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By Denise Subramaniam
(This is my personal opinion)

This is what you help bring about in the world, Andy Beal
Each time you use fabricated mortgage related documents with forgeries,
false signatures and false statements about the grantor and grantee to
take a home away from a family you thrust that family into poverty.

Andy Beal, your selfish and greedy choices contribute

greatly to whats reflected in these images!
Wealth comes from the infinite source of abundance, God. Wealth is not
an evil, but how one acquires it and how one chooses to channel it can
make it evil or divine. Everything we experience in life is for the
development of our soul, that unique expression of the divine that is the
essence of our being, our existence, our purpose for existing.
Jesus warned us by saying: And again I say unto you, It is easier for a
camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into
the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24

The Tendency to Abuse Wealth is Great

You have children. How would you feel if your children were
experiencing the existence the children in these photos
experience? Your choices contribute to their experience.
But for the grace of God go I John Bradford
You are nearing the end of your life. Is this the legacy you
want to leave behind? You cant take your money with you
when you die.
The only thing we take from this life when we leave it is the
record of how we treated others and this record determines
the nature of our next life experience.
When were provided the opportunity to make a difference
and improve conditions in our world, as you have been, and
we fail to do so then we have failed to fulfill the mission that
was the purpose for which we were given life.

Andy Beal you think it is OK to lose $$Millions$$ in poker games while children starve
How can you throw away so much money while these children starve or go homeless?
You throw away money you pilfered taking homes from hardworking
families with forged and fabricated mortgage documents leaving these
families destitute. Your foreclosures cause damage to the bread winners
credit and this prevents them from getting decent paying jobs.
You callously destroy the lives of countless families with forged and falsified
mortgage records you admit you fabricated. You prey on the most
vulnerable in our society. Within our group of your victims nearly 50% are
single female signers with 70% of these being single moms. Nearly 30% are
senior citizens who invested in their homes for many years and counted on
that investment for their retirement.
You cant take money with you when you die. You leave this world the
way you entered it. All you take is the record of how you treated others
while you were here.
I suspect because of the way you treat others you don't have spiritual faith and you dont believe in God, but I
can assure you there will be consequences to pay for how you have treated others whether in this life or in
what you experience after your death from this world. Trust me there is life beyond death.
You, the essence of you as a unique human being does not cease to exist after the experience of death. The
science of mathematics you claim to understand so well provides the proof.
Think of God as absolute truth. Mathematics is the most perfect expression of absolute truth we have in our
world. Each numeral gives expression of a unique idea. The numeral is but the symbol of the idea behind it.
No matter the name or graphical representation we use to express it, the unique idea that the symbol
represents never changes. For example, the numeral "2" that we use to express the idea of two could be
represented by a symbol made of squiggly lines but the idea it represents will never change.

Each numeral is the symbolic expression of a unique idea. No two numeric symbols or combination of symbols
are alike; nor are the ideas (numbers) they represent. Each numeric symbol is necessary to the science of
mathematics. No numeric symbol or the idea (number) it represents has the same quantitative value, but
each has the same value in necessity; i.e. each one is equally indispensible to the expressions necessary to
understand the science of mathematics.
The mathematical symbol that represents infinity and is often called the lemniscate and is graphically
represented as
. Infinity is a difficult concept for most human beings to grasp because we tend to
experience our existence in finite terms bound by our physical bodies and the limitations imposed on us by
our culture, religion, education, upbringing and limited experiences.
Infinity within the realm of mathematics, as well as within the realm of life could be said to encompass all that
is possible. Each numeric expression or idea is contained within the realm of mathematical possibilities.
I could go on and on, but for the sake of simplicity lets say you believed that 2 + 2 = 5 and throughout your life
you applied this belief in your calculations. Ultimately everything you calculated would be proven to be in
error because no matter how much you believe otherwise the indisputable truth is 2 + 2 = 4.
God is said to be infinite. Lets consider for a moment that the body of each human being, like a numeral, is a
physical or graphical representation or symbol that gives expression to a unique and divine idea or expression
of God. No two human beings are alike; nor are the divine ideas they were created to represent. As with
numeric symbols, no human being or the divine ideas they were created to represent has the same
quantitative value, but each has the same value in necessity; i.e. each one is equally indispensible to the
expressions necessary to understand life, the purpose of life and what it means to be human.
When a professor erases a numeral from a caulk board the act of erasing it hasnt annihilated either the
numeral or the idea it expresses. Its expression brought about by writing it on the board was required to
teach the students in the class a mathematical concept. It was erased because its purpose was completed at
that moment in time.
Likewise, death does not annihilate the essence of you as a unique human being. When a professor erases a
numeral from a caulk board it is because the teaching session is over, this does not mean all the students who
witnessed the session understood or mastered the lesson being taught. Those who did will pass their tests
and move on to the next level. Those who didnt will need to repeat the session until they master it.
Life is like that. God chooses when the teaching session is over
and the expression is erased. We each get to experience being
the expression on the board and the expression of the student
sitting at the desk. Both are equally valuable expressions.
Think of the children in the photos here as the expressions on
the board. Their existence is to reach your heart and teach you
the lesson of compassion and empathy for the suffering of
others. Think of yourself as the expression of a student
witnessing the lesson.
When you are given the test and you either fail to alleviate the childs suffering or you cause the child to suffer
more, then you have failed the test. Next session you may be the expression of the suffering child or worse.
This helps you better understand the pain of this experience so when you are expressed as a student again
you may be more likely to make a different choice on the test.

Contrary to what you might think you are no more important than others
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines arrogant as having or showing the insulting attitude of people who
believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people.
When you believe yourself to be more valuable than others you are
more likely to fail lifes tests. As with numerals, we may not each have
the same quantitative value, but we each are equally indispensible to
the expressions necessary to understand life and the values that make
us human.
If you think of humanity as your body and the common man as the feet
of your body and you get an idea in your head that the feet are less
valuable than the rest of the parts of your body, theyre just useless
deadbeats and you began beating them up regularly, pretty soon you
wouldnt be able to walk.
Within the realm of mathematics are many complexities; likewise life is full of many complexities and these
are simplistic analogies I make here but as with mathematics certain rules apply to everyone uniformly in life.
Every religion in the world teaches a rule known by Christians as the golden rule: "In everything, therefore,
treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets." Matthew 7:12,
New American Standard Bible.

Now Ill get to why I think you are a bully Andy Beal.
How would you like it if someone put you under surveillance and terrorized you to such a degree that you
became a prisoner confined to your own home? That youre afraid to make the drive to visit your
grandchildren, even though your son who is a single parent needs your help because the last time you dared
leave just for a day trip to the beach the window to your vehicle was broken and your computer was stolen.
The State trooper said there would have been a string of such thefts in all the parks along the beach if it were
their typical beach robberies, there werent. The man I saw watching me while I walked my dog on the beach
was older and was dressed in business casual. Other people were at the beach so the window of opportunity
when no other vehicles or people were present in the parking lot was narrow. The vehicle broken into was the
same vehicle your private investigators had illegally accessed the DMV records on to locate the person it was
registered to at the time. My son feared that you had put a tracking device on that vehicle when you first
started your surveillance of me in July. This incident convinced us you had. There are many desolate sections
of road on the drive to my sons and now we fear you may have me followed and killed enroute.
Thats what youve done to me. Why? Because Im helping your victims and reporting your business activities
to authorities and to the public and you dont like it. These are the actions of a bully and a tyrant. Your
money makes you a very dangerous man because you have the emotions of a little boy when you dont get
your own way. Evidently no one has been able to teach you how to control them.
Youve made my friends and many others who I dont know yet
homeless by admittedly using forged and fabricated mortgage
documents. Youve deprived countless children of food, shelter
and stability. Youve put these children at risk for emotional and
academic problems, and even physical abuse that may plague
them and society for the rest of their lives. Your greed has caused
horrific pain and suffering to these displaced families and their

Newton's third law states: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This rule of physics
applies to life in general. When you strike out at others weaker than you they will ultimately find a way to
defend themselves.
You could have made very different choices. You could have offered homeowners a win-win situation where
you earned considerable profit and they also benefited. Everyone would have been happy. You wouldnt
have caused harm to others, yet you still would have acquired wealth; and plenty of it.
If you put as much energy and money into changing our tax laws to a flat rate for everyone earning more than
$200,000/year and a diminishing rate to 0% for those earning at poverty level as you do now in creating tax
shelters to avoid paying taxes yourself wed all be much better off.
You are nearing the end of your life. Sorry, Andy your money wont stop you from experiencing death just like
the rest of us. You cant take it with you. You only take the record of how you treated others and right now
your record isnt very good. You have maybe 15 to 20 years left to set things right.
You have a very narrow window of opportunity to change your ways or Im pretty sure you will get to
experience what it feels like to stare at the four walls of a prison cell. Youll lose the opportunity to choose
how to put that money of yours to work for positive change in the world because the government will take
most of it and the rest will get eaten up by attorneys. Is that what you want?
This is not the letter I started out to write. My logical mind tells me writing this is a waste of my time and
energy. The question I asked Brett Shipp after his first personal interview with you was whether there was a
heart inside you somewhere that could be reached. His answer: No. A couple years ago JoAnn asked a
friend of hers who is a close friend to one of your best friends to speak with you about her conflict with you.
The response back from one of your best friends was that you are a jerk. Thats pretty sad Andy. And thats
why my logical mind tells me this is a wasted effort.
But a force stronger than my logical mind keeps telling me that everyone deserves a chance for redemption.
You were given a gift in this life and up to this point you have misused and abused that gift. You can make
different choices and prove yourself worthy of that gift. You can prove your best friend wrong and show us
you are not a jerk; you can prove Brett wrong and show us you do have a heart.
I challenge you to meet with me and a few of the families youve harmed in an informal setting where you can
meet Cammys grandchildren and let them tell you how they feel about being displaced from the only home
theyd ever known and what their life is like now. Cammys grandchildren are just as precious as your own
children. And to God there is no difference.
When you refuse to see us as human beings you deny yourself the opportunity to experience us as your own
family. This is what allows you to so callously destroy our lives. Jesus message about treating others as we
would want to be treated stems for his awareness that we are all one family; and when you harm another you
harm yourself. Every time one of his children is in pain God cries, and those connected with God cry too.
We, your victims, feel God has brought us together and is guiding us every step of the way. In case you
havent realized by now, this is not just about our homes or even just about us anymore. The few of us you
know about are taking the brunt of your retaliation to protect the many more you dont know about. I urge
you to take us up on our offer because its not likely youll be given another chance before it is too late.