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Augustine Church, Barberton, OH) (November 16, 2014)

(Insert Graphic 1000-0203.tif) November 17-23
Monday, November 17 - St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious
12:05 Jim Rinaldo
6:00 Confessions
Tuesday, November 18 Weekday
8:30 School Mass Andrew Ligas
5:15 Margaret Gardner
Wednesday, November 19 Weekday
12:05 Helen Smith
Thursday, November 20 Weekday
12:05 Gertrude Weaver
Friday, November 21 The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
12:05 Richard A. Seifert
Saturday, November 22 St. Cecilia, Virgin & Martyr
8:30 Albert Lee
3:00 Confessions
4:00 Andrew Ligas (Fr. Majikas)
Sunday, November 23 Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
8:00 The People of St. Augustine (Fr. Glaros)
10:30 Elizabeth M. Ciborek (Fr. Majikas)
5:15 James Long (Fr. Misbrener)

Readings for the Week of November 17

Rv 1:1-4, 2:1-5, Ps 1:1-2,3,4,6, Lk 18:35-43
Rv 3:1-6,14-22, Ps 15:2-3,3-4,5, Lk 19:1-10
Rv 4:1-11, Ps 150:1-2,3-4.5-6. Lk 19:11-28
Rv 5:1-10, Ps 149:1-2,3-4,5-6,9, Lk 19:41-44
Rv 10:8-11, Ps 119:14,24,72,103,111,131, Lk 19:45-48
Rv 11:4-12, Ps 144:1,2,9-10, Lk 20:27-40
Ez 34:11-12,15-17, Ps 23:1-2,2-3,5,6, 1 Cor 15:20-26,28, Mt 25:31-46

Sundays Offering
Faith Direct Offering
Total Offering

(Insert Graphic 1300-0021.tif)

Time, Talent & Treasure
November 2

November 9
$ 10,209

Weekly Budget to meet Operating Cost

(Shortfall) Overage $





School Support
St. Vincent de Paul
All Saints
All Souls
Parish Endowment Fund
Human Development
Christmas Flowers





Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The servant in the gospel was afraid to invest the money given to him. In our families if we fail
to invest ourselves in each other, we will end up just like the servant---a loser! Without
personal investment in a relationship, there are no dividends and no growth.
Insert Graphic 2000-0047.tif) Please pray for our Sick especially: Karl Bartel,
Jacob Hurley, John Baylock, Amy Brickels, Frances Trenta, Camilla Pieffer, the
family of Joshua Weigand, Betty Biagetti, Donald Ruegg, Joseph Benear, Trevor
Homsher, Emma Young, Leonard Hamilton, Betty Bartel, Jack Weigand, Lisa
Gnap, Irene Lyle, Helen Pramik, Jenny Moslowski, Leroy Morlan, Mike Macko,
Victor C. Weigand Jr., Eugene Van Oss, Brad Thomas, Judy Glaros, Tilden Steiner,
Tom Gilcher, Linda Plummer, Jody Johnson, Judy Kriston, Linda Thompson, Joe
Patterson, Chuck Friedrichsen, Neil & Mary Carpenter, Brittany Wunderle & Berney
320 Holy Hours were kept with Our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration last week. We are in need of
someone to make Holy Hour on Fridays from 7 -9 pm. Maybe make the hour under your family name,
and then take turns covering? If anyone is interested please contact Judy Soltis at 330-212-0926.

(Insert Graphic 1102-0004.tif) Immaculate Conception Church in Kenmore will have

the Anointing of the Sick Mass this Wednesday, November 26 at 5:30pm. Anyone
in need of physical, emotional and spiritual healing is invited to attend. If you know
someone in need of this healing sacrament, please feel free to invite them to this special
Building on the Rock this is the last session of this season for High School Students to explore what it
takes to build their house of faith on the Rock: Jesus Christ! Join us today Sunday, November 16 from
9:-10:15am in room #101 in the school. The new session will begin after the first of the the
bulletin for details.
The next issue of Magnifikid is available on the table as you enter the church. This is a
wonderful way for your children and you to pray at Mass have a greater understanding of the
Mass and grow as disciples of Jesusand it is all free through generous donors. Get your
copy while supplies last.
(Insert Graphic 2302-0033.tif) Mark the date: Knights of Columbus Council 1617 will sponsor Donuts
with Santa. Saturday, December 6 from 9:00-noon in the school cafeteria. Come and enjoy donuts and a
complimentary picture with Santa!
For more information, please contact Jim Bristol at What a wonderful way to start your Christmas Season!
COPING WITH THE HOLIDAYS The holidays are special times that come filled with family
traditions and memories. For those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, they may be especially
difficult. Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, along with Ciriello & Carr Funeral Homes, are happy to
offer the Companions on a Journey: Coping with the Holidays Thanksgiving program on
Tuesday, November 18 from 7-9:00 pm in the McIntyre Room of the Parish Community Center. All
are welcome! For more information, please contact Deacon Will Yoho at or

St. Augustine Happenings

(Insert Graphic 2404-0067.tif) Coffee and Donuts will be served in the school cafeteria following the
Mass today, Sunday, November 16. Stop in to enjoy fellowship before heading out for your busy week.
HOLY LAND GIFTS are at St. Augustine Church this weekend of November
15 & 16. There will be a display (in the school) of hand-carved items such
as Nativity scenes, crucifixes, rosaries, the Last Supper and much more. All
items are available for purchase and make wonderful gifts for loved ones.
Thank you for your support!
Next weeks Collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)
needs your support. With the tradition of improving education, housing situations,
and economic development, CCHD continues to make a positive impact in
communities nationwide. Please help manifest Catholic social teaching and carry out
Jesus mission to bring glad tidings to the poorto proclaim liberty to captives and
recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free (Luke 4:18) Fight poverty in
America. Defend human dignity. Give to the CCHD Collection.
Women of Faith Will meet on Tuesday, November 18 at 6:30pm in the school cafeteria. Our
featured speaker is Carolyn King who will present Iconography: A Prayerful Journey. Carolyn will talk
about the icon she has painted and bring others from her home. Join us for this spiritual experience.
Reminder.white and small red print fabric (cotton blends) are needed for the quilt being made for
WOF. If you have fabric to donate, please bring it to the next meeting. Refreshments will be served, of
course, and all will have a chance to express their gratitude for our parish. We hope many will attend.
Membership is open all year long; give us a try on November 18.
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL 1617 will have a Memorial Mass on Thursday, November 20 at
7:00pm. Fr. Matthew Glaros, Chaplin, will remember eight deceased Knights who passed in 2014. All
are encouraged to attend.
(Insert Graphic 1101-0006.tif) Congratulations to John and Sue Swaino as they celebrate their 50th
Wedding Anniversary on Friday, November 21. May God continue to Bless You!
(Insert Graphic 2130-0016.tif) Please note: the Mass on Thanksgiving Day (November 27) will be at
9:00am. Canned goods will be collected during the offertory and placed in the Christmas Baskets to be
delivered to those in need. Please be generous!
(Insert Graphic 2107-0218.tif) The Christmas Season is fast approaching with the Barberton
Christmas Walk just 13 days away, Saturday, November 29. Festivities once again will include
performances by the Western Star Community Flute Choir and the St. Augustine Childrens
Choir. Performances begin at 6:30pm in the Church. Chili, hot chocolate and cookies will be
served on the rectory lawn throughout the evening. In order to make this event run smoothly,
we are in need of volunteers to help spread the Christmas Cheer. Anyone interested in helping
out, please call Bernadette at the rectory 330-745-0011.
The American Red Cross will be at St. Augustine School in the SAC on Sunday,
December 7 from 9:00am 1:00pm. Please consider giving blood, together we can make
a difference. A fun fact: Almost 40 percent of the general population has type O positive blood!

Attention Bakers.Start your ovens! With the many wonderful bakers

we have in our parish.we are looking for a dozen or two of your favorite
Christmas Cookies to pass out at the Christmas Walk. Please call the
rectory at 330-745-0011 if you are able to bake again for us! Thank you
in advance.

Attention Euchre players. Do to the many activities going on in

December Euchre will be cancelled until January 2, 2014. See you
Funeral luncheon containers are stacking up in the rectory, please stop over to pick
them up during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30. Thank you!
(Insert Graphic 1700-0023.tif) St. Augustine Funeral Choir is in great need of additional voices to
sing funerals in our church, it is a volunteer choir that sings as needed, times and dates vary. If
you would like more information regarding the choir, please contact Donna Kandes at 330-8250122.
(Insert Graphic 2107-0262.tif) In the November offertory packet, there is an envelope for
Christmas Flowers. Please note: the memo line was omitted from the envelope. Please write
In memory of. under your address on the front of the envelope, sorry for any
inconvenience. For those using Faith Direct, if you have made a contribution, please drop an
envelope in the offertory basket with the name of your intention or call the office during regular
business hours.
When you plan your Christmas shopping this year, dont forget about the
partnership between St. Augustine and Amazon. If you are planning to shop via the
web, please long onto our home page at and click on
the amazon link under the navigation bar. Whether you make purchases early or wait until last
minute, St. Augustine and Amazon have your Christmas shopping connection. Thank you for
your participation in this year round fundraiser.
Attention: High School Youth Group - Upcoming events for the youth group can be found on the St.
Augustine website: under the stewardship tab. Please feel free to bring a
friend! The next meeting is Sunday, November 30.
Are you having guests over for the holidays and need additional table space? St.
Augustine is cleaning out the garage and is selling the old 8 foot tables that were in
the cafeteria for $10.00 each. Anyone interested please stop in the rectory during
regular business hours.
SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 for the back-by-popular demand
Shrove Tuesday Card Party. Join us for cards, games, good food, raffles and door
prizes. Watch the bulletin for additional information. All men and women are