William C.

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Email: wkurlinkus@gmail.com
Phone: (815) 978-4628
Academic Appointments
Assistant Professor, English
The University of Oklahoma
Director of Technical Writing
• Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy
• Regular Faculty: Institute of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology
• Regular Faculty: Board of Science and Professional Writing


The Ohio State University
• PhD English: Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy; Digital Media Studies
Dissertation: Nostalgia and New Media: Designing Difference into Rhetoric, Composition,
and Technology
Committee: Cynthia L. Selfe (chair), Nan Johnson, Beverly Moss, Susan Delagrange,
H. Lewis Ulman
The Pennsylvania State University
• MA English: Rhetoric and Composition
Thesis: The Politics of Paint: Racking Cans and DIY Lasers: How Channel of Access
Politicizes Graffiti Technology
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• BA English (summa cum laude): Honors English and Creative Writing
Thesis: The Dialectic of the Gothic and the Enlightenment in Bram Stoker’s Dracula
“Crafting Designs: An Archaeology of ‘Craft’ as God Term.” Computers and Composition 33 (2014): 50-67.
“An Ethics of Attentions: Three Continuums of Classical and Contemporary Stylistic Manipulation for
the 21st Century Composition Classroom.” The Centrality of Style. Ed. Michael Duncan and Star
Medzerian. Anderson: Parlor Press and WAC Clearinghouse, 2013.
“The Watson Symposium: What Might Be Missing and Why?” Journal of Advanced Composition 32.3 (2012)
Accompanying blog at: <http://watsonresponse.blogspot.com/>. With Cynthia L. Selfe.
“The Love Letter.” Editorial introduction and XML co-editorship. Selected Letters from the Ivan S. Gilbert
Collection of Stephens Family Travel Letters and Ephemera. Digital Edition Forthcoming. 2011.
Editor. “General Introduction,” “Genre Introductions,” “Pedagogical Supplements,” “Essay Response
Questions.” Penn Statements: A Magazine of Student Writing from Rhetoric and Composition. 29 (2010).
Teaching Experience
English 6103, Research Methods in Composition,
Rhetoric, and Literacy

University of Oklahoma

Sp 2015

A graduate level methods course, in which students were introduced to and practiced several of the
qualitative research methods used by scholars in the humanities; social sciences; and writing, rhetoric,
and literacy studies. The course was divided into 5 basic units according to method: 1. classroom data
collection, 2. ethnography, 3. spatial research, 4. archival research, and 5. digital methods.

English 3183, Authoring in the Information Age

University of Oklahoma

Sp 2015

In English 3183 students learned to write using digital tools while simultaneously learning how those
digital tools transform the ways they write. We challenged what technological literacy means (from
using a photocopier to make punk zines to tweeting) and constantly explored the idea that technology
is a set of things, a set of skills, and a set of values. By learning technical skills (web design, Photoshop,
film and audio editing, social media marketing), students also explored socio-technical values.
Students left the course with a working vocabulary of, among other topics, web design, graphic
design, social media marketing, participatory design, the philosophy of technology, and UX (user
experience) architecture.

English 3153, Technical Writing
University of Oklahoma
Au 2014
• From the most basic lab report to medical aftercare instructions, from museum displays to airplane
safety guides—in English 3153, Technical Writing, students learned to analyze and produce technical
documents across a variety of settings. In particular this course took a wicked-scenarios approach to
writing for science, workplace, and consumer settings asking questions like: How can an aftercare
document help calm anxious patients in an ER? What responsibility do manufacturers have to
communicate the potential dangers of their products in an easy to understand way? How easy, is easy
enoughStudents produced a variety of documents throughout the semester including a designscenario journal, an analysis of a science museum exhibit, a popular translation of a technical concept
in their field (see NPR’s Radiolab or Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos), and a website usability report..
English 1113, Introduction to College Writing
University of Oklahoma
Au 2014
• A freshmen writing course, of particular note in the course were a remix assignment in which students
learned about interactivity, visual rhetoric, and other concepts of delivery as well as a final
ethnographic research report in which students studied (through primary interviews, site observations,
and secondary research) how technology has changed a community they were familiar with.
English 3304 Business Writing
The Ohio State University
Sp 2013
• A business writing course with a special emphasis on new capitalist business practices,
including social media marketing, multi-member projects, web design, non-profit organizations,
and contemporary business presentation tactics. See: http://english3304.wordpress.com/
English 2269 Digital Media Composing
The Ohio State University
Au 2012
• A rhetorically focused digital media composition class that featured HTML, CSS,
Wordpress, Photoshop, iMovie, and GarageBand. A special emphasis was given to the
politics of technology (access, fair use, remix, cultural appropriation, viral marketing, tracking
software, etc.) and techno-epistemological pluralism. See: http://english2269.wordpress.com/
English Language Instructor
The Columbus Literacy Council
• Lead a bi-weekly introductory English language class (reading, speaking, and writing)
for a group of 4-10 adults of varying experience levels.
Material Science and Engineering 581.04
Tech Writing TA to Professor David Phillips

The Ohio State University


Au 2012
Wi 2012

Lectured on lab observation, note taking, and report writing—focused on ethos
and audience analysis in the field of engineering. Held regular office hours. Graded
writing quality on all lab reports. (2 Sections)

English 277 Introduction to Rhetorical Analysis The Ohio State University
Teaching Assistant to Dr. Nan Johnson
• Lectured on the rhetorical analysis of social media and the Internet and helped facilitate
day-to-day group work.

Sp 2012

English 269 Digital Media Composing
The Ohio State University
Teaching Assistant to Dr. Cynthia Selfe
• Lectured on visual rhetoric, taught iMovie, and generally facilitated daily discussion
and digital media composing workshops.

Au 2011

English 202 B Writing in the Humanities
The Pennsylvania State University
• A course specifically geared towards juniors and seniors studying in the humanities.
Assignments included a professional journal review, résumé and cover letter, cultural/
literary analysis, and philosophically-oriented career analysis. (2 Sections)


LEAP 18: Philosophy, Art, and Film
The Pennsylvania State University
• A specially designed and coordinated session of freshman writing for incoming
freshmen that I organized with a member of the philosophy department (who taught a
partner course). My portion had a focus on rhetorically depicting reality,
simulacra, and visual rhetoric.

Su 2009

English 015: Rhetoric and Composition
The Pennsylvania State University
• Introductory writing course consisting of memoir, cause-and-effect arguments,
critical analyses, arguments through definition, and visual rhetoric. My main goals were to
teach a balance of audience awareness (analysis, acceptance, and refusal of the rhetorical
situation) and purposeful, personal stylistic choice. (3 Sections)
Technological Skills
HTML5, CSS3, Oxygen, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere,
Adobe Audition, Audacity, GarageBand, iMovie, MovieCaptioner, ComicLife, Wordpress, Blogger,
Microsoft Office, Mac OS
Administrative and Service
Director of Technical Writing
The University of Oklahoma
• Currently rewriting a long-unchanged technical writing curriculum, primarily taken by students in
the engineering and sciences. Specifically, I’m adding elements of digital media production—filmed
usability tests, web design, Photoshop, etc.—to the curriculum as well as elements of popular
translation and user-interaction—communicating technical concepts to a non-familiar audience.
Composition Committee
The University of Oklahoma
• Duties include classroom observations of graduate instructors, helping coordinate the hire of
Renewable-Term Faculty, participating in several events around visiting composition program
directors, a retreat to consider curriculum changes to first-year writing, and aiding in the hire of a
new co-director of composition (helping with job ads, etc.)

Undergraduate Committee
The University of Oklahoma
• Helped propose a reformatted undergraduate curriculum: including rethought prerequisites,
renumbered courses, and with an eye towards recruiting new majors.
Website Committee
The University of Oklahoma
• Aiding in the redesign of the English Department website.


RCL Administrative Associate
The Ohio State University
• Meet regularly with the Vice Chair of the Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy program.
Attend writing program directors meetings. Complete administrative, research, assessment,
and curricular assignments for the Vice Chair of RCL and the directors of the First-Year
Writing, Second-Year Writing, and Professional and Technical Writing Programs.
Digital Media Project Assistant
The Ohio State University
Su 2013
• Supported teaching and research in Digital Media Studies through interactive classroom
workshops on iMovie, Photoshop, Garageband, and other multimedia composing platforms.
Aided instructors in reimagining their courses (from composition, to creative writing, to literature)
as digital media production courses. Assisted in the day-to-day operation of the Digital Media
Project office, including checking-out and giving assistance to graduate students and professors
on digital cameras, audio recorders, video recorders, green screens, lighting, microphones, and ipads.
Fellowship Coordinator
The Ohio State University
Sp 2013
• Organized a committee of faculty and graduate student judges that wrote a call for and
refereed applications to the new Genevieve Critel Leadership Fellowship, a one-year
fully-paid fellowship, funded by the Digital Media and Composition Institute, that recognizes
post-candidacy graduate students in the department of English for their service and mentorship.
Research Assistant
The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives
Su 2012
• Used audio and video recording equipment to record literacy narratives at official Columbus
Bicentennial events for the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives. Gathered narratives about
literacy practices and values at events from art museum workshops to live action role playing
gatherings. Used captioning and video editing software to make narratives accessible.
Pedagogy Coordinator
The Digital Media and Composition Institute
• Selected readings, organized schedule, presented on design in the composition classroom,
taught Photoshop, and generally facilitated day-to-day activities at a 2-week summer
institute attended by a group of 30 visiting graduate students and professors.

Su 2012

Assistant Editor
Computers and Composition an International Journal
• Proofed journal manuscripts (content, copy, and style) for three issues of Computers and
Composition. Collaborated with authors to resolve problems and clarify meaning. Learned
the journal’s house style and worked on a team of three editors to prepare documents for
publication by Elsevier.
Composition Assistant
The Pennsylvania State University
Au 2009-2010
• Composed Penn Statements, a reader used by all first-year composition students at Penn
State, which consisted of 40 guided student essays, introductions to essay assignments,
and solutions to problems commonly encountered by first-year composition students.
Transformed Penn Statements from a collection of readings the previous year to a

full-apparatus text. Helped run grad student orientation; gave composition brown bag
talks; reviewed all syllabi submissions for composition classes; managed the composition
library; assisted in cases of plagiarism; and gave general pedagogical advice to comp instructors.
Awards and Fellowships
The Ohio State University
• Susan L. Huntington Dean’s Distinguished University Fellow
• Department of English Digital Media Prize for Outstanding Graduate Work
• Department of English Digital Media Prize for Outstanding Graduate Work
• Kitty O. Locker Travel Award for Research in Professional Communication
• Department of English Award for Outstanding Graduate Scholarship in Digital Media


The Pennsylvania State University
• Wilma R. Ebbitt Graduate Fellowship in Rhetoric in the College of the Liberal Arts


Student Awards (Projects Developed in Courses I Taught)
The Ohio State University
• Digital Media Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Work: Jacob Hollar


Exam Committees
Lauren Brentnell, English,

The University of Oklahoma

Sp 2015

Conference Presentations, Workshops, Invited Lectures, and Institutes
“Usability is Dead: Plying Mobile Tech to Micro-Contextualize Medicine, Campaigning, and
Marketing” College Conference on Composition and Communication. (Tampa, FL)—March 2015.
Invited Speaker on Professional Websites. “The Academic Job Market.” Led by Patrick Berry and Quinn
Warnick. Computers and Writing. (Pullman, WA)—June 2014.
“Epideictic Technologies and Democratic Designs.” Rhetoric Society of America. (San Antonio, TX)—May
“Handcrafting Difference into Composition” College Conference on Composition and Communication.
(Indianapolis, IN)—March 2014.
Invited Speaker. “Roundtable on creating and maintaining an online presence” English Graduate
Organization. (Columbus, OH)—November 2013.
Invited Speaker. “Navigating the Commons: Remix, Creative Commons, and Fair Multimodal Data
Presentation.” The Digital Media and Composition Institute. (Columbus, OH)—May 2013
“Institutionalizing Guilt: Plagiarism and Corporate Time Use Policies.” College Conference on Composition and
Communication. (Las Vegas, NV)—March 2013
Invited Speaker. “Nostalgia and Digital Publication.” Writing Matters in a Changing World. (Columbus,
OH)—February 2013.
“Questioning Collection: The Ethics of Composition as Collection in the First Year Writing Classroom.”
Thomas R. Watson Conference. (University of Louisville)—October 2012.

“Re-thinking Technological Determinism: ‘Place’-Making Rhetoric at Sites of Technological
Transition.” Computers and Writing. (North Carolina State University)— May 2012.
“Critical Emotion/Pathos/Affect and Digital Technology.” ThatCampOSU: The Humanities and Technology
Camp. (Columbus, OH)— April 2012.
Invited Speaker. “Interrogating the Ethics of Composition as Remix in the First-Year Writing
Classroom” Literacy Studies Graduate Seminar. (Columbus, OH)—March 2012.
“Digital Loss, Techno Magic, and Nostalgic Re-embodiment: The Emotionally Grounding Role of Craft
Aesthetics.” Think Art: Memory: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Arts, Humanities, and Science (Boston
University).—October 2011.
“Everybody has a (literacy) story!: Recording and Preserving Digital Literacy Narratives of Our
Communities.” TransOhio Transgender and Ally Symposium. Workshop. With Deb Kuzawa and Katie
DeLuca (Columbus, OH)—August 2011.
“Everybody has a Literacy Story: Literacy Narrative Collection Digital Media, and the Digital Archive of
Literacy Narratives.” Half-Day Workshop. With Deborah Kuzawa, Katherine DeLuca, Melanie
Yergeau, Krista Bryson, Chase Bollig, Lauren Obermark, and Jennifer Michaels. Computers and Writing
(University of Michigan)— May 2011.
“Nostalgia and New Media: The Rhetorical Affect of the Typewriter in the Twenty-First Century.”
Conference on College Composition and Communication (Atlanta, GA)— April 2011.
“Racking Cans and DIY Lasers: How Channel of Access Politicizes Graffiti Technology,” Conference on
College Composition and Communication (Louisville, KY)— March 2010.
“Teaching Visual Rhetoric,” Composition Office Brownbag Series. The Pennsylvania State University. (State
College, PA)— February 2010.
Attendee. Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute. Workshop. “Toward a Rhetoric of Multilingual Writing.”
Led by A. Suresh Canagarajah— June 2009.
Other Relevant Service
Core Committee Member
Media Representative
Graduate Member
Submissions Judge
Steering Committee
Peer Consultant

Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Reading Group
Digital Arts and Humanities Working Group
English Graduate Association
RCL Curriculum Committee
Computers and Writing Conference
Centre Crest Nursing Home Writing Program
Penn State Graduate Student Exhibition
Penn State’s Rhetoric Society of America Chapter
University of Illinois Writers’ Workshop

Professional Memberships and Affiliations
Rhetoric Society of America
Association for Teachers of Technical Writing
National Council of Teachers of English


Ohio State Digital Arts and Humanities Working Group