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National Occupational Standards

Footwear & Leathergoods

FL4 Design products using CAD systems
This standard is for those who carry out computer-aided design for footwear / leathergoods /
The job role will involve:
1. Designing products using computer aided design systems

The competent person must:

1. Liaise with the relevant people to confirm
The scope of the design
When the design is required
Main design features
2. Discuss the options and explain the differences between them clearly and accurately
3. Confirm with the final design and record carefully any agreed alterations
4. Back up the CAD system before turning off
The key areas of knowledge and understanding:
What the principles of CAD systems are
What the main design capabilities of the CAD system are
How to undertake modelling and testing using the CAD
What the main differences and advantages of 2D and 3D CAD are
What main pieces of information are required to get started with designing concepts using CAD
How to start, operate and close down the CAD system
The principles of pattern cutting and grading and the importance of pattern trials
Why it is important to record information clearly about alterations and amendments required to the
agreed design
9. What information is required by those making the factory production trial
10. Why it is important to record information clearly about alterations and amendments required after the
factory production trial has been inspected

The skills and techniques:

1. Setting up and operating the computer hardware and software in accordance with supplier instructions
and company requirements
2. Maximising the potential of the CAD software available to ensure best possible design concepts
3. Manipulating and altering images to test ideas on the screen using the CAD software and which are in
accordance with the scope of the required design
4. Printing off alternative designs which present a range of options, all of which are suitable for production
Regulations, rules and guidelines:

The organisations rules, codes, guidelines and standards

Equipment operating procedures
Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act
Manufacturers instructions.

Footwear & Leathergoods FL4

Final version Approved March 2010

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Workplace skills:

Communicate effectively with colleagues and customers

Maintain good working relationship with colleagues
Comply with written instructions
Complete forms, reports and other documentation
Taking measurements
Estimating materials

Footwear & Leathergoods FL4

Final version Approved March 2010

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