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, Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Controlling My Tongue
by Clydene Overbey
Our Sunday school lesson one Sunday was about
maintaining control over
your tongue. Well, I think I
would need to sew my lips
closed to accomplish that
and still my stupid tongue
would find a way to loose
itself. I try very hard to keep
my tongue from overruling
my brain, but the darn thing
just keeps flapping and rolling stupidness out. My
mouth opens and I never
know what’s gonna fly out.
Someone gave me a gift
once. Now I swear I thought
it was a prank gift. You know
a white elephant gift? I burst
out laughing and said, “Oh
this is sooo, stupid.” The
hurt look on her face should
have jolted me back to reality, but nope, not me. I just
kept on making comments
and having fun. Heck, I
thought that was what was
expected of me. Hey, this is
a joke, right? Well, duh, no it
was not a joke. I started
spluttering and backtracking
trying to cover up my stupidness. Every word that
spouted outta my mouth
just rammed both my feet
deeper down my throat.
One day a friend had
gotten a new dress. I didn’t
particularly like the dress
but, of course, I wouldn’t
have said so. When we got
where we were going there
were other ladies all around
us. I looked down and saw
what I thought was her slip
showing and very politely
pointed it out to her. She informed me that was part of
the dress and was not her
slip. My mouth went in to
high gear then and I said,
“Oh my goodness, are you
sure? I’ve ne’er seen such a
thing. Something is wrong
with that dress.” We were
both embarrassed and she
was miffed. Good grief, me
and my big mouth.
That comment, “sticks
and stones can break my
bones, but words can never
hurt me,” is a stack of nonsense. I’ve had sticks, and
fists, but some of the words
have hurt so much worse.
I don’t know why I have
so much trouble controlling
my tongue. Just shut your
mouth for goodness sake,
why is that so difficult for
me? With both feet crammed
down my throat all the time
it’s a wonder I can even talk
at all.
When I look back on

some of the stupid things
I’ve said and done I get so
embarrassed I could just
crawl in a hole.
“Words can be medicines; they can also be poisons. Words can heal; they
can also kill... It all depends
on how I use them. I’ve been
biting my tongue a lot lately.
I’m learning slowly but
surely that sometimes my
opinion is best kept to myself. One of the hardest
things I am learning is to just
keep my mouth shut because
my tongue is very sore from
biting it.
James 3:6 And the
tongue is a fire, a world of
iniquity: so is the tongue
among our members, that it
defileth the whole body, and
setteth on fire the course of
nature; and it is set on fire
of hell.

Denning News
By Crickett Pullen

REX KYLE (R) of the Downtown Little Rock Rotary
Club exchanges club banners with Altus Sunset Rotary president Elmer Price following his recent talk to
the Altus club on varied life experiences, including
threats on his life made during his 34 years of handling
large trusts. President of the Trust & Wealth Management Division of Bank of the Ozarks in Little Rock since
2004, Kyle received BS, MS and MBA degrees from
Texas A&M and his juris doctorate from the University
of Texas. He was introduced by Rotarian Carla Price.

O.E.S. Notepad

P.E.A.C.E. News
The next P.E.A.C.E. meeting will be held Dec. 8 at 6
p.m. at the new meeting
place in First United Methodist Church basement at
503 W. Commercial in Ozark.
Meetings are scheduled
every other month on the
third Monday at 6 p.m. We
welcome new members and
We would like to thank
Davis Iron and Metal for
paying double price and
providing a truck to collect
aluminum cans during the
car show in September.
This fund-raiser brought
in $409.20. Thank you to Gail
and Bobby Franklin for their
check donation. We would
also like to thank Kevin and
Pam Doyle for everything
they did for P.E.A.C.E. since
its start three years ago. We
wish them well in their new
home. They will be greatly
We are very thankful to
the members and the community for their support.
P.E.A.C.E. could not continue without each of you.
During the month of October, 31 dogs and cats were
spayed or neutered by Dr.
David Holt. In November a
clinic was held by Dr. Terry
Moon with a total of 30 dogs
and cats being spayed or
neutered. We are thankful to
Dr. Holt and Dr. Moon for
their continued support.
The P.E.A.C.E. trailer for
aluminum can collections
will remain behind Rivertowne BBQ, thanks to the
kindness of the new owners.
Your continued support

of P.E.A.C.E. with your can
donations is needed as a
large part of the money
raised funds the spay and
neuter clinics.
Donation cans are located at Moon Vet Clinic,
Ozark Animal Hospital, Pig
Trail Liquor, Ozark Water
Dept, Jaybird Pottery,
Speakeasy, T’s Nails, Zack’s
Pizza, M&K Liquor, Webb
City Conoco, Farmers Co-op,
Daylight Donuts, Meadors
Lumber, CV’s Family Foods
and Ozark Travel Center.
Thank you for allowing our
cans to be placed in your
business and to everyone
who supports P.E.A.C.E.
with your donations.
Donations can also be
mailed to P.E.A.C.E. at P.O.
Box 1152, Ozark, AR. 72949.
For more information, call Jo
Ann at 479-508-7784
We hope to see you at
our next meeting on Dec. 8.
Please spay and neuter your
pets for their health and to
stop unwanted litters.
- - JoAnn Nixon

Hello, again. Have you
got everything ready to
cook for turkey day?
We are going to have
dinner at Sherry’s. She gets
the honor of fixing the dinner this year. She and Tim
are going to be busy because there is going to be a
houseful to feed.
My sympathy goes out
to the Harmon family. I pray
God gives you peace and
Well, Arkansas skunked
Mississippi Saturday, didn’t
they? What I don’t understand is why they only play
good for a few games all season. This year it’s been very
few games.
I have only got to buy
one more gift, and then

by Fred Mullen, EM/FS Coordinator
From time to time, folks
ask me what kind of weather
or what time of year is slowest for responders. I don’t
much think it really works
that way. Each major shift in
weather brings their unique
challenges to the responder
Winter weather means
snow and ice storms with
power outages, citizens
stranded in their homes and
usually a bunch of low
speed impact vehicle accidents. Also, this time of year
we see more chimney and
flue fires. The Ozark Highlands Trail and even the
Mulberry River do a fairly
robust business if the rain is
right, so we see some SAR
responses complicated by
hypothermia (your body
gets too cold). If there is no
rain or snow, it’s the fire season.
Spring is a mix of all the
worst and all the best. There
are late season ice storms,
early season flash flooding,
severe thunder storms, tor-

Hickory Grove
By Joyce Dickerson

nados, and, of course, if it’s
not raining or not yet turned
green, it can burn. Spring is
prime canoe season, so we
have a few calls there, usually from folks who have
missed their takeout points.
Hot, hot summer time.
Here comes the hyperthermia patients, those who
overheat doing normal
chores around the yard, on
the job site, on the farm or in
the logging woods. Traffic
is pretty heavy on I-40 as
folks travel for summer vacation.
Fall is a bit like spring.
Except add in the motorcycle
tour groups (13 accidents in
one weekend in Franklin
County alone.) Our number
of four-wheeler accidents
goes up in the fall and it is
prime hiking season on the
When the weather is bad,
we get the illnesses and injuries associated with that

come the fun of wrapping
everything and putting the
tree up.
Congratulations to all the
turkey winners. Every year I
intend to turn my name in at
different place, but never do,
maybe next year.
I gotta run for this week.
Everyone have a great
Thanksgiving and enjoy the

Digestive expert
on AETN Tuesday
AETN (Conway) – New
York Times bestselling author and digestive expert
Brenda Watson, C.N.C., discusses the solution to frequent digestive disorders
and obesity in her newest
special, “Skinny Gut Vibrant
Watson will appear live
in the AETN studio Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m.
type of weather. When the
weather is nice, folks come
out to do chores, go out for
recreation, etc., so we see
those types of illnesses and
injuries. Special events such
as the festivals and ball
games are enjoyed by all,
including responders, but
they add a bit of challenge
for us with extra staffing
needs. Some of the festivals
are a special blessing to us
because we do some fundraising at them.
Responding, training
and public education programs take quite a bit of our
time, but most responders
feel a calling to help out their
neighbors so we don’t mind.
Please remember we include
our dispatchers every step
of the way. We are proud of
one another and our efforts
to make Franklin County a
safer place to live, work and
visit. We deeply appreciate
the public’s help, support
and kind words.


Hwy. 22 West, Paris * Hwy. 23 North, Ozark
Sorry about last week.
We just stay so busy at this
item of year. We finally received our door to the building. It is up but two of the
panels are bad so they will
have to be replaced. I really
do believe that we were not
supposed to build this building.
We also got the pellet
stove moved from the old
house and got it running.
The boys that put our door
up on Wednesday were really impressed with how
very warm it was in the
Kenneth and Zenith
Sturdivant came home from
Guthrie, Okla., last week
where they had been visiting with her sister. They
bought me a beautiful covered bowl for my blue willow set of dishes. They
found it at an antique shop
and would not let me pay for
it. Thanks you so very much,
I will keep it always.
Zenith said they had a
very good time. They all
went out to the antique
shops and shopped until
they dropped. I wish I had
been with them.
Davey Kenney has been
very busy the last couple of
weeks. This time of year they
are getting all the grounds
ready for winter, doing their
wood cutting and working
hard like the rest of us.
It is almost time for
Thanksgiving. We will take
the noon time meal with my
niece and family. I’m looking
forward to seeing them and
Visit us at:

catching up on all their news.
Then it will be time for
decorating for Christmas and
getting all my cards ready to
send out. I love Christmas
cards. They are the best gift
you can receive and I’ve
made some good Spectator
friends through Christmas
We are not decorating as
much this year as in years
past. We have just been too
busy to think about getting
a head start, but we hope to
deck it out next year.
My writing is short his
week, but I want everyone
to have a happy, safe
Thanksgiving, and God
bless us everyone.

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