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Vol. I, part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

The “Journey” Now, Begins - Volume I (Part 1)
By Tony of the Kilvert family

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

“I dedicate this book to you, my dearest and only
Brother. Rest In Peace”

Richard Ronald Kilvert
30th May 1975 – 23 July 2011


Anyone who knew him as he really was knew he was a “true” gentle giant. would there not? We really do go on. God bless each and every one of you for coming here today. He is so incredibly missed by his closest friends and dearest family who all love him with all of our hearts. this is what he was sent here to do and this is what he did. sense of humour. Smile. this is who Richard was. unselfish. “Pure Infinite Consciousness. Richard was “as most here know” was only (36) when he was called back. courage and strength. How many times have we heard the words “It is always the good ones that die young?” In “Richie’s” case this has now been proven true yet again but not simply being the “Good” Richard was the “Best. when it is our time.” Lastly. (I say to you all. be little point to life. every single time. Karma.” I have lost count of the times he has helped me in so many ways as others here today are recounting how he helped them. whether for the good or bad. Richard or “Richey” (his friends called him) as most of you know was my only brother. If death was the end. kindness. as do all soul’s. his Commitment to his closest and dearest friends. he was my rock. to the utmost he was able. and on. totally unwavering support always. you have our deepest gratitude from all of our family. generosity. Thank you. I would like to list some of the many things I will personally remember of him. bar none. genuine actions. Honour Speech I wanted to say a few words on this occasion as we all gather here today to give Richard what he would have always wanted. is an integral part all life here. In closing. While he was here. You did a brave and honourable thing in coming here to take on such a difficult task in the first place and together with all these souls today I commend you my brother. Richard would want me to say here and now there are many lessons to life and one of these is to understand we do not “die” so to speak but merely pass over to greater things. In every case. a good send off.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family On the day of his funeral I could not bring myself to say these words that I had prepared for him so I give them out to the world now so they may affect as many as possible with the love we felt for all of humanity perpetually “trapped” in this illusionary world we call Earth. 3 . putting himself last every time. It would be totally impossible for me (personally) to have hoped for a better brother. he was always the person you could rely on for anything.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . He would do everything he could to make others happy going to any lengths to do so. and on. we do) and as such Richard will now be rewarded for all his kindest. We are. there would indeed.

To my left I see two suns setting. I look down and there is a greenish river running fast to the right. holding a long balancing stick. “as before” knowing the “real” meaning of life.” as described by Michael himself. I approach and maintain a distance of about six feet or so and just observe. Rest in Peace Richard. and see small little points of energy dancing and pushing on either end of the balancing stick. I levitate slightly and move in the air towards him. (Utterly Shameless!) On behalf of your greater family Richard. I look left and right. but there is a feeling that this passage need not necessarily be this tricky. and get a sense they are trying to affect the balance somehow. Michael meditates and tunes in to Richard. even me. loyalty but there is so much more to detail so I will stop here. cousin and alike. farther. son. Extending in front of me is a tight rope.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . whom is adept at this kind of thing. My eyes extend out and I perceive a man walking along the tightrope. It is Richard. Love You Always Tony End. uncle. as he watches the events occur. He states what he sees in the following words:I am standing on the edge of a cliff. for now… The following was cut out from the Speech as a last minute edit. I cannot tell if these energies are seeking to support him in the balance or hinder. and again. I am handed some scissors and instructed to cut up the back of his shirt to the neckline. it falls away. which reaches across to the far side – another cliff edge. I place both hands on his shoulder blades and feel an intense heat building under them. revealing his back. Oh… One thing I will and can. God Bless you Brother. There is a sense of concentration and focus – this man is maintaining a good balance and forward motion to the other side. I can really feel the charge field or plasma building up in my hands. The Truth! is you always were an angel and now you are free to stand with god in the realms whence we all came from again. I remove my hands and see two white protrusions rise up and grow. the truth. They unfold and continue to grow until I see two stunning white wings reaching out with great majesty and grace. Having said this I would like to take a moment to describe how his “crossing” has been “Viewed” by a professional we know. I would like to relay a short excerpt of “Richards crossing. His name is Michael Rice and among other things he is a world famous Bio-Architect and celebrated Shaman. never forgive him for is his misguided love of the channel 4 TV show “shameless” I’m afraid this one is forever beyond.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family at-tentativeness to others issues and concerns. I watch as he gently flaps them and rises up from the rope line and drops the balancing stick 4 .

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . He floats in there and the door closes. I am now also in there with him. There are several personal family messages next (all incredibly accurate) but following this. It is breath taking. and I feel privileged to witness it. The green crystal walls begin to soften and form a screen and I watch as the chair (or room?) begins to rotate and images with associated feeling. they mean so much to our family to know. From there he glides over the rest of the way to the cliff edge beyond. smiles. I see his wings fold back and he turns and sits in a reclining chair positioned in the centre of the room. nods and his wings beat and then he soars up out of sight. with a doorway opening before him. I return with a sense of profound gratitude and humility for the opportunity to witness such a momentous sight. 5 . This is a life Review. the viewing concludes with the statement:With that he looks at me again. thoughts and extended contexts begin to play on the walls – much like a 3-D projection.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family below. The information is multi-dimensional but appears here as mostly visual. All is now well. Thank you Love Michael Rice Bio-Architect and Shaman 26th July 2011 I thank you Mike for your words. I see a green hexagonal crystal structure (like a church or temple) coming into form.

Claire Talks With Tony Kilvert might have to watch via google Introduction. Articles Associated: P. 78 A FACTUAL APPRAISAL OF THE “HOLOCAUST" BY THE RED CROSS Overview with Conclusion: P. Articles Associated: P. Articles Associated: P. 11 The initial intro to the book. Research Overview on Subject: P. 18 The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy.A Super Weapon Now Ready for WWIII. P. Articles Associated: P. The search will more often than not find another copy of the document that appears to be missing. So What Is It All About? P. 67 The Struggle for World Power Articles Associated: P. 70 X-RAY OF REVOLUTION.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Index There has been interference in the making of this book on several occasions so please be sure to search for the title of the link if it appears to be missing. 24 Top 10 Strange UFO Encounters. 76 OFFICIAL RECORDS FROM INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS PROVE "HOLOCAUST" WAS A FRAUD! Articles Associated: P. Subject of Chapter: P. 62 Save the Males / Red Symphony. Articles Associated: P. 84 The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy 6 . Official Line on Subject: P. 52 UFO’s Are Tesla’s Flying Saucers . 17 The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy. 71 Plan for “European Economic Government” Was Brainchild Of Nazi’s. 16 The realisation of what I have learned explained. P. Articles Associated: P. The Journey. 19 The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy. 15 Discussing what’s really been going on here.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .

Suggested Add’l Research P.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Articles Associated: P. 87 NOVA Online: Time Travel. 118 Highly Respected Ex Vatican Bishops Testimony . Click on them as they are articles and videos for more research. 104 Deadly time vortex appears over Antarctica.Vatican Control over the world.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Articles Associated: P. 7 . If they do not take you to the area then you need to cut and paste the name and put into the search engine to find the article or video. Articles Associated: P. 122 The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy Throughout this book there are Blue Highlighted and underlined areas.

“YOU” like to Wake Up Now? Before it’s too 8 late? . In Violent opposition to it.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family “There are 3 stages to the truth and there can be only one truth” 1 Ridiculing it. Which one of these stages are you at? & More to the Point would. 2 Being.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . 3 Accepting it as the Truth.

control us. Make no mistake we have to have almighty courage in this titanic struggle in order to even begin to understand and eventually to break the Bonds of our “Slavery” for the first time setting ourselves FREE. very carefully. I have no idea how hard this book is going to be but I know in every fibre of my being it has to be done. very serious trouble! “Hold On Tight!” Initially. the “Masons” and it can now be known by its correct name as the true “Luciferian Construct” under the direction it turns out. and it is called. Like everything already around you. but it is in the “understanding” of “consciousness itself” we see the systems that truly. “The Great Work” has been so.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .” To be more precise. The Truth. this book is an attempt to explain some of the things I have found out about the world in which we live. been “hidden” very. In order to do this you will have to readdress the world you believed you lived in and accept the truth that we are living in a living matrix called the “Construct. This is one of the reasons WHY the capstone on the dollar bill (for example) is floating above the unfinished Pyramid. once the final pieces are in place. of the ancient group of (so called) warriors on behalf of Lucifer himself. so carefully constructed over thousands of years by a well-known group. The second point is to ask all of you who read this book to question “everything” you “think” you know. I also 9 . “in plain sight.” The information we will look into here is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg but none the less it is a start. we are all in very.” There are so many aspects to “this world” that reach into every conceivable area of “all our lives” both known and unknown knowledge. These will “need to be broken” in the end. in order to shake off the chains we find ourselves bound under. after reading this book you will be able to “see and understand” it for the very first time with your own eyes.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family I have “MANY” other reasons for wrighting this book. as I do not know anyone else who can nor has the “will” to write it. not least of these is the fact. and in the process to help explain or help to show others the truth’s that have in most cases. “as we will see” he is pleased with the result and coming BACK to rule over it. Apparently.

We definitely can not to allow “them” finish their pure (what is termed as) “Evil” completion of their Luciferian Construct I will show you is real and very. take back our world forever. “fundamentally” change the way you see the world around you forever.) Always bear in mind just how sure are you that you will not have to live on Earth again? We will look into this in a later part of the book but the science and information all pans out and is inherently interconnected with all other subjects. at least to a point. dangerous to everything we hold dear in (what is supposed to be) a moral freethinking society. you will. 10 . You have to see it to believe it. the totally and utterly “controlled” prison planet for all of our future generations to suffer under forever more (and I mean absolutely every word. allow “them” to construct. open mind and to go out onto the internet and search out the subjects detailed in order and join us all in connecting the dots. you won’t see. We cannot. I ask you to read this with a very. so far. waking your sleeping friends and spreading this message so we can again. install marshal law and at the same time install the “CHRISTOS” (Christ Operating System) into place to rule over all of us through their “New World Order” pre designed plans.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family wish to apologise to all of you that read this book as it will and has to. is as close as I can get to it. I’m not suggesting here I know it all as I do not but if you take a look at what I’m showing you I am sure you will agree with the information I will present. If you won’t look. Sorry to “pop your bubble” but the question needed to be asked and the answer is yes. children will have to suffer in what we leave behind today if this “pure evil” plan is ever. ever completed and make no mistake. Not to mention your own children and children’s.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . We as a people have been undermined and tricked into a very complicated situation that holds a plan for full and total domination of the entire human race (by our own actions) not just over our lives but our entire existence even over our souls! I wish to GOD I was not saying this but there is only One correct TRUTH and this. it is almost finished. all over the world! The only thing left for them to do is “crash” the world’s economy‘s.

then one can set about understanding how one piece of information is directly or indirectly. research material. allow you to understand how it all works and why.” I do this because the “information” provided here is as “close” to the reality known as “actual fact” of each “issue. I very much encourage people to dig deeper into these topics as is required. (wholeheartedly) to get to the “real” information so will frequently refer to the word “Truth. studies and any other “connected” relevant information on the subject being discussed.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Introduction What I intend to do with this book is to approach as many aspects of truth as possible. I will attempt to give the best examples of information while also providing the research material to back up each point so the reader can “see” how I came to understand the issues. At every possible opportunity I will provide additional links to other people’s work.” I have looked at many aspects of how to approach this book due to the complicated issues and what it will mean to “begin” to understand how and what is going on in the world as well as why. There is NO topic that is out of bounds. In order to start I will choose a variety of topics to focus on as a basic “skeleton” for 11 . For one. There is far too much deceit and confusion and in this book I try.” commonly referred to as the “Truth. Much of the following information will be presented to you in a basic “Format. Once you are aware of the facts you can move on to connect them all together which will then and only then. you have to look at all the issues in order to conceive of whether they are true or not as well as to what extent. Once the pieces are pointed out and can be conceived as real truths. If there are boundaries they will cloud the TRUTH! There is fundamental truth but to understand it on any level. to repeat the party line endlessly will never help you whether or not there is any validity in the issue.” All of the topics we will look into here will push the boundaries of reality and will give most people an understanding they could never have possibly imagined could be true especially to the degree set out. I am not interested in giving out false information and this is the actual basis of the problems in the world today. connected to the others. To merely “accept” what you have been told is the basis of the problem and this is the most important point of the book.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . In order to “Understand the Big Picture” you will have to see the fact there are pieces of the puzzle to put together in the first place.

The facts will speak for their selves in the end. very real. as I will be here writing this for the rest of my life (however long that is after publishing this. I simple produce these to aid the reader to understand the bigger picture as we go and provide others opinions that (in most cases) corroborate the information or “reality” as it is and/or appears. This is a shame but you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family connecting the information into what I term as “a Three Dimensional Picture” of how all of these pieces fit together. articles. The “Format” I have chosen to use is the same regarding all of the issues to make it a little easier to read and understand the information and topics that 12 . Additionally. occasional images and other things provided such as graphs. When we have this framework we can set further information into place and begin “filling in the blanks. whether or not you wish to be one of the readers who will understand them is entirely up to you. As you work your way through you will find the same information I found which can be argued in a way but when the reader begins to comprehend the magnitude of what all of the information spells out in the end.” I have also been collecting lots of articles from many sources for years on these far reaching topics so I need to point out you will find articles from many other people in this book and it is not my intention to take credit for their work. they most probably turn off right away. I am putting forward these things and at each time I am indicating they are the authors and will supply the link to the original documents and it is not my work so I can take no credit for these. All of this information provided is meant to be in all of our “best interests” and to be portrayed to you in the best possible way even though it is a very hard hitting study. in these cases I cannot go into researching all of the background research the authors have done. If the reader wishes to understand the information they will have to learn to take a step back and look into the abyss once in a while. I am referring to these documents.” There will be areas and topics most readers will take one look at and will be so far away from current understanding.) I hope I have made this point clear so moving on to getting the “overall picture. I am hoping the reader can at least make an attempt to try and prove the information wrong (I know full well you will not succeed) but please by all means try. it will prove out as totally true and very.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .

if not I dare not say. The way I have separated each topic into sections is to get straight to the point. I hope the reader can examine and grasp what is laid out here. which will go into more detail later. The information is the key to all of this and we do not have any more time to waste. The first part of the “Format” will of course be the “Subject Matter”.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . We have gone far too far with this screwed up world and it is time to wake up the sleeper’s now. in order to establish a sensible conclusion.) In short I mean the accepted view of the masses as being currently thought of as “fact” on the information regarding the subject matter (topic. we can get into the real truth’s which is where things get “really interesting” in connecting the 13 .” When a result (fact or fiction) is derived on the validity of the subject (topic) we can then move into a deeper look at “what it all means” if indeed this is the case as demonstrated.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family we will deal with. we will look into and research the information on the said subject (topic) then move on to the “Research Overview” where we can then compare the “fact” side of the information based on the information we have looked into. whether they want to wake up or not. If there has been a twist in the truth regarding the facts then this naturally leads into the question of “why?” This is now where we can examine as to why the information we have been told is a lie and misleading so what are the implication/s for this. historic or other mandated view (as “taught” in the main stream. The second will be the “Official Line” which can be interpreted to mean the “current mainstream understanding” of the subject (as in the government’s official line) or the scientific. Once we have completed these. I am not attempting to construct a novel but am trying to break it all down so that it can be understood without too much of a problem. I wish the reader well and intend to follow this book with further books. for me this is the game changer we all needed and hoped to see. Getting straight to the point is what it is all about and there is no comfort blanket in this book. I can only tell you the truth as I have learned/found it so the rest is up to you. In detailing other peoples work I cannot correct them on points they may not be aware are incorrect and at the same time I may be wrong with some points but the information is the best I can do right now.) Once this is established. Once we have examined “research” we can move on to the “Overview with Conclusion. The information will go straight for the jugular and not mess about with niceties. If people listen and understand we can truly escape.

I will explain the information in the following format so you can grasp the basics of what is being conveyed in the simplest possible way. Subject of Chapter. I have chosen the following format for this reason:Example: Format for Chapters.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family dots (having now looked into all of the data needed to reach the conclusion. we can then put the information into a bizarre but coherent understanding of how it all fits together in order to fit it into the “Bigger Picture” in the form of the Overview with Conclusion. I would like to suggest the reader try to look at the first “issue” then work through all of the information (in order) until they are satisfied there is a level of reality going on. The final section to the format is “Suggested Additional Research Resources” and speaks for itself. If you cannot accept the information provided I would then ask you to enter into the “Additional Research Resources” until you can ascertain an acceptable understanding of each “issue” until you do “get it” so to speak. comprehend the “subject” being covered within themselves. 14 . Overview with Conclusion. The reason I ask this is so you will be in a better position to finish the book more quickly. Official Line of Subject. Please Copy and Paste the Titles into a search engine if the links appear to be broken. where they can then. This is done to divide the information and the contexts in which it is presented in the simplest form I could come up with so I hope it will be sufficient to convey the message as clearly and directly as is possible. really. The importance of this will be so self-evident by the time you finish all of the information contained in the book I guarantee you will begin to understand the importance of the work laid out here. Research Overview on Subject. Suggested Additional Research Resources.) Finally.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .

This is the initial point to the book. as you will see. many brave and courageous people have stepped up to the plate in the past and paid with their lives for it. Newsflash. We need to start the journey with the facts and fictions of reality versus what we perceive to be the real world around us and why things are the way that we believe they are this way. (The Powers That Be) will be “Cutting off” the Links to the Videos so please download and as importantly upload them as fast as possible so they can be found by search engines! (Please use the original names and Don’t Change Them as it will confuse the search engine on the topic.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Most of the reason we never looked in depth before is that we were already “conditioned” (unbeknown to most) against looking in the first place. On this note. we have been quite wrong. When we have delved into these topics and “self-educated. We have been conditioned due to the fact we would just not believe these subjects could possibly be true having been taught that way all of our lives and would think that looking at these subjects would be quite ridiculous if fact.” we will now stand a chance at getting to the truth of each subject. Whistle-blowers like the ones on the Project Camelot’s web site (for just one) and so many more are no longer with us due to the fact they tried to 15 .Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .) So What Is It “All” About? This is one of the biggest questions there is as you can appreciate.” They. we all thought we knew the correct answer already. was going to happen in finding out. In the beginning I had NO idea of what I was to learn and where it would lead to just like most people but I could never have possibly imagined what I was going to find out and consequently.” This really is where the “Penny Drops” and we will be awestruck but will then “Get It. as detailed. and then connect the numerous pieces of information together into that “Big Picture. There are many factors to this but initially in order to even begin to answer this question we firstly need to examine the truths about this world we find ourselves in.

As soon as I started to look into the facts I was totally astounded with what was staring back at me! It was reality.” Firstly. so to speak (Moon Rising . Before we start this journey I would like you to see this as an appetiser. Inventors of amazing technologies and the most admirable well-meaning advocates trying to improve our world have been snuffed out. many years) I was struck with a further revelation over and over again.) When I look back now I think how stupid I was for not looking sooner than I did but regardless. hold on tight.(Full Disclosure Version) by Jose Escamilla) Ok so. this I promise you wholeheartedly.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . in the truth as well as the search for it! Whenever I thought I was at the point I understood the whole thing (which took many. now I have your attention what was this weird subject I was looking into initially? The documentary introduces the “Moon 16 .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family put some of this together. This is paramount to tying it all together in its fuller context. Many years ago. make no mistake. To answer the question as to why I would have to say that “intuition” was the main driving reason. If you can’t look you will never be in a position to understand. For the first time in my life I was just in awe at the magnitude of what I found out. be enslaved by our lack of understanding and low level of consciousness. We HAD ALL BEEN WARNED every step of the way (If only we had the eyes to see it before) and I will attempt to spell it out for you as best I am able to. I had a recurring thought in my head but kept brushing it off as not worth my time to look into (I was too busy with trying to set up a business and paying the bills like most people. For what it’s worth no one can “fully understand the whole thing. If we fail to make the correct connection here to the “real” reality of this world we WILL. There are many reasons for this as I will point some out as we go but rest assured I have the best reasons for doing this and we should all as a race of sentient human beings (with free will) know the truth of just what is going on and why. please don’t allow the subject matter to put you off looking into it. as detailed I began to look into one weird subject. The Journey Here we go.

Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Rising” Documentary and takes you on a journey through the space program from the Kennedy speech on going to the moon and touches on the long list of cover-ups regarding the subject. Basically. It demonstrates there is a cover up of this fact and so much more to the point there has been a whitewash of the entire subject in the form of the real hidden evidences we (humans) currently have at our disposal. This is an excellent program that goes to the deeper areas of the subject uncovering one aspect after another in exposing the lies we all bought as the “truth” all of our lives. Subject of Chapter: The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy. Many individuals give their testimony and by the end of the program you are left in no doubt there is a cover-up of sorts and then demonstrates just what is being hidden. power plants and ancient technology and much more all over the moon’s surface. Moon rising brings forth whiteness testimony from the astronauts who went there and what they really found when they got there. I began to look into whether or not there was any truth in this subject and if so why are we not using it? Boy what a trip I was about to go on. towers.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . The ones I will choose will be the best of a small bunch but you will find all the initial information you need to look into in order to establish a sensible conclusion. As mentioned earlier in the book further information will be provided in the last section after each topic is discussed. structures. 17 . The documentary points out the bases. it is an exposé of the facts versus the fiction and the conclusions thereof. For the purposes of this book and bear in mind there are so many subjects I will have to deal with I am only going to go into several examples. 5-2 Illuminati ET/Spiritual Conspiracy: Aliens created Humans as a slave race And see Illuminati ET/Spiritual Conspiracy: Jordan Maxwell on Aliens and Illuminati 1. The documentary for the first time goes deeper into the fact we have full colour images of the moon and way more than that. The program shows beyond a doubt NASA has gone to the most extreme lengths covering over the truth on the most important story of the true history of the human race itself.

What is the official line on this one well I think you can work it out as whenever someone mentions the U. much more we really do have out there.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 2. Official Line of Subject: The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy. This being said. up there as well as far out there! (Bill Cooper Explains it all . nighty night and sweet dreams. I would ask right now that if any of these links go to a dead link you might have to search for the information I am pointing out. In his lectures he explains all of the initial information you will need to begin to wake up the people around you. do you have the courage to look or are you one of the people who just won’t go there? It’s your call and entirely your choice however if not I suggest you choose another book to read as you will need it to go back to sleep with and this link might help you a little in the process. or free energy topics people beginning to crack a smile as of course they already know the answer don’t they? Oh that’s just rubbish it’s NOT real comes the comment for the most part.O. If this is your initial opinion that is a typical normal response for the most part. as I have detailed. ("Sean the Sheep" on youtube) Otherwise you can be one of the truly aware individuals and take the leap into the unknown “Deep Black” world and see what technology and much.) Bill Cooper was an incredible guy who went to great lengths to expose the real issues of the depth of the lies we have all bought into.F.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . as you would seem to be exhibiting the very same reactions as you have been pre-programmed with. What about lightening? Is this not a perfect example of free energy in action or dose some “Guy” in the (Shadow) government hide the secret electricity bills the population of earth pays to the sun in order to pay it to shine its light on this little planet in (paper money) every year? Is there 18 . Just before serious readers delve into these topics I would like to hope I am safe to assume we all know a set of two magnets with similar poles pointing together at a close range push away from each other right? We have heard of a magnetic levitating train in Tokyo called the Maglev? Ok.Wake Up) Red pill or Blue pills anyone? (Now for real. Here is a little something for you to help you drop off so.

for a VERY good reason. The information will be NEEDED when the Internet is restricted and “censored” as is rapidly happening in the USA and UK now since the London riots. and what they “are” telling you is totally wrong.) Many of the links will lead you to other associated information on these topics so please ensure you complete each section before returning to the book for the next part of the information.the single link will on most occasions lead to other parts of their interviews so ensure you have checked for further parts to get into the big picture.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family even a secret government and are the world’s politicians telling us the truth about anything? We will look into all of these topics and so much more in the simplest way I have come up with and the answer certainly is “NO” they are not telling you. Jack. Ok. It will NOT stop there as I will show you they have pre-planned all of what they are rolling out in secret for a very good reason. This book is intended to “guide” people to the important aspects of the truth and not to try and take credit for their hard work and efforts. 2012 Prepare for the Alien Invasion? First Contact? 3. His story in very brief terms was he had 19 . Please Note – I will be posting links to other peoples work so please note I give them full credit and more than this I have the deepest regard for their efforts. The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy. Research Overview on Subject. to copy and download this and other important information (where legally possible) on ALL of these topics and store them on CD-DVD disks. even more so.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . I would ask everyone again. They are “trapping” us all quite literally into a total control grid of truly “epic” proportions! You will see this for yourself. as they are the ones who helped me to wake up. I will also be posting “single” links to their published works freely available on sites such as you tube and Google. One of the first guys I found who detailed his information was a professor Jonathan Searl. (Please note: . This is an information REVOLUTION.

com) I suggest you begin to start with the story set out on the link provided and research him yourselves. oops. well how about the USA Disclosure Program headed by Dr Stephen Greer. One of the products of his device (while operating) is to generate excess electrical energy in the process of revolving above a certain speed.searlsolution. Be forewarned. Please remember. especially in Russia that have proven this technology out fully. a second by product of this device is when it spins much higher it absolutely produces “Antigravity” he lost the first two units by them punching holes through his roof and carrying on out into space! For the second (anti-gravity) example we can look at agent called John Hutchinson. He has been hounded by the P. His story involves the action of firing radio waves at various kinds of material/s object/s to induce levitation. to mention. twisting. not by accident either but more on this later. So with this whom else shall we ask. There are too many of these systems that work. because it is on You Tube does not mean it is. You will have to use your judgment on the information and discern the truth for yourself but first you must “look. (The disclosure project: Web Site) 20 . as you will see in the last links under the “additional research section” on free energy. Since the inception of his device there has been many other tests and demonstrations.) (UFOs Energy System by John Hutchinson) For some further snippets.B.T. for decades including them stealing all of his research and equipment several times over and much more. integration of one object literally into another and other effects including anti-gravity. (http://www. check out some of his information on this series of documentaries.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . His information can be found on his web site here and after careful evaluation/consideration/research it turns out to be totally true. or is not real.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family developed an energy-generating machine called the Searl effect generator. The Canadian scientist was changing the mass of the objects to allow them to levitate and physically loose mass (among other effects.” (John Hutchinson and Nancy Lazarian: Cleaning the waters of the Gulf of Mexico) Other realities that have been proven in his trials include cleaning some of the waters off Mexico by beaming harmonic frequencies into the waters when Deep Horizon managed to create the BP oil disaster.

along with supporting government documentation and other evidence.” This information was released but not mentioned by our “fully bought and paid for” media (more on this later. will establish without any doubt what so ever. The weight of this first-hand testimony. Since then there are more than 100 similar calibre witnesses to these events and much more information. 2001.” level of the technology we have. DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extra-terrestrial vehicles. corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington.“On Wednesday. Here we will detail some of the more well-known individuals who are involved in this area of reality. May 9th. (not implemented commercially) but “admitted and released to the public archives. extra-terrestrial life forms. Some of which were in charge of the USA’s Missile Defence Systems and had the nuclear code keys to launch ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) at the time of the encounters! Well that’s kind of trusted is it not? They state on the web site the following:. (UFO Sightings Incredible UFO Footage Dec 25 2011) The reason “why” this is hidden we will look at later in the book. the reality of these “phenomena. There are “reasons” they are not telling you! I hope to show you why this is the case and what is the implication of “not” acting on the information provided here. Let’s take a look at a brilliant interview on this is by Michael Shratt who has spent decades ploughing thru some of this secret “Black Project” world examining technologies and what has happened to them to date as well as the results that came out of these projects. Here is “snippet” and just “1” example.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . (Project Camelot Productions Interviews Michael Schratt) Once you have seen even the. intelligence.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family & (Full Disclosure: Full Version Press Release) This last link contains the following information from the most trusted officials inside the US Military program. government. We paid for this “stuff” to be developed did we not? Well you will probably already be astounded having got to this point but you really have not seen anything 21 . you will then be in a position to ask the blatantly obvious question as to “why we are not employing even some small benefits from them today?” Even if we were only allowed be able to use some of it for cheaper air travel for one example.) There have been many more such calls for the disclosure of this information over the years and the deeper you look the more you will find. and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. over twenty military.

he has visited the world's leading defence establishments and has gained access to numerous top secret military facilities and bases in the US and former Soviet Union. They report on the “inner workings” of the defence industry (public sectors) and have direct access to the so-called “highest sources” in the industry as a whole. He is also a regular contributor to the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal and writes extensively for other United Kingdom and international media. the case and that’s a fact. (Billion Dollar Secret (Black Projects) 1 of 11) 22 . Military.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family at all. and other world news media during the 1991 and 2003 wars against Iraq and major conflicts in between.” From 1987 to 2001.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . the information about this sector will at the very least help you understand this area a little more in depth. Although he is led around in circles and hits brick walls all over the place it is in itself a great example of the blocks and dead ends professional individuals will encounter going into this field if you even try to approach these UFO topics without the “need to know. YET. In his 18 year career. top level businesses and anyone who is remotely involved in these industries around the world. Nick Cook was Aviation Editor of Jane's Defence Weekly. His exclusive stories for Jane's have included reports on Russian secret weapons and a second classified operation to rescue US hostages in Iran. The documentary “Billion Dollar Secret” (black projects) again. the international defence journal. US. Here is a sample from the following documentary series together with a brief description. the information in the form of a documentary put together by an incredible guy. As a regular commentator on defence and security issues. If the credibility of the source is what people are looking for in order to “understand it” then I present here. The answer is they don’t want you to have any of it and in fact quite the “opposite” is more accurate to the truth as I will show you is indeed. Nick Cook was Aviation Editor of Jane's Defence Weekly. From 1987 to 2001. his views and analysis were sought by UK. He is currently the magazine's Aerospace Consultant. For those of you who don’t know. “Janes Defence” is THE world’s leading defence journal sent out to the majority of countries armed forces.

(Iron Mountain Blueprint to Tyranny Full Rare Video) At this point I will introduce you to some of the reports that have been disclosed on the whole subject in the past with the link provided: Top 10 Strange UFO Encounters 23 .) (Red Ice Creations . very long time. It briefly details the fact that when he served in the military he was handed a report decades ago on the UFO subject (among other secrets) and he details his response to this information and what the Brookings report laid out the "Implications of a discovery of extra-terrestrial life. which is even better.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family There are so many examples of truly astounding technologies I am going to have to narrow down to the few examples I can think of as being the best ones. This video is approximately 5 years old but details how things are unfolding here today.Bob Dean "NATO's Assessment of Alien Life and the Impact of Disclosure) As detailed in this second interview (Project Camelot . In the report it is discussed why the possibility of peace breaking out in the world would be the deathblow to the current way we live our lives on earth. The following example is from a retired US official called Bob (Robert) Dean and presented in the interview section of project Camelot." (both here and elsewhere. There was a further report “the report from Iron Mountain” which detailed the reasons why we are not allowed to have access to this tech. This one listed above is one of two interviews on the Camelot site so check the archive under his name and you will get to the other interview.Bob Dean "The Coming of Nibiru") it clearly points out the fact we have this technology and in fact (as it turns out) have had it for a very.

Some believe UFOs are travellers from other planets or dimensions. Slowly but surely scientists are beginning to agree that it is mathematically impossible for intelligent life not to exist with our planet in the endless expanse of the universe.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . From the strong believer to the condescending sceptic. and very often these stories were reported long before the seed of UFO awareness was planted in the mind of the public. in the future. I have picked stories from different countries and areas to show that people have been reporting the same characteristics and attributes in UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials for decades upon decades. We truly live in exciting times. believe that. personally. everyone has deep rooted beliefs regarding the subject.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Article: by Valleys of Neptune1 The topic of UFOs is one on which everyone has an opinion. the great Wernher Von Braun. And either way. Others believe them to be experimental military aircraft. film and literature. much in the same way we do today when we remember people used to think the earth was flat. “You must accept one of two basic premises: Either we are alone in the universe. through TV. more and more is discovered about the Cosmos to show this to be empirically true. as day by day. or that it didn’t orbit the Sun. or we are not alone in the universe. I’ll leave you with the words of the pioneer of America’s Apollo Space program. the existence of intelligent ExtraTerrestrial life in the universe will be seen to be self-evident. and people will look back and laugh at the ignorance of the past. I. and the trillions of planets it contains. the implications are staggering.” 24 .

‘It was about 4ft high and seemed to be translucent and moved very slowly towards us. Another dog walker in the area claims to have seen the ship dart off into the sky at a 45 degree angle. which sounded like “my. Funnily enough. Mr Shaw ran for his life. when he was startled by an odd object hovering high up in the sky. Circular in shape. Sydney – an animal he stated is normally very placid – began growling and bearing its teeth at the spirit. At this point. even after this bizarre encounter.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 10 The Bowling Green Apparition During the night of the 12th of February 2010. with such haste he twisted his ankle in the process. with blue and red lights streaming along its underside. Above is a sketch of the UFO he saw. my” repeated over and over’ he later told newspapers. before landing on the far side of the green. it suspended itself above the bowling club and Shaw entered the grounds to get a better look at the object. 25 .Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . England. He watched in amazement as it zigzagged around. Wandering through the quiet streets of his neighbourhood. Mr Shaw still claims to be a paranormal sceptic. it began to descend slowly and move nearer in his direction. He was astounded to make out a 100ft long space craft. I was transfixed because it made a droning noise. lifelong paranormal sceptic Roy Shaw was walking his dog in Devon. he began to approach his local Lawn Bowling club. At this point a 4ft high white apparition exited from the ship and floated towards him across the lawn. His dog. Hazy and distant at first.

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 9 UFO with an Accent 26 .

ran home in a panic stricken state.30pm. A recently released report from the National Archives about the case reads. the woman was walking her dog near a sports field when she was approached by a man with a ‘Scandinavian type accent’ dressed in light brown overalls that resembled a flying suit.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . rise from the trees and eventually disappear up into the atmosphere. At around 10. England. realizing the gravity of her situation and the strangeness of what had just occurred. “He asked her if she was aware of stories about large circular flattened areas appearing in fields of wheat. The MOD notes attached to the file described the case as ‘one of our more unusual UFO reports. 1989. She turned to see a large spherical object. and then went on to explain that he was from another planet similar to Earth. The woman. in Suffolk. Whilst doing so.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family A woman telephoned RAF Wattisham.” The man went on that they’re visits were friendly but was ordered not to make contact in case they were seen as a threat. growing in haste and volume behind her. in a distressed manner to report an encounter she had the night before with a strange man in her area. glowing a brilliant orange and white. she heard a thunderous buzzing noise. and that the circles had been caused by others like him who had travelled to Earth. on November 21st. 27 . They talked for 10 minutes until he suddenly ran back in the direction he came.’ The operator who took the woman’s call described it as ‘a genuine call’. He said he disobeyed his orders as he felt it was important for contact between our people and his to occur.

Taking aim and firing at an Elk something strange happened. his bullet seemed to move in slow motion. Carl Higdon was hunting in Medicine Bow National Forest. he saw a humanoid over six feet tall which he described as having a black 28 . Turning around.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 8 The Wyoming case In 1974. As he went to retrieve the bullet a sudden strange feeling came over him. Wyoming.

eventually finding it 3 miles away. The being asked him if he was hungry and gave him four pills. which were now stiff and in an unnaturally frozen state. and the planet’s sun was of an intense heat. carrying the 5 elk Higdon had previously hunted. they found all his vitamin levels were miraculously high. Higdons wife and 2 other people in the area saw green and red lights in the sky on the night of his abduction. After being taken to the local hospital and examined.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family jumpsuit. He staggered in a deranged state unable to find his truck.000 light-years away. no eyebrows. 29 . some 163. bow-legs and long arms ending with rod-like appendages instead of hands. On the planet he said there were many buildings that resembled the Seattle Space needle. The humanoid then pointed to him. He radioed the Sheriff. shouting ‘They took my elk’. telling him if he ate one he wouldn’t be hungry for 4 days.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . who found him at midnight exhausted and frantic. with 2 and a half hours having elapsed. a wide belt decorated with a six-pointed star and emblem of yellow. and subsequently arrived there in a flash. and in an instant he found himself encased in a transparent device and wearing a helmet. His next memory was of being back in Medicine Bow Park. It had straight hair standing out from his head. and tuberculosis marks he had on his lungs had vanished. He was told he was going to their home planet. Two more humanoids appeared.

as if some unknown force was guiding him. he fought with the French Resistance in Luxembourg against the Nazi’s.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 7 The Western France Case George Gatay was a well-respected local man in the town of Nouatre.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . On the 30th of September. 30 . He also noticed a rod like weapon in its hand and a square shaped electronic device on its chest. in western France. A veteran of WW2. he was in charge of an 8 man crew working on a construction site. 1954. He described it as having an opaque glass helmet. grey coveralls and short boots. In total awe of what he was looking at. The creature stood in front of a dome shaped object which hovered 3ft above the ground. He felt compelled to walk. Whilst working he felt a ‘peculiar drowsiness ‘come over him. with blade like devices protruding from its highest point. The craft also had a cupola shape on top. Gattay stood in a paralyzed silence. When he stopped he was in sight of an unknown being some 30ft away on a hill. although he did not know where or why.

in a vertical direction.’ His seven co-workers complained of feeling inexplicably drowsy during the event. and George Gattay himself suffered headaches.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . since he did not disappear from my field of vision by walking away. claiming to have seen a flying saucer and ‘a man dressed like a diver in front of it. After greeting his workers with a panicky ‘Have you seen something!?’ Two of his workers concurred with his account. as if by a miracle. the strange man vanished. 31 . and noted that at his first attempt to do so he was overcome with an unshakable feeling of stillness.’ Gattay then ran back to the site to report what he saw. He stated ‘Suddenly. but vanished like an image one erases. something even stranger happened. and I couldn’t explain how he did it. and then it too was erased in a sort of blue haze.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family As he gazed in amazement. loss of appetite and insomnia for the full following week. Then I heard a strong whistling sound which drowned the noise of our excavators. Soon the object rose by successive jerks.

He followed her with his eyes for a few moments and 32 . Mr Adrian Hicks was in the town centre on a busy Saturday afternoon during the early months of 2004. this one really is strange. The local Councillor for Winchester in Hampshire.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . he noticed something odd about a woman walking through the rural town’s main street. and everything about her didn’t add up. After having lunch in his local bar and purchasing a few books from a book store. Her clothes were somewhat unusual.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 6 The Winchester Woman In a Top 10 list of strange UFO stories. The way she moved and her general demeanour gave off a strange impression which singled her out from the crowd.

‘She walked very slowly up the High Street. She seemed friendly and totally at ease with us. she was smiling. I remember she was very interested in the clock over Lloyds Bank. ‘She was a humanoid walking with a penguin like gait. and seemed to be enjoying herself among us.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . though no pictures have ever surfaced. ‘He watched her for around 9 minutes. walking ahead of her twice and noticed a tutu like piece of clothing around her waist and a thick head of bright blonde hair. He spent  £400 of his own money for an artist to perfect her image. which can be seen above.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family came to the incredible realization that he wasn’t looking at a human at all – but an extra-terrestrial. ‘It was staggering.’ Hicks was startled when she stopped 7 feet away from him when he uttered ‘What the fuck is that?’ under his breath. 33 . Hicks believes that the encounter is to do with a much larger Alien presence in Winchester. He now lobbies for the government to come clean about its dealings with UFO’S. She was taking it all in’. I am not usually lost for words but was that day. He has stated that several people noticed her without paying any extra attention and spotted some people taking pictures of her. Hicks kept his encounter secret for 5 years in order to secure his place in local government. due to the secret US and British operations in a nearby base. She wasn’t scared. An orthopaedic technician with over 35 years of experience. She had very large oval eyes and was twirling her hands in a circular motion. revealing his story only after securing election as a Liberal Democrat Councillor.

the 3 men became aware of his presence and simultaneously turned toward him before making off at a miraculous speed heading southward away from the hill.a. an off duty police Sergeant was driving along the A4 motorway during the early hours of the morning.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . whilst passing Silbury hill. which reminded him of forensic detectives. he noticed 3 exceptionally tall men standing in a field examining a recently made crop circle. but his attempts fell on deaf ears and he was ignored.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 5 The Silbury Hill Case During July 2009. but realized he was no match for their pace and watched in awe as they strode off in 34 .m. the sergeant parked his car and approached the men. Intrigued by such a bizarre spectacle. He noticed they had shining blonde hair and were dressed in white coveralls with their hoods down. At around 5. Upon entering the field. He followed them for a few seconds. From a distance of 400 yards he shouted at them. however. an area long renowned for its druid precedent. UFO sightings and mystical attributes.

” On the night following the sighting. “The police officer was apparently off duty when this happened so we have no comment to make because it is a personal not a police matter. After glancing away for a second. the UFO investigator he has chosen to communicate through in favour of remaining anonymous. “I then got scared.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . “They ran faster than any man I have ever seen. residents of the area reported seeing an unmarked Helicopter hovering for 3 hours over the field were the encounter took place. Walking back to his car. The sergeant continues to remain anonymous. 35 . The crops began to ripple and sway in time with a crackle that was pulsing all around him. a sequence that has followed UFO and crop circle reports in the area with increasing frequency. The noise was still around but I got an uneasy feeling and headed for the car. the sergeant looked back in the men’s direction to see they had completely vanished. I looked away for a second and when I looked back they were gone” he told Andrew Russell. and he developed a massive headache.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family superhuman strides. he felt something akin to a static electricity echoing throughout the field. For the rest of the day I had a pounding headache I couldn’t shift.” He contacted his colleagues at Wiltshire Police and they released this statement. I’m no slouch but they were moving so fast.

standing around 3ft tall with long black hair. reappearing on top of the craft. 1985. large eyes and a slim neck exited the craft and began to walk towards the children. As he moved in their direction he suddenly disappeared in mid step. A ‘small man’.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 4 The Zimbabwe Encounter On the 14th of September. The schools teachers and staff were indoors attending a meeting at this point. Many pupils 36 . They watched as it hovered around. 20km from the capital. there had been reports of UFO’s in the skies over Zimbabwe. which left the children unsupervised. Two days later at the private Ariel Elementary in Ruwa. 62 school children between the ages of 5 and 12 spotted a glowing ball in the sky during the schools morning break. Harare. appearing and disappearing for a short while before it gradually descended to the ground and landed 100ft away from the school in a bushy area off limits to the children. before re-entering the ship and soaring off at an incredible speed. where he silently stared at the children for a few moments.

The schools headmaster. which the children descended upon in stampede like fashion to relate their extraordinary tale. the older children told Hind they thought they were being communicated to by the ‘man’ and his stare. “Those thoughts came from the man. Hind became convinced of the stories authenticity.” The consensus was reached among the parents. which were all strikingly similar in their depiction of the ‘man’ and his ship. as such a lie would be far too complex for children of a young age to conceive and uphold. school staff and Hind that the pupils were in fact telling the truth. One child told her “I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth. Colin Mackie. She interviewed the pupils and asked them to recreate drawings of what they saw.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family were terrified due to African folklore stories which talk of demons and vampires that kidnap children and devour them. Around 35 sketches and drawings were produced. the man’s eyes” a shaken 12 year old told Hind.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . A drawing one of the pupils produced can be seen above. which warned them that the planet’s natural beauty and resources were being ravaged and polluted beyond repair. 37 . The only adult present in the playground was a parent running a tuck shop near the school entrance. who in her time was Africa’s foremost UFO investigator. contacted the now late Cynthia Hind. On a more bizarre note. Upon interviewing the children.

As he went to walk toward the object. a secluded. two smaller spheres covered in metal rods (which reminded him 38 . sitting just below the portholes. Turning a corner and coming onto a forest clearing.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 3 The Livingston case On the 5th of November. A ring also protruded along the same course. which he recalled measuring around 20ft across by 12ft high. which gave Taylor the impression the object was trying to make it self invisible. forested hill just off the M8 motorway. or had the capability to do so. Parts of the object were transparent and seemed to morph. Robert Taylor. a forester employed by the Livingston Development Corporation.30am to check on some saplings he had planted at Dechmont Law. Made of a material he likened to black sand paper. 1979. left his house at 10. Suspended in mid-air was a silent and motionless spherical object. Accompanied by his dog. he parked his pickup truck at the beginning of a forest trail and preceded the rest of the way on foot. Taylor was greeted by an unbelievable spectacle. a row of small circular windows ran around the centre of the object.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .

The Livingstone case remains unsolved to this day. with the nature of the tears determining that whatever tore his trousers had attempted to lift him in an upwards direction. Attaching themselves to each of his trouser legs. in 2007.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . She called the police and an investigation revealed some interesting facts. he came to the horrible realization he couldn’t stand or walk either. Above is an artist’s impression of what Taylor encountered. stifling smell which made him gag for air and lose consciousness. He awoke to find himself face down in the grass. and is the only UFO case in the UK which has resulted in a criminal investigation. 39 . He stumbled and lurched home. The section of land in which he encountered the UFO was covered in peculiar indentations. Attempting to summon the dog he realized he had lost his voice. trying to rise to his feet. Taylor never gained financially or in any other form through telling his story. and. but accidentally ditched his truck in wet mud after trying to drive in such a dazed and shaken state. none of which matched any forestry equipment or vehicles that were being used on the Law. Crawling and staggering back in the direction of his truck. his trousers badly torn and his clothes caked in mud. they emitted an acrid. he regained the functions in his legs and voice.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family of old navy mines) ejected from the primary object and began to roll towards him. and upon arrival his wife thought he had been assaulted as he stood swaying in their doorway: his face grazed. with the UFO long gone and his dog running around barking wildly. The tears on his trousers were forensically examined and were discovered to have been pierced by an unknown implement. which never changed from when it first came to light in the 70's up until his death at 89.

Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 2 Marconi Systems Marconi Systems was a defence and aeronautics engineering firm.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Among those the public were supposed to believe committed suicide were. contracted by the British government to design and manufacture visionary. who was found with his feet tied. scientists and digital communication specialists succumbed to ‘suicide’ and ‘accidents’ over a 6 year period. her mouth gagged. a 24 year old software engineer who was in his last week of work for Marconi. Twenty Five engineering experts. Alistair Beckham. between 1982 and 1988. reports of an unusual amount of ‘suicides’ among Marconi’s employees who worked on top secret projects gathered widespread media attention in the UK. and Vimal Dajhibai. During the 1980's. A large majority died just before their contracts with Marconi were up. a plastic bag over his head and a rope coiled round his neck and body four times. a 55 year old software engineer who supposedly committed suicide by going into his garden shed . who was found at the bottom of a lake with her legs bound. Shani Warren. top of the line weapons systems and military craft. Now extinct due to its merger with British Aerospace and eventual acquisition by BAE Systems. Richard Pugh a 37 year old digital communications expert. His death was ruled a suicide by jumping off a 40 . a 26 year old personal assistant in a biochemical subdivision of Marconi. a noose around her neck and her hands tied behind her back. the firm was never far from controversy and back handed scandal. connecting his body up to a series of live electrical wires and frying himself to death. or when they were on the verge of transferring to another defence systems company.

a manufacturing plant and company headquarters. due to America’s literal colonization of British defence innovations. where he informed his colleagues of his encounter and the Complex went into lock down. never to be seen by anyone on the site again. An important and strategic Marconi complex was situated in the small English town of Frimley. complete with a testing zone. perched over an open filing cabinet. and that they were willing to go to unthinkable measures to keep its capabilities and inventions top secret. although this was no ordinary intruder.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . While walking down one of these corridors. it would rank at the top of the site security alert scale. Described as being humanoid. which Marconi played a significant part in. rifling through mountains of Top Secret documents. a situation that continues to this day. The following morning the guard was taken away by 2 military psychiatrists. Infrared. In the corner. and the only person who was authorized to be in the building was him. Friends said he spoke of his happiness at securing a new job and saw no reason for him to end his life. he noticed a blue light emitting from underneath one of the doors. Many researchers uncovered whispers that the deaths were related to revolutionary infrared radar technology being developed by the company. and wearing some form of headlight which emitted the blue glow. a structure that housed the company director’s office and a treasure trove of top secret information on Britain’s Radioactive. Sonar. Given what we already know about them. as nothing but classified files in locked Cabinets was meant to be on the other side. and the Stars Wars defence initiative. and was met with a horrifying and epochal sight. The coroner ruled a needle sized puncture wound found on his buttock was caused by his fall. the guard ran out of the building to a security outpost. Ballistic and Aviation capabilities. Nuclear. He burst into the room. Looking at these deaths it’s clear that security was something that Marconi took very seriously. Shrieking in terror.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family suspension bridge in Bristol. The guard was aroused and drew his gun. it quickly turned toward the guard and erased itself in a blue haze right before his eyes and disappeared. was none other than an Extra Terrestrial. and that’s exactly what happened in 1976. A security guard doing his patrol at night was passing through the bases’ Old House. 41 . if an intruder were to penetrate deep within the premises.

is the closest so far. and events made a significant development on the 20th of January. At daybreak on the 21st. which appeared to be damaged or malfunctioning. who in turn alerted the Brazilian Army command at Tres Coracoes. It entered Brazilian airspace and the CINDACTA (acronym translates as the ‘Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Centre’) were contacted.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 1 The Virginia Case In recent years. Moving at a rickety. slow pace and emitting some form of smoke. 1996. strange 42 . it was heading in the direction of Varginha. when witnesses in a rural town in the state of Minais Gerais reported seeing a ‘Submarine shaped craft’ cruising 20ft above the ground. unidentified object soaring above the western hemisphere on the 13th of January. The NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracked an uncorrelated. Rumours of mass UFO sightings began sweeping throughout southern Brazil in the days that followed.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Many attempts have been made to thoroughly investigate the case and make conclusive findings. giving the instruction that all wings of the Brazilian military were to be put on high alert. hospital surgeons and a wide array of civilian witnesses will form the basis of this account. The 2002 book ‘UFOS over Brazil’ by American UFO expert Dr Roger Leir. and his interviews with military officials. the Varginha case has garnered just as much attention and controversy among hard-core UFO enthusiasts as Roswell has among the general public.

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

creatures were seen wandering around the town in an incapacitated and
horribly confused state. Villagers erupted into frenzy and notified the
police and fire brigade, telling them the town had been overrun by
monsters from Indigenous folk tales and even the Devil himself. The
army was quickly contacted and according to several witnesses 2 of the
creatures were captured without resistance, with one being subsequently
shot dead and the other being transferred to the Hospital Humanitas to
receive treatment for the injuries it sustained during the crash. The
Orthopaedic Surgeon Leir interviewed said he was instructed by armed
officers to begin a surgical scrub and prepare to perform a fracture
reduction on plainly ‘a leg’. Leir interviewed the other surgeons and
assistants that attended the surgery, who all stated the operating theatre
was sealed except for one entrance which was manned by armed officers,
who were unaware of what was in the theatre. The flow of military
officials and hospital personnel into the room was strictly monitored, with
only a small essential team of staff being allowed inside. Corrective
surgery was performed on a fracture of the femur of its upper thigh, with
members of the Brazilian Army S-2 military intelligence division being
present at the surgery.
The bipedal creature was described as being around 5ft, with massive red
eyes, a thin neck and dark brown skin which looked wet but was dry to
the touch. It also had 3 bony protuberances on 3 sections across its head,
and from its anatomy alone its sex was indeterminable. All attempts made
to communicate verbally with the creature were of no consequence and
its wound healed completely within 24 hours. After surgery the surgeon
turned to see the aliens eyes fixated upon him. He then began to feel
‘hammer- like blows’ to his head and chunks of information began to
pound and cram his mind, which he described as being like ‘Thought
grams’. The surgeon has never revealed the full extent of what the Alien
told him, but among other things it told him that it’s race felt sorry for
humans, because we are largely detached from our spiritual selves and are
unaware of the amazing things we can accomplish, that it’s race already
have. It was then taken out of the room by the officers, along with all
X-rays, documents and test results that pertained to it. The surgeon
complained of headaches for the 2 weeks following the event and was
reduced to a quivering wreck when telling this aspect of the story to Leir.
Two days later, several witnesses saw US military cargo planes at Sao
Paolo Airport, which were presumed to be collecting the crashed craft and

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

its occupants.
The story was picked up in its most basic form by The Wall Street Journal,
who ran it on their front page as a story as centrally dealing with a downed
unknown object in Brazil. While some people will perceive the story as
baseless and futile nonsense, there is much evidence on the contrary.
Ubirajara Rodriguez, an attorney and Varginha UFO case expert obtained a
copy of the death certificate of a Corporal Marco Cherez, an officer who
died three weeks after he supposedly touched the creature with his bare
hands. His death certificate states the cause of death as being from a ‘Toxic
substance’ and an ‘Ebola Type Disease’ although the full report of his
autopsy has never been revealed. In the weeks that followed the event, a
surprise visit was paid to Brazil by Warren Christopher and Daniel
S.Goldin who were, at the time, the US Secretary of State and Director of
NASA, respectively. Leir was shown several authenticated documents
concerning agreements between Brazil and America which allow ‘any
material coming from space that is found in Brazil to be turned over to the
government of the United States.’ To top it off there are literally hundreds
of Witnesses across Varginha, from all walks of life. Police officers, school
teachers, peasant farmers and government employees: they are all united
under the belief that extra-terrestrials crash landed in their city at the turn
of 1996, and they all witnessed it with their own eyes. But if you think the
case is strange, you should take a look at the explanation Major Eduardo
Calza gives as the cause of all this UFO hysteria surrounding Varginha. ‘It
was an expectant Dwarf couple and a mentally handicapped dwarf’ he told
investigative journalist Bruce Burgess during an interview for his
documentary ‘The Brazilian Roswell’. What do you believe?
End of this Report.


Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

Some of the changes we could make in this world would come about due to
many factors “just one” of which is, if we had free energy we would not
need to pay for energy of any kind, which would make money obsolete
(potentially) and travel FREE! This report can be found here. (Report
from Iron Mountain Part 1) Another outcome of this technology would be
free travel “off” this planet and this is the big one, not the fact we would not
have to pay (although they use money as one on of the “main tools” in the
construct’s toolbox) it’s all about control of the whole planet and us as the
human race. They have to control US ALL Period. If we got to go out
and explore the stars we would find out we are not alone and never have
been thus we would start to interact and learn from these other races plus
begin to gain incredible technology. Some of the other effects would be
we would have to understand how we have all been “tricked” into religions
and what has really been happening down here and out there while we were
asleep and so much more.
Would you like to travel the stars instead of a 9-5 slavery system trying to
pay off “excessive mortgage payments and massive taxes” without the
occasional bailouts that are being paid to the Industrial Military Complex
that hides all this away from us? There is your answer, we are ALL
locked down on a literal, prison planet and when you finish this chapter
alone you will be able to see (one section of this system) yourself without
any doubt. We will then move to the other sections (walls of the prison) as
to understand how these really work and what truly lies behind them.
Ok just before we move on I wanted you to ask yourself if you believe your
own eyes or not? It really makes little difference either way as these
things are really here period. I am now going to show you a real link to
what appears to be the millennium falcon craft star wars was based on (and
NO I am NOT JOKING) it is sitting at the bottom of the ocean! The story
was from a ship that was looking for some rare champagne, lost at sea on a
sunken cargo ship that went down. They were searching for this wreck
when they came across this huge metal object and proceeded to map its
contours and this is what they found. (The Millennium Falcon Found off
the Coast of Sweden) Later in the book I will explain how all of these
things tie in to each of the other issues.
Just to get the point across this is not the first time buried ships have been
found by a long way. UFO crashes have always occurred and they are

Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic: 46 .” To move on to another example let’s look at Otis T Carr and Ralph Ring’s exploits in the field of making and testing their very own UFO’s that worked and were demonstrated. which incidentally is the key to pretty much “EVERYTHING” together with harmonics and symbolism as I will attempt to demonstrate you later on in a very big way.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family covered up and dismissed as swap gas and alike. As you may have noticed in an interview earlier they plan to say that we are being attacked by UFO’s and need to go to war against them. This will not be the truth but a total and utter fabrication and distortion of the facts as detailed here in the interviews of Rick Clay. (UFO Alien Interview Area 51 Majestic12 alien EBE-2 pt3) We will get back to this subject later on as we join the dots further as we go deeper into some of the associated facts. (UFO Base in Brazil) There has been a public ridicule program running in order to “keep a lid” on the fact that the technology is real and we are way more advanced than you can possibly imagine. All based on Nicola Tesla Technologies and using sacred geometry. but it will mainly depend upon our “awareness. (UFO Crashes in New Mexico) More? (Ufo Crash and Military Retrieval in Russia: Old Footage) ("Flying Saucer" development in Russia) (Russian Helicopter pulling a UFO 2011) & (UFO 2011 Best Evidence? Thanks@Thekeysersoze111) To point to but a few examples. They are real so you will just have to get over it and I suggest quick! (2012 Prepare for the Alien Invasion? First Contact) Unless you don’t believe this might just have any basis in any form of reality at all. (Rick Clay & 2012-RIP 2) Time will tell how this all pan’s out. (Resonant UFO) – Ralph Ring and Otis T Carr) and (Project Camelot Interviews Ralph Ring) these guys got together and actually built a working space ship in 1959! Get a load of this one. This is now rapidly coming to light but the way “they” want it to come to the surface. (Planetary Defence Coordination Office Proposed to Fight Asteroids) This is apparently footage of a craft coming down and looks just like that to me. (Aquamarine Dreams: Ralph Ring and Otis T Carr) Nicola was a total genius but has been left behind in the lies of this construct we live in today as what he saw in nature all around him were the secrets of how things really worked.

Tiny magnetic fields are the real fundamental particles originating from a 47 . Tesla is often described as the most important scientist and inventor of the modern age.2011 . Antimatter and Dark Matter. Austrian Empire. Tesla's patents and theoretical work formed the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems.The Universal Order of Matters) Nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe gives information about his new book: The universal order of creation of Matters. Till now it was assumed that the neutron was composed by three quarks. which was his dream for all of the people’s of the world." Cutting a long story short Tesla also discovered how to convert ambient air temperature “trapped” in our atmosphere of earth (by our north south magnetic fields) or magnetosphere. (The Tesla Prophecy and Suppressed Science) I could go on for hours just with this guy but we have to get on with the other points.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Никола Тесла) (10 July 1856 7 January 1943) was an inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer. a man who "shed light over the face of Earth". Contemporary biographers of Tesla have regarded him as "The Father of modern Physics" and "The man who invented the twentieth century" as well as "the patron saint of modern electricity.9. with which Nicola helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution. he was an ethnic Serb subject of the Austrian Empire and later became an American citizen.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Iran's Flying Saucer & Plasma Reactor Technology) but if you go to his web site while listening you will learn he has demonstrated some amazing natural science experiments and goes through them here (Merhan Keshe Foundation) and (Merhan Keshe . He explains it this way on his web site. including the polyphase power distribution systems and the AC motor. Croatian Krajina.6. He is best known for many revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. into “freely available” electricity. [The principles of gravity and these principles also apply on the interaction inside the neutron between Matter. one upper and two down. Born in Smiljan. The neutron is mainly composed by these three fundamental Matters. (Nikola Tesla unlimited free energy forever They don’t want you to know about) There are many others who have conquered these two issues but I will focus on just a few more for now. Merhran Keshe discusses the details here (Red Ice Radio .

Now it becomes possible to create at any point-of-demand in an affordable way vast amounts of energies (like electricity and heat) and motion. food and new materials. how about a very good documentary that comes to mind is “from here to Andromeda. Dark Matter and Matter). They have each an individual. magnetospheric condition which is ruled by Magnetic and gravitational fields strengths.] He also discusses many other aspects of what his technologies can really do including producing force fields and much more when you take the time to study his information. Three packs of such with different strength make the three basic types of Matters (Antimatter. It has all been hidden away from us the “slave masses. Based on these new first principles prototype reactors were build. UFOs. spirituality. with amazing results. Employees made this interview as follows: (NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist) Kool. and both still contain parts of the Matters trinity of the original plasma. Fields of similar strength can entangle in a dynamic pack]. This is similar to the inward Gravitational and outward Magnetic fields of Earth. This neutron can decay into plasma of a proton and plasma of an electron. billion dollar fighter planes would be out of date in a split second thus will collapse the arms industry in one foul swoop. and they can interlock to make the Initial fundamental Plasma or Neutron. (The Whole Series of 22) (Welcome to Keshe health applications) Ok. and achieve fusion in a simple way. and matters like water. The Great Pyramid and Free Energy Vortex Energy Part 20 of 22) Whole Series of these.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family cosmic magnetic soup. and together an overall.” In a recent report one of NASA’s Ex. He demonstrates if this tech ever got to go public. and human ethics on their journey to solve the greatest riddle in the universe: How can you travel faster than the speed of light and go anywhere in the universe in minutes? Is it possible that Einstein was wrong? Find out why so many UFO's are suddenly appearing all over the 48 . and to develop new space technology. (Tesla. Well it is TOTALLY real. space propulsion theory. as you can see we are getting down to some solid information here are beginning to get the idea that this is actually really possible.” (From Here to Andromeda 2 of 28) They explore the areas of sustainability.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . where shall we go next. like creating lift and motion without burning fuel.

well it’s quite easy really as this is the truer version versus fiction remember.g. These are programs (paid for by the tax payer who receives next to “zero” benefits from any of them) where the areas of research are hidden from all of the public eye and even the individuals involved for the most part are subject to what is known as “compartmentalisation. Are they here to teach us? Are they here to help humanity make a quantum leap? What do World Governments know about UFO's? Will humanity find a new home in the universe? This is a documentary where the idea of the reality of anti-gravity is explored in some depth.” In effect. Ben Rich. This program was using nuclear powered flying saucers perfected from previously crashed craft of the past (E. These programs normally result in being classified as secret or higher as we will look into next. Roswell 1947 for example as there are many others. On a last note here. the "Father of the Stealth Fighter-Bomber" and former head of Lockheed Skunk Works.) In this documentary actual examples are demonstrated as to how to manipulate gravity for real. this will cut you off from knowing just what the combined or collected efforts of you and your colleagues will amount to or the resulting outcome of the program.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family world.” This can be explained by the example of being told “you will work on a section of a program without knowing just what other work is and has been done by other members on same project. He clearly points out it now up to us to break free of this control system and until we do we will never know what the real possibilities for mankind actually are. which is known to unofficially exist in the 60’s. yes Hitler! How in the world can you say this I hear you gasp. So. how far have we really gone? Boyd Bushman (Ex Senior scientist of Lockheed Martin’s skunk works) was in charge of one of the military “Black Projects” at Wright Patterson air force base.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . had once let out information about Extra-terrestrial UFO Visitors Are Real! (Extraterrestrial UFO's are real: Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO Admits) Next on this subject let’s look at Hitler. Hitler was working on many “hidden secrets” both before and during the war as depicted (as detailed so called 49 . He demonstrates some of examples he learned in the program in real time for us here. There is a good overview of all of the information on this subject but in particular I recall one of the gents who gave an interview on this subject. as he was part of the black operations machine in his younger years.

the Holy Grail. If you don’t have this it’s next to useless.Documentary) Not only did Hitler hunt down these secrets he did in fact find most (if not all) of the answers to them and this is very important. free energy and other. Anti-Gravity.” (HITLER AND THE HOLY GRAIL (1/6)) The link (gives some basic “historical” idea of Hitler’s expeditions) covers some of the information but you will never get to the truth without looking deeper into any subject. (Nazi Ufo The Bell Documentary part 1) This was deemed higher security than even a “Top Secret” classification. In point of fact Hitler was sending out expeditions all over the world trying to track down items of historical interest such as the arc of the covenant. What happens if you were to find for example a piece of technology you don’t know how to use? Well this is the point you need to have the information on what they really are as well as how to use them.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family “Fiction”) in the Indiana Jones films.Vril . One of his highest goals was not what you were told which is the atomic bomb but in fact. (The Hunt For Hitler’s Scientists . which have/s been hidden from mankind for thousands of years as well as what they are and the kind of science that makes them work. It is known today as occult (which means) “hidden. One of the programs he was working on was the infamous Nazi Bell program.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Remember raiders of the lost arc anyone? There are links here guys I promise you so bear with me. There are some people who are aware of how this all fits and why but there is far more information to study on this one alone 50 . The artefacts are ancient technological devices and knowledge. Hitler had a mission (which is a heck of a story in itself) but to try and stick to the basics let’s look at what he was after. Having said this back to the energy and antigravity issue we began with regarding Hitler and his aspirations. the crystal skulls and even to extra-terrestrials both out there and on earth! (Thule . What has happened in fact with regards to Hitler was nothing like what you have learned but as far from it as you can possibly imagine. “hidden secrets. as you will find in the documentary.” Initially lets look at the historical facts for this claim.Paperclip) Why on earth did he go to all of this trouble if there was nothing to any of these things? Common sense explains there is hidden information on all of these subjects.

Home Page) I can also offer this link. (Rich Planet . (Les Brown .Mad Electricity part 1 of 5) I suggest you “think” on this matter for a moment if you still do not understand it. hidden knowledge) The main page of the web site can be found here. which is trapped in the atmosphere by the functions of our north and south poles as (Nicola Tesla discovered and tapped into. we have been monumentally fooled into believing it was not true but you have to “see it with your intellect” and “feel it with your body” as warmth. With a subject this huge we need to build up the puzzle.” Again. In the interview I also cover the fact that free energy is totally real and the fact you are actually sitting “IN” it and it is and always has been “all around you.The Pyramids. (Tony Kilvert . the holy grail. There are many pieces of disinformation out there so you have to be discerning and look at it as an overall picture. This link is not essential but non-the less some good information but as ever.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .) (Nikola Tesla . not “All” of it is exactly as indicated.” The interview includes the real truth about the Ancient Pyramid Technology here for Sky TV channel 201 (and to my amazement yes. which begins to go into “some” of the physics or “fundamentals” behind the fact of why the Holy Grail works and some of the sacred geometry behind the shapes and materials integral to it. This is a basic overview of Tesla but there is so much more as I mention so it will have to be enough to give you and overview. please note. it was aired!) < I did however get a “Black” military helicopter and MIB on my case afterwards though for reference. there is much more to it all but it‘s an example. as I keep pointing out.The Physics of Crystals) As ever. I personally conducted an interview on some of this “Hidden and Secret” which means “Occulted” information that has been kept from the “masses.> It mentions many secrets including that Hitler actually found the Holy Grail and this really IS it. 51 . It is stored in the form of “ambient air temperature” from the sun.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family and I will give the reader an example of how deep we can go into any particular subject as follows. Here is an article from Pakalert press on Nikola Tesla’s energy systems and UFO’s.

but the Germans were also building real ‘anti-gravity’ saucers based on inventions of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). not “alien space ships” Following the wave of “UFO” sightings in early 1950's. but they are simply rational application of recent technique. a scientist-engineer and a former Italian cabinet minister.some great power is now launching discs to study them. New Mexico around 1937 testing Tesla’s “saucer”-technology which then developed into a “wonder weapon”-program of the Nazi Germany.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Article: (UFO's are Tesla's Flying Saucers .A Super weapon now ready for WW3) UFO’s are Tesla’s Flying Saucers A Super weapon now ready for WW3 Werner von Braun was in Los Alamos.” You can read more about Professor Belluzzo’s saucer project here and here. The article talks only about jet-propulsion “saucers”.. .Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . 52 . UFOs or “flying saucers” are man-made. was quoted in Italian and American newspapers saying: “There is nothing supernatural or Martian about flying discs. by Christian Soderberg (for henrymakow. who apparently personally worked in one of these German-Italian “flying saucer” projects in the 1940' The Daily Mail recently reported about “flying saucer” projects in Nazi Germany and Hitler’s plans to use these “wonder weapons” to attack England and USA. Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo (1875-1952).

and in either case always as safely as the most prosaic of wheeled vehicles. above all. this description of his “box like” flying machine is told to be about his helicopter-like ‘flivver’. and. nor a ‘lighter-than-air’airship ( a Zeppelin-type). perfectly safe in the greatest storm. It will be small and compact.starting from section: Ten Horse Power to the Pound 53 . In some books about Tesla and his inventions. He also tells us that his flying machine is not affected by winds or “holes in the air”..absolutely stationary in the air. It can be built of any size and can carry any weight that may be desired” – The Sun.” “…How about aerial navigation?” Dr.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Nikola Tesla’s “flying stove” . He considered for a moment or two and then replied with great deliberation: “The application of this principle will give the world a flying machine unlike anything that has ever been suggested before. excessively swift. for great length of time. even in a wind.’You should not be at all surprised.. It will have no planes. In a 1911 article from The Sun Tesla describes his flying machine: “Dr. Nikola Tesla leaned back against his chair at the Waldorf last night and talked calmly of airships without planes. Actually Tesla’s “flying stove” used an electro-propulsion system.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Tesla was asked. no screw propellers or devices of any kind hitherto used. if necessary enter and depart through a window. propellers or any of the other gear of the now familiar aeroplanes hurtling through space at tremendous speeds or driving more slowly carrying great loads. which was to be powered by external power stations and Tesla’s ‘wireless transmission of energy-system’ or with a power generator inside the craft.” .. if some day you see me fly from New York to Colorado Springs in a contrivance which will resemble a gas stove and weigh as much. New York – ‘Tesla Promises Big Things’ In a 1911 New York Herald article Tesla specifically explains that his flying machine is not a conventional airplane. and that it can be held “.’ Thus Nikola Tesla wrote to a Westinghouse Electric Company manager in 1912. … and could.

Few hours later working in the same area.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Anyone familiar with the operation principles of the so called “conventional airplane” understands that Nikola Tesla’s flying machine described in these 1911 quotes has to be an ‘anti-gravity’ craft. 75 to 100 yards in diameter.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . they could get their tractor starting again. the author of the books ‘Pentagon Aliens’ and ‘Occult Ether Physics: Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It’... and shared his experience as a WW II POW working at a prison camp at Gut Alt Golssen near Berlin..6 After WW II this secret “Tesla saucer”-program travelled back to US along with von Braun who started also working on the US rocket and space programs. he saw a vehicle slowly rising vertically from behind a tarpaulin-type wall around 50 feet high.This vehicle [. consisting of dark gray stationary top and bottom… The approximate three foot middle section appeared to be a rapidly moving [.. In 1957 a Polish immigrant offered his help to the FBI to explain the “car engine stalling UFO sightings” of the 1950's. They didn’t see any machinery nearby but when the noise stopped. “. they started to hear a high pitched noise similar to a large electric generator and their tractor engine stalled which they couldn’t get starting again. Werner von Braun was in Los Alamos. and about 14 feet high... so a real “flying saucer”. In the report he tells that while going to work to a nearby area in 1944.B. New Mexico around 1937 testing Tesla’s “saucer”-technology which then developed into a “wonder weapon”-program of the Nazi Germany.I. According to William Lyne. The Smoking Gun: An F.] circular in shape.] producing a continuous blur similar to an aeroplane 54 . surrounding a circular area of 100-150 yards in diameter. Report of a “Tesla saucer” A proof of a German electro-propulsion (anti-gravity) flying saucer comes from FBI reports.

cables one and one-half inch to two inches in diameter. . because “.Producing energy ‘over-unity’ One more reason for the banker-industrialist cabal to keep Tesla’s ‘flying machine’ hidden away from the public is that it apparently used(uses) ‘over-unity’-technology to power itself..the Chinese also have Tesla’s ‘anti-gravity propulsion’-technology.. after which the engine started normally. the second law of 55 . . It also seems that most of the super powers of our planet are aware of this technology.] the noise stopped.. Tesla talked quite often about extracting energy from the Ether (dynamic light bearing ether) but because most of Tesla’s notes and papers were confiscated by US authorities after his death in 1943.. There was an article in China Daily a while ago about the Hangzhou-UFO which made an airport to close down for a while..and naturally “the cabal” don’t want people to have clean and FREE energy because they would make very little money this way. Un-insulated metal. .. but extending the circumference of the vehicle. The information that the Hangzhou UFO was connected to Chinese military was also reported by ABC News. The source on the matter to China Daily said that the UFO was related to Chinese military. these over-unity-generators are mostly treated as a “myth” or as bogus science.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family propeller. [.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . The engine of the tractor again stalled [. but they’re not... on and under the surface of the ground. The noise emanating from the vehicle was similar to the noise previously heard.] were observed…” A photocopy of this FBI report can be found in ‘Hitler’s Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War’ (on this chapter) a book by Henry Stevens. possibly copper.There is undisputed scientific consensus that perpetual motion would violate either the first law of thermodynamics. Because the global ‘war industrial complex’ (banker-industrialist cabal) wants Tesla’s inventions to remain a secret they have produced propaganda for decades to make people believe the “flying saucers” are of extra-terrestrial origin.

This Tesla mentions in his correspondence with Sava Kosanovic. .and the air was probably re-liquefied after the combustion process).Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family thermodynamics. ((part 1 of 6) The Nazi Bankers' Crimes .and more).Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .. End of article. He tells us that this ‘high potential electro-static generator’ ” . March 1.. William Lyne explains the operation of this type of generator on page x.. 1941 . 1/51) As the link points out your world is changing whether or not you are ready I’m afraid.” ‘Self Existing’ means this generator produced ALL the energy it needed to operate itself (. One of these over-unity-generators is mentioned by Tesla as his ‘particle beam’-device.perhaps liquid air) and it was hermetically sealed so the same gas was used over and over again (. This generator ran on air (.can be made self-existing be suitable connections. All the generator needed was an external energy source to start it up.(preface) in his book Pentagon Aliens. or both. after which it ran till someone stopped it or because of a mechanical failure. This is a brand new. (Your World IS Changing. You can wise up or get trapped it’s your call. brilliant video put together by the creator of 7/7 ripple effect covering some of the issues I am detailing here entitled “The Natzi Banksters Crimes-Ripple Effect” just in case something happens to the link..” (Wikipedia).Ripple Effect) 56 .”I add that in the station one must have a small generator or battery of 30 volts for activation“ I also believe this ‘particle beam’ invention of Nikola Tesla is the device from which they developed the device that they use to make ‘crop circles’.. This link is about 5 hours long so it will take a while to go down this rabbit hole but there is some good stuff in there..But naturally. there can be errors in these man-made laws.

22nd Earl of Erroll? Well I am not surprised you have not in the slightest but he was a prominent British colonial politician. which the Second World War did so much to advance. informed of a terminal disease. (The Life and Death of Lord Errol: The Truth Behind the Happy Valley. as there is too much information to go through.) The popular version of the murder is depicted in the 1987 movie "White Mischief" starring Charles Dance as Lord Erroll and Greta Scacchi as Diana Broughton. The brutal eviction of Scottish tenants from their farms in the early 1800's is a fitting symbol for the dispossession of the human race by the New World Order. murdered execution style. There is much additional information on the whole Hitler subject and what was involved behind the scenes contrary to what you are aware of in the mainstream. was portrayed in terms of the decadence of white settlers far from the London Blitz. who was tried but acquitted. gave the information to a colleague 57 . Erroll's body was found in the early morning Jan. back to this WW2 note again. 1941 kneeling in the front passenger foot well of his car with a bullet wound behind the ear. What "ugly" secret would make the British government kill a British citizen and pass it off as an unsolved murder? < Note: He also ordered the UK’s initial “Official” UFO cover up way back then! More on this later. > Significantly the conspirators chose the code name "Operation Highland Clearance" for Erroll's murder. The murder would have remained unsolved but for a retired SOE insider who. which took place in Nairobi Kenya. For an example though. who has ever heard of Josslyn Victor Hay. I will provide you with an example of the detail we can go into on all of these issues but I’m doing this to provide one and only one example. Suspicion was cast on Diana's much older husband Sir Henry Broughton. 24. There is no possible way I could do this for every single topic. Erroll. knew the real cause of the Second World War and had the stature to be heard.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Ok.. The murder. a widower was having an affair with a married woman Diana Broughton and had dropped her at her home nearby after midnight. Winston Churchill ordered the Secret Service (Special Operations Executive) to kill him..Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .

the privately owned Bank of England funded Hitler as a means to intimidate Stalin. In the early stages of the war. heir to an ancient Scottish lineage. But he knew too much. He was aware of how the Crown bankers had used Hitler and he spoke of it within range of MI-5 assets. he held the post of Military Secretary with important military and intelligence duties. the Nazis entertained the English and gave them information on their military build-up.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . organized and intelligent. At 6 foot 2" with chiselled Nordic looks. They used the Cliveden types to fool Hitler into thinking England approved of his plans. At age 20." When Hitler realized he had been double-crossed. Erroll was one of latter who sincerely believed Hitler represented a bulwark to Communism. an excellent speaker with a photographic memory. those who were aware of the trap. was the British High Commissioner in the Rhineland. Like proud protégés. he may have taken his revenge on the Jews. The Nazis were set up. and those who were not. Trafford. Erroll did his patriotic duty. gave it to an author. The Cliveden Set divided into two groups. Errol's father.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Tony Trafford who composed a 100-page memo. Erroll belonged to the "Cliveden Set" a powerful section of the British elite that supported this alliance. A member of the Kenyan colonial legislature. Errol was the private secretary to the British 58 . why did the Churchill government have to silence this man forever? \ THE GREAT RUSE Essentially Hitler was not interested in a world war. Churchill's backers. His design was to conquer the USSR in a loose "Nordic" alliance with England. since deceased. "Operation Highland Clearance" involved more than 100 people. When the war broke out. Lord Erroll was a natural leader. This is the real meaning of the "Policy of Appeasement. War enables them to concentrate power and wealth in their hands and slaughter national elites who might interfere with their plan for world dictatorship. Victor Hay. coincidentally named Errol Trzebinski who was writing. destroy Germany and have a world war.

) THE MURDER On Sept 7. considered a Nazi sympathizer. Erroll visited England and kept in touch. pretended 59 . He spoke German and French fluently. the Deputy Fuhrer." Hess may have been Hamilton's lover. In December another agent-couple entered Kenya and on the night of the murder. Winston Churchill. They had a daughter.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . 12 to be handled by their Cairo station. In May 1941. Rudolf Hess. Lord Erroll. was part of this occult scene. a Druid. Hess was Hitler's homosexual lover in the Landsberg Prison and helped him compose "Mein Kampf. He joined Oswald Moseley's Fascist party but later quit. Certainly Hamilton had an affair with Albrecht Haushofer. The matter was handed to the SOE on Sept. He was a close friend with the Duke of Hamilton who was a lynch pin in the Bank of England's plan. the son of Hess' mentor Karl Haushofer. knew the Prince of Wales. flew to Scotland to present Hamilton with a generous peace proposal. and could discredit Churchill and the British war effort. Jock and Diana Broughton were MI-5 assets who entered Kenya in Nov. (See Churchill's homosexual connection. 1940 to discover Erroll's intentions and to involve him in a love triangle that would obscure the real purpose of his murder. (See the book by Kevin Abrams & Scott Lively. and was part of the European aristocracy. online Chapter "Homo-Occultism") Hitler was created by a largely homosexual occult secret society that spanned British and Nazi elites. 1940. three months after Errol's death. Both men were homosexuals.) But the Nazis branch was not aware of the hidden English agenda. "The Pink Swastika".Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Ambassador in Berlin. who originated the concept of lebensraum. He followed her to Kenya where she had a large estate won in a divorce settlement. His diplomatic career hit the rocks in 1924 when he married a twice-divorced woman eight years his senior. Erroll was silenced because he was an opponent of Communism. a group of highly placed persons including Douglas Douglas-Hamilton. met in Scotland and decided to terminate Jocelyn Hay. (He was also a friend of Edward VIII. This was called the Thule Society in Germany and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England. the Fourteenth Duke of Hamilton.

Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family to have engine trouble. 60 . But Stalin would have had to do something terrible for the British to have joined Hitler.296) He would have had to make peace with Hitler if the bankers had not inveigled the US to intervene. its real crime is asserting its independence from the NWO. Other Cliveden members who died mysterious and premature deaths were Lord Rothermere (1940). 1940 six months after leaving office. he had played Hitler. close friends of Edward VIII and Edward himself" would be embarrassed by what Erroll knew. financed by the Bank of England. There were radio-controlled teams following Erroll. We see it today in the form of arbitrary state power. Trezebinski's retired SOE contacts try to put a slightly different spin on events suggesting Erroll was murdered because "ex-appeasers " in the establishment including "the Duke of Hamilton. You can bet that whenever a country is being ostracized as a pariah state.e. (p. Jewish terrorists ostensibly murdered Lord Moyne in 1944. Russian Communism was one half of their NWO Hegelian dialectic. senior figures in Chamberlain's last cabinet. (p. The other spin is that Churchill had been sincere about an alliance and was worried about exposure.280) An insider told her Rudolf Hess. Churchill jailed hundreds of others. and requested a ride back to town for the female who shot Errol. Lord Moyne and Erroll shared knowledge of some "ugly" secret. repression and indoctrination.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I ." Iraq. the "ugly secret" is "not that Churchill had discovered the conspiracy [to ally with Hitler] and had been enraged but that he had been part of it" i. They lost control of Stalin and created Hitler to menace him. It's no coincidence that the "axis of evil. Related "Bankers Engineered US WWII Intervention" CONCLUSION The ultimate ugly secret is that the USSR was a creation of British Freemasonry. Iran and North Korea do/did not have Rothschild-run central banks. According to the insider. Sir Harry Oakes (1943) and the former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who died of "cancer" in Nov.

(Iron Sky Unofficial Extended Trailer) Chew this one over and try not to laugh too loudly but I would not go to the bank with waiting till 2018! For good measure we were all lied to about world war two. (The First Family of Satanism 1) I will point out I am not a “Christian” advocate either as I see this as just yet another religion control system to 61 . Banking with Hitler documentary for an example. Is it not horrible to be built like this?" These monsters are our leaders. They are used to eliminate any genuine threat to the banker's monopoly over credit and power. Hitler was well into the occult and the victims weren’t gassed to death either. This will explain why there is a battle going on down here and what the ultimate goals are here. Our moral bankruptcy is masked by material prosperity but this will not last. perverts and misfits to create wars and mayhem. The real point of this article is that the central bankers have empowered a bizarre cabal of gangsters. intelligence agencies work for the central bankers. chaos relieved Winston Churchill's chronic depression. Thus. not for the countries they pretend to serve. this is another myth claimed fact. For example. he confessed: "Everything is tending to catastrophe and collapse. I want to make clear that I have no sympathy for Hitler who wanted to subjugate Russia and enslave its people. Subverted by the Luciferian cult. the reasons for it and what happened behind the scenes (The Nazi-Zionist Connection .The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler) and there is still so much more to this issue. and happy. they are erecting a police state while the intelligentsia and masses can still be bought. I am interested. Western society has little moral authority.Documentary) End of this article On the Hitler note to sit you firmly on the edge of your seat. in brief terms. geared up. At the beginning of World War One.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . (Masonic Lodges & Satanic Rituals Exposed) Regarding my comments on “this Luciferian cult” “running the system/s” of the world I will let them explain it a little more clearly for you. Again this is not for the faint hearted but this is as they explain for you “their” Elite’s religion. (Banking With Hitler .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family As Erroll's fate makes clear.

as a text file. One thing I would like to point out is there is some truth to all religions and this is mixed in with false information to confuse the truths. (or to Re-Legion) pitting the masses against themselves. as ever.Sacrifices) I applaud your willingness to look into this if you did so. update November 26. I know of no way of proving the veracity of 62 . this is the first time that the full text has been placed on the internet. Henry Makow put an image file of pp. neither is this book. 2006. December 31. I have to point out here I am aware of more details to this whole Hitler issue and what we are told of the number of victims and much more information on the (party line version of the whole incident) or the holocaust. 2003. translated by George Knupffer . Landowsky--with commentary Red Symphony by Dr. J. J. You are at http://mailstar. self-explanatory. by Dr. I go further into details on this later as it is a massive story itself as are most of these 27-56 of Red Symphony on his site at http://www. My comments within quoted text are indicated {thus}. Below is part of a conversation on WW2 from the time and it is.html. This Is NOT For The Faint Hearted so skip this unless you know you can deal with what you can see!> Then again.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . This is some more of the inside information I have come across regarding the whole Hitler war machine they use to keep us fighting their wars and dividing the peoples of the world against each other and therefore easily searchable. Landowsky. This is what we the people have to change. (Heavy Viewing -Evil Acts-Ritual Ceremonies) Ritual burning alive of (Humans . You will need the strength later in this book rest assured but if you add the three links together you are looking at some of the truths at work behind the scenes of our world and just what kind of people are running things at the moment.pdf However.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family bind your mind and eventually your soul.Peter Myers. (David Icke Exposes Illuminati Music Industry) More on all this later.

Hitler's Secret Backers says (in the commentary part at the end) that the bankers did not think that Hitler would implement his rhetoric about excluding Jews. yet the Trotskyists in Australia published a book calling for Free Trade. Public ownership is not a feature. The Kyoto Protocol is another. having established Bolshevism. "Hate" Laws which suppress open discussion. p. whatever its merits. by "Sidney Warburg". so that International Communism could be restored. Trotsky being their man.html. The leaders of the demonstrations against Capitalism. but anger at France for its insistence on continued 63 .html). But Stalin was promoting National Communism. themselves urged the dismantling of the protective economy we used to have: "Perhaps the worst aspect of the adoption of protectionism as a policy for fighting unemployment is that it is seen as a substitute for a class-struggle approach" (Socialism or Nationalism. "Rakovsky". not connected with Trotsky. 29): xTrots.German boycott inaugurated by the New York Zionists. like the statements attributed to Ravoksky in Red Symphony. these are the signs. Gay Marriage (sex-soviet.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family this material. Open Borders. The booklet called Hitler's Secret Backers. and felt that this induced Hitler to institute harsh measures against Jews. states that the reason for this was that these Jewish bankers. In Hitler's Secret Backers. the bankers' motives are stated as being. Rakovsky himself was in their camp. That system had to be brought down. These are policies of the Trotskyist/Fabian/Green "New Left". attests that Western bankers gave money to Hitler to help him get into power. In Red Symphony. The means of bringing it down was by assisting the rise of Hitler. the World Court. The bankers were trying to promote International Communism. But it does bear on the fact that Communism seems to be continuing.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . 36). had found it stolen from them by Stalin. despite the fall of the USSR. interrogated by Stalin's agents in 1938. They disagreed with the anti. a "Bonapartist" akin to Napoleon (p. it is an instrument of World Government.

knowing that he would attack the Soviet Union (as laid out in Mein Kampf).Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Stalin would fall. Trotsky was a fugitive. the Moscow Purges thus provides a rationale for the bankers' change of plan. As a result. The interrogator says to Rakovsky. "if your defeatism and the defeat of the USSR has as its object the restoration of Socialism in the USSR. then. After writing The Revolution Betrayed in Norway in 1936 (it was published in 1937) trotsky. 37). Rakovsky states that Jewish Bankers gave money to Hitler to help him get into power (p. Hitler had no idea that the source was Jewish Finance. These payments were keeping Germany paralyzed. They changed their minds because Hitler's destruction of the Soviet Union would mean (they decided. Rakovsky agrees with this In keeping with the strategy of Revolutionary Defeatism. "Sidney Warburg". upon losing the war. Despite this switch. whereas their aim was to keep Communism going. In keeping with this change. they want Stalin to propose to Hitler the partition of Poland. 64 . In Red Symphony. Hitler's Secret Backers is available at http://www. As a result of defeat now there would come the enthronement of some Führer or fascist Tsar. Rakovsky says. and with it the European economy.if the booklet be genuine in some way that this is merely the excuse the bankers told to their courier.html." (p. insofar as we have destroyed their leaders and cadres.omnicbc. as per the Treaty of Versailles. they still hoped to erase the Stalinist "National" variety: "we shall succeed in taking it over and then converting it into real Communism" (p. defeatism and the defeat of the USSR has neither an objective nor any sense. 36). but the abolition of Communism altogether. 36).Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family German repayments to it in Gold. and Trotsky would be restored to power (p. But it could be argued . In the late 1930s. as the Tsar had fallen after losing World War I. These donations were anonymous. 11). real Socialism. and eventually in a war on two fronts. after seeing him in power) not the restoration of Trotsky. Hitler would find himself at war with the West. according to you Trotzkyism.

html.html Red Symphony points out that Point 6 of Wilson's 14 Points welcomed the USSR into "the society of free nations". and offered it assistance. and found refuge in Mexico.html Lionel Curtis. thus undermining the "White" side during the Civil War. However.5). but surely it was known as the "British Empire" in 1938? However. but mentions the World Bank (p. quigley. However. with Roosevelt in power. Even the United States. London. 24). and a member of Rhodes' secret society. Red Symphony says the Jewish financiers promoting "real" Communism (not Stalin's Bonapartism) are "Spinosists".Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Trotsky was forced to leave Norway. It says it is a record of interviews which took place in 1938. followers of the natural 65 . a leading ideologist of the Empire. 1916). shut its doors. Pressure from Stalin persuaded most governments to refuse him entry. Whilst Trotsky's murder is well known. which was not established until 1944.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Carroll Quigley wrote in The Anglo-American Establishment that 'the Rhodes secret society' (p. especially since Hitler was in power in Germany. Stalin's murder is covered up. This would cast doubt on Red Symphony's claim that Roosevelt and Trotsky were leading figures in the same conspiracy. PART I (MacMillan and Co. and into the Mutual Relations of the Several Communities Thereof. the League of Nations had predecessor organizations: The League of Nations: A Primer for Documents Research. 39). published in 1916 a book titled The Commonwealth of Nations: An Inquiry into the Nature of Citizenship in the British Empire. There are two anachronisms in Red Symphony. curtis1. because it involves Jewish politics: death-of-stalin. Two years after the alleged interrogation in Red Symphony took place. Stalin had Trotsky murdered thus ensuring that no restoration could occur.4) 'publicized the idea of and the name "British Commonwealth of Nations" in the period 1908-1918' (p. the US Government wanted to maintain diplomatic relations with the Soviet Government. Red Symphony also speaks of "the Commonwealth" (p.

accused of co-operating with the Gestapo (10) Trotsky calls Stalin a Bonapartist (11) A Dating Anomaly RED SYMPHONY by Dr. produced by Editorial E.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family mysticism of Baruch Spinosa. XL of a book. of Jewish religious philosophy. It is here translated from a Russian edition as well as from the Spanish."Rowan Berkeley" on Red Symphony (9) Trotsky in Norway. under the well-known publisher Senor Don Mauricio Carlavilla.S. Spinoza established the atheistic variant of the Jewish religion: spinoza-pantheism. As soon as possible the full book of over 800 pp.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . It is a complete material on its own. Landowsky As translated by George Knupffer Christian Book Club of America P. which appeared in Madrid in Spanish as "Sinfonia en Rojo Mayor. Box 900566 Palmdale. who has very kindly agreed to this English translation and publication. The given chapter is of immense importance. Natalya Sedova (7) Rakovsky's credibility at the Moscow Trials (8) Illuminatus and the Illuminoids . Hegelianism is a vulgarised version of it. (1) Red Symphony (2) Hitler manipulated by Bankers whose agenda he didn't understand Henry Makow (3) Isaac Deutscher on the possibility that Hitler's war would lead to Trotsky's return (4) David North on the Consequences of Trotsky's Defeat (5) Rakovsky's evidence at the Moscow Trials (6) On Trotsky's second wife. This is a reformulation for our times. CA 93590-0566 First Printed 1968 Reprinted 2002 FOREWORD The material here given is a translation of Ch.O. The translator's own book on "The Struggle for World Power" also deals with the whole problem of super-power and global enslavement through 66 . J.R.html." and is now past its 11th Edition.A. will follow.

The book has been published in Madrid in Spanish by Senor Carlavilla as "La Lucha por el Poder Mundial. However.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family the masters of both. In view of the condition of the manuscripts. was shot by the Bolsheviks during the 1917 revolution. which are both the tools of the same forces and serving the same purpose. "He brought them to us. Christian G. earning a living by chance jobs. He finished the Faculty of Medicine in Russia before {p. The life-story of Dr. Rakovsky. "Before these reminiscences saw the light of day we prepared ourselves for proofs and polemics. Landowsky was a Russianized Pole and lived in Russia. to help surgeons in operations. Not being able to 67 . usury. So extraordinary and unbelievable were his final disclosures that we would never have dared to publish these memoirs if the persons and events mentioned had not accorded fully with the facts. He lived with his family in great need. Landowsky in a hut on the Petrograd front (Leningrad) by a Spanish volunteer.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . We answer fully and personally for the veracity of the basic facts. His father. lasting several years. For a long time we were not sure if they could be published.Capitalism and terroristic Communism." Dr." In the present work we see this whole story brilliantly described and proved by one of the major exponents of the subversive take-over of the world. "Let us see if anyone will be able to disprove them .. He says: "This is the result of a painstaking translation of several copybooks found on the body of Dr. Landowsky is astonishing. This is a document of historical importance and nobody who wants to be well-informed should fail to read and recommend it. and he spoke fluent French. Being a talented doctor.. Not to know the thesis here described is to know and understand nothing concerning the chief events and prospects of our time. a Colonel of the Russian Imperial Army. he carried out experiments in this field and had achieved considerable results. In the Spanish book Senor Carlavilla explains the origin of the material in question. 2} the revolution and then studied two years at the Sorbonne in Paris. He was interested in the effects of drugs on the human organism. after the revolution all roads were closed to him. one of the founders of Soviet Bolshevism and also a victim of the show trials just before the last war under Stalin. their restoration was a long and tiring job.

He studied in France. Twice he was abroad. that he could give information about matters of very special interest. One day in 1936 there was a knock at the doctor's door. He had the courage to keep notes of what he has seen and heard. Rakovsky during the period of the trials of the Trotzkyists in the USSR in 1938. They suggested that he should study in Moscow. Stalin gave orders to his foreign agent to carry out the questioning. but was reprieved and given 20 years of prison. His speciality was very valuable for them. It is known that Rakovsky was sentenced to be shot. having in mind the sparing of his life. Karakhan. Dr. and he was never again allowed to re-join his family. He passed through the severe school of the NKVD and became a 68 .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family publish learned papers in his own name. C. and he gladly accepted the proposal. So he lived until the Second World War.G. The all-seeing NKVD (secret police) became interested in these works and easily discovered the real author. but always under control. He knew and suffered much. like the others. Very interesting is the description of the above-mentioned agent. He lived there and was forced to carry out various jobs given him by his masters. very good looking and talented. especially as he was a decent and religious man. Levin and others. He was invited to follow. His widowed mother adored him. Insofar as the accused Rakovsky made it clear. when he was tried together with Bukharin. Rykoff. he permitted a more fortunate colleague to publish them in his own name. But the young man was carried away by Communist propaganda and fell into the hands of their agency. and he kept whenever possible such documents and letters as passed through his hands.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . This was a certain René Duval (also known as Gavriil Gavriilovitch Kus'min). tortures and the most terrible happenings and crimes. hiding all this in the hollow legs of his table in the chemical laboratory. He was placed in the building of the chemical laboratory of the NKVD near Moscow. How he came to Petrograd and how he was killed is not known. the son of a millionaire. The document given below is an exact recorded report of the questioning of the former Ambassador in France. he was a witness at questionings. as a prisoner. Yagoda.

with two copies. Here I am quite alone for already four days. WOW. **** X-RAY OF REVOLUTION I returned to the laboratory. I am ashamed of belonging to the human race. How low have people fallen! How low have I fallen! These lines are all I was able to write after five days following my return from the Lubianka. The doctor was present in order to put drug pills unnoticed into the glass of Rakovsky. 69 . and when he wanted to change his mind." as he called it. Behind the wall the conversation was registered on apparatus. to induce energy and a good mood. My nervous system bothered me and I prescribed myself complete rest. Just to make the reader aware at this point “Government” actually means to “Govern” the “Mental” and I’m sure you can work the meaning of this out for yourselves. By the exercise of will-power he reached the "heights of evil. when trying to describe on paper the horror. Gabriel enquired about me every day. and the technician who operated it did not understand French. I am in bed almost the whole day. 3} into Russian. At the mere thought that they could again send me to the Lubianka (Moscow HQ of the secret police) to be present at a new scene of terror I become excited and tremble. which he hid away. it was too late. He has to reckon with my condition.Red Symphony .. I don’t know what will! We will go into several aspects of Hitler (as both historic and Occulted examples) through the book (for very good reasons) but I will leave the subject (after this next article) and pick up later on this subject. They do not let people out of their grip.. Landowski . Landowsky had to translate {p. for Stalin and Gabriel.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family foreign agent. Then Dr. Secretly he dared to make a third carbon copy.Christian Rakovski (Comments by Peter Myers) End of Article. The questioning took place in French by this agent. and enjoyed the full confidence of Stalin himself.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . and thereby interrupting the chronological order of my notes. if this doesn’t tell us where we are headed.

Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family There is a famous book called “War is a Racket” by a General Smedly Wednesday. many of whom went on to found the EU.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Their “solution” is to hand themselves 70 . and their mission to build a continent-wide economic government. (War is a Racket) As I recall coming across quite a while ago and this is a very important book with a very true message. Article: Plan For ‘European Economic Government’ Was Brainchild Of Nazis Economic Terrorists Seek ‘United States of Europe’ Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.” with European Council president Herman van Rompuy announcing he is ready to spearhead the group. as always. a move that frighteningly parallels plans by top Nazis. I mention this for many reasons but will stick to the following article as it is all linked in. warning that a euro collapse would lead to martial law and even civil war. EU leaders are fear mongering over the consequences of member states abandoning the single currency. September 7. 2011 European globalists are committing another act of economic terrorism by exploiting the euro debt crisis in a bid to create a “United States of Europe.

As we have exhaustively documented. the precursor to the European Union. to which all countries are beholden. details how top Nazis secretly met at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10. a United States of Europe.” Simultaneously. US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128. also known as The Red House Report. the European Common Market. “The Prime Minister admitted he was not sure whether Germany and other countries had the political will to prevent a break-up of the single currency.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . was a brainchild of top Nazis in the 1940’s who wanted to preserve fascist power in the event of defeat in world war two.” reports the Irish Independent.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family even more power to create a common economic policy that all member states would be forced to follow at the expense of their national sovereignty. 1944 and. it’s a chilling throwback to identical proposals that were the brainchild of top Nazis. a de facto financial government for the whole of Europe.” The move to exploit the debt crisis in order to completely eviscerate the economic sovereignty of every EU member by forming a central economic planning committee. “Mr Van Rompuy has announced he is willing to take on the “unfinished” Eurozone debt crisis with new powers setting an “economic government” in Brussels. to lead a “United States of Europe. Plans to create a federal European economic government in the name of mandating fiscal responsibility and avoiding a repeat of the turmoil in Greece chillingly mirror blueprints concocted in the 1940’s as a means of preserving fascist power at the end of world war two by men who were responsible for founding the EU in the first place. British Prime Minister David Cameron last night said that Britain “must let Eurozone countries move towards a United States of Europe with a common economic policy.” reports the Daily Mail. knowing Germany was on 71 . is not merely an act of economic terrorism. but insisted they must be allowed to try – even if that meant closer integration. “European Council president Herman van Rompuy said yesterday that he was ready to run for a second term as European Union president.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. to the 1940’s when top Nazi economists and academics outlined the plan for a single European economic community. Some of the leading figures in the Nazi economy became leading builders of the European Union. precisely what the new Economic government proposal backed by the likes of Cameron and van Rompuy calls for. Bilderberg’s own leaked documents prove that the agenda to create a European common market and a single currency were formulated by Bilderberg in 1955. set about the task of building a new pan-European business empire. Wealthy Nazi industrialists like Alfried Krupp of Krupp Industries and Friedrich Flick. In his 1940 book The European Community.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Nazi Economics Minister and war criminal Walther Funk wrote about the need to create a “Central European Union” and “European Economic Area” and for fixed exchange rates. Europe became a cover for pursuing German national interests after the defeat of Hitler.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family the brink of military defeat. as well as front companies like BMW. stating “No nation in Europe can achieve on its own the highest 72 . “For many leading industrial figures close to the Nazi regime. (an adviser to Jewish former slave laborers). According to historian Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky. conspired to create a Fourth Reich – a pan-European economic empire based around a European common market. The continuity of the economy of Germany and the economies of post-war Europe is striking. But the ideological framework for the European Union goes back even further.” The foundations for the EU and ultimately the Euro single currency were laid by the secretive Bilderberg Group in the mid-1950’s. Siemens and Volkswagen. an agenda that was duly followed after the end of the Second World War. One of the group’s principle founders was H. a former Nazi SS officer.

the fact that the EU.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family level of economic freedom which is compatible with all social requirements…The formation of very large economic areas follows a natural law of development…. Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels ordered the creation of the “large-scale economic unification of Europe. the European Union in its current form was dead…community of fate which is the European economy…fate and extent of European co-operation depends on a new unity economic plan”.” this is precisely what Cameron and Van Rompuy are proposing – centralized financial control over the economies of Europe ruled by Brussels.” In 1940. “We have a real European Community task before us…I am convinced that this Community effort will last beyond the end of the war. “Classic national economy.. So you have one of Hitler’s most loyal Nazi allies calling for “Economic unification of Europe. A “new unity economic plan. authoritarian. Funk’s co-authors echoed his sentiments. Nazi academic Heinrich Hunke wrote.” Just 53 years later. is now seeking to have its unelected members directly control national economies.” Even on the face of it. and represents the anti-thesis of any notion of democracy or representation of the people of Europe.interstate agreements in Europe will control [economic forces generally]…There must be a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests in certain cases to those of [the EC].” How different is Funk’s call for governments to subordinate their economic interests to those of Europe compared with Jose Manuel Barroso’s insistence that EU member states should be forced to “institute structural reforms under pain of financial sanctions”? The similarity is frightening. is completely dictatorial. Fellow Nazi Gustav Koenig observed. which began as a free trade area.” and now former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer is demanding the establishment of “a financial oversight body with the teeth to assert control over the finances of member states.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Add the fact that the exact same agenda was 73 .” believing that “in fifty years’ time [people would] no longer think in terms of countries.

74 . which would almost certainly be destroyed if the Greeks or any other member state were to default and ditch the single currency. who spoke of “The new Europe of solidarity and co-operation among all its people… will find…rapidly increasing prosperity once national economic boundaries are removed. is a chilling reminder of how fundamentally anti-democratic and fascist the EU is becoming as it swallows up more power from member states and appoints itself as the supreme dictator of an entire continent. However. the European Union by its very nature is totalitarian. several of whom went on to found the EU in its embryonic stages. indeed. because it seeks to remove power from national governments accountable to their electorate and centralize it into the hands of supra-national entities that are accountable to nobody but themselves.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Quisling and Seyss-Inquart. they probably believe themselves to be fair-minded liberals working for the “greater good”. It also seeks to remove the right of free speech for anyone in a position of influence who criticizes this agenda.” Most of the individuals who hold the reigns of power in the European Union are not Nazis.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family pursued by one of the most notoriously criminal and barbaric regimes in history and surely alarm bells should be ringing? Other top Nazis who called for the creation of a pan-European federal economic super state include Ribbentrop. The additional knowledge that the European Union is now pursuing identical economic policies to those voiced by top Nazis. formulated as a means of preserving dictatorial power and then implemented by former Nazi working under the auspices of the Bilderberg Group in 1955. the future plan for a globalized currency system is wholly dependent on the survival of the Euro. as top Bilderberger and Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff made clear in a recent Financial Times piece. proves that the entire European Union system is poisoned with a legacy and a raison d’être of totalitarianism. The fact that the EU was a brainchild of top Nazi economists and industrialists. The European Union will fight tooth and nail to protect the single currency from collapsing because.

My point is if I’m writing a book on the truths that have been hidden from our eyes and minds. The Article mentioned above. or a very small number of multi-country currencies?” End of Article There are many reasons for this next point but I want to qualify where the document came from and the details of the information. We have been and are totally subject to a most incredible hoax and the joke is unfortunately. especially (as you will see) we have all been totally lied to all of our lives.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family “The euro experiment has also brought us to a crossroads in the whole international monetary system.mirror-world.” wrote 75 . I am putting this article in for your own evaluation this is all. it is still a fact that (the devil is in the detail!) It is just a matter of if the reader is prepared to look deeper into any topic to see it. We have to free our minds before we are totally trapped down here. This is going to be one of the hardest things to do simply because when you look closely it is truly awesome to behold. Now it is up to us to learn the magnitude of the lie. I appreciate it may seem like I’m jumping from one topic to the other but they do indeed interact with one another. “Will our grandchildren inherit a world with a huge number of national currencies. http://iraqwar. on “US” the earth bound collective of the Human Race. this pushes your boundaries of belief or not. You should at very least have been able to see that if you take the time to look into some of these facts and “drill down” a little you will in fact learn a whole lot more detail on each and every topic you delve into. Whether. You may well not see where I am coming from either yet but this again is where I ask you to bear with me on this whole issue.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . we will have to go places and learn things that we might not be comfortable with however we dislike it. You are adults and can make your own minds up but only when you take a look at the information provided.

06.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family OFFICIAL RECORDS FROM INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS PROVE "HOLOCAUST" WAS A FRAUD! By: Hal Turner on: 05.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . 76 . Countries around the world have even jailed people for disputing the claim that 6 Million were killed. SHOW "CONCENTRATION CAMP" DEATH TOTALS OF ONLY 271. Anyone disputing this claim has been viciously smeared as a hateful anti-Semite. THE WHOLE CLAIM WAS A COMPLETE FABRICATION For years. Jews have told people around the world that six million of them were systematically murdered in German "Concentration Camps" during World War 2. SEALED FOR YEARS.301 SIX MILLION JEWS DID NOT DIE.2007 RECENTLY RELEASED RECORDS.

This is intentional.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Here now. Above is the scanned image of the Official Death Total report from the International Red Cross. by No Evidence Of Genocide Friday. Jews around the world intentionally lied for the purpose of gaining emotional and business advantages for themselves. criminal fraud on a scale so massive that it is almost incomprehensible. 2005 at 7:09 AM No Evidence Of Genocide This article has status .HIDDEN .VC A FACTUAL APPRAISAL OF THE "HOLOCAUST" BY THE RED CROSS.due to it's racist and anti-semetic content . They committed wilful. I call for criminal prosecution of individuals and groups who filed false lawsuits to obtain holocaust reparations and financial damage awards. Remember also where and who killed Count Bernadotte. criminal FRAUD upon millions around the world! "The Holocaust" is the greatest lie ever told. 28. for the entire world to see is a scanned image of an Official International Red Cross document proving the so-called "Holocaust" never happened.TBIMC The Jews And The Concentration Camps: A Factual Appraisal By The Red Cross. I call for the removal of Holocaust references in History books and educational materials. 77 . "The Holocaust" is the greatest lie ever told. It is long overdue this intentional fraud be halted and those who perpetrated it be brought to justice for 60 years of vicious lies and financial fraud. The claim of a "Holocaust" was intentional.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . for perpetrating deliberate fraud upon Courts. Millions of dollars have been paid out to "holocaust survivors" and their descendants for something that DID NOT HAPPEN. I call for the removal of Holocaust Memorials worldwide. Jan. criminal fraud on a scale so massive as to be almost incomprehensible.Nazis fuck off! . Millions of dollars have been paid out to "holocaust survivors" and their descendants for something that DID NOT HAPPEN.

and Inter Arma Caritas: the Work of the ICRC during the Second World War (Geneva.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family There is one survey of the Jewish question in Europe during World War Two and the conditions of Germany's concentration camps which is almost unique in its honesty and objectivity. and "from February 1943 onwards this concession was extended to all other camps 78 . p. who were arrested for political or racial motives because their presence was considered a danger to the State or the occupation forces" (Vol." (P. whose conditions were known to be by far the worst. "Schutzhäftlinge"). 73). the ICRC was unable to gain any access to the Soviet Union. the ICRC obtained important concessions from Germany. the Report distinguishes the second type as "Civilians deported on administrative grounds (in German. They were permitted to distribute food parcels to major concentration camps in Germany from August 1942. This comprehensive account from an entirely neutral source incorporated and expanded the findings of two previous works: Documents sur l'activité du CICR en faveur des civils détenus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 (Geneva. In describing the two categories of civilian internees.74). "were placed on the same footing as persons arrested or imprisoned under common law for security reasons. but by the latter part of 1942.e. 1947). 1948. 1946). 111. the three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War. explained in the opening pages of the Report that their object. These persons. Geneva. i. headed by Frédéric Siordet. The millions of civilian and military internees held in the USSR. The team of authors. in the tradition of the Red Cross. and herein lays its great value. as enemy aliens. it continues. The Red Cross Report is of value in that it first clarifies the legitimate circumstances under which Jews were detained in concentration camps. The Report admits that the Germans were at first reluctant to permit supervision by the Red Cross of people detained on grounds relating to security. were completely cut off from any international contact or supervision. had been strict political neutrality.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . The ICRC successfully applied the 1929 Geneva military convention in order to gain access to civilian internees held in Central and Western Europe by the Germany authorities. By contrast. which had failed to ratify the Convention.

111. about 1. From information gathered by the Committee. p. to camps near Vienna and in Central and Southern Germany. In the course of the war. These men wished to give the Jews the means of setting up a communal life in a town under their own administration and possessing 79 . Red Cross Recipients Were Jews The Report states that. According to the Report.000 Jews deported from various countries was a relatively privileged ghetto" (Vol. letters of thanks for which came pouring in from Jewish internees. Flöha. Buchenwald. p. p. III. Bergen-Belsen. in particular by the American Joint Distribution Committee of New York" (Vol. Norwegians. Sachsenhausen. In addition to food. Sangerhausen. Oranienburg. Italians.. The ICRC had special praise for the liberal conditions which prevailed at Theresienstadt up to the time of their last visits there in April 1945. The ICRC complained that obstruction of their vast relief operation for Jewish internees came not from the Germans but from the tight Allied blockade of Europe.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family and prisons" (Vol. Auschwitz. this camp had been started as an experiment by certain leaders of the Reich . 78). "where there were about 40. Most of their purchases of relief food were made in Rumania. 644). "The Committee was in a position to transfer and distribute in the form of relief supplies over twenty million Swiss francs collected by Jewish welfare organisations throughout the world. I. The ICRC soon established contact with camp commandants and launched a food relief programme which continued to function until the last months of 1945. Mauthausen.000 parcels were packed daily from the autumn of 1943 until May 1945. "'The Committee's delegates were able to visit the camp at Theresienstadt (Terezin) which was used exclusively for Jews and was governed by special conditions. Poles and stateless Jews".500 tons were sent off to the concentration camps" (Vol. Ravensbrück. Hungary and Slovakia. The principal recipients were Belgians. 75). 80). "Parcels were sent to Dachau. This latter organisation was permitted by the German Government to maintain offices in Berlin until the American entry into the war.000 parcels with a total weight of 4.112. III. III. Hamburg-Neuengamme. Dutch.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . French. these contained clothing and pharmaceutical supplies. (Vol. "As many as 9. Theresienstadt. 83).. This camp. p. p. Greeks. Landsberg-am-Lech. Flossenburg.

The ICRC also had praise for the regime of Ion Antonescu of Fascist Rumania where the Committee was able to extend special relief to 183. In March 1945. By October 2nd. 83). and in the interests of interned Jews they had protested on March 15th.. 78).. p. discussions between the President of the ICRC and General of the S." (Vol. 1945 . declaring that starvation conditions for people throughout 80 . p. 642). when many of the internees were evacuated westward. two delegates were able to visit the camp on April 6th. No Evidence of Genocide One of the most important aspects of the Red Cross Report is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps toward the end of the war.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family almost complete autonomy. p.. The ICRC received a voluminous flow of mail from Auschwitz until the period of the Soviet occupation. the German authorities were at pains to relieve the dire situation as far as they were able. The aid then ceased. . 1944. food parcels continued to be sent to former Auschwitz inmates transferred west to such camps as Buchenwald and Oranienburg. . But the efforts of the Red Cross to send relief to internees remaining at Auschwitz under Soviet control were futile. I. the German Government at last informed the ICRC on February 1st. and one delegate was authorised to stay in each camp . the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims. However. 62).S.. Says the Report: "In the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war. Relief could henceforth be distributed by the ICRC. the ICRC warned the German Foreign Office of the impending collapse of the German transportation system. Kaltenbrunner gave even more decisive results. Itself alarmed by this situation.000 Rumanian Jews until the time of the Soviet occupation. 1945. III. p. and the ICRC complained bitterly that it never succeeded "in sending anything whatsoever to Russia" (Vol. The Red Cross are quite explicit in stating that food supplies ceased at this time due to the Allied bombing of German transportation.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . The same situation applied to many of the German camps after their "liberation" by the Russians. 1944 against "the barbarous aerial warfare of the Allies" (Inter Arma Caritas. II. Clearly. They confirmed the favourable impression gained on the first visit" (Vol.

the Report points out that most of the Jewish doctors from the camps were being used to combat typhus on the eastern front.Incidentally. "Not only the washing places but installations for baths. This conflicts directly with the "thoroughness" of the supposed "extermination programme". subject to certain restrictions. In dealing with this comprehensive.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . In all its 1. It admits that Jews. p. Not All Were Interned Volume III of the Red Cross Report. Jewish Civilian Population) deals with the "aid given to the Jewish section of the free population. and with the claim in the forged Höss memoirs that Eichmann was obsessed with seizing "every single Jew he could lay his hands on. the Red Cross found itself unable to indulge in the irresponsible charges of genocide which had become the order of the day. p. it is frequently claimed that mass executions were carried out in gas chambers cunningly disguised as shower facilities. and to get them repaired or enlarged" (Vol. but its complete silence on the subject of planned extermination is ample refutation of the Six Million legends." In Slovakia. 594). showers and laundry were inspected by the delegates. They had often to take action to have fixtures made less primitive. where Eichmann's assistant Dieter Wisliceny 81 . Chapter 3 (I. So far as the genuine mortality rate is concerned. so that they were unavailable when the typhus epidemics of 1945 broke out in the camps (Vol. like many other wartime nationalities. but remained." and this chapter makes it quite plain that by no means all of the European Jews were placed in internment camps. suffered rigours and privations.600 pages the Report does not even mention such a thing as a gas chamber. Again the Report makes nonsense of this allegation. for example. it is important to stress that the delegates of the International Red Cross found no evidence whatever at the camps in Axis occupied Europe of a deliberate policy to exterminate the Jews.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Germany were becoming inevitable. as part of the free civilian population. I. III. three-volume Report. 204 ff) . Like the Vatican representatives with whom they worked.

Ironically. As future U. Rumania and Turkey. 646). now specifically repeats its assurance that arrangements will be made by it for the care of all Jews who in the present circumstances are allowed to leave" (Vol. these Jews were held at the Vittel camp in southern France for American aliens. While it is true that the law of May 15th. and where the internees were allowed to do paid work on terms almost equal to those of the free labour market" (Vol.S. when a rising against the German forces took place. p. 1942 had brought about the internment of several thousand Jews.S. generally by way of Hungary. these people were held in camps where the conditions of food and lodging were tolerable. I. 649). especially for those coming from Poland. and at certain periods Slovakia was looked upon as a comparative haven of refuge for Jews. The Committee secured the pledges of both Britain and the United States "to give support by every means to the emigration of Jews from Hungary. "Until March 1944.. p. 648). whilst in France. the Report states that "A large proportion of the Jewish minority had permission to stay in the country. "Jews who had the privilege of visas for Palestine were free to leave Hungary" (Vol. I. Government the ICRC received a message stating that "The Government of the United States . Those who remained in Slovakia seem to have been in comparative safety until the end of August 1944. 645). had obtained entrance permits to the United States were held to be American citizens by the German occupying authorities. "The Jews from Poland who. I. citizens. The emigration of European Jews from Hungary in particular proceeded during the war unhindered by the German authorities." says the.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . 82 . p . the emigration of Jews continued. Not only did large numbers of the three million or so European Jews avoid internment altogether. Red Cross Report." and from the U. but the emigration of Jews continued throughout the war.. as in the case of the Polish Jews who had escaped to France before its occupation. I. p. Even after the replacement of the Horthy Government in 1944 (following its attempted armistice with the Soviet Union) with a government more dependent on German authority. who further agreed to recognize the validity of about three thousand passports issued to Jews by the consulates of South American countries" (Vol. post-war Jewish emigration from German-occupied territories was also facilitated by the Reich.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family was in charge.

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . The above is chapter nine from the book "Did Six Million Really Die?" For the entire book "Did Six Million Really Die?".amazon. 10. A quote from Charles Biedermann (a delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Director of the Red Cross' International Tracing Service) under oath at the Zündel Trial (February 9. 1988). it did so accurately. 11 and 12. click End of Article 83 .co.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Biedermann agreed that in the nineteen instances that "Did Six Million Really Die?" quoted from the Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War and Inter Arma Caritas (this includes the above material). http://www.

politics. science. It’s “totally staggering” and this is a complete understatement! The fact is evidence is totally overwhelming when you look for the truth. watch this next link and think about the force of two powerful magnets pushing away from each other. I would like to think the reader is actually getting the point where it is now understood they have been lied to as this is totally the case.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . just type the term “conspiracy” (which in itself is another double blinding term) and enjoy your slumber by carrying on ignoring the truth or check this out (A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices) This should keep you busy 84 . I have picked some of the examples I refer to and make no mistake there are many. Make NO MISTAKE this is real. religion’s practically everything you can name is all based on LIES. (Tesla Komt na 100 jaar toch weer om de hoec) Sorry it’s not in English though. It’s that simple yes. many more. Indeed very badly tricked not just on this issue either but on nearly every subject from medicine. As Nicola did if we do look closely to Nature free energy is at work everywhere in the form of our own biosphere. false flag attacks.” If I still have not got you convinced there is plenty of videos and other evidence on you tube to keep you happy. Rodin Physics (as in Marco Rodin who we will detail later). law. Vrill Power. It is Nature itself moving water as rain in rivers and moving around the world in the form of wind but most glaringly of all in our sun. government. List them you ask? I cannot go into all of them as when you look you will see even just a few sites are showing numbers into the hundreds if not more designs but do some research on Cold Fusion. Electrolysis. Overview with conclusion: The Truth about Anti-Gravity and Freely Available Energy. If you wish to see a really good example. It is stored in the form of wood in the trees and all living matter on the earth. and permanent magnet generator systems to name a few. its time to throw everything you thought you knew into the dustbin and begin your new life in the light with the truth and not the “Official Party Line Repeaters. chemistry. history.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 4. Why did you eat breakfast this morning? What a spell we have all been under my friends! Just think of the magnitude of all this. Here is a “magnetic” motor system in operation and the designer is kind enough to dismantle it for us after the demonstration to show you there is “nothing” untoward going on to trick any of the assembled witnesses.

Can you see the implications coming to into mind? So what else is going on here then. an intelligence officer for Hitler’s General Staff. intelligence program in West Germany to spy on the Russians. histories and as I will show so much more. At the same time. Over and above this and even more importantly this it means we do not just have free energy means available we also have antigravity that has been hidden away from us all. myself included. about how over 4. until I looked closer. If so.) well let’s take a look and read on.S. to help fight the Soviet Union. Reinhard Gehlen. “why am I paying for my electric company with most of my cash then?” Because you bought into the “Lie” as we all did. So for those of us that have understood so far. (should now spring into mind. was tapped to head the U. former Nazi scientists and engineers were welcomed onto American soil. NASA has been pulling our plonker for decades now “pretending” to be a “serious organisation” with “honesty and integrity” yet at the same time “hiding mankind’s biggest secrets” to our history not just here but also in space! NASA was initially staffed by ex-Nazi scientists from Germany after the war (Look up the US project paperclip and the CIA.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family for a few years to come (trying to prove it all wrong.) There are military and other agencies (enter researcher Garry.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . (Secret Access: UFOs on the record) What is even more 85 . “Free energy is not real” I hear you say? If it were. government. without the public’s knowledge. McKinnon) that have been hiding the truth about the fleets of ships we already have out there and we have had them for a VERY long time. “The CIA and the Nazis” reveals a CIA program known as Operation Paperclip. Let’s take another look at the “Official” programs.000 former Nazis went to work for the U.S. while we still have the time and a free Internet which will not last that long at all. there is technology in all these areas that we have been lied to about and we have not been told the truth about our true capabilities. But the extent of these operations is only now becoming clear: (The CIA and the Nazis: The Secrets They Don't Want You to Know) They had all of this for “decades” even if you look on the “face” of the subject as far as some of the rumours go. we can carry on getting closer to putting it all together I would say there is something more than a little weird going on here. As they say there is no smoke without fire and there is “some” truth to the fable as in most cases.) However I would much prefer you understood the “overall situation” and finishes the next part of the book for all our sakes.

you cannot. here’s Gary himself.” There is and they don’t want to have to compete with the public as they have all of this technology and far more already! The bankers and Elites don’t want you to come and “muscle in” demanding they “confess” to the fact there are advanced technologies which could change the world for the better because that will collapse their plans for us all as “Slaves/Goyim/Sheeple to and for their system. Let’s get back to the subject so we can move on. the fact that once we “get up there” we will/did find/found incredible “advanced” technologies left by other advanced life forms and/or even/ us ourselves. Ask yourself the question why they would be bringing all of this pressure to bear (as in attention to themselves) if there was not something they were “hiding” from the “public. There are many routes to the truth and I can only propose some potential answers to these and other questions but I will endeavour to do just that.” Additionally.Billy Meiers UFO Case 1 of 12) Mars 86 . The one thing we have to do is learn for ourselves and not rely on what you are told “blindly. incredible advanced technology. (Nasa Scientists Open Up) If you “listen to what this guy is saying” you will hear about time travel.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . (Gary McKinnon: Hacking the Pentagon) This is the key information he found out and this is why they are going after him with such pressure. for the most part “un-learn” so the way they can control you is via information. (The Pleiadian Mission . ((part 3 of 6) /the Natzi Bannkers' crimes .Ripple Effect) So the question is what are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit up and take note or sit in the corner and do nothing till they break down your door? (Documentary: I Am Fishead) Quite thought provoking isn’t it. Don’t worry if you can’t see it yet there is much more to look into at this point and as GOD (the “prime and true” creator) is “my” witness we will look. Just for the heck of it. The “Billy” he refers to in the clip is Billy Meiers. They are currently trying to send him to a USA prison for finding out and discussing it publicly. I’m now going to throw in some pictures from other sources so let’s take a look at some of this.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family astounding is yet to come! For arguments sake I will add Gary’s interview for you detailing our fleets of “off world ships” and information of the Non-Terrestrial Officers (Humans) who are operating and running them. to help us understand.” for good.

the term time travel often summons our most fantastic visions of what it 87 . Article NOVA Online: Time Travel Hassan Jarane/Workbook Stock/Getty Images How Time Works Does time change speed? Curiosity Project: History of Measuring Time Quiz From millennium-skipping Victorians to phone booth-hopping teenagers.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . bankers and military (in the form of the Shadow Government) have been joy riding to for GOD only knows how long (as time itself is another issue we have been misled on as well as so many other things.) Here is a snippet on the “Time issue. which we will need to get “clear” for our understanding of what is really going on and will go much deeper into this later on in the book.” Here is quite a good article on understanding some of the aspects of time.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family information is included as well as “all” the other planets in our solar system (the elites.

we'll look at the real-life. and things fall apart. and space can't exist without time. Just as the water in a river rushes or slows depending on the size of the channel. But what causes this fluctuation along our one-way trek from the cradle to the grave? It all comes down to the relationship between time and space. In other words. Human beings frolic about in the three spatial dimensions of length. as well as some of the more far-fetched methods of dancing through the fourth dimension. We age. we're all constantly engaged in the act of time travel. time is the rate of change in the universe -. the planets move around the sun. hours and years.and like it or not. The two exist as one: the space-time continuum. minutes. Real time travel in action Gavin Hellier/The Image Bank/Getty Images Time Travel into the Future If you want to advance through the years a little faster than the next 88 . time flows at different rates in different places. As you've probably noticed.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family means to move through the fourth dimension. time is relative. We measure the passage of time in seconds. Time can't exist without space. everyday methods of time travel in our universe. width and depth. but this doesn't mean time flows at a constant rate. Any event that occurs in the universe has to involve both space and time. In this article. Time joins the party as that most crucial fourth dimension.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . But of course you don't need a time machine or a fancy wormhole to jaunt through the years. At its most basic level. we are constantly undergoing change.

this hypothetical commuter would have travelled into the future. but a sufficiently massive object would make a huge difference -.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . you'll need to exploit space-time. the mass of 4 million suns exists as a single. But what about the past? Could the fastest star ship imaginable turn back the clock? 89 . can cause an otherwise straight beam of light to curve in what we call the gravitational lensing effect. Time passes faster in orbit. the planet's mass drags on time and slows it down in small measures. A human passenger wouldn't feel the difference. for instance. only one year would pass on board for every 223 years back at the train station [source: Davies].say. known as a singularity [source: NASA]. If such a train could attain 99. Circle this black hole for a while (without falling in) and you'd experience time at half the Earth rate.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family person. In other words. accruing an extra third-of-a-billionth of a second daily. Time passes more slowly the closer you approach the unbreakable cosmic speed limit we call the speed of light. but at the end of the trip the speeding clock would be slowed by billionths of a second. you'd round out a five-year journey to discover an entire decade had passed on Earth [source: Davies]. gravity is a curve in space-time and astronomers regularly observe this phenomenon when they study light moving near a sufficiently massive object. We call this effect gravitational time dilation. Speed also plays a role in the rate at which we experience time. According to Einstein's theory of general relativity. You wouldn't be able to notice minute changes in the flow of time. like the super massive black hole Sagittarius A at the centre of our galaxy. In effect. Gravity doesn't just pull on space. Here. it also pulls on time. Down here on the surface.999 per cent of light speed. because satellites are farther away from the mass of the Earth. Global positioning satellites pull this off every day. infinitely dense point. the hands of a clock in a speeding train move more slowly than those of a stationary clock. Particularly large suns. What does this have to do with time? Remember: Any event that occurs in the universe has to involve both space and time. For instance.

Dan and Cindy Duriscoe/FDSC Time Travel into the Past We've established that time travel into the future happens all the time. When astronomers measure the cosmic microwave background radiation. far-future energy costs. Ariz. One event happens in our universe and it leads to yet another in an endless one-way string of events. its relativistic mass increases until. many scientists dismiss time travel into the past as impossibility. it's just a question of how fast the trip will be. then might exceeding that speed cause time to flow backward? Of course. Some scientists have proposed the idea of using faster-than-light travel to journey back in time.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . it becomes infinite. Accelerating an infinite mass any faster than that is impossible.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family The stars above Flagstaff. But what if time travel into the past and future depends less on speculative space propulsion technology and more on existing cosmic phenomena? Set a course for the black hole. they stare back more than 10 billion years into a primordial cosmic age. The Milky Way galaxy is roughly 100. or cause and effect. Warp speed technology could theoretically cheat the universal speed limit by propelling a bubble of space-time across the universe. Just try to imagine a different reality. But can we do better than this? There's nothing in Einstein's theory that precludes time travel into the past. in which a murder victim dies of his or her gunshot wound before being shot. and the idea is a fundamental aspect of Einstein's theory of relativity. the cause occurs before the effect. In every instance. but the very premise of pushing a button and going back to yesterday violates the law of causality. travel into the past? A glance into the night sky should supply an answer. Glimpse that light. say.000 light-years wide. if time slows as an object approaches the speed of light. But what about. but even this would come with colossal. thus. Scientists have proven it in experiments. provide a backward view through time. so light from its more distant stars can take thousands upon thousands of years to reach Earth. 90 . You'll make it to the future.. and you're essentially looking back in time. It violates reality as we know it. at the speed of light. After all. as an object nears the speed of light.

but one unique variety of black holes might not: the Kerr black hole or Kerr ring. and gravitational time dilation will take you into the future. their centrifugal force would prevent them from turning into a singularity. Since the black hole wouldn't have a singularity. New Zealand mathematician Roy Kerr proposed the first realistic theory for a rotating black hole.perhaps into another time or even another universe. Kerr believed it would be safe to enter without fear of the infinite gravitational force at its centre. Kerr black holes are purely theoretical. In 1963. Kerr postulated that if dying stars collapsed into a rotating ring of neutron stars.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family What's on the other side of a black hole? StockTrek/PhotoDisc/Getty Images Black Holes and Kerr Rings Circle a black hole long enough. Instead of pulling everything into its gravitational force. Think of this as the exhaust end of a black hole. but if they do exist they offer the adventurous time traveller a one-way trip into the past or future. the white hole would push everything out and away from it -. which are massive collapsed stars the size of Manhattan but with the mass of Earth's sun [source: Kaku]. And while a tremendously advanced civilization might develop a means of 91 .Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . The concept hinges on neutron stars. scientists speculate that we might pass through them and exit through a white hole. But what would happen if you flew right into the maw of this cosmic titan? Most scientists agree the black hole would probably crush you. If Kerr black holes exist.

Placing the baseball on the 92 . Wormholes Theoretical Kerr black holes aren't the only possible cosmic shortcut to the past or future. Now. the weight of the baseball would roll to the middle of the sheet and cause the sheet to curve at that point. think about two people holding a bed sheet up and stretching it tight. In this simplified example. Imagine that this sheet is folded over. there's no telling where or when a "wild" Kerr black hole might leave you. Wormholes like this could form when two masses apply enough force on space-time to create a tunnel connecting distant points. But of course you know this better as a wormhole. Imagine space as a curved two-dimensional plane. Einstein's general theory of relativity allows for the existence of wormholes since it states that any mass curves space-time." there's also the equally theoretical Einstein-Rosen bridge to consider. if a marble were placed on the edge of the same bed sheet it would travel toward the baseball because of the curve. If one person were to place a baseball on the bed sheet. leaving a space between the top and bottom. To understand this curvature.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family calibrating such a method of time travel. As made popular by everything from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" to "Donnie Darko. space is depicted as a two-dimensional plane rather than a four-dimensional one.

According to astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. This is similar to how wormholes might develop. In space. By pulling two cosmic strings close together or stretching one string close to a black hole. it's also possible that some unforeseen physical or quantum property prevents such a wormhole from occurring. Of course. a radiation feedback loop might occur. they may be incredibly unstable. These strings may weave throughout the entire universe. provided you're prepared for some feedback. This tunnel would. this means they'd pack quite a gravitational pull on anything that passes near them. As the name suggests. Brandtner and Staedeli/PhotoDisc/Cosmic String We've blown through black holes and wormholes. who introduced the idea of cosmic string back in 1991. wormholes may exist in quantum foam. but might we one day learn to capture. Using the gravity 93 . If an equal mass were placed on the bottom part of the sheet at a point that corresponds with the location of the baseball on the top. join two separate times and allow passage between them. Richard Gott. the smallest environment in the universe. And even if they do exist." Wormholes such as these might prove too small and too brief for human time travel. Here. in theory. says Hawking.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family top side will cause a curvature to form. but there's yet another possible means of time travelling via theoretic cosmic phenomena. we turn to physicist J. these are string like objects that some scientists believe were formed in the early universe. enabling objects attached to a cosmic string to travel at incredible speeds and benefit from time dilation. it might be possible to warp space-time enough to create what's called a closed time like curve. masses that place pressure on different parts of the universe could combine eventually to create a kind of tunnel. destroying the time tunnel in the same way audio feedback can wreck a speaker. For this scheme. momentarily linking separate places and time like an ever-changing game of "Chutes and Ladders. the second mass would eventually meet with the baseball. thinner than an atom and under immense pressure. tiny tunnels constantly blink in and out of existence. stabilize and enlarge them? Certainly. If we were to artificially prolong the life of a tunnel through folded space-time. Naturally.

Think about that for a second.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family produced by the two cosmic strings (or the string and black hole). however. So you pop through the nearest wormhole and walk up to a spry 18-year-old version of your father's father. you'd emerge in a time before you were born. the effect (you) would exist before the cause (your birth). it would take a loop of string that contained half the mass-energy of an entire galaxy. he'll never have a son. In the flow of time. and your target just happens to be your own grandfather. On the other hand. Oh yes. as with any time machine. You raise your laser blaster. but just what happens when you pull the trigger? Think about it. To better understand what we're dealing with here. For starters. If you kill your own grandfather in the past. You haven't been born yet. consider the famous grandfather paradox. it would loop around the cosmic strings. we have to consider the idea of a consistent causal loop. you'd have to split half the atoms in the galaxy to power your time machine. We call this an inconsistent causal loop. Quantum strings are highly speculative. To do this. if you travelled back in time 200 years. According to physicist Paul Davies. this theoretical model of time travel is paradox free. You're a time-travelling assassin. at least in this universe. In other words. such a loop 94 . That son will never have you. While equally thought-provoking. and then there are the time paradoxes. Neither has your father. Gott himself said that in order to travel back in time even one year.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Time Travel Paradoxes As we mentioned before. which manages to muck up even the best-laid time travelling plans. And. Cause comes before effect. you couldn't go back farther than the point at which the time machine was created. You wouldn't exist to pull the trigger. thus negating the entire string of events. and you'll never happen to take that job as a time-travelling assassin. the concept of travelling into the past becomes a bit murky the second causality rears its head. a spaceship theoretically could propel itself into the past.

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . but it doesn't affect your home sandbox in the slightest.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family might play out like this: A math professor travels into the future and steals a ground-breaking math theorem. and the subject of time has been central to the worlds many diverse religions and cultures. The professor then gives the theorem to a promising student. Of course. Then. Think of it as a separate sandbox: You can build or destroy all the castles you want in it. and scientists. killing your grandfather in cold blood is no big whoop. put yourself in the shoes of the time-travelling assassin again. Here. futurist Clifford Pickover looks at the history of the baffling concept of time and explains why we shouldn't discount the possibility of travelling through it. but the laser will malfunction. Confused yet? Welcome to the world of time travel. these questions have intrigued mystics. Perhaps a bird will poop at just the right moment. Explore the links on the next page for even more mind-blowing cosmology. this might mean that every time jaunt would land you in a new parallel universe and you might never return to your original sandbox. What does this mean? Well. 95 .99 What is time? Is time travel possible? For centuries. philosophers. which involves distorted probability close to any paradoxical situation [source: Sanders]. So if the past you travel into exists in a separate timeline. but some quantum fluctuation will occur to prevent a paradoxical situation from taking place. This time travel model would make your grandfather virtually death proof. Then there's the post-selected model of time travel. You can pull the trigger.12. that promising student grows up to be the very person from whom the professor stole the theorem to begin with. But then there's another possibility: The future or past you travel into might just be a parallel universe. Travelling Through Time By Clifford Pickover Posted 10.

He walks up to a man on a New York street and asks. you'll have to ask a philosopher. "I'm sorry. but what exactly is it? The question is as hard to answer as whether or not time travel will ever be possible.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . thought the flow of time could be suspended by mental powers: Time is of your own making. The moment you stop thought time too stops dead.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family We have an everyday sense of time." timetravel. I'm just a physicist. Angelus Silesius. "Please. Sir. Today physicists would agree that time is one of the strangest properties of our universe. its clock ticks in your head.wmv 96 . there is a story circulating among scientists of an immigrant to America who has lost his watch. Enlarge Photo credit: © RTimages/iStockphoto Can the flow of time be stopped? Certainly some mystics thought so. In fact. The line between science and mysticism sometimes grows thin. what is time?" The scientist replies. a sixth-century philosopher and poet.

(I was lucky enough to have chats with H. Yet we cannot say exactly what time is. modern science finds that time can be warped in various ways. and scientific language permeates his discussions. an editor of the New York Sun. but seven years before 22-year-old Wells wrote the first version of The Time Machine. tourism. The clock can be the rotation of a planet. time is simply what a clock reads. Many believe Wells' book to be the first story about a time machine.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Time's past Most cultures have a grammar with past and future tenses. Today. a heartbeat.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Although the study of time became scientific during the time of Galileo and Newton. who declared. Hollywood movies. which is rare for a book a century old. A typical grandfather clock follows the simple Newtonian law that states that the velocity of a body not subject to external forces remains constant. in effect. While this kind of clock is useful for everyday life. This means that clock hands travel equal distances in equal times. Ever since the time of H. Science-fiction authors have had various uses for time machines." 97 . sand falling in an hourglass. we know that time travel need not be confined to myths. like clay in the hands of a cosmic sculptor.) In the book. published "The Clock That Went Backward. who told me that his grandfather's book has never been out of print. Edward Page Mitchell. and animal collecting. Wells' grandson.G. or vibrations of a cesium atom. Wells' famous novel The Time Machine (1895). Wells was a graduate of the Imperial College of Science and Technology. and also demarcations like seconds and minutes. including dinosaur hunting. a comprehensive explanation was given only in this century by Einstein.G. the protagonist uses a "black and polished brass" time machine to gain mechanical control over time as well as return to the present to bring back his story and assess the consequences of the present on the future. people have grown increasingly intrigued by the idea of travelling through time. visits to one's ancestors. or even speculation by theoretical physicists. and yesterday and tomorrow. science fiction.

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

The first edition of H.G. Wells' classic science-fiction story about time
travel debuted in 1895 and has been republished dozens of times since.

One of the earliest methods for fictional time travel didn't involve a
machine; the main character in Washington Irving's "Rip van Winkle"
(1819) simply fell asleep for decades. King Arthur's daughter Gweneth
slept for 500 years under Merlin's spell. Ancient legends of time
distortion are, in fact, quite common. One of the most poetic descriptions
of time travel occurs in a popular medieval legend describing a monk
entranced for a minute by the song of a magical bird. When the bird stops
singing, the monk discovers that several hundred years have passed.
Another example is the Moslem legend of Muhammad carried by a mare
into heaven. After a long visit, the prophet returns to Earth just in time to
catch a jar of water the horse had kicked over before starting its ascent.

Time travel is possible
Today, we know that time travel need not be confined to myths, science
fiction, Hollywood movies, or even speculation by theoretical physicists.
Time travel is possible. For example, an object travelling at high speeds
ages more slowly than a stationary object. This means that if you were to
travel into outer space and return, moving close to light speed, you could
travel thousands of years into the Earth's future.
Newton's most important contribution to science was his mathematical
definition of how motion changes with time. He showed that the force
causing apples to fall is the same force that drives planetary motions and
produces tides. However, Newton was puzzled by the fact that gravity

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

seemed to operate instantaneously at a distance. He admitted he could
only describe it without understanding how it worked. Not until Einstein's
general theory of relativity was gravity changed from a "force" to the
movement of matter along the shortest space in a curved space-time. The
Sun bends space-time, and space-time tells planets how to move. For
Newton, both space and time were absolute. Space was a fixed, infinite,
unmoving metric against which absolute motions could be measured.
Newton also believed the universe was pervaded by a single absolute
time that could be symbolized by an imaginary clock off somewhere in
space. Einstein changed all this with his relativity theories, and once
wrote, "Newton, forgive me."
Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, which was much broader than one
iconic equation, fundamentally changed our understanding of time and
Enlarge Photo credit: Steve Cole/Photodisc

Einstein's first major contribution to the study of time occurred when he
revolutionized physics with his "special theory of relativity" by showing
how time changes with motion. Today, scientists do not see problems of
time or motion as "absolute" with a single correct answer. Because time is
relative to the speed one is travelling at, there can never be a clock at the
centre of the universe to which everyone can set their watches. Your
entire life is the blink of an eye to an alien travelling close to the speed of

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

light. Today, Newtonian mechanics have become a special case within
Einstein's theory of relativity. Einstein's relativity will eventually become
a subset of a new science more comprehensive in its description of the
fabric of our universe. (The word "relativity" derives from the fact that
the appearance of the world depends on our state of motion; it is
There is strangeness to the cosmic symphony that may encompass time
travel, higher dimensions, quantum super space, and parallel universes.
We are a moment in astronomic time, a transient guest of the Earth. Our
wet, wrinkled brains do not allow us to comprehend many mysteries of
time and space. Our brains evolved to make us run from sabre-toothed
cats on the American savannah, to hunt deer, and to efficiently scavenge
from the kills of large carnivores. Despite our mental limitations, we have
come remarkably far. We have managed to pull back the cosmic curtains
a crack to let in the light. Questions raised by physicists, from Newton to
Kurt Gödel to Einstein to Stephen Hawking, are among the most
profound we can ask.
Once the subject, mainly of fiction writers, time travel is being seriously
considered by physicists such as Stephen Hawking. Enlarge

Photo credit: © WGBH Educational Foundation
Is time real? Does it flow in one direction only? Does it have a beginning
or an end? What is eternity? None of these questions can be answered to
scientists' satisfaction. Yet the mere asking of these questions stretches
our minds, and the continual search for answers provides useful insights
along the way.

Remember that the laws of physics tell us what is possible. Royal Society. chairman of IBM. 1977) "The telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication." (Thomas Watson. He seems to lack the basic knowledge ladled out daily in high schools." (Lord Kelvin. Warner. 1921) "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" (Harry M. president. 1927) 101 . Accurately predicting future technology is nearly impossible. and history is filled with underestimates of technology: "Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. Don't believe anyone who tells you that humans will never have efficient technology for backward and forward time travel. president. in response to his urgings for investment in radio in the 1920's) "Professor Goddard does not know the relation between action and reaction and the need to have something better than a vacuum against which to react. many still believe time travel to the past will never be easily attainable. French commander of Allied forces during the closing months of World War I." (New York Times editorial about Robert Goddard's revolutionary rocket work." (Ken Olsen. 1895) "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. 1918) "The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value." (Marshal Ferdinand Foch.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family The future of time travel Various researchers have proposed ways in which backward and forward time machines can be built that do not seem to violate any know laws of physics. not what is practical for humans at this point in time. The device is inherently of no value to us.. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?" (David Sarnoff's associates. chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp. The physics of time travel is still in its infancy. 1943) "There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home. 1876) "Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I ." (Western Union internal memo. While all physicists today admit that time travel to the future is possible. Warner Brothers.

Similarly. with our ideas. and dreams carried with them. There is strangeness to the cosmic symphony that may encompass time 102 . Around four billion years ago.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . hopes. US Office of Patents. commissioner. humans evolved from creatures like Australopithecus. Duell. Today humans have wandered the moon and have studied ideas ranging from general relativity to quantum cosmology.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family "Everything that can be invented has been invented. In a mere fraction of this time. Physicists." (Charles H. living creatures were nothing more than biochemical machines capable of self-reproduction. will time-travel stories inspire us to create real time-travel mechanisms? Will we ever find a way to overcome the Einstein speed limit and make all of space-time home? I wonder what humanity will discover about space-time in the next century. who once considered this an intellectual exercise for armchair speculation. 1899) Wouldn't it be a wild world to live in if time travel devices played important roles in the development of humanity—like the computer and the telephone? Mathematicians dating back to Georg Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) have studied the properties of multiple connected spaces in which different regions of space and time are spliced together. Can it spur them to invent a time machine? Enlarge Photocredit: NASA Science-fiction stories about space travel have already inspired humans to travel to the moon. are now seriously studying advanced branches of mathematics to create practical models of our universe. Who knows into what beings we will evolve? Who knows what intelligent machines we will create that will be our ultimate heirs? These creatures might survive virtually forever. Science fiction spurred humans to go to the moon.

More Great Links NOVA Online: Time Travel Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking Sources Cleland. (March 1.gsfc. March 2008. which has already created a sensation in the world of physics because it can explain the nature of both matter and space-time.wired.pbs. Kaku. quantum super space. whatever or whoever they may be." Anchor. March 25. Personal interview. April 2010. 2003.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family travel. Stephen Hawking has even proposed using wormholes to connect our universe with an infinite number of parallel universes." WIRED. Dec.html Sanders. (March 1.html "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. By realizing that the fundamental laws of physics appear simpler in higher Stephen. Our heirs. Feb." PBS: Seeing in the Dark. Franknoi. 2011) http://www. Personal interview. "Kerr Black Holes and time travel. AWKING-How-build-time-machine. and the Future of the Cosmos. "Light as a Cosmic Time Machine. April me-machine. They will create new melodies in the music of time. "Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation. string theory can unite Einstein's theory of gravity with quantum theory in ten dimensions. will explore space and time to degrees we cannot currently fathom. 2011) http://imagine. Michio. 2010. 8. Paul. 2006. 2010." NASA." Mail Online. Higher Dimensions. "Physicists Tame Time Travel by Forbidding You to Kill Your Grandfather." Penguin.nasa. Paul. "How to build a time 103 . There are infinite harmonies to be explored. Andrew. (March 2011) http://www. Edward Witten is working hard on superstring theory. 14. Davies. 2011) http://www. July 20. Davies. "How to Build a Time Machine.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I ." Discovery Channel.html Hawking. (March 1. and parallel universes—worlds that resemble our own and perhaps even occupy the same space as our own in some ghostly manner. 2008. May 3. higher dimensions.

Their clipped reports are being reviewed by astonished superiors back in the home countries. Focus your mind to the point and remember if the universe out there is BILLIONS. Some scientists manning lonely outposts under the drifting and shifting aurora are nearly paralyzed with fear. Russian researchers posted near the giant South Pole sub-glacial Lake Vostok have reported eerie anomalies and incidents over the past few years that sometimes seem to border on the frayed edge of creeping madness. Disturbing news has been leaking out from the giant continent at the bottom of the world.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . TRILLIONS of years old then what could have been discovered by other races in this time? You must also ask yourself what is reality? What does all of the matter around us consist of? What you need to do is delve into all of these facts to get to the answers as I don’t have the time to go into all of these issues here. We have to spread the word to our fellow human beings here. Again time is of the essence and we have to get the message out we have been lied to all our lives. Artificial structure found two miles under ice During April 2001 one of the world’s great secrets was revealed: an ancient structure or apparatus that lay encased miles under the hard Antarctic ice was detected by a roving spy satellite.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family End of Article Before we go into deeper areas please take a look at this second article for honest and factual consideration of the possibilities here. 2011 Who Will You Marry? Click Here For Your Free Psychic Reading Sector of Erupting Anomalies. The US military 104 . If you still are not pretty much convinced you need to start checking out the scientific proofs of this reality. Article Deadly time vortex appears over Antarctica Posted by EU Times on Apr 21st.

of early 2001. then they’re violating the international Antarctic Treaty. Colorado and New Mexico. is capable of subterranean travel and has undergone tests in Nevada. The Pentagon should heed the calls of Congress and release whatever its hiding. “If not. The Subterrene. Soon after. Designed to bore through hard rock strata. a cylindrical vessel that is said manned with a crew of four to six. some military observers noted that robotic devices were being shipped to the South Pole and speculation erupted about the belief by some that the US Air Force had transported their mammoth nuclear-powered tunnel boring machine.000 years old.” The federal government and the Pentagon ignored the calls. 105 ..Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Excavation deep into the ice. High technology and strange events US Air Force's incredible Sub terrene giant earth borer. Despite the news blackout. then it’s something that’s at least 12. the news broke of a mysterious medical emergency that forced an evacuation of unnamed personnel during the depths of the Antarctic winter–the first event of its kind during the dangerous South Pole winter season. on a C5-A to a secret Antarctic base. Who Will You Marry? Click Here For Your Free Psychic Reading Earth borer: like a laser cutting through a marshmallow.” said an aide to Nicole Fontaine.What's down there? “If it’s something the US military has constructed down there. Following the frenzied events. drilling into the ice would be like a laser cutting through a marshmallow.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family immediately moved to quash the reports and the mainstream news media dutifully complied. reports still surfaced that a secretive excavation project had commenced on the heels of the discovery.. which is how long ice has covered Antarctica. That would make it the oldest man-made structure on the planet. Some European countries formally protested the excavation by the US military. at the time he was the European Parliament’s French president. the Subterrene.

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

Shortly after that the region was shaken by an unusual earthquake.
Seismologists located the temblor at the epicentre of the buried structure
in East Antarctica.
Yet still the military resisted making any comment.
A magnetic anomaly formed, intensified, and spread to the vicinity of the
Russian Vostok base. Russian researchers were shocked and puzzled.
Meanwhile, the American military airfield buzzed with activity as flights
came and went at a dizzying pace. Heavy machinery–some pretty exotic–
appeared on the bleak Antarctic ice sheet. Unverified reports claimed that
the nuclear-powered earth borer Subterrene arrived.

Subterranean sent to explore prehistoric machine?
Finally, the American and European media were pressing hard for some
believable answers when 9-11 occurred and the US was suddenly under
terrorist attack. Domestic and international focus immediately shifted
from the Antarctic to New York City and Washington, D.C.
The mysterious events in Antarctica were forgotten.

2002: TV crew disappears
A California TV crew filming in the Antarctic went missing in November
2002. Supposedly, a video discovered among the crews’ personal effects
by a special U.S. Navy SEAL rescue team tasked to find the filmmakers
confirmed earlier reports of a huge artefact buried under the ice–a
prehistoric machine that may be of alien origin.
“The U.S. government said it will seek to block the airing of a video
found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a
massive archaeological dig is underway two miles beneath the ice,” stated
a press release that appeared briefly on the studio production’s website.



Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

Time vortex erupts
As one bizarre event followed another, a research team of US and UK
scientists accidentally came across a mind-numbing discovery. While
working on a joint weather research project, the team witnessed the
creation of a spinning vortex of time.
US physicist Mariann McLein allegedly testified that she and her
colleagues became aware of a “spinning gray fog” in the sky over their
heads. They initially dismissed the phenomenon as merely part of a
random polar storm. The spiralling vortex, however, did not disperse.
Stranger still, despite gusts of wind and briskly moving clouds overhead,
the weird spinning gray fog remained stationary.

Intense Magnetic Anomaly
Deciding to explore the odd phenomenon, the group took one of its
weather balloons and attached a meteorological instrument to it that
calibrated temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed and a
scientific chronometer to record the times of the readings.
After attaching a cable to the balloon, and securing the other end to a
winch, they released it. The balloon and instrument package soared
upwards and were immediately sucked into the gaping maw of the
swirling vortex.
The balloon and instruments disappeared.

Tunnel to the past
After a several minutes, they decided to retrieve the balloon. Despite
some difficulty with the winch they succeeded in bringing the balloon
back to earth and checked the instruments. McLein stated that everyone
was stunned by the readout on the chronometer. It displayed a date
decades in the past: January 27, 1965.
McLein claimed the experiment was repeated several times with the same
result. Later, she said, the entire episode was reported to military
intelligence and passed on to the White House. Presumably the strange
vortex phenomenon–a highly magnetic tunnel to the past–was code

Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I - Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family

named The Time Gate by military intelligence.
Is there a magnetic time tunnel to the past? As the phenomenon was
generated in the same general vicinity as the discovery of the giant
apparatus deep under the ice, it’s thought the two may be related.
If indeed a magnetic time vortex is appearing and disappearing over
Antarctica–and if the phenomena is not natural, but generated by some
unknown technology deep under the icecap–it may reveal the physics of
time and could potentially allow control of the past and by implication the
“If true, it’s no wonder the military is so intensely interested and so
closed-mouthed about it.”
End of Article
As you can see on the above article there are real “time” anomalies
happening naturally on the earth and this is not a science fiction fantasy
and it does happen. There are many strange incidents of so called “time
travel” occurring for example here are a few other interviews and examples
with extremely compelling evidences. For a “laugh” before we start
(can’t say as I blame him though.) (Wall Street Wizard Claims He’s from
the Future)
We must now address (as I have researched this also) if there ever “was” or
ever “will be,” time travel technology it would HAVE TO mean we or
“they” already have access to it (in a paradox) right now (as detailed in
many areas from the Vatican to the CIA) and are using it! And here is
another “Kicker” they have been using it! (Andrew Basiago: Time Travel
and Project Pegasus At Free Your Mind Conference) I understand this is a
massive leap in your consciousness but we “need” to know if this is indeed
the case. I have come across so many different counts of this that there are
far too many individual accounts confirming this that for me (someone
who has spent over a decade researching it all) it’s not even an issue
This being the case, the rest of this book will make much more sense. We

Al Bielek 1 of 16 Philadelphia Experiment Documentary . possible. These guys have just done lectures in Amsterdam at the “Breakaway Civilisation 109 . Right NOW so (The Ether (Disconnecting you from the Spirit World)!) ”Please Wake Up and Spread the WORD” of this to others as we need as many souls awake and aware of this situation as humanly. Also mentions council of 300. THE MONTAUK PROJECT !! SURVIVOR SPEAKS !! MANHATTEN PROJECT Montauk survivor tells his story (wild information) links to Evil and Illuminate with reptilian prospective linked Web Site giving details of this technology and much more. For a “conscious opinion” from the people that have really studied these things I must suggest you begin to take on board the following lectures as the majority of the information has been verified and there most certainly IS a very grave scene confronting us all.philadelphia-experiment. PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT TIME TRAVELER EDWARD CAMERON Edward Cameron on same. Time Travel and Teleportation and the Philadelphia Experiment Time link Dr D Lewis Ufo’s and time link.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family are all unknowingly building our collective “prison planet construct” for all of our future generations. (Inside Secret Government Facilities 2010 Documentary) (Art Bell) Time Technology & Research-Pt1 & (Art Bell) Time Technology & Research-P2 Art Bell Time Experiments.Time Travel: Journeys Into Time (Preview) Documentary link David Lewis Anderson Time Experiments Preview. http://www. Vatican Sitting on Time Machine? “Vatican Chronovisor.” Philadelphia Experiment . David Lewes Anderson _ UFO's. Please listen to the outlining information from the following experts in their respective fields. The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project 1 of 10 Details of Philly with participants Rainbow and Phoenix Projects. I hope you can begin to understand. we have a situation where we have some extremely serious issues to deal with here and the fact there’s much more to all of this than you can possibly understand at the moment. David Lewis Anderson . There’s much more to all of this information and in digging into these topics we will have to go very much deeper to find out.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .

(Timothy Good at SECRET SPACE PROGRAM Conference April 3 2011) Jim Marrs’s is next with his own flavour of events as he sees them. We MUST refuse to cooperate with their plans and act to raise others consciousness as soon as possible.Richard Dolan . FEMA camps 110 . Timothy is also a world-renowned researcher in this field. as Richard Hogland is also very close but has some big issues wrong at the moment. The name of this “collective” is ZION and that they do not “just” have a plan but (many plans) to deal with US as the “sheeple. (Peter Levenda at SECRET SPACE PROGRAM Conference April 3 2011) Here is Timothy Good with a very good presentation again. as are the other puppets and now blindingly FAST! NEWS: He has just activated the U.S.Hyperdiamentional Elections & 2012) Note: He is VERY wrong about Obama. (UFO's Aliens NAZI's SECRETS IN IRAQ NEW WORLD ORDER Jim Marrs Part 1 of 8) Richard Dolan (Red Ice Radio . (Richard Hoagland . (US Government ADMITS UFOS . Not mine. I propose with the “facts” there is a group of controlling families keeping us all down on Earth as slaves and honestly it‘s time it stopped now.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Expo” and these are their opinions on the matter. Obama is leading us all into perpetual war.Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilisation) as well.” In order to “get it” we need to know what “IT” is. As detailed no one has a handle of quite the scale of this as yet until they look at all the other issues laid out and linked together and there’s still to many to put down here now and little “time” to do that. We also need to bear in mind with the kind of seriously advanced technologies they are sitting on we can only stand a chance of winning on mass.Alien contact disclosed in Press Conference) Vatican also admits it (Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real) Now let’s listen to Peter Levenda’s presentation followed by the after speakers but they all provide proof positive from documents to historical facts of the existence of Hi-Technology way beyond our use down here on the ground and the fact we do indeed have a “Breakaway Civilisation” situation so we need to deal with the fact. the government officials have admitted these UFO’s are real. (Richard Dolan at SECRET SPACE PROGRAM Conference April 2011) And if you don’t want believe me here is a former head of defence! (UFO AND ALIENS ARE REAL SAYS FORMER CANADIAN HEAD OF DEFENCE) Over and above all this.

This is (to my understanding) one of the tests to see if we are able to move “on” after death and if not we will have to reincarnate here again and again and whatever mess it is in when we go.” against a feather representing the 22/3 Grams.) One point I will say is they have studied “these areas” and not tried to link in all of the other information into place as I go so please bear this in mind as we link it all.S.) This goes way beyond what you could imagine but it all pans out in the end. I wish I had time to go into all of these factors but I am intuitively picking up we do not have much time left now. I was told personally by a “verifiable” off world contact I know.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family in preparation for what is about to happen. We have to say NO MORE… NOW! We cannot just sit on our rears and let them do this to our children and indeed us / our future anymore. of zero lies! So now you know we have a situation down here with an “out of our hands” control system designed to lie to us and keep the secrets away from us all. It has to stop and the truth must come out into the light of day. All I can say to finish this point is the PTB are using the oldest and deepest 111 . For a brief example look at the “book of the dead” where the (heart is weighed) which represents the “soul. Zero. Our actual “Souls” have a weight of 22 Grams and we are “trapped” in Earth’s atmosphere upon “Death” so we re-incarnate down here. ACTIVATING "FEMA CAMPS" ACROSS U. compartmentalisation with big chunks.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Only the “honest” information and facts of all of these things can lead you to the truths. We are all “sentient” human beings and we have the “right” to know the truth’s here. It is only by putting all the pieces together that will lead to a clearer picture. (http://www. It does not have to be in a mess if we take back control and quickly. That in order for the “breakaway civilisation to procreate” they need to be in the local vicinity of our earth’s atmosphere (if they wish to bring into being) “Earth” bound souls (more to this but its selectively via the use of Magic. My research has shown me that it is true beyond any doubt that we will be re-born into the world we leave behind. I have learned to try to “listen to my inner self” as you might now imagine after reading some of this book.html) I am mentioning this here due to the fact I happen to know much more about this than I have time to go into. trouble here and need to act quickly.soulsofdistortion. We are now in very serious (BREAKING NEWS: GOV.

Note: I did not. Is there symbolism on your money and other documentation? Yes. David Adair is someone else you should check out and this will astound you unless you are aware of the kind of information already and even if you are I am sure you will really enjoy the following brief interview (David Adair area 51 Informer Part 1 of 5) from his background to his experiences 112 . Think about it for a moment if they have this. One other thing you must now understand is that if ANY of the above is true we have FAR-reaching and incredibly advanced technology in ALL fields not just the subject of what I set out to find answers to. I have simply compiled their work’s to indicate an awareness of the situation we are in. I’m just informing you of some of the information I have found. We could not even build one of the “pyramids” today with all of our knowledge and machines! Our job is now to remember what we have forgotten and free ourselves from these controllers running us all into the ground and this time around. Put simply.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family satanic magic to re-incarnate particular souls they wish to bring back “or through. in full. Otherwise the game is up. What is this symbolism? Satanic. So all you need to know is what else they can really do in this limitless universe we are in and indeed. as are they. I am very much aware this will seem totally “wild” when you first hear it but (think about this ability and the Dali-Lama) once you look deeper you will be able to understand it as fact. a part of. So they really do use satanic magic then.“ In order to do this they must separate us from the “knowledge” of reality and keep the secrets “hidden” from the populations of the world.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . PERMINANTLY. and could not tell all these people what to say so. what else do they possess? What possible alternatives could they also be hiding? Add to this once they initially got off world what other advanced technologies did they find and who else have been rubbing shoulders with on other worlds? Imagine the extent of “older technologies” from other races scattered out there in space! I will even propose (based on my level of research) they can do everything you could possibly imagine and much more. Think about it (open your minds!) There is most definitely hidden information kept away from us all. Moving on to what we were meant to achieve as human beings. In no way can I be held accountable for their opinions but I concur with many of them as a whole but not always. Yes in the main stream.

(AFTDRK Radio-Secret Space-Jo Ann Richards-Pt 2.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family as he describes to you in great detail in this short interview he has released as of 2009. I would suggest you remember some of the details in this clip before you move on to the next link.) Before we move on you must understand the fact all of this has been hidden from “you the people” and the fact is we have all of this technology but we have to “Choose” to take it back. (Jo Ann Richards on VERITAS: The Secret Military Space Program .www. (David Adair . The Military and Intelligence .com .Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .1/6 ) Captain Mark Richards’s tale as a space pilot in a deep black projects. we are being LIED to quite blatantly. The following clip details the 2001 Disclosure program and some of the information on this issue. We are sentient human beings being disempowered by the day. F. Do a little research on his wife as he is in prison on trumped up charges because he released information on his trip to “Saturn” on another “conscious” ship and went public as he felt the people should know the truth. with a heavy heart.The "Other" Space program .Full Version) If you think you can handle more info on these kinds of events try Timothy goods latest Interview on Veritas Radio (Timothy Good on VERITAS: Need to Know: UFOs. O. In the clips he describes how he was taken into the subterranean secret bunkers under area 51 and what he was shown down there.VeritasShow. If you can accept this understanding you will solemnly “know” albeit. as his information was more than the public in general could handle at the time according to Stephen Greer and I must admit it was quite easily too much for the public to handle at that time. If we act as a race and take heed of this information we still can do.” I rest my case. Do you want you and your children to (be chipped at birth) follow you into a “total” slave world or an unlimited future potentially. (U.Part One) If you already “get it” please skip the last link. We have to stand up and be counted 113 . As you will see David was asked not to speak at the 2001 Disclosure. Here he begins to go into much more detail on the whole event as he experienced it. If this is indeed the case you should feel in your heart we are being corralled into perpetual banker bailouts and unlimited perpetual poverty. when we could have been travelling the stars with our children all along. forever? Your call and your “actions” will cast your vote or “ye shall know them by their deeds/actions.1/5) Also see this other Veritas interview she did not long ago. Discloshure Project .

114 . We have to kiss many frogs to understand it all and this is my attempt to help you do that but it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination and without doubt. (Jon Kelly 2011 Awakening & Transformation Conference) Please. Just think of this for a second.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . I will get to what we can do later in the book but we can start to influence the outcome peacefully straight away by passing on a copy of the book to your friend. Part 1 of 5) Al Bielek who worked on these programs for the secret military programs in the past explains some of the issues and what happened to him. this will stretch your mind.1/5) On this “Time” topic you might like to check out these people. This is testing information so brace yourself and try to get your mind around it as best you can for now. This is a very telling interview and my personal research has proved to me it is pretty much correct. Andrew D Basgio exposing the once secret CIA teleportation and time travel programs and the details surrounding what’s supposed to be going on inside these deep black programs. (The Worlds First Time Machine . The other witness is Eisenhower’s great granddaughter Laura! (Interview/ Laura M. There are some truths to all of it but there is also some disinformation as always. (PROJECT PEGASUS: Disclosing time-travel-stargate technology in US Military. Any information and technology that can liberate us from diving forward “mindlessly” into a new world order police state has been hidden so we would not “wake up” to the fact we are all in/on this prison called “Earth” when if all of this information came to light we could be liberated by the TRUTH in an instant. bear in mind the link I have posted is in the public domain (or to be more accurate.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family now before it is too late. if only the rest of the populous “knew” this information! How the world would change overnight! Awesome! This was a very informative event “2011 Awakening & Transformation Conference” next. has been put out on the (Tell Lie Vision) and so is subject to the control system and its controllers and we (in this book) are going to go way past this constructed information they have contrived for us all. (2-1 Illuminati ET/Spiritual Conspiracy: Aliens are here-Cover up by Government) I will post some further links to “Ai” in additional information section for your review.

ETs. (Project Camelot Interviews Dan Burisch Part 4 (June 2007)) & (Teleportation Disclosure (1/14) Andrew D Basiago on project Pegasus) Where do you think the makers of Star Trek.T. for good and if we all sit back and allow it to happen. Star Wars (see link to the real millennium falcon in additional research at the end of this chapter. 1/5) Well we need to understand our lower level rulers initially before we can move on in depth on the “real deal” working behind the scenes! (David Icke . Also on this topic is the fact that our government’s top officials were given technologies for seeing through time in the form of the “Looking Glass This is what they have really been hiding from us all of our LIVES! We have all been had very badly mislead and not just on this topic either.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Take Note of the FBI Warning! They will use this against 115 .Payday Monsanto Economic Slave!) There is much more to come on this later on.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Eisenhower . New World Order.. (Experiments on the change of the direction and rate of time motion) By no means are these the only examples. Where then is all of this is going? (Who Runs the World.) The “intro” sequence to any of the documentaries by “UFO TV” films on you tube is basically true as in the quote “The Future is Now. Illuminati) Just for good measure there is the interview she explains all of her information disclosing secret Mars programs. E.” This was done precisely because the direction (we are being led into under the New World Order) is steering us currently into a complete catastrophe for the entire human race. Just take deep breaths and slowly move on.Mind Control. This link is from a Russian scientist who has officially proved time can be altered and it all fits when you have looked into all of the information sufficiently. (The Zionist Story.” It is if we take it back. It all fits if you try to absorb the magnitude of what you are learning here. Think again! (StarWars Episodes 4 to 6 at www. UFOs.Jahtruth. time travel information backing up Al Bielek among other things.) all got their ideas from? We go into this later but basically the information and ideas were scripted to them via Military and the Zionist controlled film industry who set up these networks in place to “sell us the information” as Science Fiction and not real. Close Encounters. When you finish this book go back to check out some others but please finish the book first.

They are doing the same thing with child abuse but we need to cover this separately.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family us in the future to justify copyright and other illegalities as a means to control the future use of the films they put out in the past. in the dark they practise them thereby dividing the people and poisoning all of our minds in the process. This is how it unfortunately works. There is more detail in (Part 2) of the book but let’s take a trip to see who these controllers are. now to begin to put all this together and to drill down to the meat and the point of the book we now have to see who these controllers are. Comes in. I will save the best for last as will be looking into this a little deeper yet. The “eye of the pyramid” at the top and as “yet” not fully “seated” firmly on the pyramid. (Method of Operation. The only thing I will say is while they demonise actions on the face of it. having said this like the Vatican answers to these Zionist’s they in turn serve and answer to their highest leaders. They need to tell us about some of these things now (so we go along with it) as it is coming out as part of their plan but when it’s over and they have everyone chipped they will make it illegal to have this material and remove the information like the tide coming in and going out. (Unhidden Agendas: Exposing The Wizards of Oz) We will need a little trip down the wormhole to get to the other end of this but for a “snippet” we can see in the document below it “appears” to be the Zionists! Yes I said “appears” to be and not IS. (Think Dollar Bill.) They are telling you what they are doing to us if you 116 . the real wizards of Oz of course! Here is a glimpse into this deep dark world. Ok. x Jesuit priest blows the whistle) Consequently who dose the Vatican answer to further up? Well.O. Once this is all in place they will use these very reasons to restrict all of our freedoms of the people and use these things against us while behind the scenes practising the very same deeds and much worse. It’s their M. and goes out removing the information from the populous at the bottom of the heap while making it illegal to look into the subjects ever again. fulfils their requirements then. We get the impression the Vatican seems to be at the top of the list down here when you fit the pieces together so who answers to the Vatican? (Satanism in the Vatican Confirmed.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .) Banker and control systems (Final warning: a history of the new world order) & (our armed forces an insider speaks out) We will look into this later as we tie it all in together but for now we have to move on. You have to travel to the top of these secret societies and again to the highest echelons before we get to Lucifer himself.

(Decoding The Past | Secrets Of The Dollar Bill . Why? Because it’s true. they attend and perform the “cremation of care” to absolve themselves from elements of “Karma” that’s why.Part 1/5) As I have detailed there is a lot we need to go into to crack the biggest story ever in the “hidden history” of the entire human race. light. do you know why we are the human race? Because we are in the end phase now of quite literally a race against the ultimate “Evil” establishing total and utter control over ALL OF US! It is quite literally a race to see who is going to win here. It will be too late if they get their way make no mistake on that one. it relies on “prayers” and NO ACTION so placing the “religious” into a state of non-action or paralysis. no? If you would like an example of this I will show you. We “are” an experiment from our inception as a race of people whom have experienced millennia to see how far away from the love. Fools” and I will show you where these words came from.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Pretty clever. The following is a link to a two hour radio program with a very highly respected Ex-Vatican bishop's testimony that (as far as he is aware) behind the scenes the “Vatican Control” the world (but as you have read this book so far you already understand more than him. Incidentally. in a nutshell.NWO Members?) The Satanist Elites ceremonies they hold every year at Bohemian Grove which incidentally is exactly where we are going later on in the book.) Ok. Put another way. Fool’s. yet still break free before it is too late. harmony and the truth we could possibly endure and yet to see if we are spiritually capable of “overthrowing” all of the negative confines or “bonds” we have been put under. for now let’s get back to the program.) While you are listening to this you might like to see for yourself the pope being obviously “scolded” directly 117 .Audience watching . They know what they are doing to us and they do it because we sit and let them like fools! Bush Speech (We are aware that this clip has been assembled but it does have truth in it and in reality this is the way it is. This was the idea behind religions of all faiths. we have to emerge and overcome the “Dark Agenda” and choose to rescue ourselves before it is finally. Listen to the words “Fool’s. Sitting around wishing. in your face. over.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family listen to all of the very blatant. praying or waiting to be “saved” is not what will happen but the exact thing that got us into this mess. information they are constantly putting it out but for the most people are not getting the “bigger” picture. I will go into greater detail at the end of the book but this is essentially it. (Bohemian Grove Ritual .

118 . It’s the age old story of good and evil. (Highly Respected Ex Vatican Bishops Testimony-Vatican Control over the world) The Power of Prophecy document will give you a real “insight” into how this is all mapped out and how power is abused for their own ends and our downfall which is what they want.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family by one of the leading Zionist Rabbi’s in the following embedded document below the next link. . the list goes on and on. yin and yang.

119 .Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family ”Double Click” To Read The Rest Of The Above Document.

A. we will get to why later but this is the tip of it.” This cuts into the grass roots and actions of the empire behind the scenes as tip of what is really going on and how all countries are playing out the separate scenarios all to lead to “ALL OUT WAR” on all sides for the human race. I would like to point out lastly that if you try to label all this. Project Blue Beam is also part of it so you need to understand it to get it.A.P. 2010) 2nd The BP Gulf Oil Spill (The Mysterious Deaths of Nine Gulf Oil Spill Whistleblowers) 3rd Fukushima Tsunami and Nuclear Plant Meltdown (MAC2C-Fukushima Meltdown/HAARP-Richard C. the better chance we stand of coming out the other side. The Khazarian Conspiracy (The Khazarian Conspiracy.R. (The Banker) & (The Banker 2) They have a roll out program unfolding right now – Don’t get fooled! It’s the plan. just to help your “understanding of it” along. Hoagland-Pt.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family We will have to look into some of the deeper history before we get to the real in depth truths and can start right now with the following documentaries. (The Khazarian Supremacy 1/13) They view us “sheeple” as the lambs to be led into the slaughterhouses. Part 1 of 12) & As background if needed. It will take time for people to get to grips with what is coming but the sooner we all do.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . (Video: Predictive Programming and the Human Microchiping Agenda) Some of the things you will also need to know is that none of these events are happening by chance (or by accident) and I can explain but we will have to do it step by step as we go (NEW WORLD ORDER WARNING IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!!!) 1st Haiti (Haiti/Chile EarthQuake H. (Are You Ready?) These things are all planned decades in advance but this time it has had much longer than that and I know this will not make sense right now but there are many things people are seeing that they do not understand yet.1) 4th Chinese Earthquake disaster (China Earthquake caused by HAARP WEAPON?) 5th The testing ground was New Orleans (Hurricane Irene created by the US Government! How You Ask? Chemtrails and HAARP) and there is much more to come. I wish it were simpler to explain but it’s not. How the bankers truly “think” about us the “sheeple” for real. again there is much more we need to understand as to why they see us this way but it is complicated to say the least. That is the purpose of this book. as 120 . we need to see “The Khazarian Supremacy Documentary.

Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family “Conspiracy’s” you are deluding yourself or you have not looked into these things but merely glanced at the information on the surface that has been provided for you to evaluate (TV. we will have “passed the tests” needed for our true enlightenment to begin and we will start “using” all of this technology but this time for the purposes of the “betterment of human kind” and not as a “tool” to its determent and enslavement. The very first thing we will have to do is “look” at all kinds of information in order to understand how it all fits together.” As I have indicated thru ought the book we are awakening to a new “understanding” of ourselves at this time in history so there are going to be many aspects of the truth we will have to see to understand. (33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True. Look at all of the information provided here from a point of view that once we are prepared to accept this information then we will be allowed to learn from it. (Human Healing Foundation) Titled “we are the ones we have been waiting for. Bye Illusion and say hello to reality now let’s get on with it Boy’s and Girl’s please. ("WHERE" are the TERRORIST you ask? DAMN IT!!! 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. LQQK no further!!!) (IN DEPTH PROOF ~ FAKE "War on Terror" FULL) 121 . Once this is done. From my point of view these times are very inspiring as long as we all do our best to get this information “out there” so that others can help in waking the human race to its true potential. What Every Person SHOULD Know) Bye.) This is a Fact.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Having said this let’s take a look (thoroughly) at some of those proposed “theories” of the past and see what has emerged in the current day and we will see how you feel after that.

Suggested Additional Resources. http://www. Ronald Mallett's Time Travel Machine They have always had 122 .abebooks. tiny bit. http://video.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .com/watch?v=qbkUkEWbN9g&feature=related http://www.examiner.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family ces-proof-of-civilization-on-earth-s-moon http://www. “Now that’s some powerful “weather balloon” and swap gas in action ” Try this and it’s just a tiny. This is where we keep repeating the same mistakes and don't learn from them so we are kept in a time "loop" and trapped here to re incarnate again and hurl=bx%3Don%26kn%3DUniversity%2BPhysics%2B%2BNOT%2B% 2528%2522print%2Bon%2Bdemand%2522%2BOR%2B%2522printed% 2Bon%2Bdemand%2522%2529%26ph%3D2%26podclr%3Don%26podr fn%3Don%26sgnd%3Don%26xpod%3Don CNN: Some simple videos and examples of some of the best short UFO Images I have come across in searching starting with NASA’s own images of some of the alien (and other) craft in our “Earths” The Truth about Anti-Gravity andFreely Available Energy. Note: even though you might think these things are beyond “our” capabilities to manufacture you need to finish the book before trying to “get” ist=PL18484901B0BBAC31&playnext=2 http://www. Refer to page

youtube. ….youtube. Remember they never tell all of the truth just enough to get certain information across as is Perhaps they just forgot it was there or must have lost it again after the star wars movie. (Prime Directive.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Something to think about while you are evaluating this information.) Long subject addressed later in the book. They are showing you there are “truths” in the movie! IN YOUR playnext=1&list=PLC9A4FAB418EB84A6 Government Secret Craft Images http://www. Secret Space 5-5 Secret Space.again…. I agree totally with Jordan on these points (Astrotheoligy. Volume Bill Cooper Radio Program very old but important (Re-Legion) I understand “Re Legion” as to re-train the peoples into “new” = Re “Legions” = “Legions” I am not about to be “realigned” into any camp but I look at “God” as the prime creator of which we are each a part. &playnext=1&list=PLAD114C3355682D5B Link to underwater “Millennium Falcon” Protocol. Illuminati 1 of 4 123 .com/videoplay?docid=-828743662546888494 Think that is funny try this! I jest A good prospective in my opinion as labelled the truth. http://www. Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .) http://video. Lol. but are you going to believe its all fiction? There are so many crash sites its stupid.

Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 5-6 Secret Space.Illuminati 4 of 4 Free Energy Documentary – Race to zero point http://www. Volume ero-point-1-6_webcam The Disclosure Project Watch the May 9.Illuminati 3 of 4 5-8 Secret Space.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .com/watch?v=lkswXVmG4xM Watch the 2 Hour Witness Interview DVD at: 124 .google. 2001 Press Conference at: Al Bielek 2-10 Al 2-11 Al Bielek.Nazis. aliens and Mars http://www.Illuminati 2 of 4 5-7 Secret Boyd-Bushman http://www. Volume 2. Volume Professor Jonathan Searl’s Details Watch the 4 Hour Witness Interview DVD Part 2 at: + Secret technology Watch the 4 Hour Witness Interview DVD Part 1 at: http://www.

Illuminati alien technology Enjoy Lifter Technology http://www.saucertube. 125 .projectcamelotportal.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family 2-12 Al 2-14 Al Bielek-more on Illuminati alien tech Antigravity easily explained by Stan Deyo and presented with computer Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I 3-6 Phil Schneider:Alien bases/Black budget I The Camelot Library – Some of the links have been disabled but do a search under the name of the subject (or the title I listed under here) and you will find a further link to the original information intended. I have looked at these and 90% at least in the past contain some good information to 3-7 Phil Schneider:Alien bases/Black budgetII 2-13 Movie: "Secret Space” 3-8 Schneider:Alien bases/Black budgetIII http://video.html (for example) An Excellent list of informative videos I came across while researching this information https://docs.

savethemales.Churchill.Greg Hallett . Hitler & the Occult.Jerry E.T Stokes .ca/001523.html The Balfour Declaration & the Treaty of Versailles Henry Makow 126 . WWII & NWO Astrologers Red Ice Creations Radio .Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Hitler Related Articles in more detail as examples from Red Ice Creations Radio (for example of how deep this goes) The Occult History of the Third Reich (1998) Was Hitler into Astrology and the Occult? British Secret Service convinced of Hitler-astrology link (Subscription) British 'studied' Hitler's stars New World Order Astrologers Wartime Psychics Nazi occultism Himmler's secret quest to locate the 'Aryan Holy Grail' Occult Warfare JFC Fuller's Army Did Bormann Run Hitler for the Illuminati? Was Hitler a "British" Agent? Stalin's Secret Files On Hitler Illuminati Used Appeasement to Trick Hitler Hitler didn't want world war Network of top scientists helped 'Angel of Death' Mengele The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics Are World Wars Orchestrated? Hitler's Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon The "Ugly" Cause of World War Two Bankers Engineered WWII US Intervention The Balfour Declaration & the Treaty of Versailles Red Ice Creations Radio . Smith .Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I .Hitler Was a British Agent & New Zealand Corruption Red Ice Creations Radio .Secrets of the Holy Lance Related "Was Hitler a British Agent?" also "The Real Churchill" by Adam Young Article from: http://www.

to maintain the honour. Mine is the bloodline and DNA of the family nobility of the Thompson Clan with the motto of “Nosce Te Ipsum” meaning “Know Thyself” and sharing those initials as well. 1964. 127 .com/watch?v=pJJ-4lnwrck&feature=related http://www. 2010 where I was "born again" after returning the BIRTH CERTIFICATE on camera with the court video “judge bows to sovereign” where hiding or flying under any radar was no longer an option.americanfreedomradio. Ireland/Eire making a life of singer and songcatcher amidst many other things from which to earn and learn from. I was born to do what I do and I had and have much to live up to.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Nazi Bell and http://tnsradio. Did Katherine say turn in your birth certificate? Did I hear this correctly? You can find Katherine’s documents she used on http://loveovermind.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . I shall not The research in this book can change our future if applied with wisdom through This just might set you free I wish to introduce someone whose research has the potential to change your future if you act on it and that is your Thursdays from 3 to 5pm EST and http://www. I simply decided to get louder and prouder where my purpose was simple as well.ning.ning. I was launched headfirst into the “game” on September 1st. the chosen and given name of the Two Spirit being born Keith Thompson where that name was stolen through deception by the holy Trinity of Rome. love and integrity of that role which I chose. on the anniversary of the signing of the Magna under documents and other radio programs http://www. London and DC City States via the Birth Certificate Registration/Death Certificate on June 15th. to serve all as the lowest of low servants thus guaranteeing me the highest purpose as a I am Katherine Renee.wordpress. Here is the bio. A Gemini-Dragon from Belfast. “Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness” brings research far and wide into a place of understanding and knowledge.

info for creating the author’s impression of Cosmic Consciousness in art that is on the front cover. Consciousness and Love will be what it takes to set us FREE! Credit is also given to Seamus at http://www. This book is freely given and there is a way to donate on the web site for those who believe there should be an exchange of energy ~ Volume I (Part 2) To receive: Volume I (Part 2) of “Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness” go to http://www. it‘s my gift to you all.awakeconsciousawareness. 128 . Love and Light is the “Way Home.” Thank you for reading this book.Contents Sole Right of copy god’s divine law Volume: Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness –Volume I . Many have given their lives literally to help the human race see the Light and open them to Cosmic Consciousness. please spread the information like “wildfire.astraldezign.Part (1) by Tony of the Kilvert family Tony gives credit to all the named and unnamed authors and video experts that have produced much of the referenced work in part 1 of “Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness”.” “Final Comment” I would like to Thank :Sandra-Karen: for all of her help and efforts to bring this series to you the public. She has worked tirelessly and without reward due to the fact she understands the importance of the E-Book “Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness” Thank you Sandy Love and Light.