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EXHIBIT A Carolyn E. Howard (#11001) BARTHOLOMEW, SILVA & ASSOC. Attomeys at Law, PC 1145 South 800 West Orem, Utah 84097 Telephone: (801) 371-0200 Facsimile: (801) 377-0373 Counsel for Respondent IN THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT UTAH COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH in American Fork BRIAN WOLFERTS, AFFIDAVIT OF DR. C.Y. ROBY Petitioner, va. Case No. 074100003 SONJA MICHELLE WOLFERTS, Judge Mortensen Respondent. STATE OF UTAH ) COUNTY OF UTAH) I, DOCTOR C.Y.ROBY, do hereby depose and state, under oath, that the following is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief: 1. Lam currently a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Orem, Utah. 2.1 was asked by the Respondent’s attomey to state whether or not itis, appropriate for Mr. Wolferts, the Petitioner in this matter, to participate in filial therapy with his children, as previously ordered by the Court, if he has not completed his sex therapy. My professional opinion is that he needs to complete the sex therapy before he Participates in any type of filial therapy with the children. 3. The children could be at great risk. 4: IF Mr. Wolferts has a letter from my former associate Mike Cox stating that Mr. Wolferts has completed his therapy, the letter is unauthorized without my signature. I have not red any such document stating that Mr. Wolferts has completed the program, 5. Mr. Wolferts has not completed the program. DATED this 26“ _day of 4. L208. ~ DBC Y. Ri a : linical Pé&Chologist DATED this Zl day or March , 2008, Chod PUBLI = CHARITY M, BROOKS NOTARY PUBLIC» STATE of UTAH 181 5.300 W. APT. B PROVO, UT 84601 COMM, EXP, 7-12-2011