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EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS 3/ indicates free measures cued by the conductor. The number “beats” in the bar. (Dotted barlines indicate these “beats,”) inside the triangle is the number of indicates to sustain the note(s) for the duration of the line — indicates to improvise a figuration between (and including) the two note for the duration of the line. The speed of the figuration will be indicated Gc. two slashes, sixteenths, three slashes = as fast as pos indicates to play as fast as possible. | ‘when the figure is followed with a wavy line, the player shou! ‘ melodic figure that follows the contour of the line. Vary melow avoid diatonic scale patterns, and play as fast as pe is similar 10 the above, but indicates to start with the uppe ‘gradually expand the ‘The above might be realised as indicates to repeat the note in fas The effect should be similar to Morse ( ‘Tha love ig é Sty en TES be realised as: area a)

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