Bell Work PROJECT GOALS • Gets students actively engaged on a project related to the course subject at the start

of class without any additional instruction. • Students will share information from the text book every other week. • Each student will teach a separate topic. ○ Pairs will be allowed if required and approved by the instructor • Provide a weekly and daily schedule and routine. • 5-10 minutes per day • Eliminate procrastination • Do something more impacting than past book work (notes and questions) SCHEDULE WEEK 1 MONDAY Explore the current chapter (10 mins) • D&T: one chapter a week • HM: one or two chapters a week • Collect a list of 3-5 topics of interest Submit a topic of interest (5 mins) Personal note: this may need to happen on Tuesday due to time. • Called randomly by student number • Record your number, topic, and page number on white board Finalize assigned topics Start a new blank page and label page • Top outside corner include: name, student number, teacher, subject, hour, date and page number • In the top middle include: chapter, topic, and book page number • All headings and labels should be visually clear, all capitals, and underlined TUESDAY Read your section once or twice for detailed understanding • You may need to skim prior sections if it is confusing • Bring in extra research tomorrow if needed WEDNESDAY Mind map topic, main points, and sub points THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Lab day to work on required information, see required sections checklist SCHEDULE WEEK 2 MONDAY Lab day to work on required information TUESDAY Finalize required information (any order but must be clearly labeled) • Heading • Mind map • Full script • Slide layout sketch • Chapter questions WEDNESDAY Computers all period (mobile lab in woods rm, library, 7 cpus short in tech room) Presentation • to create slideshow ○ 3-5 slides ○ Name slideshow with the book’s page number, your last name and number no space followed by the topic (ex. 22 stribley17 cloning)

• • • • • • •

Uploaded to User names must be school appropriate and registered with me on my sign in sheet Add it to your class’s group under my profile, rstribley Walk through how you will present with someone near you Check with instructor when done Visit only preapproved websites when done First try or two I expect a lot of problems so be patient please 

THURSDAY • Presentations all period ○ 2-3 minutes each • Linked from my site to each class group • In order of topic from the book FRIDAY Makeup presentations • Anyone we didn’t have time for • People who were gone on Thursday • Must have it done before coming to class • Option to present without a visual aid for full credit • If notebook is not done you will lose all your daily points and be sent to library to finish. Exception is if you were gone for more than one day. Course related video NOTEBOOK REQUIRED SECTIONS CHECKLIST • Heading • Mind map • Full script ○ At least one quote, anything copied must be in quotation marks • Slide layout sketch ○ Include exact text below slide sketch ○ No more than seven bullets ○ No more than seven words per bullet ○ Must have at least one image ○ Include a description of the image ○ For now no videos due to time limitations on presentation day • Chapter questions ○ Answer chapter questions ○ Design & Technology  All understanding concepts  All thinking critically ○ Home Maintenance & Improvement  All Check Your Knowledge  All Review ○ Note: these are important but low priority compared to the presentation.

BELL WORK ASSESSMENT Period _____________________ Date_________________ Two points per item, total of 10 points possible. S t u # H e a d i n g ( P g . & S e c . ) l a y o u t M i n d m a p F u l l s c r i p t & C h a p t e r q u e s t i o n s P r e s e n t a t i o n T o t a l ( 1 0 m a x )


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9 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 2 0

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