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Chandak Ajay Girdharilal.

Mission: Energy Independence through Renewable sources.
ADDRESS: PRINCE (Promoters & Researchers In Non Conventional Energy),
Jankibai Trust, Shamgiri, Agra Road, Deopur, DHULE: 424 005.
PH/FAX: +91-2562-271795, MB: +91-9823033344,
Email: : , Web:
M.Tech. in Mechanical Engg. from I.I.T. Bombay,1986. CPI 8.71/10 : Rank 2 nd
B.E. (Mech.) from Govt. College of Engg. Pune 1984. 69%
: Distinction.
H.S.C. Pune Board.
1980 80% 1 st in Dhule District.
Date of Birth: 13th July 1963. Place: Wardha.
Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi, & Marwadi.
OCCUPATION: Working as Asst. Professor in Mechanical Engineering at SSVPS BSD
College of Engineering, Dhule: 424005
Founder & Chairperson of voluntary group PRINCE (Promoters & Researchers In Non
Conventional Energy), working in renewable energy area, under Jankibai Trust, Dhule.
Consultant: Consultation in the area of Renewable energy applications , Energy
Audits & Productivity Improvement.
Designer & Consultant: Water treatment plants; Mech. equipment & automation.
Chartered Engineer : Institute of Engineers.
Fellow: Indian Institute of Production Engineers.
Life Member : Indian Water Works Association.
Indian Society for Technical Education.
Indian Institute of Production Engineers.
Surveyor on: www.solarcooking .org
Surveyor and evaluator for: SHE (Solar Household Energy Inc).
Technical expert on advisory committee of Solar Cookers international.
1. Certified Energy Auditor by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India. Passed 1 st
examination with over 80% marks. Associated with reputed energy auditing firm
Senergy Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Involvement in few prestigious energy audits for Midas
Pharmaceuticals Aurangabad, Innova Rubber, Nashik, Indian Institute of Technology,
Powai, Jawahar Sahakari Sut Girni, Morane etc.
2. Nine patent applications filed. Seven of these are in Renewable Energy area.
3. Received prestigious Renewable Energy Award 05 for 2005, in individual/end

user category, from MEDA (Govt. of Maharashtra), on 26th July 2006.


Recipient of prestigious Engineering Achievement Award for 2005, by Institute

of Engineers, Nasik Center, for outstanding work in renewable energy.

5. Received nomination for Renewable Energy Award 2003 by Govt. of Maharashtra.

6. Recipient of energy award ( 3rd ), in project category, from Institute of Engineers, Pune, 2004.


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7. Sixteen research papers/technical articles were published/presented in different journals,

seminars & conferences. Seven of the papers were in the area of water supply and
treatment and others in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Some notable papers
were as under.
i. Presented two project based papers at an International Conference on Solar cooking
and Food processing which was held in Granada, Spain, 12th to 14th of July 2006.
Innovative balcony solar cooker.
Solar Energy for Quality improvement in food-processing industry.

Presented two project-based papers as under

International Congress on
Renewable Energy 2005 at, Hotel Le Meredian, Pune.
a. Application of Solar Concentrators for Treatment of Biomedical Waste
b. Innovative Solar Concentrator For Industrial Heating Applications.


8. Conducted few workshops for entrepreneurship in renewable energy. Few notable

workshops are:
a. Two day workshop on Manufacturing Small wind Generators on 1 st and 2nd April
2006, organized by MITCON in Pune.
b. A 3 day workshop on Manufacturing Parabolic solar cookers and introduction to
Renewable Energy Technologies from 29 th to 31st January 2006, for
professionals in the field. 20 participants from all over India (8 states) participated
in the workshop. Almost eight companies are now manufacturing these gadgets.
c. Conducted a 3 day national workshop on Manufacturing Small Wind Generators
and Renewable Energy Technologies from 13 th to 15th August 2005, for
professionals in the field
d. Chief coordinator for an eleven-day workshop for manufacturing small wind
generators and renewable energy technologies, in association with Colorado
University USA and other NGOs working in rural and tribal development. (4 th to
14th April 2005). This project was well appreciated at national level. Indian
Express covered a half page article on this project on 5 th June 2005 and Marathi
Vidnyan Parishad covered the workshop as a cover story in their science
magazine Patrika, June 2005 issue.
e. Principal Organiser for one day workshop on Energy conservation in Industries
and Energy Audits in association with MEDA (17th Dec. 2005).
9. Recipient of awards of Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 3100/- for technical papers at national level by
Indo-German energy programme, for topics related to energy conservation and
10. Developed few renewable energy products, which have been recognized at different
levels. 2.3 m dia. community cooker is adopted by tribal ministry for mid-day meal
scheme (60 installation made) and low cost solar vegetable dryer have been adopted by
Deptt. Of agriculture and few installations have already been made.
11. Availed training for Scheffler Solar Concentrators for 8 days from Wolfgang Scheffler,
the German inventor, who holds accreditation for worlds largest solar cooking system.
12. Chief faculty for many training programmes and workshops conducted by different
engineering Institutions through ISTE, Board of technical examination and Universities.

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13. A TV show/Interview was broadcasted in two episodes in programme Samvad by ETv

Marathi on 13th and 14th October 2005 on Energy alternatives. Project work based on
new solar concentrator was broadcasted on national DD channel in a programme by
PCRA (Petroleum conservation research association). Few interviews were also

broadcasted on radio for promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy

14. Have been working as a chief faculty for last three years for Akshay Urja Divas
programmes being conducted on 20th August every year. Conducted few awareness
programmes and presentations for govt. officers and schools students.
15. Founder and chairperson of voluntary group PRINCE (Promoters & Researchers In Non
Conventional Energy). Many institutes and organizations now recognize activities of the
Run a website for educating people in renewable energy. This is one
of very popular renewable energy website in India.
Few ongoing projects are with AID (Association for Indias Development) an NRI group,
CU Denver PLACES of Colorado University USA and others.
Solar Cookers International, ITDG, Solar Household Energy etc. are other associated
international organizations.
Conducted few training programmes at different Institutes on topics like
Entrepreneurship opportunities in Renewable Energy, Be a Solar Entrepreneur, Why
solar food?, Energy efficient buildings etc.
Rendered services as faculty for training courses of MITCON on Entrepreneurship
Opportunities in renewable energy.
Through promotional programmes in solar cooking, Dhule district holds accreditation of
having installed maximum number of parabolic cookers in Maharashtra and probably in
India, for last 2 years.
Free training is imparted to interested candidates from charitable organisations in
manufacturing of solar cookers, solar vegetable dryers and other solar thermal gadgets.
16. Developed an energy park at personal farm, Chandak Farm, which comprises of energy
efficient house, rain water harvesting, solar box cooker, solar domestic parabolic cooker,
solar community dish concentrator, two Scheffler solar concentrators, two concrete dome
type biogas plants, two solar vegetable dryers, Industrial solar heater, LED torches etc.
Personally practicing renewable energy applications at home with solar water heaters,
cookers, biogas plants, energy efficient lighting etc. (We have given up LPG from last 6
17. Competent to design solar thermal applications for variety of applications. Few designs of
community solar cookers, solar concentrators, vegetable dryers etc. are already in the
market. 2.3 m dia. community parabolic cookers are now accepted by MEDA, GOM.
Tribal ministry in Maharashtra has procured 60 such systems for mid-day meal scheme.
18. Working as a member in R & D committee for MEDA.
19. Expert-evaluator for reputed govt. and other organisations like TePP (Deptt. of science
and technology, GOI), National Innovative Foundation etc.
20. Conducted Energy Audits for industries and institutions.
21. Associated with Bilgaon microhydro project. The project caught attention of Indians after
a film Swadesh is released, based on this theme.


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22. Working as a consultant in Water Supply and Treatment. One patent for Innovative float
valve for water supply application is commercially exploited and the product is available
in the market.
23. Visiting faculty at National Research Training Institute, Nashik for training in Water and
Energy Audits, Design, installation & maintenance of Mechanical Equipments for water
treatment plants and Automation in water treatment plants.

24. Working as technical member on Water & Energy Audit committee and with Plastic
nuisance squad of Dhule Corporation.
25. Recipient of best technical paper award by Indian Water Works Association in 1998.
26. Associated with many organizations, working in promotion of science and environment
like YHAI, Marathi Vigyan Parishad, Aandhashradha Nirmulan Samiti, Narmada
Navnirman Samiti etc. Chairman of Youth Hostels Association of Indias Dhule unit.
Computer : Can work well with office automation modules of MS Office (Word, Excel, Power
Point, M.S. Project), Working knowledge of drafting software, Autocad, Expertise in
accounting software Tally, Conversant with capabilities of major software.
Personal Strengths:

Scientific holistic approach.

Good at finance and economics.
Professional approach.
Good presentation skills.
Possess excellent multidisciplinary engineering skills.

Expected professional responsibilities: Professional responsibilities I enjoy most are:

a. Consultation in the area of Renewable Energy Applications. I can provide
comprehensive solutions in all renewable energy technologies like Solar
Thermal, Solar PV, Biogas, Biomass, Microhydro, Wind etc.
b. Conducting Energy Audits and energy efficiency assignments for
c. Training in Energy Conservation and Efficiency and Application of
renewable energy, for Industries. Designing training modules.
d. Consultation for Energy Efficient Housing.
e. Development projects in Renewable Energy area.
f. Energy Park projects for educational institutes and NGOs.
Hobbies : Trekking, nature camps, sports. Won many prizes at Chess tournaments. Played and
won many prizes for school and college in Chess & Cricket. Play badminton.

Place: Dhule
Date: 25 Oct. 2006

(Ajay G. Chandak)