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Paradise Interiors
1.1 Purpose:
This project is aimed at developing a Web application that depicts online Shopping of
products and purchasing using Payment Gateway.
1.2 Scope:
This project is aimed at how the Paradise Interiors can improve the efficiency of the
services.. Online Sopping is one of the applications to improve the marketing of the
company’s products. This web application involves almost all the features of the online
shopping; the future implementation will be online help for the customers and chatting
with website incharge.
1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations:
The application consists of the following Keywords:
This feature deals with the customer registration.
This feature deals with the online shopping of products.
This feature deals with the addition of items to the cart, update of the quantity of items
and deletes the items from the cart.
Confirmation of order:
This feature deals with confirmation of the order made by the customer and generation
of bill.
Pay pal:
This feature deals with buying the products in the cart by specifying the debit card
number, back account number

The employees have to register for online shopping of products.  After the confirmation of purchase of products. 2. email id. 2. Online shopping application advertises some of the products for shopping . The customer has to specify the details like name.1 Product Perspective The product will be developed completely independent and dynamic website. Online shopping application advertises some of the products for shopping .-2This feature deals with addition and deletion of items to the specific category of products and the admin has the right to view the pending bills.  Initially customer has to register to the website to access most of the features of the application. The confirmation of debit card numbers will be handled by the Pay pal website.4 Overview Online shopping is the process in which consumers go through to purchase of products or services over the Internet.  Customer purchases the products by specifying his/her debit card number. and allows your customers to do things such as viewing the product in your store catalog.Here the customer will be able to purchase the products and the purchased products will be added to the cart. adding a selected product to a basket. A Shopping application that typically runs on the computer where your Web site is located (the Web server). Overall description: 2. Pay pal website handles the purchase of products by debit card or credit card. Only the admin is allowed to add or remove items from the specific group of items. .  After registration. 1.  After the purchase of products the paypal website will give the confirmation to shopping website and admin will update the bills to pay.2Product Functions The product functions will include the following steps.Here the customer will be able to purchase the products and the purchased products will be added to the cart. password. After the shopping of the products the user will confirm the purchase of the products in the cart. contact number…etc. and placing an order for it. a bill will be generated to the customer. After confirmation the products are purchased by specifying the debit card number to the pay pal website.

1.Specific Requirements 3. here login option is provided to login. and remove items in various categories of products.2.Net.. Product search result screen: This screen shows all the products under the search criteria. 3. The developer will have to study the designing of the web application. Product Selection Screen: This search screen.2Functional Requirements 3.Net and database support is SQL Server 2005.-3. The use of the controls which is attached to the product from the add items feature of the ASP. 3.1.. Select product based on the category and acoording to the category Etc.1User Interfaces The user interface is designed in Visual studio 2008 Professional version.1Functional Requirements 1. neatly designed page. Product Category Display page: This screen display all the main categories from this point user can select any category and they can proceed to select the products in this category.2Software Interfaces The software is developed with all the basic controls and class provided in ASP.1 The problem under study is being divided into several modules/functions discussed below to understand the approach to the solution in the broader way: Home and Login Page: The home page. The user of the product will get very user friendly forms which will be very easy to work with. 3. Option must be provide to select the product based on name. Admin is also able to view and update the details of bills. update. Also new signup option is provided to for new user to signup.2.   Admin is able to add. If there are no products under these search criteria then system will give the .1Module 1 3.1.1External Interface Requirements 3.

And also option is provided to deselect the products. Here we are using Paypal Payment Security For Customers Features of Paypal: . Order Confirmation Screen: This is the final screen in buying process. So user will get the clear information that how much is the total amount of this selection. etc. View Cart Screen: View cart screen shows all the selected items.e. Input: 4. and allows your customers to do things such as viewing the product in your store catalog.System architecture description: 4.-4message that there are no products found under this category. Products This module deals with selecting the products to be purchased and adding to the cart. and placing an order for it. Customer registration: This module deals with the registration of employee Input: Employee should enter all his/her details i.. email address. adding a selected product to a basket. Output: Registration successful and customer is allowed to logged in the website . A Shopping application that typically runs on the computer where your Web site is located (the Web server). Order Details Screen: This screen shows the final products in the view cart. Payment: Online shoppers commonly use credit card or debit card to make payments.So that he/she can access most of the features available in the website. Total Amount etc.1 System Design Online shopping is the process consumers go through to purchase products or services over the Internet. Here customer as confirm the order. quantity. This gives product list. Also option is provided to select the products. here quantity as to be entered. password. the details of the customer like name.

Here we can Add the item. Admin And Users: This Shopping Site includes two components: the User screen which is what your customers will see (the item name. Thousands of people use the service to pay for items bought on shopping site and for a variety of other goods over the Internet. similar to a real shopping cart. price. Product delivery: Once a payment has been accepted the goods or services can be delivered in the following ways. . making it one of the most convenient as well as the most popular ways to send and receive money online Most Secure Free User Registration.-5Pay pal is an incredibly popular way of sending and receiving money over the Internet. Shopping cart systems: A type of program that represents a virtual shopping cart. Adding. shipped). delete the item and also change the quantity of the item in cart. etc . Program that runs on a website to collect and record purchasing decisions of a visitor. which is what you will use to manage the store Admin Module: Admin having Login Screen for Security A way to easily set general store settings such as the way products should be displayed. User Module: User having login screen for Security a store catalog that is easy to browse and that presents product information is a way that is both useful and graphically pleasing. Shipping: The product is shipped to the customer's address.Sophisticated shopping cart systems like Product Cart include hundreds of other storefront features. The visitor adds items to their cart for purchase until they are ready to “check out” and pay for those items. Deleting and Updating the Items Admin manage orders effectively (pending. category). Special pages where customers can easily find products that are on sale. products that belong to the same brand. Shopping carts are an important component of ecommerce sites such as online shops or merchant storefronts. and the administration area.Admin can view the All the information in such as User information and Transaction etc. featured products.

Function File/Database Input/Output Flow .-6- Data Flow Diagram 4. A DFD shows movement of data through the different transformations or processes in the system. A DFD represents flow of data through a system. Data Flow Diagram Notation . Data flow diagrams are commonly used during problem analysis. It views a system as a function that transforms the input into desired output. A data flow diagram can also be used for the visualization of Data Processing. This context-level DFD is then "exploded" to show more detail of the system being modeled.2 Data Flow Diagram A Data Flow Diagram (DFD) is a graphical representation of the "flow" of data through an Information System. It is common practice for a designer to draw a context-level DFD first which shows the interaction between the system and outside entities.

-7- Fig 3.1 Data Flow Diagram of the Paradise Interiors Level 0 .

-8- Level 1 .

-9- Login User List Of Items DB Add To Cart Payment Gateways Add items Update Qntity Delete the items Pay Auto Log Out .

10 - Level 2: Login Admin Add View Update Delete the Items Reporting Paid Report Pending Report DB ..

1 ER diagram An entity-relationship (ER) diagram is a specialized graphic that illustrates the interrelationships between entities in a database. . Entity-relationship modeling is a relational schema database modeling method. used to produce a type of conceptual schema or semantic data model of a system.2. ER diagrams often use symbols to represent three different types of information. Diamonds are normally used to represent relationships and ovals are used to represent attributes An entity-relationship model (ERM) in software engineering is an abstract and conceptual representation of data. often a relational database.. and its requirements in a top-down fashion. Boxes are commonly used to represent entities.11 - Entity Relation Diagram 4.

12 - Name Sex Addres s Users Email ID Ph one 1 Passwor d Pin State Creat es City N Date Bill no Invoice Email ID Name Produc t ID Amount Item Name Quantity 1 Product Has Items Description Amou nt Cate gory 1 Sale Bill No N N Invoice Details Amount Quantity Product ID Item Name ..

.Performance Requirements The system is supposed to be having good memory space and a Bigger Ram above 512 MB preferably 6. The administrator has to login to access the admin features in the website Software Constraints: Operating system Windows 7 or more Microsoft Visual Studio2008 MS SQL Server 2005 Hardware constraints: Computer: INTEL compatible RAM: 512 MB or higher .13 - 5.Design Constraints The product is designed by keeping in mind that employee has registered to access the features of the website.