One Touch for Windows SDK
August 2009
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---------------1. INSTALLATION
---------------You must have local administrator rights to install this product on supported Wi
ndows systems.
One Touch for Windows SDK
1- Open/load the One Touch for Windows product package
2- Run Setup.exe located in the SDK folder
3- Follow the installation instructions
4- Connect the U.are.U Fingerprint Reader
One Touch for Windows RTE
1- Open/load the One Touch for Windows product package
2- Run Setup.exe located in the RTE folder
3- Follow the installation instructions
4- Connect the U.are.U Fingerprint Reader
----------------2. COMPATIBILITY

exe program. This version includes support for fingerprint authentication through Windows Ter minal Services (including Remote Desktop Connection) and through a Citrix connec tion to a Metaframe Presentation Server using the Citrix Presentation Server Cli ent package. and copy it to the folder on the client computer where the Citrix client co mponents are located.are. deploy the DPICACn t.6) .dll file in the product package. Micros oft Server 2003/2008 (32/64-bit) . when using the Program Neighborhood client co py to the "Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client" folder. ----------------------3. .One of the following operating systems . . register the DPICACnt. .Microsoft Windows XP (32/64-bit).To run samples and completed applications if develop ing in Java . "Misc\Citrix Support" fol der.dll library.2. Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64-bit).are.Locate the DPICACnt.U 4500 fingerprint reader ----------------4.4.0 and later Fingerprint templates produced by the One Touch for Windows SDK are also compati ble with the following DigitalPersona SDKs: - Gold SDK Gold CE SDK One Touch for Windows SDK.dll library to the Citrix client folder for each client. See the Developer Guide for instructions on performing the conversion.1 is incompatible with any ot her DigitalPersona product.DigitalPersona U. Mic rosoft Windows XP Embedded (32-bit).CD/DVD drive (for CD-ROM installation) . For example.0.JRE or JDK (1.4. all previous editions One Touch for Linux SDK.1 Support for fingerprint authentication on a remote computer.2.Using the regsvr32. Note however.DigitalPersona Pro for AD Kiosk 4. To deploy the DP library for Citrix support: . DigitalPersona One Touch for Windows Version 1.0.0 and later . all distributions Platinum SDK registration templates must be converted to a compatible format to work with these SDKs. RELEASE NOTES ----------------4.1 is compatible with the foll owing DigitalPersona products: . that the client library file needed for Citrix suppor t is not installed by default. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ----------------------.U 4000B or U.USB port on the computer where the fingerprint reader is to be connected . including Citri x connections.If you have several Citrix clients installed on a computer.DigitalPersona Pro for AD Workstation 4.DigitalPersona One Touch for Windows Version 1.x86-based processor or better .5 or 1.

1 You may be required to manually locate the usbdpfp. developers may need to modify application and driver services to run in Windows Vista.2 You may encounter the message "component comdlg32. 4.6 installed.Multi-form support in IE7 for the Verification control .5 or 1. locate the comdlg32.6 Silent installation requires the . 4. Refer to the Microsoft document: "Impact of Session 0 Isolation on Services and Drivers in Windows Vist a" included in the product package.4.0 (and later) or Pro Kiosk 4. KNOWN ISSUES ---------------5.bat file to bypass installation of .2.0 (and later ) to work with an application developed with One Touch for Windows SDK 1.JavaThinClientRDP" /qn /l*v c:\msi.ActiveXT hinClientRDP.JavaFpRecLibs.NET components: msiexec /i Setup.NET. The file is located in the "\Windows\DPDrv" folder. However.Expanded capture events added to the Enrollment control ---------------5.doc".Active property for the Verification control .ActiveXFpRecLibs. For more information on how to enable these policies. For 32-bit operating systems. To use these parameters in . 4.NET Framework by modifying the Install Only. 5. the setup program will automatically set the variab le to the JDK or JRE root folder.6. However.pdf" located in the DigitalPersona Pro Server product package .0. This installs the components required to execute One Touch operat ions used by your application.sys file (fingerprint rea der driver) when installing this product on an XP Embedded computer.oc .Get/Set device parameter functionality. "Using the Get/Set paramet er in .2. It does not install the sample code and SDK docum entation files.exe sample code for C OM/ActiveX on some systems. you will need to include the DigitalPersona One Touch for Windows Runtime Environment (RTE) located within the "RTE" folder on t he Product CD. and referenced in the C++ version of the OTW Developer Guide.0 or later. in the Docs folder as "Session0_Vista. 4. This feature is available within the C API.trace.Web Client 4. The following types of Citrix clients are supported for fingerprint authenticati on: .0_03. you c an run a silent installation without the .ThinClientRDP. 4.2 To deploy your application. request Technical Bulletin 0901.Program Neighborhood Agent .4 This product supports Windows Vista.3 In order for Pro Workstation 4. For example: set JAVA_HOME=c:\Program Files\Ja va\jre1.Program Neighborhood .7 This release adds the following features: . th e Administrator needs to enable two Group Policy Objects (GPOs):"Use DigitalPers ona Pro Server for authentication" and "Allow Fingerprint Data Redirection". . and do not have the JAVA_HOME e nvironment variable defined.The SDK sample code can be run through Remote Desktop or a Citrix session.ocx or one of its dependen cies not correctly registered" when running the Enrollment. please see the "DigitalPerson a Pro for AD Guide.5 If you have JDK or JRE 1.msi ADDLOCAL="FpRecLibs.NET Framework 2.NET" from DigitalPersona Technical Support.

For 64-bit operating systems . 5. -----------------------6.digitalpersona.4 When creating your own msi installer for 64-bit application using the merge modules. this file will already be installed. You can also purchase a Developer Support package at our web store.com. http://buy. .digitalpersona. For systems running Visual Basic 6. SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK -----------------------Technical support is available through the DigitalPersona Developer Connection a t www. where you can search for answers to question s posted by other developers and post your own questions.x file and place it in the Windows\system32 folder.com/webforums. place it in the Windows\sysWOW64 folder then manually register this component. 5.3 The Java Console sample application will not run if you have Digitalpersona Pro Workstation or Kiosk installed on the computer. you need to specify separate target directories for 32-bit and 64-bit m erge modules.