I sat dreamily on the back veranda. The sun was about to set.

Beautiful orange, pink and blue satin carved the edges of the mountains. The breeze carried my golden hair through the sky. It was getting colder. One day it would rain, but not tonight I thought. I stood up and headed for the back door. I turned the door knob, as it made a screeched. I jerked the door open before it could slam shut. Everything was getting older since the drought had started. I walked towards the kitchen and sat down on the stool. I studied the table. My eyes glossed over the old edges and scratches on it. I looked at a big gash on the edge of the table. I smiled as I thought about the day when the gash was made. Mum had slipped on a wet tea towel as she was cutting lemons. Dad caught Mum but the knife flew up into the air and then plummeted down onto the table. I thought this was hilarious and said to do it again. They both looked like a circus performance all gone wrong. But I was five so I didn’t really know better. Maybe I should eat. Not tonight I thought. I snapped out of my thoughts when glass shattered in a nearby room. I heard loud noises and shouting. It was coming from my parent’s room. I ran through the narrow hallway to my parent’s room. Three black armed men were standing over my parents. Mum was screaming as they all pulled out their guns. Over the beat of my heart I thought I heard Mum say get her silver locket. Everything was a black blur. I tried to run out of the room, but then I heard a gunshot. I panicked was trying to run but my legs where frozen. I was going nowhere. Someone grabbed my arm and I screamed as hard as I could. I tried to pull away but then everything went black just like my thoughts. I jolted awake. I was breathing faster from that stupid nightmare. It was the third time I’ve had that nightmare but this time I know I didn’t survive. Those people that I called my parents looked really familiar. My life is so boring at the moment, even that nightmare seemed better. I got out of my bed and put on some fresh clothes. I walked out to the kitchen. Mum and my brother sat at the table deep in their thoughts. Mum looked at me and frowned. “Are you still having nightmares?” I nodded as I pulled the milk out of the fridge and drank it from the carton. She was not like most Mums. She was more like a sister but was never there when I needed her. My four year old brother got off his big kid stool and stumbled to the floor. He wandered over to me. “Lilly, come” giggled Sammy. Before I could say yes or no, he was half way down the hallway and heading towards the front door. I laughed and ran after him.

As I ran with my little brother I looked back at the unit. It wasn’t my real home. My family is on holidays but I don’t really have a house to call home because Mum moves everywhere for her job. I didn’t notice but Sammy was holding my hand and humming. I smiled at him. My family is so different to me. Mum looks nothing like me and doesn’t act like my Mum. I actually get along with my little bro. Mum says my Dad died when I was like five. But apparently I have long term memory loss but I don’t believe it. So really, I sometimes feel like I’m adopted. But I’m sure everyone feels like that at least once in their life. Sammy was leading me to the beach across from the unit. The only reason I knew is because he was talking about sharks and how he wrestled an alligator. As we crossed the grasslands and entered the sand banks I thought about my dream. The people were so familiar. Even the house seemed like i knew it so well. I had made my decision. I was going to ask Mum and actually tell her what happened in my dream. I went swimming with my brother for hours. He looked so exhausted playing in the rock pools so I carried him back. I found myself thinking about my friends at school. Because we always moved I found it hard to fit in with that short time. But normally I would find someone nice. But most of the school kids were up themselves, you know like show offs. As I entered Mums room I shuddered. “Help me” someone cried. Screams filled the room. The atmosphere was sticky and the smell of blood was present. I heard gunshots and then a sickly thud echoed around the room. I started awake from the flash back. I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I had lost something close to me, but I didn’t know what? “What is it Lilly?” Mum asked as she walked into the room. I pulled myself together and said “The people in my dreams I keep calling them Mum and Dad, but I’ve never met them before. But they look so familiar.” Mum breathed heavily.” I think you’re old enough to know Lilly. I’m not your real mother and we are not your real family. Do you want me to go on?” my asked. I nodded as I wiped the tears forming in my eyes. “After your parents died in the kidnapping the government wanted to protect you. So they rescued you from them and I was assigned to become your birthmother. We never found the group who killed you parents, but you had amnesia so we didn’t want to conflict you with this knowledge.” Mum paused and stared at me. No sympathy was in her eyes. I felt I was choking on my own heart. “How old was I, when... I became an orphan?” I asked.”You were only six years old “answered my assigned mother. I’m fourteen now so it was eight years ago. I didn’t want my pretend mother digging her eyes into

my back so I walked out. I felt my whole world was turned upside down and flushed down a storm drain. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I dropped onto my bed. I was too tired to care that I’d just found out, I was adopted and most especially an orphan. In an instant I had lost my love for my fake mother, Veronica Rutherford. But I still felt bad. It was not because of Veronica but my brother. He thinks I’m his sister, I wonder if I had and other siblings. I hadn’t eaten dinner yet but obviously I wasn’t hungry. I was thinking about my home and what really happened. I think, I’ve decided that I’m going to leave my excising family and find out what really happened. I can only remember when I was twelve if I think about it, so that means six years I don’t know who I was. Veronica wasn’t telling me all she knew. I opened my cupboard and looked over all my crap. I didn’t care if I’d never see it again so I was only going to take what I could carry. I dumped some photo’s in a bag gathered a few sheets. All of a sudden Veronica walked in. She smiled and chucked a parcel on my bed. “This is all you’ll need to find your parents home. It also has some of your old things to help you remember” Veronicas smile disappeared into seriousness. The only thing she said after that was “The government is not what you think Lilly, be careful” It was about 9pm as I left the unit in NSW, Australia. I didn’t know where I would end up. I had left a hand written note for the people I’m leaving behind. I was walking towards a bus stop and then I would find out where I need to go. I opened the big parcel Veronica gave me. Instead of items inside there was four parcels and all had numbers on them. One bus stop 2, 3,4. It was liked she had read my mind, I opened the first package. It had a lot of things in it like; compass, buss/train/ferry passes, maps, of the world and a piece of paper which had an address on it. I stopped and gasped. The note read: France, Valence Aqueous Street 8. France!!! I lived in France. Then I freaked out. How am I supposed to get there? I looked at the parcel again. I was like a little kid with a cookie jar. A small envelope was tucked neatly to the side of the parcel. I ripped it open. It contained photos when I was young and other people I don’t recognise. Two pieces of paper were in there to. They were airline tickets. But the other one was a government ID card. How strange... they had my picture on it and fake details. I started examining the maps. They had towns circled and a bus trip all ready written. It was like she knew I was going a few years ago. But

Veronica said there would be things of mine in these parcels, but none of my old toys were in there. So did she mean all the ID passes and spy gear. Who was I? I looked back at the map. The map said I had to go to Washington in America, Roscoe in Russia, Paris in France then a train to Valence. I had to catch a bus 918 and that was a nine hour trip. I checked the time for the bus trip it said 9.35 pm, 24/08/16. That was in ten minutes, so I decided to look through the photos. One photo had me and my birth parents in it. There were a lot of pictures of me when I was young. I gasped when I found a wanted poster of my Mum and I. My thoughts were interrupted by the bus appearing at the end of the street. I hailed the bus and showed the bus driver my pass. Surprisingly he accepted it. There were only a few people on the bus so I chose a seat at the back. I decided I should get some rest. I dug through my bag and got my watch out and set it for seven hours in front. I laid back and straight away sleep engulfed me. I woke suddenly as someone sat next to me. I squinted my eyes as they adjusted to the light. It was a boy a few years older than me. He didn’t even look at me. There were so many other seats so why did he have to pick the one next to me. He started fiddling with some paper and handed it to me. I slowly unfolded it. It read: Lilly is that you. It’s me, Karl. Why don’t you remember me? I thought you were dead. How, what happened to you. I turned the paper over and wrote stuff like who the hell are you?, how do you know me?, did I know you once? He replied in a note saying that he was from the red fox. He also knew I was going to France and vowed to take me. He must have talked to Veronica because he knew where I was going. I told him what Veronica had said about me getting amnesia. Then I told him that I basically don’t know who I was for six years. We stopped writing because the page was full. I started thinking about the unknown six years. Who was I? I found myself looking at a picture from the parcel. Two women were on the photo. They looked like government workers. They looked very odd, one was a bit familiar. I turned the photo over to see if it had a date. But on the back It had two names and some strange words. It read, Vanessa, Nyra operation Lomin dacolt. I must have fallen asleep because I jolted awake when the bus stopped. I looked at the guy next to me. He was looking intent at me. I smiled at him. He was a strange person. I was starting to think he couldn’t speak. I packed my stuff up and followed Karl out of the bus. I followed him around

the corner of the street. All of a sudden he broke into a run. I didn’t know if I should follow him or not. So I pursued him. After running a few blocks I was really parched. Then he stopped finally. He didn’t even turn around to see if I’ve followed him. I caught up to him and looked at him. He seemed to be engulfed in his mind. We entered a market place. He walked into a shop and handed a note to the shop owner. The man said to go out to the back. We went through two sets of doors. We were at the far back of the markets. I looked up and gasped. It was a runway. A vision flashed back to me. “Lilly, hurry up” screamed Ivy. “Hang on, I’m coming” I was running towards an aircraft. Then a gun shot through the air. Pain shot through body. I was screaming but I felt like no one was listening as they dragged me into the van. But the one things that made my eyes water was the plane taking off. I returned back to reality and felt like my heart was being dragged out of my chest. Was that how my past life finished? It felt like it was the only the beginning. I looked at my thigh that had a unknown scar and I just gave up and dropped. I slowly opened my eyes. The surroundings were not familiar. I was in a dark coloured van. I was at the far back of the van so I couldn’t see who they were. Then like a truck slamming into a wall, the knowledge flooded back to me. What happened to me on the runway? I started to shout at my kidnappers, but of course they were no enemies of mine. There was Karl in one of the passenger seats and a few that I recognise. “Where are we going?” I asked. One of the guys answered back “We are in France and we are heading for RED fox headquarters” How long was I out for. The trip to the headquarters was awkward and silent. I couldn’t talk to Karl because he couldn’t talk back. So I decided I was going to sleep off the trip and so I did. We arrived at the small town at 3am their time. I was so tired but I dared not show it. We were far from the city now and we were driving down a dusty road. It was so barren here. In the distance there was a small apartment block. The boy who had answered my question before was talking about how the ‘RED fox” was placed under the governments noses. I also found out what was actually the RED fox. It was a rebellion to reveal the government’s treachery. He also mentioned a girl called Ivy.

Ivy. In my mind a short, brunette girl about my age with pale skin appeared. I looked into her face. She had very familiar eyes. Dark green. Then in my mind another girl appeared. She had beautiful blue eyes. They were so enchanting. She had long black hair. Even thought had different features they looked vey alike. I bet they were twins. “Karl, does Ivy have a twin?” I asked. He looked at his feet. So much emotion covered his face. He looked deep into my eyes and nodded. He looked deep into my eyes; I felt he was looking into my soul. The he nodded. The driver of the van unlocked the door of the apartment. I stepped through the door end my jaw dropped. The outside of the apartment was pretty shabby but inside was a different story. It was a high Tec office with gadgets of all kind. There were two stories of offices and another two stories for bedrooms. We entered the main office. A young girl was sitting at the desk looking over at some files. As she looked at me she dropped her glass mug. Her eyes started to water. “How, it.... Lilly. What? Ivy stuttered. She was just how I imagined her. Karl pushed past me and started his hands around. Sign language. The girl’s face changed into different emotions as they signed. “It’s me, Ivy” Ivy said finally. I didn’t really need her to tell me that though. “We have to start from the beginning. If you follow the footsteps to your past, you might remember everything” explained Ivy. “Well that is very swell and everything but I just want to know who killed my parents. I also like to know who I was for six years.” I replied. “The government killed your parents” Ivy whispered. I stood back in shock. But, why would they? “The government is not what you think Lilly. You were a fighter. You made us believe there was hope. You kept us strong and together” she said. “So this is about revenge. Was my whole life about revenge?” I asked. “No! We are fighting for the future. You made us believe we had a future. We need you Lilly” Ivy pleaded. “Well you seemed ok without me” I stated. Ivy looked taken back. You were the chosen one, it is your destiny” she replied “Well, I don’t believe in destinies” I stated. “You use to believe” Ivy recalled. “But your fighting with a ghost” I said harshly. “We lost people.” “What do you mean we lost people?” I cut in. “People died Lilly. You could have saved them.” Ivy replied sadly. I was so confused. I didn’t know who the enemies were. The government must have had a good reason to kill my parents. By the time I had decided to go with Ivy she had already packed up a car and was getting Harry and Karl organised. Harry was the one who had

answered my question before. He was a blonde nineteen year old guy with a dark tan. He obviously was Brazilian. Karl handed me my bag. I had totally forgotten it. As we walked past the door and headed for the stairs for the car park I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair had become a curly blonde mess. Not like when I started this journey, I had shiny straight hair. I looked a bit pale because I hadn’t eaten in day. But on the other hand my eyes hadn’t lost their vibrant blue colour. This is the end of my current life but it is the beginning. I’m going back, to my home. In the car I was sitting next to Ivy and on the other side was Harry. In the front was Karl and driving was Jinny a thirty-three year old Irish lady. She was quite a character. Harry started explaining to me how I was like a hero when I was only seven. He told me I broke out of an orphanage and hijacked a car. Wow I was like an adrenalin junky. I found myself looking at Ivy. She was a thirteen year old girl with the guts of an eighteen year old. She had taken my place in RED fox when I was supposably captured. Ivy was a hard worker and very tactical. Everyone said I was an inspiration. But I doubt that. I don’t believe I was ever that Lilly they speak of, but if I am, I can never be her again. We arrived at a small cottage an hour later. There was a dirt driveway and a pomegranate tree next to the house. The cottage was ancient with yellow tinge to it. Memories flooded back to me of when I was young and playing with my parents in the front garden. Everything was green and healthy unlike in the present. I looked into my Mother’s eyes. They were a purple colour. Great love came over me. I turned to find my Dad. He was digging a hole. He became a black smudge in my vision. So much pain washed over me. “Traitor” “Traitor” “Traitor” “Traitor” little voices in my head screeched. Anger devoured my. My eyes drifted open again. Everyone was staring at me. “She must still have her powers still” Harry said surprisingly. Powers, what powers? I took a deep breath in and turned the doorknob. I slowly jerked the door open. Dust streamed up my nose and filled my lungs. I coughed urgently. Ivy placed my hand on my shoulder with a reassuring look. The house looked untouched since we left it long ago. There was a small table in the kitchen. It brought back so many funny memories but I pushed them away. He house only had six rooms including the kitchen that lead to the hallway that spread into five other rooms. My parents room, my room, bathroom, laundry room and a book room. I didn’t want to go in them. So I asked if I could go outside. The glass back door opened out to an old veranda. The backyard was a long grass area with plants overgrown everywhere. The backyard itself

was pretty big but that wasn’t the thing on my mind. There was a small rusted shed in the far corner. The only thing I could remember about the shed was that Mum told me I couldn’t go in it. I remember her saying ‘I wasn’t old enough’. But I never understood why. I pushed through the undergrowth and stood in front of the shed. No one was with me anymore. They had all gone looking for notes and a locket or something. So I entered into the sheds void. It was dark and old but not like the house. It had cobwebs everywhere. The actual inside was small but further to the back were a bed and a cupboard. Obviously someone used to sleep there. The bed was neatly made with a brown sheet but was probably white when purchased. There was a lonely pillow sitting on the bed. So I lay down on the bed trying to mimic what the person would have done. The pillow was uncomfortable. I turned the pillow over and there was a silver chain and locket. I stuffed it in my jeans and got up. I didn’t want my brain to scan it because I was weak. I opened the cupboard but nothing was inside it except a note pad and a small bag. I took them and walked back to the house. What was the shed used for? Harry was standing near the front door. He beckoned me with his tanned arm. “So how’s your memory going?” he asked. “Well I can remember the house and everything but every time I think of my Dad a lady appears and anger passes over me” I explained. “Hmm I’m not sure” he thought aloud. We decided to go to the orphanage in the morning. So we started driving in one direction to find a motel. I was so close to falling asleep.’ It was eleven pm when we pulled up at a motel. We would take another two hours to reach the orphanage. We emptied the car of our stuff and hobbled over reception. The lady looked tired too. But then she started talking gibberish. I had totally forgotten that we were in France. We slowly walked to the elevator after Jinny had got us a room. Five people including me in the elevator were very cramped. Sleep almost came at once when I crashed on the motel’s bad. The bed was like cardboard but I didn’t care. I slept through the trucks passing until I woke up to hear Ivy screaming. “We have to wait for Sky, we have to wait. No, Sky! Don’t leave me” screamed Ivy. Tears streamed from her closed eyes. She started sobbing and curled up into a ball. I got out of my bed and shook her. She opened her eyes. They were bright purple. I stumbled back in shock. “You said she

would catch up! But she didn’t. You killed her!” she shouted. Pain covered her whole body. But then she giggled. She had changed in some way. Then she lunged towards me. She touched my forehead. Memories flashed in my mind. I was in a black room. A boy my age was in front of me. He pushed me onto a chair. His head lingered at my ear. “Why did you curse me” he whispered. Then the vision stopped. I looked at Ivy. “Someone has blocked your mind. That is why you can’t remember anything because they blocked it” Ivy explained. I was so confused. “But why” she said aloud. Then her eyes turned back into emerald green. Ivy looked like she had seen a ghost. “What just happened” she asked. “I’m confused as you are. You eyes went purple and then...” “Purple, she is trying to communicate with me” Ivy cut me off. She looked at me. I saw she was irritated. “Did you find anything unusual in the house or did you touch something strange?” she inquired. I took out of my bag the note pad and small bag. Then I took the locket it out of my jeans. I placed them in her hands. She looked pale for a second. Then she walked over to me and sat on my feet. She attached the locket to my neck. “This might hurt. Six to twelve years of memory” Ivy whispered. The locket shook on my chest. Then it opened up. Memories forced their way into my mind. I was in a white room. There were other little girls there too. This must be the orphanage I thought. Then I ran outside, black armed men stood over a beautiful girl. Then I heard a gunshot. The vision dropped beneath me. I found myself in a forest with some older boys. I was allot older in this vision. Then a woman entered the forest. She stamped her foot, the ground shook beneath us. All the boys disappeared into the abyss. I was just so sick of these visions. “Enough” I yelled. The vision was over and I returned back to reality. The motel was shaking. Ivy was unconscious on the ground. Did I do that? Maybe when I found out the truth I didn’t want to know it anymore. Every vision I lose someone close to me. Ivy was sound asleep because of me. In her hands were the note pad I found at my past home. I opened it. It read:

Lilly, if you are reading this you must have found out. The government is to saver targe our home. Lilly you were born into a tribe in the mountains. I can’t tell you the location because the government might read this. Now the mountains are special because a type of stone that can only be found there has unusual powers. The tribe you were born into had special customs. The tribe leaders would melt the emoziliona down

and drink it at their ceremony. Sometimes it would give the leader unusual strengths. My father was the lucky one with those powers. Now this was a one and a million but you somehow inherited all those powers. They are locked inside you. Keep yourself safe Lilly. But the government got their hands on a few, one day and the world turned upside down. They used the stones for their own greed. But we washed the thieves’ memories so they don’t know where those mountains are. Now the government is after us, the remaining or the tribes. If the government is after you there is the rebellion called the RED fox. Join them. Now if you remember you had no siblings when you were young. That is wrong. You have a brother that is allot older then you. Ben is a spy in the government. Find him with all means necessary. Good bye Lilly Rose-Wood Even though I am doomed you are free and that’s all I want. From Lyra Jane Rose.
I dropped the note pad in shock. I had a brother. But the only way to see him was to find the headquarters. I looked at Ivy on the ground. She was sound asleep. Probably the whole motel was too because of me. I was dangerous. I was going to find my brother but how? I can’t just walk into the headquarters. Or could I? But where would they put a government headquarters? I took Ivy’s phone out of her bag and went onto Google maps. I was so proud of myself to think of using Google, not. Allot of results came up but one caught my eye. It was the images. I pressed the enter button on the small keypad and images flashed up on the screen. A woman with e crooked nose but so attractive with black hair, was all over the web page. She was almost luring with her glance. A Vision flashed in my mind. We were standing on a cliff edge. We were screaming at each other. Then I punched her. I heard a crack as her nose bent slightly. She was my enemy. So much hate was in me. But then my Dad appeared. He was pleading with me to stop. But why? My last depleting second of the vision was plunging into the river bellow and watching the woman grin. I shook my head and focused on the Google page. YES! There a government home page and the response list. I pressed on it. The website turned into a dull research centre with advertising about updating

vaccines. I scrolled down and found an address. Government central, France. Randers Street 4. Then a note read beside it. That is the main headquarters but for... I couldn’t be bothered to read the rest. I had found what I wanted. They were so close but I had no idea. Now I bet if I just walk into the place I might recover some memories and some answers, straight away. Ivy was still lying on the ground. What was I? Like some kind of animal or alien. It’s not safe; I mean I’m not safe around people. Is that why the government wants me? Was it, because I’m dangerous? I felt like there were more reasons. I didn’t want Ivy scaring herself half to death when she finds out I’m gone. So I wrote her a note saying I shook the hotel and I’m dangerous. Also I wrote I was going to find some answers, alone. I walked out into the footpath. I hadn’t noticed before but Valence was a very busy city. High risers were going up everywhere. But on all the maps it looked like a small country town. I tried to hail a taxi but it took around five minutes, so by the time one pulled over I was soaked by the rain. Since when does it rain in drought stricken areas? I stepped inside the taxi leaving my bags on the foot path. I wanted to find out how much the fare was going to be. Inside the taxi was pretty shabby and had the smell of bear. The taxi driver mumbled something but I didn’t hear it. “Pardon” He didn’t respond. Then I remembered I was in France. The taxi driver finally turned around to face me. I stumbled back out of the car in shock. His eyes were a purple glow. His pupils were white and spinning in a luring circle. The taxi drove off and left me in a daze. I felt a vision unfolding in my mind. But this time I let it appear before my eyes. I wanted to know why he was like that. “You cannot hypnotise people without bad side effects” I growled. “Well child, some have to sacrifice to be victorious” cackled Nyra. “It’s not your choice to make Nyra and it’s defiantly inhumane.” I shouted back. “Actually it is my choice to make and no one can stop me, even your forest friends and your lame spy friends” She laughed. “Not all people are oblivious to your treacherous acts” I answered back. She turned around to hide her face. She was thinking of something terrible I thought. Then she faced me and frowned. “Well I know you two have been getting to know each other, to well. So son would you like to do the owners?” Nyra grinned. A figure leaned up against the corner of the room with his head down. His foot was placed carefully on the corner of the wall for balance. His smoky black hair hid his face but I could still see his beautiful glowing eyes. So much pain was in them. He shook his head and opened his mouth for the first time. “ Mother I certainly do not follow you and your

ways. Especially this!” he whispered. His fingers caught my eye when he crossed them tightly. But Nyra didn’t see it. I was tired up somehow by my limbs. All these wires were attached to me. I looked back at Nyra; she was still glaring at her son. Nyra looked taken back but she betrayed herself with a smile. She cocked her head to one side to imitate a sad act. “Well it’s your lose then. I’ll just have to do it the painful way” Nyra said amusingly. “No don’t...” shot through the air but it was already too late. Nyra clicked the switch. Pain shot through me. Energy was sucked from my body. The room was an explosion of light. Pictures appeared above me head. In the midst of all this Nyra was grinning. Because I was in the worst amount of pain and the images on the wall. I couldn’t let her see them so I fought back and drained the images into my mind. I felt like I was being electrocuted. Nyra screamed out with frustration. My body started to shut down. My emotions took over as I watched the images of the future devour me. We lost. I lost. I wished my life was plain and boring, I wish I had a normal life. Not like mine with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was destined to lose. But then something rubbed against my hand. I drew up all its energy power. Then I used it. A flash of light ripped around the chamber. Then the vision was gone. I found myself sitting in the gutter trying to breathe. As I sat their catching my breathe people walked past me with the same coloured eyes. ‘Creepy’ I thought. Then an old man walked past and threw me some change. He said something in French and then smirked. I felt ashamed. I pealed my clothes off from the gutter and got up. Surprisingly my suitcase was still next to me. I sighed with relief. I started to have second thoughts about walking straight into the place where I supposably have been running from it for years. ‘What about a disguise’ I thought quickly. I still was loaded with cash from veronica so I decided to go to the shopping mall across the street. The mall was very busy so it was nearly impossible to get around. But I was so joyful when I spotted a cheap store that looked like it had everything. I must have spent an hour in there because they were slowly closing the doors. I bought a long black wig, a business suit, some reading glasses, high heels, and some make up to make myself not look like a underage worker. I also picked up a French, English translator. After all I was in France and needed to know what people were actually saying. I went to a public toilet, still hauling my suitcase, to start my transformation.

I looked like I was a young business woman with an elegant fashion style, when I had finished my disguise. I barely recognised myself so this would come in handy if someone I didn’t want to meet saw me. Allot of people gave me weird looks as I straightened my wig in the bathroom. I decided to catch a bus to Government central. It was going to take another twenty minutes until I got there because the traffic was shocking. I used my bus pass and the driver accepted it. I smiled to myself. I decided to look at the news poll on the window of the bus. Well I at least tried to understand it. Then some photos caught my eye. All of these photos of people were to the side. Above their heads was a French word. It said: Manquant. I didn’t need to use my translator book for this word. It meant missing. Missing, why were there so many people missing. I looked back at the photos. These people all had familiar faces. Maybe I knew some of them in my past life. I had to tear my face away from the news pole when the bus stopped. I gathered my suit case and had one last look at the missing photos. I stepped off the bus. I had reached my destination: Government headquarters. It was probably the end of my past journey. The headquarters was way bigger then foot ball field. But most of it was probably of limits to the community. I was at the front of the building. There was only one viewable entry from where I was standing. Straight ahead was a big revolving glass door. I straightened my shirt and pushed the glass door. Here goes nothing, I thought. The atmosphere changed dramatically. It was heated in the building and was nice, not like the icy wind outside. Even the smell was different. People were running everywhere. It felt like a carnival at my old school back in Australia. Different languages cut threw my ears. But I was more pleased when I heard English dominating in the building. I must of looked so weird standing here staring at everything. I didn’t know where to start. But I defiantly felt like I had been here many times before. I spotted a row of elevators at the side of the reception. I wondered over to one. A man stood at the door to one so I walked towards him. He started talking in French but I cut him off with a ‘huh’. “Great, another English person who will take over France. Why can’t you just learn French so everyone around you doesn’t have to learn English to help you” He groaned. I was taken aback by his rudeness but didn’t say anything. “I suppose you’re here for the community injection upgrade. You really need an upgrade because you seem to be very natural “He said suspiciously. I didn’t know what to say to that. So I decided to nod. He pushed me out of the elevator on level two and directed me to room six. As I entered the room I got a whiff of this horrid smell. Long science tables crowded the room. It looked like a science room with the walls painted

white and the smell of liquids. Patients were lined up with some workers giving them injections. How was I going to talk myself out of this, or I could be turned into a mindless zombie. A young man beckoned me as a sat busily mixing some liquids. I slowly walked towards him and sat at the nearest stool. “Name?” He asked bluntly. “Lilly” I answered back. “Do you a last name” He smiled. But he looked a bit shocked when I said my name was Lilly. “Rutherford” I responded. His smile disappeared. He stared at me, looking deep into my face. Then he shook his head. He went back to mixing the liquids. He looked around suspiciously then poured some water and another powder into the serum. He was quite wreckless man. Was he trying to get fired? “So why don’t you speak French?” He asked. “I’m Australian and I’m here for a... um holiday.” I answered back. He paused again. “I thought only French people need the injections.” I thought allowed. “Well you never know if you might need it” I said casually. “So do you have a middle name” he asked. It was now my time to be suspicious. I thought about my real name. “Yeah, it’s Rose. Why do you ask?” I asked back. His eyes grew wider. He turned to me with the needle edge in his hand. I didn’t know what he was going to do. Then he launched at me. No one could see what he was about to so I was helpless. He tried to stab the needle into my thigh. I panicked. I grabbed his arm and tried to make him stop. Then like walking for the first time, it came to me naturally. I forced my power through his arm. He flinched then he started to laugh. Was he some kind of moron? He yelled out to the instructor and manager standing at the door. “Sir this Lady has got some kind of resistance to the injection. I should go take her to Vanessa” The manager didn’t even blink. He just nodded and went back to over viewing the room. Vanessa, that name was very familiar. He led me to a set of stairs. He looked around weirdly again then changed his destination.

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