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King Edwards Square Information

Welcome to King Edwards Square. We hope

you enjoy your stay in your University
accommodation. King Edwards Square is a
non-smoking residence for your comfort.

King Edwards Square (KES)

To help you enjoy your stay with us we have put
together some useful information for you. Please
read this before you arrive. You will also need to
refer to it throughout your stay. It contains
important information about your accommodation.
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A date for your diary

King Edwards Square
Residents Meeting

Room OL1
Europa Building

Wednesday 25 September 2013


5.30 pm
As a new resident you must attend
this meeting, its really important

Your Arrival
International Students
Your accommodation will be available from Thursday 19
September 2013 so that you can attend the International
Orientation Programme. You can collect your keys from
the Caretaker at Parkside Hall of Residence, Park Road
North, Middlesbrough, TS1 3LF (building D on the campus
map on the web site).

All Other Students

Main Arrival Time 2.30pm 6.00pm on
Sunday 22 September 2013
We ask you to arrive between 2.30pm and 6.00pm.
Students offered other Halls are asked to arrive at a
different time.
You can get the keys to your room in King Edwards
Square from Student Services Information Desk in the
Student Centre, Level 1 (building 7 on the campus map).
Just give your registration card to the staff who will give
you the keys. We will make sure we get you your keys as
quickly as possible.

If you cant arrive on that day

We ask all students who are not international students to
arrive on Sunday 22 September. Your accommodation will
not be available any earlier than Saturday 21st September
If you cant arrive on Sunday 22nd, you can get your key
at all other times from the Caretakers Office at Parkside
Hall of Residence, Park Road North, Middlesbrough, TS1
3LF (building D on the campus map on the web site).
which is staffed 24 hours a day.

Collecting your keys

To get the keys when you arrive you must give us the
registration form.
This is the bottom half of the covering note in the package
sent to you after you returned your signed contract the
top half has your current address on and showed through
the window of the envelope. You need to fix a passport
size photograph of yourself to this form.
If you cant give us this form unfortunately we will not be
able to give you the keys.

Map and Directions

The campus map on the University web site shows where
King Edwards Square and the Student Centre are
situated. If you are travelling by car please refer to the
website for Travel Directions. If you are travelling by train
please book your ticket to Middlesbrough Station, a short
taxi ride away.

For Students Arriving Mid-Year Only

If your course is not starting in September you still need to
go to Parkside Hall of Residence on arrival. To get your
keys give the Caretaker your registration card.
You should arrive no earlier than the date on your
contract. If you need to arrive before this date then you
need to agree this with the Accommodation team and we
will start your contract from the day that your key is
collected from Parkside Hall which is staffed 24 hours a
If you need to cancel your booking you need to tell us at
least 10 days before you were due to arrive.
You must also tell us if you are going to be delayed.
If you have further questions not answered in this booklet
you should look at Frequently Asked Questions on our

website or contact us by either e-mailing or giving us a ring on 01642

Your address
Your address will be:
House ___ Room ___, King Edwards Square,
Middlesbrough, TS1 3DG

Your deposit
You need to know that we can only refund the deposit
of 150 if we receive written confirmation that you
wish to cancel your booking before 13 September
You also need to tell us if you are going to be delayed.
If you dont, we may re-allocate your room to another
student if you have not arrived by Wednesday 25
September 2013.
If your academic course commences before 23
September 2013 you need to tell us and you will be
charged rent from the date you move in.

After you Arrive

Residents Meeting
A Welcome Meeting of all King Edwards Square residents
will be held on Wednesday 25 September 2013 at 5.30pm
in Room OL1 in the Europa Building (building 57 on the
campus map).
You must attend this as you will be given information
relevant to you and where you live.

The Accommodation Team

The Accommodation team is based in Level One of the
Student Centre (building 7 on the campus map). We are
here to support you. If you have an issue or a problem

please contact us. You can contact us by calling 01642

342255 or e-mailing or by
calling in to see us.
We are responsible for managing your Residences along
with the Estates team who look after the buildings and
University Services who provides the Caretaking and
cleaning staff.
We work closely with local Environmental Health and
Housing Departments. We have also signed up to an
approved UUK Code of Practice for the management of its
Residences to make sure we give you the best possible
service. We have various policies as part of the
requirements of this code. In your communal kitchens you
will find a Housing manual which gives you some useful
additional information that you need to know.
You will also need to let us know about the following:

Maintenance and Repairs

If you have a maintenance issue or a repair which needs
doing in your accommodation just let us know. Once you
tell us we can then see that it is dealt with as quickly as
This is easy to do. You can do it by:
Filling in the Maintenance Reporting form on the
Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQs) on the
Accommodation section of the University website and
e-mail it back to us
Calling in to the Student Centre and complete a
Maintenance Reporting Form
If you have an emergency that cannot wait until office
hours, for example a broken window, you need to contact
the duty Warden who will contact appropriate staff for you.

There is a team of three Wardens at your site who are part
of the Accommodation team. They live in house 14 and
are on call during each evening and weekend, from
5.15pm until 8.30am on a rota basis to deal with any
problems or concerns that you may have outside of
normal office hours.
The Wardens can deal with any pastoral issues and you
should contact them in the event of any fire alarm
activation during their duty hours.
If you have a complaint or dispute or there is an issue
regarding noise you should contact them to sort it out.
They can then deal with them immediately. They will also
keep records of any call outs in case a problem is
You can contact them as follows:
House 14 Room 3 (Team Leader)
House 14 Room 2
House 14 Room 1

01642 342272
01642 342271
01642 342270

Mobile for the duty Warden:

07730 129033

A Warden from one of the four University Managed

Residences is also on call during most daytime hours of
each weekend.
Please check the duty rotas in your house or flat and
contact the appropriate telephone number listed.
Wardens are able to charge for their time, 25, if they
are called out to the same problem or person
Room Changes
You may be able to change your room or Residence but
you will be charged 50.00 if we are able to arrange this

for you. You can only transfer within University

accommodation. Please come and have a chat with us
first for advice.
The contract you have signed with the University for
your accommodation is binding for 40 weeks.

Accommodation Fees
We will send you an invoice for you to pay your fees.
If you have a query about the amount charged you should
contact us. If, however, you need to make alternative
methods for payment, or you are having difficulties paying
please contact Enquiries at the University Finance Office.
If you have a money worry we may be able to help you.
Financial Advisers are available in Student Services in the
Student Centre and The Link in the Students Union.

Withdrawing from your course

We hope that you wont need to withdraw from your
course but if you are thinking of leaving your course you
should tell us first. Please get some advice. This can be
The Accommodation team
Our Finance Advisers (either in Student Services or
The Link in the Students Union)
Your School of Study
There is information which you need to know and which
we will talk to you about when you contact us.
You must tell us if you withdraw from your course. It is
your responsibility to do so as we will not be told by
anyone else in the University.
If you withdraw you must bring a copy of your withdrawal
form, which you will be required to complete by your
Academic School, to us.

If you withdraw you cease to be a student at the University

and unfortunately you will not be able to stay in your room.
You will need to leave your room, clear your belongings
and return your keys to the Caretaker at Parkside Hall.
When we get your keys back your accommodation fees
will then be recalculated but your caution money will not
be returned as detailed in Clause 4 of your Agreement.

Looking after your Keys

Your keys are your responsibility.
X Dont identify them in any way with your name and
Always keep them in a safe place and do not leave
them unattended.
If you lose your key you can get a spare one at any
time from the Caretaker at Parkside Hall of
Residence. You will need to show identification and
sign for the spare key. If spares are not returned
within one week then replacement key(s) will be
ordered by us and we will deduct the cost, 20, from
your caution money. If you have any queries contact
us, during office hours, or the duty Warden after
When you leave your room at the end of the contract
period all keys should be returned to Parkside Hall,
which is staffed 24 hours a day.

Doors and Windows

All front doors have been fitted with a slam shut
mechanism, which means that once the door has been
closed it can only be opened with a key, even if it has not
been deadlocked.
To open the door if it is deadlocked-turn the key anticlockwise, push the handle down, turn the key again and
the door will open.

To open the door if it is NOT deadlocked-push the handle

down and turn the key anti-clockwise.
To deadlock the door-after closing the door, lift the handle
upward as far as it will go and turn the key clockwise.
Although the door is secure when closed it should
obviously be deadlocked for security reasons.
You need to know that the windows all have restricted
opening and can only be opened to a certain width.
This is for safety reasons and you must not force the
windows open any further. You will be charged for any
deliberate damage if you try to force a window open.

You need to ventilate your room by opening the window
when you are in, and opening the small vents on the
window frame at all times.
Dont dry any clothes in your room or store large amounts
of belongings under the furniture as air cannot circulate
around the room if you do.

Post Delivery
If you want to be contacted by post your address is at the
front of this booklet. Post is usually delivered directly to
your House so you will need to check this each day.
Please make sure that before the end of the contract
period that you notify all authorities of your change of
address as all post we receive during the summer months
is automatically returned to sender.

This is sent to you with the Registration Card. This is
really important. It is your chance to tell us the condition
of your room when you move in. After your arrival you
should make a note of any damages and faults so that you
are not charged at the end of the Agreement period. It is

really important that you fill this in and return it to us

by the date requested.
If you dont return it you may not get your deposit back
especially if we find any damages. We have to charge you
for any damage over and above fair wear and tear.
Please take care when fixing posters etc. to the walls.
The following charges give a guide as to the level of
charge you could expect if there were any damages to
your room or communal areas at the end of the letting
Replacement mattress
Vacuum cleaner
Room Cleaning Charges
Redecoration: per Wall
Full Room
To clean

15.00 per hour

These prices are as a guide only and will differ depending

upon room sizes, etc.
We will inspect all the communal areas and rooms at the
end of your Agreement period and we keep a record of the
current condition. Inspections are made regularly whilst
you are living there either by us or the Wardens on site
and the Caretaker.

Your Room
Each room has a:
Single bed with a standard mattress
Chest of drawers
Desk and study chair
Wall-mounted Bookshelf.


You need to bring with you your own bedding, pillow,
towels and any kitchen or cooking equipment you may
need. The kitchen is equipped with electric cookers,
microwave, fridge and freezer. Appliance instruction
manuals will be available in the kitchen areas. An ironing
board is available in each House together with a vacuum
cleaner. You are responsible for cleaning your own rooms
and the communal areas. Cleaning materials or
equipment are not provided.
You can buy bedding packs & kitchen starter packs from
us (subject to availability). You need to buy these at least
10 working days before you get here. If you have not
already arranged this and would like to do so please visit

Internet Access
All rooms are equipped with a basic broadband network
facility giving access to the internet free of charge. A
wireless service will also be available within the student
accommodation buildings.
To use this service a computer will need to have an
Ethernet capability (NIC) and a standard RJ45 patch cable
to connect it to the network.
In order to access the Internet and associated services
provided you will be required to register your details on the
StudentCom Portal. The basic package is included with
your accommodation; however there are options to
purchase upgrades and/or additional services via the
StudentCom Portal.
The basic package includes:
10mb Internet connection.


The service will allow up to five devices concurrently,

e.g. primary device such as PC or MAC, a gaming
device such as Xbox or PlayStation, a smart phone,
a tablet device etc.
The connection will provide access to all University
web based services that are accessible via the
internet (email, etc.)
Freewire IPTV
To connect to this service you will need to log on to and you will be guided
through the process.
Mis-use of the system may result in its withdrawal.
Please also refer to the relevant clause of your
accommodation Agreement.
Students will be liable for the cost of any physical damage
to network wall points within their room.
Downloading and or sharing copyrighted material
from the Internet is illegal.

Laundry Facilities
You have a laundry which is situated next to House 11and
is coin operated. It is open between 9am-10pm. You
must lock the door after use.

The Estates section of the Universitys Campus Facilities
department controls the heating system centrally on a

Doctor (General Practitioner GP)

On arrival you must register with a local Doctor (GP).
Staff from local GP surgeries will be available when you
arrive for key collection if you would like to register with

To register you need your current medical card which

should be signed and include the name and address of
your current GP, or if you are an International student your

We have a University Security team which operates from
the Security Control Room, in the foyer of the Library, 24
hours a day, 365 days a year.
CCTV cameras linked to the Control Room with recording
facility also protect the campus.
The Security Officers are committed to the safety and
welfare of all staff and students, and Crime Prevention
issues. Any security concerns or issues should be
reported to the Security Control Room Tel. 01642 342086
or if calling from an internal telephone, Emergency
Number Ext. 3200.
In Middlesbrough town centre Street Wardens are also
employed to work with local communities. They patrol the
streets and can be contacted about any local issues or
concerns and can liaise with the Police, Council or other
official Departments as necessary. Street Wardens can
be contacted on Tel. 01642 228500.
You need to be security conscious at all times.
Keep your House and room locked at all times even
when in the kitchen.
X Do not leave windows open if you live on the ground

Caretaking and Cleaning Staff

At KES we have a Caretaker who is on duty each week
day morning. Her office is above the Laundry next to
House 11. We also have some cleaning staff who clean
some of the communal areas twice a week.

Please remember - you are responsible for the

cleaning of your own room and keeping the house clean
and tidy. Please make sure you take out your rubbish.
The skips for rubbish will be open during week days from
7:30am until 2:30pm. The Wardens and Caretaker will
undertake regular inspections of each House.

Maintenance Staff
At certain times University maintenance staff and
contractors may need access to your Residence or room
and when possible you will receive written notification of
any visit. If you report a problem, however, relevant staff
will call automatically.
Please also note that staff will call on a regular basis to
carry out routine maintenance to the emergency lighting
and showers.

Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Equipment

If the fire alarm sounds you must always evacuate the
building immediately, never assume it is a false alarm.
Please read and familiarise yourself with the Fire Action
Notices within your House or Flat.
You must not tamper with any fire fighting equipment,
sounder or detector. This is a criminal offence.
All fire alarm activations are linked to the Security Control
Room. You must also contact the Duty Warden. If you
are sure that it is a false alarm, please advise the
Caretaker, Warden or Security staff immediately. The Fire
Brigade will attend any alarm after midnight automatically.

Your Safety
You cannot use candles in your room or any
communal area of your accommodation.


In the kitchen you must not fry any food using a pan
with a deep level of oil without a thermostatic
temperature control.
If you do not keep the kitchen door closed when
cooking you will set the alarm off.
Please make sure that the extractor fan is on when
you are cooking.
You must also make sure that any electrical equipment
that you bring to the University is safe to use.
It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not use
any damaged or faulty equipment.
International students please be aware that UK voltage is
230 Volts so please make sure that you use the correct

You will need to insure any personal belongings that you
bring with you. If you have household insurance at home
it may be worth checking if the policy covers you whilst
you are at University before you buy more insurance as
some policies cover this. Usually staff from Endsleigh
Insurance are available to consult on the Sunday that you
arrive but the University does not endorse this company or
any other company, it is up to you who you choose.

TV Licensing
We do not provide aerial sockets in any rooms. If you want
to watch TV programmes in your accommodation you will
need to do so via a PC or laptop. Watching live
programmes require a licence.
For more information please visit


Any furniture that you provide must comply with the
Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations

Car Parking
We do have some Car Parking spaces although these are
limited. Students living in University Halls will be allocated
spaces at West Parkside Village. These spaces will be
allocated by Campus Facilities. Registered disabled
drivers may park closer to their Residences.
You will need to apply to Campus Facilities for a pass
after term starts in September. On the main arrival day
you should be able to drop off belongings off at King
Edwards Square.

Smoking Policy
The whole of the University Campus is a non-smoking
Campus. This includes all University Residences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. One of my housemates is noisy. What can I do?
Tell the duty Warden. You can find out who that is by
looking at the duty rota. Tell them what the problem is and
they will sort it out for you. They are there to support you.
Q2. Who cleans my room?
You are responsible for cleaning your room.
Q3. Can I have a pet?
Unfortunately no pets are allowed. The only animals
allowed are guide dogs or hearing dogs.
Q4. Do I have to clear my room at Christmas and
No. Your contract is for 40 weeks which means you can
stay, or if you just want to leave your belongings in your
room that is also ok.
Q5. Ive got a maintenance problem what do I do?
There are a few ways in which you can do this. You can:
Fill in the Maintenance Reporting form on the
Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQs) on the
Accommodation section of the University website and
e-mail it back to us
You can call into the Student Centre and complete a
Maintenance Reporting Form
Q6. Can I get some bedding or a kitchen starter pack?
You can buy bedding packs & kitchen starter packs from
us (subject to availability). You need to buy these at least
10 working days before you get here. If you have not
already arranged this please visit


Q7. Ive lost my room key what do I do?

Dont worry. Spare keys are held at Parkside Hall for all
the Residences. You can go and sign for the spare. We
will have to charge you for the spare if you do not find the
one that was issued to you on arrival within one week.
In an emergency one of the Wardens can let you in.

How Can I Pay My Accommodation Fees (Rent)?

An invoice for your rent will be delivered to your room
shortly after you move into your accommodation.
The invoice will be for the full 40 week contract
The amount you need to pay is printed on the front
page of the Agreement for your accommodation.
Payment Options
You can choose to pay by either:

1 instalment
due by the 31 October

3 instalments due 31 October, 31

January and 30 April

7 instalments due the last day of each

month October through to April
If you opt to pay in instalments you can calculate the
amounts by dividing the annual rent either by 3 or 7
Payments should be made on line at


Useful Contact Numbers

Wardens King Edwards Square
House 14 Room 3
House 14 Room 2
House 14 Room 1

01642 342272
01642 342271
01642 342270

Wardens Parkside Village

House 5 Room 4
Flat 23 Room 2.04
Flat 30 Room 1.04

01642 254837
01642 254840
01642 254842

Wardens Woodlands Halls

Hall 1 Room 1.06
Hall 5 Room 2.06
Hall 7 Room 1.06

01642 342558
01642 342569
01642 342701

Wardens Parkside Hall

Warden Flat
Room 111
Room 211

01642 250191
01642 250193
01642 252187

University Security (in the Library)

01642 342086

University Security Emergency Personnel ext. 3200


Student Centre

01642 342255

Student Services Info Desk

01642 342277

Caretaker - KES

01642 342051

above Laundry

Caretaker Parkside Hall

Woodlands Foyers

Hall 1
Hall 2
Hall 3
Hall 4
Hall 5
Hall 6
Hall 7

01642 250195
ext. 3555
ext. 3556
ext. 3557
ext. 3558
ext. 3559
ext. 3560
ext. 3561