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John 16:12-15 I have yet many things to say to you, but ye cannot bear them now.
But when *he* is come, the Spirit of truth, he shall guide you into all the truth:
for he shall not speak from himself; but whatsoever he shall hear he shall speak;
and he will announce to you what is coming. He shall glorify me, for he shall
receive of mine and shall announce it to you. All things that the Father has are
mine; on account of this I have said that he receives of mine and shall announce
it to you.

The time for belief in free will is passed; with its passing comes growth in
Christ beyond what was not possible to say to a group of people deceived they
could believe and do whatever they wanted to whenever they wanted it.

The consequences of a belief in human free will are devastating. Yet it is the
most popular belief in the whole world in any tongue of men and literally not a
minute passes that somewhere, someone is specifically affirming human free will
from the web, a podium, tv, magazine or radio in all areas of life. Not a sports
event passes without a player beating his chest or raising his or her arms in the
supposed display of his/her personal power over their opponent. Almost every
commercial that markets a religion, ideology, politician, product or service
appeals specifically to the supposed free will of the viewer and to the notion of
saving that freedom from an aggressor or expanding that freedom for a better life.

The presumption is that free will hasn't merely been proven to exist, but 'so
proven' that to even doubt it is a kind of heresy against the human race and/or
against God. Almost every major religion affirms that men have free will in one
form or another; the belief in free will is the one meta that unites them all as
one, large, false religion. The saying of false religion that 'all paths lead to
God' really means 'all paths prove human free will'. Their presumption is that
they have chosen to believe in free will --as an act of will-- and it is precious
to them and that if you try to take that belief in free will from them, you are
attempting to steal something invaluable both from them and from all of mankind.

The religions that do not affirm a specific free will, seek to surreptitiously
( in code, by calling it something else ) proclaim an escape from the notion of
human free will via an escape from being the self and entitle that escape
Enlightenment or Ascension. Those religions are affirming how intertwined the
deception of free will is to men: it is to some the archetypical expression of
hope and of God's supposed benevolence while to others is the one thing that is so
intertwined to the human spirit that if they can escape it, that escape is the
proof of not being human any longer, but of 'Ascending' to a higher plain of
existence in the guise of 'losing self consciousness' and thus notions of free
will. The one laughs at the notion of those who would supposed 'make robots' of
human beings by denying free will and the other is tired of the guilt of not being
able to be a robot and the continued inability to always do the ideal behavior
required to get to paradise via those other religions.

(It is then an easy thing to see that the dichotomy of the Lord of the Rings is
an essay praising eastern mysticism while supposedly denigrating 'the east': the
bad guy wants to get all the free will for himself ( as if it existed at all and
were a resource that could be extracted from others.. ) and the good guys are
seeking to destroy 'evil' by destroying the notion of free will in Mt. Doom by
destroying the 'power' of the one who puts his hope in abilities other people's
slavery to the belief in free will can deliver to him. The one wants to 'use it'
as if it could be stolen or misused minus its personal insights and the other is
seeking out-from-under the notion of free will itself. )
It is then plain that while you may think human free will exists, and you may have
the comfort of a lot of other people affirming that you do, you are not free to
just stop believing that in an instant, especially in front of others who are
essential guardians of the notion and genuinely constitute the priest class of the
deception. It is both an ability issue and a safety issue. While those religions
that seek to get to an Enlightened state of dis-belief in free will say they have
obtained it or that at least they know of someone who used their system and made
it Out, it is obvious that they have not. It is obvious that somewhere, someone
understood the difficulty of getting out of a belief in free will; they understood
just how free they would actually be if they could simply stop believing they were
free to do whatever they pleased even in some limited way. Yet, just as those who
are guilty in false religion are made guilty because they fail to be a robot and
do the ideal behaviors perfectly ( and that exact guilt is the power of the priest
class and is essential to the survival of that religion ) and yet assumed they
had the free will to do those behaviors and are constantly told that they do, the
others mourn over the inability to stop believing in free will and the inability
to be a robot that performs the particular trick of getting out of a belief in
free will. Even as both make fun of Calvinism for supposedly making men
ideological robots, they wish they really could be a robot in some fashion.

But of course, no one can be a robot. It can't happen. There's the rub.

You can get into a battle over free will that is essentially gainsaying what the
other person has just said. It basically goes "Yes you do!" ( have free will )
only to hear "No you don't!" and thus the whole understanding of why the deception
of human free will is necessary for some to maintain power over others and why
belief in free will is non-Christian and demonic is reduced in the public mind to
the mere gainsaying of another's belief system for one's personal satisfaction.
The theory of the day is that basically, if you do not affirm free will for human
beings, you only do so because you are a mean person and a bigot who hates the
idea of generic freedom dispersed to all of men and/or you are simply a querulous
person that loves to be involved in debate as a hobby an expression of your
free will. In addition, anyone who is arguing for free will is assumed to be a
kind of altruist who loves mankind and is simply an explorer for truth who has no
other reasons for maintaining the deception of free will at all costs.

This book is written to all those who ever wondered if free will actually exists,
want to get beyond the gainsaying, manipulation and the politicization of the
argument as its own sport and see what the result of the mere belief in free will
is doing as a consequence, if anything.

It is indeed having consequences. Despite the love of many of merely repeating
"There is no point in knowing if free will exists. Determinism says that the same
thing will happen to me anyway!" the deception of free will drives its own
consequences: those consequences are exclusively a product of a belief in free
will. True determinism in Christ is not an iron band of inevitability save only in
salvation and reprobation. The false determinism that those within the lie of
human free construct is fatalism: they make fun of it as supposedly a product of
Calvinism and yet those deceived they have free will are the only fatalists that
can exist.

The consequences of the lie of human free will abound in every area of life:

1. The spirit and soul
2. Science and mathematics
3. Language and all languages touches
4. Security and the military
5. Politics and government
6. Health and medicine
7. Education and learning
8. Relationships and family

This book will hopefully warn you and bless you in Christ. I pray that it will
also get you off the cycle of proud-to-be-hopeless, wherein you are made proud to
be supposedly personally powerful by supposedly having free will, but in addition
to not actually having it and thus not being able to 'make it work', and thus
always being frustrated why the tool that supposedly works for everyone else isn't
working for you, and seeing ( as a larger part of the deception ) that the
collective of other people's supposed free will is supposedly larger and smarter
than your single free will, becoming hopeless: being made to see yourself as
worthless to effect a good change for anyone, to include yourself by the very tool
that supposedly empowers 'everyone else'.

Free of the deception of free will, you have true compassion on other people in
Christ. Within the lie of human free will, you can only see other people as simply
stupid to not believe what you believe matter what you believe.

Intro. 1st draft of What is and What is Not: The Battle over Free Will

Jan 6, 2010

tim elder jr

Mat 13:17 for verily I say unto you, that many prophets and righteous men have
desired to see the things which ye behold and did not see them , and to hear the
things which ye hear and did not hear them .

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen