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Key Assessment Section VII

Colquitt, Nimmer, Willis



Description of Evaluation

Goal 1: To provide opportunities and
Objective 1a: The media specialist will conduct an introductory
Evaluation 1a: The media specialist will administer a survey to
assistance for students to develop knowledge course on ten differnent types of web 2.0 tools.
students at the beginning of the year to determine the top three web
on how to use and access web 2.0 tools
2.0 tools that students want to know more about.
Objective 1b: The media specialist will establish a plan of action for a Evaluation 1b: The media specialist will evaluate the survey data.
schedule of training sessions. These training sessions will be directly Once the data has been evaluated, the media specialist will determine
related to the results of the survey.
the top three web 2.0 tools and then conduct training sessions with
the students on how to use these tools.
Objective 1b: The media specialist will provide training sessions in Evaluation 1c: The media specialist will create a test instrument to
the media center that will teach students how to use the web 2.0 tools determine the fluency and understanding of students after training
based upon the plan of action that was previously planned.

Goal 2: To provide all students a device to use Objective 2a: Establish a technology committe of teachers, students,
for the entire school year
administrators, parents, and media specialist to create a plan of action
to acquire devices for all students
Objective 2b: The committee will research different resources for
funds to acquire these devices for students.

Evaluation 2a: The media specialst will recruit teachers,
administrators, parents, and students to become a member of the
technology committee.
Evaluation 2b: Once the committee has been formed, the differerent
members will be asked to reserach different areas to acquire devices
for students. Such areas may include, budget sources, donors, grant
programs, success of other schools, and local legislators.
Objective 2c: The committee will present the plan to the local board Evaluation 2c: A plan will be formulated from the research. A date
of education to discuss moving forward with the purchase of devices will be established to present findings and suggestions to acquire a
for students.
device for each student at the school.

Goal 3: To collaborate with staff in planning Objective 3a: The media specialist will create a media committee of
and implenting media/technology into lessons teachers that are interested in collaborative efforts to increase student
to meet students' educational needs
Objective 3b: The media committee will formulate a plan of action to
design activities and assessments for student-centered learning.

Evaluation 3a: The media specialist will target and recruit teachers to
participate in collaborative efforts to increase student achievement.

Evaluation 3b: The media committee will will use data from previous
years to determine areas of weakness, and then formulate and devise
a plan of action to implement in a co-teaching setting. They will also
work together to create assessments.
Objective 3c: The teachers and the medai specialist will implement Evaluation 3c: The media committee will utilize Google calendar to
the plan of action by co-teaching using the activities and assessments schedule co-teaching information literacy sessions. Assessments will
that were created by the committee members.
be administered to determine student achievement in the different