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+ preposition +-ing form

(ng nh + gii + ng -ing)

m nh h


Cathy: Im thinking of going to Japan.

Travel agent: Are you interested in travelling around the country, or would you like to
stay in one place?
Cathy: I dont want to do a lot of travelling.

ng t v t nh t c th c gi i t theo a ch ng xem


I apologized for my delay.

( i xin l i v
ch m tr c a m nh.)
Lisa is keen on stamps.
(Lisa say m tem.)
i khi ch ng ta c th

dng dng -ing a gi i t .


I apologized


not cooking

her dinner.

i xin l i v vic kh ng n ba t i cho c y.)

Lisa is keen






to Florida.

(Li a th ch chp h nh.)

Im thinking

i ang nh i Florida.)
Are you interested



around the world.

Were tired



the dishes.

Ch ng ta c th dng not tr
nh no ooking.

c dng - ing ch ng hn

2. Verb + preposition + ing-fo m (ng + gii +

ng - ing)

He believes in getting plenty of exercise

( t n th nh vic t ch c c r n l yn th n th .)
Li a doe nt feel like dancing tonight.
(Li a kh ng th ch khi v m nay.)
Im looking forward to seeing you again soon.
( i ang mong m g p li em.)
Unfortunately, Terry insisted on telling us all about
United win.
Ive succeeded in getting hold of the ticket I wanted.
Ch ng ta cng d ng c tr c n y v i c c ng t a : agree
with, apologize for, concentrate on, object to, rely on,
think of.
Ch ng ta c th dng gi i t about a ask, complain,
dream, speak, talk, think, and wonder.
heyre talking abo t b ilding a new market in thi town.
ang b n v vic x y m t c i ch m i th trn n y.)
+ o j + p po i ion + ing-fo m (ng +
+ gii + ng - ing)
a m t
ng t ch ng ta c th d ng t c t
nh ike trong v d a )

ch ng hn

They accused Mike of killing 16 Afghan civilians.

( b c t i ike gi t 6 th ng d n p-ga-ni-xtan.)
Higher prices will discourage customers from buying.
( i cao ng n c n kh ch h ng m a h ng ho .)
The fire-fighters prevented/stopped the
fire (from) spreading.
The club has punished its members for fighting during a
Ch ng ta cng d ng c tr c n y v i c c
... for, congratulate ... on, thank ... for
Ch ng ta c th

dng c tr c n y

ng t

th b

a : blame

Mike is accused of not reporting his income.

( ike b b c t i v kh ng b o c o th nh p.)
The customers will be discouraged from buying.
4. Adjective + preposition + ing-fo m ( nh + gii +
ng - ing)
May people were annoyed at not being able to see
( hi ng i c m thy kh ch v kh ng th thy r .)
Im bored with reading books.
( i ch n c ch.)
Susan is excited about going to Japan.
( an phn kh i v vic i h t n.)
Im fed up with living in this awful place.
Tom is good at telling jokes.
The man was found guilty of stealing from his employers.
Im pleased about/at winning the third prize.
Ch ng ta cng d ng c tr c n y v i c c t nh t
sau: p l of fon of in
in ( m i
keen on, tired of.

li km

h n

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n d y

ng gi

Ngay tham gia

Sep 2008
i vi t
Re: Verb/adjective + preposition + -ing form

A. ng + gii + ng - ing
o n h nh on
i nh ng gii

i hoi gi
o ong

fo in lik of on

i n ng km

Ro e: Where that little C player of yo r ?

Susie: Oh, it got broken. Jack knocked it off the table. Unfortunately he ha nt
) in getting (get) it to work again.


Rose: Oh, what a pity.

ie: It wa only a cheap thing. In fact Id been thinking ) ........ . b y)
a new one. But Jack not only apologized (2) ................................... (break) it, he insisted
3) b y) me a m ch nicer one. It in the living-room.
Rose: Jack is such a gentleman.
ie: e didnt really need to b y me a new one b t I didnt feel 4)
ng ( +
nh l n
ng gii

) + gii + ng - ing
nh ng nh h ng
ng - ing nh


hn im i

li i nh

he police prevented the crime. It didnt take place.

The police prevented the crime from taking place.
1. Lisa blamed Paul. He forgot the books.
Li a
. he doctor
cceeded. hey aved the teacher life.
The doctors ............................................................
3. he c tomer complained. hey didnt receive the shirts.

4. Alice has accused Michael. She says Michael broke his promise.

5. ai i in i ting. he going to cook the dinner for aniel.

6. A new traffic cheme ha topped car . hey cant go into the city centre.

7. Everyone congratulated Peter. He won the special prize.

8. Some football fans were arrested. They attacked the referee.

C ng
o n h nh l
o ong

nh + gii + ng - ing


g i ho n

i k

i n gii

ng - ing

hank yo ) for inviting (invite) me to come and see yo next month. Im already
excited ) ee) yo again.
You must be very pleased (2)...........................................(get) the job you wanted.
Congrat lation . Per onally wo ldnt be keen 3).......................................... (travel)
thirty miles to work.
I apologize 4) not write) ooner b t a week in bed with fl ha
prevented me 5). do) anything. I havent even felt
6).. write) letter ntil today. I m t be getting better beca se
Im tarting to feel bored 7) do) nothing. Im thinking 8)
..................................... (go) back to work tomorrow.