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SINCE 1920
Fall/winter 2014
Linda A. Doll
First Vice-President
Valli Thayer McDougle

President’s Message
“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any
other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Second Vice-President
Travel show
Joe Cibere
Third Vice-President
Jeanne Hyland
Fourth Vice-President
Mary Ann Beckwith
RJ Lowy
Director, Exhibitions
Penny Hill
Recording Secretary
Julie Crouch
DIRECTOR, Membership
Carol Mansfield
DIRECTOR, Historian
Lowri Sprung
Debbie Abshear
DIRECTOR, Newsletter
Nancy Swan
Detra Francis
Parrish Hirasaki

What you will see in the 94th International Exhibition is a window
into the soul of our 79 talented participating artists, seen through the colors and shapes that
allow them to say things for which they have no words. I hope you will enjoy the experience
and find clues as to how they see and interpret their world, either through visiting the NWS
Gallery or viewing the wonderful art in the exhibition catalog.
An exhibition of this quality takes an extraordinarily well-oiled team to pull it off with
panache. A big thank you to our jurors Katherine Chang Liu, John Salminen, and Carole
Barnes for an outstanding job in choosing 79 fabulous paintings from nearly 1000 entries, as
well as selecting our 14 newest Signature members. Our Awards Juror, Jean Stern, was perceptive
and discerning in choosing the awards and our traveling exhibition. Congratulations to
everyone – those who had a painting selected, those who won an award or were chosen to be
included in the Travel Show, and those who received their Signature status this year. A special
thank you to all who entered and supported NWS with their entries. Our heartfelt gratitude
goes to the donors of the awards who help make all of this possible. More than $42,000 was
donated. We could not have the pleasure of this wonderful exhibition – regardless of how hard
we worked – without the faithful art material companies, magazines, societies, and individual
contributors. NWS sponsors are listed in our exhibition catalog, as well as on our website.
Check it out!
Our NWS Exhibition Director, Penny Hill, is to be applauded for her generous and dedicated
leadership in pulling this gigantic undertaking into a beautiful exhibition. A special thanks
also goes to Valli McDougle for the many hours she devoted to securing our numerous
awards, to who produced our exquisite catalog, to Classic Litho who printed it,
and to my entire outstanding board who all worked so diligently on selection jury day, award
jury day, hanging day, and at the Annual Awards Buffet. I am so very proud to have been a
part of this process and to serve as your president again this year. Congratulations again to
each and every artist in this exhibition.

Linda A. Doll

Gallery manager
Jan Godachy

2014 NWS Events At-A-Glance

Mark your calendars!

2014 NWS International Exhibition
November 9, 2014 - January 11, 2015

January 10, 2015 2:00 P.M.


Location: NWS Studio Gallery
915 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 831-1099

Annual Business Meeting At NWS Gallery
January 10, 2015
2:00 P.M. - 4:00P.M.
All Signature, Life and Associate Members are invited and urged to come.

Gallery Hours:
During Exhibitions Only
Thursdays -Sundays,
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

RSVP appreciated.

or phone: (310) 831-1099

94th Annual Exhibition Comments

Penny hill, director of exhibitions


e wish to thank all of our generous sponsors for making this one of the most rewarding shows
for the artists exhibiting. We also want to thank all the exhibitors for their amazingly diverse
work that makes our international exhibition one of the foremost around the world. Visitors and
artists alike ask why our exhibition is so unique. None of the entries has ever been shown anywhere before on
a national or international stage.
This year also marked a great attendance of our exhibiting artists and many, many surprises. We met artists from
all over the world who brought insight into their world of creating art, their goals, and joy in sharing the enthusiasm for our genre of water media. Artists who have intrigued for years with their techniques and content were
on hand to regale us with background stories and new discoveries. We were truly blessed with a kaleidoscope of
creativity and lively discussions about ART. New collaborations were formed, and mentors found.
We are happy to welcome 14 new Signature Members whose three works (in addition to their piece accepted in this exhibition) were
previewed and determined to be of the standard of the work exhibited and showed a consistency of execution and craftsmanship as
well as series of content and intent. We congratulate Janet Belich, German Boettcher, Lei Chi, Chung-wei Chien, Janice CiprianiWillis, Cheryl Fausel, LeRoy Fink, Kathleen Giles, William Hook, Donna Morrison, Susan Morris, Charles Rouse, Dan Simoneau, and
Kristin Stashenko.
We also encourage you to begin thinking of the 2015 Exhibition, in which we will be celebrating our 95th Anniversary. What a landmark!
We are working on several events to celebrate and hope they will all project the mission of bringing water media into the 21st century. Just
as the then California Watercolor Society saw that it was surpassing its regional limits when artists such as Edward Hopper and others
from the East Coast wished to join, we have embraced the international community and welcomed their wish to join.
We will be hosting our partners from the Belgium Eau en Couleurs in our Studio Gallery during the International Exhibition. We
welcome you all to embrace our fellow artists around the world. We will be posting the prospectus online in the beginning of July 2015
for our 2015 Exhibition. We wish to help you now in planning what you would like to enter, also if you have not yet submitted for
Signature Membership, please read the requirements and guidelines, and prepare your three pieces. Framing size smallest 12 x 12” and
largest 40 X 40”. Creative license and innovation are always appreciated and supported.

NWS 94th Annual Exhibition Pre-Event Meet & Greet

arrivals welcomed at the San Pedro Crowne Plaza Hotel


Penny makes grand effort to speak Chinese
Translator appreciated (in gap jacket)

Cocktails & conversation

Rex Brandt Retrospective in Gallery

100th Anniversary celebration of rex


n added bonus this year is that Linda Doll’s personal Rex
Brandt collection is on display in the back gallery for the
duration of the Annual Exhibition. It includes some of his less

common wood blocks, a
triptych depicting Corona del
Mar where he lived.
Linda studied with Rex for
many years and her friendship
resulted in this nice collection.
The centerpiece watercolor
was a demonstraton piece for a
workshop. There is a companion photo
next to it that shows what he was looking
at when he painted it. It is interesting to
see how he interpreted the scene.
Don’t miss this back room of the gallery
when you come to the exhibition.


2014 94th Annual Exhibition Attending Artists

shown with their paintings

Also in exhibition

Artists present with their paintings

Janet Belich, MD

Matthew Bird, MD

Cindy Brabec-King, CO

Cheryl Fausel, FL

LeRoy Fink, MO

Karen Frey, CA

Ken Goldman, CA

Kaoriko Hasegawa, CA

Grace Haverty, AZ

Carole Hughes Hennessy, IL

Jane Hofstetter, CA

William G. Hook, WA

Xiao Xing Hu, SC

Iretta Hunter, CA

Denise Athanas, SC

Continued next page

Anne Abgott, FL
Hanna Adler, CA
Lee Albion, FL
Linda Daly Baker, SC
Sean Barrett, CA
German Boettcher, FL
Cheng Khee Chee, MN
Lei Chi, CA
Chung Wei Chien, Taiwan
Janice Cipriani-Willis, CA
Don Dalton, VT
Ratindra Das, IL
Debra Edgerton, AZ
Carolyn Epperly, SC
Robin Erickson, CA
Robbie Reese Fitzpatrick, TX
Frank Francese, CO
Kathleen S. Giles, NY
Frederick C. Graff, OH
Jean H. Grastorf, FL
Richard Hanson, IA
Patricia Herlihy, MD
George James, CA
Chris Krupinski, VA
Melanie Lacki-Lotz, CA
Janet Laird Lagassee, ME
Carolyn Lord, CA
Mark Mehaffey, MI
Robert Lee Mejer, IL
Dean Mitchell, FL
Donna Duke Morrison, FL
Carla O’Connor, WA
Kris Parins, FL
Carole Pickle, PA
Peto Poghosyan, Armenia
David Poxon, UK
Dee Roberts, FL
Charles H. Rouse, CA

for Something
Exhibition Opening
By somebody
artsts and guests

more Artists
in exhibition

more Artists with paintings at opening

Geoffrey McCormack, OR

Laurin McCracken TX

Susan Montague, CO

Susan S. Morris, AZ

Dan Simoneau, WI

Frank Louis Spino, FL

Kristin Stashenko, MA

Margret Ann Washington, CA

Keiko Yasuoka, TX

Janice Ulm Sayles, VA
Lynn Schilling, SC
Patricia Schmidt, OR
Carol Ann Schrader, AZ
Darcy Scott, MI
Nancy Stark, VA
Gari Stephenson, VA
Eileen M. Sudzina, PA
Suz Chiang Tan, Malaysia
Warren Taylor, TX
Zhou Tianya, China
Susan Webb Tregay, NC
Myrna Wacknov, CA
Soon Young Warren, TX
Frank Webb, PA
E. Gordon West, TX
Xiao Chang Zhang, CA

artists Welcomed with Gift Bags. - thank you to the Fred & Eileen Whitaker
Foundation for the book Contrasts that complement by the whitakers.

from escoda
new synthetic
kolisky brush


for Something
Exhibition Reception
By somebody
in the gallery

Past Presidents in Attendance


94th Annual Exhibition Award Presentation
By valli Thayer McDougle & lINDA DOLL



Report on “Eau en Couleurs” Biennale Internationale d’Aquarelle 2014
by Penny Hill

A Little Bit of a Faiery Tale


nce upon a time there was a sweet castle in the town of Estaimpuis, in the country
of Belgium and there lived a determined young artist named Catherine De Ryck.
Her dream was to showcase the innovative approaches and unexpected visions of water
media artists. The town also had a handsome Deputy Mayor, Daniel Senesael, who shared
her vision and placed culture at the top of town’s concerns. “Voila!” as our friends across
the pond say. Le chateau de Bourgogne became the showcase for their first Biennial. And
the word spread across the land and over the ocean.

Jeanne Hyland gives a workshop in Belgium

It even reached the sunny shores of the
Pacific, the home of another pioneering
group of artists who, almost 95 years ago,
began their own dream of showcasing the California watercolor movement. Soon, other
artists from across the country wanted to share in the fun and show their work and they
became the National Watercolor Society, which opened the door to exhibit new techniques,
ideas and innovations beyond regional boundaries. More recently, international artists
became aware of the possibilities of showing side by side with their fellow dreamers. Last
year, David Poxon of the UK, one of our newest Signature Members, winner of the Past
President’s Award and Elected Member of England’s Royal Institute of Painters of Watercolour (the R.I.) began working with Catherine De Ryck, Geoffrey McCormack, Iain
Stewart and me to initiate an invitational delegation from the National Watercolor Society.
Twenty-two NWS members sent their own works to Belgium to participate in the first of
these cultural exchanges. We thank them all for representing us. Linda Baker, Chris Beck,
Kathleen Conover, Elaine Daily Birnbaum, Linda Doll, Frank Eber, Jeanne Hyland, Paul
Jackson, Andrew Kish III, Jonathan Knight, Sherry Matlack, Laurin McCracken, Geoffrey
McCormack, Dean Mitchell, Laura Mitchell, r. mike nichols, Kris Preslan, David Poxon,
John Salminen, Thomas Schaller, Iain
Stewart and Donna Witty sent paintings
to the show. Laura, Chris, Kris, Donna
David and Jeanne travelled to Belgium to
represent the NWS in person.

And so the story grows. This year in honor of NWS’ 95th anniversary, we are hosting
artists from the Belgium Biennale to begin our course of international exchange.
Please plan to attend the opening reception on October 24, 2015 in our Gallery in San
Pedro, CA. We are developing our program right now and should have it confirmed
by next spring. There is no limit to the galaxy of ideas we artists create. We look forward
to welcoming our European colleagues and encourage you come make new friends,
learn new techniques and share your enthusiasm for the new direction of water
And to our friends in Belgium, Catherine, please extend our excitement about
hosting you in October 2015 to celebrate our 95th Anniversary with us.



Exhibition Lecture 2014
Katherine Chang Liu

We are proud that our members achieve so many
accolades,therefore we are limited to what can be included.

We print the following for sSgnature and Associate members:

influences and development

• Awards (only from National or International exhibits open to
all artists. No “members only” shows. Indicate the award[s]
you received.)
• Recent publications that include your work
• Special honors (i.e., Signature membership to national art
groups; serving as Juror; having work added to permanent
collections, etc.)
• Inclusion in invitational, solo or two-artist exhibitions


atherine Chang Liu fascinated a full
house and even more online viewers
with the story of her personal art journey. She
detailed the specific artists who influenced
her painting, told how she viewed each
of them and in what way they changed
her. She included many of her own life
circumstances that contributed to her
evolution and explained how her career
grew and blossomed.

We do not print:

• Your workshops or websites
• Your inclusion into exhibits (unless you get an award and it is
in an exhibit open nationally to all artists)
• Items over 6 months old
Submitted material will be edited if it does not conform
to the above criteria OR in order to fit space available.

Becoming progressively
dissatisfied with painting
the same way, an awareness
grew of her desire to
express her emotions
differently, and recognizing
something inside her had
shifted, she explained what
it took to find her voice
again, taking a step back
from her successful career
to change course from
representative paintings to
abstract expression.


• Indicate your member status (Signature or Associate)
• Kudos: Format your submission in the 3rd person
Use the Kudos section in this newsletter as a guide.
Be specific about titles and dates.
• Articles will be reviewed for content and relevancy.
NWS reserves the right to accept or reject articles, and edit the
contents to fit.
• In Memoriam: NWS will publish one submitted photo,
space permitting.
• Call for Entries: Submitted and applicable to NWS will be posted on
our website.
• We require a personal summary of your

achievements. A monthly newsletter will not be
gleaned for content.

Spring: March 1; Summer: July 1; Winter: November 1.

Online preferred |
(Indicate “NWS Newsletter” in subject line, or it may be missed.)
Mail-in | NWS Newsletter Editor, 915 South Pacific Avenue,
San Pedro CA 90731-3201



he second half of her lecture was not to be missed. it focused
on a significant portion of the 94th Exhibition paintings. We
learned how she viewed them as she was choosing them and what
made each of them strong paintings within their own genre.

henzhen International Biennial Committee has invited
NWS Members to participate in an International Exchange
Exhibit of Small Works. More information will follow in the
next newsletter and online, but for now START PAINTING
SMALL. Size limit will be 15” on the longest side. Paintings will
be shipped to China unframed by NWS and will be framed in
China for the Exhibit held in China in December 2015. The
opening will be the same day as the Shenzhen International
Biennial Opening. One hundred NWS Members paintings and
one hundred from China artists will then be shipped back to the
USA to be shown in the NWS Gallery in San Pedro in July 2016.
A catalog of this exhibit will be printed in China.


New Signature Members 2014
Janet Belich, MD

Kathleen Giles, NY

German Boettcher, FL

William Hook, WA

Lei Chi, CA

Donna Morrison, FL

Chung-Wei Chien, Taiwan

Susan Morris, AZ

Janice Cipriani-Willis, CA

Charles H. Rouse, CA

Cheryl Fausel,FL

Dan Simoneau, WI

Leroy Fink, MO

Kristin Stashenko, MA

2014 Annual Traveling Exhibit Schedule


July1, 2014 to
November1, 2014

Charlene Baker, TX

Sandy Kinnamon, OH

Jane Bazinet, FL

Tia Kratter, CA

Catherine M. Bennett, NY

Susan Lefkowitz, CA

Susan Betsworth, IA

Claudia J. LeJeune, LA

Diane Brandenburg, CA

Judy Levinson, FL

Lisa Brown, NJ

Jackie Lyles, FL

Neil Flores Capangpangan, GA

Robin Lee Makowski, FL

Rebecca Case, AZ

Darrell McGahhey, TX

Joanna Coke, FL

Sharon Lea McGlasson, TX

Susan DeMarcay, LA

Fujiko Miller, CA

Melissa Garrison Elliott, CA

Curtis Mothershed, CA

Patrick Faile, SC

Carol Deane Neff, OH

Isabel Farrell, NC

Paulette S. Parker, CA

Liang Gang Shanghai, China

Roc C Prologo, PA

James Patrick Gerkin, OH

Susan Pronko, VA

Norma Zaragoza Gillen, CA

James Redding, Ca

Garry Hamilton, CAN

Jane Scott, NM

Mary Anne Harkness, WA

Karen Shaner, Kansas

Richard Hawk, CA

Helen Carol Smith, TX

Susan Brinkema Hewitt, CA

Luanne Stone, AR

Andrea Holte, CA

Alvin Takamori, CA

Hsiao Hui Huang, Taiwan

Denise Tverdoch, CA

Evie Huhta, CO

Adam J. VanHouten, MI

Diann Johnston, CA

Judith Visker, AZ

Elaine Katzer, CA

George Hyde Wittenberg, AR

Kimberly Starr Kemsley, CA

Ekaterina Ziuzina, Belarus

by Xiaochang Zhang
Arts Center Manatee
February 2 - March 20
209 9th Street West
Bradenton, Florida 34205

Tennessee Valley Museum of Art
May 24- July 10
511 North Water Sreet
Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674

Approximately 30 paintings from the International Exhibition are
juried into the Traveling Exhibition and spend the next year being
displayed in some of the finest galleries, art centers and museums
across the United States.
Please contact us with your local venue interested in hosting the
NWS Traveling Exhibition in the future. We will send you a FAQ
to answer any questions you might have concerning costs and
Joe Cibere 2nd VP
Travel Exhibition Coordinator
cell: 805-217-6512

Check the label to see if your dues are paid until 3/1/2015.
If not, please go online to: and pay online or send
your check to:
NWS, 915 So Pacific Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731
Dues are $45 for Signature and $40 for Associate members.


painting, Standing Among Giants. She also won Third place in
the Dawn to Dusk exhibit at the Art Colony of Corona for her
Sandra Pearce had a Solo Exhibit for the month of August at
Summa Realty in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Next Newsletter deadline - MARCH 1, 2014
Carol Z. Brody has been awarded the Martin Webber Award in
Watercolor West’s 46 International Juried Exhibition in Brea, CA.
Carol also received the Samuel Leitman Memorial Award at the
Salmagundi Club’s 130 Annual Member’s Exhibition in New York
Parrish Nelson Hirasaki won Best of Show with her painting
Ferry Eddy at the Aquarius National Watermedia Exhibition
sponsored by the Southern Colorado Watercolor Society at the
Sangre de Cristo Arts and Convention Center, Pueblo, CO, open
through Saturday, January 3.
Alexis Lavine has been named as one of Watercolor Artist
Magazine’s 2014 “Ones to Watch.” She and nine other selected
artists will be featured in the December 2014 issue.
Jonathan Knight NWS, MOWS-HR, served as Juror of Awards
for the national exhibit, Art at the Center 2014 Juried Exhibition.
The exhibit was held at the Tomahawk Ridge Center, Overland
Park, KS, from April 1 through June 12, 2014.
Knight also served as the Juror of Awards for the Heartland Art
Guild International Miniatures Art Exhibit, held at the Miami
County Historical Museum, in Paola, KS. His painting, The
Caged Bird Sings will be featured in a book showcasing all of the
paintings in the Estaimbourg, Belgium Eau En Couleurs International Watercolor Biennial.
Jeanne Hyland received the the Asel Art Supply Award for her
painting Eldorado Gold #1 in the Southwestern Watercolor
Society’s 51st Membership Show, Dallas, TX—Eisemann Center,
Richardson, TX. September 4–28, 2014. Jeanne recently had her
painting, Sunflower Blast #1, recognized with the Juror’s Award
in the 46th Annual Watercolor West Juried Exhibition in Brea,
CA. October 11–December 14, 2014. She received Honorable
Mention at the Fall 2104 Exhibition, New Mexico Watercolor
Society for Sunflower Blast #2. October 4th through 26, 2014. She
was profiled in the Albuquerque Journal Arts “Venue” section,
October 12, 2014.

Frank Spino has been awarded the Gold Coast Watercolor
Society’s Florida Award at the National Watercolor Society’s 94th
International Exhibition for Color Wheels.The painting was also
selected for the traveling show which will be staged at multiple
locations in the US in 2015. Fresh Squeezed and Sliced Citrus
with Calamondin were included in Frank’s one page article in
the Revelations section of the international magazine, The Art of
Watercolour, 16th Issue published September 2014.

More Artists are producing Newsletters for mass
emailing. If you are sending one to us for use in the kudos
section, please read the guidelines on page 9.
Please send us a personal email written in 3rd person that
meets the criteria listed. With so many newsletters, it is
not possible for us to comb for things that would qualify
for the kudos. Please submit with “NWS Newsletter” in
the subject to:

in the NWS Newsletter
We encourage our members to write about their
personal creative process for publication in the
newsletter. They may be included as space is available.
Photos may be submitted to enhance the short article.
All submitted material will be subject to editing.

Stan Kurth, NWS, received Best in Show in the San Diego Watercolor Society 34th Annual International Exhibition - October 1st
through 31st, 2014.
Geeta Pattanaik was an award winner in the 8th Annual Paint
the Parks competition in the full size painting category for her



National watercolor society
915 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro CA 90731-3201



2014 nWS 94th international Annual exhibition
“Hearts in Hearts”
Soon Young Warren

If you are a North American non-profit gallery owner and
are interested in hosting the NWS Annual Travel Exhibit,
contact 2nd Vice-President (Travel Exhibit) Joe
Cibere ( or
Penny Hill, NWS Exhibitions Director
November 9, 2014 - January 11, 2015
NWS Gallery
915 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731
Gallery Hours: Thursdays through Sundays
11 A.M. to 3 P.M.
Additional Hours: First Thursday,
December 4, 2014, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m
Call for Holiday Hours..

Available for Purchase: The
2014 94th Annual Catalog
Contact us to buy this or past