I will not give up my advo- shaman, Terri will open a sacred space to
Amy Aldinger cacy for what I know is right and helpful for explore and discuss the nature of healing at Jennifer Star is a certified CJEA instructor
Wine. all women. the various levels of our being; physical, men- through Dr. Lucia Capacchione’s Creative Jour-
tal, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. nal Expressive Arts certification training pro-
Katy Meter Tasha Johnson When we embark on our personal jour- gram (2003), trained in the mid 1990’s with the
My faith in humankind. I will continue to Nothing! I never give up anything for ney of healing we begin to shed the past and late Tamara Slayton (1950 - 2003) in “Reclaim-
focus on countless acts of kindness and good- New Years, which is why I am, once again, become more present to this divine moment, ing the Menstrual Matrix” feminine mysteries,
will counteracting all the negativity reported not going to sacrifice anything in my life. I and can then story a new life for ourselves and with Dr. Connie Kaplan’s Dream Circle
by the media. Many blessing to us all in the love who I am, what I do, and the decisions and those around us, even our world. Leader Course in 2007 to become a dream circle
upcoming year. I make. Everything I do—whether good or leader that focuses on the collective dream. She
bad—is part of my life story: unfolding with Terrie Miley is a local healer, teacher and is currently president of the Creativity Club at
Leslie St. John grace, determination, and acceptance. musician on the central coast who has studied Cambria’s Joslyn Adult Recreation Center and
I will not give up red wine, dark choco- with Alberto Villoldo, PhD, author of Shaman, director of the Peace Pie Mandala Project. She
Healer & Sage and creator of Healing the Light has also recently launched her latest endeavor
late, and at least one media guilty pleasure— Next issue question: Body School. She is trained in the traditions of via the world wide web - 13 New Moons: A
currently, Mad Men. the medicine of the Inca, South America and journal of self-discovery within the lunar cycle.
What book has
the Shamans of Peru; she is a graduate from The For more information on all the various proj-
Anonymous changed your life? Fourwinds Healing the Light Body Program. ects Jennifer is involved in please visit her main
I am not giving up chocolate or sex!
E-mail responses to website at
14 Local Perspectives Women’s Press January & February 2010

Brain Candy
By Lisa Pimentel Johnson

While waiting to find a job, I pursued explor-

ing the right side of my brain. Soon I had
all three extension leaves permanently set in
the dining table and canvases, brushes, and
acrylic pots of kaleidoscope colors were like
confetti covering the space. Sometimes the
art flowed easily from my brain to my hand.
Other times, I grinded my teeth and tried to
slow down my hand. But always there was
something missing in this new colorful sat-
uration of my life. It was an emptiness that
charcoal, Monet, or a Rodin sculpture could
not fill. I noticed my verbal repartee was dis-
appearing in silence, and I was worrying that
all the rubber cement glue fumes were burn-
ing up my brain cells.
As I was sharing a gluten free pizza with
my daughter, in between bites of oozing
mozzarella, we chatted about psychology. I
was shocked that I could string a few words
together, and I actually could feel my brain
snap alive and hum with happy noises. I was
dusting off words I hadn’t used in months
and even stumbled over their pronunciation
a few times. I felt like I could write a book
about motherhood and psychology interwo-
ven with humor, sadness, and hope.
I crave brain candy. I need to use my
brain in challenging ways and feed it all the
time. With this new insight, I am going
back to school for a Masters in Psychol- Her experience with budgets, policies, tech- which seeks to raise awareness and funds to
ogy to attain licensure as a Marriage Family By Berta Parrish nical writing, project management, and strengthen the library system, and she chairs
Therapist. My brain sugar rush will be learn- long-range planning are all being used in the FOL Liaison Committee with the Foun-
ing and pushing beyond all my comfortable If a bibliophile is a lover of books, then Pat her current role as Vice-Chair of the Sys- dation.
boundaries. Art will always be stylizing my Williams deserves a broader descriptor as tem Advisory Board (SAB) of the Black Gold Even with the strain of cutbacks on the
life, but engaging my brain will be the sweet- a lover of libraries. Perhaps librairephile can Cooperative Library System. If you have ever staff, volunteers, and programs, Pat remains
est gift to my life! be especially coined for her. From owning checked out a book, you know about this dedicated and optimistic. “In spite of all the
just two books as a child, Pat is now vitally fantastic three-county system. SAB board sadness and concern about how to keep the
interested in the countless books, periodicals, members advise the Administrative Council libraries an integral part of the communi-
films, CDs, computers, and reference materi- about the needs and concerns of the people ties, I don’t lose my enthusiasm,” she states.
als in SLO county and the people who use it serves by working with the Friends of the “It’s something that I love with all my heart.
them. Her many and varied volunteer posi- Library (FOL), groups of ten of the twelve And you don’t abandon something you love,
tions with the public library system fuels her county libraries. like a marriage that’s going through a rough
enthusiasm to make information easily acces- With the unfortunate recent public time. If you’re going to stay committed and
sible for everyone. However, her passion goes library budget cuts, we are very fortunate involved, it has to be something you love.”
beyond this intellectual commitment. that Pat is contributing her time and exper- From raising money for two local librar-
“For me, a library is a sacred place,” she tise to the increased need for volunteers and ies through craft fairs and bookstore sales, to
explains. “I will swoop into a library in a for more involved Friends of the Library serving on boards and foundations, Pat Wil-
rush, and I’m often caught off guard with organizations. In 2007, Pat conducted a liams is one of the nearly 600 volunteers who
how special the space feels. There’s history SAB-sponsored workshop for the SLO, Santa donate their time to an SLO library within
in these buildings. They hold our past, our Barbara, and Ventura County’s FOL organi- a given week. Even though they are doing
future, and our present. Education, family, zations which focused on recruitment, effec- what they love, we, the recipients of their
discovering your roots, becoming historically tive volunteer/staff relations, and creative work, are grateful. So, the next time you see
connected. All these and more are found in a fundraising ideas. She also formed a “San a volunteer shelving a book or contributing
library.” Luis Obispo FOL Presidents group” so they as a Friend of your library, spread the love
After a 33-year career in biomedical can coordinate activities, share information, by telling that librairephile how much you
research, Pat retired as a Health Policy Ana- and learn from one another. Doing even appreciate them.
lyst at the National Institutes of Health in more, she serves as a Director on the Foun-
Maryland and moved to Creston in 2001. dation for SLO County Public Libraries,
Women’s Press January & February 2010 Local Perspectives 15

Local Green Solutions

for Saving Energy
(and Money) at Home
Graphic by Kostya Kisleyko
By Kathleen Deragon

ow energy efficient is your home
and how can you best find out? Paul Menconi
Have a whole house performance Energy Efficiency Solutions
specialist come in and do an energy audit.
Because a home auditor is an independent 805-541-0367
inspection agency and does not sell products
or services beyond the home energy inspec- • Not all compact fluorescent bulbs are at night Troy Spindler
tions, so they are not motivated to sell you created equal. • Using non-toxic cleaners and clear- Green House
anything. They are just providing informa- • A water catchments system can provide ing out the ones that have accumulated
tion to help you make the wisest decisions you with gray water or rainwater for under your sink or in a laundry room 805-704-5771
for your particular situation. However, they watering your garden. • Using lamps for task lighting
can recommend products they have used and • You can contribute to the air quality in • Opening windows to cool off your liv- Ed Warner
in which they have confidence. your home by replacing carpet with tile, ing spaces Insight Builders
bamboo, cork, or linoleum floors and
What might you find out? using area rugs. If you want carpet, use There is no one solution that fits all: it 805-474-4139
• Air leakage is one of the most overlooked natural fibers. always depends on a multitude of factors
sources of energy inefficiency. According • Water quality is not an easy issue. We unique to your home. Kathleen Deragon is a member of the South
to the US Department of Energy, 40% have hard water here, but is the use of Building science is a relatively new field, County Initiating Group for Transition San
of all your heating and cooling energy is water softeners and purifiers worth the so many of the assumptions that are the basis Luis Obispo County, part of a fast-growing
lost through leaks, either in your duct- financial and environmental cost? And for current building codes or practices are international network of communities that
work or through the house itself. are chlorine and fluoride safe? outdated. are each implementing their own plan for cre-
• You’re losing more air from around your • Green plants improve air quality in a The tenets of green building relate to ating sustainable projects such as utilization
recessed lighting than you are from your home. indoor air quality, energy conservation, and of local food, building energy efficient trans-
windows and doors. the sustainability of building materials and portation systems and buildings, finding and
• While a tankless hot water heater can Passive solution strategies include: furnishings. creating renewable energy sources, and other
give you unlimited hot water, it may not • “Clear storey” windows and solar tubes Relatively inexpensive and easy solutions projects. Community goals are to increase local
save you money. There are other efficient that add light without adding heat for the most common problems may include self-reliance, moving away from dependence
water heaters and recirculating pumps • Overhangs and awnings that shade win- replacing incandescent lamps with compact on shrinking supplies of fossil fuels and lower-
systems that may serve you better. dows during the summer fluorescent bulbs; sealing air leaks; improv- ing our impact on the environment in response
• Cleaning your refrigerator coils and low- • Outside screens and inside curtains that ing insulation; buying Energy Star appliances to climate change. Within these goals, mem-
ering the temperature inside can save also keep heat out of the house including a more efficient hot water heater; bers of the Transition movement seek to create
you money. • Plants on west-facing walls that can buying low flow and/or double flush toilets; a purposeful, well-planned transition to a posi-
• Adding insulation before you adequately block the sun, reducing home tempera- adding plants inside your home to improve tive future based on community collaboration.
seal an attic or walls reduces the effi- tures air quality; and having window coverings Go to and http://transi-
ciency of the added insulation. • In certain situations, adding tile to the that block heat and UV rays. more information
• Air exchangers can enable you to control floor or additional wallboard to walls Three local businesses that offer about the Transition Town Movement. Or call
how and where your house breathes. to stabilize temperatures, making the energy efficiency information and green solu- Kathleen at 805-474-6444.
house cooler during the day and warmer tions are:
16 Local Perspectives Women’s Press January & February 2010

Nothing Serious A Volunteers Perspective

Just Say I Do
By Jill Turnbow I believed I had thought of everything,
having made several lists, and gone over
everything in my head. I even thought to
I took on a new role recently. Something I bring a second pair of shoes. In the first hour
have prepared for all my life. I was recently I had rubbed a blister the size of the bou-
asked to serve as “Wedding Coordinator” for quet. I realized that if you’re not the bride,
a dear friend. She believed I would be per-
fect for the job, and at the time I felt she was
absolutely correct. I knew that the previous
no one cares about your feet, so nobody
noticed the slippers. But I also learned that
you can’t control everything, especially if the
27 weddings I had been in (and no, I’m not
lying, I have seriously been in 27 weddings)
gave me the experience I would need to pull
wedding is outdoors. Who knew the neigh-
bor’s dog could run that fast down the cen-
ter aisle and almost lift his leg on the Bride’s
off the blessed event. And up to that point, I father. Who knew a branch would fall from
had done everything but sing (and I feel safe a tree and smack his girlfriend in the head?
in knowing no one is going to ask me to do Neither of those things were on my list. And
that), but I had never been a “coordinator“! neither required medical attention, so we sol-
Then she said, “you’re perfect because you’re diered on.
so bossy; you’ll keep my crazy family in line.” But you have to love a wedding. It’s a joy-
So in one fell swoop, I went from Madame ous occasion. A proclamation of undying
Director to Referee. love, a vow to live out your life together as a
This lovely outdoor ceremony came with couple…a vow witnessed by two step-moms,
a very strict seating arrangement. “You can a Mom, a Dad, a step-dad, Dad’s girlfriend,
NOT let my mother and father get anywhere Mom’s third husband. Welcome to the fami-
Photo taken at Sunny Acres
near each other!” the Bride commanded. lies, you two. I wish you the best.
“And keep Grandma out of the champagne!”
But in all honesty, while she thought her Jill would just like to say that if anyone in the By Matt Lombardini sequently, when the county condemned the
family would misbehave, I found them all family is reading this…I kid. I love you Amber! Volunteer, Sunny Acres, Inc. building, citing code violations, the residents
charming and agreeable. But I was only there Thank you for letting me be a part of your were forced back into the campers and trail-
for two hours. That’s the beauty of the job. beautiful day! Whether homeless people are better off in ers, and many left—traumatize--returning to
the creek or in what modern society deems to the creek sides where they formerly lived.
be sub-standard structure’s not built to code, Unless the laws are relaxed and fees are
is an ethical matter not a legal issue. Laws are reduced for required permits, the idea of
often passed that are put forth for the benefit ending homelessness in our county with the
of the people by the people. However, there assistance of non-profit agencies may never

are times when extenuating circumstances be realized. In many ways Sunny Acres rep-
exist which may override the law. I believe resents a time gone by when it was ok for
this to be the case regarding Sunny Acres and one man to help another with what he had
Dan De Vaul’s actions. Mr. De Vaul is a bit to work with. In light of this, I believe the
By Jean Gerard and dances and the wild rush of a renegade. It is precisely because of this current system warrants serious examination
of marriage in-laws births quality that he has been able to stand up to of the way we address issues such as home-
It takes a dream to stir the heart feeding bathing nurturing. the powers that be and do what he feels he is lessness in our county and throughout the
of woman’s love and longing. Then daughter’s teen-age bloom, “morally and spiritually obligated” to do in Country.
It takes the night to wake her shades her eager risk and asking if and when order to help people less fortunate then him- “The poor who have neither property,
of dulling memory and regret. and how, and what am I? Are you? self and others. He presents a challenge to friends, nor strength to labor are boarded in
Next come the words to shine Mixed signals, click of stilted heels the status quo and this is what sets him apart the houses of good farmers, to whom a stipu-
a light on terms, mixed assignations: lipstick smiles and painted nails from many others. This is a man who stands lated sum is annually paid. To those who are
mother daughter sister crone and stern denial of white hair by what he believes in and does not waver. able to help themselves a little or have friends
goldilocks grandmother wolf and that sad insidious awareness The only thing Mr. De Vaul is guilty of is from whom they derive some succor, inad-
before the beautiful parade of a narrowing tenuous future acting from a place of decency and concern equate however to their full maintenance,
files past, attenuated on life’s tilted as many moons fill and lapse for his fellow man. He watched as the county supplementary aids are given which enable
runways, dropping lace perfume and the woman gives up breath condemned the campers and trailers people them to live comfortably in their own houses
petals buttons snaps and ruffles and passes into the woods alone, were living in on his property. While the or in the houses of their friends. Vagabonds
twirling back on youth and games yet fit to burst with loving. county was unwilling to help with this pro- without visible property or vocation, are placed
cess by simply allowing the required use and in work houses, where they are well clothed,
building permits to construct legal housing, fed, lodged, and made to labor.”—Thomas Jef-
he opted to build a converted barn for the ferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XIV, 1782. ME
formerly homeless residents to live in. Con- 2:184
Women’s Press January & February 2010 Local Perspectives 17

Don’t Let Information

Gaps Sap Your
Business Success

Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian

By Adele Sommers process of modifying your documentation.

It also makes documents easy for employ-
Many of us struggle daily with absent or ees, customers, or both to access with just a
incomplete facts and data within our own few keystrokes. By requiring your personnel
organizations or in relation to communica- to retrieve and use the latest official versions
tions from vendors and service suppliers. immediately, you’ll avoid problems with out-
Sometimes we can feel as if we’re running dated procedures that can cause waste or
around like chickens with our heads cut off, confusion.
trying to locate even one piece of timely and 3. Overhaul any overly complex proce-
accurate advice! dures by simplifying, automating, or even
Is your organization experiencing situa- eliminating them. The simpler you can make
tions in which people seem to be routinely your processes, the better. That alone can
misinformed about how things work -- and lead to higher quality and faster delivery, a
are thereby giving habitually incorrect guid- shorter learning curve for mastering a job
ance to colleagues, clients, and customers? or using a product, and far greater employee
Information gaps can cause profound rip- and customer satisfaction.
ple effects in areas such as product and ser- 4. Give personnel access to job support
vice quality, communication, safety, morale, systems. Examples include printed job aids,
and customer satisfaction, to name a few. So, quick reference guides, online assistance,
with regard to your own organization, ask or other reminders that people can refer to
yourself: quickly and conveniently -- whether they
Are employees stymied by missing, dis- work at a desk, workstation, lab, customer
organized, or inaccurate information? Does site, or in the field.
everyone constantly need to guess or impro- 5. Troubleshoot any clogged communica-
vise the data, standards, schedules, or proce- tions that may be delaying or distorting criti-
dures to do their jobs? cal employee broadcasts. If everyone doesn’t
Are customers complaining about non- hear the same thing at the same time, a disor-


existent or deficient product instructions or ganized reaction and poor morale can result.
about misleading, delayed, or incomplete This includes documenting and distributing
customer status updates? meeting summaries so that everyone knows
If either answer is “yes,” look for ways to what decisions were made and who has
close these gaps before they sap your busi- agreed to complete follow-up actions.
ness! In conclusion, by systematically provid-
ing access to key information, you can avert CREATE THE BEST NEWSPAPER
Five Ways to Eliminate Information Gaps potential disasters, bolster employee morale
and customer satisfaction, and cement a solid
1. Compile a complete set of current and
accurate procedures, standards, schedules, foundation for business success. ON THE CENTRAL COAST!
facts, and data needed to do each type of job.
Adele Sommers, Ph.D. is a business perfor-
If your standards or regulations vary depend-
ing on the types of products you produce,
publish clear instructions on when and how
mance consultant who helps entrepreneurs align
their life passions with their business purpose.
Earn extra $$$ as an Advertising Rep
to apply them.
2. Be sure documentation libraries are
She also guides organizations through “tactical
tune-ups” and “strategic makeovers” in individ-
ual or group sessions. Contact her today for a
Join the Staff of the Women’s Press
accessible and updated regularly. Maintain-
ing your libraries electronically -- either free initial consultation at Adele@LearnShare- We could always use help in many different areas!, or 805-462-2199.
online or in a database -- can streamline the Contact for more details.
18 NOW News Women’s Press January & February 2010

This Page Presented by the National Organization for Women

The purpose of NOW is to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW !

Coordinator’s Corner Calendar

February 4:
• Birthday of Betty Friedan, 1921, first
president of NOW
By Angie King January 1: February 11:
aration for Obama to do away with this odi-
ous discrimination against the military. • Birthday of Betsy Ross, 1752 • Founding of first women’s college, Mt.
Where is the outrage? Why aren’t we out in And it is discriminatory against women January 11: Holyoke, 1836
the streets! Haven’t things gotten bad enough disproportionately. Women have received • Birthday of Alice Paul, 1885, author of February 12:
yet? Think of the bought-and-sold big cor- 61% of the DADT discharges for the Air ERA • Founding NAACP, 1909
poration money politics we now have: gov- Force even though they represent only 20% January 13: February 15:
ernment by the highest bidder, plundering of the branch; 36% of the Army’s, where they • Birthday of Charlotte Ray, 1850, first • Birthday of Susan B. Anthony, 1820
for their own greed without regard for the are only 14% of the service; 23% of the Navy black woman attorney in , admitted to February 16:
people they are supposed to represent. Think discharges, where they are 18%; and 18% of bar, 1872 • NOW regular meeting, 6 PM
of the degradation of the planet being done the Marines, where they are only 6 % of the January 18: February 17:
in the name of consumerism and trade bal- total force. • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebrated • Birthday of Marian Anderson, 1902,
ances. Think of the wasted money in wars Why? According to the Palm Center January 19: opera star
and war machinery, when there are people research, the disproportionately female “out- • NOW regular meeting, 6 PM February 18:
starving on the streets here at home, jobless, ing” comes at least partly from the “macho” January 25: • Birthday of Toni Morrison, 1931, Pulit-
homeless and hopeless. culture of the military that sees women and • Birthday of Virginia Woolf, 1882 zer winner, 1988
Where are the Thomas Paines, the Dan- gays as a threat to the male identity. Often February is Black History Month February 21:
iel Websters, Sojourner Truths, or Susan B. the result of rebuffed sexual harassment is a February 3: • Malcolm X assassinated, NYC, 1965
Anthonys? Have we become so immersed in complaint that she is lesbian, leading to an • Birthday of Gertrude Stein, 1874
iphones and Facebook accounts that no one investigation of her sexual orientation.
cares if democracy sinks into plutocracy? And, we already know that 1 in 3 women
Speaking of the war, the “Don’t Ask, in the military has been sexually assaulted.
Don’t Tell” policy (DADT) is still in place, The “hotline” to report such assaults is a NOW Chapter # CA 565
making gays and lesbians hide in the closet 24-hour message recording. The majority of PO Box 1306, SLO, CA 93406
if they want to serve in the military. Con- assaults are not even reported as it is another SLONOW @
gress passed the law in 1993, and Obama says case of “blame the victim” and the end of her
Congress has to repeal it, but, according to a military career. Women have been reported
think tank specializing in research on gender, dying from dehydration rather than consume General Meetings
sexuality, and the military, The Palm Cen- liquids causing them to have to urinate after 1060 Palm St., SLO
ter in Santa Barbara, the law can be repealed dark, as the latrines are the scene of most
unilaterally by the President under an earlier assaults. 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm
law that permits the commander in chief to Isn’t it time we spoke out against all this
suspend any law relating to military promo-
tion, retirement, and separation. The “Don’t
outrage!! You can join NOW and take action!
Check out the website for things you can do: Get Involved — Join NOW!
Ask, Don’t Tell” law requires the military to
separate any openly gay member from mili- Start with attending a local NOW meet- San Luis Obispo Chapter
tary service. It would seem to come within ing (see clip out info on this page) and come National Organization for Women
the authority to suspend laws relating to sep- to the Roe v Wade Town Hall and make your
voice heard for choice. Every woman doesn’t have to join NOW,
just the 142 million who are discriminated against!

Goals Name: _ ______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________
• Support reproductive choice
• Work to eliminate all violence against
City/St/ZIP: ___________________________________________
women Phone: ________________________________________________
• Fight against sexual harassment Regular Dues ….$40, Sliding Scale…..$15-39
• Encourage tolerance and diversity
• Promote feminist issues
• Commemorate Roe v Wade (Jan 22) Send your check and this form to Amount enclosed: _____________
• Celebrate Women’s Equality Day
(Aug 26) PO Box 1306
• Participate in Farmer’s Market SLO, CA 93406 Chapter # CA 565
• Support feminist politics
Women’s Press January & February 2010 NOW News 19

Photos by Sas Van Veen

Remembering Woodstock 40 years later – At the Intersection of Sexism
with an Eco-Feminist Twist and Racism – SisterSong
From the CA NOW web page: the time of Woodstock, spoke to the crowd By Angie King They are one of the major proponents of
about NOW’s action plans to help heal the Reproductive Justice, the complete physical,
A world class music event took place in earth. The current CA NOW president, At the rally in Washington DC held to pro- mental, spiritual, political, economic, and
Golden Gate Park in San Francisco in Octo- Patty Bellasalma, noted that NOW was born test the inclusion of restrictive language social well-being of women and girls, which
ber 2009 to commemorate the 40 years since out of the Woodstock generation and it was against abortion in the health care reform will be achieved only when women and
Woodstock, the biggest and most famous a wonderful honor to take part in this truly bill, busloads of women were present girls have the economic, social, and political
music festival in the US, which took place joyful celebration of 40 amazing years for through the organizing efforts of SisterSong. power and resources to make healthy deci-
in upstate New York in 1969, in the driv- feminism. I had heard only vaguely of the group before sions about our bodies, sexuality, and repro-
ing rain. More than 50,000 people flooded “Pharmaceutical corporations, grocers, and knew it was a feminist activist organiza- duction for ourselves, our families, and our
Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park in coal, gas and chemicals all have their power- tion, but I really didn’t know much more. communities in all areas of our lives.
much better weather than the original, to ful armada of lobbyists,” she said in response This year is turning out to be a critical Isn’t that what we all want?
hear such legendary Woodstock original acts to the question of why feminism is valid forty juncture in the fight for progress for women I say SisterSong is at the intersection
as Jefferson Starship, Country Joe McDon- years later. “Women and girls have NOW; and once again, our bodies are on the line, of sexism and racism, because SisterSong
ald, Ray Manzarek (from The Doors), and we lobby in the interest of women and girls literally, with the abortion debate. Sister- is the only national coalition in the U.S. of
many more. in Washington and local legislatures. It is us Song is an organization that understands women of color organizations working to
Echoing the revolutionary 60’s anti-war who you call if you want to bring attention repression and discrimination. Founded in ensure reproductive justice for communi-
gatherings that happened in the panhandle and funding to feminist issues; we strive to 1997 and based in Atlanta GA, SisterSong is ties of color. Constituent groups include
of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, the give the grassroots a voice in how this coun- comprised of “women of color from many Asian Women’s Health Collective, Indige-
West Fest: 40th Anniversary of Woodstock try is run.” cultures and orientations who may sing dif- nous Women’s Health Clinics, Latina Health
was a celebration of exciting artists with new A number of artists performed on the ferent songs yet we all sing the women’s song Organization, Black Women’s Health Proj-
ideals and a psychedelic nostalgia of the past. CA NOW stage, including Pamela Barker, in harmony, from the same score, on the ect, and others.
The CA NOW and San Francisco chapter Aradhana Silvermoon, WomenROCK, and same sheet of music,” according to one of Reproductive justice is essential to a wom-
of NOW in collaboration with West Fest, the Druid Sisters’ Tea Party dancers. As part the founders, Juanita Williams. Their motto an’s self-determination for herself, her family,
Green Zone Productions, and Rock the Bike of NOW’s grassroots edutainment effort, is “Doing Collectively What We Cannot Do and her community. Regulating reproduc-
presented a family friendly stage with world- they widely distributed “herstory,” a rowdy Individually.” tive decisions of women of color is a central
class acts, an off-the-grid, eco-friendly bike- compilation music CD featuring: Goddess The mission of the SisterSong Women of aspect of racial, class, and gender oppres-
powered stage, amenities for children such as Alchemy Project, Kim Manning, Aradhana Color Reproductive Health Collective is to sion in the U.S. It results in the control and
a napping tent, free face painting, a crafting Silvermoon, Roots A’Risin’, Pamela Parker, “strengthen and amplify the collective voices exploitation of women and girls through our
tent, and much more. and Polly “RadWoman” Wood. The limited of Indigenous women and women of color bodies, our sexuality, and our labor.
The amplification for this music stage was production of herstory, an album released to so that we may secure our human rights, and SisterSong’s goal is to eliminate reproduc-
powered by women riding bicycles! “Our NOW members and the broader support- thus achieve reproductive justice. We fight tive oppression. They are building a move-
eco-feminism bike-powered stage brings ive community, celebrates women in music equally for the right to bear – or not to bear ment that poses a strong, countervailing
attention to the relationship between femi- addressing topics from menstruation to – a child, along with the subsequent and nec- moral and political vision to the hypocritical
nism and the earth,” explained Mona Lisa Tupperware®. essary enabling conditions to realize these “culture of life” framing promoted by those
Wallace, president of San Francisco NOW. For more information on bike- rights.” opposed to women’s rights. Instead of focus-
NOW itself turned 40 two years ago. power, visit For more SisterSong represents five ethnic popula- ing on the means—a divisive debate on abor-
Aileen Hernandez, legendary feminist leader, information about “herstory,” visit tions/indigenous nations in the U.S.: Native tion that neglects the real-life experiences of
who served as NOW’s second president at American / Indigenous; Asian / Pacific women and girls—their reproductive jus-
Islander; Arab American / Middle Eastern / tice analysis focuses on the ends: better
North African; Latina; and African American lives for women, healthier families, and
/ Black / Caribbean / African. The Collective sustainable communities.
has 80+ women of color member organiza- And, they are—apparently—doing very
tions and individuals, and hundreds of white well. For more information check out their
women and male allies who support our goal website:
of improving the lives of women of color.
20 NOW News Women’s Press January & February 2010

Celebrate Women’s Right to Choice

Roe v Wade turns 36 years old!

Friday, January 22, 2010
SLO Public Library, 6 PM
Town Hall Discussion of Health Care Reform legislation ON THE CENTRAL COAST!
Once again, the National Organization for press time. But we do know that abortion Earn extra $$$ as an Advertising Rep
Women hosts our annual public event to has become the wedge – again!
highlight our core principle – support for
reproductive choice--and the current precari-
Hilda Zacaris, candidate for state Assem-
bly District 33 (Blakeslee’s old seat), has
Join the Staff of the Women’s Press
ous nature of women’s access to reproductive agreed to moderate the debate. Hilda knows We could always use help in many different areas!
rights, including the constitutionally pro- the issues; she is currently Executive Direc-
tected right to terminate a pregnancy. Clin- tor of the Santa Barbara Family Care Cen- Contact for more details.
ics are still being attacked; doctors and staff ter, which serves to increase the quality and
are still killed for doing their job; and now quantity of childcare throughout Santa Bar-
it looks as if the wing nuts have captured the bara County, and she serves on the board of
health care reform bill debate to further their Planned Parenthood locally.
own social agenda of depriving women of After the discussion we will hold our
civil rights. traditional candlelight walk to honor the
Meet at the SLO library at 6 PM on Fri- women who died from illegal abortions and
day January 22, 2010 for an hour of lively then return to the library for networking and
conversation and debate about the merits of refreshments. The event is free and open to
the various state and federal bills being con- the public. We look forward to seeing you
sidered. Since the issue changes daily, we there!
don’t know the shape of any specific bill at

More Effective than a Mammogram for the

Prevention & Earliest Detection of Breast Cancer
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
• Detects physiological changes 8 to 10 years
before a mammogram can detect a mass
• No Radiation or Compression
• FDA Approved
• Detects Inflammatory Breast Disease
(a mammogram cannot)
• Safe, painless, easy, non-invasive
• According to the American Journal of Radiology:
99% sensitivity, 90% specificity and 90% accuracy
• Creates a risk assessment and management program

For more information on Breast Thermogaphy: or (805) 441-5557
Available at: Rees Family Medical and Central Coast Thermography
Women’s Press January & February 2010 Bulletins 21
Energy balancing sessions Evening of Education and Enlightenment: Feed the Homeless with the Homeschooling?
free of charge in San Luis Obispo Transgender Couples Speak Out Circle of Selfless Service Come join other Homeschoolers for some
The Global Alliance for Balance and Heal- Ever wondered what it might be like to be The Circle of Selfless Service is in need of social fun, weekly get-togethers and field
ing is offering free energy balancing sessions happily married and then find out your hus- Volunteers to prepare and/or serve meals to trips. We want to hear your ideas!
on Saturday, January 16 from 11:00am to band or wife was miserable in his/her life as a the homeless at the Maxine Lewis Shelter Go to
4:00pm. man or woman? What happens when a mar- and Prado Day Center in San Luis Obispo. SanluisObispohomeschoolers/
The free clinic will be held at Sierra Vistaried heterosexual couple “becomes” a gay This is truly a “feel-good” experience which
Hospital in the Auditorium, 1010 Murray couple, or vice-versa? What are the social, greatly benefits the needy in our community.
Avenue, San Luis Obispo. Parking is best in legal and emotional effects on the family as Volunteering is a wonderful way to be a part
the outpatient parking lot (on the west side they adapt to such a radical change? of your community and give back.
and then go through the second entrance These are some of the issues we will be Please call to offer your services and/or
sliding glass doors). Once you enter the exploring on February 6, 2010 at the Uni- for more information.
doors, turn right and then left into the audi- tarian Universalist Fellowship, 2074 Parker Contact person: Susan Wood, Man-
torium. Sessions are 25 minutes in duration St., SLO at 4:30 PM. The evening will start ager for the “Circle of Selfless Service” at
and no appointment is necessary. All are wel- with a potluck dinner at 5:00 PM, followed the Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment: 805-
come. by a viewing of the film, Normal, with Jes- 771-9706,,
Visit or call 805- sica Lange and Tom Wilkinson, at 6:00 PM.
438-4347 to learn about energy balancing or After the film, a panel of two transgender
other offerings from the Global Alliance for couples, along with Dr. Denise Taylor, a local
Balance and Healing. physician treating many transgender indi- Where to find Women’s Press
For more information or to coordinate a viduals, will address some of the many issues All Libraries and the following exceptionally fine establishments!
clinic in your area, e-mail Wendy McKenna affecting transgender couples.
at Please join us for this evening of enlight- • NORTH COUNTY: Atascadero – The Coffee House and Deli, Starbuck’s at Von’s
enment and education. Bring a potluck dish Plaza, Green Goods, Player’s Pizza, Harvest Health Food Store, North County
to share and your own place setting and Connection, Senior Center, Women’s Resource Center/Shelter Office, Curves. Paso
Lighten Up Your Body, Lighten Up Your Life Robles – Cuesta College North Campus, Café Vio, Curves, DK Donuts, Panolivo
6 week series facilitated by Dorothy Segovia utensils. Drinks will be provided. An offering French Cafe, NCI Village Thrift Shop, Paso Robles Health Foods; Templeton – Twin
certified Life & Visioning(R) Coach will be taken to offset the cost of showing the Cities Hospital, Templeton Market & Deli, Affinity Chiropractic, Kinship Center,
January 19 - Feb 23 7pm - 9pm movie. Contact Gina Whitaker (gwhitaker@ Jobella’s Coffee; Santa Margarita– Santa Margarita Mercantile.
Based on the book by Dr. Lucia Capac- or Kari Graton (karigraton@ • NORTHERN COAST: Baywood – Coffee & Things; Cambria – Cambria
chione, this series will explore playful Cre- for further info. Connection, Cambria Pines Lodge, Chamber of Commerce, Gym One, Azevedo
ative Journal tools for reclaiming the body Chiropractic, Lilly’s, Alloco’s, Cambria Drug and Gift, Bob & Jan’s Bottle Shop,
Writer’s Workshop Linn’s, Donna’s Nail Salon, Cookie Crock, Rainbow Bean and Coffee Shop;
and how we feel about our bodies! Cayucos – Cayucos Super Market, Kelley’s EsPresso & Dessert, Ocean Front Pizza,
Being comfortable in your body has to do Join us for the writer’s workshop “Book Pub- Chevron Station, Mobile Balloons; Los Osos – Starbuck’s, Baywood Laundry, Cad’s,
with loving your whole self - now - exactly as lishing 1-2-3: From the Writer’s Fingers to the Carlock’s Bakery, Chamber of Commerce, Copa de Oro, Garden Café, Los Osos
you are! Reader’s Hands.” We’ll take a behind-the- Deli Liquor, Volumes of Pleasure; Morro Bay – Backstage Salon, Coalesce Bookstore,
You’ll learn how to transform your beliefs scenes glimpse at how a manuscript becomes Coffee Pot Restaurant, The Rock, Southern Port Traders, Sunshine Health Foods, Two
and allow your true, joyful self to emerge. a printed book, including the major steps Dogs Coffee, La Parisienne Bakery.
$150.00 for 6 weeks (Includes book) within a publishing house. A longtime pro- • SAN LUIS OBISPO: Broad St. Laundry, Cool Cats Café, La Crepes, Edna Market,
To register call: the Be Well Center at 805 fessional editor will describe the process, Booboo Records, Creekside Center, GALA, Marigold Nails, Palm Theatre, Susan
460-9907 and share tips to help writers improve their Polk Insurance, Utopia Bakery, Unity Church, Zoe Wells, Naturopath, Cal Poly
For more information, classes at the Be chances of getting published, e.g., ideas for Library and Women’s Center, Center for Alternatives to Violence, Chamber of
Commerce, Cuesta College Library, EOC Health Services Clinic, HealthWorks,
Well Center visit finding literary agents. Other highlights Healing Alternatives, Laguna Laundry, Linnaea’s, Monterey Express, Natural Foods
For more information about Dorothy include quick creativity exercises and our Coop, New Frontiers, Nautical Bean, Outspoken Beverage Bistro, Phoenix Books,
Segovia and the Creative Journal method “Ask the Editor” Q&A session! Planned Parenthood, West End Espresso & Tea, San Luis Obispo Housing Authority
visit Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. in the confer- Office, SARP, The Secret Garden, SLO Perk Coffee, Spirit Winds Therapy, The
ence room of the San Luis Obispo Library Studio Fitness for Women, Uptown Cafe, Yoga Centre, Ahshe Hair Salon, Apropos
Perfect Pairings Fund Raiser (995 Palm St.). $10; each person will receive Clothing, Soho Hair Salon, Hempshak, YMCA, KCBX, Salon on Monterey, Jaffa
Café, Med Stop (Madonna Plaza), World Rhythm and Motion, Steynberg Gallery,
All benefits go to the Literacy Council for a free, professional review of five (5) double- Correa Chiropractic, High St. Deli, Sunset N. Car Wash, Jamaica You, United Blood
San Luis Obispo County spaced pages of writing (hard copy).
Laurie Gibson, presenter, has edited and Services.
Speed Dating for adults 45 and up • SOUTH COUNTY: Arroyo Grande – Mongo’s, Act II Boutique, Central Coast
January 31, 2010, 2:00pm to 6:00pm proofread nearly 200 books, including novels
Yoga, CJ’s Restaurant, Curves-AG, Cutting Edge, EOC Health Services Clinic, Girls
We especially need men to sign-up. Goal: such as The Color Purple (Alice Walker) and Restaurant, Grande Whole Foods, Chameleon; Avila Beach– Avila Grocery, Custom
30 men and 30 women. Mrs. Dalloway (Virginia Woolf ), short story House, Sycamore Hot Springs, Inn at Avila, Joe Mamma’s; Grover Beach – Back
$60.00 per person. $35.00 tax-deductible collections such as Tales from Margaritaville Door Deli, Cindi’s Wash House, Nan’s Pre-owned Books, Therapeutic Body Center,
Talley Vineyards 3031 Lopez Drive, (Jimmy Buffett), and numerous titles by 30-minute Fitness; Halcyon – Halcyon Store; Nipomo – Anna’s Creekside Coffee
Arroyo Grande Brian Tracy, the bestselling business author. House, Healing Touch Spa, Curves, La Placita Market, Healthy Inspirations, World
Gym, Trendy Sister Salon, Senior Centers; Pismo Beach – Honeymoon Café, Pismo
Contact: Joe McLaughlin or Bernadette She also works with first-time authors to help Athletic Club, RETurn to JOY!; Shell Beach – De Palo & Sons Deli, Seaside Cafe,
Bernardi improve their writing (and their chances of
getting published). Steaming Bean.
805-541-4219 or • SANTA MARIA: Café Monet, Hunter’s Landing, Library, Curves on Main and on
For more info. about “Book Publishing
1-2-3,” contact the presenter at (858) 635-1233 Broadway, Lassen’s.
• ORCUTT: Loading Dock, Oasis Spa.
22 Resources Women’s Press January & February 2010

ABUSE La Clinica De Tolosa 238.5334

SIGN Adults Molested as Children Support La Leche League
Group (AMAC) Rape Survivors Support
Continued from page 11 Group, SLO Migrant Childcare Program
Support Group for Sexual Assault 544.4355 and 466.3444
tions became possible and labor beds which procedures have changed too, such as, when Survivors MOMS Club of South SLO county
convert into a variety of positions were I had my son, I was continuously on the 545.8888 473.2548;
adopted. Babies who weren’t drugged in baby heart monitor, but now even the Amer- Center for Alternatives to Domestic Partnership for Children
labor could latch-on and nurse immediately ican College of Obstetricians and Gynecolo- Violence 541.8666; ask for Beth
after birth and did not need bottles and for- gists agree that fifteen minutes out of every 781.6406 Real F.A.C.T.S. (Forum on Abused
mula; La Leche League and the breastfeed- hour is adequate for picking up a baby who’s North County Women’s Shelter & Children)
ing movement began. Now hospitals have in trouble. Doulas became more common Resource Center, 460.9016
lactation consultants on staff. Women who in the county, and I personally felt more (inc. domestic violence support groups) Social Services
had not received medications and/or surgery accepted as part of an over all team working 461.1338 781.1600
could immediately begin to care for their to achieve the most positive birth possible for SARP (Sexual Assault Recovery & Support for Kids Coping with
infants and rooming-in became the norm; my clients. Each of these changes and many Prevention) Domestic Violence
only infants who need special care go to others started small, one doctor saying yes or 545.8888 or 800.656.HOPE (4673) 473.6507
nurseries now, so they look like ghost towns. nurse saying I’ve never seen that done before, Women’s Shelter Program of SLO EMERGENCY/CRISIS
None of these changes were begun from but if it’s what you want. . . 781.6401
within the system; they came about through None of these changes happened without ADDICTIONS 800.549.8989
consumer demand on the system, though all push back from the established system. The AA Meeting Sexual & Rape Prevention (SARP)
along the way nurses, certified nurse mid- stakes are high. The business of birth is big 541.3211 545.8888 or 800.656.HOPE (4673)
wives, and a few doctors listened to their cli- money. The fear of litigation is all too real. Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) Temporary Restraining Order
ents and ultimately were the ones to bring And now, 20 years since my son was born, 498.2176 & Victim Witness
about change within the system. things have changed. And not for the bet- Al-Anon Program 781.5821
Here are some of the changes I have seen ter. My birth class clients have had doctors 534.9204
locally in the twenty years since I became a throw their birth plans across the room. I Cambria Connection (12 step support)
doula. When I was pregnant with my son, sat in a doctor’s office and heard him tell my 927.1654 A.D.A.P.T. (Aid in Divorce Adjustment
Problems Today)
there were two hospitals to choose from in doula client that “natural” birth was all very Casa Solana
well, but it wasn’t optimal. Both our hospi- Women’s Recovery Home 481.8555
San Luis Obispo: General Hospital, which Alzheimer/Dementia Resource Center
was known for being more pro-natural tals currently refuse to “allow” women to Chemical Dependency intensive 800.443.1236
birth and Sierra Vista, which had just gone birth in water. Now because of space issues, outpatient program Alzheimer’s Association
through a dramatic physical renovation to dads aren’t always able to stay with moms 541-9113 547.3830
create less “hospitally” looking rooms where and babies after their births at our hospitals. Compulsive Eaters Anonymous, H.O.W. CALL–Concerned Agoraphobics
a mom could stay throughout her time in the I listened to a birth professional tell a group Concept Learning to Live
hospital. You had two choices of care pro- of women that Bradley classes teach women 546.1178
Drug & Alcohol Services 543.3764
viders who supported a natural birth, Dr. not to trust their care provider, but I believe 781.4275 Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA)
Lickness or the Certified Nurse Midwives it is a birth educator’s responsibility to teach Narcotics Anonymous 542.0577 (SLO) 481.5093 (Grover
working for Dr. Johnson and Dr. Richards. women to trust themselves and to trust birth, 549.7730 and 800.549.7730 Beach)
Kathleen Huggins had published her “Nurs- and it is the care provider’s responsibility to Overeaters Anonymous 927.1654 (Cambria) 466.8600 (North
ing Mother’s Companion” and begun the foster a trusting relationship with their cli- 541.3164 County)
Breastfeeding Warm Line, which dramati- ent. Sierra Vista asks doulas to sign a paper SCA, SLAA & SAA (Sex, Love & Romance Community Counseling Center
cally increased our county’s breastfeeding agreeing to do little else than bring ice chips Addictions) 543.7969
rate. Did you want to try to birth vaginally and hold a woman’s hand. These days many 461.6084 Dealing With Divorce
after a cesarean? Talk to Dr. Clutter; eventu- women don’t want to actually feel birth, for TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) 544.9313
ally all the doctors in town would “allow” a our society is too accustomed to medicat- 929.1789 Depresson and Bipolar Support
woman to try for a V-BAC. At General Hos- ing our pain away. Add to that our culture’s Women for Sobriety Alliance Group
pital the nurses worked hard to achieve the obsession with scheduling our lives and we 215.536.8026 927.3703
World Health Organizations “Baby Friendly” get inductions and planned cesareans. Mean- Divorce Discussion Group
while our hospitals’ cesarean section rates are
status and later with the help of the nurse
Eating Disorders Support Group
midwives, Linda Seeley, Midday Johnson, climbing as is our premature birth rate as Birth and Baby Resource Center
too many babies are being “scheduled” to be 546.3755
546-3774; free, meets weekly in SLO
and Lisa Winnick, and Dr. Spalding as they Childcare Resource Connection Project Lifesaver
began doing water births. born too early. 548.0909
541.2272 or 800.727.2272
At French hospital the nurses worked So this sign on a hospital’s maternity ward Court Appointed Special Advocates Safe and Sober Support Group
with the anesthesiologists to find a level of door doesn’t surprise me but it does sadden (CASA) 473.6507
medication, which will give adequate pain me to see that the things women and their “A child’s voice in Court in SLO County” St. Barnabas (Depression/Divorce/
control and leave the mom able to be more partners, nurses, doctors, and midwives have 541.6542 Grief)
of an active participant during pushing. worked so hard to achieve in moving birth in Children’s Services Network 489.2990
Sierra Vista increased the level of care they our country toward a more humane, family 781.1847 Talk/Listen - Emotional support
could provide for seriously ill newborns so centered experience grounded in the belief First 5: Children & Families 489.5481
moms and babies could stay together in the that women are created with the power in Commission Transformations Counseling Center
county instead of being flown to bigger hos- them to birth their babies is being eroded. 781.4058; ask for Susan Hughs Free monthly workshops 541.7908
pitals. Many beliefs about standard safety Homeschooling in SLO County (HSC)
462.0726; ask for Barbara
Women’s Press January & February 2010 Resources 23
FINANCE/BUSINESS 888.488.6555 NOW (National Organization for North County Women’s Resource
Consumer Credit Counseling Services American Cancer Society Women) Center, Shelter
800.540.2227 San Luis Obispo 543.1481, 238.9657 461.1338
Templeton 434.3051 Prado Day Center (for the homeless)
GAY & LESBIAN Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia Support 786.0617
Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Group READERS/WRITERS Women’s Community Center, SLO
Central Coast 541.9113 Adult Literacy 544.9313
541.4252 Arthritis Foundation 541-4219 Women’s Shelter Program of SLO
PFLAG.Parents & Friends of Lesbians & 892.5556 Creative Writing Group 549.8989 (crises), 781.6401 (business)
Gays Cancer/ Breast Cancer Support Groups 748-2676; contact Gloria
438.3889 543.1481 ext. 3 for information Nightwriters
SOL (Single Older Lesbians) Caregivers of Aging Parents 549.9656; contact Shirley Powell OTHER WOMEN’S
Mostly socializing! Call 474.9405 543.7969 Sisters in Crime
Celiac Disease Support Group Altrusa International, Inc.
HOSPICE 226.9893
Hospice of SLO County, AIDS Endometriosis Association
SENIORS 481.1039; Cici Wynn, President
Bereavement Group Adult Day Care American Association of University Women
544.2266 and 434.1164 Enhancement, Inc. (for breast cancer 489.8894 (Arroyo Grande);
Hospice Partners of the Central Coast survivors) 434.2081 (Templeton); 927.4290 781-0922 Karen
782.8608 (Cambria) Camping Women
771.8640 440.2723
EOC Health Services Clinics Adult Protective Services
JOBS/CAREERS 781.1790 Hadassah.SLO
no or low cost reproductive health 543.9452
AARP Computerooters:
788.2643 544.2478 (SLO); 489.4026 (Arroyo Computer help: 489.6230 OTHER GROUPS &
Cal Poly Foundation Department of Social Services:
Jobline 756.7107 www. Grande) GATHERINGS
Healthworks of the Central Coast In-Home Support 781.1790 No or low cost reproductive health Nursing help for the terminally ill Central Coast Peace and
Cal Poly University 781.5540 Environmental Council 756.1533 services
542.0900 Elder and Dependent Adult Advocacy 544.3399 or 783.2383
Cuesta College and Outreach – Victim Witness Compassion & Choices (or Final Exit) Jobline 546.3127 Hearst Cancer Resource Center
Assistance Center 800.247.7421 or 489-5481
The Creekside Career Center 781-5821
788.2600 or 237.3014 www.slocareers. IC Interstitial Cystitis/Painful
Bladder Syndrome Elder Law, Geraldine E. Champion,
org 3rd Thursday, SLO, 7 -9 pm 464-0564
Department of Rehabilitation
Long-term Care Ombudsman Services of 473.4747
549.3361 SLO County Foster Grandparents.Senior
Mission Community Services Companions
Corporation 785.0132 782.9200
Women’s Business Partners Lymphedema Education & Support
Group Senior Ballroom Dance club
595.1357 2nd Monday, 4-5 pm, 782-9300 489.5481
Private Industry Council (PIC) Senior Peer Counseling
Parkinson’s Support Groups 788.2601 466.7226 (Atascadero/Templeton) Free, trained in.home counseling for 60+
LEGAL 481.7424 (Arroyo Grande) 547.7025 ext. 15
California Rural Legal Assistance 541.8633 (SLO) SPIRITUAL
544.7994 Planned Parenthood Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment
Core Mediation Services SLO 549.9446 541.1963;
544.6334 Stroke Support Group Awakening Interfaith Spiritual
District Attorney’s Office – Victim 471.8102 (SLO) Community
Caregivers of Stroke Survivors Please send additions, corrections or
Witness Center Meditation Monday evenings 7-8 pm
781.5821 544.2266 (SLO) deletions to: womenspress.slo@gmail.
Open to all. 772-0306
Family Law Facilitator Women’s Support/Therapy v (general) com or leave a message at the WCC:
788.3418 534.1101 Hungry Hearts Spiritual Community 805.544.9313. Last update 12/28/09.
Lawyer Referral and Information Women’s Healthcare Specialists RC liturgy with womanpriest 546.8672
Service 544.4883 Meditation Group
541.5502 POLITICAL Mondays, 7:30–8:30 PM; 772.0306
Pro Per Divorce Workshop New Beginnings Church
544.9313 Code Pink; ososousaville@ Every Sunday, Coalesce Bookstore, MB
Senior Legal Services Self-Realization Fellowship
543.5140 Sunday Services 995-1599
Commission on Status of Women
ALS Support Group (Lou Gehrig’s Democratic Women United Homeless Shelter
Disease) 541.4252 781-3993
227.4785 or 674.4162 League of Women Voters Housing Authority
Alzheimer’s Support 543.2220 543.4478
547.3830, 534.9234 (SLO/Los Osos)