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November 19, 2014

Started: 4:15
Balagot - Absent
De Layola
Osorio – Late, 4:25
GA Agenda
- Store Remittance
- Committee/Batch Updates
- AITLympics
- OMs
1. Store Remittance
2. Committee/Batch Updates
Tourism shirt – Yani and Ellaine will distribute
Goal: Distribution until Dec 5
WAM commitee meeting tomorrow, Nov 20
Marketing letters sent already
Graffittea asking permission to set up food truck next week
Fumigation suggestion: a week before classes resume
- LCD rental, dami nagrereklamo.
- Wave LCD rental for academic purposes
- What is the Practicum lab free for?
- Practicum Seminar Fee, why do the students pay for it
- “Saksak Fee” is not exactly a fee but a penalty for when the
student gets caught
Next week: Release of primer and batch convocation
- FSTs
May sakit and emergency si Juan
- 2nd Year

Meeting last week, consultation
Grievance desk: may nakakita ng twice na nagmamasturbate
Concerns: canteen food is expensive, comfort room
-3 Year
3rd year students: Default other batches for Dodgeball since they
weren’t there
-4th Year
Batch convocation next week
- Christmas Party
Marketing letters sent
December 9, deadline for response
3. AITlympics
Don’t forget to update the AITlympics heads for the participants
Friday: Agawan Buko, Water Wars
Wag na ituloy yun cheer, banner, muse and escort
Pointing system, may nagrereklamo na onti lang yun point
Changed to:
50pts – first place
10pts – last place
4. Friday, Juan is not available for AITlmpics for the AIT Belen Committee
5. OMs (Christmas Party Details and Partnership Letters)
Partnership Letters
Ramon Jimenez – OK
NCPAG – secure AIT orgs - major and minor; Kyel will ask for
the terms
Political Dynasty
CMCSC – March on November 21. They are requesting for GA
attendance that same day and the signatures for the call.
Since no one is available on Friday, they requested for the
signatures instead
Lantern Parade
Last week meeting – OK
Prod work will start this week
Fersh Callejo: working on the marketing letters
Handrich: generator
Prod work is open to all
Next week: solicitation letters
Kyel on Juan’s performance assessment
Consulted 20 FSTs through random sampling, and no one has
received any recent update from him
Kyel to Ivy: Evaluate Juan’s Performance
Direct response: Juan thinks he got the contact numbers
wrong. Akala niya narereceive nila, di lang nagrereply. Before
kasi nakakareceive naman sila.
Ghie on Jessa
Jessa sent a text brig to her batchmates for JMA event kahit
hindi partner org.
Direct response: Maglagay na lang ng disclaimer if one student
asks her to relay info to the entire batch

Bhea: 3rd year students exchange gifts(Kris Kringle) made their b
Ghie: STAG requested to put up a Christmas tree where students can
post their wishes which STAG will randomly grant
Yani suggestion: Help STAG
Deadline for Christmas decor: Wednesday