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SADM 6/ed – Case Study 1 CRS – Milestone 1: Solution

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 Request for System Services
The students should have identified several problems and may have presented them in list format.
Some may provide general descriptions of problems while others may go to the extra effort of
giving concrete examples. The sample RSS provided here represents a general description. Some
students may have given more specific descriptions such as those found in the first column of the
problem statement matrix.
You might stress to the students that often user expectations are simply stated in terms of a new
system that works! But some users have very specific ideas or expectations of what software and
technologies will be used. The important thing is that the systems analyst simply listen to
understand the user’s envisioned new system, without commenting, however ridiculous or
premature it might seem at the time.
 Problem Statement Matrix
Students should try to identify problems and also opportunities that were mentioned in the
narrative. It is possible they might have identified different ones and have stated completely
different values for each of the cells. There is more than one right answer in systems analysis.
There is also more than one wrong answer. Students should be able to defend their answers with
specific statements from the case study exhibits. In this milestone enough information was
provided to be able to quantify some but not all annual benefits. The form that follows illustrates
one possible solution.
Stress to the students that this matrix is a living document. As the project moves through the life
cycle, more facts are obtained and knowledge of the system’s problems, opportunities, scope, and
other issues grows and can be refined.

Prepared by Gary B. Randolph for
Systems Analysis & Design Methods 6ed
by J. L. Whitten, L. D. Bentley, & K. C. Dittman

Copyright Irwin/McGraw-Hill 2004

Whitten. Technicians going out to handle the service calls often face incomplete information. 14 Coastline Systems Consulting EXECUTIVE SPONSOR (funding authority) Name Peter Charles Title President Office Phone ext. The system will be accessible over the Internet. The current in-house configuration record of PCs and components is not working well either.555. The system will also provide better management reporting including average days to resolve problems and other statistics to be used for continuous improvement.SADM 6/ed – Case Study 1 CRS – Milestone 1: Solution Page: 1-2 932 North Beach Rd Destin. allowing customers to submit their own requests and technicians to update the system while in the field. FL 32541  866. BRIEF STATEMENT OF EXPECTED SOLUTION The proposed Customer Response System will automate the customer response processes and integrate it with time and billing records. D. & K. 5 TYPE OF SERVICE REQUESTED: Information Strategy Planning Existing Application Enhancement Business Process Analysis and Redesign Existing Application Maintenance (problem fix) Not Sure  New Application Development Other (please specify ________________________________________________________ BRIEF STATEMENT OF PROBLEM. User requests for service can get lost in the shuffle of other demands.3254 DATE OF REQUEST SERVICE REQUESTED FOR ORGANIZATION 03/15/2004 SUBMITTED BY (key user contact) Name Anna Kelly Title Analyst/ Programmer Office Phone ext. The system will also maintain a service history for and track components installed in each PC serviced by Coastline staff. ACTION (IT Office Use Only)  Feasibility assessment approved Feasibility assessment waived Request delayed Request rejected Authorized Signatures: ______________________________ Prepared by Gary B. OPPORTUNITY. OR DIRECTIVE (attach additional documentation as necessary) The current practices for responding to and tracking customer requests are not working well. Bentley. Dittman Assigned to Anna Kelly_______ Approved Budget $ ___________ Start Date __ASAP___ Deadline _6 months__ Backlogged until date: ______________ Reason: ______________________________ __________Peter Charles______________ Copyright Irwin/McGraw-Hill 2004 . C. The time and billing records that are currently being maintained are not integrated with customer requests to provide any management information beyond billing. L. The system will automatically pass requests on to the appropriate technician. L. Randolph for Systems Analysis & Design Methods 6ed by J. The proposal has an opportunity to provide better service to users along with reduced costs and better information to both IT personnel and management.

so only one set of entries will need to be maintained and totals can be calculated for the separate accounting system. Its lack of automation slows turnaround. leading to wasted and non-billable extra trips to the customer’s place of business. Opportunity. L. C. and contributes to customer dissatisfaction. Bentley. Randolph for Systems Analysis & Design Methods 6ed by J. & K. Whitten. causes confusion. L. The current system does not accurately track installed components. 6 months Medium $3900 (1 trip/wk @ $75) 2 New Development 3. The proposed system would provide an opportunity to calculate service statistics for continuous improvement. The proposed system would integrate time-and-billing records with the service records. leads to extra trips. 6 months Medium Unknown 4 New Development 4.SADM 5/ed – Case Study 4 IT Tracker – Milestone 1: Solution Page: 1-3 PROBLEM STATEMENTS PROJECT: Customer Response System PROJECT MANAGER: Peter Charles CREATED BY: Anna Kelly LAST UPDATED BY: Anna Kelly DATE LAST UPDATED: 03/15/2004 DATE CREATED: 03/15/2004 Brief Statements of Problem. or Directive Urgency Visibility Annual Benefits Priority or Rank Proposed Solution 1. The current system does not provide good service to users who submit service requests. 6 months High Unknown 1 New Development 2. 6 months Medium $1300 ($25/wk) 3 New Development Prepared by Gary B. D. Dittman Copyright Irwin/McGraw-Hill 2004 .