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Ithaca Commons Repair & Upgrade Project


10:00 AM

11:00 AM

2014 Construction Meeting #12
City of Ithaca
Downtown Ithaca Alliance
Sasaki Associates
Labella Associates
Vacri Construction / ACP
Power & Construction Group
NYSEG Electric

C#3A Surface, C#3B Electric

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Next Time
10:00 AM

Prepared By
Michael Kuo

Commons Project Office 215 East State St Ithaca, NY
(Present at meeting unless noted: A absent)
Michael Kuo, Jessica Buckley, Nicole Mason
Tammy Baker
Susannah Ross, Eamonn Hutton (A), Kimberly Michaels TWM
Dan Walker (A), James Matzat
Ralph Avery, Andy Breznay, Matt Thomas (A), Roberto DeVincentis (A),
Bob Bellavigna ACP
Lou Zupan (A), Bill Planert (A), Brian Planert (A)
James Edwards, Dave Comer (A)
Doug Stafford (A), Jack Barker, Dawn Stillwell (A), John Mattiace
Jeff Bubb, Flint Brann, Andy Gana (A), Bill Gana
Jack Czapranski, Dennis Kuhn (A)

Item / Description
1.1. Vacri (Contract #3A):
1.1.1.Gateway Structure Shops #TBD
1.2. P&CG (Contract #3B):
1.2.1.Lighting Submittal #13
1.2.2.Concrete HHs #14-1, #14-2
1.2.3.Light Pole Bases #TBD
1.2.4.RFI#16 EX6 Roughing
2.1. TTC Alley Storm: Addl survey needed;
Areaway at #156 to be abandoned
2.2. Home Dairy Alley: Addl survey needed
2.3. CB #5.D: Storm design at N Tioga /
Seneca St revised per Bulletin #9
2.4. Electric Panel Housekeeping Pads: LP-2
requires coordination with new TCAT bus
shelter at Aurora St
2.5. NYSEG E Load Letter: Labella to complete
letters; City to contact Call Center to
revise work orders

Sasaki to review

Survey to be issued soon and sent to

Labella for design
Labella needs grades every 10-15 ft bldg
edge and center of alley

City & Marriott to discuss temp panel for

LP-2; Detail accepted for other panels
MK to call today

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2.6. Temp Lighting (Bank Alley): Need nighttime street lighting after wood fence is
2.7. 158 E State Vault: Labella to issue
drawings and details for sidewalk demo
and replacement ceiling


3.1. P&CG: Installation of Bank Alley Electric
DB, HHs, Light Pole Bases, Services
Bedded in Sand
3.2. Vacri/AC+P: Bernie Milton Pavilion
Footings (2 of 3); Inspections: compaction
6/18 @ 2 pm, rebar/DOB 6/19 @ 12 PM;
What is estimated CY for pours?; Cure
time btw foundation and pier
3.3. NYSEG Electric: need to set casting for
Electric MH @ Bank Alley during Vacri site
prep; Available to pull wire btw Bank
Alley & Aurora St wk of 6/30; Two HHs
conflict with Aurora St gateway footings
3.4. NYSEG Gas: Need to establish path for
Aurora St loop; Schedule to test &
charge main; Tioga St to be tied-in first;
South side of Cayuga St intersection
needs to be tied-in prior to all services
being connected

3.5. TTC Telecom/Verizon Backfill: Scheduled

F.O. switch over scheduled for evening of
6/18; When will Danella finish backfill?
3.6. Gateway Footings: Multiple conflicts with
gas main, ext. electrical HHs; Can electric
HHs be abandoned prior to signals project
in August?
3.7. New Water Services (118 & 124 E State):
need cost breakdowns for 1 and 4
3.8. Wood Fence: City to advise where to
deliver fence sections after dismantling
4.1. Vacri to submit work sequence to City for
review of pedestrian access, etc. prior to
start of Bank Alley work (sidewalk demo,

Need for July September; Retro fit pole

base for temp lighting; City to suggest
temp lighting feed
Hand tools to remove sidewalk; Railing to
be handed over to owner to refurbish;
Temp fencing to be installed ; JB to sent
sketch to design team; TB to follow up on
vault agreement with owner

JB to reschedule density testing; Wed

update on Thursday testing / inspection

Street lighting junction boxes

East of existing tie; keep everything active;

Southside of Cayuga St. Intersection;
Three medium pressure line on south side
of State St; City Priority: Tioga St tie-in >
Run service to 200 Block > Complete
intersection tie in on south side of Cayuga
St; Retirement of gas for water feature
vault pending loop sequence
MK to contact Verizon to complete backfill

South side Cayuga footing conflict w/

Verizon DB & Gas; Helical piles scheduled
July 1, pending
RA to submit cost on #124 today; JB to
schedule meeting with AB & #118
Plumber today
June 30 decision on panel storage

Vault waterproofing

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grading/compaction testing, set valve

boxes, MH covers, slab pour, pavers, etc.)
4.2. Site Maintenance: All trash and debris
must be removed on a weekly basis; valve
boxes need to be uncovered throughout;
surplus fill material must be removed
5. New Business: Open RFIs, submittals,
concerns, etc.
5.1. Wage Rate Interviews: C#3A and C#3B
5.2. C#3A Cost Breakdowns: Need
5.3. Water feature vault submittal

Vacri to mark out boxes; DDS & P&CG to

locate and dig out valve boxes and
remove excess material; AB brought up
concerned about water meter boxes,
trucks are to be avoided

Submittal #73-R1, SR to follow up today


Potential conflict with helical pile with Verizon DB & Gas main to be
Wood fenced panel storage decision June 30th
Vacri: The foundations for the Bernie-Milton Pavilion and the Gateways were surveyed and
staked out, showing that the location of existing utilities interferes with the foundations of the
Gateways. In particular Verizon's conduit, NYSE&G gas main, and an electrical hand hole. We
were able to schedule the installation of the helical piles for July 1st, which is an integral part of
the Gateway foundation. If these utilities are not able to be moved prior to July 1st, we will
need to reschedule the helical piles to a later date, which will be established by the availability
of the sub-contractor.
Vacri: Andy Breznay brought up again his concerns with the valve boxes and water meter pits
that have been buried and/or run over by the contractors that are on site for the utilities and
the electrical contractor. We are concerned about damage to the existing valve boxes and
meter pits (which are not H20 load bearing) and possible excavated material filling the meter
pits and valve boxes. The meter pits and valve box locations were pointed out to the various
contractors when they first arrived on site and have been continuously reminded of their
locations and Vacri's concerns with their protection.
Vacri: Under Contract #2, the site was left at sub-grade in anticipation of Contract #3. At this
time, the elevation of the sub-grade is much higher due to the excavated spoils not being
removed during the utility construction by the other contractors. This material needs to be
removed prior to any box out of the site under Contract #3, and to be able to locate and asses
any damage to the meter pits and valve boxes that may have incurred. Vacri Construction did
not allow in their bid this additional material to be boxed out.

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