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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Green Giving

Giving eco-friendly gifts is now
easier than ever before. As more and
more people are conscious of reducing their impact on the planet, the demand for environmentally conscious
products and services has grown.
Choosing earth-friendly gifts is not
only generous, but gift-givers also can
rest assured theyre doing their part
to safeguard natural resources for
future generations. The following are
some gift ideas for the eco-conscious
people on your holiday shopping list.


phone or agree to help them shop for


When many people think of recycling, they tend to picture piles of discarded plastic bottles, glass jars and
aluminum cans. While the end product of many of these recycled pieces
is new cans, bottles and jars, recycled
materials also can be turned into new
and unique pieces. Trivets and spoon
rests made from recycled and melted wine bottles make for clever and
attractive gifts. Recycled fire extinLocally made products make great guishers have been turned into vases,
holiday gifts. Such gifts are not pro- and you can even find bike parts that
duced halfway around the world, have been used to make wind chimes
meaning they dont contribute to and belts if you know where to shop.
greenhouse gas emissions and global
warming like products that need to
be flown or driven across the globe.
Natural gifts are among the most
Craft fairs and artisan shops are good environmentally friendly ones you
sources for locally made gifts, which can give. Foodies may appreciate an
also are a great way to support busi- herb-growing kit that enables them to
nesses in your community.
experiment with freshly picked basil
or thyme in the kitchen, while treeGIFTS OF SERVICE
growing kits and flower seed packets
A massage or music or tutoring are nice stocking stuffers for budding
sessions are examples of gifts of ser- gardeners. Offer to purchase a living
vice. These gifts do not require much Christmas tree for a relative so that
use of natural resources and recipi- he or she can plant the evergreen afents find their personal nature very ter the holidays have come and gone.
thoughtful. Gifts of service also can
include tasks you do yourself for the
gift recipient, rather than paying anNew, shiny gifts are not the only
other person to handle. For example, ones that have appeal. Gifting a senteach a senior member of your fam- timental piece of family history is an
ily how to navigate their new smart- earth-friendly way to share the holi-


November 29th, 2014


on your villages Main Street!

Chances are, you might find that

special gift in your own


REUSE ... Sentimental or unique

old gifts make great new gifts and do
not require a great deal of natural
resources, making them ideal ecofriendly gifts.
days. Pass down a cherished piece
of jewelry or, if you do not have anything in your own collection, browse
antique shops for items that have interesting histories.
The holiday season is often a time
of excess, but giving doesnt have to
be detrimental to the environment.
Givers can seek out earth-friendly
gifts and share even more this time
of year.

How To Send Gifts To Faraway Friends & Family

The holiday season is a time to share happy experiences with friends and family. But reconnecting with
loved ones come the holidays is not always possible,
especially when family and friends are spread out
across the country, if not the globe. Even though these
people may not be close geographically, theyre still
close in our hearts and, therefore, still on our holiday
shopping lists.
Some issues arise when sending gifts to faraway
friends and family. Distance necessitates shipping gifts
or making travel arrangements. To make that process
less complicated, consider these suggestions.
Package gifts wisely. When shipping gifts, exercise
caution to ensure the item arrives on time and in one
piece. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of
the year for the shipping industry and packages may
endure a few bumps along the way. For fragile items,
use extra packing peanuts, newspaper or other protective wrapping material. Choose the right size package so the gift does not move around much inside of
the box. If the gift is expensive, insure the package in
the event it gets lost or damaged. Also, you may want
to spend a little more money to have the shipment
tracked and a confirmation sent when the package is
delivered. This can offer some peace of mind during a
hectic time of year.
Take advantage of free shipping offers. Many retailers offer discounts on shipping rates during the

holiday season. Shop at retailers that offer such discounts, as shipping costs can be exorbitant depending
on the sizes of the packages being sent. In addition,
online retailers may allow you to ship the gift directly
to its recipient, which can help you ensure the gift gets
to its destination on time.
Give gift cards and certificates. Gift cards are an
easy item to ship, and can be sent within the regular
mail for the cost of a stamp. Certain retailers may have
digital gift cards or certificates that allow buyers to
email a special code to the gift recipient, who can then
redeem the code for a purchase credit.
Dont forget about inspections and customs procedures. Items shipped out of the country may be delayed by customs inspectors at their ultimate destination. Assume that certain packages may be opened or
detained, and ship such packages early so the gifts
still arrive on time. Packages that look unusual or like
theyre hiding something may be prone to inspection
more so than others. Be honest about declarations
of value and what is contained in the package. Also,
realize certain items, like fruits, vegetables, plants,
or seeds, may be prohibited. Learn the international
shipping rules for your gifts destination prior to sending anything.
Distant family members and friends may be out of
sight but certainly not out of mind come the holidays.
When it comes to sending gifts, ship smart.

Great Gifts For Any Music Lover

Music remains an art form that
evokes strong emotions and holds
a special place in many a listener's
heart. The nearly universal appeal
of music makes it a great gift come
the holiday season, when shoppers
may not always know what to buy
a loved one. The following are a few
gift ideas that are sure to have your
favorite music fan singing your
praises this holiday season.
*Concert tickets: Perhaps no
gift makes music fans' hearts race
more than tickets to see their favorite musicians perform. Your loved
one probably has a favorite artist or
someone he or she has long desired
to see live. Look into that performer's tour dates to see if they are
playing your area anytime soon.
*Musical instrument: It's never
too early or too late to learn how
to play a new instrument. Shop-

pers whose loved ones love a good

rock-and-roll riff might find guitars
make a great holiday gift, while
those who can't stop playing air
drums should enjoy finding a real
drum set come the holidays.
*Music lessons: Lessons are the
next logical step once a music fan
has the instruments to work with.
But even those without an instrument of their own can benefit from
music lessons.
*Sound system: Advancements
in technology have proven to be
music to music lovers' ears. Music fans can now take advantage
of crisp sound systems that make
music that much more enjoyable.
Sound systems come in many
shapes and sizes, and they can
vary significantly in regard to price.
*Streaming service membership: Shoppers can buy their fa-

(of equal or
lesser value)

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Its not too early to think about gifts for the

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Great Gift Ideas For

Everyone On Your List
Holiday shopping season has hit full
swing, and shoppers everywhere are
searching far and wide for the perfect gifts
for their family and friends. Veteran holiday shoppers know that no two people on
their shopping lists are the same, which
can complicate their quests for the perfect
presents. But a careful consideration of
your loved ones personality and passions
can help you find a gift thats sure to elicit
a smile this holiday season.
For the cool, calm and collected type on
your shopping list, California-based sunglass brand Kaenon Polarized ( introduces a new Limited Edition Frost collection available this holiday
season. The limited-run collection features
performance and active lifestyle designs
for both men and women, treated with a
unique frosted-crystal frame finish to offer an icy-cool winter look. At the heart
of every Kaenon Polarized sunglass is its
proprietary SR-91 lens material, which
is the industrys first and only uncompromising lens to offer shatter resistance from
high mass impact, extreme lightweight
and unparalleled visual clarity and detail
The always on-the-run relative or
friend on your holiday shopping list will
no doubt appreciate the Thompson Tee
( - a specialized undershirt developed by the William
Thompson Co., LLC, to protect shirts from
sweat marks. The innovatively designed
sweat-proof undershirt expertly blends
the companys proprietary Hydro-Shield
sweat-proof technology and 100 percent
ultra-soft premium lightweight cotton to
produce a clinical-grade sweat-proof material that guarantees unparalleled underarm protection in a comfortable and inconspicuous way.

THE PERFECT GIFT ... finding that something special or useful gift can be easier
with a few tips.
ors, the Lens Friend (www.thelensfriend.
com) is enjoyed by men, women and children, making it an ideal stocking stuffer
this holiday season.


Based in Southern California, the Jorg
Gray brand ( offers a
range of unique watches that reflect an effortless American style and sophistication
tailor-made for your fashionable friends
and family members. In response to overwhelming demand, Jorg Gray has recently
expanded into a global brand and is the
timepiece of choice for the U.S. Secret Service and the President of the United States,
as well as a variety of high profile celebrities and athletes. Chic consumers across
the globe continue to respond to the Jorg
Gray hallmark of exceptional artistry and
outstanding value.
Finding the perfect present for friends
and family members come the holiday seaKnow a friend or family member who is son is not always so easy. But a careful
always misplacing his or her eyeglasses? consideration of loved ones passions and
The Lens Friend is a unique, powerful one- personalities can help holiday shoppers
piece magnetic clip made of a soft silicone, find a gift thats sure to make this holiday
designed to secure eyewear to any article of season even more special.
clothing or bag. Available in multiple col-

Strategies For Last Minute Shoppers

Avenue Eight Collection

Willow Counter-Height Dining in Pine

Now available for the Holidays!

Holiday shoppers tend

to fall into three distinct
camps. There are those people who have completed all
of their shopping and wrapping even before November
ends. Others shop in the
weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Finally, many people wait until
the last minute, and such
shoppers are the ones seen
rushing from store to store
on December 24.
Waiting until the last
possible second to purchase a gift may not prove
much of a problem when
shopping for birthday gifts.
But come the holiday season, such procrastination
may find shoppers perusing limited inventories and
dealing with other frantic
But even those shoppers who still plan to put
off their holiday shopping
can make the most of such
stalling this holiday season.
Consider eGift cards.
Many retailers offer digital gift cards that can be
emailed in a matter of minutes. Purchase the card
from the online retailer
and email the redemption
code to the gift recipient.
Time the email to arrive on
Christmas morning or include all of the necessary
information in a holiday
Ship to store. Some
shoppers like the convenience of ship-to-store services. This enables a person
to purchase a gift online
but avoid shipping charges

by having the item made

available at a store location. In-stock items are typically ready the day of purchase, and this helps you
avoid crowds and impulse
buys, as online purchases
are typically available at
special pick-up locations in
the store that allow online
shoppers to skip long lines
at the registers.
Avoid gimmick gifts.
Skip the as seen on TV
aisle at the store or trendy
infomercial gifts. Such gifts
may suggest to their recipi-

ents that you waited until

the last minute to buy the
gifts and then really didnt
have any good ideas.
Shop smaller retailers. One way to avoid the
hassles that often come
with holiday shopping is to
patronize smaller, independent shops. Chances are
the crowds will be smaller
at these shops and you
may have access to a more
unique selection of gifts
than you would find at the
nearby mall.

We can help you get

your home ready for
the Holidays!

Give the gift of clean for that hard to buy for

person on your list!
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Holiday Living Timesavers Made Easy

With so much on our plates between Thanksgiving and
New Years Day, the holiday season can be hectic. Fortunately, there are many ways to save time and make the
holiday season more manageable.
If you dont have plastic clips to hang lights around
windows and to the eaves of your home, inexpensive
clothespins will work just as well. If youre concerned
about the color of the wooden clips, paint them holiday
hues before stringing the lights.
Put a bath mat, rug-side down and rubber-side up,
beneath your Christmas tree stand. This allows you to
spin the tree as you hang lights and ornaments without
damaging the floor underneath. It also makes it simple to
undress the tree once the season is over. Use a tree skirt
to hide the mat.
Squeeze artificial tree portions into concrete form
tubes. First wrap the tree portions in twine and then slip
them into the concrete sleeves. Each tube can be stowed
in attic or garage rafters, freeing up precious space.
Store one or two strings of lights in a plastic shopping bag to keep the strands from getting tangled. Hang
the bags from a hook in a garage or stack them in a storage bin.
Use plastic zip ties to attach garland and lights to
A paper towel holder can be screwed to the wall in a
craft room to neatly hold spools of ribbon.
Mount a tree stand to a piece of wood with screws
or glue. This prevents spills from reaching the floor while
stabilizing the tree.
Old maps make interesting gift wrap and are a nice
change of pace from commercially produced paper or
Wrap duct tape or another type of sticky tape around
your hand or floor sweeper. Pat over fallen pine needles
that accumulate around the tree.
When traveling for the holidays, use a brightly colored suitcase or flashy tape to make your suitcase stand
out from others at the airport.
Place hardened brown sugar in a baking dish, cover
it with a moist paper towel and either microwave it on
high for 20-second intervals or place it in a 300 F oven for


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TIMESAVERS: A few simple strategies can help you save

time and reduce stress this holiday season.
five minutes. This will soften the sugar, making it easier
to use the sugar to prepare your favorite holiday cookie
Save plastic bread ties, which can be used to make
tags for the wires on certain devices. Such ties also can be
used to organize decorating components and to keep your
place on a roll of tape.
Measure the inside of your picture window and construct a wooden frame to its dimensions. Staple holiday
lights to the frame and then easily slip the frame in and
out of place each year.
Hang a live wreath or some boughs of evergreen in
your home to give it that fresh pine scent if you have an
artificial tree.
Color-code storage containers so you can easily find
holiday decorations in the attic or basement.
Pack for a holiday excursion using a collapsible clothing storage hanger for closets. Fold clothes on each fabric
shelf and then collapse it into your suitcase. When you get
to your destination, unfold and hang it in a closet so all of
your clothes will be at the ready.


A Little Something
For Everyone
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Dos & Donts Of Holiday Shopping

Thanks to sales featuring heavily
discounted items, millions of people
wait to start their holiday shopping
until the season hits full swing. But
in spite of such bargains, overextending budgets during the holiday
season is too tempting for many
shoppers to resist. However, shoppers need not risk financial peril if
they shop smartly and heed some
dos and don'ts of holiday shopping.
*Do set a budget. Establish what
you can afford to spend on gifts and
other seasonal trimmings early on.
The National Retail Federation estimates that the average consumer
will spend around $700 come the
holiday season. But not every person needs to be a big spender. The
"buy now, pay later" mentality that
credit cards offer lands many shoppers in trouble, a sticky situation
many only notice once the first bill
comes due. If you cannot afford
to pay your entire credit card balance off once the bill arrives, you
face steep interest charges that can
quickly add up. Instead, pick a set
spending limit and keep to it no
matter how tempting it may seem to
overspend with a credit card.
*Don't be fooled by false sales.
Retailers understand that a good

advertised deal lures shoppers into

their stores. As a result, some retailers mark up the cost of certain
items in order to slash the prices for
holiday sales. Even if you are saving the assumed 50 to 60 percent,
the final cost of the item still may
be higher than normal. Comparison
shop and do your research so you
don't fall victim to clever pricing.
*Do schedule time for shopping.
Hectic schedules sometimes result
in last-minute shopping that leads
to impulse purchases. Schedule
some distraction-free time for your
holiday shopping so you're less
likely to rush into purchases before
thinking them through.
*Don't double buy. Some shoppers use the holidays as an excuse
to buy more for themselves than
the people on their lists. While it's
tempting to treat yourself come the
holiday season, this is a great and
quick way to deplete your budget.
If you plan on using holiday deals
to supplement your own wardrobe
or household needs, reduce your
spending the rest of the year and
save money for year-end purchases.
*Do collect coupons and look for
purchasing incentives. Comparison
shopping not only helps you get the

best price, but also it can shed light

on coupons, shipping discounts and
other incentives that lower the overall cost of products. Search online
for Web sites that publish coupons
and codes for online discounts, including free shipping. Join a store's
marketing list and receive emails
with deals sent directly to your inbox.
*Don't be afraid to delay some
purchases if need be. If hosting a
post-holiday gathering where gifts
will be exchanged, it's perfectly acceptable to delay buying those gifts
until after Christmas or Chanukah,
when many items can be found at
even lower prices. Many stores reduce prices on merchandise come
December 26, so you can wait until
after the holidays to shop for items
that will be exchanged with distant
friends and relatives. This enables
you to save more money and use any
received gift cards toward shopping.
*Do keep a level head. Some people forget the true meaning of the
season is spending time with loved
ones. Getting swept away by shopping and worrying about deadlines
can make the season less enjoyable.
Don't allow the stress of holiday
shopping to compromise an otherwise joyous time of year.



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Great Gifts For The Family Foodie

The best holiday gifts are
often those that encourage
their recipients to pursue
a passion or favorite hobby. Tickets to a ball game
might be right up a sports
fans alley while the family
globetrotter would no doubt
love a contribution to his or
her travel fund.
When gifting the family foodie, that one person
who loves to cook or simply
cant get enough of his or
her favorite cuisines, shoppers have a host of options
at their disposal to ensure
this holiday season brings a
smile to their favorite foodies face.
Spice rack: Few home
cooks can get by without a
vast selection of spices, so a
spice rack that includes all
the essential spices makes
perfect sense for the family
Cooking lessons: Cooking lessons can be a great
way for men, women and
even children to cultivate
their love for food. If your
friend or family member
prefers a specific type of
cuisine, then find him or
her cooking lessons where

EATING OUT ... A night out at a loved ones favorite restaurant can make the perfect gift for the family foodie.
he or she can learn how to
prepare and not just eat
some favorite dishes. Cooking lessons also make a
great opportunity to bond
with a loved one. If you, too,
want to expand your cooking horizons, buy your own
lessons and go with your
friend or family member.
A night out: If your favorite foodie prefers his or
her meals made by someone else, treat that friend
or family member to a night

out at his or her favorite

restaurant. You can give a
gift card to the restaurant
or take this special someone out yourself and enjoy
a great meal and great company to boot.
Serving dishes: Many
foodies not only love to eat
but also love to serve up
their favorite foods to family
and friends. If your friend or
family member has played
host to guests many times
in the past, surprise him or

her with some new serving

Wine rack: A great
bottle of wine completes
a great meal, so why not
buy your family foodie a
place to store all of his or
her bottles of wine? Wine
racks can range from the
simple, inexpensive standup models to more complex or expensive models
that need to be installed.
If the eventual recipient of
your thoughtful gift rents
rather than owns his or her
home, avoid buying a wine
rack that needs to be installed, as that might cause
damage that will cost them
some money when the time
comes to move out. But if
your friend or family member owns their home, then
look for a wine rack that fits
in with their established dcor. You even can christen
the new wine rack by supplementing your gift with a
few bottles.
With so many potential
gifts to choose from, shoppers often find foodies are
fun to shop for come the
holiday season.

5270 St. Rt. 66, Archbold

302 South Third Street
P.O. Box 386 Pioneer, Ohio 43554

Building tour at a time

Gift Certificates
Make Great
Christmas Gifts!

Holiday Gift Ideas For The New Parent In Your Life

BABYS FIRST CHRISTMAS ... Gifts to help Mom and Dad

often make the Holidays more enjoyable.
Many parents fondly recall their first holiday season as a mom and dad.
While youngsters may not
remember much about
their first Thanksgiving
dinner with family or where
their first Christmas present was placed under the

tree, parents tend to cherish such memories, making their first holidays with
children in tow very memorable.
Loved ones of new parents can take steps to make
this holiday season even
more special. The follow-


ing are some gift ideas for

holiday shoppers who want
to make this season even
more memorable for the
proud new parents in their
Photo album: Todays
new parents have more
pictures and video of their
bundles of joy than any previous generation of moms
and dads, as smartphones,
tablets and other devices
have made taking pictures
much easier than in years
past. But family members
also have more access to
such photos than ever before, making it easy to put
together a special photo
album of the new parents
and their new child. Pull
pictures from the parents
social media accounts or
make an album of the numerous photos you have no
doubt received since your
loved ones became parents.
Parents likely dont have
time to make such albums,
so your efforts will almost
certainly be appreciated.

smartphones are capable of
taking video, but such devices are not ideal for shooting longer home videos new
parents will want to watch
for years to come. An HD

ov. 29, 2014

Now through N

2007 N. Wayne, Angola (Just minutes from Ohio) 260-665-3121

Hours: M-F 9-6, Sat 9-4, closed Sunday and Thanksgiving Day.

camcorder with sufficient

internal flash memory can
allow new parents to take
longer, higher quality videos with superior audio
to those that are shot on
smartphones. Such a camcorder may be costly for
those shopping on a strict
budget, but its a gift new
parents are sure to love and
utilize for years to come.
Nursery sound system: New moms and dads
are no doubt anxiously anticipating the day when the
newest additions to their
households sleep through
the night. Help speed up
the arrival of that glorious
night with a nursery sound
system that provides soothing sounds to create a perfect sleeping environment
for newly born boys and
girls. The results may not
arrive overnight, but parents may soon find their
lovable youngster is spending more of the wee hours
of the morning sleeping and
less time waking up mom
and dad.
Spa treatment: Not every gift you buy for the new
parents in your life needs
to focus on helping them
cherish their first holiday
season as parents. New
parents tend to experience
lots of exhaustion in their
first few months on the job,
but a spa treatment can be
just the relaxing break they
need from catering to their
bundle of joys every need.
Moms may prefer the full
spa treatment, while dads
may simply want a massage
and some relaxing time in
the steam room. Book a
treatment for both mom
and dad so they can spend
some time relaxing during
this hectic time of year.
New parents often cherish their first holiday season as moms and dads,
and the right holiday gift
can make that first holiday
season even better.

Were a Toy Store For Dad

Great Gift Ideas!

Bean Creek Garden Center

Michigan Fiberglass
LadderMany Sizes
In Stock

Holiday Open House

Small Business Saturday, November 29

and Sunday, November 30
9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m

We have fresh handmade at the garden center, Wreaths,

Centerpieces, Swags, Roping, Grave blankets, Saddles,
Grave pillows and Candy Canes. All made with long lasting
Fraser Fir, sure to bring the scent of evergreen to your home.
Fraser Fir, fresh cut Christmas Trees (Delivery available)

Milwaukee M18
Compact Hammer
Drill 2602-22CT

Wood Boss

Come celebrate the spirit of the season with us!

Bean Creek Garden Center

645 S. Meridian Road (US 127) Hudson, MI 517-448-2326


We have a complete
Service Center for repair
of power tools, lawn & garden
equipment, welders,
generators, small engines, etc.
Call for full details.

Ask our Friendly Service Staff how you can best winterize your yard!


(419) 636-7066
(419) 559-2950



And so much more!

Gifts for All occAsions

22897 US RT 20-A Archbold, OH



Mon - Sat 9AM - 8PM Sunday 1-5PM

East Mulberry
Gift Cottage
847 E. Mulberry St., Bryan, OH

Vintage Items

*Not all products available in all stores

(517) 263-3023
(419) 445-2045

Phone: 419.737.2055 Fax: 419.737.9448 Toll Free: 877.771.4401

Call for Flyers!


M12 2410-22
Cordless Lithium Ion
3/8 Drill Driver

Open House Specials

50# Black oil Sunflower Seed just $20.00

Birdseed Wreaths $5.00 off (Great stocking stuffer)
$2.00 off Scents and Senses Candles
Guest Crafters including: Pam Meinke, SOS wool crafts,
Pitter Pats, paper crafts and stocking stuffers, Glass Junkie,
Garden Totems.

25 Different Milwaukee
Hand Tools In Stock

Next travel party is Sunday, March 8, 2015

(419) 782-6615
(419) 872-9944

Unique Gifts
Now Showing...

All that Glitters

an amazing line of jewelry that will

dazzle and delight
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10-6,
Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4



Ace tools make the perfect gift for the do-it-yourselfer. Theyve been engineered to the highest
standards of durability and performance and theyre guaranteed to equal or exceed the quality of
the big national brands. So stock their workshop with the tools they can always count on Ace.

Ace Hardware
1495 N Shoop Ave
Wauseon, OH 435671824
(419) 335-1717
Store Hours:
Mon-Sat 7:30-8, Sun 11-6