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Angel of Joy


Angel of Temperance
Angel of the Garden


Angel of Tolerance


Angel of Harmony
Angel of Silence


Angel of Wisdom


Angel of Liberation


Angel of Learning


Angel of Writers


Angel of Inward Journeys


Angel of Innocence


Archangel of Death and Transformation


Angel of Invisibility


Angel of Astronomy


Angelic Messenger


Angel of Vibration


Angel of Peace


Angel of New Beginnings


Angel of Integrity


Angel of love


Angel of Kindness
Angel of Dignity
Angel of Logic


Angel of Miracles


Angel of Harmonious Love


Angel of Knowledge


Angel of wild Animals


Angel of Miracles


Angel of Meditation


Angel of Beauty


Angel of Nourishment
Angel of Song
Angel of Judgment Day
Angel of Health
Angel of Manifestation
Angel of Presence
Angel of Enlightenment
Angel of the Moon
Angel of Water


Angel of Conception


Angel of Inventions

Machidiel / Malchediel

Angel of Courage


Angel of Self Discipline


Angel of the Oceans


Angel of Peace

He presides over contentment, joy and beauty.
"One who see's God"
Angel of solitude and tears
Inspires us to love and be thankful for nature
Is an archangel and assists us in loving
ourselves so we may love others
Shows us how to bring harmony into our lives
Inspires us to be good listeners
The record keepers of heaven depicted with four
Guides as through struggle while inspiring us to
rely on our own inner knowing
Creates a thirst for learning and the acquiring of
knowledge. Is said to have taught humans how
to speak
Inspires them with original thoughts and ensures
they see their works through to completion
Protects those who travel by water. guides us to
recall insights from our subconscious
Believed to have created the tree of life.
Guardian of all new born children and those who
die at an early age
It is said he can return lost property. Teacher of
Mathematics and logic.
Gives skill in astronomy and liberal arts.
Strength of God: bearer of joy, truth, justice and
love she grants wisdom in interpreting our
Governs the wheel of the sun and assists us in
removing barriers.
Guides us when we need to make peace with
our enemies
Angel of awakenings and higher consciousness
who holds domain over the rising sun.
Guides us in making ethical decisions and
encourages as to express our true selves
The gatekeeper of the second gate in heaven he
awakens our memory of eternal love.
Inspires Beauty art and Kindness
Encourages us to persist and be practical
Aids us in orderly thinking
Angel of glorious white awaits for opportunities
to create miracles in our lives
"Grace" assists us in creating loving
Opens our hearts and minds to new ideas
Protects animal and teaches humans to treat
them with respect and kindness
Watches over those who retreat from doing and
practice being
Assists us in experiencing a new depth of
beauty and in realising we are beauty as we are
unique reflections of god
Provides nourishment for the entire body for
physical emotional and spiritual wellbeing
Inspires music and feelings of new hope
Assigned to blow the horn on judgment day
An Islam Archangel
Creates space to allow our visions to manifest
A mediator
Inspires enlightened
Resides of the stars and constellations
Holds domain over the art of finding water
Angel of the night who watches over spirits at
from conception to birth
Friend to those who have original ideas. Guides
and inspires.
Protects while inspiring enthusiasm for
Inspires self control and the ability to work hard
Protects animals of the sea. encourages us to
get in touch with our deep inner wisdom
His role in heaven is as Christ’s was on earth

grace and creativity Believed to stand at the bridge to heaven and passes judgement on those who pass Inspires us to accept the mystery in all life.shekinah: in Gnosticism.Metatron Angel of Thought Micah Angel of the Divine Plan Michael Angel of Miracles Mihael Angel of Loyalty Mihr Angel of Friendship Mumiah Angel of Longevity Munkir & Nakir Angels of Justice Muriel Angel of Emotions Nathaniel Angel of Fire Nemamiah Angel of Just Causes Nisroc Angel of Freedom Omniel Angel of Oneness Ongkanon Angel of Communication Ooniemme Angel of Gratitude Orifiel Angel of the Forests Paschar Angel of Vision Pistis Sophia Perpetiel Qaphsiel Raguel Angel of Creation Angel of Success Angel of the Moon Angel of God Ramiel Angel of Thunder Rampel Angel of Endurance Raphael Angel of Healing Rashnu Angel of Judgment Raziel Angel of Mysteries Regina Angelium Queen of the Angels Rehael Angel of Respect Remliel Angel of Awakening Rhamiel Angel of Empathy Sachael Angel of Water Samandiriel Angel of Imagination Sammael Angel of Souls Sandalphon Angel of Power Sariel Angel of guidance Seraphiel High Angelic Order Shekinah Angel of Unity and Unconditional Love Shemael Angel of Gratitude Shushienae Angel of Purity Sofiel Angel of Nature Soqed Hozi Angel of Partnership Sraosha Angel of Obedience See Archangel name meanings Watches over spiritual evolution and reveals the next steps of our path See Archangel name meanings Leads us to friends who are trustworthy and loyal Grants and heals friendships. in cabala. love. Has the face of an angel and the body of an eagle. brings strength and endurance "Divine healer" grants joy. Teaches song Inspires us to be fair bringing balance and harmony to our entire being Inspires us to be thankful which allows us to grow closer to the angels Cleanses our bodies with love and directs the flow of prana to all life nourishing them Arouses within us a deep love for nature she also keeps records of souls living and dead Energises intimate relationships she holds the balance between feeling and truth in our lives through our partners Carries the souls away after death. Is the angel of joy in female form Holds domain over mountains. Whose goal is to reunite us with our eternal selves Brings empathy and understanding to human beings Assists in clarity of thought. Name means "God is my pleasure" In Catholicism the Queen of angels is the Virgin Mary. Brings people together who have similar life direction Grants us health and vigour Black eyed angels who are known for deciding where the deceased will go after death Encourages the awareness of emotions "Gift of god" watches for spiritual fires of aspiration Protector and defender of the defenceless Known as the "great eagle" grants freedom to express our true self Shows us that we are connected with all that is Helps us recognise our feelings and express these positively Opens us to further abundance by encouraging us to be grateful Guards the inhabitants of the forests and encourages us to protect them Dissolves the illusion so that we may see the truth and projects gods highest visions for us into our consciousness Also known as the angel of wisdom Encourages our dreams and aspirations Drives away enemies Oversees good behaviour of other angels Resides over true vision. Guides us to experience what we need to in order to find and release the fears that prevent us from claiming our personal power The prince of presence and the angel of healing.Pistis Sophia Inspires us to respect the wisdom from our elders. Angel of tranquillity who frees us from our fears Transforms our lives and the world around by guiding us through visualisation Know as the chief ruler of the 5th heaven. those who walked before us. Carries souls to heaven. believed to have set the world in motion .

Teaches us how to listen to our own inner wisdom Inspires growth. Assists in the development of the human heart.Tabbris Angel of Self Determination Trgiaob Angel of wild birds Taharial Angel of purification Urim Angel of Light Uriel Angel of Creativity Uzziel Angel of Faith Valoel Angel of Peace Verchiel / Herchel Angel of Affection Vohu Manah Angel of Purity Vohamanah Angel of Optimism Xaphan Angel of Invention Yofiel Angel of Divine Beauty Zacharael Angel of Surrender Zadkiel Angel of Prayer Zagzagel Angel of Wisdom Zuphlas Angel of Trees Zuriel Angel of Harmony Presides over free will inspires within us the ability to chose creative alternatives Protects wild bird and inspires us to love them as he does Ask for his assistance when we need to cleanse our bodies and surroundings of negative energy "Illumination" He is believed to possess the virtue of casting our fate "Fire of God" He grants the gift of clairvoyant and psychic abilities and is the patron of all things artistic "Strength of God" Teaches attitudes of love surrender and gratitude Wakes us with a serene feeling of inner peace and assists us in resolving conflict within our hearts Gives us a generous heart and special protection "Good mind" he encourages pure thought. hurt or grieving. strength and protection Encourages us to be sociable and appreciate beauty. . stability. Inspires us to have a positive outlook on our lives Suggested to the rebels that they set fire to heaven but before they carried it out they were sent to the bottom of the abyss Also known as Yefefiah the angel prince of the Torah "The remembrance of God" helps us release our attachment to physical things Radiates comfort to those afraid.