The New Educational Paradigm In the name of Allah who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad The

Great Mahdi and Messiah who was prophesied to come and has come, And in the name of his Servant and Messenger to us, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Exalted Christ. Further thanking Allah for The Reminder of God and His Christ in our midst today, the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, A Divine Reminder, Warner and Comforter to America and the World. As-Salaam Alaikum

The New Educational Paradigm is the Spirit of God and Christ out of which comes The Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is also called the Kingdom of Islam. A Kingdom The Messiah establishes on Obedience to God. “Every knee shall bow”. For every knee to bow we must be made one through Jesus Christ the Messiah. Allah is One. The Torah, Gospel and Quran agree on this. We must Be One. “We will be one or we will be nothing”. The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan said “One Lord, One faith, One Baptism, but many different expressions of faith” partly quoting a scripture. Mathematically there are an infinite

number of ways to express or represent oneness- they are all equal. Everyone must be free to practice that faith that they believe in. The golden rule of Jesus should be our guide in this. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Basically if each individual and group follows the two great commandments laid down by Jesus, man would get along with man in peace. Peace is our agenda. The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan also said that all of the laws of God are for the protection of family. Whatever is good for the family is good and whatever hurts the good of the family is not good. I’m paraphrasing here, but we must have

a family friendly agenda. This is what the Millions More Movement represents. The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan wrote a book titled “Education is the Key” in which he stated “The Messiah is Education”. Think about that!! The Messiah is the Word of God made flesh and imagine his word being made flesh in every student in every school at every level!! Praise be to Allah!! It starts with a new method of teaching mathematics in which every subject and science is simultaneously introduced. The “Theology of Time” of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad does this excellently, and is really a prequel to the “Origin of

Blackness” of Study Guide 21 given to the Nation of Islam to study by the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan. Those two actually complement each other. We start by asking “What is the root of Mathematics?” In which the Hon. Elijah Muhammad answered saying “We are the root of Mathematics. God is unit #1”. He teaches us that we are Mathematics in this lesson and that we were fractions before we became one, thus making fractions our first lesson. We are fractions until we are one with Christ. Is Christ Divided? No. Then neither should we. We are not in Christ until we are one. We are not one with Allah until we are

one with each other. Allah is One. You see, mathematically speaking, 1*1*1=1. Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and History are all taught to the children in such a way that not only do we discover their gifts and talents, but we develop them. This system of education is leadership school. If that child is a teacher, we let them teach, immediately in that area of their gifts. Adults supervise. In this way we groom our future leaders. For example, if we have a child that is athletically gifted, we notice that he is good in the physical fitness area in which martial arts is included. This is a kindergartener. As he grows we notice that he is excellent in sports,

basketball, and football and that he is a leader of men, being able to pull the team together in tough times. He is doing what he loves - we are not placing him there! He is chasing his passions as children do when they play. In the new paradigm education looks like fun. As part of their civic duty the children are set out into the neighborhoods on what we call peace keeping missions, which is actually the work done by the Ministry of Defense. They help to stop the violence, fix older citizens homes, and even build a few, as trades are part of their education. Stopping the violence is done through peer pressure or peer mediation groups, by the influential ones by the students

encouraging their friends to stop the violence. But we notice that this young brother maybe 15 or so is an effective leader of men as he is able to get the respect of the people in the community, organize them and even some gangs are willing to listen to him. We make him a block captain and a peace keeper. He is a 15 year old but under our system he is a leader and can help to keep peace in the streets. This is the new educational paradigm. Every block has a block captain to maintain peace in the streets. Our school system produces them. Our system does not give grades like A, B, C, D. It is performance based. That child may have done terrible at everything

else, but he excels at this. We teach excellence because we each have a gift that we are excellent in. We must find our Love and passion. You will do well in that thing that you love. This is what we want. This will eliminate that doctor who barely passed class from operating on a person. Only those who are excellent at what they do will excel in our system, because in our system you will compete against others who excelled in your same category. You will be the best of the best to get to and stay at the top in such system. Mediocrity will not stand. Whoever loves best leads. We are led in Love.

Our entire world is Love. You do what you love, with who you love for who you love. Even to relationships and marriage and finding love. It is all love. We don’t ask “what does it cost?” We ask “do you love?” We always ask “what do you love to do?” And always advise “Do what you love?” You will be the best at what you love. And even if not the best of the best you will always be at your best doing what you love. In the Millions More Movement a ten system nation structure was established. The New Educational Paradigm integrates that system into its classrooms. Our system is totally integrated. Students are taught gardening (agriculture),

security (defense), astronomy (education) etc. in such a way that the total integration of curriculum across the ten system structure allows identification of their gift within our Nation’s system. They will grow into their posts in the Nation and will have been actively doing so since they were a child! That is fun!! We teach self-sufficiency, which is now called sustainability. We teach how to make bricks so that we can build homes for ourselves. We teach to make generators to produce our own power electrically. We make our own vehicles. We start the children off with food science and other science projects that can be done at home. By making soaps,

lotions, deodorants, etc. the children will have hands on experience in the sciences and manufacturing. We teach them to make jobs. Our educational system is scientific. If anyone, anywhere finds a better way to do anything the entire system is immediately adapted to fit in the new and improved method. For example, we teach the Trachtenberg and Vedic Methods of Mathematics to Kindergarteners. Our Mathematics Series titled “From Zero to Calculus” represents our goal to teach 3rd and 4th graders Calculus. This can be done because our teachers think of themselves as students. As students they learn with the children and are constantly

studying themselves to improve the methods used. The more people involved in the system the faster the improvements. Sooner or later we will meet our goals. Our school is only focused on self. This means that our focus is to improve our standard of living. If we make a brick now someone will make a better brick, with better insulating value, a better earthen plaster mix, and a better mixer. We will make better cars, better generators, and better electricity. We are constantly experimenting to improve everything. This is across everything because all students K-9 are engaged in science competitions. Someone is always going

to come along and do better. And when the students do better we all do better because the improvements for our society come from the school. The factories come from the school, the jobs and the innovation. It is all mostly coming from the school, because they are taught to do for themselves to improve the standard of living for themselves, their families and their communities, then the world. All the schools in the world working to make their neighborhoods better and cross pollinating to share the best of what they have developed is going to give us heaven on earth. From a local perspective we have a neighborhood school model. The school

in that neighborhood services that neighborhood that it is in. If they have a clothing factory in that school then it produces the clothing that is worn and sets up the clothing shops for that community. They do the alterations and repairs. They run the restaurants and shops. Or at least have their own which is community supported! Actively doing community service they grow to understand their duty to their community and their community to them. They get on the job training in the trades by fixing on houses and cars in the neighborhood. These children are learning to work. The value of volunteerism to any community

is priceless. They will rebuild the wasted cities. For example, after teaching the children to make bricks the school takes students out to a development to build homes using techniques learned in school. They make the bricks and build brick homes! This is community service! The school can sell the homes for a reasonable price, but this educational system will end homelessness. Everyone will have a home. Land permitting, every student can be in a home fresh out of high school that is paid off through a system of volunteer labor through the school!! He has already volunteered and built homes as part of his education, why not throw in a few

more volunteer assignments to receive one’s own home? This is the basis of a Charity Economy. This economy uses no money. Let me explain. Start with a hydrogen economy that is running off of water. The homes and cars are fueled by water. The technology exists for this right now. Start there to get a picture of what I have in mind. Now image a household where there are two adults and four children. Father produces the money which pays all the expenses. For our purposes he is the only wage-earner. His home is our system. The children are not charged to eat the food already within the system as it has been paid for. The cost of shelter is

already covered by the Father. If those children step outside of the system there is a cost as you are in another system. But within our own system there is no cost as long as you perform your duties or chores. We all have chores. Yours may be to fix cars, or run the library, but when you go to the store just get what you want and go. There is no cost as it is already covered. Everything within our system is paid for. To help you to understand this imagine if hemp, A trillion dollar crop, was legal. Imagine it was being sold on a commodities exchange. Your house was made from the land that you own. There was never any rent or mortgage to be paid as you

built it on land you owned with volunteer labor. You did the same for them when they built their own home as they did for you. You bought the fuel cell which makes electricity from water and run your house and vehicle off of water. There are no bills. No gas to buy. You are running all electrical machines off of water (hydrogen). You work a job that you love!! You just do it to do it!! And you grow a small amount of hemp in your backyard. A central location like a bank takes your produce and credits your account with funds. This is the same account your job credits with funds. It is all debits and credits as no cash is being transferred. It is all electronic. This is the

time to ask. “Why do we need money?” It is a medium of exchange and store of value, but in a system where the value is service to humanity. The value is land and seeds. There is no need for a medium of exchange when everyone has all that they want!! I will give to you that which you need (charity) because I have plenty. We all do!! A charity economy will develop naturally at this point. To economize the resources of our system before world markets and systems providing greater utilization or economy of the natural resources we have, including our dollars. This would be done by our leadership. To pool the total dollars produced by our system from

every citizen, which we don’t need to give us greater buying power in foreign markets for goods and services that we must pay them for. They are not in our system. If done cooperatively we each could get some monetary benefit from such or just do so to enjoy the greater standard of living we want. In our system you are god and can go get any car we make off the lot for free!! We are all equal under such system as long as we serve the system. This is not communism. This is Charity! Another way to look at it is this. It all starts from the school in a neighborhood. The school serves the neighborhood and the neighborhood serves the school. We all

have an interest in our neighborhood schools. It is our investment. I’m talking money now. We, the community, own certain things cooperatively. We all are part owners in that which we own collectively. As owners or producers we can take what we need ourselves and sell the excess. Out of the food we produce we will take what we need and sell the rest on the commodities market. We take care of our community and our community takes care of us. Members within our community that serve our community can help themselves to whatever we collectively own as a community, but those outside of our community must pay. We work

collectively. You can never do badly with a community supporting you. Above we gave the broad general plan. Below we will give details to accomplish the above said. We initiate Literacy Programs in Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Prisons, schools and elsewhere. Our curriculum includes the culture. That means hip hop music. We start class with a conscious rap song that is instructive. We may start a debate on who is the best rapper and what are they talking about. The children know. A study of the lyrics will cause the children themselves to be more selective in whom they choose to listen to. This can also be done with

movies. Debate engages the study (students). Competition is often used to foster study. We use an ordinary deck of cards. Place one down on the table, say a 9 and then rapidly flip cards over, to make the children add the 9 to whatever card is turned up next. They must be fast and first to win a card. Whoever has the most cards in the end wins. It makes them add really fast. We use Trachtenberg’s method of multiplication and have speed competitions. The team with the most points wins a pizza party. We foster academic competitions to encourage learning. The class has a reading and writing component as well as a military component. We teach that drill

is the foundation of disciplinary training. We must have discipline. Again those who excel at anything are immediately chosen to lead that thing. The reading is mostly history and religion. This class is the basis for the school to be developed. The school is where manufacturing and other things can really be done as you now have more resources available. But through study groups, classes and schools and new and better world is coming in. You have to agree with us. You have to help. “Education is the Key”. This is The New Educational Paradigm.

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