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techniques for knowledge audits & taxonomy development


Keeping your KM Efforts "Real" Training and Coaching Programme

The best knowledge management projects are not just At Straits Knowledge when we provide training we also
good ideas, but initiatives that are well grounded in the provide coaching support, feedback and advice along
real working needs of your organisation. the way. You will be given practical assignments back in
your own workplace to complete after your first two
This workshop gives you practical techniques for days' training, and before the final workshop day which
getting that deep grounding, by: happens one month later.
• conducting knowledge audits across your
• building knowledge maps to identify Who Should Sign Up?
knowledge stocks, flows, gaps and sharing Knowledge and Information Managers, Intranet
opportunities Managers, Document Management System
• building taxonomies and knowledge Managers, Registry Managers, Corporate
organisation systems that are user-focused and Librarians, KM Champions
supportive of working needs

Knowledge Mapping & Organisation

Day 1: Knowledge Audits & Knowledge Mapping

• Plan and conduct a knowledge audit
• Build a knowledge map focused on your
business activities
• Identify KM opportunities in knowledge maps

Day 2: Taxonomy Development

• Principles of Taxonomy Development
• Develop and Test a Taxonomy
E Ec
4 weeks interval to draft a work-related texonomy R
w ith F mbe's
e s k La ok on
Com Patric
Day 3: Coaching & Deepening of xtbo
a r d te for KM
• Debrief, Feedback & Coaching d s
stan nomie 95
o $
• Building User-Friendly Information Tax orth S

We'll train and coach you in proven techniques for facilitating

knowledge audits and taxonomy development, to help your KM efforts
remain applied, effective and useful.
KM FRAMEWORKS & KM Programme Facilitators

techniques to align KM with your
business strategy

KM Strategy and Business Strategy

Patrick Lambe
One of the dangers in KM is in getting distracted by the KM theory and is Principal Consultant at Straits Knowledge.
technologies and forgetting that KM is only as good as the positive He is also Adjunct Professor in KM at the
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and two
impact it has on your business. term past President of the Information and
Knowledge Management Society of
This two day workshop gives you practical techniques for linking back to Singapore. His latest book is Organising
your organisational agenda, by: Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and
Organisational Effectiveness (Oxford:
• showing you how to conduct a culture audit to assess readiness Chandos, 2007).
for KM and any change management issues you might face
• demonstrating a framework for making explicit linkages between
business priorities and KM opportunities
• helping you turn the KM strategy into a plan and manage change

KM Frameworks & KM Strategy

Day 1: Knowledge Culture and Knowledge Strategy

• Use stories and archetypes to "read" your knowledge culture
• Use a Strategy Canvas to identify the KM priorities to
support your KM objectives
• Understand your current KM capabilities and your change Edgar Tan
management challenges
is co-founder of Straits Knowledge. He is
one of Singapore's leading practitioners of
Day 2: Planning and Implementing Change Open Space Technology and is an
• Build a Framework and Roadmap for change accredited and experienced Cognitive Edge
practitioner. He has also been trained by Dr
• Identify roles and competencies Gary Klein in Cognitive Task Analysis
• Create a communications plan techniques for expertise transfer. Edgar is
• Communicate for buy-in co-author with Patrick Lambe of the Straiks
Knowledge KM Method Cards, KM
Approaches Methods and Tools - a
Who Should Sign Up? Guidebook (2008) and Organisation
Culture Cards (2009).
Knowledge and Information Managers,
CIOs, Corporate Planners REE
w ith F &
e s lture
Com tion Cu
a rds
Org d Ca
M etho
KM $115
th S

We'll train and coach you in frameworks and techniques for making sure your
KM initiatives can be clearly linked back to your business priorities.
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Training Programme Schedule 2010 Days 1-2 Day 3

1 KM Frameworks & Strategy 15-16 Apr 2010 n/a

2 Knowledge Mapping & Organisation (Taxonomies) 20-21 May 2010 23 Jun 2010

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