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The SeaSolve’s IEEE 802.16d MAC IP core is designed and implemented in RTOS based C
and is an exceptionally robust solution. Its modular design provides for easy porting to other
hardware platforms, guarantees interoperability with other 802.16d products.
The WiMAX MAC is a high performance solution which supports extensive management
functions to ensure efficient operation.

Technical Specifications
Compliance with the IEEE 802.16d-2004
standard specification
Network Entry Process
Initial Ranging.
Subscriber Station Capabilities.
Subscriber Authentication.
Subscriber Station Registration
Quality of Service (QOS) Provisioning

Scheduling Services
Non Real Time Polling Services (NRtps)
Best Effort Services (BE)
Scheduling Feature
TDM/TDMA Scheduled Uplink/Downlink
Bandwidth Allocation
Active Service creation/Maintenances

Pre-provisioning Service to Subscriber
Packet Features
Connection Oriented service to upper layer
MAC SDU Fragmentation.
of protocol stack.
Burst Concatenation.
The MAC Management Connection and
MAC SDU Packing.
transport Connection
Security Features
Admission Control for connections.
Service Class support to differentiate service
Data Encryption with AES
Packet Convergence
Support for IpV4 capabilities.
Packet classification of IpV4 over 802.3/
Ethernet data grams .

CRC Feature
Compute and add Uplink CRC
Check Downlink CRC
Portability to different RTOS
Modularity and scalability for customization
to a specific PHY implementation

16d MAC BLOCK DIAGRAM Traffic Generator Downlink Packet Classifier Transport Connection details Queue with Different QoS like NRtPS and BE SS Connection Mgmt & Service flow Establishment Qos parameter for Transport connection Scheduling service Type data DL burst Scheduler Up Link Scheduler Resource availability & Connection details Scheduled Data Frame DL Burst Details Connection Details Transport connection status & QoS parameters Ranging & Registered SS Details Map & control Frame generator MAC PDUs generator Available resources BW grant & UL burst Details MPDU Rsp Transmission Block DL MPDU Request MAC Mgmt connection details Control Msg MAC Mgmt To transmit Connection Admission MAC Management Block Service flow response details Received MAC Management frame WiMAX PHY PDU PHY Layer RF Front End Service flow Msg Uplink burst Processing UL .Fixed WiMAX MAC IP CORE 802.

CA 95110 Toll Free : 1-866-WiLANTA (1-866945-2682) Phone : 408-437-9306 Fax : 408-437-9320 For General Enquiries Email to Asia Pacific Office #104. San Jose. Salisbury Road Hounslow TW4 6JQ United Kingdom Ph: +44 (0) 20 8538 0158 Fax: +44 (0) 20 8538 0273 . 1st Main Road. System Integration and Reference Design Development for WLAN and WiMAX system development. 5th Block Koramangala Industrial Area Bangalore 560095 Karnataka. SeaSolve also offers support services including Customization.Fixed WiMAX MAC IP CORE Deliverables RTOS based ‘C’ source code Documentation Reference Design The reference design is available for evaluation or any R&D purposes. Vista Centre 50. India Ph: +91-80 40105200 Fax: +91-80 40105300 Europe Office For Sales Related Enquiries Email to sales@seasolve. Headquarters SeaSolve Software Inc 1778 Technology Dr. SeaSolve MAC software reference design comprises the following components RTOS based C Core Comprehensive Documentation Services and Support SeaSolve offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution of ready-for-use intellectual property (IP) cores for the wireless For Technical queries Email to support@seasolve. This reference design includes all the software and hardware required for a cost effective system solution.