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Niche Analytics Companies

An insider view

What projects do niche companies work on? A typical

day in the life of a data scientist. Insights from the founders and much more

An exclusive report by Jigsaw Academy

A note from the CEO, Jigsaw Academy
It is with great pleasure and excitement that we at Jigsaw academy present our report on niche
analytics companies in India. There are many enterprising and successful companies out there who
are making great strides in the analytics arena. Their work is inspiring and we at Jigsaw, are proud to
be associated with a number of these start-ups who are doing cutting-edge work for businesses
around the globe. Often the smaller companies are doing more path-breaking work and offer better
career opportunities for those looking to start off in analytics. However analytics aspirants often
struggle to find out about smaller companies. This report is an attempt to make people aware of the
type of work niche analytics companies do and the kind of interesting career options they offer.
We thank the founders and staff of Gramener and Marketelligent for their time and support in
helping us compile this report.

Purpose of this report
With data analytics booming world over, India too has become a major player in the
analytics industry. Niche analytics companies are mushrooming in India and are fast attracting
some of the best analytics talent there is. With a view to getting a closer look at just how some
of these successful companies function we wanted to go in depth and personal with them,
hoping that by reading about the exciting and challenging work environment they offer, many of
you will be inspired to gain some analytic skills and become a part of the analytics boom.

What are Niche Analytic Companies?
This category comprises of companies (mostly small and mid-size) that focus on providing
analytics expertise to businesses around the world. Growth opportunities are abundant in such
According to a report by Jigsaw academy, niche analytics companies offer salaries that average
at 4.5 lakhs at entry level and go up to 16 lakhs for director level (10+ years of experience). They
provide a varied and challenging work environment, with the quality of work done in most of
the niche analytics companies being of a very high standard.


Niche Analytics Companies

A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg01

Companies in focus Gramener / Marketelligent .

Bangalore (R&D)  Major bank in India Comibitore (OPs) Branch Performance Analysis Gramener Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg03 . Simply put. Text Analytics. Marketing & Customer Service  Suguna Foods No. TVS. based on Gramener in a nutshell cognitive research. Suguna Foods TVS & Sons Service Analytics and Visualization Offices in Hyderabad (HQ). Text Analytics and Naveen Gattu Predictive Analytics. so that business problem & solutions are visually obvious. Sales & Marketing Clients 25+ customers across 8 vertical  Fortune 10 Customer Clinical Trail Analytics and Visualization  Among them: Airtel. Gramener founded in 2010 is one of those highly Founded successful niche analytics companies in India that is 2010 taking data analytics to a whole new level. of Employees 70+ Production Planning Analytics. Data Analytics. Data Analytics. They find insights quickly. Anand S Primary Focus of Work Examples of projects Data Visualization. analyze them using non traditional analytics and visualize it in real time. they take large data sets. Founders Their primary focus of work lies in Data J Ramachandran Visualization.A Data Visualizations & Analytics Company Gramener transforms data into concise dashboards. Axis Bank. Operational Efficiencies. and their visualization guide actionable decisions. Predictive Analytics  Large Telecome Operator Visualization for Sales. P&G.

Guided by innate professional ethics they are mentors and role models for all aspiring data scientists. Ram led thought and implementations for Fortune 50 customers. in adoption and implementation of technology. NIT and IIM. Boston Consulting. They are all leaders with a business management track record in high-tech Fortune 50 pedigree companies like IBM. J Ramachandran. Ram was also the CEO of a 200 Million Dollar IT Services Company. Naveen Gattu and Anand S who are alumni from IIT. CEO & Co-Founder Ram holds a Master's Degree in Technology from IIT Kanpur and is an industry veteran with over 20 years of Technology Services experience. At IBM Global Services USA. some of the top institutions in the country. He now guides Gramener with the purpose of providing consistent and impacting contributions to the human fraternity through technology led ethical enterprises.About the founders Gramener was founded by industry veterans J Ramachandran. Gramener Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg04 . Delloitte and Accenture.

etc. Honda. IBM. Anand also blogs at s-anand. COO & Co-Founder Naveen is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the Tech consulting and outsourcing arena. RBS. adding great value to Sales. Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder Anand has advised and designed IT systems for organizations such as the Citigroup. ( a really cool site that will inform and educate you as much as it will make you smile). Alliance Management. He has been responsible for delivering a number of complex technology led business transformation programs for Financial Services. Lehman Brothers. He brings this vast experience to Gramener. SAP. North America for a decade and held various strategic roles for Tier 2 Indian IT firms.About the founders Naveen Gattu. Anand S. The Boston Consulting Group and Infosys Consulting. He has a Bachelors degree in electronics and telecommunication and has done leadership courses related to Strategic Account Management and Global Management of teams. He was with IBM. Program Management and Global Delivery. Gramener Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg05 . Oracle.Tech from IIT Madras. Tesco. He has an MBA from IIM Bangalore and a B. He has worked at IBM.

Technology & Design and is a team skill rather than an Individual skill. Gramener is also focusing on building products which can perform analysis automatically and aid analysts to the extent that they can dedicate more time towards effective business analytics. but always had one thought at the back of their minds. Deciding to do just this they got together in 2010 and laid the foundation for Gramener. The end result helps enterprises effectively consume data through visualizations which help align mental models amongst all the stakeholders. They wanted to create a niche for themselves and hence decided that this is what they would do. The road ahead While improving their Visualization platform. Also remember that today Data Science is a combination of Statistics. They were very successful in their corporate jobs. and requires no manual effort. The analysis identifies hidden correlations and predicts trends for the future. Thus Gramener was born. statistics and programming. The visuals are based on cognitive research and presented in a visually appealing and actionable way. Hence the key to success is being able to measure the value you are adding to the business.How it all began? All the founders of Gramener are first generation entrepreneurs who began their careers in IBM. “Can't we work for ourselves and have FUN while at it”. they must all be driven in that direction. This must be tangible and whether it is the analytic tools you use or the analytics insights you garner. make “Data Consumption” easy and joyful. Gramener Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg06 . As an analyst you need to have a flare for programming. The entire process of visualizations is automated. The technology is based on a combination of design. Considering their consulting experience they decided to get into business analytics. The product can connect to heterogeneous data sources. Advice for future analysts Business Analytics is now functional driven. They found that there were many people doing great analytics but there was no effective way yet of data consumption. Recent innovation in the company The Gramener Visualization Server is a revolutionary business intelligence product that transforms large-scale data into visualizations in real-time without human intervention.

understanding. lack of skills in the end user community to seek out relevant data at the speed at which business demands. BI projects which are still IT led. correlation and coherent business actions in enterprises has still not risen to a point where all parts of a business act cohesively. but which are also meaningful to functions and businesses. based on what the data reveals. The very fact that human cognizance is enabled through simple visualizations helps to have all stakeholders arrive at mental models that are similar and eliminates the complexity in consuming data that is most relevant to them.e the discovery. Diverse understanding of the same data by various functions. i. Gramener creates visualizations which are not only simple. led by a common understanding of the data by all. powerful. The main reason for this is a lack of simple tools to represent data in a manner in which all “ stakeholders will understand coherently and consistently. This aids in acting fast and in unison. appropriate and relevant to data sets.A note from Naveen Gattu How do we add value to our clients? Meaningful consumption of data. Gramener Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg07 . have all led enterprises to be sub-optimal in usage and application of data.

Flare for statistics and analysis. skill level & as they are expanding into aptitude North America Gramener Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg08 .How Gramener Hires? Hiring Process Online Test Interviews Requirements for Ideal Candidate Good Programming Skills. Jigsaw Academy 15+ Salary 2014 Analytics talent hired by Industry Standard salary range which Company plans for expansion company in 2013 varies with experience. Team Player Sources Talents From Website & Employee referrals. Focus a lot on speaking at various events as that's a good source to find great talent.

is what is exciting.An Interview with Kathirmani Sukumar Data Scientist. Gramener “Getting a story out of my analysis and presenting it using appropriate visuals.“ . so that the customer will be able to consume their data.

I joined IIT Madras as project associate and worked there for three years. Prof. which very well matched with my skills. What got you interested in analytics? The article "For Today’s Graduate.Tell us a little about yourself. Gramener Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg10 . The analysis is further automated to present meaningful visualizations. With the decent score that I was able to achieve in my +2. Tangirala advised me to approach Anand (Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Gramener). I joined Rajalakshmi Engineering College. Arun K. My research outcome was published in NDT & E. Considering the exposure that I could get and the technologies that I could learn. Tangirala . Anand interviewed and tested me with a task and finally it was in May 2012 that I joined Gramener as an intern.C. my college Professor / 2009 / 08 / 06 / technology / 06stats.. Part of the job profile also includes designing of new visualizations which adds a unique dimension to my profile. When did you join Gramener? During the end of my project at IIT Madras.Associate Professor at IIT Madras in a research project sponsored by Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC). Just One Word: Statistics" from The New York Times ( http:// www. and began my journey as a Data Scientist. What is your job profile? My job profile at Gramener includes transformation of big data to functional data and analysis of data.html?_r=0 ) is what basically motivated me to pursue my career as a data scientist. one to join as a software engineer in a reputed IT company and another one to work under Dr. Analysis typically involves summarizing and classifying the data using techniques like Decision trees. When I finished my bachelors I had two offers. an international journal. My school life went in chasing the high scores which my sisters achieved in their schooling and that set a standard for me. your academic background? I was born and brought up in Chennai. At IIT Madras I attended courses on 'time series analysis and statistics' which laid the foundation in analytics for me. Chennai and pursued my electrical engineering. Looking at my interests. Principal component analysis etc.Kamala Kannan motivated me to work on few research projects which later helped me a lot in my professional career.nytimes. This particular position demanded a blending of programming and statistical background.

This has been the challenging part of my job. classifications. so that the customer will be able to consume their data.What is your potential career path? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? After 5 years I see myself interacting with many CEOs predicting their company’s future stock market or pointing out where they should concentrate next. I understand the nature of the data. Excel and R. Automating: Interesting part in a day is when I spend time automating all my analysis and visuals using our product and deploy it in the client's machine. Gramex (our own visualization product). I am not a domain expert. is what is exciting and also a tough job to do. Being incharge of the journey of raw data to the end product is a fascinating experience Most exciting thing about your job? Getting a story out of my analysis and presenting it using appropriate visuals. causal analysis. Usually we get sample datasets from the customer and with the help of the concerned domain experts from the customer side. educating the customer about my analysis and usage of our visualizations. Toughest part of the work is creating a visual which conveys the insights effectively. Then using tools like Python. Analysis usually will be a mix of descriptive statistics. but still I have to understand the business nature in a short period and think from the customer's perspective which is challenging and exciting at the same time. I am often seen at the customer premises. Gramener Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg11 . I analyze the data and derive insights. because generally the target audience is top level management and I have been successful in convincing them which is usually difficult. Take us through a typical day in your life? Analyzing data: This is typically done during the initial stage of a project. Working with a team lead by Anand and Ganes Kesari (VP Products and delivery) is most satisfying and a great learning experience. Interacting with the customer: After analysis and deriving insights.

Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg12 . My advice would be to work under a mentor on real time projects before diving into the job. What are your predictions for analytics in India? The whole world knows that Indians are experts in Mathematics. Any advice for others interested in becoming data scientists? A strong foundation in mathematics and statistics is very essential. I am also interested in projects where I can analyse the company's product performance from their customer reviews using text analytics.Which kind of projects do you like working on most? I like to work on media projects where I can take up some public data and tell a story from it. which is a primary and important skill for any statistician. In the future I would like to use my knowledge in machine learning algorithms. “ Gramener With 100% confidence I can say that India will become a hub for analytics.

maintain and update their India: Bangalore and New Delhi delinquency scorecards Marketelligent USA: New Jersey and New York Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg13 . of Employees new subscriber sign-ups 75+ Alcobev Manufacturer Sales reporting and marketing insights  Helping businesses win by making Leading Publisher Clients Across US. Dell. Among them targeted cross-sell and up-sell United Breweries. Times of Money Leading bank Offices in Help validate. Marketelligent founded in 2007 has made its mark Founded in the analytics arena as a niche company that helps 2007 client's unlock the power of their information. Middle East and South-east Asia including several Helped deepen customer engagement via Fortune 100 companies. India.Analytics with Business Sense Marketelligent believes that the power of Analytics cannot be unlocked unless it is developed with a clear understanding of its business impact. offering them a host of Founders services from data integration and standardization Roy Cherian to sophisticated analytic models for predictive Anunay Gupta modeling and forecasting. Primary Focus of Work Examples of projects    the most of their information E Commerce Co. They use Marketelligent in a nutshell analytics to provide analytical insights and intelligent marketing solutions that enable smarter decisions. Optimally allocate its digital spends to maximize No. They customize their services depending on the needs of their client's business.

He drives the technical rigour into all the analytics we do at Marketelligent. who founded Marketelligent. Trivandrum. some of which have been recognized globally at Nestle. advertising and media in organisations like Nestle. Anunay holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business. His one point agenda at Marketelligent is to drive business sense into analytics. and headed the off-shore Advanced Analytical Solutions for the US Cards portfolio of Citigroup. Graduates of renowned institutions like IIT. Marketelligent Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg14 . a BTech from IIT Delhi and a PhD from Penn State. Anunay Gupta Anunay has over 18 years of industry experience. IIM and NYU Stern these analytics enthusiasts have brought their combined experience in multinationals across continents and across industries to the analytics arena. Roy Cherian Roy has over 22 years of rich experience in marketing. He was a core member of the Risk Management team of American Express based in New York City. with a significant portion focused on Analytics in Consumer Finance. Roy holds an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and a BTech from College of Engineering. He is known for his passion for innovation.About the founders Roy Cherian and Anunay Gupta are two respected and highly experienced professionals and innovators. United Breweries. and FCB.

Roy and Anunay felt that the time was ripe to help businesses start leveraging these assets to improve business performance. However. be very hands-on and understand the business that they are working with. One such tool has been Mosaic. Advice for future analysts Analytics will continue to gain importance over the next 10 years or so. the satisfaction of doing it on their own was what spurred them to start Marketelligent.. Analysts should spend at least two years learning the fundamentals of analytics. Also. they are seeking to excel in this area. they also realize the importance of technology and see themselves building a capability around this in the near future. Over the past 15-20 years. there was a strong desire to create something tangible from scratch – that was of value to customers. Marketelligent Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg15 . The opportunity is large and given that they are in the infancy of the data revolution. and though the industry is in its nascent stages Marketelligent forsees a great future ahead. billions have been spent in putting together technical infrastructure to capture and store various types and forms of data.something that every entrepreneur desires of achieving. It links statistics with graphics. Though they could have done this in their corporate careers. an interactive online dashboard which facilitates strategic decisions through data visualization. Businesses will continue to invest in data assets and data discovery. associates and society at large…. The road ahead Marketelligent envisions being in the analytics services area for many years to come. It is capable of supplying real-time insights to help business decisionmakers arrive quickly at complex decisions and optimizations. Some of them have been instrumental in helping open doors to new businesses also. making information accessible in ways a spread sheet never could.How it all began? Essentially they saw the opportunity to help companies monetize their Technology investments. Recent innovation in the company Marketelligent has built a few cool tools and products that have delighted both themselves and their clients.

business analysis and predictive analytics. We help clients in 3 key areas – strategic reporting and visualization. We work with clients across the globe and across functions and industries. However. Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg16 . especially given the power of big data and machine learning. “ Marketelligent We use analytics essentially to solve business problems. we are truly a global firm. we see opportunities in expanding into the technology area. From that perspective. We are today essentially a services/consulting firm.A note from Annunay Gupta What analytics means to us? We use analytics essentially to solve business problems.

Jigsaw Academy 30+ Salary 2014 Analytics talent hired by Industry Standard / Company plans for expansion company in 2013 Depends on person and the value in 2014 they bring Marketelligent Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg17 . Sources Talents From Primarily through referrals from current and past associates. Campus placements. Agencies.How Marketelligent Hires? Hiring Process Interviews Stringent hiring process. Direct applications. typically only 1 in 50 gets an offer Requirements for Ideal Candidate Good grasp of technical fundamentals. Relates to the business problem being solved from a technical perspective. Who can communicate clearly and cut through the haze.

An Interview with Eliza Matthen Data analyst.” . Marketelligent “Analysis is very important for any business today and in the future we will see more companies demanding information in real time.

I also interact with clients. I joined St. I also like playing badminton . your academic background? I did my schooling from The Lawrence School. The data is then represented in a dashboard format. processing/cleaning. What is your potential career path? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I would like to gain few year’s experience and then do my Masters in Business Analytics. and what is your job profile? I joined in June.Xaviers. Statistics and Economics. OOTY.Xaviers for placement and spoke about their work which I found very exciting and I thought it is the right platform where I could put to good use my subject knowledge and skills. Mathematics being my favorite subject I took a combination of Mathematics. I hope to make a career in this field and excel in what I do 5 years from now . Lovedale. Mumbai for BSc. For 12th I took Science with Biology. I am a Business Analyst and I handle the data download. 2012. What got you interested in analytics? An analytic company came to St. listening to music and watching movies etc. I found statistics interesting and I finally did BSc Statistics with Computer Applications.Tell us a little about yourself. Marketelligent Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg19 . After finishing my degree in 2012 I joined Marketelligent as an intern for 6 months after which I am continuing as a consultant. When did you join Marketelligent. I analyze the data and come up with actionable insights.

It all really depends on our client needs. This normally ends around 6. Do expect yourself to stretch more than the usual working hours as you might be working with overseas clients. On a normal day I come to office around 10am. I download the required data and process the data in the required format for which I use SAS or SQL. SQL and Excel would help you a lot to catch up in the field.30 pm. as well as identifying further opportunities. Most exciting thing about your job. There are also training/knowledge transfer that happens simultaneously with our usual work. Some days it might go on a little longer as we have calls with our US based clients. I am exposed to a lot of modelling techniques. Any advice for others interested in becoming data scientists? Having basic knowledge about SAS. Then I create reports using Xcelsius or PowerPoint to make it visually appealing and also provide insights/summary on the reports. Marketelligent Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg20 . We also have team meeting on some days where each team gives updates about their projects. and the most exciting thing is to be able to implement all that into my work. monitoring and conducting their business. What are your predictions for analytics in India? Analysis is very important in for any business today and in the future we will see more companies demanding information in real time. Which kind of projects do you like working on most? I like being part of projects that involve forecasting / predicting and also working on-site. variety of analytical tools. This will give them an edge and help in improving.Take us through a typical day in your life. www.analyticstraining.About Jigsaw Academy “ Jigsaw academy is the brainchild of Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti who together have over 20 years of experience in the analytics info@jigsawacademy.jigsawacademy. Jigsaw Academy provides training to professionals and students on the latest tools and techniques in the field of www. Students can opt for live (virtual) classroom training or self-paced video based courses. Realizing the great potential of analytics and the boom that is still in a nascent stage. www. they founded Jigsaw Academy with the aim of playing a crucial role in the identifying and nurturing of analytic talent in India and abroad. 90080 17000 About Jigsaw Academy Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg21 .com +91 98805 44099. Their unique online platform provides the best learning experience through a combination of virtual classroom and labs. The trainers are industry experts who have applied analytics to solve a variety of business problems in diverse domains and who bring a wealth of practical experience into the classroom.

hansacequity. financial.htm  Dunhumby (retail analytics) –  Global Analytics (credit risk. customer.gramener.aspx?cont_id=eLxpcOMCwVY=  Affine Analytics (marketing analytics) –  Fractal Analytics (customer  Kiesquare Analytics (marketing.datamatics. please do let us know.Niche Analytic Companies in India We have compiled the following list of niche analytics companies in India based on internet research and interviews with industry  Hansa Cequity (data management.List of analytic companies in India Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg22 .com/analytics.decisioncraft.evalueserve. CRM analytics) . talent analytics) .com  EXL Services (acquired Inductis) (general – focuses on broad areas) –  Inductis (operations.www. life sciences analytics) – www. data analysis) Annexure  Gramener (visualization. customer analytics .  AbsolutData (consumer behaviour analytics) – www.php  Cytel (clinical & pharma Analytics) –  Decidyn(  Capillary Technologies (retail analytics) –  ICRA Technology Services (general – serves broad areas) – www.cytel.  Manhattan Systems (retail analytics) .com  Dexterity ( lending) risk analytics) . operations) – www.php  DecisionCraft(revenue management)  Ipsos (marketing analytics) –  Cross Tab Analyticshttp (survey  EVALUESERVE (financial.  Bridge i2i Analytics (behavioural modeling & resource planning) –  Activecubes (sales.www. marketing analytics)  Indix (product intelligence)  Latentview Analytics (marketing.php  Aegis Global (general – focuses on broad areas) –  Datamatics (financial. If we have missed any. insurance) – www.dunnhumby. so we can update the list in future.dexterity. supply chain.htm  Denuosource (big data management. risk analytics) .fractalanalytics.www.php  iCreate (banking analytics) – www.latentview.datamonitor.shtml  Data Monitor (general – serves broad areas) – www.kiesquare.icteas.html  inTouch analytics ( data mining. operations) – www.affineanalytics. risk and fraud analytics) . advanced analytics) .in/ big data) .

healthcare) .com  WNS Analytics (acquired Marketics) (  SmartAnalyst (life  NettPositive Analytics (  Market Equations (Finance.smartanalyst.nabler. healthcare analytics) .  Modelytics (  Vehere Interactive (telecom. retail. retail banking) – www.whitecapers.wns.transunion. Telecom Analytics) – financial) –  Neural Techsoft (financial & risk analytics) –  SilverPush (advertising and mobile analytics) .Niche Analytic Companies in India  Marketelligent (  TNS Global (marketing analytics) .  Opera Solutions (general – serves broad areas) – www.  White Capers (risk and fraud)  Meritus (marketing.aspx  GMID Associates (finance. marketing) .  Nabler (online retail analytics) –  Mu-Sigma (BFSI. consumer behaviour analytics) – Annexure . customer analytics) –  Transunion (financial.List of analytic companies in India Niche Analytics Companies A report by Jigsaw Academy | pg23 . credit risk analytics) – www. healthcare analytics) . lending. marketing) .