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Shelbie Zukoski

23 November 2014
Lesson Analysis and Reflection
For my second videotaped lesson and reflection I conducted an introduction
reading lesson. This lesson was for their new story, Mighty Jackie. It was the first day of
their new story, so the lesson focus was on vocabulary. In this lesson there were two
learning goals: students will be able to complete a vocabulary test and students will
understand the definition of their 7 new vocabulary words and they will be able to use
them in a sentence. After watching the video and reviewing the in class work I believe
that the students met the learning goals. For the first learning goal I provided students
with a pre-test for their new vocabulary words. I made it clear to students that this would
not count as I test I was just gathering information. I created the pre-test. It consisted of
two columns, column A had the words and column B had the definitions and students had
to match them. The second learning goal was accomplished when the class discussion on
the new vocabulary words was held. During this discussion students were given a chance
to say what they thought the words meant and they were then given the correct meaning.
After they learned the meaning of the words they were given a chance to create various
sentences using the new words.
Over the last two visits with my supervisor there were two things that he
mentioned. I took his feedback and I decided to use it in my future lessons, this one
included. The first thing he suggested was that I write the objectives on the board before
the lesson. This is something I have been doing. I will write the objectives on the board
and I then begin the lesson by explaining the objectives for that lesson. I believe that the

students have been doing much better now that they see and hear the objectives. Thanks
to this understand exactly what will be expected of them in that lesson. Within my video I
will refer to the writing on the board and I will go over the objectives at the beginning of
class. The second thing he suggested was that I incorporate more assessments, so I can
have more data on the students. For this lesson I decided that a pre-test was a perfect
assessment. This pre-test allowed me to see what students already know, so I would know
what areas I would need to work on further over the next few lessons.
While I was writing and teaching this lesson I was thinking about Danielsons
Framework. I wanted to make sure that I was reaching each domain. Domain 1 involves
planning and preparation and I believe there are a few ways that I reached this domain.
First off I showed that I am able to set instructional outcomes and write a coherent lesson.
I showed this when I wrote the objectives on the board. I also showed this when I wrote a
lesson that was aligned with the standards for 4th grade and followed a sequence that
involved coherence.
The second domain involves the classroom environment. I also reached this
domain in a few different ways. From day one of school I was sure to create an
environment of respect and rapport. I believe this is evident in my video. I had positive
interactions with my students and my students had positive interactions with each other.
Also in the video it was evident that I have worked on establishing a culture for learning.
My students were engaged throughout the lesson and actively participating. The use of
the Popsicle sticks helps to keep students engaged because they can be chosen at any
time. I also felt the head up strategy that I used kept the students engaged. I also believe I
showed my management of classroom procedures when my students and I effectively

used our classroom time. After my lesson my cooperating teacher went around and spoke
with a few students and asked them to say a few words about me. I did not know she was
doing this because I was working with students who needed clarification on the
vocabulary words. Their comments really moved me and it has made it even harder think
about the fact that I will be leaving them in 3 short weeks but I also believe these
comments show my ability to meet Domain 2.
Domain 3 of Danielsons framework involves instructional delivery. First off I
showed that I communicate with my students. I showed this when I clearly explained to
the students the purpose of the days lesson and the assignments that would be
completed. I engaged my students in learning by giving them the chance to discuss the
meaning of their new vocabulary words and to use them in a sentence. I also provided
them with in-class activities that allowed them to work together (A/O/B books) and on
their own (Vocabulary pre-test). I used assessment in class when I provided my students
with a pre-test to complete.
The last domain involves professional responsibilities. I believe I have
accomplished this domain but it may not always be evident within the actual lesson. I do
keep an accurate record of grades. I have a grade book that I write grades in as well as a
website that parents can visit to check grades and I also keep all student tests on file. This
past week I had the opportunity to meet a good amount of the students parents at the end
of the quarter parent teacher conferences. I felt that this was a great opportunity to
practice my communication skills with parents. It was wonderful to get to meet some of
the parents and to work with my cooperating teacher to provide feedback on the students
and their performance in the classroom. Lastly I believe I show professionalism

everyday. I am always on time, I dress appropriately and I am positive and helpful to my

When I think about my future classroom and my personal goals so many things
come to mind. One personal goal that I have for the future is to learn. By this I mean that
I plan on learning from my experience and time in the classroom. Through the classroom
I plan to continue to learn how to communicate effectively with students, parents, and
colleagues. I also plan to continue to learn how to teach efficiently. I believe as educators
our learning never ends. I also plan on learning from my students. I know that some of
the things they will say will enlighten me in ways I never expected. A second goal I have
is to create change. I truly want to make a difference in my students lives. I want to
change the lives of my students and the way they see education. The third goal I have is
to integrate more technology into the classroom. Technology can be used for a variety of
things from monitoring student progress to using interactive computer programs to teach
skills. Both my students and I can learn from using technology in the classroom.