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Dated : 19:Jul:2014

Ques. : 1 Which of the following has become the first country to legalise child labour recently? Now, children as young as ten years old are
allowed to work.
1) Bolivia
2) Cambodia
3) Nigeria
4) Kenya
Answ er:- 1) Bolivia
5) None of these
Ques. : 2 Nagoya Protocol will come into force from October this year. This international agreement is related to which of the following issues?
1) Access to civilian nuclear technology 2) Easy access for poor countries to
for all
patented life saving drugs
3) Access and benefit sharing of
4) Global resource sharing for the wellbeing
genetic resources
of handicapped people
Answ er:- 3) Access and benefit sharing of genetic resources
5) None of these
Ques. : 3 The naval exercise INDRA 2014 was conducted between India and which of the following countries recently?
1) Japan
2) China
3) France
4) Russia
Answ er:- 4) Russia
5) None of these
Ques. : 4 The Finance Minister cleared the way for the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in his budget speech recently. Which of the
following is correct with respect to REITs?
1) These are vehicles that hold and
2) The REITs manager should have a
manage large commercial rent-earning net worth Rs 5 cr and the sponsor Rs 20
properties on behalf of investors.
3) A REIT can hold multiple properties
and can go for a public offering if
4) All the above
properties are worth more than Rs
1,000 cr.
Answ er:- 4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 2)
Ques. : 5 What is Indias ranking in the annual Global Innovation Index (GII) survey for 2014?
1) 53rd
2) 61st
3) 66th
4) 76th
Answ er:- 4) 76th
5) None of these
Ques. : 6 A passenger plane of which of the following countries was allegedly shot down in eastern Ukraine recently killing all 295 people
1) Malaysia
2) Indonesia
3) Israel
4) Iran
Answ er:- 1) Malaysia
5) None of these
Ques. : 7 The Signature Bridge is being constructed across river Yamuna in which of the following cities in India?
1) Agra
2) Delhi
3) Mathura
4) Allahabad
Answ er:- 2) Delhi
5) None of these
Ques. : 8 Renowned scholar Granville Austin died recently. Awarded a Padma Shri, he was a scholar of Indian
1) Constitution
2) History
3) Geography
4) Philosophy
Answ er:- 1) Constitution
5) None of these
Ques. : 9 The military operation Operation Protective Edge is being conducted by
1) Israel against Hamas in Palestine
2) US against Syrian regime
3) Ukraine govt against pro-Russian
4) US against ISIS militants in Iraq
Answ er:- 1) Israel against Hamas in Palestine
5) None of these
Ques. : 10 Which of the following states in India has the highest percentage of poor (47.9 per cent) in the country as per C Rangarajan panel
1) Madhya Pradesh
2) Odisha
3) Chhattisgarh
4) Manipur
Answ er:- 3) Chhattisgarh
5) None of these
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