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What Are You Thankful For?

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John Winright (Fremont, IN.) - I am
thankful for the opportunity to serve
God as Pastor of Revelation Chapel in
Angola, In. I am thankful for my family
and the freedoms we are allowed here
in the USA.

Amy Barone (Liberty Center, OH.) - I

am thankful for a Loving and Merciful
God. I am also thankful for my healthy

Jennifer Ball (Montpelier, OH.) - I'm

most thankful for my family.

Becky Rockey (Edon, OH.) - I am

thankful for my church, my family,
especially my husband. I am thankful for our grandbaby on the way and
my friends.
I am thankful that we
can worship freely here when there are
places that can't. I am thankful for my
job, my home, and my health.

Andrea Pluto (Oak Harbor, OH) - My

three kids, having a roof over my head,
floor under our feet, warm place to
sleep, and sunshine, wind, or snow on
our face, and knowing god is with us!

Angel Gigax (Montpelier, OH) - I am

thankful I have been blessed by the
graces of the good man above and for
walking me through cancer, domestic
violence, the death of my child and the
near deaths of my other two children.
Each day is a blessing I am thankful I
have the opportunity to embrace.

Kim Swalley (Stryker, OH) - I am

thankful for the family and friends I
have that, when needed most, show me
that there are still good people in the
world and that love does exist.

Kelly Benner Longley (Deming, OH)

- I'm Thankful for My Family (I Love
them all) I'm Thankful for my Health,
And God`s love for us all.

Emily Hemenway (Edgerton, OH)

- My husband was in a terrible semi
accident end of July. I am so thankful
that he is alive, he has a long road of
recovery but he is home. We are also
thankful for the health of our children
and the strength of our marriage.

Kristina Gehring (Defiance, OH) - I

am most thankful for my children first
and foremost. They have been blessings
for me that I never could have thought
of, and can't imagine life without. I am
also thankful for my friends and family who have stood by me during my
trying times over the last couple years
that have taken me to some very low
and trying points in my life. And of
course I'm thankful for the man in my
life for showing me that even after tragedy and chaos and pain, you can love
again, and that a relationship may not
be "easy"...but it certainly shouldn't be
a hard thing to deal with. Every single
person that is beside me today are the
many reasons that I am blessed, feel
loved, and each of them is a reason to

be thankful.

Donya Harrington (Montpelier, OH) I am thankful for my family and friends

that I have in my life, for those that I
have lost I am thankful that I had them
for as long as we had them here with
us and I am very thankful for all the
service men and women, (past, present
and future) for sacrificing for my freedom because I know that for my freedom that it wasn't for free, Thank you!

Jim Oberlin (West Unity, OH) - I am

thankful for my wife, Bev. She is a loving person who does so much to keep
me and my mother cared for. I don't
know what we would do without her.
I'm sorry that I don't tell her how much
I love her more often.

Jody Johnson (West Unity, OH)

- This has been the hardest year for
myself and my girls but I am still truly
thankful. I thank God everyday for all
that I have and all 5 of my beautiful
daughters. I also am thankful for all the
love and support everyone has shown
us through the past 6 months and will
continue to show. God Bless!

Gail Reitzel (Edon, OH) - I am thankful for the those who are always willing
to give to the less fortunate and for the
peacemakers and their gentle souls.

Barbara Love (West Unity, OH) - I

am so thankful for twin great-grand babies in Kentucky, a new granddaughter
-in-law in Pennsylvania, my daughter
Becky Nelson moving from six hours
away to only a few minutes away, for
my loving church family in Stryker, and
my brothers Al and Bob Benjamin all of
who have been so supportive of me in
my first year of widowhood.

Andrea Gill (Morenci, MI) - I am

thankful to God for having created me,
my children, grandson,family & friends.
I am thankful for our precious Lord Jesus & all he has done for us to enjoy
this life & the next. I'm thankful that
I am thankful! ;) Happy Thanksgiving!!

Troy Armstrong (Wauseon, OH) - I

am thankful for a community where
God, family, education, and being kind
to others are valued.

Bonita Hanson (Edgerton, OH) - I

am thankful that God loves me so much
he sent his son to die on the cross for
me and that Jesus will never leave me
nor forsake me. Also thankful for my
church LCRF they love you unconditionally...

Kellie Durham (West Unity, OH)

- I'm thankful for my awesome sons,
Connor and Christopher. In addition to
my children, my family and friends and
I will be graduating from college on December 12. Very thankful for support
and positive encouragement from all
who believed in me.

Sherry Fry (Wauseon, OH) - My

Family, a house to live in, a church to

worship at, and a job to go to!

TJ Howard (Bryan, OH) - I am thankful for my family and friend's and God. I
am very blessed to have them in my life.

Dan Konoff (Montpelier, OH) - I am

thankful for many things. I am thankful for joy unspeakable and full of glory
that I found when I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I am thankful that through
Jesus I have been drug and alcohol free
since 1999. I am thankful for my beautiful, loving, and understanding wife
and best friend Reba. I am thankful for
my two beautiful, intelligent, respectful
children Adrianna and Eli. I am thankful for my best friend and mentor Bob
Unger who has stuck with me through
good and bad. Lastly regardless of daily
chronic pain God see's fit to wake me
everyday a bless me with new mercies
and endless grace.

Tammy Hutchinson (Montpelier,

OH) - I am thankful all 4 of my children are saved and baptized and living
for God. This is very important to me.
Couldn't be more thankful.

Dave Dempsey (West Unity, OH) - I

am thankful for my loving family and
friends and a great community to live

Heather King (Pittsford, MI) - I am

thankful for, my guardian angel. Without my dad looking over my family and
I, it would have been a horrible year.

Lisa Ellison (Waterville, OH) - I am

thankful for my loving husband and
four children. I am thankful for my
husband letting me be a stay at home
mom and that I can work my business
from home.

Tiphinnie Shea-Skobba (Dearing,

GA) - This year I am most thankful
for the time I will have to spend with
my family during the holidays. During
my years in the military, including the
time I was in combat serving our great
nation, I was not able to spend time at
home. While I am truly thankful for the
experiences I had in the military and
while working for a local Sheriff's Office,
this year is the first in 17 years that I
can truly enjoy the holidays and reflect
on everything I have to be thankful for
in my life.

Tina Frankart (Kunkle, OH) - I am

thankful for the life God has given me.
My husband that is my rock and best
friend. My daughter that is the light of
our lives. My parents and family that
gives us support and unconditional love.
For my friends that are there always. I
am blessed to have such an amazing life.

Robbin Wilcox (Archbold, OH) - Being a member of the Wauseon Rotary

Club and each year seeing the dedication of our members who work hard on
the various projects.

Happy Thanksgiving


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Continued - What Are You Thankful For?

Megan Goodwin (Lakeport, CA) - I

am thankful for the opportunity to volunteer with three Marine veterans (Rob
Jones Journey & Pax2Pax: The Johnny
Strong Charity Ride for Child's Play) in
their charitable bike rides across the
country. It opened up opportunities for
me to meet some wonderful Americans
and see how a small group can make
big impacts when we pull together for a
greater cause. I saw the kindness, and
giving nature of our small towns; along
with the willingness to help support
our young veteran communities. Little
did I know that volunteering with these
brave men would change my life forever.
I traveled, I found love, and a new job
helping wounded and injured veterans
in a larger organization. I am thankful
for our veterans and active duty military, because without them none of this
would have ever enriched my life!

Kara Whiteman (Ashtabula, OH) - I

am thankful for my family and friends,
the time that I was able to spend with
my grandson, life that I have and that
im still alive.

Shirley Andricks (Bryan, OH) - I am

thankful for a loving God, a wonderful
husband, five beautiful children, the
best parents, 3 sweet sisters, our fur babies, extended family and friends. I am
thankful for the grace of Jesus Christ,
and His gift of salvation. And, I am
Thankful for love. Unconditional love.
The world needs more of that. Happy

Joe Bohner (Holgate, OH) - # 1 I have

a Savior and a great church family that
loves me! # 2 my beautiful and wonderful wife. # 3 The health and love of my
family. # 4 Although limited physically, I
can still make music. I am blessed every
day by my Lord, family, friends beyond

Carrie Strouse (West Unity, OH) - I

am thankful for: my parents, children,
friends, and my job. God has truly
blessed me.

Deborah Franks (Bryan, OH) - I'm

thankful my rsd (reflexsympathtic sympathy) isn't spreading Thank God every day! Also have best facebook friends
& friends who know me. Also have roof
over my head & family. Trying not to
take things for granted. Always someone who is worse! Breathe, count to 10,
pray everyday for someone who needs
it. God's grace is with us all. Thanksgiving great time to say Thank you! God
for family gatherings & Take time say
Thank you, Lord! We take food share &
even if 10 min means world to others.
Hope every one has a Thanksgiving to
be grateful for. I know I will.

Samantha T. (Liberty Center, OH) My husband recovering from his bone

marrow transplant, our children's
strength for understanding why we are
not able to be with them as much during
this time, family and friends supporting
us as well as caring for our children in
our absence... and that although our
neighborhood was violated by thieves
recently- no one was hurt only replace-

able things were stolen.

Robert (Bob) Kennedy (Wauseon,

OH) - My Wonderful Family and Moving
to Wauseon Ohio.

Lyndsey Neal (Montpelier, OH) - I

am thankful for my fiance Ryan Stewart. January will be for 3 years now and
I couldn't be more proud of him. He
has over come so many odds and even
though he had been fighting his own
battles he still took the time to step up
and be a father to my two children with
no questions asked. He has shown me
what a true man is and what an ideal
partner is. God truly blessed me when
he put him in my life, he is my Rock
when I am weak, my Voice when I can
not speak and my Eyes when I can not
see. I will be forever thankful for having
him in my life.

Debbie Warner (Ventura, CA) - My

daughter, grandson, former husband,
friends and family. They give me a reason to smile daily and to also count my
blessings as I have so much more than
so many others. I would like to also
say I am Thankful for our servicemen
and women who have and are giving so
much to our country, they do without,
missing their families to keep us safe. I
appreciate their sacrifice so much and
want them to know they are forever in
my prayers. Thank you to Denny Salisbury for his service, and for his dedication to several wounded vet programs.

Michelle Kolbe (Montpelier, OH) - I've

so many things to be thankful for this
Holiday Season. I'm thankful that God
my Father has always been by my side
thru my life. Always preparing the way
for me and making a way, where there
seemed to not be one..I'm so thankful
that He has never let go of my hand.
I'm thankful that I was given a wonderful Mother and Father that instilled in
me empathy and a hard work ethic. I'm
thankful for the brothers and sisters I
was given and the fun we had as children. I'm thankful for my children Zach
and his wife Megan who have given me
some wonderful grandkids, Trinity, Rozzlynn, Rylan, and Zailey.Thankful for
Alicia too. I'm Thankful for my job and
for the residents that make every day
joyful, full of fun and challenge. And for
their families who have entrusted me
to care for them. I'm thankful in good
and bad times. Its all a part of His plan
this Holiday Season and all year long... I
pray you and yours are blessed this season as we head into 2015..

Karen Waggoner (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) - My family -'yes ALL of you;

for color vision, The Ohio State University athletic tradition, long time friends,
Maynard Short's immense friendship for
so many years, and for the amazing and
unsurpassed GRACE of JESUS!

Vanessa Entenman (Edgerton, OH)

- I am thankful for a committed, loving
and hardworking husband, a healthy
and vibrant daughter, a nursing career
I love and a Savior who has never given
up on me.

T.J. Hug (Edon, OH) - My current


Kelly Buchanan (Montpelier, OH) - I

am thankful for my family being healthy
and also finding my true love this year!
Love you baby !!

Connie Roberts (Montpelier OH) - I

am thankful for everyone that's in my
life. My family, my friends and even others that support me. Life wouldn't be the
way it is without any of you. Thank you!

Lisa Hardy (Archbold, OH) - I am

thankful for friends and family.

Deanna Sellers (Winter Garden, FL)

- I am thankful for the beautiful children The Lord has blessed me with, who
have taught me never ending patience
and love, and the great value of children
with special needs. Two of my three
darlings are autistic and my youngest
is not. My four year old daughter who
is neuro-typical has shown never ending love and absolute acceptance and
understanding of her special needs siblings. They have taught her things that
could be learned in no other way but by
their special views of the world, and she
has amazingly taught them everything
from how to pretend play to the value
of experiencing the world in ways other
than their own (and vice-a-versa they
have taught her how to see the world
through their eyes). Praise God for the
way He made them, special and unique,
beautiful in every way!

Teri McPhail (Graceville, FL) - Thankful for a nearly perfect childhood spent
mostly in West Unity. There are very few
bad memories. I have the best aunts
and uncles (hi aunt Mae! Aunt Jean and
uncle Coy! Aunt Doris! Aunt Joan!), best
cousins (to many to name... You know
who you are!), and best friends! Thanks
for the memories! Thankful for living on
'the farm.' I miss home... And snow.
Then, there's thankfulness for 5 great
kids and probably adding 2 new in laws
to the mix in a year. So blessed!

Steve La Londe Jr (Edgerton, OH) - I

am thankful for the support of my family and friends who have helped me grow
and prosper into person I am today. I
love and appreciate each an everyone
of you both present and passed. Thank
You All !!

Crista Wortkoetter (Edon, OH) - I am

thankful for my friends and family because I know that no matter what happens, they will always be there for me.

Wendi Roose (Bowling Green, OH) My family, of course, but especially my

grandson Aidenn.

Anne Bischoff (Toledo, OH) - My family. Its the most important thing in my

Terri Nemire (Montpelier, OH) - I am

thankful for my family! No matter how
dysfunctional we all can be at times in
the end I know we will always be there
for one another and this year I am also
thankful that our daughter has moved
back home and we just become grandparents to a beautiful baby girl.


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Happy Thanksgiving

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