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Something’s Fishy Partnership


In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the Course Accounting 405
(Management Consultancy)

Presented to
Mrs. Madelle Conales-Arupin, CPA
Faculty of the Department of Accountancy
College of Business Administration and Accountancy
Mindanao State University
Marawi City

Presented by
Xervanny D. Jacquez
Cybill P. Amalla
Efinito C. Lafable Jr.

March 2012


Truly. to our Almighty Father for the good life and for the wonderful blessings that we receive every single day. especially our parents who never failed to show their unending love and support to us morally and financially. Xy. Also for their words of encouragement that helped us to stand firm when everything gets difficult. your ideas were of great help. for the knowledge that they had undoubtedly shared to us. To all our friends who had lend us their shoulders when we most needed them. Cybam & Jr ii . Without You we are nothing. The DEBITS. for the stress relieving moments that we spent together in and outside MSU. We will miss you guys! To our family. We will never be able to make this writing without the wisdom that you have imparted to us. for lecturing us about the fish pond business. To Mr. Venerando Moldez.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The researchers would like to express their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone who had helped them all throughout the way of making this study To all our instructors. We deeply love you folks! And most of all. we thank You for everything.

our BROTHERS and SISTERS. This work is heartily DEDICATED iii . and all the PEOPLE who lent their helping hands... For whom we owe everything..To our PARENTS. To our FRIENDS. To our ALMIGHTY GOD.

Financial Feasibility A. Location & Sizing ii. Brief Description of the Project D. Conclusion and Recommendation 2 2 2 3 4 II. Location C. Pre-Operation Requirements B. Name of the Project B. Economic and Marketing Feasibility A. Supply D. Marketing Strategy F. Operational Requirements C. Other Areas of Relevance iv. Technical Aspect A. Important Highlights E. Executive Summary A. Demand C. Technical Components i. Production C. Project Implementation iii. Financial Assumptions B. Brief Description of the Nature of Business B. Organization and Management Aspects A. Organizational Structure 19 21 23 V. Projected Revenues 5 7 10 12 13 14 III. Operation 15 15 16 16 16 16 18 IV. Financial Statement Analysis 25 30 40 iv .TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Acknowledgement Dedication Table of Contents Lists of Tables Lists of Figures Lists of Schedules i ii iii iv vi vii viii Introduction 1 I. Competitive Position E. Projected Financial Statements C. Market Description B.

Socio-Economic Aspects Conclusion and Recommendation References Appendices Questionnaire Summary of Respondents’ Reply Vicinity Map Office Floor Plan Layout Caretakers’ Quarters Floor Plan Layout Documentation 44 45 46 47 48 51 52 53 53 54 v .VI.

) 11 5 Supply and Demand Gap Table 11 6 Projected Revenues 14 7 Pre-operating Costs 19 8 Operation Management Staff 22 9 Salaries and Wages 23 10 Assets Needed 24 11 Project Cost 27 12 Terms and Conditions (repayment scheme) 28 13 Test of Profitability 40 14 Test of Liquidity 41 15 Test of Solvency 42 16 Payback Period 42 17 Breakeven Point 43 vi .) 10 4 Projected Supply (kgs.LIST OF TABLES Table Page 1 Demand Analysis for fresh Tilapia 8 2 Actual Demand of Fresh Tilapia (kgs) 9 3 Projected Demand of Tilapia (kgs.

LIST OF FIGURES Figure Page 1 Channel of Distribution of the Products 5 2 Operation Process 18 3 PERT NETWORK 20 4 Organizational Structure 23 vii .

LIST OF SCHEDULES Schedule Page 1 Repayment Schedule 33 2 Internal Rate of Return 34 3 Furniture and Fixtures 34 4 Office Equipment 35 5 Pool Tools and Equipment 35 6 Delivery Car 35 7 Leasehold Equipment 35 8 Accumulated Depreciation 36 9 Sales 36 10 Cost of Sales 36 11 Purchases 37 12 Salaries and Wages 37 13 Utilities Expense 38 14 Transportation Expense 38 15 Repairs and Maintenance Expense 38 16 Rent Expense 39 viii .