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Phone: 940.765.9255

Flower Mound, TX 75022

Innovative, dynamic, and versatile executive leader with more than 30 years of experience in sales and
channel management, business development, marketing, and strategic planning. Demonstrated history of
exceeding company and client goals, as well as of motivating teams of up to 30 personnel. Expertise in
priority management, deadline monitoring, tactical planning, and market analysis and expansion. Strong
background in technology solutions and consulting services to companies of all sizes, as well as an
entrepreneurial spirit. Proven track record of leveraging sales metrics to identify leads and opportunities.


Relationship Building
Market Penetration
Strategy Implementation
Deadline Management

Methodology Development
Client Needs Analysis
Metrics Utilization
Market Trends

Sales Team Leadership
Tactful Closer
Value Propositions
Expansion Programs


2012 – 2014

Directed all sales, business development, partner relations, client retention, and transition initiatives.
Recruited, managed, and motivated diverse e-discovery, sales, sales engineering, and partner
management teams with an emphasis on maximizing customer experience.
 Generated leads utilizing marketing integration and product development innovations.
 Collaborated with VP of Product Development and Marketing Director to align company objectives.
Notable Achievements:
 Developed strategies, sales toolkits, and organizational methodologies for new XERA product.
 Implemented Partner Programs, including Proof of Concept and sales workflow, as well as market
facing documentation, such as value proposition materials and competitive analysis.
 Tripled client base for XERA platform within Service Provider and Law Firm markets in 2013 and 2014.
 Increased monthly licensing revenue by 300% in 2013 over 2012.
 On track to increase transactional revenue by 250% above annual contract commitments through the
implementation of Channel Partner strategy.
2011 – 2012
 Recruited by CEO to create business development strategies and revise marketing efforts for a diverse
product line of litigation offerings.
 Managed and motivated diverse sales team, including annual revenue exceeding $9 million in 2011.
 Utilized consultative sales and bundling approach to develop solutions to meet unique customer needs.
Notable Achievements:
 Generated 30% growth in 2012 over previous years of negative growth through sales strategy design.
 Implemented best practices for sales team still in use today.
 Developed compensation and incentive programs to improve employee satisfaction and motivate team.

Linda Joy Hood

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2005 – 2011
 Managed sales team and directed organizational sales efforts.
 Restructured litigation discovery solution sales strategies and broadened client base for organization.
 Led aggressive and entrepreneurial rebranding strategy to stimulate global sales, growing the company
from $3 million in 2005 to $22 million in 2010.
 Developed sales vision, value proposition, and strategic direction for company.
 Engaged clients through the creation of tools and processes to generate interest in new products.
 Prepared monthly profitability, performance, and revenue reports for executive team.
 Forged strategic partnerships with C-level executives and leaders in the corporate and law firm market.
Notable Achievements:
 Grew company revenue from $3 million in 2005 to $22 million in 2010.
 Evaluated and selected consulting products to enhance company growth.
 Earned company recognition as an Inc5000 Fastest Growing Company in 2007 and 2008.
 Instituted employee award and recognition program to enhance company culture.
 Took over additional role as VP of Marketing in 2008.
1992 – 2005
 Spearheaded development and strategic sales planning initiatives throughout the Western US.
 Recruited, developed, and led various sales teams of up to 30 personnel, including National Account
Managers, Research Consultants, and SMEs, to exceed revenue quotes.
 Collaborated with C-level executives and law firm partners to improve litigation management methods,
as well as integrate technology and cost recovery solutions in legal practice.
 Negotiated contracts with CEOs, managing partners, Executive Directors, IT Managers, and partners.
 Established and cultivated client relationships, building loyalty and securing revenue base.
Notable Achievements:
 Generated and managed $21 million book of business selling to AMLAW 250 firms.
 Designed and rolled out cost recovery strategy for entire national sales organization.
 Named National Manager of 2003 and Western Region/Regional Manager of 2002.
 Earned #1 revenue ranking in Western Market for four consecutive years.
 Received Circle Excellence Award for achieving top 5% for nine consecutive years.
 Promoted consistently throughout the years to progressive roles, beginning as Research Consultant and
on to Account Manager through Regional Manager and National Sales Manager.
1983 – 1991
 Led pre-sales technical and marketing efforts for software and hardware solutions.
 Conducted product demonstrations and performed client installations.
 Consulted with clients on implementation and automation planning.
 Formulated strategic sales and marketing plans for law firm, legal, and accounting client base.
Notable Achievements:
 Earned top 1% of worldwide sales.
 Received Chairman’s Club Award for exceeding $1 million goal by 174%.
 Named Outstanding Regional Consultant and Outstanding Customer Support Analyst.
 Promoted from Technical Consultant to Sales Representative.

Linda Joy Hood

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LinkedIn Recommendation/Testimonials

"Linda is a catalyst that makes things happen. In all my years balancing cross-functional communications and projects
between departments, I’ve never met anyone more determined, focused and capable of motivating others to achieve
results. Linda applies a masterful blend of visionary, strategic and tactical skills to everything she touches. Highly
respected by her peers and subordinates, Linda knows how to build, train, mentor and motivate like no other. It’s really
enjoyable to watch her in action. I learn from her every day. While driving results is at the core of Linda’s DNA, I think
what is more impressive is her positive approach to getting there in a natural, powerful fashion. Linda has an uncanny
ability to grasp the big picture, consider multiple facets and carve out actionable plans that are reasonable yet
challenging. Linda brings a wealth of big industry, technology and C-level experience to the iCONECT table. I’m just glad
I’m sitting at the table in the chair next to her. Thank you for everything you do Linda. You are truly appreciated."
— Bob Lorum | Brand Marketing, Vice President Marketing, iCONECT Development
“Every once in a while you get an opportunity to work with an exceptional leader you admire and someone you truly
enjoy collaborating with. If you're lucky, you get to work with them twice in your career. Linda and I have had that
opportunity. Linda's work ethic is beyond reproach. I am amazed at how quickly and how well she can identify the
product benefits and develop an elegant, effective strategy. Coupled with innate intuition vision, impeccable
communication skills and ability to collaborate fluently between cross-functional teams, Linda brings intelligence,
creativity and high energy along with a very polished leadership management style. To help maximize productivity, Linda
encourages everyone with whom she works to view the task at hand from the customers' perspective.Linda truly
appreciates others efforts and is always willing to help them wherever needed. One of Linda's best attributes is absolute
willingness to learn new features, methodologies and tactics, and an uncanny ability to successfully blend the new with
what she knows from her years of experience. I would unconditionally recommend Linda for any position she is seeking.
She makes better any organization of which she is a part and any team that she leads.”
__ Iram Arras | Vice President, Product Strategy - iCONECT Development, LLC
"Linda is one of the most talented executives with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. She is a conscientious
professional with a wealth of experience and an abundance of knowledge that any organization would be
fortunate to have at its disposal. Linda is extremely collaborative; her communication skills are second to
none. She sees the “big picture” before most, and her attention to detail is exceptional. Few can connect
incongruent thoughts and ideas, let alone turn them into a cohesive strategic plan. I’ve been fortunate to learn
from Linda and encourage anyone with the opportunity to engage her. She’s one of a kind. "
— Gail Marshall, Marketing Director, iCONECT Development
“I have had the pleasure of working with Linda more than once during my career. She is someone I have always admired
and respected. She is an exceptional leader who possesses great integrity and knowledge of her field. She is a very
passionate leader who not only motivates those who work directly for her, but also her peers. She is analytical, strategic
and a master at collaborating with all divisions of a company to define and drive company goals. I highly recommend
Linda and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”
__Shanda Combs | National Director, Business Development, iCONECT Development
"If your goal is to build, improve and/or get your sales department on track, you would be hard-pressed to do
this without Linda. She possesses a mastery of managing individuals that are notoriously hard to manage. I
confess to be one of them. Linda was able to recruit, advise and learn my fingerprint of a style in a very short
time. She then used that to empower my colleagues and I in what seemed to be an effortless and natural
fashion. I am happy to endorse and recommend Linda."
— Alexander Lewis, Senior Manager, iCONECT Development
“I’ve had the great fortune of working directly for Linda at iCONECT Development and can say with ease that she is one of
the best managers I have ever reported to. Linda has no problem doing any task that will help her team win. She
genuinely cares about the people she manages and works extremely hard to remove any obstacles for selling success. I not
only consider Linda an excellent manager and coach but a good friend."
— Paula Canaday-Daeke, Regional Director, Business Development, iCONECT Development

Linda Joy Hood

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"Linda is one of the most dynamic, competent, and dependable people I have ever known. She has an assiduous work
ethic, bringing 100% of her effort, knowledge, and expertise to every professional relationship and environment she
encounters. By nature Linda is a powerful leader who passionately and intuitively communicates her clear vision. She is
open to new ideas; demonstrates and encourages creativity; and consistently pursues opportunities for improvement and
continued growth within the individuals and teams she mentors, and throughout the overall organization. Linda's
management style emphasizes teamwork, instilling confidence in all members as she motivates them to achieve their own
goals, while ensuring they work together to accomplish the overall objectives of the group. She builds and maintains
strong teams by identifying and utilizing each person's strengths; implementing strategic action plans with well-defined
measures for success; generously giving credit where credit is due; and positively reinforcing and inspiring those she
supervises. Linda is an enthusiastic, committed, and trustworthy individual with an incredible devotion to any task she
confronts. There is no doubt that those who have had the privilege of working with her consider themselves fortunate."
— Mary Noffsinger, Ph.D., Litigation Consultant, Courtroom Sciences, Inc.
"Linda is an exceptionally gifted person that blends analytical talents with being a down-to-earth "people person". Linda
excels in high-level, strategic discussions where abstract thought leadership is required. Linda can also dive into the
minutae when required. Most of all, Linda has an infectious positive attitude that lays a foundation to success."
— Robert Kelley, Chief Information Officer, Courtroom Sciences, Inc.
"Working with Linda is a pleasure. She has the intelligence, discipline and work ethic to take any company, team or
project sccessfully to market. From conception to execution, Linda can achieve success. She sets aggressive, but achievable
goals for her team and then fiercely partners with them to achieve the goal. She is loved by every member of her team and
exemplifies teamwork."
— Robert J. Brown, III "Trey", Sr. Client Development Director/ Consultant, Forensics Consulting Solutions
"If you want to get something done, call Linda Hood. It was my pleasure to work with Linda at Forensics Consulting
Solutions where she holds the title of Vice President of Client Development and Marketing. As her direct report, I was
always amazed at her drive and commitment to excellence. Her ability to multi-task is unparalleled. She brings
exuberance to every project in which she is involved. Linda’s business acumen formed the basis for the sales model that
made Forensics Consulting Solutions successful in the five years that I worked with her. She demands of herself, and those
she works with, the very best each can offer. Her warmth and kindness of spirit is evident in the dedication of all those
who work with her. I will miss working with this whirlwind of a woman, and know that any company who works with
Linda will benefit from her skills, talents and drive."
— Joan O'Meara, Director of Marketing, Forensics Consulting Solutions
"Linda is one of the most creative people I have ever worked along side. She is leader with innovative ideas. She willingly
shares her expertise and knowledge. She has demonstrated powerful time management skills and outstandingly wellcrafted strategic planning initiatives. We worked together many years when she was with LexisNexis. Linda was
extremely instrumental in my growth and understanding of budgetary management in the legal market. She was one of
the first people who encouraged librarians to start thinking about marketing and knowledge sharing beyond the library
and most of all beyond print. I would highly recommend Linda as a consultant or a marketing executive, even outside the
legal market. I often reflect on how I have learned many of my marketable skills from this masterful executive."
— Terri L. Lawrence Williams, Director of Information Resources, Winstead Sechrest