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A society which puts a halo of sanctity round its traction gains an inestimab
le advantage of power and permanence.
2. The hindu attitude to the vedas is one of trust tempered by criticism,trust b
ecause the beliefs and forms which helped our fathers are likely to be of use to
also; criticism because however valuable the testimony of past ages ma
y be; it can not deprive the present age of it's right to inquire and shift the
3. When hindu found that different people aimed at and achieved god-realization
in different ways, he generously recognized them all and justified their place i
course of history.
4. Hinduism is therefore not a definite dogmatic creed, but a vast complex, but
subtly unified mass of spiritual thought and realization. Its tradition of the g
endeavour of the human spirit has been continuously enlarging through
the ages.
5. We rise from life to thought and return from thought to life in a progressive
enrichment which is attainment of ever higher levels of reality.
6. what is built for ever is for ever building.
7. If a tradition does not grow, it only means that its followers have become sp
iritually dead.
8. The three prasthanas, or divisons, of the vedanata, the upanishads, the Brahm
a Sutra and the Bhagvad gita, answer roughly to the three stages of faith,knowle
dge and
9. If religion is experience, the question arises, what is it that is experience
10. Upanishads say that 'God, the maker of All, the great spirit ever seated in
the hearts of creatures, is fashioned by the heart, the understanding, and the w
They who know that become immortal.'
11. Different philosophies and different temperament.
12. When asked to define the nature of God,the seer of upanishad sat silent, and
when pressed to answer exclaimed that absolute is silence.
13. Man insists on interpreting the religious mystery in terms of his own experi
14. Tukaram said, "Know this O God , that because we exist, godhead has been co
nferred on you."
15. The worshippers of the absolute are the highest in rank,second to them are t
he worshippers of the personal god; then come the worshippers of the incarnation
Rama,Krisna and buddha; below them are those who worship ancestors,dei
tes and sages; and lowest of all are the worshippers of the petty forces and spi
16.The man of action finds God in fire,the man of feeling in heart,and the feebl
e minded in idol,but the strong in spirit find God everywhere.
17. Hinduism does not adopt one idea as standard for the whole race.
18. For what counts is conduct not belief.

Weakness of understanding is not deprivity of heart. 28. 24. 33. Respect for man and unending devotion to truth. 31. 30. 21. The aim of the reformer should be to cure the defect and not to criticze the view.deat h. No one is really beyond hope.The worst sinner has a future even as the great . (Swift).stagnation. 25. 34. Moksa or release of any one individual does not bring about the destruction of the world but only the displacement of a false outlook by a true one. no determination is valuable which is not self determination. There is no creative process without travail . still less deny it. The state of perfection is a condition of absolute stillness.the thr ust of desire and blindness of temper. Hinduism does not believe in bringing about a mechanical uniformity of belie f and worship by a forcible elimination of all that is not in agreement with a particular creed. We have enough religion to hate one another but not enough to love one anoth er. Nothing is good which is not self chosen. 39. 23. 29. and the attainment of perfect ion for all means the end of creativity. 22. God wills a rich harmony and not a colorless uniformity. Every great religion has cured its followers of the swell of passion. Experience proves that attempts at a very rapid progress from one set of rul es to a higher one does not lead to advance but abrogation. Vedic thinkers -> Realistic view of the world. 26. The world is in god and not god in the world. 32. 37. The true reformer purifies and enlarges the heritage of mankind and does not bel ittle. 36. The more religious we grow the more tolerant of diversity shall we become. We cannot have religious unity and peace so long as we assert that we are in possesion of the light and all others are groping in the darkness. 20. Upanishads-> Relative reality . Those who love their sects more than truth end by loving themselves more th an their sects. Error of judgement is not moral obilquity. 35. 38. and perfection is not his torical.19. 27.avidya b y vidya. Activity is a charectarstic of historical process. Religion is not correct belief but righteous living.

Divine laws can not be evaded.We do not select them.Rakshasa (force). w oman is capable of great heights of self control and self denial (tapahpradhanya ). 50. So long as we take a small view of life and adopt for our guide the fancy or feeling of the moment. They ar e traced to our past karma. and as we play we gain or lose. What shall profit a man if he gains the whole world but lose his own soul? 57. Marriage is not the end of the struggle. marriage relation can not be regarded as permanent. 43. Karma is not a mechanical principle but a spiritual necessity.but both are servants of a higher i deal to which their individual inclinations are to be subordinated. . 47. Gandharva (personal choice). The cards in the game of life are given to us. 46. it is but the beginning of a stre nous life where we attempt to realize a larger ideal by surrounding our private i ntrests and inclinations.T o resort to divorce is to confess defeat. 48.No one is so good or so bad as he imagines. 49. 45.The stricter code of morality applied to women is really a compliment to them. 56. That marriage is successful which transforms a chance mate into a life compa nion. We are confusing self expression and self development with a life of instinc ts and passions. 44. 53. 42. lead what suit we will . Eight different marriages are described in the law book of Hindus. 52. 51. Asura (Purchase). 55. Man is not a tyrant nor is woman a slave. so long will there be a specific function for women. Hinduism is more of a life than form of thought.Pisacha (Rape). While a man is expected to take to the worldly pursuits (Yajnapradhanaya).The misfits and maladjustments are but failures. 40. God can not be bought over and sin can not be glossed over.est saint has had a past. 54. In hinduism the woman is seen as the helpmate of man in all his work. The day of judgement is not in some remote future but here and now and none can escape it. So long as children cannot be shaken from heaven. 41. Every act. (Sahad harmini). Repressed desires are more corrupting in their effects than those exercised openly and freely.The highest being in which personal inclinations are subordinated. The perfect relation is to be created and not found. but we can call as we please.We tend to look upon ourselfs as healty animals and not spiritua l beings. Renunciation is the surrendering of the notions of I and mine.every thought is weighed in the invisible universal balance scales of justice. The existence of incompatibility is a challenge to a more vigourous effort.Hinduism insists not on reli gious confirmity but on a spiritual and ethical outlook in life. but have to be built with in their mothers bodies. And there is freedom. for it accepts natural superiority of the women.

perfect self control. 77. but become regenerate (d vija) by the spiritual birth.vyasa of a fisher wo man. 78. God does not give us the right to destroy or enslave the weak and the unfit. 67. the fewer are his rights and more numerous his duties. 64. Spiritual liberty. Economically we are a co operative concern. 72.Women to lower caste men Pratil oma.The need of the world are paramount considerati on. 65. Karma is adapted to Guna. 70. 76. 75. and within the framework of democracy we shall have an aristocracy of direction. No country belongs to itself.error and ugliness are not the ultimate. Manu says all are born sudra by the physical birth. Property is looked upon as an instrument of service. System of caste is outcome of tolerance and trust which degenerated into an instrument of oppresion and intolerance.58. In ancient India Brahminism was least paid and highly revered. Modern democracies tend to make us mere human beings but those beings exist nowhere. even a candala is a brahmin if he is of pure charectar. The wise plan is to keep our feet on earth and our eyes steady on the stars. 71. 79.political equality and economic fraternity. Nature can not be hurried by our desires. Evil.absence of personal ambition along with most intense devotion to to the world. Uniformity is not the meaning of unity.Caste is a question of charectar. 68. 60.Ugliness is halfway to beauty. Brains and charectar will come to top. 59.If we wish to pursue one we shall have to turn our attention away from others. 74.One becomes a brah min by his deeds not by his family or birth.Parasara of a chandal woman. . 66. true freedom. No race lives to itself and no race dies to itself. Economic factor is not the most important in a man's life.Evil has reffernce to distance which good has to traverse. and our qualities in nature can be altered only gr adually. 69. (Manusmriti) 63. The higher the man.Error is a stage on the road to truth. vasistha was born of a prostitute. Men to lower caste women Anuloma (tolerated). 62. The whole is present in each part while each part is indispensable to the wh ole. 61. Every line of development is exclusive and specific. True Brahmin-> Self sacrifice. 73.

Those who light a candle in the darkness will help to make the whole sky afl ame. . Hinduism is a movement. 87. On the principle that best is the enemy of the good. 84. Fresh opportunities will be open to us until we reach the end of the journey . A rigid uniform outlook is wrong.not a position.not a result. 81. 86. Every definite type is limited to boundaries. 82.a process. but a seri es. 83. Growth is slow when roots are deep.a growing tradi tion. Freedom consists in making the best of what we have. The law of karma tells us that the individual life is not a term.not a fixed revelation. 85. Hinduism accepts all fo rms of belief and lifts them to a higher level.80.