as the manifestation of multiplicity. Rend the cloaks of illusion and you will swiftly find that there are only manifestations of unity in mankind. "My Ruh speaks to me and says, 'My Haqiqa is the Light of Allah, so look to no one except Him." Being is in the darkness of annihilation. When the light of God illuminates it, do not look at its secondary effects. I saw myself as His light and radiance. "If I were not a light I would he other-than-Him. Indeed otherness is nothingness, so do not he content with it. Purify your heart with the water of dhikr and strive not to Witness other than the Truth alone. Other is illusion which cuts you off from what you desire. "If you look with the eve of your Scent you will not find a trace of other-than-Allah in either earth or heaven." All is a mirror for the radiance of His beauty. Be annihilated to phenomenal beings and you will obtain His nearness. He is eternally unconcealed and manifest in His creation. "But the illusion of Other-than-Him hides Him. So combat your desires of you wish to see Him." Do not drink the pure wine of the Haqiqa alone. Mix its red wine with the water of the Shari'a. Look with the eye of the Truth and then with the eye of the Shari'a, "Board the ship of the Sunna and you will be rescued in it, and travel the path of its captain in his love." It is the Straight Path of His Road. You will rise to the peak of gnosis, striving in travelling it. Do not refrain from drinking it from His source. "Unite the wine with the goblet and be annihilated by it, and yon will obtain going-on by His secret and sublimity," See Him in all manifestations: the secret of mankind and other, if you have achieved realisation. A glass, if you wish, in which to take His wine' "See His Tawhid with the eye of Inner sight, but separation is His Shari'a so do not forget it. Do not let the arrival of phenomenal being veil you to the End. Cut through its intervening illusion. And, my brother, raise your himma above other-than-Him. "Make your concerns one, and by Him all your needs will be met, and you will enter into His protection." For us all manors are established by then Lord. All creatures truly are of no benefit at all, so let him despair of ever having any benefit from them. "Hand over your affairs to the One Who knows them best, for He is the Aware Who knows our hearts and their desires."' Seek shelter in the great Ahmadi pillar. He is the only Wasila for mankind. He is a treasure for us for the promised day. "O Lord, bless Muhammad, the secret of existence And its source and splendour"

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