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1) What involves two way personal communication between salespeople and individual

customers whether face to face, by telephone, through video or web conferences, or by

other means:
a. Persuasive selling
b. Personal selling
c. Integrated marketing communication
d. Advertising


2) Sales applicants are typically not tested for :


Sales aptitude
Organizational skills
Accounting skills
Analytical skills

3) The first step in the selling process is :



4) The practice of building ties to customers based on a salesperson's attention and

commitment to customer needs over time is called:
a. Order processing
b. customer value creation
c. Relationship selling
d. Personal selling

5) Excuses for NOT making a purchase commitment or decision are called:

a. Rationalization
b. Constraints
c. Objections
d Refusals

6) The analysis, planning, implementation, and control of sales force activities is known as:
a. Sales force management
b. Sales force strategy
c. Sales force tactics
d. Sales force motivation

The fastest-growing sales force technology tool is:

a. The PDA (personal data assistant
b. The cell phone.
c. The laptop computer.
d. The Internet.

8) The type of sales presentation approach that requires good listening and problemsolving skills is the:
a. Canned approach.
b. formula approach
c. Need-satisfaction approach.
d. Critical-thinking approach.

9) A ____________ is an individual acting for a company by performing one or more

of the following activities: prospecting, communicating, servicing, and information
a. Marketer
b. Distributor
c. Salesperson
d. Advertiser
10) All of the following are qualities of a sales person except:
a. Time Management
b. Organising ability
c. Leadership

d. All of the above

11) The step in the selling process in which the salesperson learns as much as possible about
a prospective customer before making a sales call.
a. Prospecting
b. Preapproach
c. Approach
d. Handling objections

12) A 30-minute television program designed specifically to sell something is called a(n):
a. Advertisement
b. Sales pitch.
c. Infomercial
d. Home shopping spot.

13) The following statement represents which type of close? "Do you like the four-door
a. Trial close
b Assumptive close
c. Persuasive close
d. Urgency close

14) All of the following are the characteristics of a successful salesperson EXCEPT:
a. Enthusiasm.


b. Persistence.
c .Short tempered
d Independent
15) A (n) ___________ is an organized collection of comprehensive data about individual
customers or prospects.

a. Customer database
b. Intranet
c. Customer statistical sample
d. Extranet

16) The step in the selling process characterized by identifying qualified potential
a. Closing
b. Approach
c. Presentation and demonstration
d. Prospecting

17) The steps that the salesperson follows when selling is called the:

Direct marketing process.

Selling process.
Objective-and-task method.
Decision making process

18) All of the following are among the chief activities of a salesperson EXCEPT:
a. Profit analysis.
b. Prospecting.
c. Serving
d. Information gathering.

19) Personal selling involves the two-way flow of communication between a buyer and
seller, often in a face-to-face encounter, designed to influence a person's or a group's:

a. Self-esteem
b. Team spirit
c. Relationship moel
d. Purchase decision
20) In the acronym AIDAS, D stands for:
a. Decision
b. Desire
c. Demand
d. Dilemma
21) All of the following are elements of Behavioral Equation Theory except:
a. Drives
b. Cues
c. Reinforcement
d. Implication

22) Which of the following is not a type of selling?

a. Transactional Selling
b. Spin Selling
c. Value- added Selling
d. Grassroots Selling
23) All of the following are method of handling objections except:
a. The negative method
b. The summative method
c. The trial method

d. None of the above

24) Most companies today are moving away from _________________ to the practice
of relationship marketing.
a. customer marketing
b. value marketing
c. transaction marketing
d. supply marketing
25) Their complaints must be handled promptly and pleasantly- this phrase belongs to which
of the stage of personal selling process:
a. Handling Objections
b. Follow up phase
c. Presentation
d. Preapproach
27) Member of a companys -------------- travel to call on customers in the field:

Inside sales force

Complex sales force
Outside sales force
Product sales force
Customer sales force

28) Which activity is not typical for a sales assistant:

Complete administrative tasks

Provide technical support
Follow up on deliveries
Call ahead and confirm appointments
Answer customers questions

29) Your sales force is able to easily assess their opportunities within the firm. This feeling
describes your firm's

organizational climate

workload approach


sales structure

technical support

30) The first step in the selling process is ________.





31) The qualities buyers' dislike most in salespeople include all except which of the

being disorganized

being deceitful

being unprepared

being pushy
being too early for an appointment

32) A salesperson should seek out hidden objections, ask the buyer to clarify any objections,
take objections as opportunities to provide more information, and ________.

compliment the buyer for bringing the objections up

move on to closing the sale

turn the objections into reasons for buying

turn the objections into humor

seek to minimize or play down the objections

33) Mary Dcosta is a member of the sales force at Urban Fashions, a clothing manufacturer.
Mary Dcosta is preparing for a first meeting with a wholesaler who is a potential
customer, and she is preparing herself by learning as much as she can about the
wholesaler's organization. Mary Dcosta is in the ________ step of the personal selling



handling objections



34) Pressure to increase current sales, less differentiated brands, declining advertising
efficiency, and increasingly deal-oriented customers are all factors contributing to the

growth of personal selling

decline of personal selling

decline of customer relationships

growth of sales promotion

35) When salespeople work with company specialists, such as financial analysts, planners,
and engineers, to call on potential and current customers. This is an example of _______

a product sales force

a complex sales force

a territorial sales force

an inside sales force

36) Which type of salesperson fits best with today's relationship marketing focus and
solutions approach:

salesperson on salary and not on commission

salesperson on commission and not on salary

problem-solver salesperson

hard-sell salesperson

razzle-dazzle salesperson

37) An effective sales plan objective should be:

precise, measurable, and time specific

general, measurable, and flexible
profitable, subjective, and measurable
precise, profitable, and flexible
general, flexible, and profitable

38) The use of technology designed to make the sales function more effective and efficient is
field computerization
salesforce automation
commercial hacking
all of the above
39) If the field sales force has been supplied with new leads (via telephone) that have
been qualified, they have probably been assisted by:
a. master salespersons.
b. sales assistants.
c. technical support persons.
d. telemarketers
40) The chief reason that telemarketers are increasing in their popularity versus
outside selling is that:
a they are better closers
b. they are better at relationship selling
c. they can make more calls at a cheaper price.
d. they are more knowledgeable the products.
40) The type of sales presentation approach that requires good listening and problem-

solving skills is the:

a. canned approach.
b. formula approach.
c. need-satisfaction approach.
d. critical-thinking approach.
41) The process of creating, maintaining, and enhancing strong,
value-laden relationships with customers and other stakeholders.
a. Transaction marketing
b. Selling process marketing
c. Relationship marketing
d. Service marketing
42) Which of the following is not one of the steps in prospecting?
Building a prospect list
In contrast to the question, all the foregoing steps need to be taking in prospecting.
Building the prospect profile
Calling the prospects to classify them in hot, warm and cold leads
Ans: all the steps need to be taken

43) Which of the following statement is correct?

Cold calling is a very effective approach.
Salespersons should spend a substantial amount of time on non-business
Canned presentations are most successful when visiting customers with very
specific needs.
None of the statements is correct.

44) Which of the following is a major advantage of selling:

Reach and frequency

Low cost
Targeted message.
None of the foregoing are advantages of personal selling

45) Identify which of the following explanations about how personal selling works, attempts
to focus on buyers needs:
Stimulus response
Buying formula
Behavioral Equation

46) Personal selling is more effective than advertising when the customer base is:

Small, local
Large, widely dispersed
Small, widely dispersed
Large, Local

47) At a corporate level, a sales forecast is used for:

Allocating resources across functional
Setting sales quotas
Changing commission pay schedule
Developing local sales promotions

48) Your company does not have any prior sales

data and you have very little time to set a
forecast for your organization. Which
forecasting method would be most ideal

Exponential Smoothing
Delphi Method
Jury of Executive opinion
Moving Average

49) This could be a key leading indicator closely

related to sales:

A change in economic conditions

affecting a specific industry

Whether the sales manager has a degree
in economics
The increase in the number of customers
in non-target market segments
A change in the percentage of sales
training done on line