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Program Pendidikan Jarak Jauh(PJJ)
Semester 1 Sesi 2011/2014

Hashim (Headmaster) Co-ordinator : Tuan Haji Idris b. and entertainment in every walk of life.D20102044427 SPELLING COMPETITION REPORT Name of Programme : Spelling Competition Organized by : English Language Panel. Harun (Senior Assistant for pupils affairs) Mrs Aziani bt Mohamad (co-curriculum Senior Assistant) Secretary : Miss Wong Sieh Ting Judges : 1. offices. Mrs Azlah bt Hassan 2. Mr Johari b. In Malaysia English is used in school. 1 . Jamaluddin Teachers : All English teachers. Ibrahim (Senior Administrator) Puan Hajah Zaharah bt. It has to protect in their daily conversation regardless of place and time. job hunting. A consistent use of the English Language will ensure pupils to improve their language ability and fluency. SK Kuala Dipang Date : 16 March 2011 Day : Wednesday Venue : School Hall Participants :9 Chairman : Encik Alwee b. sports. In the case of Malaysia it is certainly a second language that is widely and commonly used by the general as it can be seen and heard everywhere. in business. Introduction The use of English Language is very important among school children. advertisements. Therefore in term of learning and usage it must not to be used only in the classroom or when the pupils are in the school.

hopefully it will be one of the ways to give awareness to pupils about an important of correct spelling as correct spelling will meant correct pronunciation. Many steps and measures have and must be taken to enforce the use of English in schools either it is by the school itself or by the Ministry of Education. They have more opportunities of using it among themselves as it can be found in their environment. To help pupils become “good spellers” teacher should used different approach. Aims and objectives of the programme The aims and objectives of the programme spelling competition are first to promote the importance of the English Language in pupils daily life. it is one of the ways to encourage the pupils to take part and use the English Language in school. the most common problems that the pupils especially in rural areas is that they could not spell out correctly partly because lack reading English materials and also because of our modern technology like text messaging and social network that are supposedly to make our life easier and happier is actually destroying the basic of of the language itself. Generally pupils in “urban” areas pupils have greater exposure to English. Now days. 2 . in some part of Malaysia English can only be found and used only in school. It is to attract pupil’s interest to get involved in the English Language programme and at the same time it will build the pupil’s self confidence in using the language especially to speak up in public. It is important for pupils to become proficient in spelling in order that they may be able to read correctly and communicate well with others. Sadly to say that. By having lots of interesting activities. Spelling is important. These problems are hard to solve because it is not due a mere distance of township and villages but it is more to the surroundings and the use of the language itself. We use the language if it is there for the need but for those villages and their children it will be useless as it meant nothing to them. Pupils living in “rural” areas on the other hand usually have limited exposure to English as the television or radio or may it be a magazine or a newspaper as the only source of English exposure. One of the approaches is by organizing the spelling competition. that is people will not laugh at you for no reason. These are depressingly true in many remote rural areas. Teachers should encourage their pupils to use the language especially in their daily life.D20102044427 Teachers should bear in mind that the mastery of English will be an advantage to the pupils. One of the English Language programmes that have been implemented in my school is the spelling competition.

‘I have two sun and a daughter’. The second round was quite tough. The teacher in charge was Miss Wong Sieh Ting who is an English teacher in year 5. Out of the 9 participants only three pupils were able to continue the second round. It was on Wednesday and the competition started at 10. He received a set of stationery worthy RM 20. In the second round each participant was given 60 seconds to spell the word correctly. By doing this activity we can unofficially stressed to the pupils that to know a language is to know its word and pronunciation.50 in the morning and ended at 12. to read English books and others as the only way the pupil could be sure of a certain word spelling is by checking it to a book or something. Target group The targeted group for this programme is the pupils in level 2. In the first round it was the spelling of words taught generally in primary school. you can say. however one participant from year 6 become the champion of the spelling competition. He was Aiman Zulhaziq b. Perak. year 4 English teacher who are both senior experienced teachers.00 in the afternoon. and to know its correct word and pronunciation and meaning is to spell it right. Then the judge will give the meaning of each word. In this round the participants had to spell 5 difficult words. 5 and 6 pupils of Sekolah Keangsaan Kuala Dipang.00. The competition was divided into two rounds. Wrong spelling means wrong pronunciation and the wrong meaning. Kampar. For consolation prizes each participants received two English Language exercise books. For example. Spelling competition also in a way aimed to force pupils unknowingly to them. They are Mrs Azlah Hassan. There were also two other judges selected for the competition. Amiruddin from 6. As it was an inter class activities then there was no outside participation on any part. year 6 English teacher and Mr Johari Jamaluddin. Report on the implementation of Programme The spelling competition was carried out in the school all. All the level 2 pupils were watching the competition. It is for year 4. The judge will say out the word three times. but is it the correct spelling. 3 . Duration of Programme The spelling competition was held at the school hall. Each participant had to spell out 5 words correctly to entitle them for the next round.D20102044427 Spelling competition is one of the ways to make sure the pupils understand the importance of spelling in English Language as it means correct spelling and correct pronunciation.

This programme also reflects the co operations between teachers and also parents on some level. Zakaria as the chairperson of PIBG Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Dipang. We need to implement ideas on parents that English is very important to the pupils and our everyday life. Only English language teachers were involved in the activity. The strengths of this programme are all the English teachers had played their roles accordingly in the organising committee. The participations of the pupils is also a problem for the teacher as it can only involved pupils with certain ability only and the number of participants will be limited and it will not achieve the main objective of learning a language that is the usage and participation of all. All English teachers gave their fullest co operation. Suggestions and recommendations In order to make this activity more successful in the future there are some suggestions and recommendations that we can do. If possible parents should also be involved or invited either as spectators or facilitators. It could give out unwelcome impression to the pupils that English is only used by certain people only. However there were some strengths and weaknesses in this programme.D20102044427 Strengths and weaknesses of programme The spelling competition was a success. Teacher should encourage more pupils to take part in the competition by giving the correct motivation. Furthermore the attendance of parents to school will definitely boost the pupil’s morale. Prizes should not be ultimate goal but rather it is just the tools for 4 . By giving out prizes to the winner can be a good motivation in the early stage but it not effective in the long run as pupils were only participate in a certain competition due to material aspect rather than the importance of English as these has been the case for some time. The programme should involve all the teachers and pupils in the school to reflect to all pupils that English is for all. The activity was carried out smoothly. The weaknesses of this programme are that not all the teachers were involved in the competition. We have sponsorship by the Parents and teachers association. Pupils were motivated by the prizes given. who sponsored the prizes for the winners. PIBG Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Dipang. Thanks to Mr Mohd Rashid b. This programme has attracted pupil’s interest in taking part in the competition.

Therefore the teacher themselves should think positively and be creative in creating the activities in the school to attract the pupils to get more interested and taking part in English Language programme. Conclusion With some effort and hard work English language can be implemented in schools. If we could convince their parents on the importance of English than it can be said that our problem is partly solved. In planning to improve English Language a teacher will be successful if she or he bears in mind that fun and meaningful activities will ensure the success of learning the language. These will surely ease the burden of the English teachers. Outside help such as the parent and teachers association should also be included as often as possible for the pupils achievement does not entered on the pupil solely.D20102044427 excitement but the real achievement is the participation itself. Each category will have its own committee. They can be the master of ceremony or perhaps spelling checkers with dictionaries. SK Kuala Dipang 5 . We need to broaden the activities and the participations. ENGLISH CAMP REPORT Name of Programme : English Camp Organized by : English Language Panel. The teacher should categorize the pupils according to their abilities and levels as this will enlarge the scope of the competition to a bigger participation of the pupils. Parents could also do their parts such as handing out prizes or handling the beverages if there is any. Non English teacher should be involved as a facilitator as this will give good reflection to the pupils that English is the language for all. The teacher should implement the idea of having fun when they participate in any competition.

Aims and objectives of the programme 6 . Many steps have been taken to counter this problem. Mr Solahuddin b. Perak has been always the same for many years. 47 UPSR candidates Chairman : Encik Alwee b. Mr Mohd Sharif b. The purpose is to give a different kind of learning environment to the pupils and to give them a chance experiencing new learning sessions with the different speakers or teachers as the guest speaker themselves are from Politeknik Ungku Umar Ipoh. Othman Ramly 5. Instead of being handled by the teacher of our own school this time the activity is being handled by the lecturer from Politeknik Ungku Umar Ipoh. Perak. Yob@ Maarof 6. Ibrahim (Senior Administrator) Puan Hajah Zaharah bt. Kampung Jahang. The year the English Panel has decided to do it differently by carrying out the activity in a different venue. Mr Gunarajan 4. Participants : Year 6. Gopeng.D20102044427 Date : 11-12 February 2011 Day : Friday-Saturday Venue : Dimal Chalet. Perak. Hashim (Headmaster) Co-ordinator : Tuan Haji Idris b. Mr Johari b. Mrs Saibatulislamiah bt Daud Introduction The problem of English in Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Dipang. Harun (Senior Assistant for pupils affairs) Mrs Aziani bt Mohamad (co-curriculum Senior Assistant) Teachers : 1. Mr Hamdan b. Mrs Azlah bt Hassan 2. Ibrahim 7. Kampar. Jamaluddin 3.

00 am. Target group The targeted group for this programme is pupil from year 6. Ice-Breaking. It is in away to help the pupils master all four basic skills i. Mrs.e. The venue was a pleasant one as it was situated by the Kampar river.D20102044427 The aim of this programme is to improve the proficiency level and to promote the wider use of the English language. This programme is designed to prepare the pupils with the related skills and motivation before facing the UPSR Examination in July 2011. Meanwhile the overall objective is that the pupils will have some badly needed exposure and experience. They were greeted by the owner of Dimal Chalet. Tuan Haji Kamal who was the former headmaster of Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Petalling. pupils practised their speaking ability by introducing themselves and others. 2011 at 3. Azlah as the teacher in charge then gave instruction to the pupils. Report on the implementation of Programme The programme started with the pupils assembling at the school at 7. Kampar. reading. Perak together with their teachers. All participants arrived at the chalet by 8. which is a common perception of pupils especially in rural areas. 47 pupils (UPSR candidates) of Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Dipang. The present English language performance for our school is 70%. For the first activity. writing. Of February and ended on the 12th. Duration of Programme The camp was carried out for two days which was from Friday the 11 th. The pupils were quite shy normally at the beginning but slowly opened 7 . This is true in a sense that the pupils has always being taught by their own teacher and it is about time that they realise there are others who could teach them and that knowledge is not confined to the classroom.00 pm. Pupils were then shown to their respective rooms before starting the first camp activity. a home stay to be exact.e. speaking and listening with the facilitators all from the outside.00 in the morning of Friday 11th. i. Specifically the objectives are to increase the percentage of students passing in the English Language Paper in Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) Examination in the year 2011 from 73% to 80%. Selangor.

Each groups then presented their work. At 2. English language is encouraged by the facilitators.00p. Once again they were placed in groups of six and they to list out the words selected on the white board. This activity has in away motivated the pupils to speak and use the language.D20102044427 up towards to the end and were quite eager to speak and interact with the other pupils from the different classes. Strengths and weaknesses of programme The programme was carried out smoothly. In this activity pupils learn to work together to produce results in which better pupils could help the weaker ones. They were given some exercises on question 3 paper 2.00 a. However there were some strengths and weaknesses in this programme. Then in the next one hour the pupils were exposed to the way on how to learn English in a fun yet meaningful manner.m. In their respective groups they have to find adjective words in the newspaper provided and they have to describe their own friends. The success of this programme is that English panel committee had full co operation from the school administration. After all the groups have finally made their presentations they were then given a break for about two hours. The pupils were taught on how to cope with stress and how to manage time. they started off with dawn prayers and morning exercises. The programme finished at 3. After taking breakfast they played a grammar game. Pupils were taught on how to answer question on paper 2. The most hectic time was getting them to sleep. The next day. After finishing the prayers and dinner the night session begins in which the pupils exposed to the technique on answering comprehension questions conducted by Mr Johari Jamaluddin. they were still walking and talking to their friends. They were divided into groups. All the teachers involved in the programme without hesitation completed their tasks and were willing to give full support for this programme. The last activity for the programme is the motivation session which was conducted by Mrs Aziani Mohamad. The teacher gave pupils a reading text where they had to select verbs and adverbs. The teachers in charger had to go and tell them to go to sleep.m. 8 . This activity is design for the pupils to teach them on how to manage themselves.

It is also recommended that this programme involves all the staff as it is not easy to handle something away from your base. time consuming and it requires the teacher to give their full support as the venue is not in the school. When we plan this type of activities especially for the less funded school then the parent and teachers association should intervene in which the PTA could muster all its resources in gaining the much needed money. It is hoped that the pupils can gain so much knowledge and information that are essential for the examination. Another weaknesses o this programme is that suitable facilitators are needed to conduct the programme. To the teachers involved lesson was passed to their pupils and the process of learning is in a cosy surrounding not stressing to their pupils. The facilitators need to have broad experience as the pupils they are handling are not theirs. Parents could also be involved in this programme as some of them have certain skill that could be used such as to serve as a guide or to lead prayers and this could reduce the burden of the teachers handling the programme. This programme could only be conducted by schools with a strong parent and teachers association. The process of learning has been indirectly. Teacher should not be burden to bear the task of seeking the financial costs alone.D20102044427 The pupils gave full attention and showed their interest in the programme as it was very interesting and worthwhile. As for the pupils they have gain new experience and knowledge and it is certainly very useful to them during the coming UPSR examination. Outside help or sponsorship must be seek and it is the duty of the PTA. Conclusion Hopefully this activity will prepare the pupils before them facing their major examination. As good as it may sound this programme has its own disadvantage that is not all school has the luxury of expenses. 9 . The duration of the programme should be extended to 3 day that will enable more fun and interesting activities can implement successfully. The parent and teachers association has also given their full support in terms of financing the project. Suggestions and recommendations This programme needs to be pre planned ahead as it is a costly.

D20102044427 10 .