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Batizado and Troca de Cordas – Fall 2011

The Emory Capoeira Club, in conjunction with the Portuguese Department and
The Office of Multicultural Programs and Services, will be hosting a Capoeira
Batizado/Encounter on October 22-23, 2011.

Event Purpose and Impact:
The purpose of this event is to spread Brazilian culture on Emory’s campus and in the greater city of Atlanta.
It will do so by hosting workshops, providing authentic Brazilian meals, dialogue (in Portuguese with a
translator) with Mestres of Capoeira, and live Brazilian music and dance performances. This event will
be a partnership between the Emory Capoeira Club and the Decatur Maculelê group.
This event will also be the fall batizado, or graduation ceremony for the Emory Capoeira students. This is a
vital part of their training every year, where Capoeira professionals from the United States and Brazil
come together in a celebration of the students’ dedication over the course of the year.
Event Description:
This will be a two-day event with workshops, performances, and lectures spread over the two days. Saturday
morning will be focused mostly on the Emory Capoeira students, as well as visiting students from other
universities, while Saturday afternoon/night and the whole of Sunday will be open to the public.
Goals of our Event:
We hope to foster a greater sense of community within the Emory Capoeira group, and within the Emory
community as a whole. We also want to instill awareness and cultivate interest in Brazilian culture both
in Emory and Atlanta, especially with the regard to the art of Capoeira, as well as promote inter-cultural
Also, we are trying to raise money for the Maculelê Foundation in Londrina, Brazil. The Foundation is a social
project that provides education and support for low-income children in Londrina, with currently more
than 200 children participating in the project. A portion of the money raised for this event will be sent to
the Foundation.

Anticipated Event Attendance: 250+ (50 out of town participants, plus 200+ audience) We will have shows
on both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and expect large audiences on both days.

Event Promotion: We are promoting our event through the use of flyers, digital advertising, posters, word of
mouth, and several live demonstrations which we have planned for the coming weeks prior to the
event. Emory Dance, Emory OMPS, and the Portuguese Department have already agreed to help us
with the advertising within the Emory community.

However. I can’t give exact prices as to each item. 50 people. and most of the costs associated with the event. Catering (Rio de Janeiro): ~$500 We are providing 2 Brazilian lunches each for approx. the budget above is a good representation of the scale and kinds of costs we will be accountable for. catering. Capoeira Maculelê Decatur is also co-sponsoring the event and will be providing a portion of the funding for the event. and will either be caravanning or flying. We are also currently applying for funds from OMPS (The Office of Multicultural Programs and Services).500. snacks. For the invited Mestres and Mestrandos. and dinner for the whole weekend.TOTAL Anticipated Cost of Event: $ 2. Accomodations: We will be housing most of our guests in homes and apartments of Emory Capoeira and Decatur Capoeira practitioners. tickets from London are ~$450 and we hope to buy one this week) The majority of our guests will be paying for their own transportation. applying for sponsorships from local businesses and organizations just as the ECLC. The invited Mestres and Mestrandos will be housed in a hotel.00 Special Guest Plane Tickets: ~$1. Space Rental (Theatre Decatur): ~$500 Miscellaneous Costs: ~$500 Event Shirts Lighting Sound Decorations Publicity As we are currently in the process of finalizing the purchase of plane tickets.000 Mestre Sabia – Brazil (tickets from Brazil are $1000+) Mestrando Saci – London (currently. lunch. and there will be associated costs with this as well. . We are currently fundraising through garage sales. silent auctions. we will be providing breakfast.

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