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Shane Anderson, Uptown Art Fairs 2014
Commemorative Artist describes his new mural
in Calhoun Square due to be completed in
January. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Your Community-Supported News Source

COVERING THE UPTOWN AREA and the Neighborhoods of CARAG and ECCO

DECEMBER 2014 - Volume 10 - Number 12

Unanimous Vote Bans Peoples Organic to

Vaping in Public Places in Calhoun Square
Ackerberg, owner of Calhoun Square, 3001 Hennepin Ave., has
executed a lease agreement with Peoples Organic. The organic restaurant and coffee shop is owned by Juell and Ray Roberts.
Mike Smith of Anderson Realty represented Peoples Organic in
the transaction.
We are very excited to be moving into Calhoun Square and
anticipate opening in January 2015, said Juell Roberts, Operations Manager. Ray Roberts, Peoples Organic Franchise ExecuPEOPLES page 9

Sharing the Warmth

Representative Phyllis Kahn (DFL) District: 60B, chief author of Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act (MIAA) and biophysicist, responds to a question from the Committee about the effects of toxic exposure. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Subcommittee votes to include e-cigs in state ban

By Bruce Cochran
The City Council Health,
Environment & Community

Engagement Committee voted

to include e-cigarette use or
vaping into the state smoking
ban that went into effect July 1,

effectively banning e-cigs in all

indoor public spaces.
VAPING page 2

Lagoon and Irving Approved

by Planning Commission

Twins Coach Paul Molitor rings the opening bell to kick off Salvation
Armys 2014 Holiday Fundraising Drive at Cub. It was an unusually cold
November 8. There was a 20 degree wind chill. Molitor could have some
cold days in the outdoor stadium for his team. The UNN asked Molitor if he
had any advice that he could give volunteer bell ringers to keep warm this
holiday season. Cold is a relative term, replied Molitor. You need to keep
it in perspective. When your heart is warm your body will follow. (Photo by
Bruce Cochran)

Iverson Pleads Guilty

in Fatal Drunk Driving
Accident on Franklin Av
Iversons van struck cyclist Nalls Feb. 3
Provided by Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman

Residential development receives approval with variances

John Iverson, 50, of Minneapolis, pleaded guilty to the single count

of criminal vehicular homicide for driving his van on February 3
after drinking heavily at a bar and killing a bicyclist. Iverson pled
guilty as his case was about to go to trial on November 10.

DJR Architectures proposal

for a residential building at the
corner of Lagoon and Irving
Avenues has received approval
from the Minneapolis Planning

Once again, a life has been needlessly lost as a result of drunk

driving, Freeman said. People need to stop folks from driving
when they are drunk to protect all the innocent victims. Our office
can prosecute these crimes and seek prison sentences, but that does
not undo the damage.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the project on November 10 with a Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
for the height of the building, variances for setbacks on all four sides, and a variance for impervious surface area.
(Illustration by DJR Architects)

Commission. The six-story/75foot building will have 45-unit

units with 48 enclosed automobile parking spaces and 48

enclosed bicycle parking spaces.

The first level of the building
will be occupied by the lobby
and other amenity spaces for

IVERSON page 5

2 - DECEMBER 2014

Committee members confer about a question posed from an e-cig store owner about whether the resolution
would ban sampling or device demonstrations in retail outlets. Council Member Lisa Bender (at left: Ward 10, Uptown)
responded with Its everyones opinion, including our citys attorneys that the intention of this ordinance is not to limit sampling. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Kha Hoang Lehun demonstrates vaping at Infinite Vapor, 1400 Lagoon Avenue. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

VAPING from 1

The Nov. 17 Public Hearing

at City Hall drew an overflow
crowd of speakers for and
against the measure. E-cigarette use was already banned
earlier this year in several locations, including hospitals, daycares, college campusesand
government buildings; the
councils proposal to extend the
ban on vaping would create the
same rules for e-cigs that exist
for cigarettes.
Many proponents of vaping,
like Noel Hammel, called
attention to the use of e-cigs
to enable traditional cigarette
smokers to quit.
Im a vendor and quit smoking three years ago, Hammel
said. Hammel also said she
continues to hear from customers using e-cigs about the time
thats passed since their last cigarette.
Several speakers gave witness
to Hammels testimony. Veteran soldier Shannon Olbruck
explained how he received
free cigarettes while on duty in
During deployments I was
up to three packs a day. It was
the stresses of combat that
caused me to pickup smoking,
Olbruck said. I was not able

submissions to
The Uptown
Neighborhood News
(email: uptownnews

to quit with everything I tried.

E-cigs helped me quit.
But others in attendance voiced
a different argument; though
individuals may be smoking
fewer cigarettes the e-cigs they
are using as a tool to quit may
be even more toxic.
One e-cig can contain more
nicotine than two packs of cigarettes, said Dr. Lisa Mattson,
president of the Twin Cities
Medical Society.
In addition, there is concern
that allowing the use of e-cigs
in public places renormalizes
tobacco use.
Nationwide e-cigarette use
among youth who have never
smoked a cigarette has tripled
since 2011, said Gretchen
Musicant, Minneapolis Commissioner of Health.


The Proposed Amendment

Battery-powered devices that allow users

to inhale vaporized liquid (e-liquid)
Come in a range of flavors and may contain nicotine
Come in disposable and reusable varieties and in forms that resemble conventional cigarettes, pens, USB memory
Create a vapor that is inhaled and emitted by the user
The use of e-cigs is also known as vapinga word so common it was just
awarded the The Oxford Dictionaries
Word of the Year
Because e-cigarettes are unregulated by the
Food and Drug Administration, there is
no way for consumers to know what types
or concentrations of potentially harmful
chemicals and nicotine are found in e-cigarettes. There have been no long-term studies conducted on e-cigarettes, so the lasting
impact on the health of users and those
exposed to their vapor is unknown.

The Minneapolis Code of Ordinances is

being amended to reflect the Minnesota
Clean Indoor Air Act, which prohibits cigarette use in virtually all indoor public places and indoor places of employment, and to
include e-cigarettes in this prohibition.
In February 2014, the Minneapolis City
Council approved inclusion of e-cigarettes in
the MCIAA. During 2014, the state legislature amended the state law to prohibit e-cigarette use in a limited number of settings,
including: hospitals and clinics, most government-operated buildings (including correctional facilities), all University of Minnesota
and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities buildings (including dorms) and daycares.
The proposed amendment would adopt the
Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act and extend
the e-cigarette prohibition to all indoor public places. The proposed ordinance amendment would not prohibit peoples ability to
use approved cessation devices (nicotine gum,
patches or medications) indoors.

But relegating vaping to the

same location as smokers has its
own consequences too.
Jason Downing, who smoked
a pack a day until a year ago,
was also able to quit because of
If you put me with cigarette
smokersyoure exposing me to
second hand cigarette smoke,
Downing said, and so youve
decided Im a second-class citizen by outlawing e-cigs in public places.
The committee voted 6 to 0
in favor of the ban. The proposal now proceeds to the full
City Council for a final vote on
December 5.

Bruce Cochran is Art Director

and in charge of Production
for the Uptown Neighborhood
News and resides in CARAG.

Southeast Heat
A Korean barbecue restaurant will be taking the place previously occupied by Design Within Reach at 2939
Hennepin Avenue. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Uptown Neighborhood News wants to hear from the community

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All submissions must be relevant to Uptown. Letters to the Editor are limited to 250 words. High resolution photos are required. We reserve the right to decide
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e-mail and neighborhood.
UNN is a monthly publication of Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG) in cooperation with the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO). UNN
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UNN is managed by a board of local citizens with the ECCO and CARAG Boards each appointing three representatives. Monthly meetings are held at St. Marys
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Contact to confirm and/or request time on the agenda.
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3450 Irving Ave. South (overlooking Lake Calhoun)

Divine Liturgy
Sunday 9:30 am
Fr. Paul Paris

Fr. George Dokos
(612) 825-9595

Jessica Van Gilder (Lyndale)
Art Direction and Production
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Managing Board
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The UNN would like to thank Cannon Valley Printing for their
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the residents, as well as three

walk-up dwelling units that
can be accessed from Irving
Avenue and enclosed parking.
The remaining parking for the
building will be located in one
level of underground parking.
Both of the parking areas will
be accessed via the public alley
on the block. The upper five
levels of the building will contain the remaining dwelling
units. Located in the Shoreland
Overlay District (SHOD), the
site is zoned R6, (High Density
Multiple-Family District).

The Commission approved

the application with the
following requirements
1. A conditional use permit to
increase the height of the
building from the permitted
2.5 stories/35 feet to 6 stories/75 feet, subject to the following conditions:
The height of the building
shall be no taller than 70.5
feet and the height of the
elevator penthouse shall be
no taller than 75 feet.

Bremer Bank
Brueggers Bagels
Bryant Square Park
Cheapo Records
Chiang Mai Thai
Common Roots Cafe
Dunn Bros
(Hennepin & 34th)
Dunn Bros
(Lake & Bryant)
Falafel King
Famous Daves BBQ
Gigis Caf
Health Resource Center
Isles Bun & Coffee
Its Greek to Me
Joyce Food Shelf
Joyce United
Methodist Church
Kowalskis Market
Magers & Quinn
Mohn Electric & Lighting
Lagoon Theatre
Parents Automotive
Pizza Luce
Rainbow Foods

2. To increase the maximum

impervious surface requirement from 85 percent to 87
percent, subject to the following condition:
The development shall
comply with all applicable regulations governing
stormwater management,
and shall employ best management practices to minimize off-site stormwater
runoff, maximize overland
flow and flow distances over surfaces covered
with vegetation, increase
on-site filtration, replicate
predevelopment hydrologic conditions as nearly as
possible, minimize off-site
discharge of pollutants to
ground and surface water,
and encourage natural filtration function.
3. To reduce the front yard setback along Lagoon Avenue
from the required 15 feet to
10 feet for a transformer, 7
feet for a walkway and to 5
feet for the building, subject
to the following condition:
In order to provide additional screening around

CARAG Neighborhood

East Isles Neighborhood


ECCO Neighborhood

Treetops At Calhoun
Vail Place
Walker Library
Walker Place
The Wedge Co-op
YWCA (Uptown)

elevations and lighting

plan by the Department of
Community Planning and
Economic Development.
All site improvements shall
be completed by Nov. 10,
2016, unless extended by
the Zoning Administrator, or the permit may be
revoked for non-compliance.

Walker Library Wins AIA MN Award

The Hennepin County Walker Library was selected as one of eight Honor Awards announced at
the 80th American Institute of Architects (AIA) Minnesota Annual Convention and Exhibition, on
November 13. The jury, consisting of principals from three nationally recognized architects firms,
reviewed 73 honor awards submissions, all from Minnesota architectural firms. The Honor Awards
were reviewed within five categories: Architecture, Interiors, Restoration & Renovation, Urban
Design and Master Planning, and Small Project. The Honor Awards, a tribute to architectural excellence, encourage a high level of architecture, recognizes the clients and architects who have distinguished themselves, and informs the public of these important architectural contributions. Jurors
said that these eight submissions gave a real snapshot of the meaning of architecture today.


Mpls. Park & Rec. Board

Brad Bourn
612.230.6443 ext. 6
Anita Tabb
612.230.6400 ext. 4

Mpls. Public Schools


City Councilperson (Ward 10)

Lisa Bender

Mayor Betsy Hodges


Marion Greene, 3rd District,

Hennepin County Council

State Senator (60)

D. Scott Dibble


State Representative (61A)

Frank Hornstein

State Representative (61B)

Paul Thissen


Tea Garden

back from the required 15

feet to 5 feet for the building.
6. The Commission Approved
the Site Plan Review application to allow a new
28,284-square-foot, mixeduse building, subject to the
following conditions:
Approval of the final site
plan, landscaping plan,

Minneapolis Information

Southwest Senior Center

Uptown Diner

the transformer a low wall

shall be built along Lagoon
Avenue on the subject site.
4. To reduce the corner side
yard setback along Irving
Avenue from the required 18
feet to 5 feet for the building
and to zero feet for the stairs
and walkway.
5. To reduce the rear yard set-



Spyhouse Coffee Shop

This site, at Lagoon and Irving Avenues is currently occupied by four residential structures and a detached garage.
DJR Architecture would demolish all of these structures if the residential building project wins approval. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Lowry Hill E. Neighborhood

Sebastian Joes
Ice Cream Cafe


Governor Mark Dayton

U.S. Congressman (5th)
Keith Ellison

U.S. Senator
Al Franken


U.S. Senator
Amy Klobuchar


Barack Obama


Hennepin County Walker Library was designed by VJAA for Hennepin County. Project Team: Principals: Vincent James
FAIA, Jennifer Yoos FAIA, Nathan Knutson AIA (Managing Principal), Senior Project Architect: Paul Yaggie AIA, Project Managers: Eric West AIA; Nate Steuerwald Assoc. AIA, Project Team: Emma Huckett ARB, Dzenita Hadziomerovic, Tim Ogren,
Karen Lu AIA, Kai Salmela. More info at (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Join us in the North

sanctuary of Springhouse
Ministry Center
9 p.m. Christmas Eve
Candlelight Worship


610 W 28th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Sunday Worship, 10:30 a.m.

Spirit-led. Welcoming. Bold. Rooted.

Join us in worship...

Christ tended
to attract
10:30am Jazz Worship
7pm Advent Evening Worship
Sunday, Dec. 14
10:30am Christmas Pageant Day
Three churches, sheep and
donkeys, the baby Jesus,
all here!
Christmas Eve
4pm Carols, Candlelight,
Holy Communion
610 W. 28th Street,
in SpringHouse Ministry Center

4 - DECEMBER 2014

crime & safety

Snow Emergency
Parking Rules
Provided by the City of Minneapolis
Day 1 - 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. (overnight)

Crimes By Location

October 21 - November 21

Burglary Residential includes garages, attached or unattached, and may include

unlocked or open doors.


Do not park on either side of

the street with the red sign:
Snow Emergency Route. Snow
plows will clear those streets

Aggravated Assaults

Map Notes

R Rape


Robbery Business

Auto Theft

Robbery Person

A Snow Emergency will be

declared no later than 6 p.m.
on any given day. At 9 p.m.
on that day, Snow Emergency
parking rules begin.

Burglary Business


Burglary Residential

*Sound of Shots Fired

Domestic Aggr. Assault

Theft from Motor Vehicle

Park on either side of nonSnow Emergency routes (these

streets DO NOT have the red
sign: Snow Emergency Route).

Larceny (Other Theft)

Narcotics Arrest

Snow Emergency Day 1: No parking on Snow Emergency Routes

After a street is fully plowed, feel free to park there, even if Snow
Emergency parking rules are still in effect. Fully plowed means
the street is completely cleared and plowed as wide as possible.
Plows may come through more than once, so make sure that it is
fully plowed as wide as possible before parking.

Day 2 - 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

At 8 a.m., Day Two parking
rules begin.
Do not park on the EVEN
side of non-Snow Emergency routes. (Example: house
address number: 1356 Maple or
2512 17th Ave.)
Do not park on either side of
Park on the odd side of nonSnow Emergency Route streets
(example: house address number 1359 Maple or 2513 17th
Park on either side of streets with the red sign: Snow Emergency
Snow Emergency Day 2: No parking on EVEN side of non-Snow
Emergency routes
After a street is fully plowed, feel free to park there, even if Snow
Emergency parking rules are still in effect. Fully plowed means
the street is completely cleared and plowed as wide as possible.
Plows may come through more than once, so make sure that it is
fully plowed as wide as possible before parking.

Day 3 - 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

At 8 a.m., Day Three parking
rules begin.
Do not park on the ODD
side of non-Snow Emergency
Route streets (example: house
address number 1359 or 2513
17th Ave.).
Park on even side of non-Snow
Emergency Route streets.
(Example: house address number: 1356 Maple or 2512 17th
Park on either side of streets
marked with the red sign:
Snow Emergency Route and you may park on parkways.
Snow Emergency Day 3: No parking on the ODD side of nonSnow Emergency routes.
After a street is fully plowed, feel free to park there, even if Snow
Emergency parking rules are still in effect. Fully plowed means
the street is completely cleared and plowed as wide as possible.
Plows may come through more than once, so make sure that it is
fully plowed as wide as possible before parking.

*ShotSpotter detects gunshots using multiple

sensors, triangulates the position of the gunshot
with great accuracy, and immediately alerts 911
operators, who can quickly dispatch police.

Larger icons represent more

recent activity within the four
week period.


Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

Provided by the Minneapolis Police Department
Being the victim of a crime can be especially disturbing when it happens during the
holiday season. Weve compiled a list of helpful tips that can help you stay safe this
holiday season.

Online Shopping
Know your merchant. Be familiar with the company youre dealing with. The
Federal Trade Commission has a website ( that provides buyers
guides, tips and links to helpful resources.
Protect your personal information. Know what information the seller is collecting,
how it will be used and if it will be shared with other merchants. Check the sites
privacy policy and look for seals from privacy enforcement organizations like BBBonLine and TRUSTe. Be cautious if a site asks
for personal information not generally needed to make a purchase in a retail store, such as your social security number.
Use a credit card. Under federal law, your liability for an
unauthorized charge is $50. To ensure that your credit
card information is being transmitted securely, look for
an unbroken key or padlock icon or for a policy that
indicates use of strong security technology. DO NOT
SHARE your password with others!
Keep good records. Make sure to print or save any
records related to online transactions.

Retail Shopping
Cash: take only the amount you will spend when
shopping. Avoid flashing cash in public. Never leave
your purse or wallet unattended.
Credit cards: take only the cards you will use while
shopping. Report lost cards immediately. Check
your statements for accuracy.
Park: in well-lit areas. Keep your doors locked and
always put items in the trunk before arriving at your
next destination.

IVERSON from 1

During his guilty plea Monday, Iverson admitted he had been

drinking in a bar the night of February 3 and that he drove negligently, striking the bicyclist and killing him. A later blood test
found that Iverson was at .23, nearly three times the legal limit, he
admitted. He also said that he had no intention of ever getting a
drivers license or driving again, but his attorney asked him if he
realized that if he ever did drive and was caught driving drunk or
was involved in an accident, his guilty plea in this case could result
in more serious charges against him. Iverson said he understood.
Iverson turned down an offer from the county attorneys office to
plead guilty and be sentenced to a prison term consistent with the
Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines. Instead, he entered a straight
plea and his attorney said he will be seeking a sentence as little
as probation but no more than 41 months in prison. The county
attorneys office will be seeking a prison sentence consistent with
the guidelines.
According to the criminal complaint, Iverson was driving westbound on W. Franklin Avenue at about 9:50 p.m. when he
swerved toward the curb, striking 26-year-old Marcus Nalls,
who was traveling westbound on his bike. Iverson crashed into a
parked car, went up on the sidewalk and traveled a little farther,
while Nalls was pinned under Iversons van.

Think of everything in your car in terms of cash value. If you would not leave
the equivalent in cash out, do not leave it out in the form you bought it.
Never leave gifts unattended or in the back seat of your car. This invites opportunity for a thief to break into your vehicle.
Always lock your car.
Lock all purchases in the trunk.
Pick up major items at the end of your shopping trip if possible.
Remove all purchases from your car when you return home.

Holiday scams
Know your charities and retailers.
Fake charities: If youre asked for a donation, verify the legitimacy of the charity before giving.
Gift cards: Only purchase gift cards from trusted retail
outlets. Make sure gift cards have not been tampered with
before purchasing.
Scam emails and online shopping: Shop only at trusted
retail sites. Do not respond to unsolicited emails or click on
their links.

Be a Good Neighbor
Keep a watchful eye on your block. Call 911 if you
see or hear suspicious activity.
Leave lights on outside, so you and your neighbors have better visibility.
Join or create a block club. Contact your Crime Prevention Specialist for more information.
With the long hours of darkness, pay special attention when you are outside.

Close the blinds or curtains at night or while youre away.

Presents that can be seen through windows are tempting to
Keep your doors and windows locked
Keep outdoor lights on from dusk til dawn
Make arrangements for neighbors to pick up deliveries if you arent home
Garage locks are usually the weakest locks you have. Avoid hiding presents in the
garage. A second-story closet or attic offers safer storage. Consider upgrading your
garage lock to an automatic keypad lock.
Break up boxes, especially for purchases like TVs. Bundle inside out and only put
out to your collection point on the pick-up day. Dont advertise
what you have.
A holiday light display (inside or outside) shows ownership and
increases the overall lighting in the area.
Schedule deliveries for times when you are at home.
Make arrangements to have your parcels delivered to a neighbor
if you are unable to be at home.
If you live in a multi-unit building:
Bring packages left outside for your neighbors into a secured
Leave a note on the door giving permission for the package to be
delivered to a trusted neighbor if you are gone for a delivery.

Transporting gifts in your car

Walking after Dark

Home Security



Walk with confidence. Keep your head up and

watch your surroundings.
Do not be distracted by cell phones, music
players, or other technology.
Activate or purchase an app to find your phone if
it is lost or stolen
Walk in well-lit areas. Avoid alleys or poorly lit areas.
Try to walk with another person.
Have your keys ready and in your hand
Carry as little cash or valuables as possible. If you carry a purse, place extra cash
or valuables in a pocket.
For more crime prevention tips, contact your Crime Prevention Specialist Chelsea Adams, 612.673.2819 or


Buy All your Holiday Wine at

Hennepin Lake Liquors

1200 W Lake St 612-825-4411

(In Uptown - two blocks east of Calhoun Square)

Mon - Thu, 9 am - 8 pm,

Fri - Sat, 9 am - 10 pm


(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex cards accepted)

6 - DECEMBER 2014

Excellent Service and Inspired Cuisine

companion and I placed our
order for two main-type dishes to share. After placing our
orders, we were surprised to
receive two petite, crispy and
buttery croissants, accompanied by chunky, fermented
pear spread. We finished the
croissants only a few minutes
before our orders were brought
to the table.
My companion ordered the
pannekoeken, which was nicely browned on the outside,
creamy and custardy on the
inside and was served in a small
cast-iron pan. We both loved
the topping of the day, a tangy
combination of scarlet colored
cranberries and apple slices.
After we each had a bite, we
decided to forgo the accompanying maple syrup because the
Heyday is located at 2700 Lyndale Avenue.

Review: Heyday
By Beth Marsh
Visiting a new restaurant for
brunch is a great way to start
a busy winter weekend day.



8:00 PM
1219 WEST 31st STREET

If you like to start with a good

cup of Joe, I heartily recommend Heydays version of
Dogwood brand coffee. Our
server was friendly and efficient, answering our queries
through the meal. The brunch
menu has only about a dozen
offerings, but each one sounded unique and tempting. My

To shop in your
biggest Little

Saturday & Sunday:10am-2pm
SundayThursday, 5pm-10pm
Friday & Saturday, 5-11pm

Brunch menu:
Entrees $8-$13; Sides $5
Dinner menu:
Entrees $16-$29;
Starters $7-$10

Free private parking lot at rear
of restaurant (enter from 27th
Street); free street parking


Jefferson Community School Parents visited the Walker Library for

the first timeand a library for the first time. Four Spanish speakers and
seven Somali Sspeakers also signed up for their first library card. A good day
at Jefferson elementary school. (Submitted photo)

If We Were Any More Local

Wed Be Sitting On You.

24 hour
Ice House permits
Small Game
72 hr. Small Game
Goose Permit
Trapping License
Deer License
Bear License

XC Ski - Day, year or 3 year
Snowmobile trail
Horse Pass
ALso AvAiLAbLe
Wild rice harvester permit
Decorative Bough Buyer permit
Duplicate Firearm safety cards

The Luxury of Borrowing

The Uptown
Neighborhood News

Resident & Non Resident Passes

and Licenses for sale Now!

c Uptown Neighborhood News



lent crystal chandeliers, the rest

of the space is kickback casual, with granite-topped tables,
and recycled church pews and
wooden chairs. An open kitchen sits at the rear of the dining
area, with the scent of smoky
bacon wafting through the air,
enticing us to place an order
for the luscious Praline Bacon.
The only drawback was Indy
music blaring at a distractingly
loud decibel level.

rental lawn & garden plumbing electrical keys made glass cut paint


2700 Lyndale Avenue


(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Heyday, which sits on the

southwest corner of Lyndale
Avenue and 27th Street, offers
ample bar seating and a spacious dining area. Although
high ceilings sport several opu-





of the Dogwood coffee.

dish was sweet enough with

its slight dusting of powdered
sugar. I ordered the quiche of
the day, which was packed with
kale, purple potato, and a bit
of goat cheese. The quiches
crust was one of the most
buttery and flaky-crisp
examples I have ever
had in a restaurant.
quiche was a salad
of spring greens
with sprouts and

The eclectic wine list has an

international flare, with choic-

We felt compelled
to order the Praline
Bacon, the scent of
which had permeated the air from the time
that we entered Heyday.
The serving proved to be four
slices of thick, meaty bacon
studded with bits of caramelized praline, which was a perfect blend of sweet, salty, and

A Color Palette of Flavors

Nespresso, developed by Nestle, is now open in Kitchen Window in
Calhoun Square, and specializes in enabeling anyone to create the
perfect cup of espresso coffee by selling machines and a variety of
single-serve flavors. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Brunch is served on Saturday

and Sunday from 10 am. 2
p.m. After having experienced
the brunch, I plan to return for
a dinner. Spiced Braised Lamb
with almond potato puree and
grilled green onions would be
my dinner choice, accompanied by the Escarole salad with
squash puree, sunchoke chips,
and capers. As for desert, the
Decadent Banana Dark Chocolate Mousse with pear sorbet
and rosemary would definitely satisfy my chocolate craving
when paired with a cup or two







Arcteryx NEW!
Bay Street Shoes
Blush by Kay
Bremer Bank
Chiang Mai Thai
Comedy Sportz
Dogwood Coffee
Famous Daves
Francescas Collection
Jimmy Johns
Kitchen Window
Knights Chamber

LA Fitness
Magnetic Originals
Nespresso NEW!
Sox Appeal
Sushi Tango
Vision Works

The Abbey
Banner Creations
Droolin Moose
Got Knot
Gracies Pantry


Hart & Soul Herbals

Idlewild Artisan
inCompass Wellness
JM Woodgifts
Kettle Roasted Nuts
Lake Designs
Merry Little Bath
Mississippi Moon
Nuclear Nectar
Olive Oil From The Farm
Sugar Lake Designs
Summersalt Kitchens
Tantalizing Treats
Tilly Air Plants

The quiche at Heyday.

(Photo by Beth


es from Italy, France, Austria,

Chile, Hungary, and Germany, as well as some domestics.

So if you are in the mood for

an inexpensive bottle of La
Noche Gregnolino or want to
celebrate with an ooh-la-la
French Chardonnay for $115
a bottle, Heyday has you
covered. Plenty of local,
domestic, and European beer and ale and
some lighthearted
cocktails (The
Smoking Baptist, for example)
out the drink
Heyday is a
where you can
try something
new and different, as well as
some classic dishes.
Come in from the cold
and enjoy excellent service and inspired cuisine for
brunch or dinner. On a scale of
1 to 5, with 5 being the highest,
I rate Heyday as follows: Food
= 4, Beverages = 4, Service = 5,
and Atmosphere = 4.

8 - DECEMBER 2014

CARAG report
Lake St.

Lyndale Ave.

Hennepin Ave.

36th St.

The CARAG Board

meets the third
Tuesday of each
month, 7 pm
at Bryant Park
Community Center,
31st and Bryant.
All CARAGresidents
are welcome and
urged to attend.

Calhoun Area Residents Action

Group (CARAG), Monthly Neighborhood Meeting
Minutes, November 18, 2014.
DRAFT: Subject to approval at
the January 2015 CARAG Meeting. Minutes recorded and submitted by Cedar Phillips.

Attending: Michelle Beaulieu,
Diana Boegemann, Cameron
Conway, Colin Harris, Brad
Klein, Cedar Phillips, and
Nancy Riestenberg. Excused
Absences: Jay Lindgren, Tricia
The meeting was called to
order at 7:08 p.m.

Community Forum
Board members and attendees
introduced themselves.

Agenda & Minutes

Motion, seconded to approve
the agenda. Approved.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group

member Maura Lynch have

been researching adult play
equipment and will make sure
to have info about it for BSP
renovation planning when that
occurs early next year.

City Council Update:

Motion, seconded to approve Ben Somogyi
the October 21 meeting minutes,. Approved.

Bryant Square Park:

Julie Sandin
The ice rink and warming
house room are scheduled to
open on December 20 at all
City rinks-weather permitting. General hours are Monday-Friday: 3-9 p.m., Saturdays
10 a.m.-9 p.m., and Sundays
noon-6 p.m.
The Halloween party was a
big success with around 400
attendees this year.
Boegemann reported that she
and Livability Committee

The next Ten Talk with CM

Lisa Bender is scheduled for
November 19 and will focus on
a MN Legislative update from
Senator Scott Dibble and Representative Frank Hornstein.
The 36th Street bikeway and
pedestrian lane project is open;
there was a problem with the
Richfield Road signal but it has
been fixed. Additional bollards
were installed to keep motorists
from driving on the facility.
It is budget season at City Hall,
and Mayor Betsy Hodges has
released a budget draft. CM
Bender was unable to attend
the CARAG meeting because

she attended a public hearing about the budget. Another

public hearing is scheduled for
December 10 prior to a City
Council vote on the budget.

Morriseys Irish Pub:

Paul Crilly
Crilly is one of the owners of
Morriseys, which is located at
Lake & Bryant. The pub plans
to expand into the adjacent
space, but is having some problems with permits.
Crilly brought appetizers and
encouraged attendees to attend
a fundraiser for the Childrens
Grief Society at Morriseys on
November 24.

MN Legislative Update: MN
House Speaker Paul Thissen
Thissen has been in the Legislature since 2002 and began
representing CARAG in 2012
when House District 61 boundaries were changed. He will
become the minority leader
in the House in 2015 because
Republicans took over majority
control of the MN House.
Thissen expects the issue of
transportation to be a big issue
at the Capital this session.
Republicans ran on a platform
of funding roads and bridges,
which may be problematic for
transit funding.
He also anticipates Republicans
making attempts to cut Local
Government Aid (LGA) and
school funding for Minneapolis.

Residents enjoyed hockey at Bryant Square Park in early 2014. Ice rinks and warming houses are scheduled to open
on December 20 at all City rinks-weather permitting. General hours are Monday-Friday: 3-9 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m.-9 p.m.,
and Sundays noon-6 p.m. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)


Happy Holidays!

CARAG Committee Policy:

Scott Engel
Engel presented an updated
CARAG Committee Policy
that describes CARAG committees, their roles, and the
member list.
Motion, seconded to approve

the CARAG Committee Policy. Approved.

NRP Implementation:
Carol Bouska
Bouska noted that the NRP
met and is recommending that
CARAG contract $10,092 in
2013 CPP funds for three NRP
Phase 2 strategies: 1.) $5,000 for
graffiti prevention, 2.) $2,500
for Livability Committee
events, & 3.) $2,592 for pedestrian improvements. Motion,
seconded to contract $10,092
for NRP Phase 2 projects as
described. Approved.
The NRP Implementation
Committee also recommends
reallocating and contracting
NRP Phase 2 funds, as follows:
1.) Reallocate $10,000 from the
Safety Committee to Safety
Lighting, 2.) Contract $15,000
for Safety Lighting, & 3.) Contract an additional $3,000 for
Bike Racks. Motion, seconded
to approve the reallocation and
contracting of NRP funding, as
described. Approved.
The Implementation Committee has been focused on making
sure NRP funds are contracted
and projects are moving forward. CARAG has budgeted
$60,000 in NRP funds for Bryant Square Park Improvements
and this will likely be contracted in early 2015 when BSP renovation planning begins.

Treasurers Report
The CARAG Operations and
NRP account reports were
Uptown Neighborhood News
(UNN) account reports were
also available.
The meeting adjourned at 8:30

31st Street to get robust crosswalk

No Meeting in December

Next Meeting is Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 7pm

Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave S)

Home Improvement Funds Available!

Call CEE at (612) 335-5884 or for details.
CARAG has more than $300,000 available for neighborhood
homeowners to make exterior improvements! Eligible projects
include: doors, windows, roofs, siding, trim, retaining walls,
garages, and more. The program now features:

Low, 2.99% interest rate

No income restrictions

Solar panels now eligible

CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | | 612.823.2520

Join the CARAG E-update at to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.

A photo/illustration looking west down 31st Street of the proposed new

crosswalk. (Photo courtesy of the City of Minneapolis)

Provided by the City of Minneapolis

Minneapolis Public Works has begun the construction of a new,
enhanced crosswalk on the western side of 31st Street at Girard
Avenue. The concrete work on the new, accessible pedestrian
ramps is nearly complete.



Short Redhead
Reel Reviews
By Wendy Schadewald [Rating Legend: (4=Dont miss,
3=Good, 2=Worth a look, 1=Forget it)]
Before I Go to Sleep (R)
[Some brutal violence and language.] After being savagely
attacked and left with psychogenic amnesia in this unoriginal, predictable, implausible,
92-minute, psychological thriller based on the S. J. Watson
novel, a British housewife
(Nicole Kidman) wakes up
next to her alleged, supportive
partner (Colin Firth), a chemistry teacher at the local school,
with fleeting memories of the
previous twenty years and
works with a neuropsychologist (Mark Strong) to regain
her mental health.

Dear White People (R) (3)

[Language, sexual content, and
drug use.] A poignant, critically acclaimed, down-to-earth,
101-minute satire that follows
four African-American students (Tyler James Williams,
Tessa Thompson, Teyonah
Parris, and Brandon P. Bell )
at a fictional university, which
is run by a clueless president
(Peter Syvertsen) and a dean
(Dennis Haysbert), and their
interactions with their Caucasian peers (Kyle Gallner, Brittany Curran, et al.).

Foxcatcher (R) (3.5)

[Some drug use and a scene of
violence.] [Opens Nov. 26]
highlight this poignant, cerebral, unevenly paced, factually based, star-dotted (Vanessa
Anthony Michael Hall, and
Brett Rice), 130-minute film
in which two wrestling brothers, Mark Schultz (Channing
Tatum) and David Schultz (Mark Ruffalo), who each
won Olympic Gold in 1984,
are sucked into the world of
egotistical, wrestling-obsessed
billionaire John E. du Dupont
(Steve Carrel) in 1987 in Pennsylvania when he decides to
sponsor and coach a U.S. team
of wrestlers for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea.

Horrible Bosses 2 (R)

[Strong crude sexual content
and language throughout.]
A wacky, harebrained scheme
to kidnap the jerk son (Chris
Pine) of an unscrupulous,
unethical Los Angeles businessman (Christopher Waltz) goes
awry in this hilariously funny,
(Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay
Sloane, and Jonathan Banks),
108-minute comedic sequel
when three moronic best
friends (Jason Bateman, Jason
Sudeikis, and Charlie Day)
retaliate against the investor in
an attempt to recoup losses.

well-acted, factually based,
star-dotted (Emily Watson,
David Thewlis, Simon McBurney, and Charlie Cox), 2-hour
film based on Jane Hawkings
memoir Traveling to Infinity:
My Life with Stephen that follows the astounding career and
life of witty, famous, genius


Hawking (Eddie Redmayne)
from his early days as a student at Cambridge University
in 1963, his devastating diagnosis of the crippling motor
neurological disorder similar
to ALS, his marriage to his first
supportive wife (Felicity Jones),

and to the birth of their three

1986 through 2014 by Wendy
Schadewald. The preceding films
were reviewed by Wendy Schadewald, who has been a Twin Cities film critic since 1986. To see
more of her film reviews, log on
to www.shortredheadreelreviews.

Interstellar (PG-13) (3)

[Some intense perilous action
and brief strong language.]
Convoluted technical jargon
detracts from this intriguing,
visually-captivating, star-studded (Matt Damon, Topher
Grace, Casey Affleck, Ellen
Burstyn, Bill Irwin, and William Devane), 169-minute,
Christopher Nolan, sci-fi thriller with terrific special effects in
which a widowed pilot (Matthew McConaughey), who
leaves his two children (Mackenzie Foy and Timothe Chalamet) at home in dust-laden
upstate New York with their
grandfather (John Lithgow),
joins other astronauts (Anne
Hathaway, Wes Bentley, and
David Oyelowo) on a longterm, harrowing journey to
a wormhole and another galaxy to search for a planet suitable for human life while
scientists (Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, et al.) on Earth
build a space station.

PEOPLES from 9

tive Chef, and Juell Roberts

are a husband and wife team
along with David Powell, 2014
UK lifetime achievement bakery award winner. Together
they own the flagship stores in
Edina (Galleria) and the IDS
Center downtown Minneapolis. We are extremely excited
to open in Uptown. This location will be perfect for get-togethers over hemp milk lattes
in the morning or a pint of one
of Indeeds delicious beers after
work. We serve breakfast all
day long and have fresh baked
goods every day.

We are thrilled to announce

our newest tenant for Calhoun
Square, says Jackie Knight,
Senior Managing Director for
Ackerberg. We committed to
the community that we would
help support local businesses as
a part of our renovation plans,
and this is a great first step
towards that, as well as meeting
St. Vincent (PG-13) (4)
the needs we heard from a lot
[Mature thematic material, of neighbors and business folks
including sexual content, alco- in the community: more breakhol and tobacco use, and lan- fast and lunch options.
guage.] A heartbreaking,
heartwarming, well-written,
superbly acted, star-dotted
(Naomi Watts, Terrence Howard, Chris ODowd, and Ann
Dowd), 103-minute film in
which a bullied, 12-year-old
boy (Jaeden Lieberher) moves
to a Brooklyn neighborhood
next door to a cantankerous,
hard-drinking, foul-mouthed,
cynical, gambling Vietnam veteran (Bill Murray) who ends up
reluctantly playing babysitter
while his divorced, hard-working mother (Melissa McCarthy)
works long hours as a CT technician at a local hospital.

Peoples Organic will be located in this space next to Timberland on the

northwest corner of Calhoun Square. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

About Peoples

About Ackerberg

Peoples Organic celebrates the

simplicity of nutritious and
organic food, pure water, and
healthy beverages. They practice sustainability and support
local and organic farmers with
the belief that fresh pure ingredients create the most memorable and nurturing meals. Their
menu includes vegan and gluten free options packed with
nutritious, vegetables, whole
grains and proteins.

Ackerberg is a privately held

real estate related development,
investment, and management
organization with substantial
experience in designing, constructing, renovating, financing, and operating commercial
and residential projects. For
over 50 years the company has
developed, owned and/or renovated, and managed in excess
of over 7 million square feet
of retail, office and industrial

The Theory of Everything

(PG-13) (3.5)
[Some thematic elements and
suggestive material.] A

Film Schedule
Listed in order of release date
and subject to change. Please see for final
titles, dates and times.


1320 Lagoon Ave. 612.823.3020


Point and Shoot

12/12 Zero Motivation

12/25 Big Eyes


2906 Henn. Ave. 612.392.0402

12/19 Wild
*Opens either at Lagoon
or Uptown

Because of its location adjacent to Calhoun Square, this intersection at 31st Street and Girard Avenue currently
experiences a high volume of pedestrians that cross a busy street without the aid of a signal or painted crosswalk.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)


This crossing has been selected as one of the locations to be

outfitted with a red-flashing
pedestrian signal. This style
of pedestrian crossing signal
is experimental and has been
approved by the Federal Highway Administration for testing
and evaluation at a handful of
locations in Minneapolis.
The pedestrian signal is expected to be installed within the
next few weeks. If all goes
well, the completed and fully
operational pedestrian signal is
scheduled to be up and running
by mid-December.
The crosswalk markings at this
location will be a zebra style

marked crosswalk. The current

plan is to install this crosswalk
using preformed thermoplastic.
However, if once the signal is
complete Public Works cannot
achieve appropriate pavement

conditionsa dry surface is

requiredan interim option
will be considered until the
earliest possible thermoplastic
install opportunity in 2015.

10 - DECEMBER 2014

ECCO report
Lake St.

ECCO Meeting Minutes for

November 6, 2014. (East Calhoun Neighborhood Monthly
Meeting) Minutes recorded and
submitted by Monica Smith and
approved by the ECCO Board by
electronic vote prior to publication.

Board members present: Linda
Todd, Outgoing President;
Susie Goldstein, President;
Harry Savage, Vice-President;
Abby Armstrong, Treasurer; Ben Jilek, Secretary; Anja
Curiskis; Kate Davenport;
Paul Harstad; Chris Iverson;
Steve Latham; Klaus Obergfell;
Mark Rosenfeld; David Tompkins; and Anna Flaig (Alternate). Board member absent:
Caroline Vaaler.

Lyndale Ave.

Hennepin Ave.

36th St.

ECCO meets the

first Thursday of
each month,
7 pm at St.
Marys Greek
Orthodox Church,
34th & Irving. All
are welcome and
urged to attend.

Guests: Ben Somogyi, Senior

Policy Aide to Council Member Lisa Bender, Ward 10;

East Calhoun Community Organization

and ECCO residents Heather Wulfsberg, Nicholas Hall,

Mary Sabatke, Deborah Spirn
and Samantha Strong.
Outgoing ECCO Board President Linda Todd called the
meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Senior Policy Aide

to Council Member
Lisa Bender, Ward 10:
Ben Somogyi
Sign up for the Ward 10
e-newsletter; call 612-673-2210
to be added to the list.
Ten Talk on Wednesday,
November 19, 7:30 a.m. at

Get Your Shine On

Bringing you an eclectic selection of gifts, home goods, clothing and accessories that distill the essence of
beauty and functional purpose, Shine On is now open at 908 Lake Street. More info at or
612.886.1499. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

French Meadow. The topic is

transportation policy.
The 36th Street Bikeway has
been completed. The bikeway
will be plowed so it can remain
open all year. The traffic signals were retimed and additional bollards were added.
Comments may be directed to
the Ward 10 office at 612-6732210.
Calhoun Square offers a Winter Market on Saturdays from
10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and they have
been approved for a farmers
market in the spring.
The citys 2015 budget process is underway. The budget
includes staff restructure in
Public Works, corner sidewalk
plowing and curbside organics
for 1-4 unit residential buildings. Council Member Bender
supports a 3 percent increase
in neighborhood funding but
does not support additional funding to neighborhoods.
Bender is requesting a study of
the Neighborhood and Community Relations department
and how the city handles community engagement. A hearing will be held at the Health,
Environment and Community
Engagement committee meeting on November 17, 1:30 p.m.
at City Hall.

for Accessory Dwellings Units

(granny flats) Nov. 10, 4:30
p.m. at the Planning Commission.
1800 Lake: A judge ruled that
the dewatering at 1800 Lake
violates city ordinance. The
judge has yet to decide on damages; a hearing will be held in
30 days.

Election of Alternate
Board alternate Steve Latham
was appointed to the board
to fill the seat vacated by Rich

Board Expectations
Expectations of ECCO Board
members were reviewed:
attend board meetings, help
with neighborhood events,
serve on at least one committee,
and participate in fundraising
(e.g. wine tasting).

Officer Elections
The following officers were
elected: Susie Goldstein, President; Harry Savage Vice
President; Abby Armstrong,
Treasurer and Ben Jilek, Secretary.

Committee Reports
Livability Committee:
Heather Wulfsberg
Next Livability meeting is

A public hearing will be held

ECCO page 11




t h u r s d ay, d e c e m b e r 4

East Calhoun Offering Cherry Trees for Only $10

Order NOW for Spring 2015

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting

st. marys Greek Orthodox church, 3450 Irving ave s
The agenda will be posted on our website by December 3rd: Note: the January 2015 meeting will be held
on Thursday, January 8.
m O N d ay, d e c e m b e r 8

6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Investment in ECCO Task Force

st. marys Greek Orthodox church, 3450 Irving ave s
All are welcome at this meeting of the Task Force as we continue to
identify priorities for a $75,000 investment in East Calhoun.
Contact Monica Smith at for more information.
w e d N e s d ay, d e c e m b e r 1 7

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Holiday Caroling Party

meet at st. marys Greek Orthodox church, 3450 Irving ave s

Kick off the holiday season by spreading good cheer!
Gather at St. Marys at 6:30 p.m.
Well bundle up and sing our way
through the streets of East Calhoun
from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.
End the evening with hot cider,
snacks and social time at the home
of Judy and Michael Shields.
Bring the whole family. Invite your
friends and neighbors.
Singers of all ability are welcome!
RSVP to Monica Smith at or 612-821-0131.

The ECCO Board has made

funding and expertise
available for the planting
of up to 50 Cherry Trees
in the East Calhoun
One tree per property will be
made available. The cost to
East Calhoun residents is only
$10 in return for a pledge to use
organic best practices in caring for their trees.
Deadline for ordering is December 12, 2014.
Four different choices of trees are available that range in size
from 8-20 feet tall and require 6-8 hours of sun. Please Note:
Cherry Trees cannot be planted on the boulevard (between the
sidewalk and the street).
For more information and to reserve your tree,
go to or contact Monica Smith
at or 612-821-0131.
Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to learn more about our events. Send a request
to or call Monica Smith at 612-821-0131.
The East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) invites and encourages participation by
every resident to each program, service and event organized by ECCO. Should you require an
accommodation in order to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format,
please let us know by contacting Monica Smith at 612-821-0131 or at
least five days before our event.



community events calendar

(Please send your calendar listings to with the subject
line: Community Calendar. Submit by the 15th of
each month to be included, space permitting, in
the next issue.)



Dunn Brothers - 7:30pm

3348 Hennepin Ave. 612.822.3292
The Socrates Cafe is an open meeting. The
evening is spent discussing a short list of
questions of philosophy that range all over
the map from self identity, capital punishment, perception and anything else in
between. Bring your questions and prepare
to engage your mind.



Famous Daves - 5:30pm-7:30pm

3001 Hennepin Ave. 612.822.9900
Celebrate the season and join the Uptown
Association for the final Monday Night Mingle of 2014! The annual holiday party is a
jolly time full of merry mingling, giveaways
from Uptown businesses, and complimentary appetizers. RSVP at



Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm

810 W. Lake St. 612.825.8949

And rightly so. Dont miss being a part of

decade-long BLB holiday tradition. Ranek
pushes comedy with enough irreverence for
Christmas to make you laugh a tasty beverage through your nose.



Intermedia Arts - 6-9PM

2822 Lyndale Ave. 612.871.4444
Every other month, Intermedia Arts Youth
Leadership Council presents performances by talented young musicians. Check
out middle, high school, and college-aged
musicians performing live on stage. 3
Bands. 3 Hours. 3 Bucks.



Highpoint Center for Printmaking

912 Lake St. 612.871.1326

Space Jam is a Minneapolis improv jam

open to improvisors of all experience levels
from across the Twin Cities or anywhere in
our galaxy. Every Thursday night host Drew
Kersten and a rotating special guest co-host
will take the stage for the best Minneapolis
improv jam in this universe. The only question is are you coming to take the stage or
do you just like to watch? Playing is free and
open to all, just show up prior to 8:30pm to
sign-up and warm-up. Tickets are $7 to be
in the audience.

Letters to SantaHazardous Material is

presented by Janelle Ranek and co-written
by Jules Weiland. Shes ba-aaack. It begins
very simply: Dear Santa, and then
hold on to your ear muffs as Ranek lets
loose on the BLB stage with an entourage
of characters who will be the Cool Whip to
your pumpkin pie this holiday season. In her
unique style, Ranek transforms on stage
from one character to the next, taking you
on a hazardous holiday ride. Her characters
include Toastmasters graduate and motivational speaker Martha Greenleaf, Lorna
Claire and her brave little puppy, Larry Dyc,
the inventor of the multi shiv, and Mary the
cat lady, to name a few. Of course, Gloria,
the chain-smoking, martini swilling broad
is back to give advice live! Ranek has been
called consistently and viciously funny.

ECCO from 10


Ave at Lake St (Kmart site).

November 17, 7pm at St.


Anja Curiskis
Members are needed for the
Communications committee
to work on increasing communications with residents,
and maintaining the ECCO
website. The Uptown Neighborhood News is planning a
December issue but they continue to struggle financially.

Friends of Walker Library


Huge Theater - 9pm

3037 Lyndale Ave. 612.412.HUGE

Heather Wulfsberg is the outgoing co-chair of the Livability Committee. The committee
addresses zoning, traffic, safety
and public event matters relevant tothe neighborhood. Current co-chair Kate Davenport
will continue and is looking for
a new co-chair.
Green Team: David Tompkins
The next Green Team meeting is November 12, 7p.m. at
Dunn Bros. The Green Teams
upcoming work will focus on
education. They are working
on the cherry tree project. The
Green Team is considering promoting the project by distributing fliers to the neighborhood.
The ECCO Board approved
a discretionary fund of up to

The Social Committee works
through events such as the
Labor Day Celebration and the
upcoming Holiday Caroling
Party on December 17.

Midtown Greenway
Coalition: Paul Harstad
The city is working on preliminary plans to reopen Nicollet

Highpoint Center for Printmaking is pleased

to present Prints on Ice, an exhibition of
prints by members of its artists studio
cooperative. This winters show, the 26th
Highpoint Cooperative exhibition, features
the work of 36 local printmakers currently
working in Highpoints facilities. The Opening Reception for Prints on Ice and 20% off
Sale is Friday, December 5, 6:30-9pm. The
show runs thru January 17, 2015. Over 75
pieces were selected by the co-ops curatorial committee for exhibition. Printmaking
methods represented include lithography,
relief, intaglio, screenprinting, monotype,
and collograph. The prints will be on view
and available for purchase thru January 17,

The ECCO Board approved

a motion to appoint Mary
Sabatke as the East Calhoun
representative to the Friends
group. Ideas for the library can
be share with Mary at mary. The next
meetings of the Friends of the
Walker Library are November
17 and December 15.

Treasurers Report:
Susie Goldstein



The grant from Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

for the raingarden project
was received. The project has
been completed. ECCOs contribution to the project was

Ebony, Ivory and Coffee

Adi Yshaya, a forty-five year veteran of the piano, entertains coffee lovers at Kitchen Windows annual Uptown
Coffee Festival. All proceeds from the November 22 event benefit House of Charity. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

2015. At this free event, guests will have

the opportunity to mingle with the artists,
tour HPs printshop, and enjoy beverages
and hors doeuvres. Guests are encouraged
to take advantage of a one-night-only 20%
discount for all co-op member prints on the
walls as well as shrink-wrapped work in the
sale racks. This opening night sale is a perfect opportunity to purchase unique, locally-made holiday gifts.



Honecomb Salon - 11-5pm

3504 Nicollet Ave. 612.824.2662

Honeycombs Facebook event page,



Walker Library - 10-11:30am
2880 Hennepin Ave 612.543.8400

For families. Volunteers will help put young

readers at ease so they can cuddle up with
a certified therapy animal and practice
reading aloud. Most libraries host dogs and
you can call ahead to see if other animals
will be visiting. Registration not required.
Presented in collaboration with North Star
Therapy Animals.

Honeycomb Salon invites guests to a

relaxing and exciting holiday shopping
experience. For this special festive event,
Honeycomb Salon will be extending its
boutique, selling a larger selection of handcrafted and locally made gifts including:
jewelry, stationery, printed goods, ceramics,
and much more from over a dozen local artists. In order to make the holiday shopping
experience as relaxing as possible, Honeycombs estheticians and skin care representatives will be offering free mini facials,
highlighting favorite skin care products.
Light refreshments and snacks will be
provided, in addition to hair and skin care
product specials and gift giveaways. Guests
are also encouraged to stop by neighboring
businesses to take full advantage of event
specials. Enjoy extended happy hours at
Pats Tap & Hola Arepa, and shop specials
at B-Squad during the event. For current
and updated event details, please visit


A donation request form was

received from Southwest
Senior Center, 3612 Bryant Ave
for $500 to be used for general support for their work with
improve the health and wellness of seniors in the area. The
ECCO Board approved the
donation. $250 remains in the
budget for donations for 2014.

upcoming board meeting.

Staff Report: Monica Smith

The ECCO Board meeting for
January will been moved to
Thursday, Jan. 8 to avoid a conflict with the holidays.
The Task Force for Improvement in ECCO will hold their
first meeting on Monday,
November 10, 6:30 p.m. at the
Walker Library. The ECCO
Board appointed Susie Goldstein as the chair of the Task
The Ackerberg Group (local
company) now owns Calhoun
Square. Calhoun Square is
interested in partnering with
Marketing Manager Brian
Trinh will be invited to an


Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm

810 W. Lake St. 612.825.8949
Cinema Lounge is made up of short films
and indie filmmakers. IFP Cinema Lounge
happens the third Wednesday of each
month at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater.
Ryan Strandjord programs a lineup of 4-5
locally made video projects (20 minutes or
less) per screening which includes anything
and everything: narratives, docs, music
videos, web shows, animation, and experimental stuff. After each film is screened,
you meet the mind behind the film, as host
Josh Carlon conducts a short Q+A session
with the filmmakers. Following the show
filmmakers and audience members hang
around to socialize and drink delicious
beer. Oh, and we cant forget to mention the
event is free! (Doors open at 6pm.)

City Budget and

Neighborhood Funding
The Tax Increment Financing
(TIF) districts that funds neighborhood revitalization and
Target Center debt is expected
to generate more money than
projected. The mayors 2015
budget directs the surplus to
other purposes. The ECCO
Board reviewed a draft of a letter asking the City Council to
protect the funding needed for
neighborhood organizations to
continue their critical role in
the city. Board members will
continue to review the letter
and an electronic vote will be
taken to determine how to proceed.
The board thanked outgoing
President Linda Todd for her
service to the neighborhood
over the past four years.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.
The next ECCO Board meeting is Thursday, December 4,
2014, 7p.m. at St. Marys Greek
Orthodox Church.

New Wine Church Helps Fill in the Gaps

Food shelf and child care for those in need
By Bruce Cochran
Just blocks from the Joyce
Uptown Food Shelf, the New
Wine Church has decided to
join the fight to end hunger.
Three months ago, the New
Wine Church re-conceived
its utilitarian basement into a
welcoming new food shelf and
community meeting space.
Open to the public and run by
the Churchs Board of Regents,
the shelf is inspired by the
Churchs mission: To raise
a vibrant and thriving community of passionate believers
who are serving God with their
giftedness and impacting their
community with the transforming power of the gospel.
Speaking with a low steady, yet
lyrical tone, the passion in Hannahs voice resonates with his
connection to the Bibles words.
Reciting verse and metaphor
as if he has just discovered the
words for the first time, Han-

nah speaks with excitement

as he describes the recent construction of the food shelf and
community space. He and Paul
Hamer, the builder, have committed themselves to transforming the empty basement
into a food shelf, community
space, gym and day care.
When asked how the food shelf
will be different, Hannah said,
We let people come in and
pick out the food they want so
nothing gets thrown away.
And on those pickup days,
(second and fourth Saturday of
every month, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
theyll receive a hot meal while
they wait for their food.
The next program planned to
open in the space is affordable
child-care aimed at helping
families struggling to make
ends meet.
For information on volunteer opportunities, to donate
non-perishable food items,

Reggie Hannah (at left) and Paul Hamer highlight the details of their experiences that led them to create the new
community space theyre sitting in. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

the Toys-for-Tots program,

or for general inquiries,
please call Reggie Hannah at
763.221.7964, email at info@, or
New Wine Church is located at
810 31st St.

A Division of Time
The new community space at New Wine Church.

Claire Bretzke, (at left) Director of Flanders Art Gallery, and her assistant
Larissa Gritti, stop a moment to take in original paintings that had just
arrived for an exhibition of Mary Lingen: A Division Of Time. The show at
Flanders Gallery runs thru December 14. (Submitted photo)
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

We Work (and Live) in Uptown

2014 Give Green Partners:

real estate | construction

BC. 20628624


NARs sustainable property designation

Give Green is our philanthropic

program, providing funding for
selected non-profits who address
the needs of people, animals, and
our environment.