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Teradata and TIBCO Spotfire


Give Your Decision Makers Added Speed and Agility
Every day, in organizations around the

necessary for decentralized analytics and

world, millions of people make small, yet

reporting and lack the ability to handle the

critical, business decisions based on their

demands of today’s big data.

experience and available information. But
all too often, those decisions are made
with little time to spare – and with an
incomplete view of the entire situation.

So organizations just like yours need a
new and better way to gain both value
and competitive advantage from your
enterprise data warehouse (EDW) installa-

That’s because decision makers are likely

tions, a way to provide knowledge workers

faced with a backlog of new reports,

with the tools and data that enable real-

out-of-control “spreadsheet marts,” and a

time exploration and deeper analysis of

plethora of custom applications all trying

your business.

to accomplish similar goals. The result?

Analyze Data Faster Than Ever

They simply can’t access data fast enough

With its powerful in-memory analysis,
predictive modeling and a highly visual
and intuitive interface, Spotfire gives your

That’s why Teradata Corporation, the

business and technical professionals alike

world leader in data warehousing and

the ability to rapidly explore their data,

analytics, has teamed with TIBCO Soft-

helping them find key insights to give

In addition, they’re limited to business

ware, Inc. and its Spotfire Analytics

them a competitive edge. The speed and

intelligence (BI) tools that are cumber-

Platform to create an incredibly fast and

agility of Teradata analytic data ware-

some, slow, and rigid. What’s more,

flexible environment for analyzing critical

houses combines with Spotfire to enable

traditional software solutions usually fail

data to help you and your organization

this unprecedented degree of insight

to provide the speed and flexibility

make better and smarter decisions.

generation to be performed on virtually

to gain the insight necessary for swift,
sound decisions.

unlimited data volumes.
Teradata and TIBCO Spotfire in a Snapshot

Teradata Corporation is the world’s leading analytic data solutions company focused
on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications.

Teradata's innovative products and services deliver integration and insight to
empower organizations to achieve competitive advantage.

actionable insights in information.


comparisons to be seen in real time. Using
Spotfire to access, visualize, and analyze the

and ask and get answers to questions

professionals quickly discover new and


demands. Teradata Database also enables

part of cloud computing environments. TIBCO

business intelligence. By offering a visual, interactive experience, Spotfire® helps


required to meet today’s analytics

data in Teradata Database allows analysts

Spotfire® is the company’s in-memory analytics software for next generation


parallel processing (MPP) database power

TIBCO Software Inc. is a provider of infrastructure

software for companies to use on-premise or as


Teradata® Database provides the massively

to actively see and use data in a process,
naturally to best take advantage of Teradata
Active Data Warehousing™ concepts.

com The result is faster. Consult your Teradata representative or etc. and worldwide. ask ad hoc business domain. Teradata continually improves products as new technologies and components become available. virtuous cycle where business decisions. And while most existing BI solutions are optimized for the “known. Copyright © 2011 by Teradata Corporation EB-6450 > 0911 > PAGE 2 OF 2 All Rights Reserved. or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.A. join indexes. To find out how Teradata and Spotfire can help you and your business analyze more data than ever so you can improve your decision-making capabilities and grow a stronger. and collaboration throughout creates a unique.Teradata and TIBCO Spotfire Teradata. and slice and dice data as analytic tools.) responds Warehouse. can explore deeper and they see fit. TIBCO and Spotfire are registered trademarks of TIBCO Software.” the with greater insights… and can ask Teradata-Spotfire solution lets you even more questions. business – all based on your Teradata switching parameters. Creation of a new optimized SQL views in a traditional RDBMS can typically take two weeks or longer… by which time the answer may data. offering you new and better ways to increase the return on your parallel features. It offers greater insight into immediately with a new view. easier data discovery. Teradata. data or metadata modeling. partitioning. more productive business. filtering. And because it responds so rapidly it position and the impact of yesterday’s analysis. and complex application developers can get started views that provide fast access to huge analyzing and building with almost no For More Information amounts of data. including multi-level Instant Authoring – Ad hoc users and data warehouse investment. Spotfire is unique in that it does not distinguish Spotfire’s power comes from its agility in allowing both analysts and business users to ask and answer their own questions as fast as they can think of them. And it lets your users your entire organization. functions. marking. every corner of your organization. All features.S. contact your local Teradata representative or visit Teradata. but not advanced questions. and operations described herein may not be marketed in all parts of the world. Spotfire has a direct connection to all the capabilities of the Teradata Warehouse as well as the ability to use data virtualization software for a unified view of all your view or report for more information. That means your users have auto- not be relevant. matic use of all of Teradata’s massively Together TIBCO Spotfire and Teradata Corporation are continuing to simplify and strengthen the integration between the two platforms. reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. Inc. . allowing better understanding of your current Active Data Warehousing is a trademark and Teradata and the Teradata logo are registered trademarks of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U. tackle your number-one business Plus. Produced in U. speed brings you built-in benefits in Uncover Hidden Insights three distinct areas: The combination of Teradata Database Continuous feedback – Every interaction and Spotfire creates a unique opportunity the end user makes with Spotfire visualiza- to discover new insights and improve your tions (navigation. business users who understand the perform their own research. No IT Latency – None of these new views Teradata Database provides unprecedented Make the Right Connection require going back to IT or a database agility and speed to today’s data-driven administrator (DBA) to get a new SQL decision makers. And its between dimensions and measures or require any other type of tagging or predefined aggregation. therefore. putting Spotfire’s in-memory data and visualization platform on top of the problem: the unknown.