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Statement of Purpose

-Aishwarya Maurya
The spirit of growth has been the cornerstone of my life, which has enabled me to dramatically outgrow the hurdles in
my path and reach the pinnacle of professional excellence as I move forward.
I come from a multi-lingual country with a family. I have been born and brought up in the city of Lucknow, in a family
where education has been one of the most integral part of my upbringing. My family which has been a constant source
of support and encouragement has taught me valuable lessons in life. I like to explore things and try to find out ways
through difficult circumstances. I give great importance to family bonds and friendship as I have learnt a lot from it and
it gives me the strength to fight. I was fortunate to be educated in one of the best schools of Lucknow, Loreto Convent
On the completion of the tenth grade from Loreto Convent, Lucknow, I took up Commerce as my subject for both
eleventh and twelfth grades as this would help me enhance my knowledge skills. I was obliged to uphold the tag of
School Prefect in my school. As a student of this institution I learnt many beneficial and indispensible lessons for life.
The latter half of my schooling years were immensely important. I fared well academically and participated in many cocurricular activities like basketball, throwball, javelin, drama, art, calligraphy, dance, music and photography the
experiences helped in my well rounded and holistic development as an individual.
I had decided to pursue my education in the field where I could express myself and do something which gave me
happiness as well as a strong base to do something concrete in the field of Media.
After completing my schooling from Loreto Convent, Lucknow I made up my mind to pursue my graduation in the
Media field and I sought my admission in St. Xavier's College, Mumbai(Autonomous). Here I pursued my graduation
with my degree in Bachelors of Mass Media, a three year course. BMM was a relatively new professional course, yet,
one of the most highly valued graduate programmes in the media industry. Through the course, I began understanding
the role and function of advertising and media in the society. I got an outlook into various subjects ranging from Political
Science to Photography, Mass Communication to Film Appreciation, Copywriting to Brand Building, Advertising
Design to Marketing and from Psychology to Public Relations.
Although I learnt about Advertising, Media and Communications through my course, I felt the need to be on the field
to bridge the gap between learning the trick and performing it. I have interned with the Aegis Media (Posterscope) in
Mumbai, where I worked under the media and account planner studying the concept of Outdoor Media. I have also
interned at JWT, Mumbai under the client servicing department, where I had to analyse and prepare a report by
undertaking the comparison study of the white goods of the client with its competitors.
I have done an internship at Leo Burnett, Mumbai for a period of 2 months. I worked under the client servicing
department and worked on projects for the brand Tide (Proctor and Gamble). I also prepared a POSM (Point of Sale
Marketing) report based on the big retail stores and high frequency stores spread across Mumbai.
I have contributed towards creating a photography blog called Veshbhusha covering a wide array of subjects ranging
from colour block, child fashion photography, nature and street photography. Pictures clicked by me were selected and
shown on the NDTV Good Time Picture Perfect programme.
I have made a documentary on the issue of Prostitution and a one minute silent movie covering the experience of a
fresher in St. Xavier's College. In third year of college I made 30 seconds advertisement on Canon Camera as a group
The media industry is full of life and everyday there is a new sense of adventure for them. And soon I began to
understand that it is not just passion, but a culmination of dedication and an innate sense of news that one needs to
always contain within, to be a good and responsible media person.
Every person has to face that moment in life when certain decisions have to be made as they have vast implications. It
is in this context that after much deliberation and introspection, I had decided to pursue my Masters in Global Media and
Communication. To arrive at such a significant decision warrants an inquiry into the reasons behind it. The most
compelling reason behind my penchant for Media and Communication is the fact that it has always invoked in me a
sense curiosity and has fostered and developed the faculty of rational thinking. Having studied Mass Media for the past
three years, in college, I now feel that the study of Global Media and Communication is integral to the fulfilment of the
goals that I have set for myself.

Being a student of Mass Media, I want to develop and fortify my forte further in this field by pursuing Masters in
Global Media and Communication. Being a learner and an explorer, I seek to strive towards increasing my horizon by
increasing my knowledge base. The extensive and vibrant course curriculum offered under the unique course of MSc
double degree program fits my interest area perfectly.
United Kingdom has always been known for its high quality education and undoubtedly it is one of the best places to
prosper. UK education holds a very good reputation around the world and the prestigious name of University of
Westminster will add up to my post graduate experience. As an international student I hope to fit into the UK's
multicultural society, ready to enjoy a student life full of knowledge, creativity and vivacity. Studying in University of
California is a bonus to my expectation. The international exposure which I will attain from both UK and USA is
exceptionally good.
This prestigious college has been acknowledged for its exquisite course and it will be a big opportunity for me to be
able to study under the guidance of the wonderful faculty of University of Westminster. I want to study this course for
its diversity of engrossing subjects and critical scrutiny of media in the global reference, examining processes of
globalisation in relation to organisation, production, consumption and representation in media and communications.
The fact that this course undertakes research in the field of media and communications in global context interests my
sense of knowledge and curiosity. The intense course will enlighten me in the fields of media and communications and
it will open a window of opportunity for me to pursue my career in this field, anywhere in the world. Another aspect
that attracts my attention is that this course is flexible in letting the students select certain topics of their choice so that
it helps them sustain their area interest. The existence of a distinct range of students from different background will
give me a better opportunity to interact and learn in a benevolent environment. The course has a perfect blend of
communication and media studies, anthropology, sociology, telecommunications, public policy, migration and
diasporic studies, transnational security and international relations. All these factors have given me the inclination to
pursue this course and make a place for myself in this emerging field.
I am positive that your programme will fully equip me to once again enter this field, with better in depth knowledge
and understanding. Hence, I request you to favourably consider my application and give me a chance to reach my full
potential when I graduate from your valued university.