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Department: Mech
Subject Code & Title : ME 2301 THERMAL ENGINEERING
Date: 23.08.2014
: 1 Hours
Maximum: 50 marks
Part A (5 x 2 = 10 marks)
1. What is meant by air standard cycle? What are the assumptions made for air standard cycle
2. Plot the diesel and dual cycle on P-V and T-S diagram and name all the process?
3. Define the following terms. (i) Compression ratio (ii) Cut off ratio, (iii) Expansion ratio
4. Differentiate between brake power and indicated power of the I.C engines.
5. What is the function of camshaft and crankshaft?
Part B (1x8=8 , 2 x 16 = 32 marks)
6. Explain the working of four stroke diesel engine with neat sketch.
7. (a) (i) An engine working on Otto cycle has a volume of 0.45 m 3, pressure 1 bar and temperature
300C at the beginning of compression stroke. At the end of compression stroke, the pressure is 11
bars. 210 kJ of heat added is at constant volume. Determine (i) Pressures, temperatures and
volumes at salient point in the cycle,(ii) Percentage of clearance (iii) Efficiency (iv) Mean effective
pressure (v) Ideal power developed by the engine if the number of working cycle per minute is 210.
(ii) Define mean effective pressure? Give its expression and state its significance.


(b) A dual combustion air standard cycle has a compression ratio of 10. The constant

pressure part of combustion takes place at 40 bar. The highest and the lowest temperatures of
the cycle are 1727 C and 27 C respectively. The pressure at the beginning of compression is
1 bar. Calculate (i) the pressures and temperatures at key points of the cycle,(ii)the heat
supplied at constant volume, (iii) the heat supplied at constant pressure, (iv) the heat rejected,
(v) the work output, (vi) the efficiency and (vii) MEP.
8. (a)

(i) What is the purpose of cooling an I.C. Engine?


(ii) What are the ill effects of improper cooling?


(iii) With neat sketches, describe how a fuel injection pump supplies fuel to a diesel engine
for different load conditions.


(iv) Explain the normal combustion and knocking in a diesel engine with pressurecrank angle diagram.


(b) The following observation were taken during a test on a single cylinder four stroke

cycle engine having a bore 300mm and stroke of 450mm.Ambient air temperature=22 0 c ,
Fuel consumption=11kg/hr,CV of fuel=42000kj/kg,Engine speed=300rpm,Mean effective
pressure=6bar, Net brake load=1.0KN, Brake drum diameter=2m,Quantity of jacket cooling
water=590kg/hr,Temperature of entering cooling water=220c , Temperature of leaving cooling
water =700 c ,Quantity of air as measured =225kg/hr,Specific heat of exhaust
gas=1.005kj/kgk,Exhaust gas temperature=4050c, Determine indicated power, brake power,
mechanical efficiency, and draw up a heat balance sheet on hour basis