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SDA Church History
RELB 314
Exercise # 29

David Castellanos



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Nov 19/2014


Questions Based on the Reading Assignment
Hindsight, pp. 272-283
1. What recurring theme has been presented throughout the history of the
Seventh-day Adventist Church as a uniquely Adventist concept? (1 point)
a. ‘The final generation of believers will perfect their characters, reflect
the image of Jesus fully, live without sin through to the time of trouble,
and thus vindicate the character of God.’ In words of M. L. Andreasen
the particularities of the Final Generation when the atonement had
been finished.
2. According to Ellen White, what are the earmarks of the wine Babylon? (1
a. (1) The natural immortality of the soul, (2) the eternal torment of the
wicked, (3) the denial of the pre-existence of Christ prior to his Birth in
Bethlehem, (4) and advocating and exalting the first day of the week
above God’s Holy and Sanctified Day.
3. Who were the Essenes? What lessons may Seventh-day Adventists learn from
their experience? (2 points)
a. The Essenes were a group of people from Israel that in an effort to
separate themselves from the sinfulness of Israel they withdrew to their
exclusive communes in the wilderness.
b. They did not meet Jesus when He came to the world. Thus, the last day
‘Essenes’ can withdraw to the caves of purity but they will not
participate in the final work of God, neither can be used by God as his
instruments to reach the people who are in darkness.
Critical Thinking
1. According to Ellen White, “Satan was not then [after Jesus’ death on the cross]
destroyed…The angels did not even then understand all that was involved in

and instead to think that some are tares and do not have other opportunity. meanwhile do a work. The principles at stake were to be more fully revealed. God call a people after 1844. and requires demonstration. especially their own brothers and sisters. And for the sake of man. But. p. . (3 points) a.the great controversy. but overcoming the evil with good. they can work and pray for all of them. meaning withdraw their membership from it. are cast out from the church by your own brothers and sisters. No. but. if you. that was prophesied in revelation 10. if it possible that the church seem to fall. the true and faithful should voluntarily separate from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Vindication involves the answering of specific charges. but we must search ourselves to stand in front of God being forgiven and working in favor to others. And we cannot say that because we do not know the heart but God. The Adventist church has the privilege to be the people in which God reveal his character and will be victorious over Satan. because it has failed to fulfill the Lord’s purpose for its existence. Do you agree with this conclusion? Defend your position. The outright destruction of Satan would silence his voice.” and with revealing more fully the principles at stake in it being finished? (2 points) a. describe what God’s purpose is for the Seventh-day Adventist people. When we believe that we are best than other people we are judge the church and decide who are wheat and who are tares. you must follow the example of Jesus when he was rejected. Some have concluded that. it will not fall. Satan’s existence must be continued” (The Desire of Ages. what does the raising up of this movement in 1844 have to do with “the great controversy. Because.’ Thus. Not being overcoming by the evil. He never keep resentment to anybody. 2. like a people who lift up the Law and the obedience to the right principles and show in their life the results of believe in God. world and sin. he went to other places to continue working for his own people that are in dark. In other words. I think that the true sons and daughters of God work in favor to all the people. but would not remove his accusations. I do not. In the light of this statement. Could the mankind overcoming the sin and to be obedient to the Law of God? ‘The Lord desires through His people to answer Satan’s charges by showing the results of obedience to right principles. The Adventist church is not Babylon. 761).