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0 PLANT DETAILS The steam generator is a controlled circulation Radiant Reheat (Type CC + RQ) Boiler. 3.0 OBJECTIVE The objective of this procedure is to chemically clean and passivate the internal surfaces of the steam generating portion (water touched surfaces) and pre heating surfaces (Economiser) using specified chemicals employing a single step process. By carrying out one Alkali Flushing. Signatures NTPC BHEL .1 Prior to the commencement of chemical cleaning all the DM water storage tanks should be kept full and the DM water generating units kept in regenerated condition. vents. This will render the above mentioned surfaces free of mill scale and other deposits and form uniform & smooth protective layer of magnetite to resist corrosion. 4. bottom hoppers. Generally loose rust. At any time of acid cleaning a minimum of two Boiler volumes (approximately 700 m3) of DM water should be available in ready stock to facilitate rapid flushing of the system in the event of Chemistry upset. it is subjected to ammoniated EDTA cleaning for the removal of patchy mill scale and adherent rust.NTPC .0 PROPOSAL The objectives are achieved by carrying out the following proposals. Both chemical cleaning and passivation process are completed in a single step in the EDTA cleaning process. The furnace consists of water cooled tubes complete with down comers. 2. drains.0 SERVICES REQUIRED 4. The acid pickled surface is passivated for the formation of uniform and adherent magnetite layer. one Hot water flushing followed by cold DM water rinsing. Approximately 3200 m3 of DM water will be consumed during the entire process.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. debris. deposits and other materials left in the Boiler are removed. Then. water and steam headers.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 2 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 1. sampling line connections etc.

Telephones / walkie-talkie are available.8 For effluent treatment compressed air facility and suitable perforated Carbon Steel / polythene tubing arrangement shall be made available Signatures NTPC BHEL .4 HT / LT power supply to be available.3 Temporary drum water level gauge glass and (Tell-tale lamp indication) at control room and low point drain area.17.18 % of active EDTA(W/V). Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate (Na2HPO4 12H2Oas per IS566-1991) 200 kgs 3.2 All the required quantities of chemicals as given below should be made available prior to the commencement of the process: Quantity Name of Chemicals Tri Sodium Phosphate (NA3PO4.5 to 9. Bhelsol 690 litres 4. Ammonia solution (20% Min as NH3. 4.47% to 48% 4. 4. Hydrazine Hydrate (80% Min. 4. sp gr : 0. Ammoniated EDTA 40% wt/wt as active EDTA ammoniated solution (pH = 9.NTPC .1. 4. IS 12086/1991 1800 litres 6. conc).7 Flood lights.8) (EDTA : Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) Sp gravity : 1. 4.6 Chemical Testing laboratory should be available for testing during the process.5 Instrument / service Air to be available.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. Bhelmax 690 kg 7.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 3 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 4.12H2O as perIS573:1992)) 400 kgs 2.91) as per IS 799 / 1990 40 tons 1800 litres 5.

First aid box (containing dilute ammonium hydroxide.2 Ample supplies of tepid flushing and washing water supplies should be provided at all possible points of discharge.1 Flushing and washing water supplies should be available.5 A suitable first aid treatment room with outside telephone facilities should be provided within a reasonable distance of the place where chemicals are being used. plastic) 4 Nos 7. Rubber gloves 6 Pairs 3.0 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 5. Helmets 12 Nos 5. comprising eye wash bottles.3 Adequate provisions should be made for emergency treatment of the eyes. Signatures NTPC BHEL . 5. located conveniently to places where discharge. bandages. tincture iodine. 50% sodium bicarbonate solution. Burnol etc) 5. Safety goggles plain glass 6 Nos 6. Rubber or Polythene aprons 6 Nos 4. 5. 5.4 Safety shower should be provided. spillage or escape of chemicals.NTPC . spillage or escape of chemicals can occur. eye lotion. cotton.9 SAFETY EQUIPMENTS 1. Face mask (Transparent. Gum boots (Various sizes) 6 Pairs 2.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 4 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 4. 5.

5.7. 5. 5. Signatures NTPC BHEL .SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no.7. In the event of splashing of chemicals on the skin the affected area should be thoroughly washed.1 Immediately flood the eye with water.1.1.7. The eyelids should be pushed apart using the thumb and index finger of the left hand.3 Irrigation should be continued for 5 – 10 minutes after which the casualty should be taken to the first aid room. 5.7 FIRST AID TREATMENT 5.1 IRRITATION OF THE SKIN If signs of skin irritation occur the person should be removed from location and referred for medical opinion.2 . 5.1.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 5 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 5. 5.4 Irrigation should be continued in the first aid room. It should be directed in from the side so that flow is over the surface of the eye.7. To be effective the eyelids must be opened. Remember vision is saved by thorough irrigation.5 After thorough irrigation the eye should be covered with a pad. The patient should be referred for medical opinion.7.1 Splashes of the eye 5. The casualty will probably not be able to open the eye himself because of painful spasms.2 If an eye wash bottle is used the jet should not be directed at the front of the eye.7. No other treatment can prevent damage if this is omitted.6 The protective clothing and apparatus required for emergency use should be made available near the acid cleaning area.7.

6. 5. All operators should be well conversant with the emergency operating instructions.3 In case of failure of running pump the stand by pump should be started immediately without delay. Signatures NTPC BHEL .2 The testing team should be aware of the procedure to be followed in case of accidents involving personnel injury. 6.NTPC .: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 6 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 5.2 Whenever any inspection is done during the cleaning process the location should be adequately ventilated. 5.9.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no.8.9.9 SAFETY OF PLANT 5. Suitable signboard should be displayed.0 EMERGENCY PROCEDURES 6.8.2 Temperature limitations specified for various steps should not be exceeded. should be instructed to stop the pumps and properly isolate the system in the event of emergency. 5.8 GENERAL 5.4 An operator posted at the pump area.1 The Boiler should be suitably preserved after chemical cleaning if the light up for the subsequent activity could not be done within 4 weeks of completion of chemical cleaning. 6.1 The testing team should be aware of the operating procedures of fire extinguishers to be used for quenching minor or major fires.1 Test area will be cordoned off and unauthorized entry should not be allowed. 6.

SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. (Refer enclosed drawing). Long thermocouples of around 400 mm length shall be installed directly in the spare / unused stubs in the drum.NTPC . To achieve this.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 7 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 7. Provisions should be made at the following locations for the measurement of temperature: Two locations in the drum (left & right) for the measurement of Boiler water temperature. for economizer tube temperature) Peening type temporary thermocouples are to be provided in the measurement points on the water walls and economizer. Light up of boiler for steam blowing to be done within 4 weeks after EDTA cleaning. Signatures NTPC BHEL . Alternatively. erection of MS. Provision should be made for monitoring of temperatures in the control room. thermocouples will be used for measurement of water wall tube metal temperature and 2 nos.2 During the acid cleaning process all the permanent Boiler instruments are isolated except providing a temporary pressure gauge of 0 to 10 kg/ cm2 in the drum for monitoring pressure in the drum during acid cleaning. CRH AND HRH piping has to be planned accordingly. Further delay in light up leads to corrosion in boiler tubes.1 Readiness of the following is to be ensured: 7. (Total 6 nos. C) Two more thermocouples with pads one each at left and right side of ECO coil shall be welded at suitable locations inside the boiler (or penthouse) to measure the metal temperature in the gas side. A) B) Water wall metal temperature measurements as given below: 4 number thermocouples shall be installed at AB elevation on corner water wall tubes (outside the furnace) and 2 numbers thermocouples shall be installed at GH elevation in the front and rear water wall (outside the furnace) at accessible locations.0 STATE OF THE PLANT 7. metal temperature measuring thermo couple with suitable adopter can be used.

: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 8 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 7. chemical cleaning and passivation processes. 7. rinsing. One number of sampling point is to be provided from bottom ring header as shown in the drawing through temporary cooler. required for safe light-up of boiler are made available as per mutually agreed list between NTPC and BHEL at site.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. The sampling line from cooler outlet shall be extended to zero meter with an isolation valve. annunciation etc. The sampling line from cooler outlet shall be extended to zero meter with an isolation valve. essential control and instruments viz.7 In the bottom drum the screen plates shall be retained and orifices are not to be installed.5 One set of boiler auxiliaries are made ready and available for boiler light up. 7. CC pump suction through temporary cooler. sampling points with sample coolers are to be provided at the following locations: 25mm dia pipe shall be used for sampling line. 7. A checklist. 7.6 All Drum internals including Primary separators. protections.4 For alkali flushing. Economiser inlet valve shall be kept closed. screen driers and secondary separators are to be installed in the upper drum. Signatures NTPC BHEL .8 The economizer recirculation valve shall be kept open throughout the chemical cleaning process. interlock. containing minimum requirements to be made ready prior to commencement of Chemical cleaning is enclosed at 7.9 O & M instruction for the Boiler and other auxiliaries are to be available well in advance of the commencement of the cleaning process. alarms.NTPC . 7. 7.15. 7. measurement.3 SAMPLING DURING PROCESS To get representative samples of the process solution.10 All the safety measures discussed and implemented in advance with suitable instruction / caution tags provided at strategic places / equipment.

interlocks. 7.13 Chemical cleaning system / equipment should be complete as per the approved scheme. Test coupons shall be kept suspended vertically and tied with stainless steel/thick steel wire to withstand the temperature during the EDTA process. alarms.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. 7.12 Proper effluent treatment arrangement is to be made available at site. One fill pump should be available on emergency supply to continue purging of CC pump even incase of normal supply failure. A cemented neutralizing pit of volume 800 m3 approx.14 Inhibitor efficiency test certificate shall be produced by BHEL. measurements.NTPC . 7. annunciations pertaining to secondary air flue gas. Ensure the commissioning of the following including their protections. It is to be ensured that the test coupons placed in the boiler upper drum are properly kept immersed in the solution. alarms and annunciations: One ID Fan One FD Fan One SAPH & its SOOT BLOWER All CC Pumps Steam Coiled Air Pre Heater Light Oil Firing System FSSS SADC Scanner Air System Boiler filling system Measurements.15 MINIMUM OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS 1. steam & Boiler metal temp CC pumps purge line to be ready and continuous water supply at 15kg/cm2 for purging of CC pumps. 7.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 9 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 7. feed water. Signatures NTPC BHEL . with compressed air scouring arrangement is to be made.11 Boiler water wall test tube coupons are placed at two ends inside the drum and bottom ring header to see the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Temporary sampling system along with the cooling arrangement for collecting samples from the header drains and CC pump casing during chemical cleaning is ready 9. Blow-down system of Boiler 4. 17. 10. 13. 11.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 10 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA 2. Proper drainage system of boiler area 5. 19. 22. 12. 23.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. Water and steam systems are ready for operation Air and flue gas system ready for operation Effluent treatment pit to hold approximately 800 m3 is ready Drainage line to effluent treatment is ready Readiness of MDBFP and Feed system (optional) Drum water sampling system along with sample cooling arrangement Availability of emergency supply for • Scanner air Fan • Emergency lighting UPS Fire fighting system of concerned equipments Equipment cooling water system shall be made ready. Air in leak test of two passes of ESP 6. 24. AC power failure. 15. APH fire etc. Power failure.NTPC . 3. DC. Adequate lighting in operating areas. Ensure free expansion of the furnace and duct and provision of expansion Status markers. Adequate capacity of instrument air and service air system Availability of HP dozing system. 18. Emergency operating instructions viz. Availability of test coupons & their fixing arrangements. Availability of adequate quantity of DM water. Signatures NTPC BHEL . 20. Mechanical readiness of two passes of ESP 7. 16. Adequate quantity of light oil & readiness of light oil handling system 8. 14. 21.

(without throttling).1. will be ensured.3 When the boiler water temperature comes down to 95 deg. SH metal temperature measurement shall be made ready for continuous monitoring in the control room. the same be kept running. 29. Note: All the three CC pumps shall be put into operation on rotation periodically 8. including telephone & Status walkie-talkies at all working areas 26. 30.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 11 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA 25. Easy access and approaches to all the operating equipments. by keeping open the drain valves fully. Readiness of staircases. Signatures NTPC BHEL . Public address system at all operating locations. stop the CC pump and drain the boiler in the hot condition to the plant’s water disposal system. Data logging printer at control room shall be made available to record the boiler parameters periodically.0 METHOD 8. to 130-140 deg C.1. fire detection and fire fighting system. hand railings and platforms 27. Further DM water will be taken in the Boiler up to normal level.1. Proper isolation of Air Pre heater. 8. Ensure availability of APH soot blowing system. rotor stoppage alarm. 32.1 Requisite quantities of Tri-sodium Phosphate (TSP) & Di Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate are added to the mixing tank along with DM Water and the solution is thoroughly mixed by recirculation so that final solution in the Boiler contains 0.1 ALKALI FLUSHING 8. Trip the boiler and keep the fans running for cooling. 8. The solution will be injected into the Boiler through the bottom ring header drain and economizer drain operating the chemical filling pump. Personal safety equipment.05 % DSP.2 Light up the boiler as per O&M instructions and gradually raise the boiler water temp.The effluent is diluted with plenty of service water. Alternately.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. Keep one CC pump running. which will not be taken into service.1 % TSP and 0. 28.C. oil carry over probe.NTPC . 31.

3. All CC pumps are run one by one for proper rinsing.2. 8.2 All sampling and blow down lines are flushed. The rinsing operation is continued until pH of the effluent is almost equal to pH of inlet water used for rinsing.4. 8.5 and 10 ppm respectively.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no.4 ACID CLEANING & PASSIVATION 8.3. Draining is done in the plant drain system.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 12 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 8.2 HOT WATER RINSE 8. Hydrazine hydrate and ammonia for addition in the Chemical dissolving tank are also made available near the mixing tank.2.2 During all rinsing operations (hot & cold) all the CC pumps are to be made ready and operated in rotation.1 Required quantity of ammoniated EDTA (40% wt / wt) solution is kept ready in the EDTA storage tank. Boiler is lit up and the Boiler water temperature is gradually raised to 130-140 0C. 8. 8. The effluent is diluted with service water so as to bring pH and PO4 in the effluent below 7.3 All the Boiler Blow down valves are kept shut and drum vent valves & start up vent are kept open during Boiler filling.2. 8.4.NTPC .1 Once the draining is complete Boiler is refilled with DM water. Then the Boiler is tripped and Fans are kept running for cooling. 8. pH of the rinsed effluent is monitored during draining.2 The inhibitors “BHELMAX” & “BHELSOL”. All temperature / pressure measurements relevant to the process are monitored in UCB for their reliability.4. 8.1 Cold water rinsing is done using fill and dump method.3 COLD WATER RINSE 8. Signatures NTPC BHEL .3 The running CC pump is stopped after 30 minutes and Boiler is drained in hot condition to the plant drain system by keeping the drain valves wide open (without any throttling).

4.m of DM water is drawn in the mixing tank. 8.4.NTPC . The temporary chemical fill pump is started and system put into recirculation. The composition of the filling solution is: EDTA content : 3 + 1% W/v Hydrazine : 1000 ppm (min) pH : 9. BHELSOL : 60 lit 4.0 to 9.9 Preparation of Chemical solution and batch filling is repeated as explained in point no 8. N2H4.5 The approximate quantities of various chemicals that are to be mixed per batch of 40 m3 is : 1.8. Start the middle CC pump for thorough mix up of the chemical solution for 30 minutes. DM water is used to make up to 40 m3.4. Fill the boiler up to +200 mm from the normal working level in the drum. Required quantity of Ammoniated EDTA (40% wt/wt) solution is transferred from the EDTA storage tank to the mixing tank. 8.4 till the solution level in the Drum reaches the center line of the gauge glass.7 This solution is filled into the Boiler through Low Point drain header with the temporary chemical fill pump.8 Signatures NTPC BHEL .SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. Check the boiler water sample.4.4.0 and 9. The EDTA concentration in the mixing tank is checked. Required quantity of Hydrazine hydrate and inhibitors (BHELMAX & BHELSOL) are also added. Recirculation is done till all the chemicals are uniformly mixed up. 8.8 The cleaning solution is quite harmless in respect of corrosion and hence there is no time limitation for filling the Boiler and retaining the solution inside the Boiler. With this one batch of EDTA Chemical solution is ready for filling into the Boiler.4.4.6 Ammonia is added if required to adjust the pH between 9. EDTA ammoniated (40 % ) concentrate : 3 to 4 m3 2. BHELMAX : 60 kgs 3.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 13 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 8. 8.4 40 Cu.H2O (80%) : 60 litres 8. Transferring of the EDTA solution is stopped when the EDTA concentration reaches 3 + 1% by weight.

4.4. pressure in the Drum.4. Open the Drum air vents when the pressure reaches 1 kg/ as per article 9.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. In case it appears that the results of iron concentration may not level out when temperature is expected to be 110 0C.4.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 14 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 8. say at 1 kg / sq. cm. Then the Boiler is tripped but running of CC pump is continued.NTPC .4. 8. the system is allowed to cool with the ID & FD Fans in operation (ID & FD Fans are to be restarted.18 After attaining the completion criteria of pickling process. to bring down the Boiler water temperature). the firing rate is controlled in such a way that the Boiler water temperature is maintained at 140 .17 Samples are taken at every 30 minutes interval from the sampling points at locations given in article 7.13 The time at which the temperature of Boiler water reaches 110 0C is noted.15 Once the temperature of Boiler water reaches 140 0C. ID/FD fans are stopped suitably during the cooling down phase & Boiler is boxed up with CC pump running and kept in this condition to achieve the EDTA contact period of 8 hours with temperature exceeding 1100C.3 from the time when the temperature in the system had reached 1100 C and analysed for pH. 8. Signatures NTPC BHEL . SH start up vents are kept crack open. 8. 8.145 0C.11 The Drum and super heater vents are closed when steaming starts.12 The drain valve in SH Header # 1 is kept in crack opened condition. 8. The Boiler is lighted up as per normal operating procedure with minimum firing rate (say 2 oil guns in AB elevation) 8.16 The ID & FD Fans are allowed to run to bring down the Boiler water temperature.14 Raising of Boiler water temperature is continued till temp reaches140 0C.4. for a minimum period of 4 hours.4. in case they have been stopped to meet the completion criteria. 8. EDTA concentration and Iron content.

Fill the boiler with the above treated DM water through low point drains and economizer as practiced earlier.5. Manually clean the drums if required.7 Restore the boiler and prepare it for regular operation for steam blowing.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 15 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 8.2 TREATED DM WATER RINSE Prepare a blended solution of ammonia & Hydrazine with calculated quantities in the dissolving tank in order to achieve a solution pH 9. drain the boiler in hot condition to plant drain and allow the system for natural aeration 8. 8. 8.5.5 8.19 Boiler water temperature & Water Wall metal temperature at the locations indicated as per 7.3 Start the middle CC pump and light up the boiler as per O&M Instruction.4.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. Allow the boiler to cool down naturally.C and then shut down the boiler.NTPC .5 Boiler Drum manhole is opened for removal of Coupons. to 9. 8. if required. 8.5.2 are to be measured and logged. When the boiler water temperature comes down to 95 deg C.4 Raise boiler water temperature up to 110 deg .6 Lower drums manholes are opened for inspection and cleaned manually. 8.4. Signatures NTPC BHEL .5. 8. up to just above the centre gauge glass.5 and hydrazine content 50 ppm in the DM water being filled in the boiler. Drum level will drop after starting the CC pump.20 When the temperature comes down to 950C the running CC pump is stopped and the system is drained completely in hot condition to the effluent pit by opening all the drain valves. safety valve floating etc. Again fill the boiler with treated DM water solution to make up the level up to 100 mm above NWL.1 8.

1. 8.1 Cleaning process is to be continued till iron concentration in three consecutive samples show equilibrium status.2. All coupons should be free of deposits and should have uniform coating of the protective layer.2.2 The Drum internal surface is visually inspected for uniform smooth coating of protective layer.NTPC .6 INSPECTION 8.2 EDTA CLEANING 9. the EDTA contact period with temperature exceeding 1100C shall not be allowed for more than 8 hours (approx).1 The rinsing operation is continued until pH of the effluent is almost equal to pH of inlet water used for rinsing.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 16 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 8.0 COMPLETION CRITERIA 9.2 When the iron concentration in the cleaning solution is constant it indicates that all the oxides have been dissolved.3 If the iron concentration values do not level out and attain equilibrium status.6. Signatures NTPC BHEL .2. 9. 8.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no.6. 9.3 The ring headers will be inspected and loose debris if any. regardless of analytical results.6. will be removed. a minimum EDTA contact period of 6 hours from the time of attaining the required temperature (110 0C) shall be allowed. 9. However.1 The test coupons placed at identified locations are taken out. 9. 1 COLD RINSE AFTER ALKALI FLUSHING 9.

NTPC .0 and hence no treatment for pH adjustment is required as it would meet the pH requirement for disposal.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 17 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 10.3 The spent EDTA chemical solution after the cleaning process is drained into the designated pit.5 to 9. Signatures NTPC BHEL .0 WASTE TREATMENT & DISPOSAL 10. 10. 10. Effluent may be disposed to ash dyke in installments through existing ash slurry system (The organic chemical is completely biodegradable).1 Treatment and disposal of the waste and effluents of the chemical cleaning process should comply with the requirements / stipulations of State Pollution Control Board norms. The pH of the effluent will be in the range of 8. 10.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no.4 Compressed air is used to destroy the residual Hydrazine & organics and the effluent may be disposed after aeration for 10 days.2 Effluent of Hot DM water flushing should be drained into plant normal drain. as per state pollution control board norms.

SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. 11.3 Service water supply should be available near the pump operating areas.NTPC .: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 18 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA Status 11.2 respectively.1 Drains should be provided at lowest points of temporary piping.2 All temporary connections to Boiler should be of good quality.1. 1.0 APPENDIX 11. Additional Check lists / Modifications in the layout.1.1. may be made at site in consultation with site Commissioning In-charge.3 & 7. if found necessary.1 NOTE 11. 11. Signatures NTPC BHEL . They will be hydraulically tested at 14 kg/cm2 with the temporary boiler filling pump.5 All the sampling points along with sample coolers and the temperature measurement points with necessary thermocouples shall be provided as indicated in 7.

3. DATE No. ANALYTICAL DATA _____________ Sl. 2. BHEL NTPC Sheet 19 of 25 . DATE TIME NAME OF CHEMICAL ADDED QUANTITY _____________________________________________________________________ II.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. : ACTIVITY : I. 1. No. % ppm ____________________________________________________________________ Signatures. 4.NTPC . 5.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA LOG SHEET PROJECT : DATE : / / UNIT NO. _________________________________________________ TIME SAMPLE POINT TOTAL EDTA IRON pH hrs. EDTA ACID CLEANING AND PASSIVATION ADDITION OF CHEMICALS ____________________________________________________________________ Sl.

The end point of the titration is indicated by a Xylenol orange indicator.05 ml of 0.05 % xylenol orange indicator the sample is titrated with 0. REAGENTS AND APPARATUS REQUIRED APPARATUS 1.1M ZrOCl2 until the colour changes from yellow to red violet. Hydrochloric acid (conc. PRINCIPLE EDTA reacts with Zirconium ions under strong acid conditions to form a chelate. Add 10 ml of conc.25 gram of ZrOCl2. Erlenmeyer flask 300 ml capacity Pipettes Hot plate Magnetic stirrer REAGENTS 1. 8H2O) 0. HCl. To this add 85 ml of conc. Ascorbic acid 4. The colour change shall remain constant for at least 3 min. 2. 4.(The yellow colour of the ferric ion should disappear due to reduction to ferrous iron.) 2. Xylenol orange indicator 3.1 M solution in 1 N HCl (Take a 1000 ml volumetric flask and add 32. Pipette out 10 cc of the water sample into a 300 ml Erlenmeyer Flask.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 20 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA PROCEDURE FOR DETERMINATION OF TOTAL EDTA CONCENTRATION IN PROCESS SOLUTION DURING CHEMICAL CLEANING 1. .0) Add a spatula of ascorbic acid. HCl ( the pH value is about 1. The colour changes from yellow to red violet. 2.8 H2O and add DM water to about 500 ml. Boil of the solvent on the heating plate for about 5 minutes. 4.NTPC . Immediately after the addition of 0. Make up to 1000 ml mark with DM water and mix well) 3. 3. TEST PROCEDURE 1. Standard Zirconium oxy chloride (ZrOCl2. 2. 3. 5.

Pipettes 2.1M ZrOCl2 consumed x 0. REAGENTS REQUIRED 1. Alternatively. Thioglycolic acid (pure Grade) 2. Plot a curve taking standard iron solution and measuring the extinction in the same way as that of the water sample. Measure the extinction of the sample against a blank using DM water treated as the sample at 532.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. Cool it to room temperature and make it up with DM water to the 50 ml mark and mix well. . Read the iron concentration of the sample from the calibration graph plotted. Ammonia solution (25%) AR Grade 3. APPARATUS REQUIRED 1.5 nm using Spectrophotometer. Add 2 ml of Thioglycolic acid using pro-pipette. 1. 2. CALCULATION The total EDTA concentration % = Volume of 0.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 21 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA 4. TEST METHOD 1.292 PROCEDURE FOR THE DETERMINATION OF IRON CONCENTRATION IN WATER SAMPLES DURING CHEMICAL CLEANING.NTPC . 4. 5. 3. 7. Mix well Heat it to 70 – 80 deg C for about 10 minutes. Spectrophotometer. pipette out 25 ml of the water sample into a 50 ml capacity volumetric flask. Volumetric flasks 4. Hot plate 3. Pre-calibrated spectrophotometer (HACH USA/ Lovibond ) with appropriate reagent for iron can be used. 2. 6.

) AR.1 N Dissolve 2.  Hydrchloric acid (conc. REAGENTS  Standard Potassium bromate 0.: PS:TSX :180 : 00 :10 NTPC Ref no :COS-COMM-SIM-Commg-PRO/036 Sheet 22 of 25 Plant Area: BOILER PROCEDURE OF CHEMICAL CLEANING OF BOILER USING EDTA ESTIMATION OF HYDRAZINE 1. CALCULATION Hydrazine as N2H4 in ppm = Titre value x 80 .1 % Methyl orange indicator solution.NTPC . PROCEDURE o Place 10 ml of sample in a titration flask.  0.7836 gram of Potassium bromate (KbrO3) and 10 gram of Potassium bromide (KBr) in DM / Distilled water and make up to 1000 ml.SIMHADRI Stage – II (2 X 500 MW) BHEL Ref no. o Add about 5 drops of Methyl orang indicator. 3. HCl. o Titrate with standard KbrO3 titrant to the first appearance of yellow colour. 2. o Add 10 ml of conc.